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03 Avoiding the Sacrifice of Fools

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • February 22, 2021
    2:15 PM
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Thank you so much you good evening everyone this is our talking points live Sabbath school training here in Loma Linda California Valmiki when the California are to certainly enjoying that and tonight we're actually going to I heard mention of the upcoming date tomorrow actually we've been doing each night at 7 pm And tomorrow we have 4 different from the mistaken presentation of the day we have. In the morning telling it not am followed by a continued expansion of ourselves with training at 10 10 am then there's the new fish that should have the skids right in front of you we have 3 pm Anyway it's a wool days of events and we're going to have q. and a we're training Tom we're preaching in sadness who lesson covering there's just a lot of stuff you don't want to miss it so join us live in person tomorrow morning at regular at Hope time and place up but we're going to continue our snap a school training then yes this evening however brother Mark yes we have a fun feature to introduce tonight's discussion it's a special you teacher it's a quiz it's particularly suited for the scholars for these that this is an academic place they're in classes and they like to have tests and exams they always is right it's not really that complicated I know is that the barbs you might have a little yeah against me for many is a quiz you know excited to get into the night it's going to launch as you know topic but we need prayers we do it in fact I was fidgeting around there because what I was trying to do is you were commenting about the lonely Yes and somebody had sent me a picture back in Michigan and I was trying to get it over to Ryan to me it was a 6 year old is. It you know just discourage them they don't want to say. I don't know the meaning you know when we curse here you want snow you destruct in the mountain you can look at it from the middle you just. Get with us you're not really that wheelchair. Heavenly father we are thankful especially for the hours of the Sabbath and Lord knows we are having this time together this evening to reflect upon your will and the word we pray your Holy Spirit will guide us not just this evening or but through out the entire 7 day we pray that it would be. I don't want to say that would be to means you design it to be the means of drawing us closer to yourself I just pray that you would help us to experience what it is you intended from us and 7 hours bless us to this and for we ask and pray in the name of Jesus and to say to him. All right now this is not a complicated and thank you you'll catch on after the 1st questions and 3 questions quiz is pretty simple and here's question number one. What kind of bird doesn't fly and I thought about this camera when I was thinking you know those and I'm sure there's an ornithologist out there is able to we it's only a few ways. It's not a technical answer so many give you the firm's answer you need help you next when booking a bird doesn't fly in jail for this will convert doesn't fly Ok Cheney get. Ok may have that when the next question question number 2 is what kind of dog doesn't bark. If he said a hot dog you're right. He sees it now and now here is the one he hears violence Here's the one that I really want you to focus in on. What kind of teacher doesn't teach. In adult Santa school teacher mercy right now maybe you hear the president but you go Oh now it's it who gets up what Tonight we're talking about how to teach 7 school effective. And. Maybe if people were just join Usually she'd know remotely where we come from the 1st let me just thought about that we just talked about talking points at all like our ministry in the seventy's part white Michigan poverty that has a sap school person ministries department the way that it does how we came to be part of it and then we looked last evening at how to prepare for a Sabbath school list going to study at a time out whether you're just a member of the past or specially from a teacher be biassed how to study and get the most out of the lesson which of course the ultimate lesson is the Bible itself and how to really prepare for the Study of it now tonight we're transitioning to the elite class live really what do you do in the room on the day especially your teacher so we're taking a lot of what we talked about last night lesson preparation and preparing the lesson is not nearly the same as teaching it and this is where the rubber meets the road trip not just for the teachers but for the students and we just. You see what I mean as we go on and like you if you're following along with us to turn in your Bibles to Ecclesiastes 5 now I'm going to retest here and I'm going to tell you that the 1st time I read this I don't want to see the 1st time I ever read it but I read this a few years back and when I read it the for it doesn't say set up a school in here but the very 1st thing that came to my mind was this is adults out of school and you'll see what I mean newsmen. Ecclesiastes 5 starting in verse one the Bible says the walk through can only when you go to the house of God. And drew near to here rather going to give the sacrifice of fools for they do not know that they do evil so we're not let's just get clear the setting the wise man is telling us that we need to work prudently when we go to the house of God we can say to church Ok so when we go to church I want you to notice what the Scripture says here there's a purpose for going to church what does he tell us right there in verse one with a purpose it. Drawing near to hear rather than to give the 2nd Ok so now there's a contrast being drawn here the sacrifice of fools is going to take us few verses there but I want you to notice the thing that he says we are coming to the house of God and drawing near for is to hear we're going to hear we're going to learn. Now verse 2 he says Do not be rash with your mouth. And let not your heart utter anything hastily before God. You know just don't be spouting off so that you have given a lot of thought to your hasty speech for God is in heaven and you on earth therefore let your words be few for a dream comes through much activity and the fools voice is known by his many words you know it didn't take a lot as you process through that to realize that when Solomon says the sacrifice of pools in verse one he's talking about doing a lot of talking instead of doing a lot of listening that's exactly what he's saying he said when you come to the house or you're not going there to do a lot of talk you're going there to learn and to listen and when I've read this as I said a few years ago it hit me as I do this pass it's like this is sad was school class and so many places. And we're going to we're going to develop this is we maybe we should just explain that a little bit one of the things we've been doing in our training recently is what we call putting the school back in September so you're going to say well you know I was going to come until this passes because you go where you go it was going to come back right it is these are tied so so what's happened in recent years not of recent I want to say 20 years ago we were at a 7 school convention for the North American division and one of the gentlemen there Hendricks he was retired from the General Conference had been involved in 7 schools for years experience you know in decades and in the class they were talking you know giving tips for teaching and they can't do one thing between the term teacher and facilitate effects teacher was kind of see it like it would almost pose as they do so you know so schools here I mean we still are moderator or. They didn't know enough to call it but they want to make sure not to call it a teacher like you teacher and become a bio there but but but yet teacher kept coming up in the air and of course that grabbed my attention right off because it's something that I've become aware of also as they go around 7 schools more and more and more and more I'm hearing teachers get up in one of the persons he says now don't call me a teacher I'm just here is a facilitator and understand the difference of the soula Tator is somebody who just basically referees discussion. The parliamentarian basically make it in everybody goes in order and I misrepresent it but they don't actually go to Ray or exactly they're just kind of like refereeing like you said it was a game and so what has happened is in the reality for this is that I believe many we've already talked about 7 schools are being poorly in terms of people say I'm not getting a lot at a house of 7 score and many have assumed that the way to make Sabbath school more interesting is in less boring is to adopt a more discussion and less instruction mom yes there are some people who absolutely love that and we're going to talk about as we go what was interesting to speak back to the same you know you know if you're talking about it if seen it was an unspoken expectation that the best set up a school is the one with the most discussion you know like if you can get everybody talking if you can get everybody you know in it it seems so good so we want everybody gauge you want it done Amec lively healthy themselves will get more talk he's a better class and there's a Knicks there's a way in the sense in which that's valid you only have interaction with who gets up at that So anyway in this particular situation I asked I raise my hand I said I asked the man teaching classes and please clarify it for me is it a teacher or is it a facilitator what you know you keep during the term trend going back and forth. And he said with a little bit of frustration not mean what he said you know he said here's the thing. Years ago we had a problem with and I don't know he called it this bill or heard it called this before the satisfied class is the sermon before the sermon where the person of the teachers you get just gets up in model logs through whatever his topic is there's no interaction there's no discussion and he said we wanted to get away from that and so we begin to use the term facilitate in the idea was we want you to not do all the talking but engage people ways is now what's happened is we've swung the other way so now many of our key. These are all discussion and there's no teaching going on and I know from my experience as a pastor as a 7 school teacher in churches that taught in going to other churches that what often happens in these discussion classes and I've heard people say the only way to make sensible interesting is you can't do it you can't sit in pews you have to sit in a circle and he can all and he doesn't what ends up often happening is you you you have the teacher who basically relinquish it's his role or her role as teacher. To 2 people in the class who are more than willing to do all the talking who the church specifically in carefully did not know an atheist teacher because they didn't want their running the class and now they're running the class in the pew because the teacher has stepped back from his responsibility now that's just plain as it can be in if you combine that with the issue that you know you don't want to say that you think everybody's anybody's ever wrong so any comment that comes up I don't know I mean if you've ever set aside some plastic different comments will come up and people will have an opening We'll get to these types of questions are going to be like an open question So what did you think about this or what you had for this week and then people will just start go in the real and you'll start listing I thought this like Ok and what you'll notice is some of those are just you know different unique perspectives are actually contradictory Yes but everybody like oh those good yes yes yes the next yes you see and if you're not everybody will know you moderate right other words their job is giving her and anything that comes out good so good when the reality is an example of not to the people who know there's not a school us well it's not even that sometimes it's not so good sometimes it's just plain wrong yes and you get these opinions that are thrown out of the 7 school class and people read 7 school more confused when they got there or see where as the goal is and it's the only thing you know I was thinking about this and the whole idea again back to Solomon's point go near to here rather than to give the sacrifices Lieut. I don't know where it came from. The only way I get something out of church is being able to give my input my mercy but is there something wrong with learning something what other it's the only institution of learning if you will where that's the case not again I'm not talking about no interaction and right no discussion but in maybe things have changed I don't know but when I was in college you didn't go to teach you went to learn you set in lecture hall is it not that there was never any discussion but the point is so I don't know today if the college professors get up and say listen I really don't have anything to say much I'm kind of going to moderate and just ask you guys would you think I don't really do this now goes no I don't there are some free schools a new idea a college whatever does that but what institution does that except for adults have a small I actually have a teacher if you're not going to be my 1st thought was well below what money. We could have gotten as he's local park or something I want somebody to know something we prepared and go back to the person to talk about their notice he does. The idea is not come in and check silence and do not speak right but notice it's just be careful take a little time to think it through see fewer things more victory let's go down the road a little bit Ok. I fear that one of the reasons. Adults 7 school teachers do that very moderate or thing. If truth be told as a so is that they did. With a good idea to start there is that they did not study the lesson and so they don't have anything to say and so you get upset with morning like I really didn't have time to prepare but I know what he can do open I cared because his you know nothing about this you take the story of the woman was well this marriage was right and when Jesus begins pressing can be inquest. To her she says Sir I perceive that your prophet you know in the in this she goes into a point of controversy our fathers say this but you do say this who's right right now is one of those types of topics that anywhere else if it had been brought up it would have started this firestorm of debate and she would have been able to excuse herself out of the discussion right and so the her whole point was let's just interject something here and then kill never get back to my issues well Jesus didn't fall for it you know the way he tells her you know listen is not easy in this mountain or in Jerusalem but those who worship are going to work specifically the center great. Teacher can do the same thing in a sense but like I didn't state the lesson here is I'm going to give I'm going to ask hot button questions and all I need to do is ask a couple in the class is going to go wild and then I can go get 20 minutes right there right yeah just break it up so I'm missing that always happens but I'm afraid that that is one of the reasons for a lot of discussion and another of the it wouldn't be so bad are you saying it's possible that you could have sat a school members come to the class having not studied the less yes. Feeling free to give their input Well at least next part Ok I'm but it seems you're going to what I'm saying is the teacher is it possible you have teacher and student come to the same place and have equal parts look study and we have plenty of voters there so I'm talking about the teacher Ok let's talk about it no no no I just want to clarify that what I've said so far is and this is not across the board but I know that there are teachers that for whatever reason and I'm not trying to fault teachers they just they weren't prepared and in defense of the teachers they're probably following methodology that they learned from somebody who's been in this forever in so it doesn't seem like it's a bad idea then say look I didn't have time to study but this is the way I was taught you just don't suppress it out there people move. The other aspect. But you're bringing up is that oftentimes there are members who will feel more than free to give all kinds of opinions on a topic they haven't even cracked if it is on new and so what they're doing is rather than coming to learn they're coming to teach and that's why I said the teacher basically relinquishes his position and there are people in the pews it will always be good to teach and what some members don't realize is that there are other. Members in that 7 school class and you've got it happen I've had it happen where they come up to you afterwards know like tennis or appreciate your comments or b. I wish so and so wouldn't talk so much because they don't you know they're not getting anything out of it and that's not saying that there shouldn't be any discussion that you all know what I'm talking about there are sometimes people they don't just get discussion they take over the class from the period and up in times with something that either does not have anything to do with the lesson or it's contradictory to us yes and so it doesn't make for this is not making for a healthy sounds who puts the it but as we were talking about earlier you could have the appearance of a except that there's a lot of dialogue there's a lesson there can people I even feel zealous about something I say but to go backwards because the S.T.'s that's the separate fights the Us does it's foolishness it's not actually informed oversight so what we want to you know what we would recommend what I believe that. The church many recommend the writings of l. white recommend kills a separate school and we're we're quite happy the word teacher recommends Yes Is that the Sabbath school teachers should actually teach and I know that may be selling up well I don't want to get people moving to so that when now and then doesn't mean that there isn't discussion but instead of having this open ended free for all discussion the teacher would have questions that he posed to the class that actually have right and wrong answers if a wrong answer is given the teacher will kindly and gently steer it into the running answer so then people leave the class with some substance actually having a look is a good answer but of for a different questions like that's a really what but back to our point we can actually guide it to goes if you can your preparation you have those talking points you have decided news you're trying to crowd you've got to be discussion because the teachers are all right and I want to say right off we've done a lot of training on. And there are a lot of. Church and 7 school teachers who are not thrilled with this idea of teaching cut like oh that's going to make it boring and dry and I'm going to do that way we're going to go down that road and we're going to keep going to the way we're going and I'm just saying that repeatedly it's not making for greater attendances happens it's not building up 7 schools saying what somebody will this happens all over the North American division and it is not making ourselves was more healthy and we do this in church all the time and I don't get it it's like. I could tell stories when I came into the 7 they're going to church because it's all I was out during my in a Kenyan when I was 26 years old and there was this mindset at the time that what we need to do is we need to get away from singing hymns we need to have more contemporary music upbeat guitars drums re-assembly other in in in less formalism in. Which That part is Ok but the minute you know don't have to dress up or church jeans and jeans there's all this business you know even to the point of serving refreshments and call in dollars or whatever else and. An. Enema saying sorry in refreshments is wrong but the point was we're going to do this and this is good I know you back into the church and that's been 25 years ago and it hasn't worked and we as a 70 have it is like when do we finally say you know what it just didn't work now I see it in committees to this day we sit on the executive committee in the Michigan conference in the Lake Union and somebody ring up and I does it hey we've got this great idea for reaching the youth and lo behold what is it we need to jazz music a little bit I'm thinking art is seriously going to be like this is not new but this is the kind of thing that oh well this is going to be innovative in Sam's going to have all these open discussion and then and it's going to grow as I was told it has worked what are we going to say it hasn't worked it's about time to try something else well hopefully something biblical right if you can think fails. On the bottom here not there but you see good teachers that learn how to teach these are there lessons member should be studying for themselves that everyone's contributing is that in a beautiful healthy happy way and not in this reckless with the other purpose he was there in school isn't it common affirm my own opinions it is to learn something that will help me in my spiritual walk again it so there's a there's a great passage in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 7 that speaks about Jesus' teaching. And this. Should be a model for every. 7 school teachers. Can't even read it at the $72829.00. This is we get to the Sermon on the valves and says here in verse 28 and so it was when Jesus had ended the sayings that the people were studying at his teaching for he taught them as well and having authority and not as the scribes. The fantastic statement and in one way makes a comment on this I don't have it right and he didn't as I would be just what she says to this effect I'll get to the words right here own Are you looking it up was the by if you get a real some good but she makes the point that Jesus spoke as one having authority and others describes and then she would she says that the scribes and the Pharisees taught as though the Scriptures could be taken to mean one thing more exactly the opposite to me he says Jesus spoke. As though the Scriptures were unquestionable of Dorothy. Oh how did she say. Something as those words could not be controverted could not be but really that we visit but the point was as she expels of this Jesus taught like there is a right and there's a wrong and what I'm telling you is right in if what you're believing isn't what I'm telling you it's wrong like authority in as if his words couldn't be controversial or argued Well certainly they could be argued anybody can argue but the point is he spoke as though there is such thing as truth and that's what I'm sharing with you and to me that is the role of the teacher I share last night that when I get ready for the lesson prepare the lesson I do a deep dive and I've got it I've got to have it clear in my head and I want to explain what I mean by that if I read a passage in it's in even if I read it like a certain commentator or. In a lesson the quarterly brings out such and such a point but I don't see it. Then I can't teach it with conviction you know because it Ok great the contributor says this in the quarterly but I'm not seeing that in the text I'm not saying it's not there I have to study to see the text before I teach it to others and there's a difference is a qualitative difference in your teaching even if the exact same point that's really the word for word but when you have it for yourself when you see everything in the quarterly might be exactly right it's not a strike of that there are still going to be my conviction but I have to see how you got that conclusion or she got that conclusion and so the point is that's the role of the teacher is to make sure before you teach others you've taught yourself and you're clear in your convinced enough that you can teach with who are those Listen to this paragraph you're referring to is that this is something about this is speech at 253 and starvation Jesus meant that people on their own grilled as one who is acquainted with their purpose and he made Truth beautiful by presenting it in the most direct and simple way his language was Purefoy didn't clear as a rolling stream his voice was this music he goes with listen to the muchness tones of the rabbis to get you saying you bet you look like droning on and on because he said with dynamic you look right but while he's teaching was simple he spoke as one having authority this characteristic set his teaching in contrast with out of all others the rabbi spoke with doubt and hesitancy as if the scriptures might be interpreted to mean one thing or exactly the opposite so what would be the mean that in every letter the pause button is not like because we see that I see that in so many places day was well no no you've got this view when you get this view and you can be those who say that's what I've heard not that I'm not there or there are things that are maybe not as clear in black and white I'm going to say that there are but there is much in Scripture that is why when one is the is all those all agree there's so much uncertainty in fact it makes me think of a state now I want to share as well she can see some of. Certainty I had those who would listen to those scribes who spoke with doubt and doesn't see it says here but here is where daily involved in greater uncertainty so they would go to church they would listen the rabbis and they would get more confused the more they would hear right but Jesus taught this for a few years as the unquestionable of or you just pick up the word and say it like you meant it and that was it just really forward whatever his subject you represent with about what says it and it really matters when a citizen with power as if his words could not be closer heard it is like there is no other way it could be read. Yet another end there yes and that was very frustrating to. The religious leaders but that's what drew people to Jesus that's why the crowds flock to hear him and that's their quality of teaching is what makes 7 School interesting and by the way I think about when we talk about sadness who talk of a lack of attendance and lack of interest and lack of participation but when Jesus spoke he was stating the same script to be heard before but it was just one of the 40 and you couldn't take people away that there was no lack of attendance to Jesus and I think I have this yet I have to say you really don't ever record in the scripture Jesus saying so I'm just here is a moderator a facilitator What do you think about this and what do you think about this not that he never asked a question but he was a teacher the greatest teacher the world ever known you know. A thought it came to mind this passage came to my mind along these lines I have shared it before talking points it's become one of my favorites as it dawned on you is really being communicated as I see what's happening in our world in our church is that me just need 671 it's talking about the work of the Holy Spirit the whole chapter is let not your heart be troubled by the work of the Holy Spirit is one of my favorite chapters and as I read it but listen to what the kind of inspiration is it is talking about the Holy Spirit being called the comforter you know that your teacher calls him the comforter. And yet we get a convert and remember he doesn't the comforter is called the Spirit not true. You know when we talk about those Mary comforter with a lot of people on her discussions like he's covering because he makes us feel at peace he's even the president you know I listen to what she and how well my describes how close. Is work is to define and maintain the truths the 1st 12 in the heart as the Spirit of Truth and bus or in this way he becomes the comforter and she explains there is comfort and peace in the troops but no real peace and comfort can be found no real peace for comfort can be found in false or in the point that she's making there is and we can resonate with this when there is uncertainty. And I don't want to get political here so go so I won't go. But we've had the discussion about the nukes and Kiran it made a point that I have quoted now repeatedly Well I got it from someone else up there where I've got it so I don't want to get on that road is standing age if you don't watch the news you're uninformed and if you do watch the news you're misinformed. In other words how do you ever get to where we can bore any of you is there are so many opinions in it it's unsettling and to know something is true and concrete and gives comfort that's the point it's being made and one of Jesus taught he taught the truth he taught with power and authority in people so that's something I can hold onto Yes that's what a 7 school teacher needs to do know of this transition really because we have we have been it might feel like to someone who's listening this is a substitute teacher like me and I need to study harder I need to be less equivocation less closer sushi I mean oh I'm doing it all wrong I don't and you made the comment earlier on but. We throw the teacher too far under the bus they probably come but there are methods of teaching pretty obviously because that's what we've done it and Francis we talked about it the other night and going to talk about it more and more about you know how we do that the plenary program or the dreaded preliminary word you know or how the Saudis who help long to all the different elements of sadness. I doubt many churches teach people how to lead Sabbath I'm guessing there's a lot of like I just watched this other person who I grew up hearing this way I've always seen it done and they just kind of no no no it was you know that's not something people in my churches and you know like you had the same thing as like. They just asked me to do this and I asked well how do I do it is like figure it out you know exactly and for the audience listening and I don't you get the impression is like I guess these guys think I've just been doing it all wrong when the reality is you probably do exactly right for what you've been taught to do right and that was the basic the the standard of expectation of quality and study and does dynamic with us has probably been skewed off or low for so long that people don't even have a right conception of what sample to be made some broad blanket statements are of decent handing one everywhere Well I want to bring up a statement we use it many times in training this is from Christian service page oh did you know that she said you know many would be willing to work if they were taught how to begin right and she goes specifically they need to be instructed and encouraged every church should be training school for Christian workers think about that phrase church should be school we're going to learn not just the radical or doctrinal but practical things to how to do stuff she lists the most of its members should be taught how to give bible readings that's Bible studies it's personal it's right how to conduct and teach satisfy classes how best to help the poor to care for the sick how to work for the unconverted and she goes on but we should have practical instruction under experienced teachers to train them and mold them. And so much of that is lacking in our church today we just kind of get it by osmosis or pick it up over time or have no real stated expectations and so what no wonder you know everyone's kind of lifts you know flood the welder in the world with no clear direction because they have a clock that can see one of the for me have less I'm sorry I was just waiting. To get done when my mind that's when I was awake that one of those words like academician which by the way too late you know it looked it up and it's right word so I just in high so he were another one tonight and then he's floundering and I have his you know mixed with that be better I'm already what my point is that if you all out of sorts you know you've got it here is that because I'm here not just to talk I'm here to learn. But not sure I see how it is it but Ok I'll test your heart it's built but the point is that we should be more in every local church and every conference anyone who's in the 7 school work should have a burden for making sure the work is done well and training others to do it well and in a jiffy just to pick it up happenstance type of thing should be purposeful so let you know we talked to so far we just can't rely on you know. All the things not he's out of school so let's walk through what in which should at the same time he said you know there needs to be discussion in class in fact I would be opposed to not having discussion yes it except for perhaps a situation where and I've seen it happen I'm aware teacher something goes awry in the service and I've seen teachers like that almost in here like we're meeting for 1015 minutes then you're going to have limited discussion to make sure you get points across the class when you stand it typically with discussion is part of a sense request so. We're going to be sure but I mean I don't know where you're going to go next but I was thinking about this point about the 1st thing we need to make sure of as we've already read or it is that the main point is the Bible and not just the core belief and this. Study guy goes was right in one of the one of the points that I have in the notes here is that and we touched on this that the teacher needs to. Study the lesson and head of time and and ideally not just Friday night but I know some people have difficult jobs and they've agreed to do set school in their church and maybe maybe that's how you have to do it and so I'm not going to fault somebody but don't just make preparation a I watched talking points or pastor Doug and now I know what to do for Sabbath school you have got to get something where you own what you're presenting and otherwise you're going to have a hard time teaching it with any kind of effectiveness so I just part of teaching is preparation even if you don't have time to prepare on a regular basis I'm not talking about an exception here there are always exceptions to the rule we don't make the exception the rule if you can't ever prepare Don't be a sensible teacher I just didn't I don't know that it's a little harsh but that's part of being a teacher and so own you want to study that lesson ahead of time and we talked last night drugs how do you know now to those points now one of the things we touched on that we didn't get into as much is this whole idea of probably the the most common way of teaching Sabbath school anymore is using the quarterly format and saying Ok this week's lesson I'm just turning to the lesson I think this is lesson one and No listen to the crisis of leadership let's look at some of the afternoon and then let's go to Sunday Ok Any more questions on Sunday thoughts on Sunday let's go to Monday and often that whoa is how a lot of people teach 7 school so I want to explain a few things about why the quarterly is laid out that way so that they 1st of all. There is not an author to the adult sense report we touch and it's a little bit under some primary contributors or form contributors Florio we had also rather just recently we did it in a bunch of the education board it was all different college and university presidents were contributors somebody communicated to me that there was a major contributor who passed away and then so they just put multiple countries I don't know what I point is if it isn't an author because when that contributor twists the lessons together they go through the editing staff at the General Conference and the service will part cover Goldstein heads up so they've got to go through it and at the lessons and we may talk a little bit more about some of that tomorrow post-game analysis maybe but the. Format of Saturday afternoon Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday is for it's it's broken up for personal individual study during the week not for the teacher to teach it that way well think about the contributors time for the is it worth his weight gain yes when he was given that assignment and of course these are these curricula is laid out years and events so there's really multiple years ahead of time you know some things that the whole long process but we got the original study the topic with a Bible study was going to be of I say we'd like you to write this deep as you have with the heat caught in the 37 part chunks you don't even have to ask a question or something would you wish unless the I that in his own notes writes he says there are 3 main points I'm trying to get across exactly and so he didn't come up with 7 they said good can you put your 3 points into 7 days that exactly and so the whole 7 days because there's benefit to the 7 because you're it is it's a good thing especially if you don't have a good but daily devotional habit you need this is a great journey to fall is wonderful but don't for a minute think like this this. This week's lesson has 7 equally important distinct points to it that Monday is completely different than Tuesday which is completely different wins that it's not like that it was written with the sequel threat of thought running through it and then divided for the purpose of the formatting of the lesson for the reasons that he has a lesson so it's totally totally fun and he gets to your point whenever people get up and teach oftentimes they'll say they'll still tackle settle it like it's its own thing next yet another to let go to Sunday it's its own block and then go to money like Piercey is just compartmental us distinct ideas when in reality there's usually just a few thoughts open together in this just happened to be broken to be safe now I have to say that I have sat in classes where the teacher has taught effectively you have 7 new Sunday night and goes you know I'm not saying it's wrong to do next week we rely on their lot so it's not brought also some doubt because like a narrative might you lend itself to 7 steps this particular quarterly 2nd is more so than Monday Tuesday Wednesday last quarter was on education and it was more topic and oftentimes I would find something maybe a Thursday that was more important I'm going back to Sunday or something you know you know but in this one it typically is following it closely we're going to Isaiah Chapter 6 and 78 if you know how to do it what was it will be only 140 do of it and so yes it lends itself more that's a different sort of these are going to going to be different but the point is the lesson was put together this way primarily for the devotional readings of the students and so when that that brought back a couple drawbacks with trying to follow that format in teaching it is 1st of all it makes it very difficult to cover in the allotted 7 school time right Ok number one number 2 in I found We're going to talk with definite going to talk about this this was a learning moment and we'll share more about it tomorrow or in our. Post-game analysis but. The job of the teacher is not to exhaust all the information in the lesson in 7 schools and I fall into that trap where it's like Ok why don't want anybody to miss the point. They won't miss the point if they study the less that's right and so will oftentimes a teacher will do as a teacher will try to make sure everybody who didn't study the lesson gets the entirety of the lesson you just can't do it and if you try to do it you're going to sabotage the class it's going to be dry and boring because you're trying to create everything in and most people who are good so bless you like we don't you're just going through the thing that we already studied right so the people who did study are getting as much out of it if those who didn't they're trying to cram it all into one sitting and it absolutely works that's another thing that it's not fair to the people who study to come in in just reiterate the last and so I'm fine with referring to the lesson to get partly in bringing it but you want to bring out something they didn't like we had. A should you go there we have workers meetings where we've had so many professors coming in and we had some really good lecturers and we had others and perhaps you have teachers to do the same and they'll put in front of you there lol. It not even a syllabus It's an article in the yellow read the article for you and I'm thinking I can read this letter you're leaving me like this could have been an email that it be so. You're not going to have the same interest level and sadness Well if you're just going to say it was cool and reiterating the less so a lot of people that's where a lot of people will say well will liven it up by getting a lot of different opinions but it would be much better to liven it up by bringing out things from your own study of scripture the Holy Spirit lead you in and then lead some discussion that way so don't be bound by the 70 format that's kind of the point I want to make there and understand have a quarterly is written encourage your folks to study the lesson but even if they don't you did teach like you did and don't feel like you're bound by this this. Sunday sadly it means Sunday Monday Tuesday you probably own 7 times your own steps requests by doing that you're not going to get people less and in most cases. Yeah I think I was speaking Ed to another coach that I was just struck me about that I have a right of him so let's continue this fight with him and not lose that part but Ok now we talk about drawing your ideas from. The Bible. What you'll find this doing in talking points off it is like when I go through a lesson in the quarterly as I mentioned yesterday in my own perpetrations the last thing I do I like to study Scripture passages and to come to reason so that cetera what I do go through a lesson the quarterly there are certain things that the contributor says I think oh this is a great point and so I'll mark it as this is what I want to refer to in class I don't want to read the quarterly to get to the class I so. I want to bring out things that maybe aren't in the quarterly lesson but there are things in the quarterly lesson that are great this is a great quote and so I'll mark those down and so when teaching the class. Part of what we talked about preparation yesterday is coming up John now 3 main points that you want to get across in the class and then refer to a reference specific points from the quarterly then hit with those points that you're making but note that the point that I'm making in saying all this is don't get up front in reading quarterly to the moon that's not teaching. And it's again it's not going to make for an interesting sensible class in most cases maybe somebody can pull it off but generally not so much no not so much and with a little bit into the application part because one of the things that we can be. And. Who we keep something we can make saps who class seem dry even if it's good material to be covered even if it's been stated clearly is if it lives in the realm of the theoretical if it moves in the realm of the doctrinal it's so the theory of so is right here that it's not tangible This is what you and I are old enough to ever brought this up before when I was younger there was a late night show by a guy named Arsenio Hall and one of his one of his own sake mints each night was one was called things that make you go who. You remember that they might you remember said I was billionaire you think you go on those kind of things that you really don't challenge me there you hear your cities this is your view little in a lot of our sample schools and there is a little sermon has been preaching it is go oh I don't want to write my bill is just give me something that makes me go really have anything to do with me have you noticed that in it we're talking about teaching tonight specifically because you just test out preaching is the same but there is less and maybe maybe this is my perspective maybe I'm completely wrong about this I don't like thought of that but. Oh it is not. It is certainly comes across to me that we hear fewer and fewer appeals now but in discernment in practical applications and and real life tangible practical you know I'm going to do about exactly quite a lot of what but not much so what you know what I do with this thing and Sabbath school classes tend to be like the goal is to cover the material in so we made it like Prince's you got the timing right get it free talking points you got the summary of Friday and that been the bell rings you know I felt a desire to go the. Way it happens and you like who we cover the material it was done everything gaging I wasn't too much of a sophist the cylinder but I wasn't a lecture it was really even that sorry friends the still not the ultimate objective right the ultimate objective is not just to have a knowledge of the truth but a transformed nation into the likeness of Jesus there needs to be a challenge laid out and has to be some sort of concrete tangible put it actually in fact Ms White repeatedly those who Steve if you read the book councils and Saudis who work which I would recommend you read the book tell missiles and Saudis who were which she talks about hell but the object of so that this is actually Page $61.00 the object of savages who were should be the in gathering of souls That's the whole purpose and she goes on to say there should be much personal work done in the Sabbath school the necessity of this kind of work is not recognized and appreciated as it should be now we might think oh personal work is worth maybe the elderly go to visit with a pastor whenever there's a problem but the Sabbath school teacher my job is to convey information and have a dynamic discussion on the reality is as I was guilty to your job is to win souls you know in fact as a member of the church your job is to win souls as an elder as a deacon as anything that you are in the local church if you're connected with Jesus Christ you have a man. It to be a missionary for him and especially the sceptical she writes There should be much more personal work done in the Sabbath school than the says it was kind of work is not recognized and appreciated as it should be she continues from a heart filled with gratitude for the love of God which has been partitioned soul the teacher should Labor tenderly and earnestly for the conversion of his scholars. Notice that it's not just the informing by God's grace the transforming of the students that's the goal so the teacher shouldn't look and say covering the information we're clearly articulating innocent stirring manner of the material here even that would fail of the old Little character which is to transform lives and save souls you know that gets back to I think one of one that's a catalyst to some of these wrong methods because our 7 schools like it in the sense we're talking about that's where you invite your nun here because friends you know them and they're learning yes use of the Bible in being challenge to transform their lives but when you don't have any new people and it's the same old people that's what it's like we've all heard this before why don't we just get all come and give our Koreans and so give Thomas potentially The 2nd is he going to this year you just said there's no new people coming the nothing has really changed in decades the goal is now just to turn conveyance of in really people are hungry for you know when you read that that is a sick series and you bring new people to church in the start coming to 7 schools they're the ones that are like me and I wish there wasn't so much discussion because I really want to hear what you had to teach well especially think about the new people and I do think happened many times if they come through either personal Bible study series we're public evangelistic sit campaign they've been we all into the faith but that can not going to work right there are hungry for the truth to come from the comfort of knowledge of the truth and the complications life and so they're looking for it they're there pump is problems to receive truth and God's work then they'll go to 7 school class and vote it claims to be a Bible study there isn't that much bible or study there's a lot of are saving a lot of this net and know what you think he might feel restless or frustrated. Not because they were here not spiritual enough to really catch on the story look where they're not mature in the faith that they know it's because they. They tasted something better and they're hungry for war right and so we have an obligation for ourselves to be always feeding on the Word of God be specially for those who are coming to the saps who passing that we're going to get in this little bit more and more of the one of the beauties of the Sabbath but you touched on this just know this if you could have people come to the sets who class were not members of your church jury did you realize you can be a member of the Sabbath school without being a member of the church oftentimes in fact that's when we talked the other night about churches would have larger attendance in the mornings and some part of the world feel that you'll be the church planting when we hear about church planting church planting used to be that you would start something called the branch satisfy home in an area which is a small group study would develop into a church Exactly and the interest there because right now in our church there's this conversation about how much they need to know it helps me to reform before they can get baptized become a member so basically there's a binary you are not in the church at all or you're a full fledged member you can serve on the nominee committee you can hold office and the reality is there's a beautiful transitional You know a process where people could be studying the Word of God learning it asking their questions you know developing those habits and be a member in fellowship of the Sabbath school without being a member of the church proper And it's it's we've lost that view in fact now we think of Sabbath school as the ultimate members in the reality is it's supposed to be a vehicle for reaching new people and weaving them into the faith so we need people in those dear souls but we have a few minutes left and I don't want to miss this part so we talked a little bit about the importance of having discussion not having the discussion not having the sermon before the sermon monologue last week you is teaching us all the talk and you want to engage the class but you don't want open ended questions that that one of the challenges is some teachers try to engage the class but they really don't know how to do infected Lee in the past open inquest. That kind of get away from them and they don't know how to rein back again and I've mentioned those individuals and you almost always have people who come to class who if you that they will take over the class mum teaches us how do I control that and I wish there was an easy way and when I mean by that is. He can't ever control that without some level of being assertive and some people just don't like being assertive that's why they have some teachers will get up and in play the pursuit or cards are going to teach on the facilitator because they feel like it's more self-effacing it's like I don't want to call myself a teacher that means I carry myself out you know everything you know doesn't mean it means you took responsibility in a certain area and you save the lesson for the purpose of you know where to go so there's this mindset that to call myself a teacher is to quote myself up here no it's not and that teacher has to be willing in a nice way but when when things get out of topic you just have you to say well you know I appreciate your comments but we need to get back to the lesson in just you're going to have to keep it there and what's going to happen is I've seen this happen a number of times if if you've never done that in this the 1st time you do it we have that kind of person your classes always taking over it might take 2 or 3 times and then what they're likely going to do is find another class in the church where you can take oh they're not going to come here if you set the tone kindly but firmly and say I'm sorry we really need to get through this. Time to give the you know we the direction and you know that earlier but that's why the saddest new council exists in chooses teachers where he was important because they saw in you pick a passerby to lead effective saps to class and if you are too afraid to be if you are making say offensive you should never be offensive but to be assertive to be clear to God because then you're actually derelict you do you're abdicating responsibility was given to you so don't be afraid that your. Ah there's another element of this I think it would be helpful for work for some teachers even more than others if they have a hard time telling us to establish a system of asking for volunteers by name instead of what somebody like to Does anybody have an opening up like that because another thing that happens is there are people in every set of us who class and I would be one of them who would feel free to talk and give a response but there are other people who may want to get engaged in the class but they're nervous and if there's very forward an outspoken people will never speak and so as a teacher you want you don't want the same 2 people doing everything and so you can ask my name you know Joe what are your thoughts this weekend and it all also that it's easier in a smaller class like for example one of things mentioned last night I want to reiterate tonight is when I'm preparing the lesson I want in my notes I will write out certain questions that I'm going to ask the class that have clear answers and that I can think that I can steer a little bit. Tomorrow when we do the class this is one of our 1st patients and going places to teach and train is you can't do that for a big class you just can't do it for big class effectively we're going to camp meeting of great value we can do the training we do the sensible program but I can't meeting with several 1000 people are going to do they would You can't do it that way that's the beauty of a smaller samples with clients and so I would aim at keeping the set was for classes at all and if it gets too big break them up into smaller classes again it gives you more opportunity to ask those questions and not have to lose your time to cover everything because you keep things on track instead of things getting off the rails in class so you know just keeping it close to a smaller size the teacher needs to learn to be kindly assertive you know with that focus that. I'm going to get through the material that I have prepared to go through to behave but it's going to be a priority of the teacher and I want interaction what have you but perhaps appointing that interaction by asking specific people what you know and you may open it up you know some people can and ask you know open the class and say What do you think about this in sticky but I gather there's a group going to be able to me alert you had a hard time with that that's an option exactly and I suppose I back to the ultimate objective of that the reason why we keep it on track the reason we want to be clear is because we want to get us convey the information but also to as a sole winner to see that information and not just in your blood but in the heart and start to you know by the power of the Holy Spirit with this conversion 1st yes you know there's no he said a statement you want to read that we're going to love to read that it counsels and said was who are ill and why it says on page 10 the Sabbath school is an important Grange of the missionary we're coming back to that again not only because it gives to young and old a knowledge of guns were some it should be doing that. And because I'm sorry but but because it away Guinn's in them a love for its secret truths ending desire to study for themselves. What our sadness fools were creating inner members a low for the word in a desire a snotty morbid or not done and a desire to study for themselves above all it teaches them to regulate their lives by its holy teachings and that's what you're taught me that practical at the end of it all why we come here to learn today I want to learn things that I can practice in my life that will help me be more faithful to God in what closer to him and that's what we want for ourselves we're going to look at the statement in it is just like the hierarchy of things they're all good thing. It's right in should give to all a knowledge of God's word and a lot of times I think we would feel successful if that we publish that who victory right but more than that it awakens in the love for it sacred truth about you know it you'll love it furthermore the desire to study it work for yourself not only love what I've just learned but ugh what more a better get it for myself and then finally I want to be like that in my own life and the transformation so best that personal work with the savvy schools teachers should aspire to the status quo program should aim for as an entire objective yes to be intensely interesting we're going to get into how we can talk about mission more in the beautiful format of sadness and the importance of Bible study but the ultimate objective is as Mr White said the in gathering of souls that personal work conversion so that by God's grace every one of us can be a little bit more like Jesus so I think we covered everything for this evening That's right less yet something else and I was just going to say we've been talking about restoration of that's why he's telling you you need to be thinking about where you're going to hear more about that tomorrow morning because I know you're coming to 7 schools in light of what a minute when Ok course 9 am 9 am sharp start That's right which not one is late again in in restoration in the the outreach restoration can begin February 15th every 15 and tell avails and yet exactly what the blessing yes can be to you and you can be to others again will be sharing more about that tomorrow throughout the day actually and so just want to put that keep it on the radar screen mark it on the calendar and we look forward to seeing it sounds all right well let's close it out with a word prayer heavily by other again we thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this great advocate movement and Lord help it to be a truly a dynamic live thing movement for you the one that you've raised up and he's less stays with her to. Message to give the world the Lord help us never become comfortable to the point that we just go through rote ceremonies and just kind of follow it in for Sabbath school but Lord help us to have that live in connection with you individually through study word and then as we come together on the Sabbath day to discuss and and deepen our understanding Lord's and your Holy Spirit to bless every local sabs teacher every level member every class that meets because we've been problems where $2.00 and $3.00 together they're with us in the midst and that's what we want what we want to see Jesus in the word we want to become like Him through it's life changing power solar please bless everyone who's part of this work until we see you coming in for green Jesus.


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