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04 Post-Game Analysis and Q&A

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • February 22, 2021
    6:15 PM
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Good afternoon everyone. I want to share with you a little bit of context what we're going to do this afternoon if you've been tuning in on the live stream each evening winces there is a Friday leading up to this we have been doing a live stream training basically the 2 of us sitting at a table like this going over certain aspects of Sabbath school work especially the lesson study how to prepare for it how to lead out a discussion and teach the lesson and busy morning then we did something different than that we had actually had as you probably recall the program there pastor Howard in the lesson study for this week about this proportion of Isaiah which I feel particularly fascinating about God's justice and his vengeance rather was it was really really quality stuff and then more of a sermon like presentation by myself so we've got some trainings on video we're doing. This with your preaching and now this afternoon we're doing a few different format things even beyond that so what we're going to do at this time is take over one of our afternoon features and break it into 2 essential parts basically the 1st half of what we're going to do is what we're calling the post-game analysis pastor how are let you know a little bit more about that in just a 2nd here what that is and why we're doing it and after we have a discussion for several minutes here about some of the things we've seen in recent lesson Quarterly's strengths and weaknesses then we're going to open the floor to questions or comments that you might have because we would like to in the spirit of savages who have an interactive opportunity and I know we're you know distance that we got messed whatnot but they still just like this morning have microphones on the ready for anyone who would like to raise your hand or have a comment and talk about some of the questions you might add when it comes to satisfy preparation sawzall Studies have a school anything related to satisfy who we want to help you with a mission or mission the mission inside is absolutely. Think connected in any way and gently the sas program we want to be a resource for use that's new so the 1st part again is going to be our post-game analysis then we're going to open the floor to some questions and answer time pastor Howard why don't you tell us a little bit more detail what is this post game analysis what are we doing here well. One of the things we split we spoke about this week was this The course our cell was full when dealing and I think when we started off we talked about at least from my perspective a lot of people say I really just don't like the quarter I don't like going through the quarterly I don't like I don't get much out of it and so we've given some tips in that direction but when I talked to Cameron about initially I think it was after the court on education and I said why don't we you know it in talking points we put ourselves on a timer and we're not really hard line time or right around 30 minutes and we don't get into giving any of the background of what we deal with going into the lessons we try to do that more of this just this past week this week at. Hand. When we go through a lesson or quarter of a there are things that we have to navigate around there are things in the lessons sometimes that we just don't agree with there are things that are maybe use interesting there are or interests and teachers that were drawn out through it where did that why did they do this that you so so obvious you know exactly and I thought to myself that's we ought to do an episode at least each quarter where we do a post-game analysis of the quarterly and some of the challenges we ran into because I think that would be helpful to satisfy teachers and leaders and the challenge that I have with that is because that man it sounds like we're going to root go and we understand that I am the department associate and the nice thing about the associate is if anything goes wrong it ministration trust Yeah that's right I just you know I'm just the associate director so it's here are you going to lie so I'm thinking politically how can this be spun as about big it can you imagine if we went through that. Order in each week taught the lesson and then at the end said look here's always don't we didn't like about this quarter you know and just kind of tore apart the lesson which is not the goal but there were a lot of conversations there are a lot of conversations people have offline and they won't be that we won't discuss in the program where people say you know this quarter I don't understand whether we're talking about this whole where was this trying to go or it seems like the whole core was it and I had to sell him on it because he could i was and when it came to him with it in it he's like Ok so we're going to basically do an episode to trash the quarterly every quarter and said no and that's not what we're going to do today either let's be clear about that but we do also the same time want to be right in court and that means there are challenges people run into and how do you deal with them are our goal is that more people would be using the court and so my pitch to task Cameron was a lot of people are using it because they don't know how to navigate around certain things and if we can teach them what we do to navigate around our problems because you have to understand something that's really awesome about the and I'm going to help Courtney forever even though it's only that's not the official name or because of that it is the adult Bible says whole Bible study guy which is published every quarter so and so forth but. The nickname The beauty of it is that people all around the entire 7 day Ave surround the entire globe are at least studying close to the same topic in the further we get away from that. And the more potential there is for the devil to divide us and so there's a real benefit in going by the lesson but there are some things we've learned navigating through it that we wanted to share with you so that's we're talking about Seth and what we didn't want to do is pretend that there weren't any challenge and then people would just quietly be frustrated and then jettison the whole thing is that because the goal isn't to get rid of it the goal is to get the most out of the great resource of the jokes is put together but the goal book ultimately is not to prop this up is to use this to get us deeper into this and that's our objective this afternoon and we haven't even had an opening with a prayer yet you're going to do that but I just want to let you know that the goal of what we're talking about your isn't just to highlight particular problems or issues or something like that it's to be a resource for all of us to think about what do you do when you run into these obstacles and to let's not pretend that they're not there but how to navigate them appropriately so any less of Yeah well this is going to begin with a word of prayer and it will get into our material don't we Bob thank you so much for another opportunity to visit together on the Sabbath Day Thank you for the congregation is assembled here in person and online and Lord as we look at the Bible study guides it in so well prepare we want to get the most out of this hard work and at the same time recognize that they're put together by fallible human beings and we need the leading of the Holy Spirit so he can lead us into all truth Lord I ask that you would feel that promise in our hearing today in Jesus' name. And. So let's begin we talked about doing this recording about the same time that at that contacted us we thought wouldn't it be great so we're recording this right now we're going to put this on our You Tube page on our website which again you're going to say Askia or Michigan s s o r g but we thought we don't want to just hole up and record this while our out at every. So here we are and we want to talk about 1st of foremost up I want to talk about some of the challenges we've run into in Corine Lesnes and how we've navigate around them but before that we just have you know the things we also learn from our own leading out of talking points that have been education for example there's a lesson we did this morning that I taught this morning lesson number 6 we record several weeks a year and. You know up to up to even 6 weeks ahead we've been at summer and so we were actually we outlined Lesson Number 6 we recorded Lesson Number 6 and once we had done it we were ready to publish your talking points and Karen to talk about it and we realized that we were getting away from the whole. Original Intent talking points and I'm going to explain what I mean by that. Lesson as I mentioned this morning Lesson Number 6 covers 15 chapters in Isaiah. I don't care how good a teacher is you're not covering 50 chapters in your 45 min or 50 minute even if you know her 15 minutes receptacle past 2 it doesn't happen and so what I found myself doing it and it became more you know when we started talking sports we were working with the education of it was topical If so it was in some ways easier to draw out different points that we wanted to dwell on but then we got into I'd say oh it's a narrative you're going through the book of Isaiah and you kind of know guilty like I guess leaving out the upper part of the Bible in the in the quote so here we got the chapters in after we recorded that I found that what I did in fact the last few lessons I was trying to basically bullet point every point that could be made from the lesson so that those who came to sets what class would miss anything. I'm going to ask you what at least one of the faults of that kind of thinking is. Anybody have any thoughts there was one of the back of their group are all good I am so you didn't turn up here I'll be sure to read it on their own excellent work well I realized I was doing as a teacher I'm saying this because some of some of you who have taught maybe are more this way than others I I think any of us I mean you know the janitors in the universities major damage Johnny loses l.-y. it says that God raised up Johnny who is for this movement and he was a premier scholar bit Dru's had a tendency to be very thorough with things and I share that because now I'm teaching a Sabbath school class I want to make sure I'm not giving misinformation so just because I read in the quarterly doesn't mean that it's spot on I go you know and I don't do that to a book and so I'll write Council interest at one point she said she like and he is studying to planting the seeds of troops in the hearts of the people in the minds of people and she said Brother in news you need to be careful that you don't plant the seeds so deeply that the tender shoots never reach the surface of the ground. And so he tended to be overly And for whatever it's worth we went through that lesson and I personally felt like. Instead of trying to teach something people can take away and learn something practical I gave such a mass of information which is exactly the opposite of what we're trying to do the talking points so we actually didn't the outline and we recorded the whole mess but that's a great feeling when you're finished with something you like you know what it wasn't that good let's start over from scratch like a great player. But it was worth it because exactly that point if we were just going to go at it just start rehashing the entirety of the lesson quarterly for everyone who didn't study it if it were just provided basically reading it to them you know full of pointed out and that's not the goal we used to like the gross and the fact that people should be studying their sabots lesbo or the Saturday that there is a personal responsibility when it comes to your sawzall lesson that we should teach or should expect that the members of the class will have a mill year deal with them information before they attend and we were kind of losing the focus there you know Karen I retired thing about I've been to every house if you've been there. I lost count for how many times I've been here but never do you not realize that regular you're trying to get good data I mean as what in the world is another drink is the transportation Oh you suck so anyway but you see you're what you like to make it's real today as it is very often see this is good because it's the quoting the whole thing. Anyway might might take away that for all of us is not just that you know you have this mess to make up. Cause I'm. Just thinking about what he was doing while your mud. Men say nothing deals with him then. My concern working in the service for the department is it can be overwhelming to a teacher if you're trying to teach the lesson Ethiope like you that cover all this material for some maybe more than others you can. Yes discouraged about wanting to teach a lesson so my god I want to give you as if you're ever if you taught or if you're planning to teach in the future your goal is teacher if this goes for preaching this goes for bible studies is never to exhaust the less and then just observe it to go to business meeting the British service on the set that does not exhaust the Sat I can come up to me and say yeah but there's this thing about the Sabbath like I had an hour you think I'm covering every last thing in the same of the Saudis who are the goal is not to cover everything that can be covered if you're a 7 school participant don't expect the teacher to do all the studying for you you do your own study and then the teachers point to bringing out highlights then the Lord's going to lead the teacher in and if you're doing the teaching bring out the highlights there is so much he could cover in 15 chapters of that I say this morning that I expressed the service I mean we could have spent 6 weeks on a great controversy that was part of a less so for those of you who are teachers I want to encourage you that when you are very lessons your job isn't to cover every last thing or even draw out those points you think will be helpful to your listeners and for those of you who aren't teachers but you well even if you're not participants if you're not if you're participants in sadness Well some your lessons if you're not participants in sounds will make a commitment today to start going to have a school event in a art so as announced a lesson that we learned just from our own mistakes exactly and so while us you know and there we don't have to resort to the other street where you come so prepared to use drill down through going to give so much information and that's clearly the what we're advocating use is that the teacher stand up just like go through point a point at a quarter point what you drew get those players he said he would but the opposite is not true either that you just open the floor to anybody that comes around and just pretend that everybody's equal you know giving a contribution here so what are you. Really want to do as Mark was just talking about there is no imagery well of the you can draw out those key what we call talking points it be able to communicate those in the steps who lessen context in the conversation to be guided around those ideas so that everyone knowing what's going on what's. That might come up through the quarter to the original serving of their. Good points to make you. Know You Know You Want To Do you know you know I just have to buy just this quarter's lesson with me so I don't have everything you know mind but we're going to touch on a couple of the things we talked about. With former corps the last couple like one the last 4 resign education. And the one before that was on making friends for God and both have a lot of good things in them so there are some things that we were up to a problem in Initially I thought I would like to just express the people who. Don't I guess don't feel guilty for feeling maybe the same way. Was I going to exhibit you know the education when we when we. Started that for a good I thought to myself you know this is a time we must. Because my feeling is that in some they have been to some Everything is in need of reform to some degree. Want to be super at what I did the other oh you know who we all are we need we need we're not exactly with or needs to be in any or in education it is one of those areas if you've done any study on the inspired Council on Education there are some things we follow Well there's some things we don't just like things in the church and this pastors you know you're always preaching about those things in the church for example things that we need to do you know when your pastor Oh a congregation your party your messages of time. Didn't you need to change it but education is one of those areas that I feel has been a sacred cow in the church where you just better not saying so let's get up one this time because we have the best education system in the world and we're not using it to its full potential so that is going to be great early it's going to in even going into the question cutting practice like there are some things that the lessons probably going to cover that are going negative but it's not to tear it out education Sybil etc etc And I really thought that's where the quarterly was going to go talking about at least Christian education right well what ended up happening if you recall the quarter the top of it was it was a topical thing it so it wasn't just the studying of education itself it got to be more like science and education art education this so it was honestly came across as like a topical years at the Sabbath and in education worship and education so basically it was just any topical thing with the word education or in education and so it was like I was already up a Savanah ticket was educating about the separate teaching people how do we see education and nothing wrong with that at all those are all totally fine things but it didn't get to the actual philosophy biblical foundation of why we do education the way we do even though it did touch on some of those things it didn't do it to the degree that we were it to subpoena and so it was it was a bit shy so disappointed in that there were these topics which were good in themselves but they seemed to be drifting away they were tangental to education not central to the quality discussion that we thought would be very beneficial to the church at this time so it was a challenge and then in there under that umbrella there was really not a lot and you know one of the I'm going to ask the question What is the primary purpose of 7 they have said to cations anybody no. What was that in the ad minister What were some of them schools to train people to do. Various areas or to be missionaries and as Kiran mentioned this morning not sure missionaries anywhere everywhere missionaries in art schools used to be called missionary colleges and so I expect somewhere in the Quarterly that we'd be talking about training people in you know the work of soul winning again and there was just very little to nothing on that and then also I expected that there were you know what's we know God's got to lesson books right what is the Bible and what's the other one there was nothing about education in nature demanded mother or was there a day or so even when we might have been a bit light it wasn't it is was a glancing blow it wasn't like this where on now. We're not bringing this up just to quote anybody personally but what do you do maybe you share some of those feelings but you went through and you felt like well it's a little lackluster the lessons aren't really stirring and I'm supposed to teach the class and now I'm going to get plastered up I'm not stirred up and if you had any of those feelings that's kind of where we were and that tendency and I've had this expressed to me not just by by lay people and lately years 7 school leaders and superintendents and teachers but pastors themselves so you know I'm just not in the corner anymore so what do you do when you run into a situation you're like well it's just kind of lackluster and I'm not getting a lot out of it some people tend to say I'm going to go to a different direction and we're not encouraging that you would do that here's the beauty of the quarterly when you understand it. That this and if you weren't here when we talk about the say the night the quarterly is not the lesson guide for sadness Well this is the lesson guide for 7. And so on those weeks where I felt the lesson itself in the Quarterly this week guess what when I read the passages in the Bible that the lesson was drawn from there was something in though so there's always something you can take if you miss it but wait a minute I am supposed to teach exactly what the Quarterly says or I have to have the same training but the contributor Ed No you don't. Because you as a teacher or a leader are going to be led by the Holy Spirit to give what the Bible calls me in due season to your own congregation there are going to be people perhaps in your satisfy group that you know are struggling with something that maybe a certain passage brings out the lesson or touched on it in the to be to their credit those people who produce this resource understand that and that's why we you know exam locally call it the quarterly but it hasn't officially quarterly from some decades now it's the adult Bible study guide and so the goal is the opposite I think sometimes people read it to quarterly almost liturgy like we're going to go through this rote doctorate in this or this way but that's not what it's built for if you ask the people who says who part that they don't anticipate that you use it as a script to go through in that order with these points every week the same that's not that uniformity if there are units from studying the same material and there's a guide to help you do that but the real lesson book is The Bible itself and the other thing keep in mind is don't feel like if you know what I'm supposed to cover what's in the lesson know everybody has a lesson. If you want to read that in the last remains in the Us So for example I get up at 7 bring it teach you something in my class night and I don't even open the last guess what you have this all week. And if you if you don't have time to study this we can use it well those that school teacher didn't cover then read it next week and you'll get everything that the Set your resume of saying you know the word is not the teacher's up duplicate what can already be stuck and I'm not saying not use it or take things out of it but if you run into a lesson that you think is a little dry then others pester scripture and there will be things to draw out now the quarter before that was taught making friends for God and this is what I was particularly excited about because this is the Sabbath school and personal that's registry's department we've got a whole quarter of this going to discuss the biblical basis for our soul winning mindset and I was super But and there were some very good things that I want to be clear about there was a very I think that ultimately was the main true that what if you have a good relationship with a great stuff but you know it's also one man's view and then going to the editorial process really not so in the public is true to the d.r. I do coke what mechanism gives this is a result and document right so again good intentions come out but it still may not be hitting on those very points that you see as the most appropriate or relevant where you are or as you see the new the church so for instance in that quarter we talked a lot about all different aspects of friendship eventually of them how to be good and warm and caring and thoughtful and generous and all those very good things but it seemed like Ok here's another we're talking about basically the same thing as another one time of basically the same thing and what I found particularly interesting was that there was one the week that 13 weeks of study that actually discussed our distinctive message. The very thing we're supposed to be sharing with the world that person movie didn't actually be covered except for one week and it was a good week but it was I don't know all of 3 pages misses and distinctive at that movement I did not get into this one we who uses a lot to cover the good it may be spread out and given more practical ways to share that effectively with your friends and I felt that was a little lacking in that one no any of it was bad it just could have been differently appropriate one of the reasons for that and part of this is coming from our background is you know we train in evangelism and I've given so many seminars and training events on how to share with your neighbors and now to share with coworkers now's your good friends but the bottom line is this if you are not excited about the message your not share with anybody and so the message has to be at the core of everything in it so I train people to do is never never never have no intention of ever share it because the message either doesn't stir them or they don't understand the uniqueness of the evidence mesh this it will no doubt dispense tell you about Jesus and you know the televangelists from all the different denominations Delany but they're not preparing for the coming of Christ like a Saturday or this can and so that realization really drives a lot so yeah we wanted to see a little bit more of that and then as you mention that the friendship evangelism you know people like to hear about friendship evangelism because it's not as challenging I don't think we do as much friendship evangelism as we could and should so here's a low club restoration is going to give you an opportunity. There are 10000 there will give can't Congress specifically but gives Well let's see here care better care kids who ever hear packets then are good that are made up to distribute to health care professionals to show them we appreciate that now. I can't think of an easier way to witness the that. You know and I said this the other night on a line that I'm going to do like I treat people to do cold calling it go to a door somebody you've never been in or there they don't know you're coming and there you are No I gave you a lot of snow but you go straight you can run into that but what are you going to run into what kind of persecution you're going to suffer by saying we appreciate what you're doing in the years that give us so I don't understand you I can't do that that's a little unnerving for me so what a grown up or too many sign up and be a part of that and be a blessing to somebody else. So we could do more sometimes we don't do as much. Just because we busy ourselves what had. Happened said that is I don't think I don't think it's because we have a lack of understanding on how to be nice. And so in that quarterly spends on his level that you can be nice this way and you can be nice that way my experience is that a lot of people are sharing because they feel in secure about their own knowledge of the message and how do I share their sin what if they say this to me and I don't know the answer and so I expected more practical kinds of trainings in that quarter and so we just we just put them in there you have it ready then you listen to vote quite a while now and you see the time again you can get all the practical instruction about here's how you can show your vote but when you go over what they think is going to be maybe boring but the Bible book it would just open your Bible look at the message again squarely in the very very end. People get excited to go up and spin people because there's a God I have an I did do you have a mission there's a distinct message this is what it is to them up to go sure that's a go to go there come some brought the former port we know we're going to dive into a few specifics that we run into this particular court I appreciate the Isaiah lessons and I appreciate I get I don't know who to a commune or so and which are kind of like that we're not lending anybody read up gain I think that's done a great job concerning the editing staff but there are a couple things that we run into that we want to give as examples so that you know. Sometimes you run into things and in the quarterly you'll be scratching your head until somebody else says Did you read. Oh I thought I was crazy did you get that too and so perhaps this might be the case but a little example in. Lessons for all the hard way. And I give even arises if you have to surely it was a teacher's quarterly it would be a different base a number of those are the best of the standards up your whole line or fit into the published. I usually don't go over the pages so I'm now hard way less and it makes a point on Sundays lesson the problem is. In fact this is taken from your quarterly by the way teachers edition is page 25 and the standard edition is Page 20 millions I don't know if people actually brought their quarterly here but they would be a bonus prize actually I don't know if there's a box I'll be happy if they have the bugs as well regularly but Ok but there are people who have a bible go out and see a Chapter 7. Because this is where the thought is is draw it's not. You know 07 there is a trial to see. About It's a stressful girth. And I want to look at it because our next. The next thing we're going to say is touching on this is well. All. Eyes there's 7 verse for. The Bible says there for the Lord in self will give you a son behold the Virgin Chuck and seem embarrassed son and Judge Paul is named Emanuel. Curds and honey he shall eat that he may know to refuse the evil and choose the good for you for the child shalt know to refuse the evil and choose the good the land that you dread will be forsaken by both her Kings Now I have to give a little a very brief background on this so the understand where we're going with this next question the corollary shares that this particular time in Israel that the God's people were divided into the Northern Kingdom which was in the region of some marry up and the southern kingdom in the area of Judah Judea. And so Jerusalem so the Northern Kingdom was ruled by King picked up. The son of Rome Elia the southern King go in Jerusalem was ruled by King named Ahab's. There was a growing power in the world called the to Syria. And the Assyrians were led by King. These are the 3rd entity that believes or was enlarging his territory and starting to conquer territory all over the place in order to fight against them the king of Israel which was the 10 tribes in the north and some area Pekka he decided he was going to lead up. And get help from Rezan the king of Syria now just a quick quiz is it a good idea or bad idea for the king of God's people to turn to the Gentiles for l.. Not a good idea certainly a bad idea but he's won the league up and so in their tension wise it gets bet that he's going to lead up. Israel's going to league up with the rest of the king Syria and they're going to come in and conquer Jerusalem and think a has off the throne and put their own puppet ruler all of the road so that they can then control Judah in Jerusalem as well and they can all fight against a Syrian. Well he has Didn't like there any obvious leave be conquered and take up the search by those brothers and sisters up north so he decided he would just go straight to to kill Have these are the king of the Assyrians and say why don't you protect me from these guys and when he did that. Was not a good idea for the king of the southern kingdom to reach out to the Gentiles for l. L to look right so God sins as in a prophet with a message to King he has to say listen don't worry about these 2 kings Reza and Becca I'll protect you you're going to be Ok And in fact you can ask a sudden it's more the story there but that this is the time text this comes in and so when this promised child when you just blew me way off point where I was back in Isaiah 7. The Lord makes a promise in the context of this child. And I am well I'm kind of getting into the next thing yet so I'll let it go for it dive into that in the particular problems here which we're going to fold in a minute it's an excursion and each show. That he may. Know how to refuse even we probably have to come back to that Ok simply because this is a gaffe not when you when you hear 1st of all when you hear as it were Tina Laura exult So give me a sign of her jump and see the various unexposed neighbors I'm in Europe with have to do it those are groups of Oh everybody knows reverse Jesus or does the New Testament writers make that application to Jesus but one thing you'll discover is you read you as a is there's a blending of what we call classical prophecy and apocalyptic prophecy because of the prophecy happens in the year and now classical prophecy is when the prophet talks in local literal terms to the people got about what's happening to them up to look to prophecy instead of being local and literal tends to be symbolic and universal and in time process you see the difference. And what Isaiah does in many places is it lends problems use that local and literal elements we have prop as you say that future fulfill us. So we know about the fulfillment of the Virgin bearing a child and point to the birth of Jesus however in the passage the sign is being given to King a has that God will protect him from this league between these 2 kings resident back up so what's the local son. Now I want you to well you may aggravate you have quarterly rection look at Lesson 3 we're in Lesson 4 and I'll bring up what else net but in Lesson 3. On page. 2 of who I'm here to do it I just I flipped on my screen didn't want to go where I wanted to go to pair o. Wednesdays lesson. To teach that Cameron is you're the 1st go to the standard you should page 20 or 32 this page 35 if you look at the 3rd paragraph on that day that Wednesday Well actually in the 1st paragraph it is the whole section is called the sign of the sun and it's going over this prophecy in Isaiah 7. And then one and I like that they're very graphic is that as well as you look at specifically the opening where it says nowhere does the Old Testament point out Bill that this is important. As it had the sides giving to other people such as getting. Is that it goes all the rest though as it is talk about other possible Phillips but we can't know for sure that doesn't tell us what it is in the Old Testament so basically if I were paraphrase we'd go this big picture of lies to Jesus but there's a we don't see the local fulfillment of the book of Isaiah stuff so I guess yours if you can guess however it is even went so far as to apply a lesson that there really wasn't a local film of the only film of fulfillment was that of wanting to Jesus. And it really wasn't until we were doing a talking points on just less than we were actually reviewing. And just your call to your to your Bibles and look at I was a very militant. Call in the very beginning about what is the very next chapter after that prophecy is given. The Bible says in verse one moreover the Lord said to me take a large scroll and write on it with a man's hand concerning mayor shallow wells and this was I say a 2nd well you'll see this and I will take for myself they are witnesses to record your I have Priest is that right son of generic I at then I went to the prophet is now assume the context he speaks of is wife and she conceived and did what for a so are a Son then the Lord said to me call is name may or shall I ask about As for the child shall have knowledge to cry my father my mother the ridges of Damascus and the spoils of Mary I will be taken away for the King of Assyria. No we were looking at this in the in our review in here in just up into the service yet mare show ash bears the film and the prophecy and Chapter 7. And I thought why aren't. And of course I have up to the last turn and looked at different commentators and I really didn't spell it out as and when he said that it dawned on me the 1st time like it is a strange coincidence that God sent I say it to foretell the birth of a son with specific characteristics a long hole in the very next chapter we have the birth of the son. Are you with me so. Now I want to look at some of the details of this now Person Who are the court is like we don't see any element of this in the Old Testament and I just kind of run with that so I'm going to make the point I went back and looked at it I want to see something again in chapter 7 we're going to put these 2 together. And it didn't keep in mind that when God sends a profit with the sign. It's for the benefit of the person he's giving the sign to so as much as there is a sign of the coming Messiah we see the moment there. There was a sign specifically given for King has and if you read the whole context he has actually was trying to avoid a sign because you just trying to go zone way and I guess it well guess what that's going to get you signed anyway so be clueless if you get involved with us until it seems like you know the peril of if they give Jesus do all prophecy get back to Jeffrey 24 he's talking about that in the world but they're asking you a physical to all of the persecution is going to pump and if Jesus only talk about things of a village like years or so 2000 years humans like what it applied also in his time it always is doing the same thing and you'll see this disappears as clear as crystal in just a moment that. Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign beholder version of the 1st thing you want to understand is there that word in the Ybor. Just refers to all men of marriageable so she does not have to be a virgin who has never been with me Ok so we know the virgin birth of Christ and we agree with the urge for it but in the past in the room the burden is on woman a miracle a virgin Shelton's even bear a son and shell hole in his name it means that one of things a lesson brings out is we know there is no fulfillment and certainly not may or shell as best because his name wasn't in a new book well guess what Jesus' name wasn't Emmanuel either it was here yes you up or even says in the Greek. Right any Westerner but I mean you it was pointing to the fact that he was got with us and got it through this prophecy I believe was trying to tell his people that through the sign I'm telling you I'm with you so it was a mess so if the fact that the child wasn't named Emmanuel doesn't tell you now any more than Jesus Is it yes yes and you'll see what I mean in just moment so call his name Emmanuel now it says in the next verse is where a lot of people get into trouble I'm reading in the King James if you do any reading in different translations or in the original language or commentators. Up bring up the point minutes as Kurds and honey each eat that he may know you're used to evil and choose the good in the Hebrew and you'll find this reflected in the e.s.p. in the n a s b and others resolutions it doesn't say person any. Of us it's current in honey he shall eat when he know oh yes to refuse the evil and choose the good now now what it's saying in other words a child an instant when does an input start eating curds and not a. Soul when he's nursing when he's We know when he's weak so when he reaches a certain age now notice Kurds or not he usually eat when he knows to refuse even to the good in other words when a child reaches a certain age I notice the next verse fills this in. Because the word is for 4 because before the child shall know so when he knows there is evil she has a good night before the child knows this. The land that you dread will be forsaken by both were Kings now in a context the king resident and King picked up those 2 kings were coming against Ahab's I say the prophet gives a has designed as a as lesson the Lord has got you covered don't worry about these 2 kings other where other places the past guy felt to smoking by or don't worry about them and here's a Zion going to give you the child is going to be born his name is going to go up got with us and when we do the certain needs these 2 kings are going to be done. That's what you just read there in those few verses are you following that now watch what happens in the very next chapter. 8 where we just read I'm going to think of in verse 3 Isaiah says then I went to the probably this and she conceived him bore a son and the Lord said to me call his name dear shall ask best which means. Hasten the speed the spoil pace and in another case in the pray and speed the spoils in other words speak conquest of the enemy's. Verse for. Before the child shall have knowledge to cry my father in my mother the riches of Damascus Ok Damascus was where the Syrians ruled that is king president. There reaches up Damascus and the spoil of some Marius America is where that rule these are the 2 kings that were coming against a as. All I got in by my place occurred or will be taken away before the King of Assyria. In other words the King of Assyria is going to come anything to overthrow this king of Damascus and this king of some area and you're not going to Africa so in chapter 14 urges 7 verse 14 where the Lord is saying the judge is going to warn him before he reaches a certain age to do healings you 3 are going to be overthrown you come to generate a child is born. And before he reaches a certain these 2 countries are going to be overthrown so you see when you look at it you see the perfect parallel in fulfillment I believe in this birth of Isaiah son out of it's a it's an unusual fulfillment and we know there's the application to Jesus later on there are commentators that hold this position and it's interesting that the quarterly actually brought that up. That I'm trying to see which on on Wednesdays lesson they bring up 4 different potential ups is that other people have suggested. I think it's number one on one level one is where this occurred over the son who because there were young woman reverse we reverse we go to Mary she is married a married woman living in Jerusalem perhaps the wife of it is' a very rich does record the birth of the son to Isaiah by quote the prophet as referring to his wife as prophetic messages because it leaves of her children up however the son was named There shall not Emmanuel. But sons of the book The Science of the 2 boys are similar of the 4 the reach that age stage at which they can choose good or evil Syria north of Israel would be devastated So in other words early makes a point that well now this is interesting there's a young woman that's with the urge really means marriageable age she does have a child and interestingly you know to child that there are similar. In Chapter 7 in jeopardy because they do reach a stage where they can choose their ego off of her that time northern You know Xander except in there except this job's name wasn't in it so in any rate our take away from that my dick away from that was that the Chapter 8 is the fulfillment of Chapter 7 now the lesson continues on in that well I think in the next quarterly is less than a says because in chapter 9 unto us a child is lost unto us a son is given and the Quarterly says well here's the 3rd mirror but we're in the book about Isaiah and I just I just think it's missing the mark what scripture is saying I'm sharing that with you as an example of one of those things where in your study of the lesson you may disagree with what the Quarterly says now I would just feel free to always disagree because sometimes do you disagree with things you don't like but if your study of the scripture in the past just leads you to a different conclusion check it was somebody else run it by and maybe even say it what you see in this but that's part of your own study of the lesson and don't feel like you're doing some kind of disservice. There are a couple other examples will share in that aren't as involved in that but why don't you go ahead 0 one more thing I needed to share in that we were talking about the signs I wasn't resigned in Chapter 8 The child was born mayor shall as best any of you look at verse Oh oh. What was that 1st poor. Not 1st poor p.c. 18 in Chapter 8 those was his net he says here in the UK I and the children who the Lord has given me we are for signs and wonders in Israel so the job began as a sign in your 2 sons that both that you need names that God gave your sons even the prophet says My sons are signs to Israel after this whole thing to me that solidified that there is a fulfillment in they are shall ask us of the child to be born as a sign of King as any horse channeling the Virgin son of Mary. You know our time is royal but I want to get one more quick illustration of this a good 1st lesson in the quarterly quarter one lesson one and that's going to be page 6 of the standard edition of the teacher's edition. There's a passage is referred to in Isaiah Chapter one says you have a Bible as it Chapter one Verse 15 says is referring to God speaking to his people and his frustration with Philip the condition in which they come before him and says when you spread out your hands I will hide my eyes from you even though you make many prayers I will not hear your hands are full of blood it's kind of an odd statement to make just pulled out of context but what were there pray to God What is full of blood got up here and what is that me what was the statement given to us she said. Let her lesson quarterly write the same hands that offered sacrifices and were lifted up in prayer were full of blood simply whole that is guilty of violence and oppression of others. So that the interpretation of that phrase hands full of blood is saying they were not being just in color and they were being oppressive to others and that's the guilt that's on their hands the blood that's all there and that's why God doesn't care. Now I would submit to you there's a perhaps we got was that this will do as I thought it was not Ok What's your best I want to ask you look at the past and tell me if that sounds right you have a suggestion but you are really really. Sick so you get roads are. There was a dish it was the Sarah there are 3 more identity. Justification for the sands are there her why they're doing that. Right now you know why would you say that. There has. To be visible if you look at is worse because the Bible says Oh. I think that's where you know because that's what the context is all about anal sex was threatened so later on the book by the was they to refer to that they are oppressing people they are just they are not being calling to take mothers in that's totally legitimate but that law Texas if you go back and read started there verse 10 just very quickly he don't mean agree with you mean that I want everybody to be thinking like who I knew saying that because right here the outset look at 1st it and this is thinking to God's own people this is why Israel wants it or what was said here the word of the Lord you rulers of saw years of law are God people of good more up for it was 0 people the dog or a right to what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to me says the Lord I have had enough of burnt offerings of rail in the fat of bed addle I do not do like in the what blood of bulls or of lambs or go see talk of all the sacrificial offerings you give me but you are still soft and get more in your arms right when you come to appear before me who is required just from your hands so good that. Hands with blood coming to God. Who has requirements for your hand to travel like warts bring no more futile sacrifices for instance is an abomination the new moon is the Sabbath of the calling is the belief I cannot endure iniquity and visit and the sacred meeting your new moons and your own it feeds my soul Hades there are troubles me I weary bury them when you spread out your hands I will hide my eyes for you even though you make many prayers I will love your hands are full of what but in the immediate context of what God is what I think we talk about is there disingenuous sacrifices just for the sake of go went through the motions but this not having any converting power he said that's the issue and yes one of the evidence of that is lack of just isn't cutting isn't general but in the immediate context God was frustrated with the sacrifices the blood the sacrifice they were offering as though that would in itself Well it's own for their own transgression Yeah and this is one of those exist you know there are some things we could look at in the lesson and say well that's just you know a different perspective but this was one of those things that I felt was you know I mean at their point when we went over this. It misses the mark of the lesson is going to get reality is and I can appreciate the lesson trying to encourage us to more acts of justice and kindness but the fact of the matter is. The interval sacrifices they were bringing. I mean think about this the Lord who prescribe them. Asks the question who has required this from your pain. You know it Lord you get it. But what the Lord was saying is the purpose. I prescribe the animal sacrifice is that you would see in them. The sacrifice of my son for your sins in you could choose to live a life away from still. Instead what they were doing is saying Oh well I guess I'm just going to keep on sinning in sacrificing sinning in sacrificing him so instead of the sacrifices forming them to the strength of the Lord to lead to lead and live a better life. They were using it as an excuse to live in sin. And that's a huge thing they missed and the reality is a person go out doing random acts of kindness and justice and still are we're seeing that there are and when the devil or comes you're going to say I never knew you and so that was one of those things that we got like yeah this needs to be highlighted a lesson for whatever I don't I'm going to fall I don't know what they were indeed but when you read the context of the passage you're into full blood what kind of bundle of about Sacrificial Blood when you see the the meaning in it especially as a teacher you're going to test those things sometimes I mean the reality is this to be true and up top you've gone to talking points and I outline stuff and then after I got my outline to go back and look at what it what this reality is that I can write a lesson and you go over the last and I wrote and look in there and say How did he miss this. And God forbid you would follow what I wrote when you see the Lord showing you something else that's going to be to the point where I wrote something incorrect and I think if you're just left to feel the same way I'm not going to terms or let's not of the best of you know all of this we're just trying to say there are examples of things you run into you're pointing back to the fact that this is the last book not yes and this is again you know the kernel is always going to have the judge for error. It's not inspired the word God will never happier. And I don't know if we want to follow this when we were considering to accumulate I think I think that you know because I don't we don't want to just take all the time a good example to give us a school pre-sale of some of the obstacles you might run into when you're preparing for the steps of us especially if you're preparing to teach what and how we go about resolving that is going back to we're going back to the inspired else we have this fear of us I heard all those things and again is not suit throw in one of the bus who's a contributor editor anywhere in the process we're all art of this valuable family but we need to go back to the standard which is the Word of God for all questions like that but speaking of questions I don't know you have any or lots or just a few but we have roving microphones around these could be questions about the south of the border we were in or about sawzall teaching in general or about 7 school in broader sense if you have any questions about 7 school as a experience or whatever it is we would love to hear from you at this time so does anyone have a question in any way related to sadness the program. Already with purple might result of here we do and it's not. All there is. How are you things. Hire horary certain I'll be morally certain of how this year maybe you have. Our heroes who are you know that. As you know you have heard. Are you speaking from experience with 000 is it pretty far that. We're going to go to. One of the that's one of the main reasons we started with the talking points is because when you go through the lesson chronologically what if your most relevant point especially for your class comes up Thursday and you miss it on a regular basis and we see this happen all the time our courage myth is that the teacher would drop out from that week's lesson the main points if we've so I said 3 in fact we're going to do something a little bit following this the last thing we're going to do is a live talking points we're going to look at a future lesson we're going to report that you know we for those of you who don't understand we're recording Weekly a 30 minute program to give tips on how to teach or go through the lesson and we're going to do one here the one we're going to do for less Never doubt what 9 are going to be live right here but drawing out those points and we encourage no more than 3 just because what happens is you know we're going to exult everything in the last you know bit into that basically you're saying I don't get the last so pick out the things you think are the most helpful to the group you're teaching and when you have those in your mind then if you have 45 minutes or 30 minutes or even 15 minutes you can cover 3 points. And that way you don't miss the important point you're not like me when there's one thing I really want to get through and I just do this sometimes I'll go Oh this one thing up well we got a minute now have an Internet do it minute now you won't ever have to deal with that if you know your talking points and that's kind of the reason we've been promoting it so I think in your question reveals an approach to the lesson Quarterly that in the teaching of it it goes to quickly goes I accept that and we saw this on the result is that the assumption being that there are 7 distinct points each week and we need to go in order to get them all and if we don't get to them by the closing bell we missed out and I feel bad for the Thursday points like I feel bad for like the 3rd stanza in a hymn because there are less Jewish 1st and stands unlike what there's some good stuff I'm a bit you know and we're just going to skip over that for Expedition say for the sake of time but as Mark was saying if you have a picture in your head just some quarters are more narrative of the flow and so there is a continuity from Sunday this this episode and what it is with it but often times there will be kind of here's a point this day this book and you could draw I've looked at some lessons and I like there were a couple of these points in that it really wasn't that big of a deal economy to feel like you had 5 and just made up to the stick there you know not that that would ever happen but. You as the teacher are responsible saying My job is to communicate and to really drill in the most important things in this lesson so you should know I'm going to drop something from Thursday that if we've got 5 minutes left I'm coming up I'm getting to that point right so you should have that balance of your goal isn't it because there's a I got 5 minutes left I got to get to Thursday but on Monday so that means I got to quickly do it to say what was in the. Just jettison the ones you're going to highlight anyway to straight to the point right so that's why you want to help points. So that you can know better what time frame you're given 5 minutes or 50 you're good and just tell your class there are some things I couldn't cover you saw those during the week but if you didn't go back to review your c. then you're done and we don't know how interesting you know going to kind of do a new thing in this final segment on the talking points I've actually it's the 1st time we've done it still revolutionary doing but I only took 2 points at less than any entirely dropped Thursday's lesson now even though it's a good list so will explain why but so since you're thinking covering the things I felt I needed more emphasis so that's what you do as a teacher and that would be coming up we just do this when we do that actual filming but are there other questions about 7 school we don't believe but are there questions people might have about your own study of the quarterly lessons or the teaching of them in the local church. Here's what. You get a microphone with Bro right here that you. Think all the way. Through. Over the world with Harley head yeah you. Are. There. To have the earth. Who are you to this crowd who are his her. Or. Her Malachi So the media have all of what happened IOW data. Center smart seems to have you know her you know. Her will be higher than the average for. Horror. Voters are used to 3 parallels to the weather how. Good news and bad news for you you know the good news is the thing you're asking for exists already Ok And for as I was up your way out right now to an extent that but so I got better news now. All right anyway there's this app and I get the exact name of a 7 school out but I know that. This got a little how many of you seen the Green Yeah you know why are you with this I don't know if there is a good sort of white background with the little green logo a Bible or quarterly you open that up and what happens is fog 4 inch for any way you open it up and all the passages you click on that and it pops up the scripture so you can read the quarterly column and and the scriptural basis in one app that exists already now one of the challenges we were actually going to bring up a point was that one of the things that was stated in one of these lessons one week was I thought a rather odd statement is that something along the lines of God's wrath even shook the sun the moon and stars I was like. And then we can get it with the paper edition and that statement had been edited and rephrased differently and then we look at the titles like Oh absolutely So apparently what has happened at least as it presently stands is that after Gibbs and I could always surmise an earlier version of the week. With Would we get a clear release of the quarterly report comes out so we can start lesson talking points so that we're not you know the court doesn't come out we've got a whole bunch to do but that evidently the prerelease there are still some tweaks that take place after the prerelease and it seems that one of the SAPs have gotten the prerelease before the print because there's another app you're probably familiar with that just looks like the less so is the final p.d.f. copy wherever else put it out the other app evidently has used to prove these and we started finding a little bit of differences but no are you open to say what's coming on the road remember that's what I was going to say that was my goodness now let's say what you do with the good news that's racism you associate exactly what I'm going to say exactly so I wrote. No my brother Jim works in the General Conference and I've been playing to him about this I don't know he's a complaint you have spoken with him I've said look I've been playing Ok. I'm just what I've been playing so there is a you've got the hat that looks like the Quarterly has been the official app only I guess several at least for Apple's several I.O.'s versions ago it stopped being supported so it used to be that that app would allow you to tap the text in the text would show up so reduced and I doubt it would open the bottle for you doesn't do that anymore the other thing that it doesn't do is I'm finding that I use my I get more and more and I know there are these preachers I don't read off your phone and don't read off your eye that way don't think you're reading glasses that's all I got to say then you can get the text immediately and so that's why it's. And you use my out there more and I get to know them so I take notes notes that's how I do it and at any rate in talking with my brother being they there is another route to the green now that has been purchased by the General Conference they are making that the official app and they are tweaking it to well what I was going to say is amen Even in both of the apps up work to go through not highlight things in the lesson and then it refreshes in its own. I can't do that so all of that is being worked on I don't know the time frame I get the impression that perhaps by summer there will be a new functional app. Me I think you're talking about as far as adding ages I doubt they'll be going that route just because people are getting further away from using the as much as I know people also books and whatever a lost money to put things into trying to stream what you know of the world so at least you can represent assuming people have access to the out will out those features and I'm really excited about it and I know it's forthcoming so. If you're going to use news it is all right we have one more question if you're Yes I appreciate where. I was here as a day. Go. To school something nearby. This is where you are or if you. Know your horror. You should move those records. As fascinating because I know there are sources who had great. Home circles or was there any other great. Credit to be sure. You. Are. We have a situation where who used to be so we made a good study and it's occasional. Go ahead. Mark yourself as your carrier or. Writer So you know I mean this is. Just. So you didn't say that right let's. Fire through our. Room and get this other you are here this is all the knowledge you are. When they get. There. Is there any merit because they're not going to resort to their. Disdain or hero we do sausage past lives our. God I'll answer you will listen for a God who says you're sure we allow our the liberty to go a. Good so since this was what this is all just have to buy stuff you. Know this is what this is what we've been talking about 1st of all I think we can do better in many areas and there's some of the evidence church and it's got to start somewhere and I don't think it's going to start with bureaucracy I think it's going to start with some school teachers and that's why we're trying to teach 7 school teachers to take hold the service has to be a leader be a teacher study the lesson yourself the Lord's going to give you things to bring out you know I'm I trust of the Lord is working through the ranks so that been 2 years I'm in I know I've had conversations that I need not is much liberty to talk about but I know there are efforts to make our Sabbath school lessons more substantial for all age groups but. We're going to have those prostrations you mentioned and I really wanted comment on this you mentioned the level of knowledge we have and we when we started this week on Wednesday night one of the things we did we give our backgrounds and one of the reasons I wanted to do there is because you know Kiran has mentioned how he grew up in an era of the zone ever experienced or it was as below or there as all the soldiers are so I would serve in a still many school my family go to church I never finished college I don't have an extensive education other than what I've studied myself the things that I know I know from teaching in doing putting the one talent to practice to get to putting the 2 into practice to get 3 understanding of saying and I just want to encourage people that God does not expect to use what you don't have the expects you to use what you do have and yes there are limitations but I'm going to tell you that any put you know going back to the days or warmers Where was it. Was it William Tindall or was it I think it was to dilute the whole the church leaders I'm going to make it so that a boy who drives the plow knows more of the Scriptures than you scholars and he did. Because he put the Bible in the language of the common people and so forth the teacher who is challenging doesn't feel like you're She knows a lot you have to Scripture and you have to Spirit of truth into those 2 things are going to give you substance to feed the plot that you're seeing and you're going to learn from it and grow are there rumor is a rumor broom is absolutely and I'm praying for him but I'm not going to pray for him and said I may as well doing it I know that's not where it is suggesting Jonathan I'm going to keep pushing for and I'm going to say you know encourage you to do the same in the Lord is going to move his work I don't know how's that but you want to fill in so I mean I understand the record because you're going to start up is where I was going to go to is that you know we can start with a sense of where we could be better Absolutely but I'm guessing our church services could be better our best and that you could go down the list of all cuts they talk about institutions school closing I mean you go down the list and you say why are they doing this better why they do it different it be easy be tempting to say why even use that at all I'm going to strike on this a but there is a continuity and harmony or unity that comes from all being on the same topic now could the resources be improved sure and we're actually on the boat that helped steer in the right direction to have an influence in the UK but I don't think it's going to be won by everybody jumping off a boat so I don't know that the right course to take when something could be improved is to hop off and try something else I think there's an important you know this is a bit I don't want to get to too far up on a slide but. There are big opportunities and maybe as the Lord leads I'm not saying never the future but I've had opportunity to go work for supporting ministries that I love and a bit of blessing to me has been so tempted. But a lot of times those are your top it off the boat and then trying to steer from outside the boat. We need people to stay on the boat and help improve the direction from within not just always from without I think the best when you have cooperative you know ministry in the in the institutions institutional ministry in cooperation with supporting ministries and that will be our best foot forward so I would not recommend jettisoning a resource oneness to should or some developing because it's not all that it could be I would say those continue to recognise that sort Cummings prayerfully address those things and with God's help from outside and inside the structure move in the right direction that would be my appeal so that's what we're trying to model here with the Saudis who are going this is know what we're going to say there are some challenges is how we go though but the real issues that by was that he did in there and that's where I would have my recommendation is that every Sabbath school should have a new believers class that cycles through I wouldn't want to keep the new believers for ever the new leaders class but I don't know that I want to launch a new believer right into the court. Because there's a lot of basic things they need to learn right away that isn't covered in the quarterly so I don't think that's a an affront to the quarterly I would encourage the class to go to the adult Bible study guide but I would have a beginner's class as well and I think that would meet some of that meat and that's where he would invite me because those new people or whatever. All he will be will be doing bio going. On Here for example that actually just finished well but we just mission of Angelus 6 series last well it was last what was it was nothing that Les Paul. Before. And in in through the end of last year and what we did with the people who came to this series for prayer meeting and for sadness we went through the it is written bible study got. Yes and that was super helpful for them because if you if you've ever seen a person come to an evangelistic meeting a drinking through the fire hose the proverbial fire hose they need to give that information again in it's a different unit so it gives him used to the fellowship of Sabbath school the platform set his will but it gives them the information they need now we had adult classes going on at that time and when they got done with those studies then they went into the don't let So as a more anticipated of course that very. That very issue about what about new believers and I'm not to say this is where all of the you know satisfy but the general says Who person is just part and does produce a quarterly or new believers that separate from the regular one there are there of them business of 4 it's a 4 who are a cycle a single year where you can take new believers and it goes to the basics of the add in the space for those who may not be ready for a royal game level you know intense study of Isaiah which is a blessing in a bit of it but maybe they're not there yet so there are transitional resources to help in that to help them get used to the format and the style of a satisfied class after they're coming from a big campaign but it's built to establish that more firmly within their printed by precedent press and you can have your local local a.b.c. gives you a copy of one of each of if you want to look through them I just explore it look at the resources our bill because we're trying to make that a lot of people aren't even aware and so we judge said order a couple more to get the whole session for but you can do that from then there's also for those you probably aware of the inverse of lessons that's another way now the challenge with that is because I really like the guys who put it together I like the material resources self this is a different way of addressing the Sabbath school study and I really appreciate that. The challenges that every other quarter it does a different topic than the standard adult Bible study because they've just built the universe curriculum they serve it with fuel help. Will they be wiling to stick with an updated version of what we currently have in just the same sequence and next quarter I don't know what their scores of the early days there were in education and to follow those topical you know outline or would you like to strike up a new direction in history. It was about 5050 the minutes so we decided to do is proper was. One quarter will match the rest of the world below the next quarter will be your own topic then when so it holds the next quarter's in so the challenge with I do I do highly recommend the get inverse series of resources just the only caveat is it's half of the year it doesn't match your other Bible study guides or the presenters be going to early and still each girl is believed you but it's a great resource for any good so we start young adult these days but of the 35 percent reason we get you should be let em go at adult Bible study class at age 13 I don't even know why I'm. Not going to give that speech right along yet are there any other was it not to belabor this but I think if you want more out of that we'll make those of us the others of us but only see what gives us what we go. You have words at me. That ask you not to say yes I do for at her. That. I'm sorry I said you know. Quite tightly why we're here to be married and I. Care I have in my head that church. I heard this. From the. Earth. Party. Yes. That matter what. Right. Now I'm ready. That he had that there isn't anything. That ran right and I mean it but if you do it just only Sr That's a great way to close off this tell it together thank you so much for you know being part of this and contributing with your questions income as we really appreciate that what we want to take away is the reality the sounds were these are just what they are there is human big you know you've heard the joke What's Oh what's a camel is a horse built by committee you know you're going to have different parts and pieces on top of but we're all aiming for the same thing so no god is war to become more like Jesus and that are also the golden sound as well as an awesome office he did that very message So Mark what if you close down with Ferguson and he did let's pray Father in heaven we are thankful for the Sabbath day we think will for our fellow brothers and sisters here Lord people of like things the privilege we have of coming together Lord we thank you for your words. Both the written word the Living Word sure. That given us and shown us the way to eternal life I ask now Lord He would bless us through the remainder of the 7 hours the asking praying he sings in Jesus' name.


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