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01 Power of the Mind

Eric Walsh
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We are told by The Scientist that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Of all the things about the human body, most magnificent is the mind. However, most Christians do not think of the incredible power the mind has for good or for evil. In this message we discuss God's masterpiece of creation: The Human Mind


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • February 1, 2021
    12:00 PM
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We're going to get right into God's word. We're going to be dealing with the Mind this week and specifically having the mind of Christ. I mean share the screen and. We're going to talk about it. And Deal evil at some of the the science of what we've learned. About the mind so. Our scripture reading for this morning and this evening so you guys comes from Numbers Chapter 13 I want to read just verses 30 through 33 numbers 133-3338 reads Caleb still to the people before Moses and said Let us go up at once and possess it if we are well able to overcome it but the men that went up with him said we be not able to go up against the people for they are stronger than we they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel saying the land through which we have gone to search it is a land that Edith's up the inhabitants thereof and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature and there we saw the Giants the sons of Anik. Come of the giants and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight. At last line is very telling it says and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight a message for this evening is untitled. The power of the mind the power of the mind let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word I thank you Father God for this opportunity to. Fellowship together be a virtual Lord. But I ask the Lord that you make me a nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord of Taunton a lot I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ that are Walsh not be seen or heard instead father let us hear a word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer and Jesus is precious and holy name Amen All right so. Let's get into this. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is this one this is the story of the 12 spies and you may be asking what does this have to do it mind it has everything to do with the mind this is one of the stories in the Bible where you see potentially. That God's people could gain a great victory and move into where God wants them. But it is it is the mind and the influence of one mind over another mind that changes the course of history. For ever for the children of Israel in many ways. So number 713 verse one says and the Lord spake unto Moses saying. Send the men that they may search the land of Canaan which I give on to the children of Israel every child of the fathers shall you send them and every one ruler among them and so Moses with those into law. Then she verses I will share go into choosing these men the 2 men that stand out the most of course Caleb and Joshua remember that these are princes among the people these are supposed to be in essence the elite the strongest the most clear minded of the men of the 12 tribes and so the instruction is to send them as as if they're going to take this land these are men who would. Each of the regions where the tribes would get land these are the men who would probably be leaders so they have a vested interest in the scouting report they have a vested interest in figuring out what this land looks like what does it have to offer and what obstacles are they faced in taking this land because what you have to keep in mind as you go into the story is God has already promised them the land the land has already been promised it's their land it was promised them all the way back in that would Abraham even Bush $41.00 into captivity in Egypt the land was promised to them so this isn't a scouting report this is like this is like you know knowing how a you know a football game is going to end before it starts they are already told the end they simply have to go in and play the game slowly had to do got it already told them how it was going to end. But verse 17 The Bible says and Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan said unto them get up this way southward and go up into the mountain and see the land what it is and the people that dwell of there whether they be strong or weak few or many. And what the land is that they dwell in whether it be good or bad and what cities they be that they dwell in the weather in tents or in strong holds and what is what the land is whether it be fat or lean whether there be would there in or not and be of good courage and bring of the fruit of the land the time of the time of the 1st right grapes this tells you that one that Moses and the children of Israel did not remember the land from which they left they were blown back and obviously much had changed in the hundreds of years that they had been in Egypt they were going and to simply say this is the situation this is critical they want to figure out the situation without drawing a conclusion about possibility why because they had already been told the outcome what is interesting is that Moses tells them to be of good coverage clearly this was a dangerous mission only 12 men were going to go into a whole nation going to talk about how far they had to travel in the 2nd 12 men and they were to go into this nation and figure out what it is that was going on in this nation and how safe it would be for them to try and take. Discovery. Now it was the time of the 1st great so there was a bring back some fruit. Brilliant idea for them to figure this out so verse $21.00 says So they went up and searched the land from the wilderness of Zin to Rehoboth as men came to him with and they ascended by the South and came on to Heber and were on him and shy and tell my the children of Anik were not Hebrew was built 7 years before so and in Egypt so it's giving you giving them historical reference so ending one of the plays the children of Israel were familiar with in Egypt and one of the things that it does here is it gives you the introduction of the children of attic. Giving you an understanding of who it is that they would be facing because this was a big part of the charge that was given them and verse $23.00 says. And they came under the brook of a school and cut down from thence a branch with one cluster of grapes and they bare it with tween stool upon a staff and they brought of the pomegranates and of the figs The place was called the brook Eskil because of the cluster of grapes as full basically means like a cluster. Which the children of Israel cut down from thence and they return from searching of the land after 40 days their mission is successful they find that the land is full of fruit sort it will just bring back grapes to bring that pomegranate they bring back figs these are floods that would sustain them it speaks I think even to our health message which will talk more about later on in the week that they were there scouting out to make sure that they would have the sustenance they need. They don't there's no mention of animals to eat or anything like that it is it is that the land is ritual of fruit and a variety of fruits as you look at just the difference between a pomegranate a fig and grapes it's gives you that there's Of there's diversity of fruits it is a rich land the grapes are so the cluster soulbound to full that they have 2 men have to carry it one last time you went to the grocery store and to people that they carry out the grapes out of the grocery store. And they were there for 40 days now this is where it gets interesting in my opinion they were there for 40 days the Bible gives us some insight into what 40 days means and. 40 days is all over the Bible and I don't want to get into make this into like numerology but it's an interesting thing. During a flood a rain for 40 days and 40 nights. Moses was in the wilderness tending flocks for 40 days for 40 years. He went to cyanide for 40 days and 40 nights. You know when you look at the course this story of Samson to the the Philistines controlled Israel for 40 years before Samson rose up Goliath taunted Saul's army for 40 days before David arrived and Alijah fled from just about 40 days of course Jesus himself fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the New Testament after the resurrection He waited 40 days before the ascension so there's something about 40 days or the number 40 I should say that is actually quite significant so. It symbolizes a time of trial and testing. And they have to do a lot in 40 days let me submit to you that some of us are in our for a 40 day period in the sense I would argue that in many ways 2020 was like a one of these 40 here 40 day 40 year period it was a rough rough year next I can't imagine actually being on the wall and with all of the lock downs and shut downs maybe it was better there than here but it was it was it was really challenging and so there's a lot of people will talk more about this as we go through the week who believe that this pandemic was punishment they think God was punishing the world I've been saying since the beginning of the pandemic in my messages that in fact this was not a punishment this was a warning this was God showing us let me tell you something we have put so much trust in man so much stressed and governments so much trust even in the science of the day you don't have rolled out the vaccine and I don't know how much they're vaccinating there I've been vaccinated I'm not against the vaccine I'll say that up front but none of these all of this it's to show you that what we have placed our trust in what we think is automatically going to solve problems is not automatically going to solve problems the my the nation the United States here and not far from where I live in New York I live in Connecticut New York the next you know the city just down the road. They were using plastic garbage bags early in this thing in the hospitals to try to protect the nurses we didn't have enough p.t. he had no concept of how to even treat this something interested happened is I get like a 40 day test of our nation people begin to turn on each other racial tensions increase during this year political divide widen and I said this in a sermon a couple months back that we were on the brink of almost a civil war and literally we saw the Capitol Building stormed as if there was just a bizarre time period and even as the vaccine rolled out and hopes to begin to rise that we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel I don't know if it's as shocking to you as it was to me that all of a sudden the variance begin to appear and now they're talking about variants that the vaccines may not work for so McDermott and Pfizer are already working on booster shots a time of trial why because God gives us these periods he allows Moses to sit in the wilderness for 40 years he allows the children of his will to march in the wilderness for 40 years he allows the spies to be where they are 40 to 40 days of Christ to fast for 40 days these are times of trial and testing these something to draw us closer to God what the spies should have been during their 40 days voyage in and out of the Promised Land they should have been claiming the land for God They should have been walking the land and thanking God in advance for what he was going to do it was a test. And some of you have been tested I don't know what you're going through I don't know what difficulties you have but the God of the universe allows trials to mold character and it's the 1st lesson of the mind that will talk about the mind is not a fixed organ we used to think that when you know you come into adolescence about a time in 2425 the brain can no longer be changed in fact when I was studying biology in college they said that by the time a child is 6 or 7 years old their character is set for the rest of their lives or so they used to teach now we know that this is absolutely not true there is a plasticity to the mind and it can be changed and molded and with the right circumstances God can change the mind if it wasn't for that we would be in trouble because spoiler alert for the weak the mind of Christ is the character of Christ the mind of Christ is to have. A mind set that is the same mindset as Christ so that you behave like Christ behave you speak like Christ spoke you treat people like he did and so tests and trials are designed when you look at the life of Peter Paul the way the trials that they went through made them who they were in Christ Jesus so I want to submit to you that during this time of trial that the world is and ask yourself the question Have you submitted to your mind to being changed to the way Christ would want to be have you been have you allowed the difficulties of this last almost a year now I mean literally it was about March of last year so we're just a few weeks away from when this whole thing started Have you what have you spent the year doing. The church is worried that globally churches in general but our denomination as well they're very worried about what happens when everything opens back up the past of the church where I spoke we still do church and person here in Connecticut because there we've done a pretty good pandemic of course there are limitations over that a pastor of the terrace will get you were talking about this this I sat with what happens after this he said listen the elderly are going to happily all come back to church they're going to be excited he said but I'm very worried that young people may not come back they haven't been to church or some of them in the church in almost a year will they come back this is a time of testing listen if a pandemic is enough to drive you away from God What would a time of trouble do if this is all it took to for people to stop going to church and to give up on God what happens when we are being ridiculed and maligned for what we believe will you be able to stand up it is a time of testing and a time of trial so many other interesting things about the story is one of my favorite people in all the Bible is Joshua I think this guy is Stallworth he you know he Moses is like the great you know leader and yes the Phyllis she knows just what does a phenomenal job quite frankly and it all starts right here of numbers 13 versus 16 says these are the names of the men which Moses sent out to spy the land of the taking all the names Caleb you know the other ones and it says and Moses called OSHA the son of Nun Jehoshua and O'Shea I mean salvation but the whole issue of or Joshua means Joe whole that is salvation. You have to ask yourself the question why does Moses change his name. So salvation seems like a pretty good name to me but he changes his name in the Greek Joshua is then translated as Jesus so just was name means Jehovah is salvation it is he who Jesus himself is named after in essence. Is his name the 1st thing of Joshua is O'Shea and O'Shea I mean salvation but what I think moles is was trying to do as he as he saw the potential in Joshua he changed his name to because names represent character this is why God writes his name in the foreheads of the believers in the Book of Revelation This is why the seal of God goes in the forehead we're going to talk more about that in the 2nd but the name represents character and when Joshua was going he basically stabbed Joshua with the name God as our salvation every time listen to this every time one of the other 11 came up and the other 10 spoke to Joshua they were reminded of who would deliver them. Deliver the land they were walking through to them so it wasn't they didn't say hey Oshie a salvation All right let's turn right here oh say a salvage No it was Joe Hoeffel is salvation Let's go to sleep Jehovah salvation Joshua became a living breathing embodiment and reminder that God would deliver them the land by his name so they had no excuse to question where they were going so let's look at a little bit of the history. There's the Dead Sea area here they went from the south the Scripture says from the desert of Zin when all of the Arab Hebrew and although it's a vessel they traveled 150 miles in 40 days they were moving I didn't have a Toyota to do this with they were they were they were walking on foot maybe they had some camels but they traveled a 150 miles in about 40 days. And they had to come all the way back you can see a visual image here of them carrying the the grapes and the figs and the promise Granites listen if they you know these guys the rest of the people of God were out in the wilderness can you imagine they brought back these great people probably lining up to trying to say some of these grapes and pomegranates and figs it was since it was a such a successful trip when they came back and they had these things to show that the land was good for what they wanted now. So we go on number 13 jump towards morning end of the chapter verse verse 2613 verse 26 says and they went and came to Moses and to Aaron and to all the congregation of the children of Israel unto the wilderness of Peron to Kadesh and brought back word into them and into all the congregation and showed them the fruit of the land and they told him and said We came unto the land without a cent to stop us and surely it flows with milk and honey and this is the fruit of it now the flowing to milk and honey converted describe that it was such a rich land that even the cows were so well fed that when they walked the others milk just squirt out of her for just say to the honey the honeycombs beehives are so rich the honey just dripped from it. So it literally was like milk and honey flowed in the land it but its symbolism of the land of plenty and bounty the idea of milk and honey. And this and this this is the fruit of it so they showed him the fruit that they got from the land in verse $28.00 Nevertheless the people be strong that dwell in the land and of course never the less is like the word but I had a preacher say once when you see but nevertheless in the Bible what it trying to say it's to get what you just heard what's important what's about to come so they basically say yeah the land is good but the people are strong that on the land and the cities are walled. And very great and moreover we saw the children of Anik there the eminent kite well in the land of the South the Hittites and the Japanese ice and the Amorites go out on the mountain the Canaanite still by the sea and by the coast of Jordan they go from telling them of the boundaries of the land to fruits of the land and they get to this Never the less Never the less it doesn't matter how good the fruit is the people are strong the sons the children of an it which were giants I'll give you the old thing about the Giants are lot of people tied as giants back to the sons of God in the daughters of men and try and say I mean I've heard people in those and other denominations that it is a half angel half human beings none of that is Biblically accurate or true these were possibly some people who still have some of the genetic size from before the flood is the way I see it they were bigger probably that much bigger people Goliath being so you know similar to them but you know there are people who are are bigger to this day you know and you could probably if people clump together some more than they are today you'd see some folk seem like giants but they were they were painting a terrible picture each of these tribes were mentioned because they had that they had to folklore to the message that they were terrible fighting people. But when they start to get this negative message notice what Caleb does Caleb jumps in Bible says he's still the people before Moses and said Let us go up at once and possess it for we are well able to overcome it here is where we could begin to see the power of the mind church one group 10 people says doom and gloom and it gets worse but one man sees it differently what is the difference the difference isn't the environment they saw the exact same place they thought exact same people they they carried back the exact same suit but one mind sees things come to legally different than everyone else this is the crux of Christianity Christianity and them having the mind of Christ is being able to see the world from a biblical world view which means you never lose hope having a biblical world view means that no matter how bad the world gets and sometimes administers your soul it's a lot of doom and gloom in the market of bees and these things happen to me there's a if you I just interviewed on a podcast a gentleman that 18 years in prison I went to Oakwood with him. Raised an Adventist went to admin as a cat and me 18 years in prison for capital murder he was not supposed to ever step out of prison so is testimony very powerful as to how God works in prison system for 18 years and you know he says he says during the 18 years he was in prison he was happy the entire time and people ask him how is that possible he says. That what he discovered in prison is if you are in the presence of God There is joy always. It literally doesn't matter where you are if you are in God's presence even in the dungeon he said this is how the martyrs during the Dark Ages and their early years of Christianity this is how they would sing hymns even as they were being burned at the stake the this circumstances do not change does not change your connection to God Don't miss this if you are going to be a Christian you cannot be happy and joyful only when things are going good because that means you separate just self from God's presence when things are going bad it means you allow doubt to come in and he says the president is our Philippians for Paul says Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice it doesn't matter what situation Paul got in he was rejoicing in the Lord he was in prison in a dungeon in the in a room. And Paul and Silas saying him this Spirit of Prophecy tells us that the other inmates in that prison couldn't believe that from that in the room when the worst rooms in the prison songs of praise and prayers came out they couldn't believe it if you are in a situation where you are always downtrodden always upset always miserable always unhappy ask yourself how much time are you spending in the presence of the little because where with it when you're in the presence of the Lord you will find joy no matter what's going on that's what Caleb McCaleb is like listen I saw everything they saw but don't worry about it we should go to day we can go now and take the very land because we are able to overcome it verse 30 when it gets worse but the men that one up with him said We are not able to go up against the people for they are stronger than we. And they brought up an evil report of the land which they have searched on for the children of Israel saying the land through which we have gone to search it is the land that eats up the inhabitants thereof and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature so clearly they begin to embellish a minute ago it was full of fruit and pomegranates and the spirit of prophecy and why points out that they have to begin to almost up their auntie's of their of how negative it was that he began to like embellished because of good a good a land that eats up his inhabitants at the same time sustain Giants It doesn't even make sense right either one or other is true right but then there's States our soul. Rose in in fear and we will talk about fair and of mind here in a 2nd that one day they want to make sure and here's what's important church that their fare is infectious they want to make sure that they are not the only ones afraid they want to make sure everyone is and I think I've seen churches come apart at the seams because I handful of people are able to spread the can age and a fear just a handful of people can see that what at what is this thing that we have set out to do is impossible it will never happen and a few naysayers can convince the whole church to not try to do what God wants them to do so you can listen to the naysayers they would get even worse and out of the land eats up the people and clearly doesn't eat up the people because you just told us all these people live there and they're big and strong so the land clearly doesn't do that verse 33 and there we saw the Giants the sons of Anik which came of the giants and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers So we were in their sight this is one of the most powerful statements in the Bible of doubt. It is literally the way that many of us see ourselves why so many don't reach the potential that God has for them because they make this mistake they create for themselves a grasshopper mentality we're talking about the power of the mind and you've got to be careful what you think and what you speak into existence you cannot have a grasshopper mentality the grasshopper mentality makes you see yourself a smaller than you are less capable than you are in fact. From a great. Site on the Web site on the web. Is reading another devotional on this. And they said here a grasshopper mentality 1st a grasshopper mentality causes us to lose proper perspective by comparing ourselves with others this is a big mistake that a lot of Christians do you should not compare yourself with others and here's what happen when you compare yourselves of the 2 things happen we compare ourselves with others we typically fall into one of 2 ditches either think too highly of ourselves but finding others we judge less than ourselves or we think to rule only of ourselves by finding others we judge higher than ourselves that if you have a grasshopper mentality you are constantly looking to compare yourself with others but at the the 2nd part of this to me is even even more powerful 2nd part of it a grasshopper mentality causes us to lose proper perspective bustling false ideas about what others think of us this is dangerous thinking. Clearly the sons of Anik and the other tribes had no opinion of these people in fact they actually do have an opinion of them is the opposite opinion of what the 1210 are telling them. Later on they're going to run into rehab in Jericho and Rahab was going to tell them that in fact they were afraid of the children of Israel for 40 years and years later when they finally get to the land they find out the whole time that they were in the wilderness walking around in circles the people in Katyn were afraid of them. And I want to submit this to you as Christians sometimes we are afraid. Of what people think of us we worry what people think of us what is most important is that we keep the perspective and ask the question What does God think of us we're heading into a time when trial is going to come on the people of God and I hope you can see from what's going on in the world that this can happen you know I can't say I agree would. A lot of the tweets of the former president or of other folks but when you start to see. People shutting down things because they simply disagree because they disagree with them and then maybe that maybe this is justifiable but later on they'll say you know what you guys teach too exclusive you teach that the only way to God is to Jesus Christ if you treat something like that we're going to shut you down I mean literally as time goes on. There will be the ability to silence people of God. Because the biblical world view is under attack I know that many of you know my story I can tell you the last stanza the Times wrote an editorial about me and they said that there are 2 reasons that Dr Eric wall should never hold a scientific position in the United States this is the 2nd largest newspaper in America with the largest newspapers in the world and in this editorial The lady who wrote it said number one I said that I should never hold a scientific position because number one I believe that God created the world she said simply based on the fact that I believe God created the world I said never hold a scientific position. In the United States that crazy most of the great scientists believe God created Well if you go through history that was number one the 2nd thing he said is she said in this editorial she said I should never hold a scientific position because in one of my messages I say. That I do not want my children to wish upon a star I want them to pray to the living God and the Los Angeles Times took took that out of context put it in the paper and basically said he hates Disney because you know there's the says when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are because when you are supplying a star your dreams come true and he said listen you know he does now in Southern California where I was you know there is royalty and the royalty is many and Mickey Mouse you know so if you if it seems like you come against Disney you know you get into big trouble but I stand by what I said I don't want my children and I don't want the people of God wishing on stars stars have no power in fact the scripture tells me the stars of fallen angels. So if you're wishing on a star well what are you really telling your child to to pray to or to wish to write but what I'm telling you is that if you don't know if you are going into these last days or the grasshopper mentality you are not going to be able to stand what is about to come upon us. And it is just the beginning and much of what we talked about when I was a kid you know prophetically it seemed so far fetched I am watching it come to fruition the prophetic the prophecies being fulfilled we are seeing a switch in the world to talk more about it as the week goes on we are seeing the 2nd Catholic president a Supreme Court 7 out of 9 are Catholic and what do I say that well because it's the 1st Jesuit pope and here the United States for the 1st time all 3 branches of government can have allegiance to Rome just like they have allegiance to America and its Constitution so what happens if there's a conflict well wait and see is this prophesied that a conflict will come if you have a grasshopper's mentality when that conflict comes you will not be able to stand you will receive the mark of the beast and yet hand. The seal of God can only get you for it when talking about this either got in a 2nd but a mark of the beast and get your forehead or your hand because they're going to be someone a grasshopper mentality we're going to be like the 10 and simply say you know what I'm going to follow because I'd rather be safe than to challenge anything I'd rather stay safe I'd rather not face the Giants so I'm just going to follow along and even though they know better they're going to receive the mark of beast in their hand you don't want to grasshopper mentality going into the Last Days number 14 when the people heard as a member their job their goal is to make the fear infectious numbers 14 and all the congregation lifted up their voice and cried and the people wept that night and the children of Israel murmured against Moses an arrogance and and the whole congregation sent into them would God that we would we had died in the land of Egypt would God have died in the wilderness I mean these people are crazy all they've heard is a story to separate reports and their response is we said it died. That is a grasshopper is mentality they fear they're so afraid that they're complaining and symbols as in verse 3 and wherefore have the Lord brought us into this land fall by the sword that our wise and I Children should be a free they even through to kids and men your brothers are going to kill our children that these people get our children wouldn't it be better they say for us to return to Egypt if you are not able to be bold in the Lord in your thinking Remember this is all about the part of mind if you're not able to be bold to the Lord in your thinking you will always want to retreat to Egypt but is Egypt represent in Revelation What does it represent even in the Old Testament it represents sin so if you're not strong in your mind you will naturally retreat back to your old life back to the old ways Robert Proverbs 18 this is the potter mind as it is in scripture Proverbs 18 in verse $21.00 says Death and Life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof I love the way that reason the King James version but every now and again I use the amplified version because they give a bit of a built in commentary little itty amplified version of the Bible says Proverbs $1821.00 it says Death and Life on the power of the tongue look at this and those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words the way that it in the Hebrew 111 preaches say this one's on this verse in the Hebrew it's as if one when use when you when you read this life and death is in the pub the tongue and the Hebrew seems to connote that it's as if sa hand goes out and forms what you said. That is the power of the mind there was reading some states studies from some psychological journals and there was an old study where they took. They took. Groups of 20 young men and they had one practice their free throw shots i simply a lot of basketball Dr Robinson son and those guys when I was older and while 20 for years there was. Another group of 20 was a just imagine I'm just just just visualize themselves shooting free throws and shoot them well and a group of other group that did nothing of course the group that did nothing regressed the group the should practice St Rose every day they got better but a group that just saw just visualize themselves shooting free throws they still got better even though they never touched a basketball that is the power of the mind when David goes to faith face Goliath David has already seen his victory over the giant before he faces the giant did he David doesn't even care what the guy looks like they would already understands victory is his when we speak so I know. We had we we know we were you know there was a new church building bought and we were we want to build a new clinic let me just be playing somebody has got to speak the Word of life into these projects somebody's got to believe bigger than what seems possible because if you keep speaking it's impossible it will be impossible if that's what you speak that's what will happen life and death is in the power of the tone. And for many ministries and missions we do not gain what God would have us to have because we keep speaking the language of the 10 spies rather than the language of the 2 spies porpoises engine pansies and their fellows 13 percent of their brain the human from 0 is 33 percent of the brain a full 3rd of them are his frontal lobe I believe this is why he obviously can rationalise really what it does but I believe this also has a lot of the why and how we can worship. This is where the Holy Spirit can literally do well it's kind of already got Falls and a very narrow chemical system in the brain taxes that God is so here's a look some of the bones of the frontal lobe are it raises number one player in language long term impulse control problems of emotions just a motor function initiation even social sexual behavior if frontal lobe is easy it is not been worked up on talk later on week about drugs and alcohol and its effect on the mind music and entertainment this is the part of the mind of the devil that. This is what he lost because this is where the decision to serve God is made and it is like as I said earlier the front is like the most holy place in the sanctuary. Because this is the holy place that I believe is on lot of my would it would rest of the body but when you look here is a mercy seat this memory in a body right out of air and there's and in and in a man the 10 Commandments is like your conscience this is a kind of Glory of God falls out of the Holy Spirit can prick you and move on because this is the part of bring all that happens. Isaiah like teens this Come let us come let us reason together the Lord are your sins Miss stars in the widest no Libya's Crimson is like wool what happens in front of your recent God there this is where you come to the point where I was there I mean these are the Seder it all happens in the frontal lobe the devil wants your frontal lobe and there are a lot of these guys in the room talk about all the all the different ways the devil try to control your mind and how God tries again control of the mind and when God is intro of your mind different yaar. So it must be protected What are more about that we go on a lot of ways the devil gets control of the frontal lobe is fear itself and he will use the fight or flight response of the kid that you know. I'm cells and the like Dogs Trust dog because when I grew up maybe I grew up and people who have dogs like in California care I'm bad and fed him the canned treats and head and collars on a dog but I'll go ahead one purpose it was the protection of the security systems and I guards I got loose it chased us if we didn't mess around a lot of somebody's guard dog came after us so we learned to run from dogs a lot and there is a fight or flight response that God had to put into place after this and I don't know reason for a fight or flight response or force and but after the single Need a fight or flight response because that is in the SEALs began the sting Adam and Eve After Sin the snake began to bite the lion began to devour the lion the world was a different place man needed an adrenaline response of course all response the word for the natural changes that keep things inside and all I'll stay says and this is a huge change as it happens was quickly those 10 spies were functioning in a fight or flight mindset there's a fight or flight mindset of the Sympathetic Nervous and of the parasympathetic nervous system gives you a rest and digest state of me so those are the 2 ways you can be and will talk more about that in the setting but when you are chronically stressed really that's where things really happen negativity chronic stress ultimately affects your memory it drives bad appetite We'll talk more about it or to me it decreases our ability to reason in fact high stress can cause the frontal to shrink here at chronic and stress so you know absolutely So looking at the 10 size of the children visual. They had come to a lot of stress they were slaves you know on the Red Sea and chased by Pharaoh throughout the desert or a new place it was very stressful. But God didn't send any distress of our size the Red Sea did open that was pretty pretty besides the 10 Plagues fell on Egypt and they were liberated but what happens when you allow stress that injury don't go on this is church and fear to control you because it's more difficult for you to remember what God has done for you because of your memory becomes selective to choose the thoughts that remind you of your danger rather than pointing you in a direction of safety crisis does that. And you don't think straight normal reason well you know all these things begin to happen but 2nd to the 17 addresses this Paul says it to the is 2nd pistol to him for God has not given us the spirit of fear of power of love and of a sound mind Millis God shows that he opposite of fear. Holy Ghost power is God's love and it is a silent a mind full don't have a sound mind off it is because they are functioning in fear if they cannot experience God's love it is because they are functioning in fear and this is what you do those spies are doing Proverbs 2307 says for as he think it is his heart so is he if all you're worried about is how terrible things are and I'll hold or will things are that's what you want that's what you love literally make your world to be that way even in the darkest conditions God and look for the light of God you've got to find it was like because as if you start thinking it you will become what you think. You know I talk sensibly about that but what it was the sign saying well there's a ton of literature there's a listen this is your brain on for a meditation prayer and meditation I actually think it is the frontal lobe makes it stronger and more rich why prayer is a way to move from Fight or flight to rest and I just pray here is a way to be room to remember who is actually integral and delete in the photograph Jesus and take my guilt upon. And Larry of the He says My guilt is easy and my burden is light he said Take that I'll take what you've got when you pray to the crisis and of course there meditation often is eastern religion but let me hasten if he said there say it is about eastern religion time meditation what happens when we meditate on the Word of God How much more powerful is that meditation how much more effective is it when you are let's say what I think that I do I think I recite a Bible promises in fact even in my prayer when I'm about to pray for folk I cling Bible promises 1st Lord you said that nothing is impossible feat but you said it many are the afflictions of the righteous so that you deliver us out of them all I claim the I pray the problem my God as it were not even mine and I remind God of what he said he was and this is about me that's why I just was in the changes the whole is salvation it was a constant promise reminder every time they call Joshua they were reminded of the problems they were without its you so when you pray love as a prayer meditation are highly effective in lowering our reactivity Tristram magic and negative events you need to heal from bad things that happen to you praise meditate on the promises of God prayer meditation get a Sony from Fight or flight mode This is why one of the principle that I'm learning in the position the most important principle of our health message is trust in God we do start in one of the teasers trusting God longer I practice medicine the more I realize that even when people change that I start to exercise get your sleep drink their water if they do not learn to trust in God They will never fully escape disease. Because you will live to see the stress which is very unhealthy the most talked about there in his week 1st time for 18 gives you a point he says there is no fear in love so I want to what is the opposite a fear in David's face Love is what seems to be the ethic built to fear he says there is no fear in love perfect love casts out fear because fear asked for it last time he that spirit is not me perfect in love so why is important because you need faith Abraham had faith but you know it may have also had a love relationship with God the creator of the Bible says. Moses believe and sorry Abraham believed God but I said he was and he was credited with right since he got credit for Rice's evolution for another 54 years with Isaac on Mt He did not show that when he had what he had we had met with Hagar but he was given credit for the various why the Bible says He believed God and one 1st says and he came the friend of God. Let me hasten you want to help you my and be friends with the creator of the new verse. Education Oh my page 25 says the world does not and so much need men of great intellect as a noble character needs a man who ability is controlled by steadfast principle that is the power of the mind I was I don't believe I was the smartest guy in medical school or in college but I can tell you that if you won in medical school we made sure to study the word before we sleep we studied medicine we kept the Sabbath faithfully We tried to beat or if you live that is at the University of Miami and we tried to do those things and God did the rest. Because God is more concerned with the development of your character than with your acquisition of degrees or money or anything like that really are a label 689 says thinking for yourself if you allow enough to speak it out of the to the people out of 10 to think of them if you allow them to do your thinking for you you will have crippled energies and contract abilities and that other people think there are many things intellects are poor for because they can find them to dwell upon commonplace subjects you should wrestle with problems of thought that require the exercise of the best powers of your mind wrote about social media lives in the army but it is up again this is what is happening to them are the gun people and they allow influencers on social media to think for that number 14 1st live the rules and therein fell on their faces before all this somebody of the Congregation of the children of visuals an errant go back to the numbers 46 and 7 says Joshua the son of Nun killed the son of different which were of that search of the land radicals and they spake unto all the company of the children of visual saying the land which we passed through to search it is exceeding good lead they try to give the word on land if the Lord hide in us then he will bring us into this land and give us give it us Atlanta shows nothing but I say only this what fear and lacking faith is not only rebel not against the Lord neither feared the people of the way but they are credit for us their defense is that apart from them and the Lord is with us figure them out if you ever are the situation where you were read numbers 49 Take this by the promise not your free will Jeremiah was going into the ministry and very much after along in the book of Jeremiah your God says in fear not their faces. Because nobody's going to be persecuted for for for telling the truth what a false prophet was telling lies number 40 universe and all the congregation Bates told him with stones that Lord Lord appeared in the tabernacle of the Congregation for the children of Israel had to literally stop them from stoning just and good and killed bad yet they stood firm to the truth God to deliver in the last slide from the small he made in class and patient 40 from the other to why this 8 says some may say if you believe the Bible why does not the Lord work miracles for us he will if we let him what a human mind is allowed to come under the control of God The mind will reveal the miracle working power of God the power of the mind in action is like the miracle working power of God He will hear from this. We have to believe. As you go through this week on the law belief that a part of mind of the fortunate that France will have a session. Same time tomorrow that is a 4 stop to to study the mind that the power of the mind and order the importance of faith a prayer in order that all have this mind is also impressed Jesus and we have the face of Jesus not his faith in. Us of the even stronger to develop our minds Erik's the legends this up for in Jesus Christ. In. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leading visit w w w audio verse or.


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