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02 Dulling of the Mind Part 1

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • February 2, 2021
    12:00 PM
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And this is the doubling of the mind part one and we'll do the 2nd part tomorrow night. And again whole lot discuss this so. Let's get right into this our scripture reading for tonight is taken from the cheesy as the Chapter 7. Ecclesiastes had the 7 starting at verse 5 Ecclesiastes the 7 in verse 5 the Bible says it is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song fools it is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song of fools message again tonight. Doubling the mind part one from our series this week the mind of Christ let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word we thank you for this opportunity to fellowship Lord I just ask once again Lord that you send your Holy Spirit. At lord you just fill this time with truth and with power Lord you speak you. Illuminates the words Father and you stay with the technology as you do this Lord. So that Lord your people might be blessed this is our prayer in Jesus' name amen All right so we're going to jump. To the Book of Daniel Chapter 3. And some background of course and Daniel Chapter one Daniel and the 3 Hebrew always are challenged with the eating of the king's meat drinking as line and they refuse stead they drink water and eat pulse. This starts them off in the right direction. But they are tempted to say that because it has a vision. And no one can interpret it. He is quite impressed with Daniel's ability to not only interpret the dream but Daniel is able to tell him to dream he cannot. But he cannot remember and it is the basis of a lot of our prophecy of Babylon being the head of gold and never can as are in this vision where it is where it will show you should get more into the. Image in a 2nd but he see this image is given of him of the head of gold and never get a head over heels in love he loves the power he loves the idea that His Kingdom is so incredible. That he eventually goes to make a real life version of this image that he saw as in the dream but he makes the whole thing of gold a symbol that he is looking to be in power forever he wants his kingdom to last forever almost in defiance of what God told him in the vision so then of chapter 3 in verse one says never can as of the king made an image of gold. Height was threescore cubits and the breast there of 6 cubits he set it up in the plane of Dura in the province of Babylon Now that would probably be as high as 90 feet tall and pretty pretty extensive. Statue. Even to this day on the plains of Durham has yet to find a picture of it there's a rectangle rectilinear mound that sits on the plain of Dura to this day it is about 25 feet high. And it's an exact square of about 46 feet at the base. And so. Has this but it seems like it would almost been the pedestal of the colossal statue so there are there are some archaeological maybe some archaeological evidence of the statue actually when you look at it so this is the bible oh a little picture about Bologna and empire. Very powerful empire they were battling with the Assyrian Empire for a while but it's serious am fire was actually taken out by God as a kind of praising and one angel destroyed 180000 of their soldiers and that pretty much they never really recovered from that. Without Assyria Babylon rules the incredible dominance and they were a very intelligent people sophisticated society systems of financial trade interest investing. Babylon had all of that and do with it came great riches and power to the Babylonians and of course that a Bible only and kingdom to this day some of those institutions and what ways of money making and economy exist and even to this day the influence even of the false or subsystems of Babylon still influence the world today of course they had the hanging gardens and they had built many things Babylon was a beautiful beautiful city the symbols was the lion. And Babylon was one of those places where it was it was almost mythical to visit the city of Babylon Unless of course you were one of the captives and the captivity of Judah. Lasted for 70 years as Jeremiah the prophet predicted Daniel in the 3 were boys went in the 1st siege of Babylon some around 6 o 5 b.c. and you can see that you couldn't just go straight across the desert to the shortest cut here yet to go up and all the way around the Fertile Crescent to Babylon and it was you can only imagine that when the 3 were boys of course were princes they were descendants of royalty and it would have been a manageable unimaginable the things that they would have had to go through in order to get to Babylon that would have been a very difficult thing of course is not because neither am self. In a form of a bust he was a great king and the Bible gives a lot of detail into his life especially how he. Converted over eventually under the influence of the captives we just want from most phenomenal stories in the Bible in my opinion but of course the head of gold was Babylon in this vision that he had in Daniel Chapter 2 The arm shoulder torso was the Middle Persian Empire Greece the mid-section those of bronze the legs Rome the feet mix that I'm in play when it's a modern day Europe and to some extent really even. The rise and power of America which is then of course reflect again right reflected more in detail in Revelation Chapter 13 the rise of America. And so the story goes they go $3.00 and $3.00 Verse 2 then that because of the king sent to gather together the princes the governors the captains the judges the treasurers the councillors the sheriffs and all the rulers of the provinces to come to the dedication of the image which never can measure the king had set up so he sets up this thing he brings all of the leadership all of the influential people to come to the dedication of this image that never can as it has made verse 3 it says then the princes the governors and captains the judges interest as hers the councillors the sheriffs and all the rulers of the provinces are gathered together into the dedication of the image. That never can measure the king had set up and they stood before the image that never can as are set up so they got there in the plain of Dura standing before this great image the sheriffs the councillors all the rulers everyone has their. In verse 4 then I hear old crowd to you it is commanded old people nations and languages that at the time when you hear the sound of the cornet the fruit the harp the sun the sultry the dulcimer and all kinds of music you fall down and worship the golden image that never can those of the king have set up music is instrumental in this process of false worship. And in verse 6 it says and so fall is not down and worship shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace so. The image is set up the rulers and leaders are there the captives of Israel are there everyone is brought out this is never going as it is high time they begin to play music to get people ready to worship and the punishment for not worshipping is that you'd be thrown into a fiery furnace Now they the Babylonians had a lot of furnace is and the reason they had all these firms is because the stone was not readily available to build within Babylon so they had to bake bricks so they had a furnace and so. The brick was used pretty extensively normally and would be carried about a 1000 degrees centigrade but a Babylonian brick kiln might have operated even hotter some scholars think up to $1300.00 Center grade. And it would make a colorful. Colorful glaze on as they could really ornate really beautiful really decorative to show you how interesting it is this is an actual stone and never can as it would stamp his name on every stones of the buildings basically said that we could measure all over them on each individual brick and then the bricks would be colored and they would have you know beautiful parents so it says here therefore at the time when all the people heard the sound of the corn It flew the harp sight but sultry and all kinds of music all the people the nation the languages fell down and worshiped the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up if you can imagine the size of this concert. The influence of music to prepare people to Baal there were people from all over the Empire many of whom are ready had their gods and so this is a new god or they would have to a new image they would have to bow down to and so it's almost as if to prepare their minds to worship this music was played now. Music has an interesting influence on the human brain I always say because it bypasses the frontal lobe it doesn't mean that there's some music does something much different a lot of the forms of of such a sensory input what I mean by that is that when when you listen to music multiple parts of the brain have to light up as you can see here in order to process music. And then the frontal lobe has to make sense of it so the frontal lobe has the final work but that means that music is already in the message can get in before you get a chance to process it that's what's important so when you play music it can have powerful influences on people music is a great tool for good or for evil and I sort of put some slides up on this and you have to remember in the spiritual realm Satan according to The Book of easy he is a built with pipes and tablets Lucifer was a living breathing musical instrument the head of the heavenly choir he would lead worship in heaven he he knows music better than anyone on earth and he uses music to his advantage some people think music is just music and it's harmless but a lot of ways that you can tell in your simple ways in life music has great power as a reason and never can as it played music before he asks them to worship Well music. Simultaneously stimulates the left and the right hemisphere of the brain it boosts learning and information intake therefore augmenting cognitive skills in fact when you play music someone to learn something 5 times better 5 times more efficiently it boosts learning up to 5 times that is powerful so this is why when children are little we sing them songs for them to learn probably most famously is are the A.B.C.'s a b. c. d. e. f. g. Why do we do that we do that because it's a way to stick that into your mind in fact even as adult if I can't remember what letter comes after another one I almost have to sing that song that's how powerful just putting something is a melody is this is why churches don't miss this this is why the hymns of the church will always be important because those are songs that have powerful meaning put to music doctrinal meaning. Spoiler alert you guys on this one a lot of the modern Christian music is devoid of that very emotional and some of it very appropriate you can sing it but it does a lot of it doesn't tie you to any a commit you to any doctrinal truth part of the reason we sing songs in church is because it teaches us about God about Christ about his word about his truths a music accelerates that learning. And so the devil does not want it so you will notice as you go along the music in church has gotten less and less instructive less and less informative in its lyrical content more and more emotional I will talk about when music becomes emotional like this what does it actually do to a person. First Samuel 16 and verse 23 and it came to pass when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul that David took a harp and played with his hand so Saul was refreshed and what it was well and the evil spirit departed from him now. Got allowed at these evil spirits to get to Saul That's what that's what the text saying in order to remove the evil spirits David would come in and he would play his heart why is a significant if you can evil spirit out of someone I have to ask you church does that mean music to play an evil spirit into someone. You know does music have the power to change the spiritual atmosphere around a person ordered just for example 1623 The Christian would have to believe that this is true this means that what we listen to is critically important never taken as a new to play music at the time of the dedication of his image because he knew he needed to bring the resistance. And the threshold down and those who did not believe in worshipping idols Daniel and the 3 were boys and it was Daniel is missing in the story but the 3 were boys would never bowed out what you know would not raised about the idols but they would not have been the only captives of Judah drill in Jerusalem that were there the only ones that are mentioned as not having bought. The purpose of the music is to change the spiritual atmosphere allow people to think something isn't as bad as it is and. Those people who say that music has no power one of the tests that people say that you can try is to actually see if you can get a version of a movie without the music and see how different without this background score how much less emotional how much less feeling a movie has a scary movie is nowhere near as scary without the music that builds to the scenes that are trying to get you to be afraid. And this is the way music works it can not only change the spiritual atmosphere it can change your emotional state moved from one state to another it's very powerful This is why Solomon says in Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 that it is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song fools it is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song of fools and so a lot of us as Christians. We want music that's going to make us feel good but it might very well be the song fools it is better actually to hear the rebuke of the wiser and I would jump to to kind of crystallize that I would say it's better to have the word preach straight to hear the full gospel all of its troops that to go into a worship situation where you are you're nowhere where everything is kind of mild and soft and and we don't get the hard truth and this is one of the ways the devil is going to you know kind of continue Laodicea in her sleep. And try and keep people from waking up making you have an emotional experience never again as I was trying to do without any real transformative preaching teaching doctrine in the song The word it's better to hear the rebuke go to watch it's better to be rebuked but to get to toes stepped on in church when you hear a sermon that speaks to your situation and rebukes your wrongdoing and calls you to repentance and to hear the song of fools that is so comfortable and still wonderful that you are not moved into that place so how does music affect us otherwise why music and health and emotional response of the secretion of immune boosting hormones is induced by certain music so we know that music can release their tone and make you feel more satisfied it can really release dopamine to make to give you a little bit of a feeling of euphoria and even adrenaline if the music is hyper enough give you energy and kind of get you up but says air moves that decreases the stress related hormone cortisol the increased levels of which have weaken the immune system hence the chances of illness get reduced so if you play the right music the music. And probably any music you enjoy to some extent would do this. Regardless of the type of music but it would bring down the stress level make you feel more relaxed cortisol and it's highly talk more about this as we go through a week or is all levels are high your body gets cortisol resistant in your muse system because it's cortisol job to keep the insulin slam a door e aspects of the immune system at bay when you get cortisol resistance because you're always stressed out you can't control an inflammatory process and you become inflamed internally. By your own stress this is one reason. As I said yesterday that one of most important aspects of the 7 is health message is to trust in God because trusting in God reduces stress. So cortisol levels do the state our music has the ability to mess with this and in a good way to bring the cortisol levels down. So there's a there's some experiments and I mentioned you can you can look these up yourself but the ability of mice to navigate a food maze was tested by continuously playing the music at low volume so limited behavioral changes so to gave these mice there were 3 groups of mice one group was given like no music one group was given like classical music one group was given different forms like rocker or rhythms they call it says here those subjects that either silence or Stross waltzes had no problem with the maze a little advantage that a lot of those that had to the waltzes the classical music actually did a little bit better those explosive little drumming performed worse and finally became cannibalistic hyperactive and aggressive and even sick too confused to complete the maze so to music change the way that the mice were able to see and get through the maze but also messed with the mice is mind does music have this power according to what we read in the book of Samuel Yes it does to to change the way people think but the way that the study reaped pointed out it says the highly abnormal neurons growth patterns with excessive dendrite branches growing out in all directions and having few connections with other neurons or phylum in the hippocampus region of the brains of these mice this region acts in learning and memory formation. Due to an increase and then drag branching the messenger r.n.a. involved in memory formation also increased it meant that the brain tried to analyze the sound stimulus but failed so I won't get into so deep into the size of what is synchronous in this synchronous and a Seems as if the music is the synchronous it affects the brain in a different way and I didn't feel a Torrijos way and much of the music that the world listens to is in that the synchronous pattern but it's more than just that it's not just the rhythms it's also the way the melodies are played it's what is said in a lot of the music. It's a combination of all of these things that affect the human mind is another study of this just to show you the power of music 60 patients were old in a study soon after they were hospitalized for major strokes all received standard stroke care in addition a 3rd of the patients were randomly assigned to listen to recorded music for at least one hour a day and another 3rd listen to audiobooks and the final group did not receive auditory stimulation after 3 months of verbal memory improves 60 percent in the music listeners as compared to 18 percent in audio book group and 29 percent in the patients who did not receive auditory stimulation in addition the music listeners ability to perform and control. Mental operations a skill called focused attention improved by 17 percent while the other pieces did not improve at all music is powerful Some people say oh it's just music what the studies show you news it can affect even the way the body heals after a stroke. So can it be then use if it can be used for good can it be used for bad if it can be used to develop the mind after a stroke or redevelop I should say I might have to still do to a mind that is still developing period while the $2630.00 of almost $1500.00 teenagers founded teens who have only heavily listened to music featuring featuring sexual subject matter are more likely to start having sex earlier than those who do not. By a margin look at this church by a margin of almost 2 on the study authors found that the pervasive message in such music that of study of studly carefree men and subservient sex object women is reinforced even if it isn't closely paid attention to this is what I mean by. Quote unquote bypassing the frontal lobe even even if it isn't paid attention to the music still has its effect on the mind we think that it really lowers kids' inhibitions and makes them less thoughtful in terms of their decisions I hope you get this that what music ultimately does is it lowers the inhibition Can you imagine ease at the tree. And the serpent dangling there the serpent being how Satan was able to kind of get in front of Eve I would imagine that you know we're told by the spirit of prophet the circle is very beautiful in its voice melodious but can you imagine how wonderfully musical that serpent probably sounded how it lowered the inhibition just the sound of the musical sound of the serpent's voice if say it was in control would have even further pulled even. Music has the ability to lower the threshold it with you'll do certain things that's of course you think about something like a nightclub where the lights flashing would have music playing with the alcohol flowing inhibitions come way down. There's a lot of devil wants he wants to bring people to a place and he wants to reach the street where boys in the modern day 3 were boys out of children a young people of our churches he wants to influence them to Baal down to idols and images that of that they have been trained and raised not to he wants them to worship themselves to just go after pleasure sexual pleasure. Pleasure and chemicals like alcohol We'll talk more about that later on in the week as well this is Satan's designed plan to learn to use set them up and then have them drunk on the things of the world so that they are not paying attention this is why the Bible says to be sober be sober be sober if music can release dopamine which gives you pleasure and Sarah tone and it gives you satisfaction it's one of the ways that the devil can make you a bit intoxicated to make you not be sober to not be vigilant. As the New Testament writer writes to be so would you be vigilant for your adversary the devil walked about like a roaming lion seeking who may devour but you've got your headphones on. And you're listening to stuff that is to send you in the opposite of the direction of God and specifically here church if it has the power to influence you in the spiritual realm as it did Saul. This is one of the reasons I believe that many young people come to church and they can't stand church all week they've been listening to music that is introducing them to different. To different spirits and the Holy Spirits and we accept to come to church and be in the presence of the Holy Spirit and speak of Christ what that spirit had been at all week doesn't want to be around the Holy Spirit and so you know what I'll young people come to church they can't stand stands that still in church because of what they've been exposed to all week. You know I've I've had young people and when I was a pastor and listen to people like Marilyn Manson analysis. In some serious trouble for. Alleged sexual abuse of women and all kinds of stuff but this guy was like a elder in the Church of Satan and if you listen to that music all we can you come to church church is that church may not be a place you feel comfortable and music has a powerful effect not just the music itself but the music videos. A later study of such imagery and videos talking about sexual content and videos this one focusing on teen women and young girls confirmed the likelihood that frequent exposure may not only influence how girls see themselves the greater effect of the younger the girl is but also could actually affect their ability to have healthy relationships you see that the study co-author Stacy Huston of the Edward r. Murrow College of Communication said essentially when women perceive this heterosexual scripting that's in the media this can affect influence or inform how they think men and women should behave toward one another could it be that they are part of the reason we have such trouble relationships as many of us have grown up on massage and mystic rock'n'roll hip hop rap music even dancehall reggae music we have grown up on music forms even even the. Reggaeton Spanish music that that makes women objects and men simply conquest the women you know and so do the music videos that they make would people like card to be in these people. They just they just. Make a woman simply a collection of body parts and and that young girl growing up that doesn't feel like she looks like or fits in you know her self image can be damaged you know she can think that men should have a certain type of role in a relationship rather than the kind of partnership that God calls for in the scripture between husband and wife and it can affect them the music and think about it the human brain is not finished developing till around 25 years old so when an 11 year old 12 year old 7 year old 13 year old girl is listening to this music her mind and its plasticity is being that's formed and shaped to believe lies about her own body lies about relationships lies about how men should treat her all of that and given us this very surreal concept of romantic love not grounded in the realities of what it takes to make a relationship work. Music has the power it can dull the mind you talk just about how powerful the mind is the wrong kind of music can limit how you see life and how you do things so how does the media impact the impact and immediate impact of me use on children and youth I said the amount of violence on television is on the rise the average child sees $12000.00 violent acts on television every year including many depictions of murder and rape more than 1000 studies confirm that exposure to heavy doses of television violence increases aggressive behavior particularly in Boys other studies link television or newspaper publicity of suicides to increase suicide risk there is a real problem here is the spirit of prophecy says the Bybee holding we become changed. By the holding we become change of seeing these things actually begins to impress upon our minds we'll show you more on that in a little while but you know we are all visually very captivated and this is probably like when I want to superstores a big screen t.v. in a little kid just as walks right up into the face of this cartoon character which looks so realistic more realistic than the cartoons of old. And become visually captivated it's difficult for a child to go to school and pay attention as we transition from talking about music now to television and and media it's difficult for a child to go to school and pay attention when this is what the teachers competing with all of the different pixels on the television they go in and out of free a frame on television last mere seconds 8 to 12 seconds so you go to school and he just stands there for an hour slower ne'er is captivating and can probably lead as will see to some attention deficit issues for young people especially children and male children. A lot of research has been done around television viewing in children we're talking about doubling the mind now and Adam Lipson a neurosurgeon with i.g.a. brain and spine says one of the best studies is from tohu to whole cool University in Japan they noted thickening of the frontal polar cortex which is related to verbal reasoning ability. And also called it with a drop in i.q. and reports of the number of hours of television watching that's profound he says in addition they noted thickening in the visual cortex in the occipital lobe and in the hypothalamus which may correlate with aggression studies involving adults have tied television watching to type 2 diabetes depression and even crime as a limp some many of the studies report adverse effects of television watching greater than one hour a day he says so you do if you do watch television you you want to make sure you average according to study less than an hour a day. Obviously makes a strong argument that maybe no television is better but it shows you that it's not without impact that it can as I wanted to make sure that he entertained the crowd before he did anything you know and they're men he stars in a Bible like this but in this story it plays the music it gets the crowd and detained me sets up the image it's all of the senses are involved and does and not all of what we never get as it did not have the power that a television screen or computer screen has in order to influence a mind. Says here there have been e.g. electroencephalogram studies. Demonstrate that television watching converts the brain from beta wave activity to alpha waves which are associated with the daydreaming state and reduce use of critical thinking skills so music is one way that you can get influence the mind of people being really aware of it television is another way if you watch television what they teach what they what they espouse what the story lines lead you to believe but you've got to remember somebody is producing executive producing directing writing television shows most of them have an agenda there's something they want you to walk away source in this day and age of activism they want to walk away believing something. A reinforcing a belief and so there's a lot of push in it and what the studies show is that your brain actually goes into like a daydreaming state where you are less able to put up the critical fire wall in order to protect yourselves so if you're watching shows for example that promote evolution you know even good shows on the on you know on the nature channels and stuff you know some of that is going to slip and you know if you keep hearing over and over and over again that 1000000 the 1000000 The years ago this happened a 1000000 years and years ago that happened you know your critical thinking skills just aren't there for the entire time Eric Braverman founder and president of Path Foundation in New York a nonprofit resort organization devoted to Brain Health is a little more blunt and I've got to cut out some of what he said he's basically said t.v. you know turns your brain it's like putting but he doesn't say it's all nicely he says Television mesmerized people and turns them into intellectual spectators it feeds past 70 and make sure less in Gaze in fact the way I tell it to young people is you're watching other people get rich. And a lot of times you your energy your take to watch other people get rich means you don't get anything. You're not advancing in life. So here it says research a long established that teams who watch movies or listen to music that glamorizes drinking drug use or violence tend to engage in those behaviors themselves. A 2012 study shows that movies influence teen sexual attitudes and behaviors as well the study published in Psychological Science found that the more teens were exposed to sexual content in movies the earlier they started having sex and the likelier they were to have casual unprotected sex and not only does the music push kids to have sex early the movies do and. If you've seen a movie in the last 30 years you know most of them promote pretty reckless. Sexual behavior you know that. Even if you move out of the Christian realm where you should wait until you're married which is the god standard I mean even though there's no idea around protecting itself against sexually transmitted infections there's no talk of often of even can consent I mean it really lowers the bar around sexual intimacy and damage the kind of damages greatly the concept of purity. And television movies do that so how does the Bible describe Let's know how the Bible scribes had 3315 says he that walks upright walks righteously. And speaks up rightly he that despises the gain of oppressions the shakes hands from holding of bribes that stops as ears from hearing of blood and shuts his eyes from seeing evil the last 2 pieces of this I will give you what the reward for such a person is here in the 2nd the last 2 pieces of this says that you should stop your ears to hearing of blood that is listening to music that is violent and detrimental to listen to anything that is violent that you mention and should shut your eyes from seeing evil how many times when you watch television are we actually watching evil well here consequences he says of you. And if you don't do these things you will do well on the high place of Defense will be the mission of rocks red shall be given to you is water shall be sure and look for 17 it says die and eyes shall see the king in his beauty they said Behold the land that is very far off I want you to get that what you watch today may impact whether or not you see the King later. You might see a television show today but it may cause you to not see the Lord in his elevated state at a later time that is what there's only a warning and you know you have to believe that I mean the real understandings of what radio television C.D.'s streaming music. Netflix Hulu and all these other services. Would he would never have understood the power that would come in what we hear or see yet he gives the warning way back then that what we hear or see can impact how we see eternity Here's what little I says things plan for your mind Satan stands ready to infatuate the mind and soul to pursue a course directly contrary to God's expressed will that he may separate that soul from God and he interposes his temptations and gains control over the mind and the Hearts affections this is Satan studied plan to lead souls to turn from one mighty in council to the persuasion of minds with no love for God No love for the truths he wants you to put your mind Satan want you to put your mind in a place where it is under the influence of individuals who do not love God and do not love the truth that's what many can as it was doing and he played the music trying to get the influence of these minds away from the God of heaven for those who had come out of Jerusalem and Juda to get the everyone else to a mindset that he himself never could as it was a god. And that is still happening today we talk about Hollywood stars in the Scripture who are the stars Scripture says that the 3rd part of the stars fell from heaven if you're a star on Earth. You know it is almost a statement of being a fallen angel. To get the influence of these stars I was listen I was listening to something as they were saying that we are no longer in the age of information we're now in the age of influence more about social media later on in the week but literally we're being everyone's being constantly influence even a knows the news is meaningless you know it's really just the opinions of the of the channel that isn't the actual news you don't know what's actually going on you're just hearing c.n.n. side of it on Fox News side of it or or m s n b c side of the B.B.C.'s you're not getting straight news anymore everything is about influencing us and this is Biblically and prophetically accurate you will receive them are going to be said you know in your forehead or in your hand as we talked about yesterday why because those who have been influenced they may not make a conscious decision to receive the mark of the beast but in their hand in order to keep their their money go on and their families fed they're going to follow that influence because that is how they're going to survive so if you're not able to critically think today you're not able to study God's word and analyze it for yourself the Scripture says to study to show yourself approved under God if you're not doing that these influences from the media will turn your mind out it will dulled your mind move your mind away from being like the mind of Christ and put you in a position to receive the market a beast because you won't be able to put up the mental sight to choose what God would have you to do. So we'll finish the story here Daniel 3 in verse 8 where for at that time certain Chaldeans came and accused the Jews is the fun part of the talk they spake and said to the king I never get it is Ok to live forever. Ok has made a decree that every man that shall hear the sound of the cornet flute harp sack but sultry and dulcimer and all kinds of music so fall down and worship the golden image and whoever does not fall down and worship should be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace and he says in verse 12 of Daniel 3 there are certain Jews who doubtless set over the affairs of the province of Babylon Shadrack me Shaq and Abednego these men okaying have not regarded the they serve not by gods nor worship the golden image which thou has set up I like what this says because I want to be a certain Jew I want to be certain Christian I want to be the one that stands the one that stands out in a crowd you're up short of a many people from Jerusalem who knew they shouldn't do this image that pretended to you know. You know hypothetically bend down and tie their shoes or or act as if they you know just what neatly they did but they caved in that there were only 3 certain Jews Jews who already had something to lose according to text here they already have been set up over affairs of the problems of Babylon. Not binding meant that they lost money influence in a foreign land where they had been taken captive as young men yet they stood firm to the principles of God will you be able to stand like this in a time of trouble. 13 then never can as it is rage and fury commanded to bring Chad wrecked me shack and Abednego and they've brought these men before the kids and when grab them bring them before the king and never going to spake and said unto them is it true Shadrack me checking a bit not you serve my God in the words of the golden image which I've set up obviously there are other statues of the Gods there as well and you almost can hear to hurt and never get as well as that wait a minute did not give you guys positions are you guys in favor with me and you would do this and embarrass me in front of everyone not bow down why won't you worship my God why aren't you worshipping the golden image which I set up remember this is it's all about worship it's all about worship that's what the market a beast is about it's about worship seal of the Living God. Verse if he wants to give them a 2nd chance so in verse 15 he says now if you be ready that at that time when you hear the sound of the music you fall down and worship the image which I have made well but if you worship not you'll be cast the same hour in the midst of a burning fire furnace he says listen I give you no James Bond worship you'll be fine but if you don't worship you'll be in the into the fiery furnace the last phrase here is powerful never get As and who is that God That said deliver you out of my hands now because if your god was going to deliver you you wouldn't be here you would never have been taken captive I would have sacked Jerusalem and walked out with the holy articles out of your temple which God is going to deliver you if he didn't deliver you in Jerusalem if he didn't have deliver you in the in your own land would he deliver you now who is this god that's going to deliver you you'd better bow down you better have some sense time is running now. Etc Me 2nd Abednego answered and said to the king old Nobody can answer we are not careful to answer the in this matter some Christians are too careful some Christians are so careful they don't want to offend anybody they have made that docile of Jesus Christ into the equivalent of a spiritual Twinkie no spiritual traditional value whatsoever is no longer the sprouted grain bread that God designed it to be it is no longer rich fruit with all of its final nutrients it is now just empty hollow food like substance spiritual food like substances talk about food and stuff later in the week you can't make it at some point you can't be careful there's a line you cross and somebody's got to stand up and say Thus saith the Lord this is what God says this is the way that we will go you can't dance around the thing forever and unfortunately there are those who believe that somehow we as Christians will be able to continue to live and never offend anyone we want to show you some. Evidences of the attacks that are coming against the administration you're going to have to learn to stand up. First 17 if it be so God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace He says they make it clear listen we're not worried because our God can delivers. And then he said and he will deliver us out of that handle King and I don't believe it's just talking about the 3 he was that he there did not understand the prophecy that never came as it will not rule for ever and that they will not be in Babylon forever but verse 18 is powerful as is but if not even if God chooses not to deliver us be it known to the opening that we will not serve the gods nor worse of the golden images that I set up I love this they said listen I God can he will deliver us but guess what even if he the side did not to deliver us we would never serve your gods we would choose death over this honoring our God powerful stuff. Not another just as it is furious verse 19. Then was never can as a full of fury but I was in the form of his Vice it was change that in shattering the 2nd Abednego he had a he had a more sympathetic tone he was trying to convince them kindly in order for him nor them to be embarrassed but when they said listen we're not careful how we answer you the by was in his Vice and change the way he is face will even formed was different towards shattering the 2nd Abednego therefore he spake and commanded that they should heat the firm as $17.00 times more that it was want to be heated so they try to heat the furnace up more and more and more and he commanded the most my name and they were in his army to bind Shadrack me check and Abednego. And to cast them into the burning fiery furnace then these men were buying in their coats their holes in their hats and in their other and in their other garments were cast in the midst of a burning fire for the so the didn't take off the clothes at the close it actually worked as an incendiary agent so that it would burn faster they just they had this thing all set up there went on in a furnace and in their summer sky was to argue that they want to make it a furnace was a way. It's almost like sacrifice them to the Babylonian gods member furnace is very important they have to make the brick for all of never again as building campaigns so they take them and throw them in their sleep by owned and fully in their clothes therefore because the king's commandment was urgent and the furnace exceedingly hot the flames of the fire slew of those men took a shot right in the 2nd Abednego it was so bad so hot so terrible that even the soldiers these mighty men who grabbed them and threw them in the fire they dropped dead the 1st Saw and the 1st miracle and these 3 men Shadrack me shack in a bed fell down by a wind into the midst of the burning fire for as they throw them in they fall down but if I was of the 1st 24 never could measure the king's astonished got up in haste and spake as under the counsellors did not we cast 3 men bound into the midst of the fire they said Ok that's true yes we did but they have 3 in verse $25.00 says he has it and said Lo I see 4 men loose walking in the midst of the fire and they have no hurt and the form of the 4th is like the Son of God. Powerful and I believe when they were taken and thrown into this fiery furnace and the fire burned it what bound them and nothing else I mean there's a god is going to send some of us into a fiery trials of life you're going to have to stand for God under difficult circumstances but what god allowed to happen is he will keep you from the fire and destroy what was binding you he was Section 3 in your trial these men are there and here's the thing sometimes the only way you really get to meet God really get to have an experience with God is to meet him in the fire by the time this is all over the 3 he was had a better relationship with God and they had before and of course they stay were able to meet with the pre-incarnate Christ in the fire powerful story powerful stuff cry still meet you in the fire of your trials sometimes we're trying to avoid of the trial but it is actually the trial itself that gives us the nexus the opportunity to meet with him when I was in blah I was going through a fiery trial at the time and it gave me an opportunity to meet with God while the trial was going on while a difficulty was still going on I had a chance to spend time with God and I would not ever ask for that time to be taken away to undo how things went they had 3 verse 27 in the princes governors and captains and kings councils being gathered together saw these men. Who will applaud whose bodies the fire had no power. No they are dead since neither were their culture change though the smell of fire had passed on them so what never can as it brought in all the dignitaries to make a point that he was the greatest in the universe that he was the head of gold to whole image of gold and by the time was all over God took what never could measure the stage that never could never had set God took it and use it as an opportunity to introduce the entire Babylonian Empire all the people of influence in the empire to introduce them to the power of Jehovah they thought Joe had no power because they were taken captive the people of Judah and of Jerusalem but that was because they had sinned those that stood up for God still had his protection and this was just the way to show it is like in the New Testament of Paul goes before narrow and narrow has all of the. All of the dignitaries from all over the Roman Empire ample proof of the powerful sermon that's. You know the 2nd time of the whole book a 2nd time of the is written from the vantage of when Paul is in prison dealing with that situation God will sometimes put you into trouble and draw all the world around so that the world will see how powerful God is and even in our small parts of our lives God still does this with 3 Verse $28.00 then every kid has a spake and said Blessed be the god Shadrack me Shekh and Abednego with sent his angel and delivered his servants the trust in him and change the King's words and yielded their bodies that they might not serve not worship any god except their own God he says listen he said he says they trusted. In God and have to change the king's word can't say listen man I can't go against this God Now remember it was never good as it who is this god that's out the liver you know it's a lesson if change about word I believe it's time comes to an end. There will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit a lot of rain and I believe God's people are going to we're going to see miraculous manifestations of the Holy Spirit we've got to begin to prepare for God to work miracles man's mind to become so callous a trend against the truth that I believe it will take supernatural manifestation for many to come to know God never going to say yield to their bodies that they might not serve nor worship any god except their own god 9329 says Therefore I make a decree. That every people nation and language would speak anything amiss against the God Shadrach Meshach and Abednego shall be cut in pieces in their house 7 made a dunghill. Look at the God he didn't know before he says because there is no other god that can deliver after this sort then the king promoted Shadrack me shack and Abednego in the province of Babylon they went from it because they were willing to lose everything and go into the fire they were promoted and the whole empire was left to honor God. Why would he able to do this because they had sharp minds because they had given their lives to Christ in such a way that they would not compromise what we notice. The media music television wants to do is to dull the mind will talk to another section on down in the mind of morrow what they want to do is dull the mind so that you get to a place where you accept whatever is being told to you and if you will be willing to bow to the idols of this day. A challenge a church challenge you to take you know the calling and election given used seriously because Jesus is soon to return will you stand in the fires of this world let's for a father God thank You Lord for the instruction in your word for the story of the 3 boys a friend a special a Lord that we would stand is that we would shield our minds of the influences of this world and music and entertainment that would draw us away from. Us that raise our children that way to conduct our even our church service that to a glorified always in an office supper in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about body over if you would like to listen to your sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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