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03 Dulling of the Mind Part 2

Eric Walsh
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In part two of this message, Dr. Walsh will look at social media and diet. The enemy uses these two ways to reduce our mind's ability to focus on God and develop the character of Christ.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • March 3, 2021
    12:00 PM
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Again today is the 2nd part of our doubling the mind and I found that there's so much material I could even squeeze it all into this one so some of it's going to probably flow over into some other messages later on into the week to be brought up. A scripture reading for today comes from Proverbs Chapter 10. Starting at verse 17 in the scriptures the Bible says blessed that I doubt over land when I King is the son of nobles and the princes eat in due season for strength and not for drunkenness. And I princes eat in due season for strength and not for drunkenness when the mind part 2 and this is of course a part of our series for this week the mind of Christ let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study or Thank You Lord for your truth and Lord that your truth indoors for ever Lord we ask that you make me just and they'll upon the wall rusty sorry now a lot of upon that mail order we ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ letter was not be seen or heard instead of father let us hear word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus' name amen All right so we're going to jump to the book of Mark the 6 chapter go through a Bible story and then we're going to really get into some a little bit more of the kind of science and spiritual combination that we did yesterday which Mark 6 verse $21.00 says and what a convenient day was come that Herod on his birthday had made a supper to his Lords his captains and chief states of Galilee. When the daughter of the said her odious came in and danced and pleased Tara the them that sat with him the king said unto the damsel ask of me whatsoever that Wilt and I will give it to the this is the daughter of Herod's wife who was once Herod's brother's wife and so there was some. Drama as it were. In the family dynamic of course. Their sin had been called out by John the Baptist so as this party is going on John the Baptist is sitting in a dungeon. Her odious. Sent her daughter into deaths because she wanted to lower the. In his visions in a sense of the mighty harried she had an agenda because she was still very upset John the Baptist had called out their sin mark 6 and verse 23 says and he swear on to her whatsoever that was shot ask of me I will give it to the. Half of my kingdom. And she went forth and said unto her mother What shall I ask and she said the head of John the Baptist John the Baptist of course was great in Man of God the forerunner for Jesus Christ. If we had time today I would actually describe like even this experience of him going to prison help to purify even the character of John the Baptist this is a difficult time difficult for him difficult for his disciples John the Baptist was left there in prison. And verse 25 says and she came in straightway with haste under the King Herod and asked saying I will I will that will give me by and bye in a charger the head of John the Baptist. So the request is for John the Baptist's head verse 26 and the king was exceeding sorry yet for his old sake for the sake of for their sake which sat with him he would not reject and is a big part of what we're going to pull out today creating an atmosphere where people are less able to reject evil and to push back against temptation the human brain functions in a certain way and her audience she knew what she was doing. And tonight I mean you can see that one of the things is that it was at a feast where alcohol is being served but it was peer pressure from those at the feast to to move him in a direction once he made the promise be difficult for him to pull back from Mark 627 says and immediately king sent an executioner he commanded his head to be brought and he went and we had him in the prison and brought his head in a charger and gave it to the damsel. The damsel gave it to her mother what a. Glory morbid scene they brought the head of God's servant out on a platter and. Passed it around like a trophy. And this of course is the challenge of our message tonight how do you get someone like Herod who had gone from someone who did not like John the Baptist but as John the Baptist stated him in the in this fortress in the dungeon and the king seems to have visited with him he began to like John the Baptist in fact his words we're told began to quicken in the air it was very difficult faired to do this and this is why her audience knew she to set a trap to get him to do this and she did she was able to get him. To join and to do it and the Spirit of Prophecy desired Vader's big situated to $21.00 says it like this Herod believed John to be a prophet of God and he fully intended to set him at liberty but he was delayed in his purpose from fear of her odious orders knew by that by direct measures she could never win her its consent to the death of John and she resolved to accomplish her purpose by stratagem on the King's birthday and entertain was to be given to the officers of state and the nobles of the court there would be feasting and drunken nest here it would be would thus be thrown off his guard and might then be influenced according to her will. When that great when the great day arrived and the King it was his lords it was feasting and drinking rodeo sent her daughter into the banquet banqueting all to dance for the entertainment of the guests Salome was in the 1st flush of womanhood and of a love she was beauty captivated the senses of the lordly revelers it was not customary for ladies of the court to appear at these festivals at these festivities and a flattering compliment was paid to Harriet when this daughter of Israel's priests and princes dance for the amusement of his guests the king was dazed with wine passion held sway and reason was dethroned he saw only the hall of pleasure with its revelling guests the banquet table the sparkling wine and the flashing lights and the young girl dancing before him in the recklessness of the moment he desired to make some display that would exalt him before the great men of his realm with an old he promised to give the daughter of her odious whatever she might ask even to the half of his kingdom there are many things they won't talk about as we go through the week some of it we kind of talked about already when we talked about music and television yesterday clearly that one of the news it playing that she danced her dancing would be like you know the effect of visual intertainment. There's also the line which we'll talk about later on in the week and the impact of alcohol on lowering inhibitions and moving people to make decisions that they would otherwise never make but the other part of it the other part of it here is this. The food that was actually spread out. Can food and a feast and especially at a time revelry like this can it actually impact our decision making. And it was all of these things it was the Feast of the alcohol the friends the music the dance all of this moved. Herod to make a decision he would later regret he did not want to kill that John the Baptist but because of the circumstances he did. So desired as made to want to one says I This is a prophet John was to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for the Lord in preparing the way for Christ's 1st advent he was a representative he was a representative. Of those who are to prepare a people for our Lord's 2nd coming one of the lessons of the story or desire of age faith when one is a John the Baptist represents those as he prepared the way for Christ 1st coming and mission he represents those of us that will be alive today preparing full for Christ's 2nd coming how did John the Baptist do this he will remember he for me was before his born instructions given to his mother John about this never lived or lived very little time around lots of people he pulled out to the countryside he ate a very specific diet addressed a very specific way a lot of the reforms that we talk about are embodied when you read the life of John the Baptist's diet reform dress reform country living. Proclaiming the messages in our case it would be the 3 angels messages so we're going to focus on one part of this to find out what made John about the special and able to stand no matter what and what made King Herod fold what he no new to do better. So Revelation 7 to introduced a little further. The concept of. The concept of the of the frontal lobe and. The decision making and the importance of the mind Revelation 7 verse 2 says and I saw another angel sending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice of the 4 angels to whom it was given to her the earth and the sea saying hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads again the story goes in verse one we don't read holding back the winds of strife another angel of 15 who comes on the scene so there's a you can't destroy everything earth save the trees till we have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads what is represented by the forehead and why is it important to talk a little bit about this earlier in the week this is where the frontal lobe sits this is the part of the brain where we make decisions where we reason again if you laid a body out like a sanctuary this is the most holy place in our bodies our bodies the temple this is the most holy place this is where our conscience sits like the 10 Commandments in the ark are met much of our memory is as a house here. This is where we make decisions and we have higher brain function which are about gamma rays a little later on. I say a $100.00 says Come now let us reason together say of the Lord your sins be a scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they be red like crimson they said be as Will what this tells us is that your ability to reason we talked about the fact that one of the major things the frontal does is it is the center for reasoning in the human mind this is where you think so God says Come let us reason together reason about what about your salvation. You're sitting so really going to reason about how it is that you remove your sins and we made sure and clean it other words the frontal lobe is where salvation takes place from a decision making process it is in the frontal lobe we also call it the prefrontal cortex if he's in 6 to to really hammer this point home if he said success it like this and take the helmet of salvation and the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God So what is that when you have that when you take a look at the whole armor of God The helmet is the part that protects your mind your brain. That's where salvations it's so that salvation is like a helmet once you make a decision it is the part of God's armor that works to protect and preserve your salvation. Philippians 3800 says it like this for many walk of whom I have told you often and now tell you even weeping the g. are the enemies of the cross of Christ so the enemies of the cross of Christ How does Paul describe it further he says who is and is the struction whose god is their belly and his glory is in their shame who mind earthly things their god is their belly and they mind that their mind is always stuck on earthly things will talk a little bit about appetite and diet tonight and I want to start with a quote that I get from Pastor James Kyle a doctor physician out in Los Angeles and I heard him preach a health message once and he said this a few times in that message he said Your body will conspired to kill you if you give your body. Everything it asks for everything it craves your body will literally conspired to kill you if you ate ice cream every time the French fries every time that chips every. Hamburgers if you go on and on if you give you buy everything it wants even in the realm of sex and sexuality in the realm of. Alcohol and drugs if if you get a taste for something that's not good for you your body is very likely to crave it if you give your body everything it asks for your body will conspired to kill you. Ellen White says it like this the great controversy page 338. We must exert all our wisdom and subtlety to the sea and this is from the chapter the snares of Satan or is it a Liz's of Satan the speaking we must exert all our wisdom and subtlety to the sea even ensnare those who honor the true Sabbath we can separate many from Christ by worldliness lust and pride. They may think themselves safe because they believe the truth here's the kicker but indulgence of appetite or the lower passions which will confuse judgement and destroy discrimination will cause their fall the enemy knows that if he can get our appetites off track he can get us off track spiritually and so how does he do it so. You know so kind of mention an interaction we had about. How to help people quit smoking and using index cards and I still do that today myself I simply would take an index card right alongside one reason they want to quit smoking and on the other side write a Bible promise not everybody's Christian and I come across lots of them write a motivational thought but if I can I tell them to write a Bible verse and one index card for every cigarette pack 20 cigarettes in a pack is the right one. If they can come up with 20 of them I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me nothing is impossible with God and some of the verses that we're going to use today actually to get them to do this but I don't White says why is it so important we push back against bad habits. This from Sign of The Times August 6th 1012 she says it is by a repetition of acts that habits are established and character confirmed it is by a repetition of acts that habits are established and character confirmed so you do something over and over again it becomes a habit when you keep doing the habit the habit makes your character and what is it we always say the only thing you get to take with you to heaven is your character your character sits in your frontal lobe This is why the Book of Revelation it says God is going to write his name on our foreheads What does that mean well names of the Bible represent it carried us away character that's what Abraham became Abraham and Sarah became Sarah and. Became Joshua you go on and on name changes name represents someone's character this is why the scripture talks about as doing things in essence. To exalt the name of God It's the character of God we're looking to exalt to have the mind of Christ is to have the character of Christ it all goes together so when you get bad habits literally you can form a character that is not like Christ character how does that happen I'm going to hold a bit on this but here is I have it on a nerve cell and what we know is that these cells there's a single co-leading. And then drugs that work just to create a memory so every time you do something it gets easier and easier to do it and after a while your body actually creates these buttons or French or buttons that it puts there and it's the actual electron micrograph picture from electron like microscopy but about one sort of an extra Seal Colin so that when you go to play the piano the next time and you made this new button it's that much easier to hit the right note. When you go to. You know type on the computer every time you create a little bit and it becomes easier and easier the more you use the keyboard but the same is true if you have a bad habit if you don't study what you suppose if you neglect your prayer life if you. Take about a habit of smoking part of it is double meaning mediated mean it is actual chemical neural chemical addiction but part of it is also the hand mouth part of using a cigarette based in the acetylcholine we've got to be able to to to ask God to help us to bend the habits if we're going to have the character of Christ we're going to have the mind of Christ and what I'm talking about tonight is probably the most common area that many of us of guess Christians fall just like it was used against heritage and used by John about to strengthen itself the choice of foods we eat and that and appetites we develop could help to form our minds for earth or for turning teeth so here's the thing on human brain food addiction don't mean receptor sites trigger a rush of pleasure in the brain and body every time you eat something high and salt sugar or fat you experience happy chemicals that's don't mean that create a pathway in your brain thus resulting in a habit that leads to addiction so you have 2 different ways that you develop this bad habit one of them of course is acetylcholine mediated as we show here but the other one of course is still common urges pathways and let's talk more about that in a 2nd but it is a powerful force because we need food it is very easy in this on this point remember that Adam and Eve were 1st tempted and failed is on this point that the children of Israel were tested in a sense with manna and failed to some extent. It is on this point that Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys are tempted as they got to Babylon whether or not to eat the king's meat or to drink it was walk on and they passed and Jesus of course was tempted 40 days 40 nights in the wilderness without food the 1st thing Satan tried to do was to get him to turn stones to bread and Jesus of course passes. This is a key component to salvation and could mean it is overlooked by the majority of Christians in oral but it but it cannot be so if we're going to look at how food can be addictive there's a lot of ways it can happen I'll give you this just as an example before we get into other things like sugar so something as simple as cheese which many you know I grew up you eat cheese Jesus probably. Is a staple to the American diet. We don't have all of the fancy cheeses available to us daily as they would in like France but we clearly have a lot of cheese and this look at this the study reveals that she's triggers the same part of the brain as many drugs how does it do this because the casein which is one of the proteins in the milk and cow's milk humans have a form of casing the ratios are different cow's milk has a higher ratio of casing and it's a different form of casing than human casing obviously because it is designed to turn calves into cows so when you drink milk the casein Cascades the a body if you have a malignancy developing the casing will help it to grow fast like it helps a calf to grow fast so. It is also addicting because those casings break down and decay so more fins Ok So more things which are related in a sense in the way they function in the brain to things like heroin and other opiates so it's not nearly as strong you know it's not the same kind of addiction but it is a steady low grade. Pleasure that the brain gets out of the cheese which is one of the reasons why you talk to people is often more difficult for them to give up cheese that they give up any other food any other foods the number one food on the list of addicting foods is pizza part of that is because it is a mix of salt sugar and fat with plenty of cheese in most cases on top of it so. Cheese does not do good for part of your body that we just recently with science has really been focusing in on and that is the gut microbiome we had when I was in medical school no one ever mentioned this we thought the cold and job was just to pull water back out past the stools through it. Wouldn't take much more of it what we now know is that in fact it is critical that there are more you have more genetic material of bacteria in your colon than you have Hewland. Genetic material in your entire body there's a symbiotic relationship would hundreds of species of bacteria but also a virus fungus funk I in your colon that resist that exist in a certain balance and release things that can help or hurt you when you eat the wrong foods the micro biome can be damaged and that can cause devastating effects on our health because a big portion of our immune system is actually in our digestive track which makes sense because you eat things from the outside world. You swallow and down that covered with bacteria or virus or whatever knows what your body has to have a defense that gut microbiota is a huge concept that is big that is beginning to support the health message that Adventists. Scribed for so long so what does it do well it is in step one these bacteria produce essential nutrients like vitamin k. b 12 it converts dietary fibers a useful short change fatty acids what we know about the short chain fatty acids if you eat the right fiber the short scene fatty acids go into the bloodstream and want to get into the bloodstream they actually help to curb appetite they tell your body they help to tell your body that you're full So if you eat a low fiber diet like full of cheese and meat you can you not these fat these fatty acids form help tell you that you're full of course. Access the front doors I just said 70 percent of the immune system is in the gut so it's very important what you eat that matters you see fiber here is a key important goal and Americans are malnourished not because they don't have enough calories but at least for one thing because you don't have enough fiber So you're literally eating more than enough food but still malnourished because you're not getting the key ingredient of food in fiber so this one says it takes guts. Assumptions a secreted by the microbes of the gut may infiltrate blood vessels for a direct route to the brain so the back to residents of the intestines may influence neurons and the brain through several routes passing come across the barrier into the bloodstream the microbes prompt neural Pod cells and at lining to stimulate the vegas nerve which connects directly to the brain more directly microbes activate and taro and the current cells in the lining which sends hormones throughout the body and even more indirectly gut microbes influence immune cells and inflammation which can affect the brain so there's a lot to unpack but I'll say it like this what really happens is. It was kind of a victim of it when you eat what you eat can actually change your mood. Change how you defend against infection but the inflammation we're going come back to inflammation is the recurring theme when you know I'll show you some examples of that when you eat inflammatory foods they cross the barrier into the bloodstream they can also cross the blood brain barrier get into your brain and you can have inflammatory components entering your brain and causing it to be honest in a hyper inflammatory state a pro-inflammatory state not just out of your body which causes a lot of chronic diseases like heart disease and high blood pressure and even diabetes or some extent but it can get into your brain and their message your brain to make you not think straight to make you more prone to anxiety and depression I believe one day America will figure out in the world figure out that in fact the rise in that and some of the mental health disorders cases of anxiety and depression had more to do with food than anything else in fact I would argue that even some of the childhood things we deal with like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other things will have some component of it being contributed by food maybe not all of it but at least some of it so here's an example t.m.a.o. try method lambing and Oxide of a metabolite derived from gut bacteria t.m.a.o. is produced in the body from dietary clonidine carnitine is found in animal muscle tissue This is why it doesn't matter if you get free range meat if you get to meet straight off the land if you get a fish straight out of the water or in a chicken straight out of your backyard and it never was in a processing plant which of course is a horrible place animals for a lot of reasons even if just the muscle tissue itself so to mail is not in the carnitine is not an essential nutrient because the body's actually make it only take it in. T.m.a.o.. Is produced by a lot of bacteria when we eat the carnitine our gut bacteria breaks it down into a molecule called t.m.a. was converted by a liver to t.m.a.o. and the study showed a v. Guinn's and vegetarian food was less t.m.a.o. from the carnitine than omnivore suggested that the regular consumption of meat changes our micro biome to April 3rd genic profile or pro-inflammatory because of other Genesis an inflammatory state as well so here inflammation comes into your body it will cause multiple diseases heart disease being one of them as it shows here but again it can cross the blood brain barrier and affect the way you think and remember it's your frontal lobe you're trying to protect it is the helmet of salvation so if you eat meat there's actually a effect on the brain through a process of inflammation now maybe milder and some more made major and others but this is part of the process and so. Of course just eating meat regularly you change the the. The composition of the different types of gut bacteria so that you can make it you make t.m.a.o. if you stop eating meat you know you stop making those bacteria which tells you that the way we feel and think is driven. In part by what we eat regularly because it will impact a gut microbiota which will then impact other parts of our bodies as well as we see. Other things just mentioned of course is that there's a whole nother nervous system attached to the gut in tearing of a system is why you feel man it was like a punch to the gut or you know I'm sick to my stomach when you hear bad news there's feeling in the gut itself so it's even more complicated than just this how we eat how we see the world is majorly attached to that so how else is meat contribute to this. And when you eat meat again even if it's if it's you know farm fresh or rearranged there are over $100000000.00 bacteria per quarter pound of beef and the toxins exist even after the meat is cooked or even placed in acid like our stomachs saturated fat in the meat products help the end of toxins cross the gut into the bloodstream causing inflammation so certain foods meet the Fair Harbor bacteria that can trigger inflammation even when the bacteria is dead or alive even one of food is fully cooked this is one of the reasons why I mean eating is not for us a lot of studies continue to show that a whole foods plant based diet is better because if you remove the meat or place it with plants you don't get these effects it becomes. Anti-inflammatory you can actually change a diet from Program which are to anti-inflammatory Tom Brady will be playing in the Super Bowl this weekend I don't know so you probably will follow football but he is he reports. A diet just bit more whole food more plant based. Because he's looking for this pro this anti-inflammatory effect so he can play at an older age. So the inflamed brain Well what happens you get a bit of anxiety and depression and I can tell you that one of the things God does not want. It is not what you depressed in the presence of the Lord there is joy we talked about this I think yesterday if you're in God's presence you should experience joy as you should be spirits of the pression. If you're in the presence of God You should feel to face. Removal of fear or anxiety 2nd 71 and verse 7 says it like this but God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind I want you don't have this is one of the verses I would actually give smokers to write on their index cards because cigarette smoking often. Has everything to do it a fear of. Life itself you know when you get anxious get nervous something's going right some long wrong and you want to cigarette so. This is a good were good words to read and I thought always that this was just a statement of faith and trust and I was going to trust God but I'm starting to realize that there are other influences. Over who get a chance talk about marijuana and alcohol later in the week. But the by the way that these 2 chemicals the chemicals in alcohol and marijuana interact with the brain the impact Gabaa and glutamate and they can they can give you more of a sense of anxiety marijuana is known for the panic state it causes alcohol sort of depressive states it can cause and so when you look at this that's as many want to alcohol but food can have these kind of influences as we're going to talk more about so when get when God has not given us the spirit of fear God also gave us the way that we should eat it's prescribed in Genesis and all through the Scripture Daniel Chapter one The way that Elijah was fed by the Ravens the man a fellow from heaven. That gives all of these clues and if we and he also discourages the use of alcohol if you look at all of it in the entirety part of the way that God gives us a spear God gives us a spirit of power of love and a sound mind is like giving us the entire health message and again trust in God is one of the most important aspects so. Specifically what happens at the standard American diet which we abbreviate as the sad diet what happens well you know salt sugar and fat this is a book we just interviewed Michael Moss one of the programs that I do there's a great book I'm going on a panel in Los Angeles before salt sugar and fat and when you look at the salt the sugar and the fat you realize. That the combination of these things that in the food industry literally design the food just like I'm sure Iran has made short it Herod had the right foods that night in the right line that night just to make decisions she wanted food industry designs the food so that you eat it you talk to one food insider in one of our I want to cover stations that we have one of my programs and they said you've got understand what a food industry is that the business of business is business they want to make food so hyper palatable and in a sense even habit forming that you eat it you can't stop eating the food so Pringles or maybe maybe maybe not Pringles but one of the potato chip companies that is once you pop you can't stop they say that you can eat just one of the tobacco industry got in trouble because the back industry said our food is not our products our cigarettes our products are not addicting the food industry tells you straight out once you pop you can't stop and it is because of what they've designed in salt sugar and fat which at times is going to this they create the bliss point how they study how food crunches and it affects the I mean in the brain they study how these foods mix together once you digest them to really don't mean in the brain to become more and more habit forming they have a concept called the vanishing calorie we eat like a like a Cheeto or hot cheeto And if you take a few crunches the brain things up crunchy like an apple or like your Excel or something good is coming but then it just dissolves the power in your mouth so you keep eating it because your brain keeps thinking nutrient is coming behind it it's incredible seal the study to get you to do that and one of the main things on that we'll get in some of the other foods today but one of the main things is of course sugar. Sugar is a chemical structure set up a picture of it up is very similar to that of alcohol not very different but it has some pretty profound effects on the brain excessive glucose sugar in the form of a revised sugar can be very detrimental to your brain ultimately affecting your attention span I want you to hear this we talk a lot about attention deficit disorder it can affect attention span your short term memory and your mood stability how does it do this well one of things that happens in eat lots of sugar is you get of Sugar Rush insulin shoots up behind the increase in blood sugar levels and then bring that down rapidly went to speak glucose is the primary fuel of the brain you get all the sugar you get all amped up you get all riled up you get you know you kind of hyper focus it drops out and you get dull and this is why kids eat you know sugary breakfast and go to school a 3rd or 4th period a lot of times they're not even you know it's difficult for them to focus or to stay awake but it's more than that a block membranes and thereby slow down neuronal neural communication increases free radical inflammatory stress on your brain free radicals can actually rupture cells causes neurons to misfire and center on his messages that take time and energy to sort out increases the Delta Alpha and theta brain waves in general slower Bringers a straight up more about that in the 2nd which makes it harder to think clearly eventually damages your neurons I want you to look at this what we're finding here is that when we are told in the scripture. That to have this mind in us there was also increased trade Jesus and we're told to take the helmet of salvation we are told in Isaiah $118.00 to reason with God around our salvation high doses of sugar actually rules make it more difficult to do that this is really the crux of the matter your brain can be dulled by what you eat the fat in the meat allows the toxins to cross in. Flame the brain sugar does a very similar thing here it actually can come in and cause you to not think straight if you want your kids that do well in school do not give them refined sugars they want something so he isn't eating grapes they should be in apples of blueberries they should be eating but Nanna's they should be eating you know Whole Foods. Amazing fruits they should be eating whole foods. In order to get there to get the feeling of something sweet because then they get fiber with it which feeds the gut bacteria to be to have a good balance and hence decrease inflammation that way and also avoids the sugar rush because the fiber will more evenly distributed sugar as it passes through the the digestive tract so that you don't get a massive spikes and sugar if you want your child to be healthy if you want to have the think straight you want to child to do well in school one of the 1st things you would do is to remove the process sugars why because of processed sugars do is that's just as mentioned it keeps you in beta alpha in theta Delta this is a is a deep sleep without dreams where you want to be if you want a child or function well it's to be easy for your child to go up into the gamma waves up at the top a poor diet and the use of alcohol or marijuana knocks you out of gamma I want you to get this church this is important because I believe that to some extent to interact with God properly to make a decision for him probably you've got to have spent enough time on in the Gamma was. A wave of frequencies up at the top of his chart you've got to be up there a lot to think straight does the Bible support is absolutely 1st us alone is 5 or 6 says Therefore let us not sleep as do others but let us watch and be sober the most sober you are as appearing gamma. The most able you are to watch is offering gamma you learn better up here it's your peak perform. Since this is where you want to be the devil wants to knock you down here and he does it through television which brings you down into alpha waves and make you one likely to absorb what's being said he doesn't buy alcohol and marijuana which knocks you out a gamma as well by it's interaction with glutamate and Gabba this is where you want to be in the Gamma wave this is where the Christian is called to be we're called to be sober to be thinking that's what we're called to be constantly vigilant why because our adversary the devil walk at the bottom like a Roman lion seeking whom he may devour if you are in the alpha wave the Devils not he's only between 2 and 3 pounds of sugar each week over the last 20 years our national interests are national sugar consumption exploded in the last 20 years from 26 pounds to one $135.00 pounds of sugar per person annually that is astronomical compare that to sugar consumption in the late eighty's hundreds when the average consumption was 5 pounds per person per year they ate whole foods that at a time incidentally with heart disease and cancer was originally unknown and you don't have to look in this at this from a historical perspective the truth of the matter is when you look around the world a parts of the world really don't eat processed foods they still have low lower rates of cancer and lower rates of heart disease so one Research Group of Wisconsin University of Wisconsin found that the brain may react to excess refined sugars found in food as if they were Avery's or it bacteria the resulting immune response because cognitive deficits such as those associated with Alzheimer's disease so a bad diet there's many ways that can affect long term brain function all time is is a score of one thing you fear the most but there are a lot of people don't know how we eat may very well have a big impact on the sugar prepare you see may impact it but if it impacts it this way for the long term could it affect the brain and the cognitive function in the short run if you eat a whole bunch of sugar right now that message of brain most of us would say if you get a bit of a brain fog. But that diet with high cholesterol from animal products like cheese and meat saturated fat from cheese and lete you add in the sugar from the refined foods or you look at a typical cheeseburger or piece of pizza with with meat on it and cheese literally what's happening is on the one hand the sugary part of it which is what the white flour of the pizza crust out of or a bun of the bread turns into. Literally what happens is that you get the direct effect of the sugar but you also get the humility of effect of the damage to the arteries being in a hyper inflammatory state and then laying down all of that cholesterol which causes the color of the plaques which ultimately cause can cause strokes even the tiny strokes one of the most common reasons people get dementia is what we call multi infarct dementia multi In fact dementia so we get a little tiny strokes for years until finally the cumulative effect is that you look like someone who might have all timers so if you want your brain healthy for the long run if you want the mind of Christ all the way through remembered Moses was a 120 years old when he climbed the last mountain to lay down and die the Bible says that his sight was not dimmed and his strength and not abated he was just a strong just as sharp just as clear as he was when he was younger that has a lot to do with how Moses lived how Moses ate how Moses functioned and thought care to number one number another one of them from Psychology Today high blood sugar coupled those before me a mentally challenging task is associated with high levels of cortisol is stressful known to impair memory so you take a child you feed them honey buns and Pop Tarts and. Honey coated cereals and sugary cereals and. Put in cow's milk in the Senate child's school well they've got all of the bad components of a diet and in their breakfast they go to school in the sugar levels are high and the teacher asked them to perform mentally challenging tasks well what happens now your child is releasing cortisol stress hormone because of what they ate and because of what they're being asked to do. And here's the irony you want to go to school in memory but what the studies are shown is when a child eats like this or when we as adults we release all of his cortisol and it actually impairs our ability to remember why is this important if you have a thought about it the 4th commandment is the only one that starts with the word remember. Our ability to remember to remember what God has done for us to remember the scripture to remember the commandments to remember the love of God The mercy he's shown us is all tied into this this is why these things begin to affect salvation because when you're stressed out with cortisol is released one of the things that happens is the normal response quarters of normally turns down the inflammatory response of immune cells but when Lenna we. Are stressed out for an any reason including from a Diet Coke you develop cortisol resistance and you are unable to stop the inflammatory response and here you get all these stressors that go back into the brain the brain which itself becomes chronically stressed because you cannot turn down the inflammatory response of the immune system because your cortisol levels are always high and your body is not resistant to it. Diet can do that and of course going back to it if you don't trust in God like John the Baptist did John the Baptist died without even a stress I believe John the Baptist when the time for him to die came John the Baptist took his fate because he had challenged Jesus said to this I was as he is are you really the Messiah and Jesus sent him back in the answer to his disciples John the Baptist spread abroad as it was corrected that I believe John about this Drew into a state of perfection in Christ Jesus he was he was transformed even for the good a man as he was his old life in the dungeon God even moved him more when up the execution of cannot let life stress you out got to put your trust in God The key to having a mind of Christ is to leave your burdens at the foot of the cross what happens you can see this the same loop and cycle here chronic stress comes in and out with sleep Portrush an emotional distress it increases Google court of course like adrenaline a cellular changes in the hippocampus is a what is that what happens there you get less attention less perception you decrease short term memory decrease learning and you can't find words stress does all of that then it comes on how you get decrease regulation of cortisol that's a good morning Google court a court and get this the fly wheel like effect where you where this happens you ability to focus his wife will come to church they can't really focus they can't take things in they get they don't they say I try to read a bible I can't focus I can't concentrate I can't do it for a long part of that is because we have we're feeding ourselves and stressing ourselves into a place where we can't. Always focus and stay in those gamma waves that we talked about earlier. So the court is also functions. As Officer functions are part of the natural process of the body in moderation the homeowner is perfectly normal and healthy its functions are multiple This is in addition to restoring balance to the body after a stress event cortisol helps regulate blood sugar levels in cells and has huge talent Tarion value in the hippocampus where memories are stored and processed but when chronic stress is experienced the skull allostatic load bottle with the body makes more cortisol than it has a chance to release this is one cortisol in stress can lead to trouble high levels of cortisol a weird can wear down the brain's ability to function properly according to several studies chronic stress impairs brain function in multiple ways it can disrupt said natural like regulation resulting in a loss of soul sociability and in voices of interaction with others stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain it can even reduce the size of the brain chronic stress as a shrinking effect on a free frontal cortex the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning remember where the seal of God goes remember where the name of God is written is all in the in the forehead which is the frontal lobe or from frontal cortex what we're learning is that stress poor diet can shrink the very part of the brain where the seal of God is to go meaning where your character is to be developed and it doesn't matter on the other side the market obese is given in the frontal lobe as well they some people get the mark in their forehead some people get it in their head those are they maybe those who don't even can even think straight and we live in a time like I said before we live in a time we're no longer in an age of influence in Age of Information or an age of influence you need a frontal lobe to critically assess and look at what is going on and in the world. While stress can shrink the prefrontal cortex it can increase the size of the a mic till it which can make the brain more receptive to stress cortisol is believed to create a domino effect that hard wires pathways between the hippocampus in the middle are in a way that my creative vicious cycle by creating a brain that becomes predisposed to be in a constant state of fight or flight don't list if you're in a constant state of fight or flight constantly stressed out it carries a disease burden of inflammation poor decision making inability to focus if you are to have the mind of Christ Jesus it is impacted by the way we live and this is Biblical Daniel in the tree where Dale doesn't get it doesn't get the doesn't expose and. Exercise the gift of prophecy until after he shows you that he can manage his diet and all through the Bible there are hints after the flood. Is made available to mankind and watches life expectancy short there's a lot of hints in the Bible that how important all this oh just of just a just a. Really drive the point home one study here says. Study stress shrinks the brain and lowers our ability to cope with adversity feeling stressed by family and workloads it could be taking a toll on both your brain and your body the other study from h.h.s. from the federal government to stress and brain atrophy all get into those except to say literally a brain becomes it can shrink the prefrontal cortex or the seal of God to be placed can actually be shrunk down and what happens stressed equals desserts spelled backwards when you get super stressed out one of the things that happens is you literally literally begin to crave foods that. Are comfort foods high in salt sugar and fat addictive foods so you know what happens when you stress you start eating the disease forming foods this is nutritional stress eating the disease forming foods and as importantly you stop eating the health promoting foods and miss is the standard American diet one of the reasons the saloons are you know you are in abundance in poor neighborhoods and minority neighbors in America they want to feed on people stress. And it's for all Americans but they make good money doing it by making the food is devoid of nutrients the bread can stay on the shelf longer so they can make these foods very cheap so everyone eats it. But the food we eat can create stress in our bodies the very fluid we eat can do that and that will affect the way we think and this is food the stress it is here your diet the stress negative emotions go back and forth both of them contribute to autonomic nervous system of activity which is like the adrenaline pathways oxidative stress we didn't get a chance to talk about but the free radicals that damage the lining of the vessels and predispose us events of mutations in our cells that can lead to cancer. And metabolic responses to food you get this inflammation and it the inflammation itself seems stress and as you can see it just becomes a vicious look you're stressed out you have bad outcomes from the stress to try and manage the stress because in each shrewd rich in sugar and fat it actually blunts the effect of cortisol So you want more of those foods and so I would stress your reach was just those cups of foods is why proverbs $1017.00 says what it says it all makes more sense no less that I was out will lead like King is the son of nobles and I preach that eating due season for strength and not for drunkenness you want to Kings to be eating a diet that supports their straight thinking irrational thinking and not they're not eating just a pleasure to eating the strength and clarity. So brain food I'll quickly give you this study where they took blueberries no blueberries and some kids going to school in the morning a couple of berries or 2 cups of little berries what I found of them as the amount of blueberries in a kid's increased so to school performance blueberries are shown to literally improve brain function and luckily I'm here in New England would have plenty of blueberries and see when the season comes around but eating blueberries Black Berries dark grapes. Are very good these are fruits that don't even spoil you could Apple or banana and that Brown takes a lot to just a brown a blueberry is so many antioxidants that the oxidation process is very slow which means very good for us which had more time to get into that but you know a lot of really good foods like this in a lot of leafy green vegetables that we should be eating almost 12 and verse 2 says and be not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God We must work to transform our minds. Revelation 7 says 14 and I said unto him sir that I know is that he said to me these are they which came out of great tribulation and washed their worlds and made them white in the blood of the Lamb remember a light says that John the Baptist weapons those of us at the end of time will be proclaiming the 3 angels message and ushering in the 2nd coming of Christ we will also be persecuted and if you are not preparing for that now you will not be able to stand desiring to speak to $24.00 God never leaves us children otherwise than they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose which they are fulfilling as coworkers with him not a nickel is translated to heaven not Alija who ascended in a chariot of fire it was greater or more honored than John the Baptist who perished alone in the dungeon unto you is given in the behalf of Christ not only to believe on Him but also to suffer for his sake for Libyans 129 and of all the gifts that heaven can bestow upon men fellowship with Christ and His sufferings is the most weighty trust and the highest honor and let me say this to you church it is incredible that God gave us a whole health message that gives all of the doctrines that he's given us and all of this is done and all of this is done so that we are better able. Better able to serve him better able to withstand the coming time of trouble a lot of that has to do with diet and other things that will do a goal to as we go through the week but I pray today that we make the decision to not be like Harriet and allow the recklessness of a night to make it make a bad decision or a recklessness of cumulative nights but instead we make the decision of John the Baptist to live such a life that we are the best ambassadors for Christ let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study the word science around the health message in the diet read each of us will make a decision to follow you in these things to begin to remove from us the foods and the winds of Babylon. To help us to follow you in all these things you want clear minds want space on the big rich functioning. On which you are pleased to see them the. Less that is good just. 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