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05 Marking the Mind

Eric Walsh
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In this message, Dr. Walsh looks at how we can help to prepare every mind for the Mark of the beast. At the same time, he will revisit those things needed to prepare the mind for the Seal of God.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • February 5, 2021
    12:00 PM
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Good to be with everyone again tonight. We have once again a lot to cover so we're going to get right into God's word this. Sabbath evening time. And we're going to be discussing from the topic marking the mind our scripture reading. Because Romans chapter 8. Romans chapter 8 it verses 5 through 8 almost after 8 verses 5 through 8 which reads For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit for to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be so then that So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God a message again. This Sabbath is entitled marking the mind marking the mind as part of our series The Mind of Christ let us break Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study you were once again I pray Lord once again that you make me just a nail upon the wall Lord rusty sorry nail. The Lord as we. Cover these difficult topics tonight I pray that you would hang a portrait of Jesus Christ upon that nail that Eric waltz not be seen or heard instead father let us hear a word from the through move Grace this is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. All right church get right into this mark 5 horses one through 3 says they came over on to the other side of the sea into the country of the gatherings and when he was come out of the ship immediately they met him out of the Tombs a man with an unclean spirit who had his doing among the tools and no man could bind him no not with chains so Jesus and His disciples had come across the lake across the sea and pulled into a part of the countryside that was pretty much inhabited by non Jews some would say heathen and so. Jesus may have simply been looking for a respite the night before was the night when they were on the storm and she's a stood up and said Peace be still. The day before was the day when the 5000 had been fed and they wanted to force Jesus to become king so it had been a trying time emotions were high this is the cycles had been disappointed in the fact that Jesus would not take over the kingship of of Israel and restore Israel back to its former glory and the kings like David and Solomon and remember to try to force him and so instead they wind up in a storm would all kinds of problems but anyway so verse 2 and when he was come out of the ship immediately there met him out of the tools a man with an unclean spirit. Who had his dwelling among the tombs and no man could bind him no not with chains so they tried to bind this man they tried to control him but they were never able to verse 4 because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains and chains had been plucked asunder by him and the fetters broke and broken in pieces neither could any man tame him and always day and night. Night and day he was in the mountains and in the Tombs crying and cutting himself with stones so here is a man in a very terrible situation the scripture says that he had been healed they had bound him they tried to control him and no man could tame him it was like he was an animal but he would win even when he had his freedom he would be in the mountains cutting themselves crying. What kind of self mutilation type behavior verse 6 says about when he saw Jesus afar off he ran and worshipped him this all by itself was enough to probably blow some folks mind to the side to spread a profit sells when this man started coming towards them the disciples took off running and when they have got a good distance away they looked to see where Jesus was and realized he was still standing back where the man was in fact he raised his hand and the same hands he raised to calm the sea he raised to calm this man and the man fell and began to worship him but the man was unable to speak the demons in him were verse 7 says and he cried out of the loud voice and said What have I to do with the Jesus stuff son of the most high God George the joy of the by God that torment me nuts. For he said unto him come out of the man and unclean spirit let's Jesus says this come out of in the us what is the name and he answered saying my name is legion for we are many this man had been left to terrorize the countryside everyone was afraid of him they could not control to contain them. But when he saw Jesus he if he Lecoq Knisely was the demons even reckons i still he was and if any fellow there's no the disciples are watching all of this and Jesus is trying to teach them some lessons the 1st lesson is as much as they want him to be king of Israel he was the king of the world so here he was reaching out in a you know in a part of the of the territory that was not occupied by people who believe that the disciples that he had raised on outside of the comfort zone Secondly he's dealing with someone who is in a terrible state yet Christ remains commies without fear the mind of Christ which is our weak Steen is one that does not panic when someone else is in a situation of need and help instead he begins to help he tells the Spirit to come out the spirit says My name is Legion the man had been taken by many demons Mark 5 and verse 10 says and this and he was saw him much that he would not send them away out of the country and some some scholars would say well he didn't want to leave the area where the heathen is or but I think this was. May have just as well been that the demons just wanted to stay where they were verse 11 says now there was their 9 to the mountains a great herd of swine feeling which is kind of proof that these weren't. Jews they were so they kept sawing and the all the devils of the saw him saying send us into the swine that we me and to them and beast the swine to take and and sent. Into the us and the deal as I said into the song. And forth with Jesus gave them leave and the unclean spirit went out and entered into the swine and the herd ran violently down a steep place under the sea they were about 2000 cakes and they were choked they drowned in the sea they that said this swine fled and told it in the city and in the country and it went out to see what it was that was done and if you could imagine what the reaction of the people when. This man all of those demons will pour into the pigs the pigs probably made them lots of money 2000 of them rushing to the sea and people come to see what was done here is the powerful part Mark 5 and verse 15 says this they came to Jesus and they see him that was possessed with the devil and had the Legion sitting and closed in his right mind Bible tells me that when they saw this man in this condition they were afraid no one ever believed that this man would recover from what was going on in his life. Yet when he met Jesus he worship jesus jesus he remove the demons and put him in the right mind we're going talked about about some of these things that are still trying to take the minds of people in this world till today is does have a space the 41 says encounter with the demoniacs of good guests had a lesion at a lesson for his the disciples so the depths of degradation to which Satan is seeking to drag the whole human race and the mission of Christ to set men 3 from his poller those wretched beings dwelling in the place of graves possessed by demons in bondage to uncontrolled passions and loathsome lusts represent what humanity would become if given up to say tannic jurisdiction in other words this is what I say what you see in the story is what Satan wants for all of mankind he wants the image of God completely annihilated for man to be brought to very little Depp's for us to basically be like animals Satan wants us to have none of the Divine Spark not of the image of God left in us he would do that to all of humanity. Goes on to say Satan's influence is constantly exerted upon men to distract the senses control the mind for evil to incite violence and crime he weakens the body darkens the intellect and debases the soul whenever men reject the Saviour's invitation they are yielding themselves to see. Through is suspicious through his space specious temptations Satan leads men to worse and worse evils to a child to a to depravity and ruin are the result the only safeguard against the this his power is found in the presence of Jesus the only safeguard against his power is found in the presence of Jesus here's where many Christians feel just as Adam and Eve. Drifted away after they had sinned to try to hide from God There was no safety there so God went to look for them even in this day if you are going to have safety it is not in trying to secretly do things away from Christ it is actually to come into the presence of Christ sin since arrives in secret talk about tonight sitting thrives in secret and so if you are going to be a Christian you must remain in the presence of Christ she says his spirit will develop in Man this is a cry Spirit will develop in man. All that will ennoble. The character and dignify the nature it will build man up for the glory of God in body and soul and spirit has called us to the of taining of the glory the character of our Lord Jesus Christ has called us to be conformed to the image of his son was not more about this in the morning message tomorrow but understand that what God is calling us to is a character like his Remember what we talked about early in the week from a little the place where reasoning I say I want to come let us reason together this is where the seal of the Living God goes this is where God and Book of Revelation the Bible says God writes his name on the foreheads of. Those in a book of revelation that a follower of the right says Name them the name represents character the seal of God is the seal of redemption we are told. Placed there by the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling of the Holy Spirit which you've got to get is that God wants you to have the character of Christ if that is the case satan is trying to have you have the opposite and in doorway that Satan wants to destroy your ability to have the character of Christ is to literally destroy your mind to affect the frontal lobe make it not a place where the Holy Spirit can do well or you are able to reason and choose the Lord Jesus Christ he want you intoxicated he wants you mixed up he wants you thinking of things that are of no real relevance because what Satan is after is the ability to shrink the mind per se and remove you from the ability to accept Christ as your savior if he wants to chain you up so how are men's minds chained today. Our men's minds changed today this is really what we're going to sky the the gatherings were what would change they were cutting themselves they were they were in all kinds of trouble Jesus was able to liberate them Satan seeks to change us today and he does not have to use the same. Debased and outward way that was used against. The man that Jesus just healed in that story he has other way 2nd Timothy 3 says this is verse one through 5 it says this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of their own cells covered just boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fears despisers of those that are good traitors heady highminded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but the 9 the power there of from such turn away here church is really where the rubber meets the road the last days are going to be difficult Paul is telling Timothy. And why is it going to be difficult one men will be lovers of their own selves some of them talk about tonight. I think it's interesting that being disobedient the apparence is a sign of the perilous times of the end they'll be without natural affections but one of the ones that really sticks out or says they will be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God the way to the brain works is that there is a reward pathway. Double mean being the key neurotransmitter for it so it can be hijacked We'll talk about that a little later on so you can literally hijack this this pathway to get intense amounts of pleasure and what happens is as a man's mind is manipulated around his pleasure where they're from drugs to food to sex to all kinds of things and it is manipulated with this pleasure people begin to choose the immediate gratification of that pleasure over God so they will but they will try to remain many will try to retain their form of godliness but the night of power there of what is the real power of being of dolling as it is a transformation of character. So as we jump into this you know one of those quotes you'll hear me say a lot is this One God made the human heart so big and he can feel that I learned this the ailing with the veterans at the v.a. hospital in the California and these veterans. These veterans were in the only addiction treatment unit and it was fascinating because they would do their group sessions and their support of things that they did but especially group sessions is one of the things that they chanted one day well as and while I was in a group with them as a resident physician and he said God made the human heart so big that he can fill it and I asked one of the guys I was kind of leading out afterward was that mean he said if you try to fill that God sized hole in your heart with anything but God he would try to fill the god sized hole in your heart would anything but God you become addicted to that things. And this is one of the major ways that Satan works to control the minds of men chemical addiction and other types of addiction but we'll talk a lot about chemical addiction tonight it is huge and even when I worked in law. One of the things that was often. Expressed by patients we saw in the clinic was many of them talked of the use of their I mean if you talk to the use of marijuana. So when you work in health care wherever you work in health care especially here in the United States anyway the United States this is a part of what you have to address it is these addictive substances like alcohol alcohol is incredibly incredibly addictive and. More importantly almost it is ubiquitous I don't talk about the advertising but you know for we get into alcohol and its effects on the mind. But one of the things that is important to realize is there's a strong agenda to get you to drink alcohol but there's somebody who makes a lot of people make incredible profits off of alcohol and so when you look at this. The way that you know the amount of money the alcohol generates so to suitable will be this weekend and they're going to have a huge expense where traditionally I don't know what to do as it would traditionally is sort of a lot of money I mean millions of dollars for 15 or 30 seconds to just promote products and alcohol is at the top of the list in fact when you watch sports alcohol is pretty highly advertised and you have to remember when they do the research no one would advertise these products if the advertising didn't work they wouldn't spend that money if this if there was not studies to prove the spending that money is going to make them more money in the long run so alcohol is one of the big threats it is last time I wish I could tell you church that being in a 7 is church you would never have people with this issue or that still use but I've learned my travels and it here in the United States especially there are many people who hide in secret as we said earlier and drink alcohol their wine kind of source that I've met at some of our churches and institutions. So Proverbs $23.00 addressing alcohol says this look not thou up on the wine it is red when it gives this color in a cup when it moves itself all right at the last it bites like a serpent and stings it like and after. This is describing fermentation so people say well the Bible says the drink a little wine for the stomach sake and these things what the Bible is also clear of and that is why I do not believe Jesus turn the water into alcoholic line because the Bible says right here that one do not even look at the wine when it's red when it gives itself its color in the cup when it moves itself right this is describing when it's ferment it why because lots of fermented it bites like a serpent and it stings like an adder in fact Solomon goes on to say this he says that I shall behold strange women hard shell out of perverse things in other words your judgment will change and you will. Be romantically physically involved with people you otherwise would be I was say this this joke for probably won't get it but you know you still warn young ladies you know the reason guys want to buy you a drink the guy looks like a slave a slave but you have a couple drinks he thinks he goes he's all start looking like Denzel Washington so you've got to be careful. You know what alcohol in fact is why I believe it is better for Christians to just abstain because the Bible says here verse 34 year a thou shall be as he that Elias down in the midst of the sea or as he that Elias upon the top of the mast so you will be in different dangerous situations for study 5 they have stricken meaning they have beaten me a shout out say and I was not sick and I was not sick they have beaten me and I felt it not when shall I awake I will seek it yet again in other words I may get sick from it some of the people whom I may get into fights and that remember I'm all kinds of crazy stuff as I happen but once I come out of being drunk the 1st thing I'm going to want is a drink Bible to describes not just for men to doubt the whole in the 1st few verses of this passage. It describes alcoholism and addiction. And this is what the Bible is warning against and of course people tell you that alcohol is good for you that's the cry in a lot of the health literature but again there's an industry that has millions of dollars that want to promote that these things are good for you and wine is what they use predominantly but we know that this things cause kidney failure chronic heart failure damage to the brain a cirrhosis of the liver in fact during a pandemic a lockdown in America there what they say is that there's a 2nd pandemic that no one's talking about there about 3 or 4 pandemics going on at the same time some of which will talk about tonight but one of them is alcoholic liver disease a lot of people in and I was a member when our Jim was still open reopened after a few After several months of like them and where I was in one of the classes in the gym and. I was given this information to the class of the spin class and you know in one lady like yeah that's me you know I've basically been locked up locked in my house with several months drinking alcohol just they're drinking by myself and so alcohol is not the panacea they want to make it out to be wine is not a panacea they want to make it out to be the truth of the matter is the alcohol part of it is not good for you what is good in in a in a nation like America and in much of the West where the food of dizziness so nutrient poor if you just add a little bit of water is you might see a benefit as you drink a little wine there's actually some antioxidants like the compound Rivera troll which is good for you but you don't need the alcohol for that you can actually get it was very trough I mean the whole great he doesn't get it from grape juice but you need a whole raping it of fiber and all kinds of other stuff as God intended it to to believe that alcohol is necessary for health doesn't go along what we just read in proverbs in fact what we know is that. This is my year when you look at it by gender men are one way outpace women in the increasing number of deaths 480-0000 in the u.s. population around alcohol but women are also on the rise and here you can see by age group basically every age group. You can see that deaths from alcohol are on the rise obviously from 25 to 44 years old is the time when you know if people are drinking heavily they're developing the eases that they will die of you know between 45 and 64 where you see a matter of in massive increase in deaths for a 100000 from alcohol there's so much I could talk about what the deaths are welcome but there's no real surprise it kills thousands of people every year it's a pandemic in and of itself yet it is allowed to go on. So there are studies signs alcohol alcohol dampens brain waves associated with the session making but not motor control. And so we know that one of the things that happens is you you know you lose control you become inhibited you become disinhibited and this will is due to functions of Gabaa and glutamate but also decrease the theta waves in the brain so you can't make decisions well in the in the moment that you're drunk but I would argue that after a while that. The constant consumption of alcohol begins to very changed the very way the brain works and after a while it's like people I know people like this that they're almost like they're always drunk even when they're not drinking because of the the changes that have been made to the brain remember what what was said it is the frontal lobe it is the decision making centers of the brain that are essential the Bible reinforces this remember when you put on up the whole armor of God is the helmet of salvation the mind has to be protected. When we're going back to the city to the seal of God It's in the forehead God's name is written in your forehead I say 1000 Come let us reason together says the Lord this is what a Bible says over and over and over again be sober be vigilant be adversary the devil walk it's about seeking movie may devour if God is telling you to be sober the devil is going to tell you to be drunk to be intoxicated that is what it's going to do so marijuana is more dangerous than you think we're going to jump to marijuana now and when you jump to marijuana the walls the Wall Street Journal. Gets get you here and what you find is. That marijuana is very dangerous far more than people let on. Wanted to know it would legalize it over it's legal for over 200000000 Americans now I think state after state after state California Michigan and others have all legalized marijuana. And as legalization spreads more Americans are becoming heavy users of cannabis despite links to violence and mental illness and this is what they're not telling you they're not telling us about the reality that marijuana actually causes mental illness increases violence and this is the Wall Street Journal this isn't just anybody saying this. And so it's really important that we teach young people especially about this danger this is a huge huge huge huge danger and it's something that must be taken into consideration the devil wants to control the minds of people and so in his desire to control the minds I believe marijuana is legalization and proliferation has come and there's more on marijuana if you look at it here. Marijuana as an addiction chronic marijuana use and higher dosages of pharma correlate to greater incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia. And so they're not telling you this in fact marijuana induced psychosis is real the science proves that people must know the risks no one is talking about this but every rap song and most and many movies if they're not people are hip and cool or smoking weed but they're not telling you that there is some risk involved with it. This marijuana is an addiction this point is particularly significant due to the increasing increases in drug potency over the last 2 decades while the average folds he has risen from 3 percent t.h.c. or lower which is tetrahydrocannabinol oil the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana a couple of decades ago to 9 percent now there are some samples of weed that measure as high as 25 percent and that would only levels are going higher and higher and higher because they're able to farm and genetically modify and you know and grow it I don't know how to do it but they are making it more potent and the problem with that is that means increased the paranoia which is one of the reasons the violence increases with marijuana become more paranoid and in one study they said that you know the majority of those that committed these violent crimes felt that the victim of the crime that this person you know for example victimize the person or perpetuated the violence will do smoke marijuana felt as if that person pose a threat they were paranoid so now in the in the marijuana shops in America they have. Strains of marijuana that you can use that are less likely to cause paranoia there are new diseases that have come up because of the use of marijuana we have things like cannabis induced hyperemesis syndrome where people start to throw up and they can't stop so it's changing things and one of the big things that marijuana does of course is what we've been talking about for the long time is is it causes a motivational syndrome and the reason for this is it works backwards. So most things you know most of the drugs actually work on a preset nap that part of the neuron releases lots of dopamine and this this this want to show and. Can it would annoy but it would be dope I mean is when we're really talking about it would it would still release don't mean you get more don't mean over here is down regulation of the receptors after a while so you need more and more so you take more and more cocaine you develop tolerance to things like cocaine and nicotine but marijuana works on the back and it works on the Towson optic. Receptor so when it when it has its effect it literally changes your ability based on what it does the dopaminergic receptors to actually feel pleasure and this change is why a lot of times when kids start to smoke weed you notice their grades drop Not every kid but you start to see these changes this is part of what is happening. It reduces motivation but also it affects Gabaa as well and glutamate different alcohol but similar effect a disadvantage from a different way changes the way you think and most importantly. It changes the way you make the citizens change the way you think after a while. But not just alcohol or marijuana Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention anything having to do with the mind in the brain the opioid epidemic in the United States you can see $130.00 plus people die every day from the oil addiction if you it's alcoholic liver disease as one of the other pandemics the suicide increases since the since the coronavirus and as well as the opioid overdoses are the other 2 pandemics this one is very serious we're seeing tons of overdoses I won't go through all of the numbers they're all there and this is dangerous and this is interesting because it all started when Jayco the Joint Commission does a hospital accreditation. Seems now to have possibly teamed up with the drug companies and made pain a 5th vital sign and hospitals and doctors didn't get in trouble if they weren't writing adequate pain medicines so of course somebody made a lot of money off it as everyone started writing more talent on the big $3.00 and like it in the Norco's and then Percocet and Oxic coat on and on and on and on all of which would develop street value. So there was motivation for patients but some patients at least to want it and of course 7 days of taken like it in this prescribe is enough to get people people addicted so this is huge and it made obviously made tons of money but it was also probably what started the furnace of the opioid crisis that we have to date Now what's interesting is when we pulled back and were told to stop prescribing these medications then people started to go to the streets to get them. Which probably has only led to more overdoses would Fenton ill come in illegally into the country and. Heroin and other things these are serious times the mind the being under attack and you can see that with the way that this works out and I don't I mean earlier. This is again marijuana works opposite but so many other drugs you know if this is food food when he ate good food you get. Domina release is why food can be so hard to manage it can change your mood anything that changes your mood can be habit forming. But what's interesting is when you take something like Ok look at all the dopamine it is a high beyond what the natural way that God is and so God designed this reward pathway so that man would do those things that needed to be done in order for the species to survive Satan found a way what's a little bit of quote from the white in the 2nd find a way to hijack the system and by doing that he can control my man's mind he does not have to have them in bound and in satyrs then have to have them cutting themselves in the woods all those many will he could have very sophisticated very polished very sophisticated like my father was a functional alcoholic quote unquote but made horrible decisions. At least in part probably because of his alcohol drinking a wife says and I guess he says man is contending with souls who are stronger than he she says we wrestle not against flesh and blood. But against Prince of policies against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against wicked spirits in high places and I find it interesting that the word alcohol actually comes from the Arabic algal which is a demon or a spirit and to this day. The spirit was supposed to like Eat Eat the person up to this day when you go to alcohol liquor store they say spirits sold here because alcohol marijuana these things when you become intoxicated you lower your inhibitions you lower your guard on your frontal lobe of your brain and you allow yourself to be far more susceptible to supernatural influence specially obviously by the enemy because yes difficult or difficult for you to to say no so I see this as a light as he says where for you spend money for that which is not bread and you know labor for that which satisfies not Arkan diligently and to me and eat the that which is good this applies of course the food but also of course the drugs why would somebody want to get into a habit where you'll spend tons of money and as soon as you come off a high you don't want to get more want until finally you know the drug can literally take over everything in them I've seen this with crystal methamphetamine in California cocaine when I was working in medical school in Miami of course pretty much everywhere now the rise of marijuana as it is being legalized all across the United States of America interestingly they started by making it medically you know they touted its medical benefits but it's the same thing they did with cigarettes many years ago cigarettes they you know hey 3 out of 4 doctors recommend camels for your anxiety and there are 4 doctors represent represent recommend Marlboro if you have a cough crazy as that is the billboards exist you can look them up so now to use that same line oh it's but despite all. They've gotten people heavily into this and it's going to have its consequences on America. Here's another White says about all these things she says Satan gathered the fallen angels together to devise some way of doing the most the most possible evil to the human family one proposition after another was made to finally say to himself thought of a plan he would take the fruit of the vine also wheat and other things given by God as food it will convert them into poisons which would ruin man's physical mental and moral powers and so overcome the senses that Satan should have full control under the influence of liquor men would be led to commit crimes of all kinds through perverted appetite the world would be made corrupt by leading men to drink alcohol Satan would cause them to descend lower and lower in the scale councils and to churches based on a one Satan is taking the world captive through the use of liquor and tobacco tea and coffee knows he includes caffeine without time to get into a little talk about the mind of Christ caffeine and teas are stimulants and yes again teas will have their antioxidants but the effect of caffeine just on sleep alone increased risk of acid reflux and things like that but in fact of the impact on sleep and that what we know of the importance of sleep tells us that one of are major reasons calving is probably not good for us or is not good for us the God given mind which should be kept clear is preferred by the use of narcotics the brain is no longer able to distinguish correctly the enemy has control man has sold his reason for that which makes him mad he has no sense of what is right. Ellen Wright says I'm sorry Romans Paul says this Romans 85 to 8 says For they that are after the flesh do mind the big of the flesh but they that after the Spirit and things of the spirit were to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is the enmity because of my enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be so then they that are in the flesh cannot please God if you allow your flesh and I've said it in a message earlier this week your body will conspired to kill you you get on cigarettes and you get addicted to nicotine and you know how bad cigarettes are for you and 10 years later 15 years later you haven't quit 20 years later you're still a little packet of 25 years later still smoking you know it's wrong but your body craves it you can't come off of it you'd be a goal to as drawls your body will conspire to kill you if it is not. In the sense of in an intention it is the way the body will react when the enemy knows this so he wants a place in front of us all those things cause us to be lost and of course one of them. It is not a drug and I want to throw this in there especially for for the young people because this. The scourge of pornography has basically taken many young men by storm and even young women and really gotten into their minds and had it and gotten a strong foothold and it can be one of those things that is difficult and because of the the advent of the cell phone and the tablet children you know you know you go back 50 years ago in order to see pornography. You know a young man would have to go sneak into his father's closets and find his magazines or his friends or have it just wasn't ubiquitous like this I mean you know obviously it wasn't hard to get but now it is super easy to get right on the folds in and on a device that if a young person is that he's a well he can hide his tracks and race things he can all of that so all this content can be downloaded but what does this do to you watching pornography rewires the brain to him or juvenile state. Is a powerful one it's got a summary it says a powerful Journal article summary says from a rorting the prefrontal cortex an area of the brain critical for impulse control to damaging the dopamine reward system researchers evaluate the impact of viewing pornography on the brain this is secular this isn't just December of 1 December of 21000 this is a secular business so Christians talking and they're saying that listen when you watch pornography as many young people are exposed to this stuff when you watch for not giving it a role as the prefrontal cortex that is the part of the brain that I've said earlier in the week is like the most holy place if your body's a temple the prefrontal cortex is like the most holy place it is where the sick and the glory of God is to fall when you get into marijuana drugs and now even pornography this is the part of the brain this attack. So Paul says wear the helmet of salvation you've got to protect your mind but you also lose impulse control what else does it do well dangers of photography for me literally shrink the brain 824000 study in the journal Jama psychiatry found men regularly consume pornography at smaller brain volume and fewer connections in the stratum it brain region tied to reward processing compared with those who didn't do it so you can see here that there is a major. Change in the brain and how the brain functions you develop tolerance and you need more in this part of the dangers of it seeing brings you down a primrose path and down into a very slippery slope where eventually what happened that 1st you just look at a few pictures that weren't that big a deal in your own mind but eventually you need some Morse More us stimulating more startling more exciting and before long what you're watching is just so incredibly did for a very good because you develop tolerance not just the cocaine and nicotine you develop tolerance even to promote graffiti but it also teaches immediate gratification. And there are there's a whole I don't have the slide on this on this presentation is all movement of young men not Christian young men just young men who in their thirty's now and forty's are speaking out against for not graffiti you know feminists often do you know Christians often do but as a group of young men coming out now saying listen this stuff is dangerous in fact there are some who say they have feel like prisoners in their marriages because for not graffiti associate their mind interviews around sexual intimacy that now they cannot have a proper relationship with their wives. They blame Pernod there's a movement to try and educate inform young men of the dangers of prefer not to feel here's one thing out of privacy affect the brain in the body the hypothalamus also activates the testes to secrete testosterone so sexually explicit material as c.m. crafts a brain that is constantly generating the stocks are on an heightened sexual desire and Struthers published that back in 2009 instead of allowing boys to focus on school sports and music of sexually explicit material calls a ramped up sex drive where their minds are inundated with sexual thoughts make your mind make sex the all that's ever on your mind makes it difficult to focus and work on anything else. So the zaps some of the mental powers and this is again not from a Christian source but you know if you really want to get some more information on this let's talk about some famous people who've had to deal with this issue one of them is Terry Crews. And he says this says for not graffiti changes the way you think about people people become objects people become body parts they become things to be used rather than people to be loved for them or not to free is an intimacy killer it kills all intimacy every time I watch that I was I was walled off it's like another brick that came between me and my wife I didn't want to be this way I didn't want to continue to do these things that hurt my wife that hurt my family and he says here these were. Articles that is in order Terry Crews of former n.f.l. football player and current sitcom actor he's also a host for one of those talent shows he's a Christian a husband and a father in his autobiography manhood how to be a better man or just to live with one he shares his battle with for not graphy addiction the difficulty it created in his marriage and how rehabilitation helps him to overcome So here's a guy who's being very vulnerable and open to help others realize this is not the best idea but he's a Christian even non-Christian people like Russell Crowe have come out and make statements about the damage that pornography had on them and on their lives. He says here. I know the progress he is wrong he shouldn't be looking at it there's a general feeling is there if you're in your core if you look at pornography that this isn't what's the best thing for me to do I feel like if I had a total dominion over myself I would never look at pornography again one day at a time I would kick it out of my life the whole cloth cloud of pornographic information and even solved cultural small is making it impossible for us to relate to our own sexuality our own psychology this is from a site fight the new drug called put out of it a new drug this is Russell Crowe. And he said listen if if if I had dominion over myself he said if I was in control he speaking like Paul did in Romans 7 raises the good that I would I do not and that which I would not that I do he's admitting that this is an addiction that he's out of control and he can't even control it otherwise I am struck to say that in the future great watchfulness will be needed there is to be among God's people no spiritual stupidity or evil spirits are actively engaged in seeking to control the minds of human beings many are by ending up in a meadow by ending up in bottles ready to be consoled by the fires of the last days those who discard Christ and His righteousness Well except the Sufis tree that is flooding the world Christians are to be sober and vigilant steadfastly resisting their adversary the devil was going about as a wrong lie in seeking the Holy may devour men under the influence of evil spirits will work miracles this goes into another part of the talk to him but. We're called to be sober and you can't be sober if you're addicted to porn if you're addicted to alcohol of addicted to marijuana you can't be sober you can't make the right decisions in life as a so well or there is to be among God's people no spiritual stupidity the Christian is to be wise. Vigilant and on our tolls watching and waiting for our Lord. In the theme of what we started with. The demoniac with the legion of demons I also want to remind you that when you become Christians we have to be keep our guard up just as I want to say and it is the devil has a plan as well as look at 1121 says what a strong man or strong man armed keep his palace his goods are in peace when a stronger than he sell come upon him and overcome a limb he take it from him all his armor wherein he trusted and divided his spoils he is he that is not with me Jesus says is against me and he that gathers not with me scatter with a lot of us want to be the strong men we want to defend ourselves we think we can but there is one that will come along that is stronger and that is the enemy of our souls which is as if you not with me or against me if you think you can defend yourself if you think you have the power to defend yourself against all these things you fooled and the devil will come and bind you. Says here when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man he walketh your dry places seeking rest and finds none he said I will return to my house and I came out when he come with you find that it swept and garnished and go and then go and he and take it to him 7 other spirits more wicked than themselves and they enter in and dwell there the last State of that man is worse than the 1st church this is what so important it's not enough that we have been baptized not enough that we go to church we have that just means you clean the house if you are not diligent in protecting the mind and more importantly or as importantly making sure that your mind is full on the Holy Spirit that you are asking the person of the Holy Spirit into your mind that who is who needs to guard your money and. It is the work of the Holy Ghost the Chicago in the glory of God should be falling on your frontal lobe keeping you in that gamma wave state that we talk to what can be alert and ready to see through to Sophos trees of this world because if you're not careful the devil will come back after you've been quote unquote saved and he will actually bind you worse than before because now you're a hypocrite now you're hiding to do things secret rendezvous and secret things on your phone a White says it like this. He says So do the Condamine. Form the life and the poor mortal frame will not be so idolized if the heart is reformed it will be seen in the outward appearance if Christ be in us the hope of glory we shall discover such matchless charms in him that the soul will be in them or. It will cleave to him choose to love him and in admiration of him self will be forgotten Jesus will be magnified and adored and self based and humbled at the center of all of these addictive practices itself its pride so his rationalize our bad behaviors and like I deserved this some of us rationalize it was a lesson I'm only human I whether you will you know either way if you say look I deserve it or of I'm almost human or I can't help it what you've got to understand is self is always at the center the secret to gaining make sure of a sin is not to look at your sin it's not to sit and look at your addiction they have to be after they it is the turn as the old hymns as to turn your eyes upon Jesus to look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely damn. If you have a problem an addiction a problem of bad habits one of the 1st things you've got to do is turn your eyes upon Jesus you've got to begin to study him study His word get to know the living Jesus Christ as a friend like we talked about Abraham did you got to get to know him as he comes into your life and these other things will be crowded out you open the doors to break the chains many a Christian have an intellectual knowledge already know book about a guy who went from Christianity to atheism and then supposedly back not at the end of the book it but he became an atheist because he kept focusing on himself on his problems focusing on his doubt if you focus on Christ the Spirit of God will lead you that's how you'll even gain victory over 7. But a profession without this deep love is mere talk dry formality and heavy drudgery many of you may retain a notion of religion in the head and outside religion when the heart is not cleansed God looks at the heart all things are naked and opened to the eyes of him with whom we have to do he will be satisfied with anything but truth in the in order will he be satisfied with anything with truth in the end or departs every truly generators soul will carry the unmistakable marks Connel mind if subdued every truly converted soul will carry the a list stake a little marks that the carnal mind is subdued a message is entitled marking the mind does your mind have the unmistakable marks that the carnal mind as people know this when they see that they do it automatically and they tell that you have given gain victory over same and over self do you live differently. Are we living a lie we're living hypocrisy we are called by the God of Heaven to live differently to live like Christ and to have his character is your mind marked with the evidence that Jesus is in control of your life let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word and study. The dangers that are in this world of free Lord for that person out there who needs victory over anything is discussed like and beyond. The somebody who's struggling with for Margraf father got tonight in the victory to somebody struggling with alcohol marijuana cigarettes even Jassi Lord give the victory the law give the victory by reminding them to look to you. Like Christ said of their life to make him the. Least that's Are you. Ready. For. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audience. If you would like to listen to your sermon. Visit. Audio verse.


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