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06 The Mind of Christ

Eric Walsh
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In this message, we examine the intersection between faith and a sound mind. We are told that Christ is returning for those who have His character. This is the mind of Christ. Howe do we get such a mind and keep it pure from the world?


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • March 6, 2021
    11:45 AM
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So let's get right into this scripture reading was just read we'll read it again. Philippians 2 in verse 5 which says Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus and a message of final message in the series the mind of Christ is untitled the mind of Christ let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word. Thank you Father for being better to us than we are to ourselves Lord as difficult as the times are you praise you for your goodness Lord I ask that you speak through me once again let me not be seen or heard Father God we want to hear a word from you bless us to this and this Sabbath that we pray in Jesus' name amen All right so we're going to go to some evidences in the scripture of of the mind of Christ what it's like and especially in the prophetic prophetic stream of things what it look like so what it looks like so we're going to jump to the book of Luke Chapter 23 starting at verse $32.00 this is one of the chapters of Scripture that is very potent spiritually as it is one of the chapters that describes the crucifixion of Christ we understand that across Satan was finally and completely defeated no longer able to go into the heavenly realms like he did in the Book of Job And so these are important scriptures as we study them and we're going to focus in on a small part of this as we look at what actually happened so it looked Chapter $23.00 and verse $32.00 it says and there were also 2 other malefactors led with him to be put to the death. When they could when they were come to the place which is called Calvary there they crucified him and the mouse factors one on his right hand and the other on the left this is one of the gut wrenching stories of scripture when you begin the process of following Jesus from the garden to give some money. To do the Kangaroo Court of the saying he joined to the lashings and beating the trial in front of pilot and now he has stumbled and carried his cross on his own back it is difficult to truly fathom. The pain that the anguish and the suffering that Christ experienced on this pathway imagined he was there in the beginning and said Let there be light he was there in the beginning to shape man from the dust of the earth that to breathe it was not strolls the breath of life and yet now that all that he has created has turned against him since it is almost as if it has reached its climax and in this small moment we are told in the book that is our Vedas that Satan himself is there in human form as are the demons egging on the crowd making Christ's experience a more difficult suffering that any human would ever be able to understand or experience as a sign of the of just how much Christ was the tested when he gets to be crucified they bring him to this place and be crucified really want it in of itself wasn't special The Romans used crucifixion they take it from one of the more Eastern civilizations but they've the Romans perfected it they crucified tens of thousands and maybe more people over there over time but this crucifixion was different. Of so many levels this crucifixion was different this was the son of the Living God he was perfect in character he had never spoken an ill word to anyone never harmed a soul in his entire life he was sinless the spotless Lamb of God They put him between 2 malefactors 2 thieves as it were the desire of a dissipate 751 says this The thieves crucified with Jesus were placed on either side one. On either side one and Jesus in the midst. This was done by the direction of the priests and rulers Christ's position between the the thieves was to indicate that he was the greatest criminal of the 3 thus was fulfilled the scripture he was numbered with the transgressors Isaiah 53 and verse 12 but the full meaning of their act the priests did not see as Jesus crucified with the was placed in the midst so his cross was placed in the midst of a world lying in the said the story of Jesus is amazing. One of the passage of Scripture I love this final book of delegations and it says God sent forth His Son. Born of a woman it says he was set forth in the fullness of time when Christ came to earth the earth was. Completely spiritually discombobulated darkness had taken the world in even this the see the slight flicker of light that was to be housed in the in the children of Israel and by the children of Israel was beginning to darken as they turned their attentions away from it turning. To the political climate of the now they wanted to be free from the oppression of Rome more than they wanted to be free from sin sin had taken over and here now it's Christ. Nailed to a cross between 2 thieves to understand the mind of Christ some of what he says on that cross is the best depiction of the condition and no way that Christ's mind works Luke 23 and verse $34.00 then said Jesus Father forgive them for they know not what they do Father forgive them for they know not what they do this just is them this again it's the mind of Christ he is self less Here he is being beaten here he is being spat upon called every type of name his body is in. A state of of almost shock as you say as the crucifixion goes on he's bleeding he's not eaten you not have anything to drink he is flesh is uncovered and ripped open by some of the beatings that he has gotten yet while he is on the cross the words that come from Christ mouse to forgive those that have put him in this predicament in fact with deep is that Jesus says listen they don't know what they're doing. The what I After this the scripts to show you the indifference and the difference to put a diametrically opposed position between Christ and those who he was trying to save that were trying to destroy him while he is asking for their forgiveness they are stealing his clothes and gambling over it if we are to have the mind of Christ and hopefully this liberate somebody listening you have got to be willing to forgive the vote that have harmed you forgive us our debts as we forgive those who have trespassed against us we have to forgive others and I tell you in my life one of the most difficult people to forgive I don't talk about is in a sermon I have on forgiveness was my biological father who left my mother when I was 2 years old. Actually married mom of the 2nd cousin. And recently was pretty much absent in my life the challenge of this of course when I played football Pop Warner football high school football due he was never was well even in the same state and I had brothers who grew you know and grew to really hate this man but if you don't learn to forgive the person you imprison is itself the mind of Christ says listen I will understand my position in eternity and a holding a grudge is like holding a weight it is like grabbing and anchor and being anchored and tethered to this earth to the physical to your experiences rather than being 3 so that you can move towards eternity the mind of Christ Jesus forgave look 23 and verse 35 and people and the people stood beholding. And the rule is also with them derided him saying he saved others let him save himself if he be Christ the children of God So the rulers the Jews to began to mock Him He saved others let him save himself if he be Christ the chosen of God The soldiers also mocked him giving him and off and offering him vinegar clearly he's thirsty they offer him vinegar and even the Roman soldiers say if you are the king of the Jews save yourself notice twice the 2 different groups represented here say that Christ should save himself what's interesting is even the disciples thought he was going to be able to save himself this is why Peter in the guard of the 770 chops off the high priest Melkus his servants resurgent. Tops off his ear and to show you again the mind of Christ rather than save himself he takes the air and puts it back on the high priest servants head works a miracle for Ford a servant of the man who is looking to his for his death profound but then he tells the disciples something very fascinating and interesting he says to the disciples don't you know that if I wanted to I could call 10000 angels. Jesus at any moment in this process. It was it's the demonic what they're mocking him with satan is trying with the very last temptations to push Jesus to a place where he tries to free himself knowing that Jesus has the power to call the angels remember that when Hezekiah. Was surrounded by the Syrian army and and they were ready to pounce on him and he laid out the letters before God and he cried out to God The Scripture says that one angel that night just will want to destroy 180000 of the Assyrians army if Jesus could call 10000 he could have answered their tall it's the mind of Christ is not reactionary It does not react simply because it is being. Teased or picked upon bullied or abused the mind of Christ stays focused and look 23 and verse 38 of a superscription also was written over him in letters of Greek and Latin and Hebrew This is the king of the Jews. The Jewish leadership did not want this written over his head but it was a statement of fact Christ's was kingly yet humble each of us is what is asked to be humble we get into our story here Luke Chapter 23 verse 39 Luke 23 and verse 39 says and one of them out factors which or hanged railed on him saying if you be Christ saved by self and thus so everybody else is saying listen if you're Christ the Jewish rulers in the presale look at your Christ save yourself and the Roman soldiers if you are the king of the Jews save yourself that the this thief hears them saying this is a listen if you are to Christ don't just save yourself save us too but something happens here. In verse 40 it says but the other answering rebuked him saying does not thou fear God seeing the art in the same condemnation and we indeed justly for we receive the due reward of our deeds but this man has done nothing amiss in the middle of the chaos of what is happening to Christ as the 2 thieves a hole near a bolt representing the only 2 classes that really exist in the world it's not black people in white people or Asian people in Middle Eastern people it's their tool real classes in the world there are sheep and go there are those that will choose God and those that will reject them ultimately those of the final 2 groups of people that will be on Earth both teams probably started off not thinking very much of Jesus both and probably heard of his miracle working power and some of what he had done most in Jerusalem would have but one of them it is anger wants Jesus to set them free and he's and he's actually taunting Christ like everyone else is but something about the very demeanor of Christ touches the 2nd before the 2nd piece looks at crisis and sees that he he does not bear the marks of a criminal he does not bear the marks of a hearted men that just in the way that Christ carries himself just in the words he speaks he must have heard him say forgive them for they know not what they do something rang true in the heart of the 2nd deef and he rebukes the 1st. Says Don't you fear God we're in the same condemnation we deserve what we're getting verse 41 he says this is our do reward but Key has done nothing amiss here the 2nd day of recognizes this man is completely completely innocent and this 2nd day of turns to Christ and he says Lord remember me. Come ist into the kingdom Jesus said unto him Verily I say unto you to day. Be with me in Paradise Now the come over as well as admin as I was in a comma as in a funny place the Verily I say into the today. Be with me in paradise because clearly Jesus didn't go to paradise that day he was a tool and he was when he when he did meet Mary he said Don't touch me because I have another yet I said that to my father so he was talking about. A later of paradise but but I don't want to get into that today what I want to focus on is that this thief knew enough to ask Jesus to save him. And there is power in the 42nd verse of Luke Chapter 23 this thief understood that there was more than what was happening in the moment and if we are to go from sinner as a thief list of the mind of Christ one of the things that has to happen is we have got to shift where we focus you see when you focus on things if what you focus on is the material what's right in front of you your neurons and the connections in your brain begin to create for you. Neural. Complex in the brain that is best at seeing that but we as Christians are to look beyond the physical material world into the eternal want something happens at the state it is interaction with Christ where he is able to see that hanging on the cross dying on the cross is really not the end there's something about Jesus and the thief mind begins to shift as it were until finally the thief is at a place where he says listen I have so connected my mind the mind of Christ that I simply want to be where he is remember me when you come into your kingdom I have to say that of all that Jesus had gone through. On this day I can't imagine the way his heart must have fluttered the way he has the joy that must to come over Christ in that moment to realize that even in the his darkest hour Christ love was able to reach a sinner call him to repentance and have him be saved verily I say unto you today you shall be with me in paradise spirit of prophecy says this desire of it is. $750.00 want to $752.00 it says the words of pardons spoken to the penitent thief kindled a light that was shining to the earth remotest bonds with amazement the angels be held to the infinite love Jesus who's suffering the most intense agony of mind and body thought only of others and encourage the penitent soul to believe it is humiliation he as a prophet had addressed the Daughters of Jerusalem as priest an advocate he had pleaded with the fathers of the give his murderers as a loving Savior he had forgiven the sins of the penitent thief in this sentence you get a great picture of the mind of Christ on his way to the cross when we saw the women weeping turned to him said or Daughters of Jerusalem do not weep for me weep for yourselves and FIA children speaking of the destruction of Jerusalem that would come under Titus in 40 years later as a priest he he wanted to see forgiveness even for those who were not asking for it. But as a savior you forgave this penitent thief. I want to submit to you that we have got to gain the mind of Christ because we are heading. Straight way into the very last days of this earth's history and we get this from Matthew chapter 24 and were 7 I've been using Matthew chapter 24 a lot since this pandemic started and I'm going to go through some some some interesting tidbits prophetically in and then focus back on the mind of Christ and having a mind of Christ with Matthew 247 says the nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and it should be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places love the verse the word for nation there is the word ethnos for the word from which we get ethnicity in fact Christ in warning his disciples of what would come of the end tells them that the ethnic and racial strife that we see exaggerated in the last 100 years and beyond was predicted that there was going to be tension. Things weren't necessarily going to always get better that there would be tension and we see that we see the war as a kingdoms against kingdoms and the famines and of course the pestilences earthquakes and divers places the pestilence is for real I mean you look at the novel coronavirus that nobody knew anything about before and you can see you know this is just up until the end of last year to the numbers of the cases were shot up this thing works different and that and some of the other viruses we've ever seen by attaching the spike proteins into Ace to receptor and wreaking havoc on those who are vulnerable it is a very unique presentation of a disease and it has cost millions of lives I think worldwide the death toll is now over $2000000.00 the size a little bit old and now as they roll out a vaccine chaos and pandemonium has started and clinics I don't know what it's like and while the clinics in the United States have had to hire armed guards in some places here in Connecticut the police had to be called to c.v.s. pharmacy because they were doing a vaccine and people from outside the state came to try to get the vaccine that the police had to be called these people refused to leave they want a vaccine so bad the virus has has shown us the worst of us at times and technically we still see a bit of that we are seeing that if I said this earlier in a week of said it's the fandom it started I do not believe that the coming of this Corona virus was a punishment on the world but I do believe it was a warning 1st for the nonbeliever but definitely for the believer for the Christian here America the richest nation in the world early on in the in the pandemic you know we had reports of nurses and hospitals wearing. Wearing garbage bags because they couldn't get proper p p. We you know it was just bizarre we we you know we we've seen a botched response of the not just in America but around the world people we have we've all put so much trust into governments and systems and hospital systems and and the medical system and now we're finding that in fact an invisible virus that didn't exist to our knowledge 2 years ago could sweep around the world and bring the entire world to its knees so much so that you know that December and so my thought is on a lot of those phrases 140000 jobs lost in the United States in the summer sort of not it's not just the pandemic The There is a suit in security attached to it it is a dark day just as the time of crisis in the fullness of time God sent forth His Son I believe we are back in the fullness of time God is once again about to send forth His Son we need to have the mind of Christ of course this was the big story in 2021 everybody thought that when 2020 turned into 2021 we were are going to have good times and everything was going to get better we thought everything was going to go smooth and we would have to worry about a whole lot but we see that the trials just didn't stop because the the calendar changed and this is because I believe God's Spirit is being withdrawn from this earth people are more concerned with themselves and what's going on and in a shock in the audit goes on we as Christians ought not be shocked the way to rest of the world is because our Bible says that after verse 7 Matthew chapter $24.00 was 8 says all these are the Beginning of Sorrows everything we're seeing everything we're experiencing everything that's happening is really just the beginning of sorrows. And for the Christian if you do not have the mind of Christ. You don't have the mind of Christ had in get 71 drops of blood came out of his sweat glands it was when Christ went to the weight of the sins of the world were laid upon him and he cried to his father Lord if it be a will let this cup pass from me you never think about it but that was a prayer to Christ for He was praying look if there is another way give it to me and that prayer cannot be answered in the affirmative there was only one way even Christ knows what it's like to pray and have to still go through what you want to avoid you've got the mind of Christ to survive the time of trouble and here's the kicker Christ Mind was such that even in the time of the most extreme trouble he still thought of this 1st time of sorrows as coming Matthew 24 and verse 9 says it like this then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake and then how many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another there is a time coming when folks are going to turn one on the other and like I said the world is going to quickly begin to be divided into 2 groups all of the little factions and languages and things that separate us now eventually what's going to happen is going to be whose side or you and Matthew $2421.00 says it like this for the end shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time no nor ever shall be and except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened Christ in the time of his crucifixion went to great tribulation it's ordered to survive the time of trouble that is coming now we're going to have to have the mind of Christ. In order to survive the persecution the difficulty and trial that is about to come on the Earth we're going to have to have the mind of Christ in fact Matthew $24.00 of us 11 says it like this and many false prophets shall rise and shine the seed money the mind of Christ will keep us from being deceived so you have to have the mind of Christ in order to survive the trials but there is going to be incredible deception in the last days. I was on a call of a little church group and one of the men one of the men's group and one of the men. Basically attacked in my opinion Adventism in Christianity as being inconsistent with science and he was able to pontificate quite well he was Ivy League educated on all on reasons why it essence we are foolish as Christians to believe. That the world was really created in 6 days and and he went on and on and on and on and on and I want to submit to you that in the last days if you don't have the mind of Christ all the things we talked about all week all the reasons that we need to have a healthy strong minded and and I don't vibrate active healthy prefrontal cortex is what is we are going to have to discern and and what's important isn't simply that we'll be able to rationally think it out but we need to have the kind of mind but a Holy Spirit can do will and function and give us the certain that Matthew $2412.00 through 14 says and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold but he that shall adore him to the end the same shall be saved this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations and then shall the end come the mind of Christ is going to be is it will be if you have the mind of Christ you will look very different in the world. As though in the world the love of many is going to wax cold here's was crazy just as Christ on the cross never stopped loving even those who persecuted and tormented him he never stopped to the point where he was willing to forgive them on the cross itself. Our love having the mind of Christ must grow stronger the work that many of you are doing on Guam and on some of the outer islands and and in the general vicinity of Micronesia in the Pacific. Pacific Islands the work that you're doing is a. Work of love it is it may not always be an easy work but it is a work of great love and and I tell you I was very much that it wasn't just those would come from the mainland to Guam that thrilled my soul what I was and it was many of the people of the island that were born and raised there were through and through Christians who showed great love and and were able to what was so hospitable I can tell you that it's going to be difficult if you don't have the mind of Christ to stay in a posture and a mindset of love as time goes on but if we can be persistent and consistent My Bible tells me in Matthew 2413 that he that selling door to the end the same shall be saved we must keep our hands to the plough and of course if you have the mind of question to share the gospel as gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness then shall the end come so. As a summary for a week you can look at these things the mind of Christ is a sober mind. We talked about. Be sober be vigilant for your adversary to the devil walk about like a Roman lying seeking whom he may devour we talked about the impact of marijuana and alcohol all the other drugs combined but even things like pornography I didn't mention gambling but anything that makes us not be so but it creates addiction that takes away our focus from God All of those things will be removed from the mind when you will when you want to have the mind of Christ to have this mind and you those also increase will be so but will be focused on the things of God will be selfless as we learn in the story know we will be sanctified in order to receive the seal of God our characters cannot have defects sanctification the process of sanctification is what each one of us is going through when you are going through trial and difficulty always ask God what are you trying to teach me what needs to be purged from my character how is it that I need to grow when I came to Guam I was coming out of great trial and a difficult you had to leave and go back into it God allowed Blom to exist as a place where I was able to get respite and be strengthened to come back and fight but I understood in the process of all I was going through as I was being. It was like hunted down at the time for my religious beliefs what I realized as I still had to stop and say it's a god what do you want me to learn how my supposed to grow if you want the mind of Christ when trial comes your way you do not lash out at god us God how can I grow role in this situation what is it in my character what defect is it that needs to be excise that you're using the the scalpel of this trial to remove. If you have the mind of Christ you always seek the good of others and you strengthen and I put the word strengthening to strengthen my Holy Spirit to be persistent to stay in the race no matter what what even when you have doubts you take it doubts to Christ as we talked about earlier in the week the mind of Christ is something that we almost go after because the Bible says that we not only are to have the mind of Christ we are to have the face of Christ not just a faith in Christ but the faith of Christ and you can't have that. If your mind is not in a position to be worked upon by the holy spirit ally says it like this she says it is no time for lightness vanity or trifling the scenes of this earth's history are soon to close minds that have been left to lose thought need change the apostle Peter says gird up the longings of your mind to be sober and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought on to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ as obedient of beating children not fashioning yourselves according to the formal lusts in your ignorance but as he which has called you is holy so be you holy in all manner of conversation because it is written be holy for I am holy when I read this I was to stop and read this more than once this week and part of it is where it says there is no time for lightness vanity or trifling minds that have been left to the loose thought need change I think about a lot of things the symbols coming up and I have to be honest I'm too busy to really watch football but my mind has been on the Super Bowl and who's going to win it you know you your mind goes to politics and and contemplating what the public what politicians are doing and not doing and there's a place for all fall for that especially probably in the political realm such as me and understand prophesy. We've got to have our minds sharpened and focused like Christ's mind was Christ was singular in his intent from the last supper when he was trying to explain finally to his disciples one last go at trying to explain what was about to happen Christ had to be so focused that even when he told his disciples to watch and pray and they fell asleep Christ could not to say you know what forget it I'm going to lead honestly was well he had to stay there and agonize with the Father do you have that type of laser focused church that you stayed fixed on him come what may because we are called to be holy this is the perfection of the character that allows for the seal of God and why goes on to say loose thoughts must be gathered up and centered on God The very thought should be in obedience to the will of God praise should not be given or expected so this will have a tendency to foster self-confidence rather than increase you militancy to corrupt rather than to purify. Men who are really qualified and who feel that they have a part to act in connection with the work of God will feel pressed beneath a sense of the sacredness of the work as a cart beneath sheaves now is the time to make the most earnest efforts to overcome the natural feelings of the carnal heart powerful words she goes on to say this sanctification and this is actually from Acts of the Apostle page $560.00 sanctification is not the work of a moment an hour a day. But of a life time it is not gained by a happy flight a feeling but is the result of constantly dying to sin and constantly living for Christ wrongs cannot be righted nor reformations wrought in the character by feeble intermittent efforts it is only by long perseverant effort sore discipline and stern conflict that we shall overcome we know not one day how strong will be our conflict the next it will take persistence one of the things I like from here is. Is that it is not gained by happy a flight of feeling. And that's what a lot of churches are teaching now it's really more about feeling it's really about about movements and swaying but what is that what we are being called for something much deeper than simply what we feel it is an intellectual and spiritual understanding of the truth so that truth changes how we live how we exist in this world and the life says so long as Satan reigns we shall have self to subdue the setting sins to overcome so long as life shall last there will be no stopping place no point which we can reach and say I have fully attained sanctification is the result of lifelong obedience sanctification is the result of lifelong obedience and I can tell you church that it these are the. Words of The Spirit of Prophecy here a very apropos for our day we live in a time a feeling of pleasure a people get more concerned with getting what they want than being what God wants them to be. In many churches the prayers are more that their pockets be filled than that their souls be purified and we as a people have to come together and gain the mind of Christ we've got to follow him with or so ever he leads and I mentioned this earlier in the week. A story of a friend of mine that I actually went to college with. Whose testimony I can actually center on you can really watch it. But he was. Getting into hip hop music and trying to be a rap star and. Was trying to do some things in that field will get into it into too much detail but he aligned himself. Not even really intentionally with someone who was actually quite dangerous and this individual wound up. As my friend was driving a car shooting and killing someone because many of us come from a background that says snitches get stitches and you know you don't want to be a rat you know want to be a snitch you never said anything long story short this young man who was a product of Adventist Academy and was attending and having his college was father was an elder in the church long story short he went to trial and was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison and when you listen to his testimony it's actually quite profound because one of the questions I asked him when we were interviewing him about his experience one of the questions I asked him was how in prison did you keep How did you keep your your mind how was it that you you kept your Christianity you weren't much of a Christian going into jail in prison but somehow in there you became a Christian in East speaks of an experience he had when he was praying and the Spirit of God visited him very heavily. And God really showed up and he communicated with got about a situation he wound up spending 18 years in prison he was never supposed to get out it's a miracle that he's out now going around minister and other folk but he said something profound speaking of the speaking to the mind of Christ he said that what he found was this if you are in the presence of God There is always joy he said what he learned to do in 18 years in prison plus the 2 years he spent in county jail what he learned was this as long as he was in the presence of God There was joy it didn't matter how bleak the cell no matter how terrible the food no matter how violent the people he was serving time with no matter how mean the guards or the warden it didn't matter if he made sure to be in the presence of God every single day he had joy. And being in the presence of God does more than just give you joy it transforms the mind by the holding we become changed I want to finish the series on the mind of Christ by saying this the human mind has mirror neurons that mirror the behavior of what we see this is why a young little boy will try to act like his father watching his father he will learn how to behave in this world there are mirror neurons that do that spiritually exercise your mirror neurons if you want to have the mind of Christ you must be exposed to Christ you must be learning of Christ by beholding we will become changed many who are seeking to gain victory over send us that it's early in the week they don't gain a victory because they spend all their time looking down at their sin what I want to tell you is that you need to turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in his wonderful face and the sayings of earth will grow strangely dim. In the light of His glory and grace that bless you all in Wa and beyond been wonderful worshipping with you this week I'm going to close a prayer and I know that if I don't see you in Guam one day by God's grace I'll see you on the sea of glass let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word Lord we choose to be that the fish that was penitent the the thief that saw you a savior Lord we want the mind of Christ the faith of Christ you want to be more like you Jesus so humble a slower to the send help us not to focus on the things of this world is not to focus on self I was not even to focus on our own sin and help us to focus on our savior is that these days this is our prayer and Jesus is precious and will be there. In. 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