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11 Waging Love

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • March 2, 2021
    8:00 AM
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Cameron danger and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points we are still in our 1st quarter of 2021 in the book of Isaiah is what we're studying for the whole whole quarter but this particular week's lesson is lesson 11 titled waging love it's pretty creative title waging love Mark once you give us a perspective on what is the before we get our specific talking points just generally what are we covering this week well we have 2 chapters this week where we live in today all right it's good but they're pretty full chatter there's a chapter of the 5 in Isaiah 5058 Ok and large the good lesson dwells on practical Godliness is outlined in Isaiah $58.00 we're going to do a little more on as if the 5 Ok which is a lead in to that just the invent the open invitation to salvation but that's in general going for a look at a familiar usually guys in Chapter $58.00 but obviously we're going to dig into that and yeah I say $55.00 is a precursor but before we get into those specific talking points what we want to do is dedicate ourselves to the Lord in prayer and then dive right into our topic for the day so let's bury it for we're pretty heavy father thank you thank you for this lesson study thank you for the topic that is covering and of course the lesson book of scripture itself Thank you for inspiring Isaiah to write these words and applying them to our lives today help us till So to see what your Holy Spirit is trying to show us in these passages and apply it in our lives so we can hasten the coming of Jesus or prayed in Jesus' name amen amen our oppressor Howard our talking points for this week go there are 3 and are talking points are talking point number one is Salvation is the free gift that will cost you everything and we're going to see that drop out of Sunday in Monday's lessons Ok. Number 2 is evangelism is always successful amen there are some that will contest that I know but when we're done probably not Ok Now with that one drop out of a specific point in the lesson or you actually it was drawn out of Isaiah 50 funniest or less so highlight it but it's well known part of Isaiah said it wearily in our material Ok And then finally number 3 a revival of true Christianity is an identifying characteristic of the remnant church the Bible foretells a revival of true or practical Christianity practical godliness and we're going to see that primitive Christianity Ok these are synonyms for their characteristic and those are our 3 talking points for this week Ok well let's just dive right into you said Isaiah 558 and so. The 3rd talking point is drawn from Tuesday to Thursday does do as if there's a focus of the biggest chunk is going to be at least from the only thing that isn't from the quarterly is that 2nd point that is drawn from a 50 foot is like I said it's in the scripture so we're going to be 5 1st and then looking as if to 8 so let's guess what number one. Ok So salvation is the free gift that will cost you everything drawn from the beginning words of Isaiah $55.00 are whole everyone who thirsts Ho The idea is you're calling out if you're shouting out ovation there are people in your making this imitation everyone who thirsts come to the waters and you have no money come and buy and eat yes come and buy wine and milk without money and without price why do you spend money for that which is not bread and your wages for what does not satisfy listen carefully to me capital m. and eat what is good and let your soul delight itself in abundance so the Lord is given an invitation and we see that the imagery of water in the scripture did you know Jesus taught the woman at the well but the living water and there's other gold in it as a lot of references to the water of life drinking this water if you Thurstan and so the idea is you have an appeal to salvation here and then the the idea of the wine in the milk wine comes when there's an abundant harvest of grace milk when they're well fed cattle so it's throughout the milk and honey that has to do with prosperity and God is just inviting people to substantive filling you know prosperity and quenching of the 3rd you know contrast of the why are you spending money on what does right that is for you or your labor or your time and energy it's so much like the woman at the well experience you know if she was looking for temporal water he's like but I've got some better water you know there's a real 1st that you know if you only know who you're talking to I'm glad you bring that up because sometimes people like to separate old New Testaments as if you know Jesus came and he presented stuff that had never represented before you know Jesus presented through His prophets the same concepts you know Jesus didn't just hey I'm going to bring up this idea of water in reference to salvation he himself had employed that same imagery through His prophets of old right so Jesus had laid this out as a metaphor as a motif about thirsting and what and. Everyone can relate to this right so you've got to get fairly has not been 30 seconds you can talk about anything it's like 30 is a barrier you know many people who don't like water I don't know a lot of people and I remember going through a phase of water getting popular I mean this the other side of it Terence I don't. Believe people who drink think that they'll drink water so but when a person those very same individuals who don't like water I don't can't stand drinking water I got to have something in my water when they are part of. Their i don't want Coke you know there's a point where you want water right and so people understand both being thirsty and having that there's quench from water is the Lord is always a healing to this common human need for a quote thirst That's right use the water for salvation the water of life and then let's move into what do you how do you get it well well and that he has it in other words there is this common need but you're not being satisfied come and drink I've got Jesus said that's why well into ever growing civil water of this well will thirst again where do I go out of I if will never thirst but will have become that water will in him become anyways great great and John 4 so. This is just speaking of the ubiquitous nature of salvation how how the Lord is offering it to there's no he's offering it to anybody who wants it you know somebody may call it well it's just the people who are thirsty and it may be argued that God's only making some thirsty but you know going to find that in Scripture hell if there were another passage in scripture this would be a strong argument against the idea of predestination and this is to whoever wants it come in get it and stop going after what you have been in come get and so clearly this in Isaiah is day we're speaking beyond the Jewish nation and if we want to take time to go to the passage it is really about as they are if you like everybody you know you've already talked about some of the lessons so this free full salvation in fact. Ellen White makes a great comment in the book steps to Christ where she says on page 49 it is heaven it is a serious peace that you need Heaven's forgiveness and peace and love in the soul money cannot buy it intellect cannot procure it talks about without money and without price how do you buy you know the idea of buying without money is what does it mean but the Lord is speaking 1st of all spiritual terms and he's just speaking about the fact that here's something that's has enough value to it that you would need to buy it. But you have nothing to bio in resource you control resource you can buy and so the Lord is speaking of it's value but also of the fact that it's attainable even if you have nothing because it's not you that qualifies for it and this is what almighty coming on you see that in a minute is peace that you need Heaven's forgiveness and peace and love in the soul money cannot buy it intellect cannot procure it wisdom cannot attain to it you can never hope by your own efforts to secure it but God offers it to you as a gift quote without money and without price as a 551 it is yours if you will but reach out your hand and grasp it Lord says though your sins be a scarlet they should be white as snow going back to their one sour full statement just the freeness of salvation so no less why this is not in point exactly so it says Salvation is a free gift that will cost you everything so how does it cost you anything it is what you just said without price but what it cost well so is the passage goes on it's interesting that in this context then the Lord says in verse 6 seek the Lord while He may be found the implication is he's not always going to be found there's a there's a period of time where you have to respond or you're not going to be able to respond in those to respond what does it mean to seek the Lord sequel really may be found call upon him while he is near What does it mean to seek the Lord and call upon him next verse Let the wicked forsake his way in the under righteous man his thoughts let him return to the Lord and He the Lord will have mercy on him into our God and He will a bun didn't leave pardon for my thoughts are not your thoughts nor my ways your Wyatt ways says the Lord so in other words the Lord says I want to give you my thoughts and my way is equivalent to this one context of salvation we're talking about but you can't have it unless you hear both You're really offers the your righteousness that we need but the cost to us is the other righteousness that he can take away from us but we have to be able to let go we can't have both right into it and right as we have to surrender you have somebody who's going to. They're going to hand you a big something that is going to take both hands to hold it right but you're already holding he's going to let go of you've got to let go some 3 get the other Ok And so in the Scripture is clear on that that this this in fact I got in the notes here 1st of all in the context the Lord's appealing to the people to. To desire something you know they're spending their money on that which is not bread and they're laboring for what doesn't satisfy they're not finding the substance in what they have in their ways and their thoughts and so this is this is a con to get him inviting them to his ways and his thoughts but they're in they need to be able to let go of their ways and thoughts and I think about it and you probably had this discussion I've had people argue about this whole this whole hard to be lost here is harder to be lost than it is to be saved and I could argue for that but I think it gives a for example I could argue for there but what do you do then when you come to where Jesus says broad is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to life and in fact in the Gospel of Luke he says Strive to enter in at the strait gate and St as s t r e i t is not a straight line it's difficult yes with the word means Old English. Strive to enter in at the strait gate and then he goes on to say many will seek to enter but will not be able many will seek to enter the many go in the broad the few go in the narrow way that doesn't give a picture of oh it's just so easy to be saved and there's not not that it could be argued that the Lord is going to fight you every year I step away that is it but. To die to self is not an easy thing when Jesus talks about you got to die daily that doesn't conjure up images of butterflies most of you know it's certainly not a passive thing no not at all it is an investment of your own act of will and you see that in this passage the forsaking of the ways in the thoughts. Let the wicked forsake his way for seeking your way and not getting it the way you want it is not easy any human being should know that any parent should know that many of us will know anything anyone has at any relationship anybody else if you're supposed to be cooperative in a parent spouse a relationship a parent child just for the record when I say any husband knows it it's a learning process but is that hard lesson that our wives are always right that we're not getting in the middle of that there's not a marriage counseling session but the point is if you have to want to take ended I don't know if there's if there's something that you ought to collaborate on and there's a right way to somebody it was a decision is made has to yield and then ideas be given up or preference has to be surrendered and when it comes to the relationship with Jesus our proclivities which other way the Bible makes clear all towards and unrighteousness great as a we have to surrender ourselves our self. Inherently in sinful desires and say I'm going to drop my own self interest and I'm going to take up this wonderful free gift but it's going to cost me the things that I naturally like to do and spend that cutting across the grain of natural inclination does not sound pleasant in fact it is not pleasant I've experienced it and I'm. Growing in that you know well and what comments on that in that concept when you know I'd mentioned Luke 13 where it says many will seek to enter him will not be able seeking about the way to salvation and it just seems like it always has existed like it or not let me get in or they want to enter and she comments on that in fact she quotes that verse and then she says and thoughts in my blessing page 143 1st paragraph it says they desire the good she's describing what it means to seek to enter they desire the good they make some effort to obtain it but they do not choose it they have not a settled purpose to secure it at the cost of all things so it's going to cost everything. And yet and so that everything is you yielding your will. Well there's a there's a lot there that we could go into but let's be clear the Lord Himself will help us heal or will absolutely and give us the strength you've already read and I was a he says let him talk take hold of my strength that he may make peace with me so he's only right as we opportunity and the fuel to make it happen he's given us everything is not going to work that choice of the will that's the heart of exactly all right let's go to talking point number 2 number 2 evangelism is always successful we should just leave it right there it always works if you work and it will work for you you know what I mean I'll tell you I read when I came up I thought Ok this is a cute little thing up evangelism is always successful I was going to make some little disclaimer like except for when it's done poorly but I'm basing it on the passage goes on to say your ways are not my thoughts are there is there are no right and then he says in verse 10 as the rain comes down in the snow from heaven and do not return there but water the earth and make it bring forth and bud that it may give seed bread to eat or so shell my word be that goes forth through my mouth it shall not return to Me void but it shall compas what I please and it shall prosper in the thing which I sent this is just an incredible passage so the Lord in you know you think of his word. Illustrated in is here 37 of the valley of dry bones you mention that before did to these bones live like I don't know Lord you can. Preach My word to them boom when they come along to life right. And I was thinking again about well poorly you know the other some people that can do a very bad job with even if they portray things in a wrong way they have a wrong attitude then I thought well wait a minute what about bail. You know and yet there was success in isn't his ministry but I you know you don't think of him as an evangelist Let's talk Jonah you know you heard the saying that nobody nobody's going to care how much we know until they know how much we care and those cute little sayings are you know there's a lot of truth to it but let's just be clear Jonah did not care about the people he preached his message went up on the hillside and waited for them to be destroyed and when God didn't destroy him he was just plain mad about it yet he's the most successful evangelist in all scripture well the other thing is we've had personal testimonies from people who have literally fell and. I think of the great cause 1st it was in the trash can yes I think that clearly whoever passed out didn't unique success from their efforts it was literally the trash can but the Lord was in it right exactly the upshot is as Paul was explaining No you know one's going to do the water one's going to so but in the in the results are on God The harvest is his right and so when he makes the claim that my word will not come back void it's not like saying if you do your work well you will be successful he's like No I'm the one who's going to be successful you're just a tool in the whole process well that makes me think of you mention Paul and I think of Philippians chapter one he says in verse 12 I want you know brother and the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the Gospel something his arrest and imprisonment Ellice so that it has become evident that to the whole palace guard into all the rest that my chains are in Christ and most of the brethren in the Lord having become confident by my chains are more much more bold to speak the word without fear some preach Christ or some indeed preach Christ even from envy in strife and some also from Good Will the former preach Christ from selfish ambition not sincerely supposing to add affliction to my chains but the latter out of love knowing that of the center what then only then in every way Christ is His presence preach His His point seems to be that there are some who preach Christ envy and strive trying to add inflection of my chains like there I picture him going around saying Can you believe. Listen this is what this Paul is saying he's saying this and this and this because he figures he's going to heap up condemnation so they don't even believe it but the words of the message and we have testimony of this throughout history well words of the message even on the lips of a nonbeliever can convert a so we don't have time for this one but you since you brought this up there's this idea Jesus you know he what is it about all the idea that is going to when Jesus went in and cleaned up as the Temple for the rest but he made this weird statement he's like you know Destroy this temple raising it in 3 days and he didn't explain it he was misunderstood but he wanted that catchphrase to get around and he lets it go on and on and on and all of his enemies are taunting at him at the cross you know it's the only thing they can really you know that's figured out something that was a thing but he knew it's like you know they're not going to stand but my words going to come back and on the dip and it cost after he had raised to life after $3.00 days and the whole world had heard about it he had preached his own of Angelus 6 years and no one understood when we go out and we do witnessing do witnessing when we share our faith and we live this lifestyle we just you know proclaim the message God has promised that somehow it's going to come back not empty it's just going to be profit in it for his cause so we can't get discouraged if I don't see it or I don't know that he had it right God sent it and he's the author and finisher of the only qualifier would be evangelism presupposes that it's communicating the Word of God right and the words not in it well but it just presuppose you can see through the word goes out word return right will not return void Amen All right our 3rd talking point is drawing from Isaiah Chapter 58 and why don't you read the 1st couple verses there are lies in 58 and many people probably we don't have time exhausted to say yes but in fact we're told an inspiration over and over to study as if he hated outlines of earth for this time said yes it does and even before it quote It just so people recognize there's basically as I read Isaiah 53 sections to it there's the whole cry out in spirit in. You know saying this the the situation of the people and then there's God's remedy for it and then there's the outcome at the end but anyway it starts in verse one cry aloud spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet tell my people there transgression in the House of Jacob there since yet verse 2 says they seek me daily and delight to know my ways as a nation they did righteousness and enough forget the ordinance forsake the ordinance of their god they ask of me the ordinance of justice they take delight in approaching God so conditioned that people clearly is that they are religious at least you know this is their not feigning this is not like they pretend to take delay like churchy say they love days assuming themselves a spiritual right there's a lot there them all and you know people they are in some way having at least the patina or the surface of religious that has right but what's the issue in verse 3 Why have we fasted they say you've not seen why we've looked our souls in take no notice and so they're basically saying Lord we're going through these motions we're doing the religious life but we're not having that really spirit driven you know success result right experience it just seems like we're going through the motions were all right in you know we're we're doing all this for fasting as you mentioned and so a couple things to bring out 1st of all when we get down to the end of the chapter the Bible for the Bible tells us in verse 12 those from among you shall build the Oldways places and raise up the foundation and you should be called repairers of the breach to restore our streets to dwell and are talking point was a revival true Christianity is identifying characteristic of the remnant church and we will see that this is these repairers of the breach in the work being outlined is speaking of God's people at the end of time his last days in the context now it starts out here with this group of people who are claiming to be fasting and praying and and yet they feel the Lord doesn't see. And the lesson quarterly asks the question in Tuesday the very 1st question top of the page what is the fast referred to when as if 3 and I'm going to divert from the lesson a little bit here the lesson steers this into the Day of Atonement and their take is that this is speaking specifically of the Day of Atonement fasting fasting was associated with. Feast days seems. To be but but but the flicking of the soul and what have you eyes I'm going to steer away from that just because when you look at the passage you know the Day of Atonement was in the end you will you bend when you look at the passage it says in verse 2 yet they seek me daily and even in the Hebrew the tenor of it is that the fasting is something that is repetitive that they're doing on a regular basis and we know that the Jewish nation that fasting was not just a part of the Day of Atonement was a part of their religious services in fact he taught the New Testament Well I'm thinking about in the New Testament when they asked Jesus why do your disciples fast you know and the disciples of John ask why do you have to decide it was built in the fairest seas we Yeah why did they not fast we fast all the time and the right point being it was in a part of their religious pride of course Jesus said they don't fast because I'm with them but he doesn't Yeah it just be evident that it was part of their they were for you is your show and your ears they're talking with ongoing thing and so I believe that what is being addressed here is not an event on a day on a feast day this is addressing their church experience yes their outer their religious experience and their description of it is very from their perspective diligent they're doing these certain things but the outcome isn't satisfactory it's not really helping and then the Lord comes in 1st 6 I think that's where we're going to have next and talk about Yes Are you think this is what fasting looks like this is what you think religious life is well let me tell you what I outlined Well let's draw something from the heart of it why are they fasting Ok What's their purpose you see it in that what they say to the Lord we're doing don't you see don't you realise what we're doing in other words they're doing it in order to gain the acceptance of a culture to work always been the foundation of every false religion paganism and false Christianity is appeasing God like we're doing this don't you see yet don't you read I hate in my thing yes. In the clock or whatever else so right away you see that this is it it's what we call formalism Now we always talk about legalism and I think we're even going to get into some of this in next week's lesson a little bit but the issue is one of going through the motions it's outward Christianity it Service Christianity in verse 4 and says Lord says you have fasted for strife and debate and a strike with the fist of witness basically saying like you've done all this stuff but it hasn't changed your character yes it's not many practical any good you're still just as he just got done in 55 talking about them forsaking their ways and thought is right or not for sake of their ways I go with you all to me I'm fasting and brother so and so on the journey to a whole lot of other can tell you they have a say well people are right it hasn't changed you so the Lord steers him towards the kind of fast he wants it for 6 and 7 what you read that is this nothing fast that I have chosen to lose the balance of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and you break every yoke is not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out when you see them make it that you cover and not hide yourself from your own flesh then your light shall break forth like the morning your healing just being spring forth it's pretty speedily in your righteous before you the glory of the Lord to be a rear guard and it goes on and on to talk about the results of it of this real fast that is the daily conversion and well let's I want to comment on that but I want to bring something the lesson says that again I don't think it's wrong per se but well explain in a minute Wednesday's lesson the very last paragraph on the page not the green box at the bottom of the very last paragraph says the Lord seeks a church a people who will preach truth to the world but what will better attract people to the truth as it is in Jesus' strict adherence to dietary laws or a willingness to help the hungry strict rest on the Sabbath and the word strict is intentionally or or a willingness to spend your own time and energy helping those who are in need and I always get wary of these either or lie. Is it this or this is there something wrong with let's just say it here is to the Senate and then let's talk about the word strict what district mean it just means doing exactly what God said is there's something wrong with doing exactly what God says It almost implies a competition between You're either going to be a strict Sabbath keeper or a really nice people help out right which one do you want to be you know and so my concern with this is especially here in the context is these folks are going through the motions and there's been a big push in even in our church today. For all these good deed ministries Yes but there's. Up there's a very distinct possibility if not probability that you can replace the fasting and serial good deed ministries and still have it only be an outward I can still remember all these good deal and I give sandwiches to people and everything else and then I can go home and yell at my wife in other words I can still have the same lack of depth in the experience there's an insight that we're fine in welfare ministry page 32 you also find in several other places but Mrs White talks about this exact tension Yes And she says the work specified in these words referring to all of Chapter 58 Isaiah is the work God requires these people to do it is a work of God's own appointment notices with the work of advocating the commandments of God in repairing the breach that is made in the Law God we are to mingle compassion for suffering humanity we are to show supreme love to God we are exalt his memorial which again is that strict observance of the Sabbath right which has been trodden down by the holy feet and with this we are to manifest mercy benevolence and the tenderest piss pity for the fall and race she goes on to say love revealed for suffering humanity give significance and power to the truth so it's not just proclamation ministry or church she type stuff verses like you know out of the world community outreach she's saying we should be doing both in a comprehensive there is a blended approach right that you have all of it. Together and that's what the broader implication seems to be here absolutely and the Bible goes on to say when you have that practical Christianity and so I liked it and I did make the point that when it talks about the undoing the heavy burdens in breaking every yoke and sharing your bread with the hungry and bring to the party house of stuff instead of limiting this to events where we get together is a group and go out and do something. I think it's important that we understand that I believe what the prophet is going to is practical Christianity and other words this is not an event that I'm doing and we're going out as a group and we have an exercise this afternoon radical Persis is personal this is letting Christianity affect your everyday life this is the kind of person you are because it goes on to say when you do this and live this way then the Lord says it is a logo God You continually satisfy your soul and draw you're going to be like a well water garden. Then your light is going to dawn in the darkness and you're darkness felt you know then these things will happen in other when you have this real genuine experience with me and in that context it goes on to say those from among you among these people who are now living out their Christianity instead of having the surface Christianity has started talking about those from whom you will raise up the foundation many generations. You'll be called the Parent repair of the breach the Restore of streets to dwell in if you turn away your foot from the sabs from doing your pleasure and I wish I could take more time in our talking points for this but this is talking about Sabbath reform in this context of. Living el this practical Christianity and there's a there's a there's a reform a restoration of the Sabbath that comes in the context of us living out your Christianity so Ellen White makes this statement and this is in the Bible Commentary volume for all my comments on this point in this passage of Isaiah 58 she says where do we find the people who are thus addressed these repairs of the breach Who is it that shall build up the always places and raise up the foundation of many generations where are the people who have the light from heaven to see that a breach has been made the law of God And speaking of the 7 damaged people she says this is the people that are repairing the breach in the law of God They see that the Sabbath of the 4th Amendment has been supplanted by a spurious Sabbath a day that has no sanction in the Word of God amid great opposition they become loyal to their god and take their position under the standard of the 3rd angel soon ties all this reform of Chapter 58 into that their names and so when Jesus comes again he could he's got a people who are proclaiming the unadulterated unmitigated truth of God's word right message in word and he exactly he can say you also like in Matthew 25 you visited me so it's not it's not a theory and it's pitting against practical it's a holistic picture of the now set of boxes they're taking off for a good deed and the other category are exactly that become new people like Jesus so we have come down to the end of the wire here but maybe we shouldn't go to our summaries yet in Friday's lesson going to are you there already Yes go ahead you know as if you 558 the prophet appeals to his people to give up their thoughts and ways and return to God who's ideal for their happiness is so. Much higher than their own he mercifully pardons and then insists that the pardon to be merciful in harmony with the spirit of the Day of Atonement is a lesson one that and the Sabbath because the Gift of God's forgiveness if it is truly received transforms the heart. Less section they are truly received transforms the heart of it friends there is a so much just in these 2 chapters that is going to be great fodder for a fantastic local lesson study and again and lets you use the huge side to these specific words because there is such good scriptural material that there's there's no reason to go off on crazy rabbit trails now there's so much good material and you had mentioned to me that some some teachers struggle with what questions to ask the class they're usually like Friday has 3 discussion questions are usually some good helpful discussion questions that you can insert in this context write it out encourage you to look at those yet just dig into the details of scripture and maybe some additional life in the Spirit of Prophecy it's going to be a great study but we are out of time and we need to close with a word of prayer so let's Barris Heavenly Father again we thank you for the opportunity to study together as a church family and we want to know not just what the lesson says we don't know what the word says and we want to be obedient to it Lord give us that transformation that you prophesied in Isaiah $58.00 that we will both uphold the doctrines like the Sabbath but not just of the theoretical sense but you will transform us to be true Sabbath keepers and repairers of the breach Help us Lord to be more like Jesus for praying in Jesus name again.


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