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Hezekiah and Moses

John Chung
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John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA



  • March 6, 2021
    11:45 AM
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Happy sir but. This morning's title. Is Hezekiah and Moses. Hezekiah and Moses years ago. A young lady in her thirty's was referred to me by a plastic surgeon for a skin cancer removed all over left lower or eyelid Well I had a a long standing agreement. With this particular plastic surgeon for years I removed the skin cancer using the highest curing the surgical technique called the most my graphic surgery after you move the cancer I send the patient back to him and he does a repair he does the reconstruction. Well. It took several layers. And I cleared a cancer she had a. Fairly good size hole on her left floor eyelid. Young. 30. 3 male but. She brought her mom at that time and. She said. Other chum. Would you please close the saloon for me close this to the reconstruction I know you can do it. But this was a patient who was with her by the plastic surgeon so I said to her no on I'm sorry I can't you have to go back to him. And they started both the mother and she started begging me saying please close it she had no insurance she just came she just finished school and she said. I can afford $7000.00 that's what the plastic surgeon quoted how much it'll cost for him to do the reconstruction she said I can afford $7.00 an hour I don't have any money and I said there's. In my mind I said there's no way there's no way I'm going to do the reconstruction because you know this his he's going to. The pilots are just going to lose all the trust and he already had schedules set up for her the following day. But they just kept saying please please please can on for $7000.00. And then the whole Easter Sportstar talking to me. Through the reconstruction I said No never say no to the Holy Spirit Ok but I keep saying no home. And then the whole this is just kept talking to me and said. To the reconstruction do the reconstruction do their country I said all right are good so it took some time for me to do the surgery and remove the cancer and also do the reconstruction and. At those are done you know I was thinking just. Man I'm going to lose. All my referrals from him because I've had several referrals every week from him. For many many years and you know what I was right after this patient he never sent me another patient but anyway. So I did a reconstruction are these things and I and there was a bill for her right. It was not $7000.00 it was much much less and so I said How much am I going to charge for. Hours or hours really wishing the shit insurance a really good little cost to her but she had no insurance and I said maybe half and the Holy Spirit talked to me and said do not charge or I'll go Ok how about one 4th I'm negotiating with the Holy Spirit one 4th no 10 percent now how about the cost of the sutures No you know. When you start arguing with the Holy Spirit you of your song comfortable you know and at the same time you know you're selfish heart keeps saying you know I should get something from this and you know thinking about all the consequences or you know just thinking about me me me myself you know what can I gain from all this. Not about her or her situation and. Very reluctantly I said Look I know you don't have any money much money so I'll let you I'm going to let you go home. There will be no charge. And. Both of them started crying and they went to one home. Way for the rest of the story. You know. There was a great king of Israel has a car. He was a wonderful king he was a godly King and. But one day. He developed an illness there wasn't a death. And if you look at. 38. It says in those days Hezekiah was sick and near death. And I said the Prophet the son of Amos went to him and said to him does that the Lord set your house in order for you shall die and not live then Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall and prayed to the Lord and said Remember. Now in Lord I pray how I have walked before you can choose and words are loyal heart and have done what is good in your sight and Hezekiah wept bitterly and the War of the Lord came to our existing goal and hell Hezekiah the says the Lord the God of David your father I have heard your prayer I have seen your tears surely I will add to your days 15 years I will deliver you and this city from the hand of the King of Assyria and I will defend the city you know. Honey when Hezekiah heard this he wanted to make sure this was some god he wanted to have some assurance so you know when you look at the 2nd Kings 2811 it says This 2nd thing is 2811 and Hezekiah set saile What is the sign that the Lord will heal me and that I shall go up to the house of the Lord the 3rd day then I says that this is a sign to you from the Lord that the Lord will do that thing which he has said he has spoken shall the shadow go for 10 degrees or go backwards 10 degrees and Hezekiah answer it isn't easy thing for the shadow to go down 10 degree but let the shadow go backwards 10 degrees so Isaiah the prophet cried out to the Lord and he brought the shuttle 10 degrees backwards by which it had gone down on the sundial of a has now. You know there was a rising a powerful nation Babylon. That they are worshippers of the sun and the wise men as there was looking at the sundial never in the history never have they had they seen the sun actually go backwards and so you know if you look at Isaiah 39. The King about the law and then these wise men and you know to say that he heard that he has a 2nd and congratulate him for recovery but they also wanted to know about the God who's this God who did this who can actually turn the sun or time backwards this was such a great opportunity for Hezekiah to tell these people this pagan nation representative or pagan nation to tell them about the God of heaven but one day. What that has occurred is never he did not talk about God here he is he knows now he will live for 50 more years he became proud and instead of giving glory to God He showed. All the treasures. Of His Kingdom. The silver the goal spices and precious or human and always army. There was nothing in his house or in all his dominion that has occurred did not show them you show them everything. So. Then the idea the proper one to King Hezekiah said to him what did these men say and from where did they come come to you say Hezekiah said they came to me from a far country from Babylon and he said What have they seen in your house says a car answered they have seen all that is in my house there is nothing. Among my chargers that I have not shown them their eyes they are said to Hezekiah hear the word of the Lord of Hosts behold the days are coming. On all that is in your house and what your fathers have accumulated unto this day shall be carried to that alone nothing shall be left says the Lord and they shall take away some of your sons who will descend from you whom you will be good and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon you know it. You know this happened right. Because you know the simple came from Babylon saw the sisters this so much treasure here you want to come and get all these things. So you know I rebukes Hezekiah saying this is going to happen because we are fully sacked and this is what So Hezekiah said to Isaac the word of the Lord. What you have spoken is good. For he said at least there will be peace and shoot in my day. You know the verse 8 really bothers me. After hearing these things after getting rebuke from Isaiah for what he has done will cause. Such big problem in his future generation he says. Toward the Lord which you have spoken is good for he said at least there will be peace and shoot in my day. Or is he saying. His beliefs one on one live everything we find peace in truth you know he was very selfish at that time you know he repented later on of course but. Selfish just looking out for himself. And perhaps you would have been better for Israel if Hezekiah had died actually you know for 15 years more of this life and one foolish act the whole nation of Israel suffered. Now and compare Hezekiah what Moses Now Moses was even that is a light for 40 years. There is says on the end here I saw in the sight of the hills of Canaan that's what they were going right at the 40 years they were taken to see the hills of Canaan. June that time to test their faith God me the water stop Ok no more water and as usual what did they do what do the people do. Complain. They complain for 40 years company in the by everything again they cried and they directed against Moses. Why have you brought up the congregation to the Lord into this ordinance that we and our cattle child die here and there's no wired to drink you can imagine this is some amazing how at this scene all of God's provisions they still complain still have no face. It said the leader when leaders went to the door of the tabernacle and fell upon their faces again the glory of the Lord appeared and Moses was Cerec to. Take the rod and gather the assembly together you're in there and your brother just speak unto the rock he is to just speak to the rock and then he shall give them the Fortis for water from this rock the sun and pitcher Prachi pitchers and process the 2 brothers one arm before the multitude Moses with the rod of God in his hand now they were aged men. One long had they born with rebellion and absence of Israel but now at last even the patience of Moses gave way here now you rebels he cried must we fetch you water out of this rock here he had. For 40 years of murmuring and complain he lost his patience and interest speaking to the rock he hit the rock twice and the water came out but bitterly and deeply humiliating was the judgment immediately pronounced the Lord spoken to Moses and Aaron because he believed me not to sanctify me in the eye of the children of Israel therefore you shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them. They must die before crossing the Jordan. I mean is seems so unfair for 40 years he's in so fatal if our Moses and I heard God say. Because of that you can't go to Canaan Abbey saw ups. 40 years I mean his 120 years old 1st 40 year I mean he could have been a pharaoh you know he gave that up he was a shepherd and then 40 years in the desert with this hard life he could have had a very easy and really good life as a as a feral in Egypt for his supper to raw this goal was to go to Canaan with this people but God said You can't go and I'll be so upset like. Who would I be upset or not is not. Only God. But the people of you guys made me do this because you were complaining. I had the rock voice. And now I can go into the land that I've been longing for for the last 40 years I mean isn't there reasonable for us to do that you know several years ago I did surgery on the right cheek of a patient and one week later I did surgery. This decision had 2 cancers one on the right and the one on the left side is the left side 11 week later big surgery spent a lot of time in all the sewing and then everything was fine but that was a big big moon and big reconstruction so you know after I put all the stitches in I told the nurse Ok on the right side because I was on one week before I said you know please remove the sutures in the right side the pay that the nurse who was with me during the surgery had to leave and go to another room and. This nurse told another nurse to go in there to remove the switchers. Ok so she didn't make it clear. But instead are removing the one that was on the right side that was done previously removing other searchers this nurse removed all the searchers on the left I thought that there was just put it in and then I got really upset. I got upset that both of the nurses. So I had to go back. And redo the whole thing again. For other stitches and again. And you know so all the time that I spent doing this surgery it was to the reconstruction. It was just wasted because I did this whole thing again and you know there was just a small taste to how of harmonious all of the all that world that he did is wasted. You know instead of blaming the people. Or blaming God He only blames himself for the sin that he committed Moses never made excuses for his sins because the God you know come on give me a break. All these years 40 years I did all these you know let me call to that land please and it was not like a plan when it was just he was just he just got angry at the last moment he didn't do that he did not playing his people but you know. His heart was a heart. Or was are always ready to forgive he never blamed his his people he forgave them you know there's one great quote about forgiveness from the dot dot on the Mount the blessing this is. Listen to this very carefully he who is Unforgiven on forgiving cuts off the very channel through which are known he can receive mercy from God Ok he who is unforgiving because of the very channel through which alone he can receive mercy from God We should not think that unless those who have endured the contest are wrong we are justified in with the holding from them our forgiveness and there's a mother saying we feel like you know if they don't feel compares the wrongs. I'm totally justified in not forgiving them. It says we should not think that unless those who have enjoyed this contest or wrong were justified in would holding from them are forgive our forgiveness it is their part no doubt to humble their heart by repentance and compassion but we are to have a spirit of compassion toward those who have. Sinned against this. Whether or not they come to us their faults it doesn't matter our job is to forgive no matter what how they act after they. How however slowly they may have wounded as we are not to cherish our grievances and sympathize with ourselves over our and Yuri's But do we hope to be pardoned for offenses against God We are to pardon all who have done evil to us keep that in mind because a lot of times I did this this game is for me because I feel it you know sometimes somebody there's something bad to me and they don't come and say I'm sorry or don't change their ways I feel I can still hold a grudge because I was right you know this but it says I can't do that doesn't matter what Hardy other person at your job is to forgive. So you know Moses never claimed then or got angry with them and then. It says in Picher profits. For 69. Says the great ruler of the nation that's God. God had declared that Moses was not to lead the congregation of Israel into the goodly land and the earnest pleading of God's servant could not secure a reversing of his sentence he knew that he must die yet he had not for a moment not for a moment faltered in his care for Israel because they made him angry he had the rock poised he can't go into the Canaan he doesn't blame them for gives them so yet he had not for a moment faltered in his care for Israel he had faithfully sought to prepare the congregation to enter upon the promise in their lives you know what he's doing here he's a low and I'm not going if our motives I was a you know I'm not going so well I don't care what you guys. But he prepared these people he prepared them to go into that land to work a Moses as leader of Israel was ended Still he forgot himself in his interest for his people for the last time Moses. India assembly of his people again the Spirit of God rested upon him and in the most sublime and touching language he pronounced a blessing upon each of the tribes. Closing with the benediction upon them all instead of cursing them hope you guys go there and just have a miserable time he led them he told them what to do. And he pronounced a blessing on each tribe Moses died. And. Money bow at theirs you know and your buried him Ok after his that for the 1st time for the 1st time in history Christ gave life to the dead the year of. Moses was the very 1st one who was resurrected from the dead so the 1st time Christ Moses rose from the dead glorified and ascended with the deliver that is with Jesus to the City of God on the top of Pesca God called Moses to an inheritance and finally more glorious than the earthly came in here he is here to separate his fate Ok God I want to go and. You know how to separate lest the people guided them and they went to the mount or he died do you see the. Difference is between Hezekiah No this one he was just talking of oneself as long as sure in my time everything is fine. You know. It's good for my time in the v.p.. Moses was thinking about what's going to happen to his people after he's gone always thinking about others before him so several years after perform that are lesser degree. You know by that time I had completely forgotten I had completely forgot about that whole incident they've been many years. One on my. One out the Bible student Bible says that we. Who came to our weekly by was that his he went to great clips in Chattanooga. While getting his hair cut. Him by the hair stylist to the barber said. Come to our study said. Were words are held and gotten because oh who's good who leaves out the 3rd chance. And she said Wait. Is either the mythologists who does cancer surgery and I said yes so she told him what happened years ago she went in and had cancer surgery and in charge and all these things and you know. I wanted to say something I'm going to give you guys professionals specially one advice if you had to choose one profession that you need to be very nice to the kind you know this is hairstylist you know why you know what their specialty is not just hair cutting but talking it talk all the time. They have a captive audience you know and they have a sharp and chairman in there and. And whatever they say you know they have to do they do you know so. I had no idea but for years. She had been referring her clients to me from Chattanooga hundreds no doubt more than more referrals from her than any other including the plastered I remember several times she actually bringing some of the people to my office I tell you I learned a lot you know even those reluctant hours so glad that I listened to The Spirit of God you know Please learn this lesson always think of others before yourself always think of others before yours I'd like to end. The sermon with the statements from deserve ages so about Christ give what how he acted deserve ages $690.00 now the history of the human race comes comes up before the world's Redeemer he sees that the transgressors of the law if left to themselves must perish he sees the helplessness of men he sees the power of sin the walls and them and patients of doomed world arise before him he beheld behold is impending paid and his decision is made he was a man at any cost to himself he was a man at any cost and of here except his baptism of blood that through Him perishing millions may gain everlasting life. He has left the course of glory course of heaven for always purity happiness Ingle ory to save the one large sheep the one world that has fallen by transgression who was Jesus thinking of himself or others about Moses. Others right others before him this is the last. Them and deserve it is 75 is one of my favorite statements spotless Son of God hung up on the cross his flesh lacerated with stripes those hands so often reach down and blessing nailed to the wooden bars those feet so tirelessly on ministries of love spike to the tree the law of the royal head pierced by the crown of thorns those curbing lips shaped to the cry of law and all that he endured. The blood drops that flowed from his head his hands his feet the agony their racked his frame and the un Hon anguish that filled his all at the hiding of his father's face speak to each child of humanity declaring it is for the Son of God consents to bear this burden of guilt for the he spirit he spoils the domain of death and opens the gate of paradise. He who still the angry ways and the walked the foam Cape bellows phone kept billows who made devils tremble and diseased flea who opened blind eyes and cry and called for that for the dead to life. Offers himself on the cross as a sacrifice and this from love to the. Sun which god of this always others 1st you will never go wrong. Let's pray. There in Father they give so much for lessons that we find in the Scriptures and the. Example of the people in the Bible. Is of the lessons that we need to learn and grow and become more and more like you each day I pray that you will. Give each one of those unselfish hearts and help us to put others 1st before us put this in Jesus day in. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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