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War on the Remnant Church in Prophecy

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • March 6, 2021
    11:30 AM
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War on the remnant church of prophecy. It's not an easy subject to speak about. But the context of this sermon needs to be placed in one of the latest attacks on God's remnant people. So very scholarly attack he attends the stirrup the number of Adventists and in every church not people that are affected by the arguments that are being presented. And so let as a hostile Lord specially to impress us with a great idea Moore. Made the words of my mouth in the meditation of my hearts be fully acceptable in your sight nor to save unit Redeemer the men. Satan's final war and evolution well for 17 it was a rat to a Sperry nicely about the war against goats remnant and what that they could activist it will go through eminent. They did keep the commandments of God. And have the testimony of Jesus. And specifically I will address the utech all the testimony of Jesus now the question is how should goats people prepare themselves is not just knowing about the attacks knowing the arguments and how to defeat it but how to prepare and I have seen throughout my life that many people are not prepared. And it just games for Satan but the Bible is the answer to it. Second canonical stew in the 1st 20 shows you were called flick bitty God's people and some of the neighbors who wanted this is strong Israel and their king. You're harsh but students and set hear me you believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established believe his prophets and you shall prosper. Now do you want to be defeated will you want to prosper. If you are the process of believing in God and His prophets and is a conflict who are ghost gods prophets and who are the critics and this betel has been going on since the very beginning of our church and this morning I like it specially to study the great controversy against yet the movement. Is explained in the book Revelation Chapter 10. And if you take your Bible and look at 3rd chapter 10 we will come back over and over again I deal with a few verses and then I give some explanation in different go to the fulfillment and Soviet study now the race of the Edmund movement and Satan's who are now how do we understand the Revelation Chapter 10. We have to clue could the principals over interpret in the prophecy if you don't know the principals we are lost now 1st of all what is the book but never lation about. And you will never understand the Book of Revelation unless you understand the Book of Daniel. And maybe begin our studies a book of Daniel but I have participants as you know very do we do this let's go immediately to the revelation of the 7 churches and the seals and the trumpets and all those kind of things that are set you know right not start with the beginning and or the stand the Book of Daniel because there is absolutely crucial and so therefore what is the Book of Revelation about and if you a study the Book of Daniel you understand that the book over revelation deals from beginning to the end with the forests be shaved off then you have to 7 not the 1st 3 The Lion The Leopard the Bear know the dragon like Beast What is it it is such the beast over Rome. Both big and amp apl and the Book of Revelation he she does and there you what God has done with this beast and if you don't have that in mind you get confused understand Revelation 10 hour after the 7 churches the 7 seals and the 7 tributes unless you understand those things you don't get the message of Revelation Chapter 10 what is the setting of a revelation term it comes at the end of the series of trumpets and just before you go to chapter 10 it deals with the 6 trumpet Revelation Chapter 9 now what is that report about. It is fulfilled in $1840.00 with the current surrendered of the Turkish forces in the European. To the European forces now who knows today you know a couple of 100 years later how important it is but the newspapers at a time were full of the final conflict with the yacht of an empire and the West and elevating have exhibitions the spirit of prophecy calls the events in the $840.00 s. the remarkable fulfillment of prophecy and if you understand this you understand why a goat started to rise up the Anthon movement it's a great call the Verjee page 334 so let is now look here at the Revelation chapter tend to pretend. First born into it says he and I still saw an other age old matey angel coming down from heaven closed in a cloud and the rainbow was on his hat and his face was like the sun and in his feet like a pillar of fire no where do we see da Joe earlier in the book of revelation here we see the angel is a mighty angel however the rainbow was on his head face like a son feet like pillars of fire where do we see this earlier chapter in. One and who is Angel there. It's Jesus he comes to the forefront and he walks and where does he walk. In the 1st apartment of the have the sanctuary among the candle sticks they are symbols of the 7 churches and so from that understanding we know that the mighty angel that is each after 10 is no one less than Jesus Christ now did you think the G.'s guys was working in heaven in every sanctuary Yes yes but in this point in the 1900s Jesus specially came to planet earth to do what to raise up gods rampant there was a special event there and the 1st 2 or do we reach here Ok so it evolution one for stent to 16 we see then that the ageless Jesus and we no doubt a Jesus came in a revelation then the 1st 2 Here is a message and one says he had a little book and was open not closed and he said his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land now is the piece in the Bible where you see an open and closed book yes then you'll see it 12 years for reveals Daniel and Daniel is to be opened when in the time of the and so is it very important for us to notice Oh yes these reveals that and so the book that is sealed that is closest in the Book of Daniel is now open to him Where is the Book of Revelation and so over the last year or stand the close association with Daniel revelation we missed the point. And how is his position there is right food on the land and the Sea So what does it indicate. That most important it indicates did you graphical expense in here of this message it is a message or for worldwide impact in the time of the it's and so if you know from the Book of Daniel Chapter 7 that the time of the end came of time times and to have a time that is in $7098.00 since $7098.00 the book of then that is opened and only God's people understand though what does means. I say it is the grace of the et of movement and I will be explain here that this chapter fulfills beautiful the. The opening of this book The Circle 2nd that would movement now let us look here about the general understanding or Daniel or Revelation Chapter 10 and I have been sent here to Joe promises you all Daniel 814 the twenty's 3 unit year period and it was specifically in the beginning of the 19th century that every Protestant church was studying this book what does it mean because in the light $1800.00 it was clear that the time time and have a time was the deadly wound against the papacy and so when that was understood the attention of the church is all shifted from Daniel 7 to Daniel 8. Now what did it be here you see to 20 students years. The beginning was for 57 and for 53 it's approximately because the very many people that study this the 1st 70 years order for the 90 years was from 8033 to 8537 and the 20 students years and that in 8043 to 847 that was the ballpark or of 100 none at the dist none Bill Miller 8 bronze of the commentators so we're all in the same boat party every church has some kind of an opinion of how to interpret us now the question is what is that right in the petition you had about 10 major interpretations buried the Protestant churches all Daniel 814 and the cleansing of the century and of course only one interpretation can be correct so what did the scholars the ministers the commentators think about Daniel $8141.00 group of commentators says is the beginning of the millennium so the beginning of the 1000 years of peace now today now that's of years later we're to correct. We haven't seen even 2 world wars and we still fighting all over the fall under struction of Mohammed isn't Islam was it correct though our people say this is the cleansing of the illusion from the Muslims they're being kicked out of the Jews go back the reestablishment of conversion of the Jews in Palestine in Corexit but at that type it sounded logical the closing of the church from end to Christian abominations and still heresies you know of the cleansing of the church from all all impurities if you have a pure church at a time no. The purging of the church from all papal influences papal papacy was disappear. No notice all the reestablishment of the true worship of God though crankish cleanses the earth with the fire in the final judgment and the Daniel 814 was explained in the context of the 1st angels message Revelation 14 for 7 and one says that fear got to go to him right. Where is our His judgement and so if you can see that Daniel $814.00 is a kind of a judgment scene and Daniel and Revelation $47.00 it all fits together now we come out of the group that had this last point but still they were not correct but of all these interpretations it still seemed to be demotions correct so what is now depression truth at with this message of the 803-0840 s. our forefathers What did the miller knights and father Miller and the as the disbelief at the time as present truth at the end of the $23.00 unit prophet in Days of Daniel $814.00 crashed to cleanse the saying to the over or earth because they saw the centuries the earth during the final judgment at the start of the millennium. And so that was the present truth but at the same time they set in order to p. prepare what you have to do repent for Christ our Savior comes to judge the world in the midst 840 s. Yes that is important. So it was a repentance if you want to be prepared for this you have to repent grace our Savior comes and so Daniel $814.00 became to judgment our message of Revelation 14 verse of him and what does it mean of all the interpretations is the most serious because there is no 2nd chance here today many Christian churches believe that is a 2nd chance after the rapture that was valid say there is no 2nd chance them through Christ comes you may think you know I think it is a very comfortable interpretation you know it it is a 2nd chance so if Christ disappears or Christ is used even if you don't see him this is 2nd chance very nice very nice but according to you early as it is no new 2nd chance and so many people didn't like that many people want to have a 2nd chance and so he guy you get to the proclamation of the 1st angels message with power and what was the effect of that the end of this message throughout the world because it was a worldwide message is lost the sea in Europe in Africa in every mission station in North and South America it says here in great controversy page 40401 of all the great religious movements since the days of the Apostles and about 2000 years none have been more from human imperfection and the wiles of Satan then was debt of the autumn of 844 now today if you read the news casts of some of the things they accused you had with this of a political movement they thought that Christ would come into their hands over the we're all x. uses all kinds of things but. The signal to noise is divorced no human imperfection very serious no fanaticism Yeah fanaticism came after 844 but not during the time and so the fulfillment of revelation 1st the innate. Revelations then 1st devoted to talk about the proclamation of the s. and this was what with a loud voice you see the connection with the 4 days though with a loud voice loudly and that is the world white significance but then later on in this chapter 1st 8 to 10 it says that John had to eat the book and the eating of the book what of what is the result of a sweet and bitter experience you see it in your bank so if Jesus came to Stevenage yet the movement then that movement in the last days should be a joyful and a set experience you see that's what it says Now what is the eating of a book if you compare Scripture with Scripture Biko to you see if you'll have to sleet version run through St Now what do we read there moreover he said to me so the men eat that the faintest he does scroll and go and speak into the house of Israel and so easy Q I opened my mouth and he caused me to eat the scroll and he said to me so the man caused a belly to eat and filled they both us with his role that I give the then I did eat. And it was remember as honey for sweetness she kind of a repeat from easy kills experience yes and a dinner my ears again and I have to eat it I've also and it is nice and sweet so what does that mean then the sweetness the eating it means you can evolve it devoid of got heated digested studies compassion grippy Scripture and so do the message brings to sweetness and joy and while you think of speeches and joy. But also joyful What do you think what happened today as a movie was a joyful why. It focuses on Jesus only cause I was judged and that is not nice. Is nice that nice for those who and of prepared but if you are prepared is your hope you are ready and that was the mission of millet and you react to this prepare prepare prepare what did you enter this expecting anything put in for personally set Christ our High Priest could come out of the most holy place or heaven to earth to perform the final judgment you know many Christians today believe that will Christ went to heaven he went into the sanctuary but there was no this is secured it was a whole heaven is a sanctuary and so all heaven is the most holy place see that is what they believe we don't but we see if there are the standing because we were disappointed and if you are disappointed about interpretation it does come out but you have to do restarting the study and so this did not come through. And so the reaction to the 1st angels message before 844 and I read his report says this The preaching of definite time called forth great opposition from all classes from the minister in the pulpit down to the most reckless have been daring sinon really writing speeches to 33 in 234 you know people had no difficulties if he preached from Jesus comes back to specific timing the end of the tennis is nigh you can bite it and so they rejected this whole scale this the problem churches then began to persecute the at the tist and now the as it is very desirous churches over many many churches and the as it is were scattered all over as of the religious leaders rejected the 1st ages message and persecuted Yes And just how did it do it they objected to menaces to members attending yet and preaching for example in a light and her family were kicked out of the church the Methodist Church why they like Miller's preaching they believe the exposition of the Scriptures and they went into their own churches that you see would be discovered as you know you can do it he's a heretic and they said Ok explain then why he is a heretic known in the little new militia enough to get out and without looking at the church business meeting they were kicked out they were not even invited to attend the Defend day disfellowshipped those believing it and teachings they misinterpreted Daniel $848.00. The 20 c. unit days were days No 2 years false rumors were circulated to injured influence and at times angry mopes try to kill the end preachers at times I witnessed this wrote down that after William Miller left the pulpit the people wanted to kill him but she says Angels protected him and without any difficulty he disappeared James writes us preaching servants and then windows in the summer were opened and people threw tomatoes and eggs just through the window and change my preaching get the message friends they knew pioneers about this persecution So what goes out every action vocals Yes it is a reaction they started to proclaim the 2nd angels message they shifted the attention from the 1st because the 1st does not accept it and then got mind their exes into a 2nd angel and just a mess of 2nd interventionist rejection of the 1st angels message that acted attention to the 2nd they just missed the call babbelas fallenness follow she made all nations drink of the wine of the fornication and the fornication the biblical terms are false doctrines compromising with the truth. And so day calls upon the prophets and churches come out come out because you teach false doctrines and they did not and of course then he sees a great disappointment and all the productions at the end of the 22 Today show did not fulfill what about all the other churches and their interpretation did they come true. You know so all also demilitarize explanations it comes through it did work out. And sir all they had to restudy this and now week at the light and blessings of the disappointment because God gave them new insights as the result of the further studies but who had no delight develop Vytas the gift of prophecy testimony of Jesus why not Jesus using his air as Ok You know you have the prophetic gift here is your explanation no God did not do this but nevertheless see he is using the gift of prophecy to give direction that is how you have to feel to search and Ellen vite in 84 to 6 a division that helped our people very much she wrote the Lord shows me a vision more than one year ago did Brother Crozier had a true light on the cleansing of the sanctuary and cetera and it was his will that brother seeing should write out the few which he gave to assist in the Daystar extra February 7846 and I feel fully authorized by the Lord to recommend that extract to every saint or word to the Little Flock 847 so does this but how to Lord help they look at us through this because Crozier and Hiram ets and brother Dr. Hump and studies now for over a year dealing with the disappointment and what does it mean and here is the publication today star. It's in the you know it is it is about 10 pages. That explains know what happened at the end of the thirty's Today's I wonder how many of us have read that light can see hands and she won him well you know I mean I think it will be helpful for some of you to find out what is this like you know it is called says it is like for glass dish we may as well find out what was the end of the 23 day don't you think so. So here you have a saying that there's a professor I give your assignment this rush to you know it's interesting to hear people who complain of this article if you do to appear today in the review why people say here is to have every need of story of story stories but not by a whole textile Tecpatl in this article you find hundreds of Bible texts. And that's heavy heavy and so what did it really closure here and that's to come to the conclusion of all the weight of the century the result of the study of the earthly sanctuary the century of dental age 14 is this not the earth but it is the saying theory is the time of the end and the saying curator of the time of the end is not the earth but what is essential in time with the end where is that. In half and see. Christ Ministry in this is the end to type or the ministries of milk is a thick and air and in the book of Hebrews So if you want to understand fully what this. Sanctuary is in Daniel 814 you have to understand the Book of Hebrews if you don't you will never understand this and it is a beautiful thing Elvises you know you have to compare Scripture with Scripture and there is how you go to closure through light like in the early sanctuary Christ Ministry has to face in a to apartment have the sanctuary you know but most minute he made here the model of the sanctuary of what was the real one in heaven Chauvelin they study of the earthly sanctuary you can understand these things very if you don't do this you will never understand it so really if you want to have been a dying to Edmonton list you have to study those things not simply sit in the audience as they are there was and I serve as a conservative I follow this event as I found no you follow Jesus in His Word are you to give me the Soviet to evolve to grow this is the only way to grow if we don't we are swept away by the attacks of sated the heavenly century must be cleansed that's what the book of Hebrews tells us. And encourage preforms the end the typical Day of Atonement as the 2nd and last stage and that began in 844 this beautiful insight fulfillment tower of Revelation 10 1st night 211 what is deed of the book that leads to a sweet and bitter experience. The message of St is a joy by focusing on Jesus coming and that in a traumatic ache disappointment but the disappointment became because not every little detail or ventilate to be understood correctly. And so yet the disappointment produces the prophetic that we are going to result of the disappointment but we didn't stay with the disappointment because through our Bible studies we found the answer. Revelation 10 1st 11 others it's either whether he Bible says. Dharma spots. Prover say again so after the disappointment those that survive had to get into it Groff say again and what was the subject of that he knew to prophesy the remnant mission to proclaim the new world wide prophetic missions and so in the next chapter you find a focus of the devil message Revelation 11 1st wanted to have others to talk about it talks about the new present truth and the focus is all about the temple of of caught and their worshippers are God's people because God's people are the ones who worship in the have addition jewelry and if you don't understand these half of the century you missed the whole boat so here in a beautiful way it shows the that after the disappointment the specific messages that will help God's people is the Saints you really message you see. Through Sasha prophets and friends about what Jesus is doing today. And they have hardly any understanding that they have no understanding of the newly discovered truth or of they have an essential Harry will measure God's people in the earth and prepare them for the Final Crisis in the day of Lord c. it was a century that cavers a lot of new insights that none of the other churches have and why don't you had church not have because they rejected the 1st ages message as you can see how important is the ages messages are and now as a result of the new insights the present truth for this is a thing again it is repent repent 3 percent and accept the crucified Christ and His righteousness because his righteousness will justify a centerfire Yes Now you say you know yeah that is tough subjects the subjects you know the early at that this produces a magazine for the young people you know for the called the Youth instructor and in the youth is structure every issue right had a whole article and you know this article was new to look full of interesting stories. It was Christ right just how top 10 Christ light is how to be sanctified how to be justified to our young people notice the connection to just pick a center because she would like she doesn't know what are the familial this is what we have to share with the rest of the world in fact you know that skin of the twenty's today's Ellen visors this is so simple that even a 10 year old can explain this now. Well there are the young people today in our churches are they be able to do that I'm afraid not only are people we are concerned about are your people and by all the activities of whatever but are up your people and just about prophecy maybe our leaders will be able to make the young people to get excited about this light of the sanctuary gives our men to date of mission the St Mary light the security sheds light on our present and future mission here it is the subject of the century was the key which looks the mystery of the disappointment of $844.00 it opens to view a complete system of truth connected and harmonious showing that God's hand had directed a great end to movement and revealing present duty and has brought to light to persist you know work or of his people so unless you understand the saying you don't know how God is guiding us if you don't know how God is guiding us we don't know opposition and work so you can see here our vitally important to this and perhaps because we don't understand the Centurions fullness we don't go out and share it light from the sanctuary illuminated the past the present and the future see showed that we know that we are God's bestial movement calls them a church and here in the Bible you find evidence of in the sink you you find the evidence isn't got a merciful God that He gives all this insight friends but Satan is not quiet. He attacks our Turchin Sudha no Methodist Church is. A total rejection of the yet the movement very very said in the beginning he attacks the true it would just because the out of fanatical cult or sect has been to start an example of prophetic speculation about the end of the world they rejected the historical a story says proves the Reformation view of prophecy and accepted the cheers or it counter-Reformation how your critical interpretation of the prophecies of the evolution which is basically Futurism and predators you look at go to the library you look at all the commentaries and it is Egypt that there is to a Futurist what we believe is that Cog Scaife to the prophets the view of prophecy that started the days of the prophets and continues every generation called More later when I turn till the end today but the Catholics have said pro because that view focuses on the pope and therefore the prophecies are either fulfilled in the past but that is what in the future future vision and so that is what you find now shroud a world of confused Protestantism that has lost the mission and therefore you can say the protests across the protest is over but it is not over as long as there are 7 the out of history does not over. As you are serving the of this who are prepared to witness and where it talks about that we are be called for councils and dirt spirits and all kind of things do we know how to present my mentions. That keep the mouth of the scholars closed and so what did God knew what did Christ now do how did Christ defend us God's people how to create defend the remnant falling to disappointment the test to have Jesus came through the Spirit of Prophecy in every Christ crisis situation caught has his prophecy he will leave us. And so here then manifestation of the prophetic gift among the remnant here it is the fulfillment of last day prophecy Joe to verse $28.00 to $32.00 Revelation 12 or 17 to talks about the testimony of Jesus and Chapter one t.v. or stand shows you that the testimony of Jesus is from the prophets the prophetic gifts and so we don't need to be ashamed or don't need to speak about this and feel uncomfortable because the prophetic if these fraudulent now how I be going to protect ourselves what is the mission of the prophetic gift to comfort believers after the $8044.00 disappointment and to confirm the newly discovered biblical doctrines through divine revelation you see showed it was all the new insights that we did receive came through bible study of a pioneers How was the spirit of prophecy being used given sufficient to confirm to confirm what we had discovered from the bible studies fully so all our Dr Friese based on solid Bible studies. But the Lord was merciful and confirmed this. Through the process when they came up is it yeah you know the end of Daniel a 14 is because Jesus moved from the one apartment to the other part and and everybody started to have yes that is nice that it is true how did and with this how as it is explained things so it is in heaven but who checks and at the time the road creations to heaven right above the movements of Jesus from the one apartment to the other apartment but only after we have discovered this from the study of the word see show we can trust those things we are not was left hanging but God gave the affirmation of those things here is that mighty cry vision confirmed yet movement and the absent people were moving on this path and the task led them to heaven what were delights to like behind d.s. and people over the midnight cry the midnight cried it was explained a vision of 844 delayed 14 and so you need to walk in the prophetic message not to give up but at the same time you have to look before you and who is that this guy says Jesus so both of the prophetic message and Jesus continues to guide us to heaven and they've relief the sight of Jesus the fall of the span if we leave the prophetic message before this path and so he can see here that those people who follow this path has either rejected 844 and there you lay 14 or build focused on Christ in the registers they focus on the road I just. But you know if I look at my right as this is nothing our right is in Christ Jesus is not what I can do but both crash can do to me. Many years it is now believed that you have to sing until the end of time yes without Jesus you will see until the end of time but with Jesus you will have the victory to the very end you believe that. We are not sad that went this that bemoan that we are as it is no we have 50 or is that with this that praise the Lord for the light is given and served this is no with and so definitely noted that the 1844 midnight crying is of God and yet finished movement is a fulfillment of prophecy and you don't need to leave the at this movement because it is the poorest things you can do so to great day controversy gives Yes and movement Satan the tech and then light Satan's witnesses during her life immediately after 844 by Adventists phonetics it were the fanatics that accused him of light around 860 to 86 these 3 about church organization of a felt the need to be organized and the fanatics know the weak of Babylon and the attack and might also around 8074 in 888 the vertex of the writings in about plagiarism l. the canned writes Joan Harvey Kellogg's all of those individuals they are witnesses with her and they has all charges held the balance you and he is this thank you very views and then after her death say to continue this rover Beenz meet. Dr Ronald numbers Dr Desmond for it's all scholars you know these are dull dummies No And Dr Steve Perry d.d. And so how well that we're going to do 3 witness the vote they have seen and heard and then bite the cd issue here about Ella might is the issue about trust trust who steps the money do you believe she has her testimony the scholars have their testimony and I'll invite or death of her critics that are completely opposite and so you need to now it's you know we have to be honest and live is just take the middle of the road you have thesis synthesis we have to the middle of the road so we take a little bell invited to will no friends it's either black or white here every accusation by her critics she has the night and explained I just wrote a little letter about to search a lady who came with all kind of accuse Asians and whatever I always know is false that this falls as false but you have to believe either me or the critic there it is do you accept her defense or not do they make sense or r.t. credible her claims that she is God's prophet to the remnant stands or falls with your acceptance or for testimony the testimony of Jesus that's it I tell you me when I became a 70 and I didn't even know about the fact that we had a prophet. No I had simply read it the fundamental belief I had to affirm that she's a writer of inspirational literature from the looters this professional Calvin you know so I had no difficulty confirming that she was an inspirational writer but rather they knew I had given up my career and now to come engineer I joined a sect I was a find out and right there I started book after book after book reading starting with early writings and this of the testimonies of other I have friends it didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that this is not a brought the impact this is made to my life was incredible and I continued to read and to read it to read and anybody that says she's a fraud hasn't risen who has relevance to Satanic advice because everything that I have experienced the education of our children my marriage my career is the o.g. of of everything has been guided by her and I can see praise the Lord possible for her testimony I was a student stay here and so friends I can courage each one of you to do this and so keep in mind how to prepare for sages delusions read Allen Heights person experiences with Providence in guiding the at the movement of unless you read it yourself you don't say but if you have any question about her do this read early writings Rice sketches are available vital 881. D.l. writes biography by Arthur White's 6 volumes with the providential testimonies and finally Ellen bites and the critics may have the nickel and about 90 percent of the critics that we have today at the arguments are explained there so friends we started out with 2nd Chronicles 21st 20 believe this prophets and you shall prosper friends I hope and pray that if you have any questions about this gift go to sites that start reading and study and call upon the our spirits to guide she went to lighten you if you do what same day you will have a similar experiences are walking with the Lord's and may God bless each one of you through this who would make a commitment to follow his like an issue your hands Ok and if you have any questions remember commit yourself to folders lights he she the hands of those who praise the Lord because not one of you should miss to see a blast in the Book of Revelation and I will meet you there each one of you you just named him in the spring Heavenly Father you have seen the hands of those who made decisions to follow the truth as Jesus had to follow the testimony of Jesus thank you so much Father food is light and you have given us the you want to rest us from the Satan and may be prepared fully for this and father sent especially your Holy Spirit to those who have any questions about this gift. They're made to be obviously finding the light the prophetic light behind us in the light of Jesus before in Jesus name before hissing even. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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