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Overcoming the Media Trap

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer
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  • February 5, 2021
    12:00 PM
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We are happy to be bad and we're going to look into the message that is and titles overcoming the media trap and before we began and this s. that fire had to be for the Lord Evelyn a father thank you for the time to study science can't be scripture. That would die have been very special. Thank you. Jesus. Media consumption in the United States according to media Olson the average American over the age of 18 spends over 11 hours a day interacting with me and you might say and that's steams a little over the top but if you think about many people's lives whether it's school children they're at home in the morning they're on a phone when they are on their way to school old There's probably a radio on but that's media they get to school they're often on computers they get home they're on computers or phone ins or out of as you can add and this really does and adding and according to Pew Research Center 45 percent of teens say they are online almost constant so the question is what is this doing since people are doing what seems to interest them they will get whatever they want television or off on the phone you know on the Internet house in effect happiness or I should actually say how happy are people in the ghetto in America it's according to Harris poll 33 percent of Americans say that they are happy and it was a little higher back in 2008 and you remember what was going on back in 2008 we had something called the Great Recession. It's interesting that people were slightly happier back then I don't know that it was even a statistically significant but it just some of it at least of the percenters just a small percentage point you know point or few few points whatever it was it was higher about that so it doesn't seem that money itself is what brings happiness but I want to talk about we talked about yesterday we talked about the Bible and the Bible says in Deuteronomy Chapter $624.00 and the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes statutes were Commandments laws that God gave so the Lord commanded us to do all these laws why sore our good always said he might preserve us alive as it is the state's notice that we're told that all the commandments that God gives to us everything he asks us to do is not simply for his own good it's actually for our own good it's for our own benefit you see gone it wants what's best for you he actually wants you to be happy. Here we have a picture of a brain and the person that we want to concentrate on is the funnel and that's the top portion that you see there and the frontal lobe is a very important part of the brain it's where we do our deep thinking our decision making our spirituality our morals where we love and so this part of the brain is really important to our whole being and our happiness in particular and as we were talking my happiness earlier it has a lot to do with our happiness as well. And what does what does Internet addiction do to our brains and specifically the frontal lobe and remember this is the part that our spirituality and her willpower decisionmaking Well let's look at this let's look at what so many studies show cyclists want to define the effect of internet addiction on the brain they've looked at 18 in an addicted 15 year olds and 15 not addicted 15 year olds and gave them a more eye scans and so you got addicted and not addicted 15 year olds addicted to the internet and when they found it discovered that those who were internet depicted had shrinkage of their gray matter and that's pretty interesting and significant to understand. Any kind of shrinkage is bad but in particular the grey matter it's where we do our higher reasoning our our higher brain powers is the outermost part of the brain they have actual physical shrinkage of the brain of the grey matter due to internet addiction we're not talking about physical substances that we not only have known that you know it affects us but we're talking something that we would think is benign right something that we all use day to day and. But if they're addicted overconsumption of of the Internet actually causes shrinkage to at least 15 year olds what Out us is one of the portions that strong is known as a left interior cingulate cortex and this is one of the areas of the brain that may have to do with what up. And so I don't know if you know that they realize that these kids that were internet addicted is that the portion of the brain that has to do it love has shrunk and so it makes you think well it's no wonder that so many of us are losing would love don't want to another society today you know look for family love for for others and to be it's just actually affecting us in this way and the Bible actually said Matthew 24 verse 12 and these are verses that Jesus is telling us about what the last days will be like before he comes back again right he gives us an idea of what life will be like he says because iniquity or sin shell abound the look of many will grow cold and we see that this could be one of the ways that that's going to happen right is because we have the devices that we are overconsuming now and are actually causing us to have less he loves anything about it it's not just love for other people yes we're else that area of the brain that's been trying to look Guess who else I should say is being affected and that's out of love to God and still sometimes you mean look at yourself and think Do I really love God and it could be that you don't have the capacity to log on. Because you're shrinking that portion of your brain Wow that's something really heavy to in Cuba. And 1st John chapter 4 verse 8 connecting with what we just saw says he that loves knows not God For God is. So if people may be actually shrinking up portion of the brain that has to do it. And love towards people is paramount but even above that is Love to God and if we don't have. We don't know God because God The Bible says is not not just that God is loving he is actually meaning that is the basis the foundation of his character who he is here's some research shrinking from so lope Now we mentioned that the frontal lobe of the some portion of the brain is the seat of spiritual reality more ality and the will is the decision making center it's been called that the citadel of the mind and we read a major portion of the brain that is damaged by large amounts of screen time is the from the local researchers have discovered that those who are addicted to internet or came in have decreased the volume of their frontal lobe so that that's not only the Internet but also video game addiction can actually apparently shrink a portion of our brain called the frontal lobe and once again that's the center of decision making more outlets see the Will spirituality so we can actually be shrinking these Corson's our brain and we see a society that is turning further and further away from spiritual things and we might just think oh that's because the church just doesn't have to things and society doesn't it just doesn't have much anymore of course but it's not actually that there's nothing more powerful than the Word of God. This is the message that God has for us and there's power in it for all of us but if we are actually shrinking the portion of the brain that has to do with spirituality this may actually make it so that we have less capacity to connect with God This is a heady thought to considers something to really think about it's research. Talking about screen time and interpersonal relationships portions of the brain negatively affected are those that have to do with health the relationships and empathy so too much screen time can negatively impact interpersonal relationships and. C.c. with adults I think we're all affected but we see it more easily in young people so it is easier to see something wrong with somebody else that it isn't yourself anyway but one of the experiences that really gave OS In idea of what humans used to be like because yes sure most of us have had television for much of our lives it's not our whole lives but internet is a newer thing for most of us especially you know we were all there reading grow up with the Internet and we spent some time with people and I don't know if you know what the Amish are be Amish or a group of people who lived without a lot of technology historically you know they lived without electricity they lived out computers and cell phones and so forth and television all of the things and and we have we went to speak recently and we're going to speak to them again in just a few weeks we went and spoke to an Amish group and it's this group of people they come from a very simple background and because of that they don't consume media like typical society and what we discovered is their interpersonal relationships that are incredible it is unbelievable spending time with them and as we talked about it we thought maybe this is what it used to be like we suspend time with each other and enjoy each other's company I mean this is this is just simply what we did this is we spent time with each other and we saw that there with the Amish people now I want you to think about this so we're going to go even further now but notice with me here sorry. Moments 12 verse 15 tells us actually go back to the last life real quick one of the parts of that's affected in the brain is our ability to have empathy That's care and love and and actually in a sense almost feeling the emotions of other people mediating there is a saying one of our presidents You may remember he said I feel your pain I think you may remember that and and you know it's a nice gesture to say something like that but it's it's basically saying you know I'm really connecting with you even on a more emotional level we call the empathy and the Bible says and Romans 12 or 16 rejoice with those who do rejoice and weep with them that we that we should be people as human beings but as Christians as followers of Jesus we should learn to interact with people and rejoice with people when they're rejoicing and be able to weep with those who weep but when we spend too much time in media it can actually shrink our ability to do exactly this. So any attics and rug and an m.r.i. scans are done comparing individuals who are either addicted or not addicted to video games their brain activation in the video game addicted and visuals similar to people who have 8 rugged You bet that significant you know the fact that when they scan your brain that it looks similar to someone who is true brother to you startling we think of someone who's drug addicted that has no self-control doesn't really think of others as much because they are so caught up in their addiction and in their in their substance abuse that love for others is gone and empathy for others in their it's always just self-centered and could it be that gaining Avonex are doing the same thing to their brains this is what the science is showing that. It looks like the same it if behaviors are being exhibited but texting. Here is 18 to 24 year olds receive and send an average of $3853.00 texts every month and it's quite a bit of text that go between people but this is what I watch to look at here. In this next slide teens in social media right so what are the most used platforms of social media for teens you see it right there snatch and Instagram those of the most use they say about 76 percent of teens use Instagram and 75 you snap chat and I know there's other platforms now this is a little older play. These are the ones that they did the study on. So this is interesting it says here. What social media platforms are most likely to increase your chances of being depressed so what do you think that is well number one is Instagram and number 2 is snap chat the most used once the most depression so then you can to yourself well then why why does that happen there's several reasons why one of them being what we saw on the other studies is that it literally depresses it to be of your frontal lobe and when you do that you actually cause more depression you're from analoguous where you do your deep thinking and all that and so if you're causing a decrease in that you're going to have side effects and one of them just the next. And I think. That. They have to at least 6 things if you overconsume and you're always watching what other people are doing. Then you're sitting around more and exercise is actually something that helps you to be happier and so that's another aspect that you're sitting around a lot and not active and then on top of that some people get bullied on these things you know they get bullied and which causes you to be more depressed and suicidal and then the other thing is that if you're watching in the past and we're going to have all the social media you know always know what people are doing all the time right you have to call up your friend on the phone so you what they're doing catch up with them later and find out with the kid but you don't always all the time every friend you have you can see it any moment what they're doing and a lot of times you might be doing something that's a lot funnier than what you're doing at the moment right they could be out on a cruise or something or you know living in Wyoming having a good time while you're sitting in the snow I miss you get right and so you understand you start to compare yourself to others and you think my life's not that exciting but the thing is it's not every portion of every day is that exciting for everyone so either things that. Could be causing us to be more depressed as we're on overconsuming social media. So here is something Cole I call suicidal self thoughts little bit of hyperbole but notice what the research shows a study by Florida State University reveals that mental health problems depression and suicide attempts increased along with increased ownership and use cell phones and it revealed that those who spent 5 for more hours a day out by trying it devices had a 48 percent likelihood of suicidal behavior these are incredible incredible statistics meaning that over consumption of media actually makes people more likely to be depressed and actually want to kill themselves and their lives this is devastating this is a terrible thing to realize and so this is something to really consider especially I mean with anybody but especially with young people and funny already mentioned there are some potential reasons for that and what can we do but what if somebody sent something like Well I spent a lot of time and I don't feel like myself what would you say that happy for you that you know you're not suffering with that but it could be that over time that may make you more likely to be depressed or anxious already predisposed Yes some people are more prone to depression so they're more likely to have it but different people obviously once again it's not a 100 percent likelihood of suicidal behavior it's 48 percent so it's but either way there's something about living life in reality rather rather than in 2 dimensional screen but there's something about getting out in nature spending time with humans rather than simply texting or communicating through media and I'm glad we can do this through media but there's still something special about spending time face to face of people and I want to talk a little bit about don't mean receptors don't mean you talk about it ask kind of this feel good chemical we talk about it as something that is the. Pleasure Ace is a neurotransmitter a pleasure and it seems it actually has more to do with anticipation and pleasure itself but regardless scientists discovered that a portion of the brain of internet addicted men revealed that these men had less mean receptors interesting that's something that actually happens when someone is addicted to drugs when you 1st take a certain drugs it just has this slowed of don't I mean and just this overwhelming you know surge of dope to me so that the brain actually begins to kind of shut down some of its dopamine receptors because there's just so much dope I mean there and the same thing happens when seemingly anyway when people become addicted to the Internet when incredible thought this is so thinking about that what could this cause it so it could make these individuals the last likely to enjoy other things in life you may have seen young people who are addicted to the internet addicted to video games and when they're not on the Internet they're not playing video games one of the most common phrases they'll say is. I'm bored or while it's because the they may not even have is many dope I mean receptive ears as they would have had had they now become addicted to media in some capacity and so thinking about that could it be that filling our children's lives or our own lives for that matter with too much media consumption is lowering their enjoyment of every other part of likes. What an amazing thought that we often think many parents they go if I give my child an i Phone If I give my child the latest video game console that that will make them happy and the research is showing actually just the opposite that it makes them more likely to be unhappy in every other part of life until they have to be on the devices you're used to study and memory screen versus print students on average enjoy reading better on a screen than in a book and they also claim that they have better comprehension while beating out a scheme where you don't really know unless you put it to the test and guess what they have when put to the test it turns out that if they have to read more than a page they retain more when they read from a printed book so if you really want to get the most out of something you're reading you do actually retain it's more than a page actually retaining more when you're reading out of us this go hard copy of a book then you do often sorry the Bible says speaking of a book saw homes 1000 verse 9 and 11 where with all still young men cleanses wakes How can a young man have his life cleansed from the sin that in the guild in the shaman the pain of the past the answer comes back by taking heed they are to according to the word so how does someone have their life cleansed by paying attention to God's word and then it says in verse 11 by word have I hid in my heart that I might send against So turning to God's Word can cleanse us they can transform us by that with new wing of our mind which is what Romans Chapter 12 forced to set us. Have you heard of Madonna most likely most of what's happened if you haven't it's Ok that's awesome not a resolution if you don't know who she is. But. This is this is a quote from her media icon and pop star Madonna said she didn't allow her children to watch television it was t.v. is trash Well guess what she put some of that trash into t.v. didn't she and so are still does but I mean when I was growing up she was on there all the time and isn't it interesting though that she doesn't want her children to be viewing these things and another thing that's interesting is one time where we were at a relative's home and they had people magazine sitting out and on the front cover was Madonna and her teenage kids and it said Madonna does not allow her teenage kids to have a cell phone and I'm like you've got to be kidding me she does not allow her teenagers to have a cell phone just she knows something the rest of us don't know and that we just amazing when you go through and look at it and she's just like wanting them to roll and develop in other ways and enjoy life and be happy that's just like wow amazing but for the rest of us it's Ok you can consume all the things that Madonna does right well maybe not well there's more to it Tennessee about Steve Jobs so you probably heard about Steve Jobs he is was I should say the one of the greatest businessmen of our lifetime he started Apple Computer and you know gave us the i Pad the i Pod the Macintosh computers and and being met and he was obviously very successful a multimillionaire you would think may have and you could just imagine a man's house like that you probably imagine kind of you know the walls are probably digital but you know Sunday article New York Times reporter Nick Bilton said he wants to simply ask Steve Jobs circuits must love the i Pad. Steve Jobs said they haven't used it we limit how much technology our kids use at home was especially in Silicon Valley there's actually a true trend of tech executives and engineers who their kids from technology even send their kids to non-technical schools like the Waldorf school most Altos where computers are found anywhere because they only focus on hands on learning I want you to think about this why would it Steve Jobs one of the most successful in the world the you know who gave us some of the greatest technologies humanities ever known about why did he keep his children from the devices he was making Why didn't his kids have cell phones why didn't he allow them to have the i Pod or the i Pad or these kind of things why do tech executives need the executives the multi-millionaires for making that advice is that everybody else is becoming addicted to not everybody but all kinds of people are becoming addicted to why do they not want their own children to have these things even computers and they even send their kids to schools without technology like this do you think maybe it's because they want their kids to be failures and why you think you know right they actually believe that their kids will become more successful if they're not addicted to the i Phone in video games and these kinds of things so they send their kids to school where they were dual hands on learning instead of being on computer result so Steve Jobs. Madonna check it executives in Silicon Valley the place where they make these devices they are sheltering their children many times but many times people say especially Christians of their own shelter your children right but these guys the most successful people in the world at least on a monetary level in the tech industries these guys are not afraid to shelter there it's because that they think that if they shelter their kids they're going to have a better life in the future and you know what I think they're right and the Bible says a new chapter 16 verse say the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light this is Jesus speaking and he's saying that lead times people in the world are wiser than those who have the light and that's the word of God right. Somehow they figure some things out that we don't and sometimes we Christians think well Ok if I shelter them and then when they get out into the world and it exposed everything well the thing is if we expose our children to other people as we're helping them out as well working with them as part interacting with people you're not going to shelter your child that way I think it's experience the world through helping others through interacting with others they don't need to have it to dimensionally right you can have hands on and I think Jesus is right a lot of times the world is more what has more wisdom than his own and that's just because. They want the best for their kids to write they want the best don't we don't we want the best for our kids don't we want the Word of God to enlighten us and and have this to be happy you know like tat quoted in the beginning about Deuteronomy where it says that God commands all these things for our happiness right for our always for our good for our good in our good equals our happiness. And Romans Chapter 5 Verse 8 you know maybe you struggled with addiction maybe your children have struggled or maybe somebody you know maybe you know a friend child or grandchild whatever it is in Romans Chapter 5 or say tells us that God commences for us the matter what we've done he loves us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us you see Jesus doesn't look at people trapped in same Trafton addiction and look down on him with anger and hatred not at all he while we were sinners died for us Jesus doesn't wait to love you and care for you until you get your life straight he loves us when we're trapped when we were held back when were held down Jesus loves us in our sins and He died on the cross to take our sense from us and he wants to set us free from our sins free from our addiction to the things that hold us back and hold our family down our children so what can we do what can we what is one thing to simply do with our lives they could maybe help us to be happier help our children to be happy we read in some 50 verse 5 gather my saints together to me those that who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice. I should clarify here what is a saint. Many times people think oh a saint those are like idols or or statues or or people who lived a long time ago who were really really good people and in a church called them saints but that's not what the Bible actually sets the Bible actually Kohls the followers of Jesus sense Paul talk to the you know like the Galatians or the Church of emphasis and he just calls people to the saints who are in Philip high and they were the followers of Jesus Salo as of Christ are to be Saints living saints not just people that church deems as saints but notice what it says so gather my saints together gather my followers together to meet God says and those who have made it come into it with me by sacrifice one of the ways that we can connect with God on another level when we realize we're addicted when we realize we're being held down we can take time one of the best things you can do is sacrifice these things for a time when the best ways to become balanced once again with our media consumption if you feel like you used too much media you can actually take 8 make a company say and you can choose how long to do this you say I need maybe I need to take a week away from social media one of the things may be any to take a month away from You Tube or whatever it is or video games and you can do this as a family if you have children you can say hey why don't we spend time together as a family instead of watching television instead of being on the internet instead of playing video games why don't we spend more time together why don't we spend more time going out in nature and I can tell you what in the beginning you do that let's say you decide to do that for a month bet the 1st few days you won't like it a hole in your kids will be like this is not that this is crazy my parents of torturing me right. And then a few days into it your pain begins to change you begin to find other things to do you begin to love the time you have together the time outside the time in nature all of these things begin to be very special once again and you begin to think in ways that maybe you haven't thought for years and not only that you may notice that your spirituality begins to grow and grow and grow and so I would challenge if God's putting it on your heart maybe you need to make a covenant by sacrifice and decision I'm not saying never to go on social media again I'm not saying never to go on the computer again no no no and if you work with your computer sweet meter center and tell you can't look at the computer for work but we're talking about unnecessary things if you feel like you've been over and soon the stains that and you just want to know what would it be like if if I weren't overconsuming I'd like to have a more balanced view maybe you need to make a company I sacrifice maybe taking a week off maybe taking a month off and see what happens to your mind and I believe you'll see especially if you spend time in God's word that you'll be transformed by the renewing of your. Body if you say a prayer for us as we close. Dear Father in heaven I just want to thank you crazy for time that we could have together the Lord your prayer and that everything that shared is to your honor glory that you will have to pass hearts to make it decisions that they need to let is time for themselves and for their families Lord we know that these things are not easy but we know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and ultimately the Lord you want to spend want time with you and so we create you it give us the grace sufficient for this time. Bless each and every one of last week range is the singing in. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermons pleaded with a w w w audio verse or.


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