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Natural Healing and the Brain

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer
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  • February 5, 2021
    12:00 PM
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Well we're so happy to be back with you again and before we begin I just ask that you and fire had to see for a or prayer let's pray that all of them the Father thank you so much for your love thank you for your watch here that you take care of us I pray you just now that as we study science of Scripture that to bless us with your presence in the name of Jesus. This message is entitled natural healing and the brain we look back in history and actually we look right now to the present and children were told on average these they spend about 8 minutes outside a day in the States and that blows my mind especially when you contrast this I learned this in a ted talk with prisoners in maximum security prisons spend on average 2 hours per day outside so this kind of begs the question who is actually the health captive and what is holding them captive what in children do when we were younger when I was a kid or 2 years old look what did children do what did I do in my spare times a kid we spent time outside whether it was summer or winter and some cold weather and we got a lot of snow in the midst of a still in the winter we'd be out playing in the snow making an igloo or some fortnight snow and in the summer we'd be riding our bikes we'd be playing in the streets and whatnot but times have changed think couldn't be that things like this are keeping us from things like that. And I. So for the large majority of the fast majority if you will today speaking of nature we look at the life of Jesus the Bible says in the morning rising up a great while before De Jesus went out and departed into a solitary place in their brain it was a very common thing for Jesus to spend time whether it was a prayer but it was white walking to the next steps the nation that he was going to with his disciples they went out and they spent time we think of Jesus in the garden of guess 70 not only prior to his death but there was a place that they would often retreat to and so his experience with his heavenly father was often in nature in some 2 with the disciples their experience with Jesus was often in nature not only that he spoke to the crowds time and time again on the mountainside or by the seat we see that nature was a special part of the ministry of Jesus so we're told it made nature for our happiness God who maybe even home over our 1st parents so surpassingly lovely as given a noble trees the beautiful flowers and everything lovely in nature for our. It's we're going to look at a study in Nature technology and never walking in nature with and without a cell phone this that even if done it's a test subjects and they were to walk through an arboretum to see how nature and technology could affect their memory one group would walk for 30 minutes through they are talking on the phone so they're in a chair walking out on their phone the 2nd group would hand over their cell phone before the walk another group please take the memory test before going on a walk. So what was the result while taking a memory test those who are on the cell phone scored about 30 percent the results were about the same for those who took the test before the walk so whether they so the walk or their on their cell phone they score the same those who walk for a half an hour in nature without their cell phones or an average of 80 percent that significant 80 percent compared to 30 percent that's a big job and so if you want to do well in school if you want to do well at work and have your mind you know trash when you when you have to do something very important at work taking a walk in each other without your cell phone would be the optimal thing to you about phone time and delay gratification researchers compared to young children who are mobile media users with those who did not use mobile media devices children who use mobile media were substantially worse than non-mobile media users when it came to being able to deliver they gratification. So delay gratification one of the greatest predictors of success in later life is the child's ability to have strain in the area of deadly that kitchen so if you want your child to have success later in life teaching them to have delayed gratification to date is very important and that means putting off some pleasures for a bigger opportunity putting off pleasures for a later enjoyment. Learning to say no to some things these are all things that help us to learn how to delay gratification because ultimately that's how you becomes to excess when life is learning how to make these decisions for example if you've ever heard the marshmallow spearmint that they did with young children and you can watch it on You Tube or some me just put it in marshmallow spearmint and you'll see what they did this happened in the seventy's and they follow these children through their life what they did to kids is they put them in a room an empty room with a table and desk or a table and a chair and a plate and on that plate was one marshmallow and the researcher said to the child if you can wait until I come back in there I'm going to leave the room if you can wait until I come back in the room I'll give you a 2nd marshmallow and so they wanted to see do these children have the ability to delay their gratification so that they can get not just one but 2 Washington lives Well it's really cute to watch these kids sit and. They look at the marshmallow they some of them sniff it some of them actually go as far as licking it but not eating it and some actually before the researcher is even done telling him what to do they take it and eat it they don't even listen to hear what all is being said they just can't help it there's a marshmallow front of it bigger it's on a plate in front of them it's for them just to eat it so it follows these kids for like 35 to 40 years what would happen to them in life and what they discovered is that these kids that were able to delay gratification at a young age between the ages to 3 and 5 is the ones that were experiments that they found later in life that they did well in their a.c.t score and dated well in school in general they were more successful in life had less obesity it was just all kinds of things that have to do their late gratification they did better later in life so wonderful thing to to instill in our children a young age how about be using nature and delayed gratification a study was conducted to discover looking at nature could help increase the power of delayed gratification some explore to look at pictures of nature mountains or lakes or pictures of buildings in the city and. What they found was those who had looked at the pictures of nature exhibit substantially more power of delaying gratification and self-control so not just being in nature but just looking at pictures of nature help people to have more. Power of Divine a graphic ation and self-control. That is just incredible just looking at pictures of nature instead of looking at pictures of cityscapes and things like that so you can improve on God You know like what he's made for us and what what we have out in nature just really helps us in some new ways especially. Having delayed gratification so if you want your children to have delayed gratification the best way is to get them out in the outdoors in nature where their minds are just 3 from all the distractions because we saw that what we did young children have less that late recognition and so you're just setting him up for failure if you set them up to be addicted to these things early on but instead you put them out in nature and you're teaching them to be more accurate teach them to have more self-control and delay gratification. The Bible says In Psalm 72 burst through the mountains she'll bring peace to the people and the little hills by righteousness now there's something about nature that brings peace to us it is actually life changing and simply looking at something is beautiful is this that and living in a place like that that the glorious on and what about listening can to nature and listening to nature also impact our mental health we're going to look at some research on listening to nature this is a study from the University of Sussex and they have participants they were to either listen to National environments or official Where is the natural environmental sounds included when the machinery used in another environmental sound was a battling for a which is always available to listen to and m.r.i. scans were done of their brains and they discovered that during that natural sound the brain had a outward focus and during the artificial silence the brain had an inward focus similar to what is seen in people with depression anxiety and p.t.s.d. and I've actually gone through depression number of years ago and one of the things a friend of mine said it and I know we don't typically think about it this way this sounds like insulting he wasn't trying to be insulting he was a guy who struggle with depression to any you mention now depression often of also thinking a lot about your self's selfishness now doesn't necessarily mean you're seeking to be selfish but you keep going over and over and over and over thoughts about yourself where you've made mistakes you're not going to be upset maybe you feel guilty or whatever it is but you go over and over these thoughts and what they found is that people who listen to these artificial sound and it may be said he sounds things like this that he tended to have an inward full whereas those listening to the natural sounds turns the mind away from self onto the beauty yes. And the sounds of nature and this brings peace to the individual whereas the opposite is true for Navy vs artificial sounds and those who at the beginning of the study have the highest levels of stress have the most significant drop in their stress levels during the natural silence So what do we see here that some people might say but I'm just too busy out get it there's a benefit to going and spending time in nature brings peace and in a call notice but I just don't have time I'm too busy for that I'm stirring site crazy when I'm too busy but it's that person needs of those with the most stress at the beginning of a study had the greatest benefit to listening to the natural So there's a book called counsels on health and it's a says on page $171.00 a sweet sense of restfulness and refreshing comes over them as they listen to them murmuring or Yes' says the drooping spirits revive the waning strength this very day unconsciously the mind becomes peaceful the fever false more all right. So we're going to now look at nature and relieving stress. The sign of nature and relieving stress students were sent into a forest for 2 nights they discover that students who spent time in nature have lower levels of cortisol than students in the city and what is cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone something that goes through our body in stressful situations and another study showed us students and nature had lower levels of heart rate lower levels of cortisol So there's something about spending time in nature that actually lowers our stress levels. So here this study it's called urbanization and incidence of psychosis and depression follow a study of 4400000 women and men in Sweden and this study was conducted on the entire population of Sweden of those aged 25 to 64 so this is really big study and Swedes are quite active in nature naturally we lived in Norway and Iceland and Scandinavians in general care to Americans get out quite a bit even in the dead of winter they just accept the weather they live in and that's just how it goes I remember one of the 1st weeks we were there we went out I came to a mountain with some with some of the young people there and it took us quite a bit it's time to get together and when we got out of the cars Mr walking and next thing I knew there was hail coming horizontally into our face actually into our place he'll just like hitting us and I thought oh maybe we should just head back to the cars you know I just kind of stop and everyone else just keeps walking and talking and I looked Chad and I said wow or in a rough year. Because it doesn't they just think there's always going to be some bad weather and so we just keep going forward so that's just how it is and so the streets are quite active in nature and in areas where the most populated it increases the chances of someone having psychosis by 6077 percent increase the chances of having to oppression by 12 to 20 percent so if you're in a populated area like a city area you're more likely to have psychosis and depression compared to people who are in a more country type setting that significant I mean 68 to 77 percent psychosis Wow just in credible the difference between living in the city and in the country what about healing garden. Scores of studies have been conducted on gardening and how it effects l. I go actually study after study after study and show them all with you but 4 times say we're just going to know all and gardening has been shown to benefit a special benefits on levels of anger anxiety body mass index mental function depression city life satisfaction loneliness mood self-esteem tension and vigor now if I had a pill that I was selling that I have that benefit is in every single one of these areas I would be a billionaire because in hunting benefits and if so many different things like this gardening How amazing to think that it can help of anger anxiety your way you know mental function depression that seems like Satisfaction loneliness mood self-esteem tension and vigor I mean in almost all of the areas of life that you want to be helped gardening actually helps And so I would say just 1st I'd love to garments one of my very favorite things to do in the summer I spend the day working in the garden and in the winter I spend time thinking about you know you think about what I'm going to grow next year and you're still there you're oh it's are of more going out today I'm working out and you know if that's well and splitting wood in us and you know time out there every day almost but generally most every day but still I look forward to gardening I've got to say that there's something about being out there and you know seeing you know working hand in hand with where you plant a seed but I can't make it grow sure we can water we can do the best we can to take care of the soils but ultimately God is the one who blesses if there's just so many different levels there are alas things like spending time in the garden but I want to talk to you about all. Mental health not all is kind of a and loose if x. perience I mean it's hard to define exactly what yes but sas namely And I was surprised me to discover that researchers have been doing study after study on all the perience of all you know we used to wear off some and now where it has become a little cliche of me to visit for almost anything awesome but historically it really met all some right like stealing you with Abi you go to the Grand Tetons Or maybe you're the beautiful ocean server for something in nature even in the garden for that you can have these are inspiring experiences and what is the research on Spider and experiences researchers have discovered the on spidering experiences in nature can increase Welby and life satisfaction are basically app Enos the day of the experience but the benefits including lowering stress for a week so spending time in nature and having these are inspiring experience can actually make you happier for an entire week even if you just do it one day and so thinking about this if this is true and God knew this because he's the creator he's the grand biologist right he is the you know great physician and if he knew there was this great benefit you know maybe he could have done something about that he could have like given us a day a day that we would take off of work because we may be prone to just working every day but in day that we would take off remember him as the creator and baby remember creation. He he gave us a. Documentary the. Documentary. Just. This. Everyone of the program where they thought it. Was a lot. Is for many days and researchers have done that and I find that people you know when they're cut off from time. To dark you. Know wristwatch is no self. On a search it rhythm circuit meeting. So it's about a 24 hour rhythm. Weekly so. We also have weekly rhythm they're called. Rhythm humanity all march to a 7 day. That the French tried to make the trip. Started. Are. Actually for. So out of keeping actually. Prove. The school. Is not. Biologically. So. If. You know you underestimate the remedy what I call. It would be. To think about. In nature. Excluding the by. How did they know this physiological aspect of our being there in the core of our senior in the d.n.a. of creatures. And why would the. Union. If the Creator God gave the Sabbath and what we see it's a day to remember him as the Creator because 6 days he believe are making this world and all that is in it in on the 7th day he rested and gives it to us to remember him as the creator and all of His commandments as we see on Deuteronomy 624 all of the commandments are for our good always so what does that mean it means that when God commands something to us there's actually some benefit to us and nurse a mental benefit in a physiological benefit for us to spend time with him in the nature on his Sabbath. Odds firing other OS find inspiring experience researchers look at people and their experiences with positive emotion want to which is often those who experience more online at lower levels of into both incentives which is a marker for insulation so on they have longevity and for me it's so oh oh awesome is that since having an ox firing inspiring experience causes us to have less than 4 minutes in the body of what other benefits off if attention lowers levels of materialism we all need that holds people to be mocked humble helps people to be more generous helps people feel more connected to other people and that's something we all have really felt during the quarantine time. I think that helpless experience off what or what are some other ways other than just being in nature some 30 being Brasi says let's all mean having to. Stand in awe. Just thinking about God and it's good news it's love towards us His Majesty it's brilliance just thinking about him he says this odd inspiring it's very it's if we would just speak that time to sit and contemplate that in his character it would bring on tomorrow to our hearts and minds also sometimes one night scene 1st 161 it says my hearts the hands and off of your words what if you know folks there we don't only have to. Ask to you but we don't only find all in need Sure but we find it in God and we find it in use for so by spending time in looking at God's creative power by looking at Jesus' love his compassion is patience with prostitutes with people who are 6 with senators people come dull to Jesus we can be scanned in on that he always was kind and loving if humanity and as we behold Him as we spend time looking at him it changes ups we have an on inspiring experience as we look at him and Psalms $46.00 1st time says Be still and know that I am God I will be exalted among even I will be exalted in the. One of the things that is beneficial for us to do is spend time doing God's work because you know there can be times where we can't get out the weather's to bad or what if you were thrown in prison even for your state this happens around the world and it will be happening again to a very serious degree as the world gets worse and worse at the end of time the Bible tells us but even if we didn't have our Bibles we could still meditate on God meditate on his for the word we sort of in our hearts and minds and we could still have that experience while we're in times of freedom let's not take it for granted let's spend time at nature and extent and I think about that when I go for a high when I'm out working in the yard and I mean literally next to the national forest here we can walk out our backyard in the national forest but I think about freedom and I am I am thankful that I have it and literally I'm thankful Lord thank you that I can go out and go for a walk I work in the yard and do these simple things because these times always be with us but in the times that we have taken advantage have these aunts firing experiences in nature have it in his words and spend time in fellowship with others even in nature is a very special thing to do a spending time in God's Word Data Lee It's really an assess it changed my life and still a lot of change and needs to be done but God uses his word to transform us so we're going to close with a word of prayer finding that you pray for us. Dear father had we just want to thank you so much that you gave us so many Syrians his life and also this all inspiring Syrians as Lord whether it be in nature or in your in contemplating your character in interacting with others or you getting the season experiences and you just want to create your knee let me thank you for nature in its calming effect on us it's out of the hoodie to lower stress levels and lower our halls and always other things Lord and lower information father we just pray that you would help us to take the time to go out and spend with you nature we thank you that we evolve so told us to do at least once a week and then that it has a lasting effect so we pray that me will learn to spend more time with you especially on the Sabbath we asked nice needs in Jesus. 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