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  • March 6, 2021
    11:30 AM
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I just want to buy my head for an added We're to purchase before we open God's word Dear Father in heaven we pray as we look at your word your Holy Spirit will open our hearts to the message that you want to speak. We need your help we need Jesus and may we see him today in Christ's name Amen. Please open your Bibles to Matthew 20 Mathur Matthew chapter 20 it was a week unlike any other for the Jewish Passover was coming in and throughout the land of Israel convoys of Jews were making their way toward Jerusalem to sacrifice lambs and pigeons worship in the temple in fellowship with family and friends but that's not what made this week different and that's what Passover was every year joining these travelers living in Israel were Jews from all over the Roman Empire with great expanse made the difficult. Long time consuming and dangerous trip from far distant lands throughout the diaspora this too did not make the week different for this had been happening for centuries since the restoration of the temple some when the past had to social distance and quarantine because of leprosy we're now headed healed unable to join the crowds on their way to Jerusalem some were now freely walking who had been lame only a short time before some of the some of the travellers had been blind but now they saw but that's not what made this week different either for that had been happening for 3 years Jesus had been restoring health to the sick and infirm what made this week different was a certain air of expectancy conflicting rumors have gone viral. One rumor repeated by those attracted to conspiracy theories reported that the Jewish leaders were prophet were actually plotting to take the life of Jesus at this Passover another rumor reportedly from Christ own disciples. Was that Jesus was to be crowned King in Jerusalem at this Passover and it was true the disciples did believe that very soon Jesus was to be crowned king as they traveled toward Jerusalem with Jesus. The disciples lag behind him quarrelling about who would be the greatest in the New Kingdom that he was about to set up to the dismay of the other disciples James John and their mother Mrs Ebadi right during this journey asked Jesus for the to highest positions in the New Kingdom it highlighted that all the problem the all the disciples not just Judas had a problem they thought authority meant to be considered great in this world they thought authority meant to be served to be treated special to be number one they didn't understand Heaven foundational principles of authority in Jesus had to address this misunderstanding with already with all the disciples Let's read what Jesus told them about authority Matthew 20 starting with verse 25 Jesus called them to himself and said you know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them and those who are great exercise authority over them yet it shall not be so among you but whoever desires to become great among you let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be 1st among you let him be your slave. Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life a ransom for many. But even after this instruction the disciples did not seem able to fully comprehend Christ's words in Heaven's view of authority Man's View of authority is about being served haven't this view of authority is about serving Man's View of authority is about getting Heaven's view of authority is about giving. Man's View of a enriches me but is costly to others Heaven's view of authority see a sacrifice in enriching me by enriching others men selfish view sees this as undesirable extravagant wasteful Heaven see a sacrifice for others as a wise and eternally rewarding investment Friday Jesus arrived at the home of Mary Martin Lazarus and Bethany Bethany was only 2 miles east southeast of Jerusalem Mary had been awaiting this visit with. A mixture of anticipation and dread she loved to see Jesus but she thought this might be the last time she would see him for she had heard Jesus speak of his approaching death and her love and sorrow she longed to show him honor a great personal sacrifice. She had purchased and alabaster box of point one of Spike nard very costly with which to annoying to his body but as Jesus arrived that Friday afternoon. She heard many of his followers excitingly declaring that he was about to become king. And their grief was turned to joy she now happily formed a new idea of what she might be able to do with the spark spikenard that she had purchased Simon the fairest see lived in Bethany on Sabbath afternoon Jesus and disciples at his house the fruit of Jesus' ministry was evident at this meal the host Simon had been healed of leprosy Lazarus was the guest of honor he had been dead for 4 days only a month or 2 earlier and Jesus had resurrected him. But Jesus had performed the greatest miracle of all for Lazarus Sister Mary. Jesus had delivered Mary from the Captivity and bondage of a life of sin but Mary was not an honored guest in fact she was an unwonted embarrassment to Simon. Lazarus sister Martha catered to the meal Mary was present as a servant and she washed Jesus feet no Basin towel or water was provided so in place of water she washed his feet with her tears perfumed with that expensive and sweet smelling Spike nard used to honor Kings her hair serves as the towel that was absent for man's perspective of authority Mary was the most insignificant of the visitors present but from Heaven's perspective of authority and greatness she emerges as the hero of the story you see heaven and earth have opposite views about authority who has it and how to get it there were 2 very different reactions to Jesus table conversation following Mary's active devotion. The ferrous the Simon was converted. The disciple Judas was angered at Jesus rebuke of his selfishness. When he left the meal he sought revenge by be training Jesus and why did Judas betray Jesus he had rejected Heaven's view of authority and sought earthly authority with its power position and prestige he was all in for what he could get. All in for what he could give and the next day Sunday seemed to confirm the rumor that Jesus was about to be crowned the king of the Jews. Hundreds of thousands of people joined a procession traveling up and over the Mount of Olives from Bethany to Jerusalem while Jesus entered the city not proudly in the Roman emperors chariot one but humbly on a young donkey the triumphal procession was led by the resurrected Lazarus prophecy was being fulfilled and Jesus for the 1st time except that the acclimation and praise of the multitude all even the priest in Jewish rulers were now convinced that Jesus was about to assert his authority and proclaim himself king. The following day Monday Jesus did assert his authority and his 1st act was to cleanse the temple. After the priest leaders and traders fled Jesus showed what Temple worship was designed to look like healed the sick he taught the people the children were included in his instruction and they joined the adults in reverent and happy praise to Jesus when Jesus returned to the temple the next day which was Tuesday he continued his teaching and healing the priest and rulers had a chance to regroup and had a head a plan to reassert their authority and stop Jesus what right did Jesus have to change the worship practices please go to the next chapter of Matthew Matthew chapter 21. And there are 2 foundational issues that were at the heart of the rebellion of Lucifer in heaven. Last summer we looked at the 1st issue God secrets if you haven't if you didn't hear the study it's I've got a secret it can be found on audio Verse dot org But the 2nd foundational issue of Satan's rebellion was authority power authority is essential for us to understand a day it is intrinsically and explicitly bound up in the 10 Commandments the 2nd table of the law Commandments 5 through 10 cover our civil relationships and begin with our relationship to Thord and authority figures the 1st Commandment with the promise is all about authority honor your father and your mother and Paul explains that this broad commandment covers our relationship to all authority we are to honor the king we are to honor those in positions of authority honor to whom. Honor is due that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God gives you if we want a stable society so that we can live long on our land the land which the Lord has provided us we will honor authority beginning with our parents authority and power was the focus of the. Of Lucifer as rebellion in heaven. He was able to deceive many angels on this topic a large minority of angels came to think that there was injustice and inequality in heaven they came to believe the law was repressive in power structures of heaven needed changing Satan has successfully used the same approach with humans working through Judas Satan was able to make power and authority at the issue among Jesus' disciples. Authority splits churches groups and nations today we know that power and authority is the focus of many social movements seeking a radical restructuring of our society understanding Heaven's view of authority is essential when we evaluate the complete competing claims of these philosophies that claim to be the solution to inequality and injustice if angels in a perfect and just heaven were susceptible to fabricated complaints about inequality in justice in the law and power structures of heaven. Humans are even more susceptible to true complaints in a very imperfect and unjust world. Have been inspired movements are built on serving and sacrificial giving and they bring Reformation. Programs built around getting more by taking getting power getting even getting more bring revolutions because it is such an important topic in the Bible this afternoon we are going to have a Bible study about authority God system of authority is built on serving men system of authority is built around being serious and few understood heaven's. View of authority in Jesus' day Few understand it today let's go to the Bible Matthew 21 beginning with Verse 23. The. Rating in the scripture this morning. Now when he that is Jesus came into the temple the chief priests and the elders of the people confronted with him as he was teaching and said By what authority are you doing these things and. Who gave you this with Already the Jewish leaders last question brings us to the 1st point of our study all of the already is delegated all authority is given turn back 13 chapters in Matthew to Matthew 8 to another mention of authority this is what Josh mentioned in his children's story thank you Jost is excellent. In this chapter Matthew tells the story of an unnamed Roman military officer of the Centurion a commissioned officer that would become proximately a quid to a 1st lieutenant or a captain in today's infantry. Again please notice the word authority in Matthew 8 verse 9 for I also am a man under authority having soldiers under me and I say to this one go and he goes into another company comes into my servant do this and he does it the centurion had authority he could tell soldiers and servants where to go and when to come what to do but how does this Roman Officer describe himself I am a man under authority though he had authority to give commands that the soldiers under him were to obey he described himself as being a man under authority obedient to those above him please turn to Luke 7 Luke Chapter 7 I want to notice a little word that Luke adds When he tells the same story about the centurion we're going to look at Luke 7 verse 8 For I also am a man noticed the next word placed under authority. Having soldiers under me and I say to one go and he goes into another comment he comes into my servant do this and he does it did you catch that additional word placed. Placed the century and was under authority because he was placed in his position of authority. This Roman Officer had delegated authority all of a thorough is delegated it is given the only way to have authority is to be given authority. But there is a 2nd point on authority. Authority is given to those who are under authority the centurion had authority because he was under authority he had authority because of his position not because of who he was but because of where he had been placed please turn to x. 8 x. Chapter 8 you're familiar with the story and the evangelist Philip was holding very successful and large evangelist meetings in some area when an angel directed him to go to the Jerusalem gaze the Jerusalem gate jar Roussillon gaze the highway which ran through the desert let's look at x. 8 verse $27.00 so he that is a Vangelis Philip a rose and went as we continue reading notice the word authority and behold a man of Ethiopia a unit of great authority under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians he must have been the chief financial officer because he had charge of all her Treasury and had come to Jerusalem to worship the Ethiopian was under authority the authority of Queen Candice he had authority because it was given him and it was given him because he was under the authority. In our society today many think they can gain authority by being independent of authority. Children think they can gain authority by getting out from under the authority of their parents but the opposite is actually true because authority does not come from within us we don't make our own reality we don't determine our own authority we don't inherently have authority it must be given to us. Young people. If you want a thorough as an adult be under authority as a youth if you want freedom be under authority please Turn to Romans Chapter 13 Romans 13 Eric and Rachael have a dog named Timmy if you fit a visited their home you've met timmy Tim is a sweet dog but episodically he has trouble staying at home he likes to wander in to me he has another problem he doesn't like to obey. He does doesn't come when he's called he does whatever to me wants him to do does. To me is not under authority. So Eric and Rachel had to put up an invisible fence if Timmy gets too close to that fence he gets a little noise a warning noise sound and if he gets on the fence he gets a shock. But even this hasn't stopped to me he's willing to get shocked if he can get his own way and to me is learned that if he ignores the shock he can run through the shock zone and on the other side has no shock so if he wants to leave the house he ignores the shock and runs through the shock zone. Even though Eric and Rachel do not want to tie to me up even though they hate to tie him up sometimes they have to tie to me up. To me illustrates the absolute truth that refusing to be under authority doesn't increase your freedom it increases your restrictions do those who ignore the law are arrested and placed in jail have more freedom in their jail cell if you want freedom and want to be given authority stay under the authority of the law. And that's what Paul tells us in Romans 13 beginning with Verse one let every soul be subject to the governing authority is for there is no authority except from God and the authorities that exist are appointed by God Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves for rulers are not a terror to good works but the evil do you want to be unafraid of the authority don't speed now it doesn't say that. If you don't want to be nervous when you see a cop don't speed yes do what is good and you will have praise from the same place turn to Luke Chapter 2 Luke 2 and here in Luke 2 we want to notice the example of Jesus and his parents because Jesus' example is our example verse $51.00 of Luke 2 then he that is Jesus went down with them his parents and came to Nazareth and was subject to them notice what the next verse says what happened because Jesus was subject to his parents verse 52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. Being under the authority of his parents was the key to Jesus' growth in wisdom and social skills do you think it was easy for Jesus to be subject to his parents this is a completely new experience for him. He was the creator and ruler of the universe. For the 1st time in all of a eternity he will is now saying. There is commands that he had created. He experienced what it was truly like to be under authority he learned what it was like to obey others. And do you think that Jesus knew more than his parent. Of course he did speaking of Jesus in the Bible notice what we are told some 101999 I have more understanding than all my teachers for your testimonies are my meditation verse 100 I understand more than the ancients because i keep your precepts but despite knowing that his knowing more than his parents despite the fact that his parents were not perfect the record says of Jesus he went down with them and came to Nazareth and was subject to them Now this is talking about Jesus during his teenage and early twenties years he was old enough and big enough to be independent if he chose but he went down to Nazareth was with them and came to an answer with and was subject to them in place of the word subject some translations say submissive others say obedient or in subjection the Bible in basic English says Jesus did as he was ordered. And being subject to his parents under the authority of his earthly father and mother was an important part was an important part of the necessary process to prepare Jesus not only for his future ministry on this earth but his future ministry in heaven all authority is delegated authority is only given to those who are under authority Jesus gets all of the already in heaven. Because he was under authority on earth Philippians to tells us that it's our experiences under authority that prepares us to use our authority wisely when we receive it those who receive authority without 1st having been under authority always misuse authority let me share a universal protect civil all who refused to be under authority but somehow managed to seize authority always become tyrants this is true for every revolutionary and every revolutionary minute movement and that's why God places us under authority in this life before he grants us authority in the life to come please turn to 1st Peter chapter 2 1st Peter 2 Pope Gregory the 7th sometimes called Hildebrand is not only venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church he is regarded by most Catholic historians as one of the greatest of all the claimed 260 popes the book the great controversy gives more column inches to this wicked and haughty tyrant than any other pope Pope Gregory the 7th a stablish the doctrine that a pope has the authority to and I'm quoting absolved subjects from their allegiance to on right has rulers in a quote. Many people in this world have accepted this Catholic doctrine of Gregory the 7th if they do disagree with those in authority they believe they can cancel the authority they believe they have the authority to disregard those in authority this is precisely the Catholic doctrine that Pope Gregory the 7th promulgated they believe they don't need to submit to parents or teachers or employees or police and they always excuse their rejection of authority on the basis of some imperfections in the authority or some lack of wisdom God's commandment does say honor your father and your mother only if they are perfect it doesn't even say honor your father and your mother only if they are Godly the Bible doesn't say honor the king only is he is perfect. It doesn't even say honor the king only if he is godly it doesn't say any of that now please listen closely without question we must always obey God rather than man always he is the highest authority we must always be under his authority but if we are under the authority of God as. As far as possible we will be submissive to those in authority notice what God says in 1st Peter chapter 2 in verse 18 this is God speaking and if I'm under his authority these are to me servants be submissive to your masters with all fear not only to the good and gentle but what does it say also to the harsh when Jesus was ordered to carry a soldier's burden for one mile he continued carrying the burden for 2. He we can be sure this is true because he did not tell his followers to do something that he did not do. When we follow Jesus instruction we can be sure we are following his example he said in Matthew 539 I tell you not to resist an evil person but whoever slaps you on your right cheek turn the other to him also if anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic let him have your cloak also and whoever compels you to go one mile go with him to this was a foreshadowing of his example on the cross when he was slapped he did not retaliate when soldiers stripped him of his garments and claimed ownership by gambling he did not demand the clothes back and when he was compelled to carry the burden of his cross he tried his very best to do this or saddest cool lesson this week gave the prophecy of Jesus as if 50 verse 6 I gave my back to the smiters my cheeks to them that plucked out the hair and I hit not my face from shame and spitting behold the mimic Jesus the perfect man the one with all of serving and sacrificial it giving. Children if you want Heaven's authority seek to serve wherever you are and it's no different for us as adults if we see Kevin's authority we are to serve wherever we are placed we accept this is God's assigned task for us and that's what it means to be under authority the little task gods assigned us on this earth prepare us for future greatness. We don't know what that future greatness will look like 1st John 32 beloved Now are we the children of God and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be. In his autobiography up from slavery Booker t. Washington describes how he learned to work and take pride in it he recognized this was an important key to his future greatness like Jesus as we are faithful in our appointed work we grow in wisdom in stature until we reach the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ it is a little in this life that tests us and prepares us for the much in the life to come Matthew 25 to 21 his Lord said to him Well done good in faithful servant you have been faithful over a few things I will make you a ruler over many things we are not ready to receive authority in heaven until we have learned to sacrificially serve and give in this life sometimes people want to short circuit this process they're in patient they don't see the value of faithfully serving and sacrificially giving of our strength our time our resources in the seemingly insignificant tasks of life. They don't see the character preparation necessary in this life to great to be given great authority in the life to come in place of doing and serving with all their strength the work at hand some seek something they imagine gives greater authority in honor of Jeremiah told his secretary do you see great things for yourself do not see them Jeremiah 455 to be under the authority of God means to seek to honor him in everything we do. And we honor him in everything we do by being faithful in our task and serving others in every way we can. We see all authority is delegated it's given the only way to get it is to have it given to you we must be under authority to be given authority and that brings us to the 3rd point Authority has limits all of us already except God's authority is limited authority earlier in our study we read Acts 827 about the Ethiopian eunuch this gentleman had been given great charge of all of can the seas of Candace's Treasury he was trusted and given great authority but his authority was limited to the kingdom's finances Furthermore since authority is delegated authority can never exceed the authority of the one that gives it if our authority is from man it cannot suit supersede the authority of God If your authority is given by the mayor of Chattanooga your authority is limited to the city of Chattanooga what did pilot place across the interests of Jesus' tomb to prevent any of the disciples from going into the tomb or Jesus coming out a Roman seal when the angel Gabriel came from the presence of God to call Jesus from the tomb did he 1st get permission from Caesar to break the seal and roll away the stone covering the entrance why because authority has limits a Roman Emperor could command Roman citizens but not heavenly angels the 5th Commandment as the commandment that grants authority to humans it gives authority to parents and by extension government supervisors church leaders school administrators. But the commandments that give authority limits the authority given God has given no individual authority to lie to steal to commit adultery or murder no authority whatsoever and no individual has permission to force us to lie cheat steal commit adultery or murder we have the God given authority to refuse all such commands even if it cost us our life the Bible shows us that we must be under authority to be given authority all authority is delegated and delegated authority is limited but there's a final principle authority in the passage we're focusing on this afternoon it notice the next verse of Matthew 21 verse 24 and then 25 But Jesus answered and said to them the priest also will ask you one thing which if you tell me I likewise will tell you by what authority I do these things the baptism of John where was it from from heaven or from in there are only 2 sources of authority heaven or man since God has all authority any authority not from God is usurped authority when pilot boasted to Jesus do you not know that I have power the Greek word for authority to crucify you and power to release you Jesus answered You could have no power given the Greek word for authority at all against me unless it had been given you from above and that's why the disciples said we ought to obey God rather than man x 529 do you do what you do by the authority of heaven or by the authority of men please turn to Matthew 28 Matthew 20 Chapter 28 What is your authority who gave it to you in these 2 questions we need to ask ourselves regarding everything we do. What is your authority to teach God's law to the world what is your authority to come here and worship on the Sabbath those who are under the authority of God will obey his commandments and we have God's authority to teach them to the world notice Matthew chapter 28 starting with the 18th verse and Jesus came and spoke to them saying All authority has been given to me in heaven and on Earth Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age Amen we have the highest authority in heaven and earth commanding us to teach others to observe the commandments and to observe them ourselves what higher authority is there on Earth to countermand this command to us July 14th 1984 The New York Times published an amazing article about home birth known Nobel Alexander his story has now been published in 2 different books in 1950 home Barto had moved to Cuba with his mother working for an American naval officer at Guantanamo Bay after his mother returned to the United States some Berto stayed in Cuba Working as a mechanic It was a time of social upheaval in Cuba with the revolutionary war being waged against the government by Fidel Castro but Humbert though had no interest in the conflicting politics because he was studying his Bible every spare moment he wanted to be able to spread the gospel in 1959 the year Fidel Castro came to power Berto was hired as an assistant pastor for a Cuban admin is jerked. Like Lucifer in heaven Castro had deceived many in Cuba by come by claiming he was fighting for their liberty equality and prosperity but his movement wasn't based on Heaven's system of authority with itself sacrificing service it was based on the Earth's system of self aggrandizement the Bible with its message of sacrificial faithful service and sacrificial giving is the great enemy of tyranny. Within 2 years it became obvious that Castro had declared war against the Bible and against genuine Christianity because it was a war against what he himself was doing. In 1062 during a youth revival an evangelist stick series. Berto spoke on the authority of God and the origin of evil it was a simple lab in a sermon on Revelation 12 Isaiah 14 in is it $28.00 it had nothing whatever to do with Cuban politics it was not Cuban politics was not even on Humber toes mind he was fully absorbed in the fall of Satan and how it impacts us today in our world though Berto did not even have a thought about the recent revolution the Cuban security forces listening to hum Birdo describe Lucifer struggle for supremacy heard something different as these spies listened they came under conviction that they had the same spirit Lucifer had in heaven but instead of yielding to the spirits conviction they became angry. They regarded this sermon on Lucifer to be an attack on Castro's revolution and though unintended or considered by him Berto in a certain way these security forces that were listening got it right. God's word clearly condemned their violence insurrection injustice. Following the meeting Berto was arrested and accused of speaking against the revolution at the time of his or original arrest he was told he was going to be questioned for 5 minutes. But that 5 minutes was very prophetic time because it turned into 23 years of brutal confinement where he was treated with unspeakable torture hardship and cruelty a week after his arrest him Berto was transferred to lock about to the death house it has been reported that more Cuban prisoners have been executed by a firing squad in this prison than any other here Humbert HOA's imprisoned with other so-called enemies of the revolution who awaited the fatal moment when a guard with summon them and they would be executed and night after night Berto could hear the deathly sounds of the firing squad as they mow down hundreds of men but with him Berto in this dungeon was an old acquaintance Antonio Maria revere o.d.s. Antonio had been a naval officer some years earlier humbler Ho had met him and given him a steps to Christ Antonio had read that steps to Christ and become had given his heart to the Lord and became a 7th Day Adventist together one Bertillon Antonio succeeded in establishing the 1st 7th Day Adventist Church in a Cuban dungeon. These imprisoned men spent countless hours copying him some portions of the Bible and discarded cigarette paper a makeshift Pol Pot was constructed out of a cardboard initiate. Every morning and evening they held Christian devotions the prisoners in tattered rags often starved and sipped gathered to worship the Lord. But the praises sung by these disinherited despised men angered some prison officials guards were ordered to savagely beat the worshippers and when this did not deter them guards would fire into the middle of the circle to disrupt the service most of the men would not move but continued to sing and pray while the shrapnel was in bedding in their flesh home birdhouse finger was disfigured by a stray bullet and his back was lacerated and lacerated with rifle bullet fragments and chips of concrete throughout Humbert toes incarceration he faced a constant struggle to worship God twice he was caught with a Bible and he was placed in solitary confinement for 2 years placed in hard labor deprived of food a year after Humbert was imprisoned there was an attempt on Castro's life like Paul being accused of in instigating the burning of Rome unbelievably Berto was accused of being a part of this assassination attempt. There he was in a filthy dungeon deprived of any of the standard comforts of life constantly watched every word monitored and somehow he managed to be in a plot of as to assassinate Castro nuns in. Nuns in charge and in a mockery of a trial. He was convicted but interesting Lee anough he was convicted of spreading the gospel when the judge declared him guilty and convicted him of being a Christian and spreading the gospel he described his reaction a wellspring of joy rose up inside of me. God had blessed me with a secret privilege far behind beyond any I could have imagined I was not suffering unjustly for mistakes I was falsely accused of making I was suffering for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Did this treatment crush his spirits and no indeed. Did he organize protests there in the prison no he turned his prison into a ministry no John John was able to stop his spreading the gospel business treated prisoner was encouraged as he saw scores of inmates and even a few guards give their lives to Christ and he became known as the prison's pastor during his 23 years his wife divorced him and married a communist leader his son became a communist and he never saw him again did this make him become bitter and resentful now after his release the New York Times journalist that interviewed him described him as a good natured 50 year old man. Berto understood that God had given him authority to share the gospel and though in a dungeon his assignment filled him with peace and joy in Heaven's view who is the greatest in the dungeon the guards with the guns and whips or home Bardot who is seeking to serve and sacrificially give to his fellow prisoners more needy than himself. If you outside the dungeon in Cuba had the joy and peace that field him bardos heart inside the dungeon who you think was more peaceful and happy Castro on his throne or him on his cell in his cell. He joins the gods others that are honored in God's Hall of Fame Hebrews 1136 still others had trial of mocking and scourging Jesson of chains and imprisonment they were stoned they were so on into were tempted were slain with the sword they wandered about in sheep skins and goatskins being destitute afflicted tormented of whom the world was not worthy they wandered in deserts and mountains in dens and caves of the earth but verse 39 tells us these all obtained a good testimony through faith is I look at you today and as I see what's going on in the world some in this tent. Are going to experience these things. Do you think in heaven hum Berto will complain about his time in jail will he consider this an expensive sacrifice or will he consider it a cheap investment for the salvation of souls in eternity and for heaven friend I don't know your circumstance today you may be in a situation that leaves you feeling just as trapped as some Berto you may feel mistreated by those in authority but you can serve God in any situation we can sacrificially help those around us and we can become listed in God's mighty heroes of faith most of us here not in that situation we can serve others in sacrificially share with others in relative ease and peace there are only 2 sources of authority. Heaven in man Heaven's view of authority is about serving Heaven's view of authority is about giving Heaven's view of authority is about enriching me by enriching others heaven to see sacrifice for others as a why isn't the eternally rewarding investment for future heavenly appointed leaders will you follow God's law regardless of the consequences recognizing that those who oppose God's law have no authority at all for what they are doing. While you just now determined to be under God's authority by surrendering everything you have an arc to him Will you accept Heaven's principles of authority by seeking to serve those around you in cheerful faithful diligence to every task you are given we just bow your heads just now and make that commitment a recommitment to God Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a serpent and was made in the likeness of in the likeness of man and being found in fashion as a man He humbled himself and became obedient and to death even the death of the cross wherefore God also has highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow of things in heaven in things in earth and things under the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father Father in heaven he is in our commitment we want to be under your authority we want to have the authority of heaven that comes from giving in serving. Cheerfully and we pray that you will change us from our present low level slow state to bring us up to the exhortation of heaven serving servants humble seeking others' goods not our own. Fame and fortune we thank you for your word and for the example of Jesus. Come into our hearts. Where his life may shine out of our lives in his name we pray a man. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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