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Communion Service

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 3, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Well let's pray together and then we'll just have a little plot tonight other than heaven thank you today for the. Testimonies we've been able to hear from the body of Christ as they go out into the community and as they actually are actively serving and this is one of the keys for a close relationship with you it's not self focused but it's focused on what you would have us do for others so thank you for the blessing you've given to those who attended and may those who were not able to attend attend next week to receive the blessing as well in Christ name Amen. You know by the way you know leaders look around this room the people that are here are the leaders of the Institute. Because the midweek service is as the Paul is to the body. As the pulse is to the water. And you know I've been a pastor a lot of time and in my church in Wichita Kansas my head elder was Dr Mills who's the chairman of the board here I can't remember a time he missed prayer me. I can't remember a time that my elders missed prayer me can't remember it they came to every prayer meeting and we would normally have. I don't know at least half the church there on prayer meeting. And this was kind of like a litmus test of leadership they actually took those quote seriously and the church really grew with me grew exponentially. And they also love the Sabbath so much they would come to vespers and so would a lot of people from the community. And that was that was the corporate services and then in that church elders always hosted also a small group Bible study in their homes on another day of the week and I would rotate every night I was out every night and in a elders home if they needed help holding a small group bible study of us or them how to do that every single night the only night I was not out was Friday night. So. And. I just want to tell you that the corporate services of the church are meant to be a meeting place where you come back from your private ministry which is not just your own personal devotions out in the middle of the woods it is connected with those devotions with someone in the community have a understand what I'm saying Never is disconnected never is disconnected. Anyway so this weekend. This weekend our corporate services are focused on something a number of you have talked to me about and that is they're focused on. Foot washing this week and the Communion service and a number of you have said to me you know it's been a long time since we had. Communion service how many feel like it's time to have a communion service. So quite a number of you're raising your hands and I certainly need a communion service because I'm not a saint but give a person next to you and just say boldly to them you are not a saint. So you're not a saint. So you. Maybe this comes as a shock to the person next to you there not a saying. But I want to read you something about this I want to read you something about this foot washing service and when you read something about this listen to this. This lady's name was Carol. And Carol worked with a large homeless shelter in Washington d.c. she worked with addicts mental health patients me the people were violent made them had. Aids and had tuberculosis another Worley saved to live with. And we never see one into this situation and she literally was wondering you know what might happen to her. But then she discovered something do you want to know what he discovered. This is what he discovered. She says every time I washed their feet. A strange thing would happen would you like to know what happened. There would be a temporary positive mental health effect. No matter how deluded the patients were. When their feet were cared for in a warm water. Or the deacon's here warm water. Where the deacons. And warm water. They were coherent no matter how violent. They were physically or verbally they became visibly relaxed and so I started foot care on every patient's arrival at the shelter simultaneously I would ask questions of the name and address their medical history and they were so calm. So I ask a psychiatric clinician. What do you think's happening and I said you're meeting a need for nurturing and then I ask a visiting medical team and they said Now this is not just a need for this is supernatural something is happening here that we just don't understand. So in this article interesting is this Jesus used neutral temperature. Partial immersion bath with adult evolution to both relax and mildly stimulate his disciples and the deep in their breathing this helped them refocus their attention from them Sal to his important messages. I think that's kind of interesting. Very interesting it's like a heavenly hydro treatment now and the ancient Greco-Roman world. Many times when you entered a holy site according to Homer and Strombo. You had to wash your feet before you went into the temple. Flavia's picked or 3rd century said that Roman priests participated. In ritual foot washing. And there was a saying in that day don't rush into matters with unwashed feet. Well or would slow down wash one another's feet calm down allow your mind to focus very fascinating. Now this was also the almost exclusive the duty of slaves or servants. The servants would draw the water. The servants would wash the feet the servants would empty the water. Foot washing then essentially was a synonym. For slavery. So this is what Jesus did. He acted like a slave he acted like the lowest on the totem pole Normally when people came from the synagogue for Passover the father would walk into the home and his family members would wash or the servants would wash his hands. And then every family member had their feet washed by a common servant that was at the time of Passover when Jesus was having this foot washing. And what he did was essentially didn't have anybody wash his hands within 24 hours they would have. Nails there with hands he didn't have anybody washed his feet and with 24 hour within 24 hours they have nails through his feet. But as stead he washed the feet of the disciples and this is why Peter's so strongly reacted what are you doing. You can't wash my feet. Geez if I don't wash your feet. You can't be my disciple So the foot washing is a meant for what. Time of self-examination. The time of repentance of changing of the mind the time of confession and the master ordained the foot washing service to signify renewed cleansing and to express a willingness to serve one another in a Christ like humility and to unite heart in love. In the Communion service was open to all believers. All believing Christian. How we think we need this kind of service here. I think it might be good. How many think it might be while for us between now Wednesday night and Sabbath morning when we have a service to have thought that through. You might have somebody that you need to wash their feet that you have wrong or you may have wrong someone they don't even know about and he might want to go and tell them. And just clear things up and. I'm sure since we haven't had communion. For quite some time. That there are many areas of our lives that we think we might need a reboot. Amen. So I want to encourage us this week to focus in you know on this foot washing and in John Chapter 13. And it shows that. Jesus knew that is are was come and he said depart from this world to the Father having a loved his own who are in the world he loved them to the very end. In other words this book was in was the all to me expression of love at the very and. Supper being into the double having already put in the heart of Judas Iscariot Jesus knowing that the father had given all things into his hands a a come from God it was going to God and rose from the supper Normally they washed the feet before but this is after he poured water in a basin to begin to wash the disciples be. To wipe them with the towel with which he was cured so this service. Was a powerful. Acted service is not something you can do on Zoom. It's not something you can do. Without coming actually in contact with someone else. And this is exactly. The opposite of the idea you just do everything on your own for your own little personal relationship with Jesus. This strikes at the root of that and says Now you come together in community with the body of Christ when you're with the body of Christ this is the ultimate personal and corporate relationship with Christ at the same time and it in fact is you know in the Bible it says that the. Marriage is supposed to be a symbol. Of. The body of Christ. So. A person is married when they come together and in that one flesh moment when they're married. The 2 should become one flesh. I don't need to explain it to you I hope but this is the most intimate connection a husband a wife can hand you say hallelujah but the full wise thing is also a one flesh moment as you realize that you're touching someone else's was. It touching someone else's feet. And you're coming together as the Body of Christ and one of the most intimate ways you can with one another. Is make sense this is why we don't have ladies wash men's feet or the opposite we have the man a one side we have the ladies on the other right is that is an intimate sit there wasted sometimes we have couple communes I'm not a big fan of that and just because you should be taking care of things right along as couples a man. But you know you should be hopefully to the place where you could actually as a Christian family minister to others. This is a novel idea maybe it's not just about you and your family and by the way. As I was looking up the personal relationship and personal relationship with Christ right now I'm wise ridings is very scant In fact almost no references to that. But what she does say is that. Your. Family can become self focused. And you forget the function of your family which is actually to minister to other people. So. I think this foot washing is. What's needed by me. How many of you are noticed that I make mistakes. And we've never seen you make a mistake. This is what happens when you become a you know public minister in the multitude of words sin is not lacking in the Bible says so you can make mistakes. Unless you're Jesus and none of the leaders here are Jesus. That doesn't mean I want to be like Jesus but you understand I'm saying so we need this service do we need it or don't we. And this is some of the reasons that we need it. And I want you to just consider that tonight as we as we leave this place to. You know it says and. We're screw the ins a level of a man examined himself to see if he's in the faith spend some time in personal reflection but that personal reflection is not just for you it's meant to do to see if there's a disconnection between you and God and others. Sent to Smith your personal devotions are not just meant for you in fact they have very little to do with you. I've noticed that my personal devotions always are used to reach someone else throughout the day. Always use for that right always there always use corporately don't try and separate them. Don't just say did you have your private devotions today. It's really it un-Biblical question. It really is because it separates you from others so don't do that have you had a connection with God today that prepares you to connect with other. Maybe that's better that make sense. Don't become American. Become Christian. Don't become self focused become other focused. Your personal of oh sins I'm not even yours they're god's as much as yours. Right. So in the Communion service these things come together I think is why it's so essential anyway let's pray for one another that we can prepare our hearts for. This act of servitude. To one another. These partial immersion bad guys. That are with warm water. Are most effective warm water. My Deaconess cringing. Warm water time. Or what is the best. In not with gloves. Please do not show up and walk another one each other's feet with gloves. Please don't do that. This is not something in the New Testament. Amen. If you think you have coven 20. Covert 30 whatever you have then don't come right. If you feel like you're well and able then then Tom. And don't don't. We don't want this to turn into some kind of a laboratory experiment. The with get downs and gloves and. Social distancing washing someone's feet 6 feet away now and I doing that that does not work. And we've got some of that coming to treat you in there Kelly this. There's a make you feel good. Right. Now. Jesus came down into humanity in the midst. Sinful human flesh in the likeness whether Roman says in a 3 Romans a 3 in the likeness a simple human Flass and he entered into humanity and he actually became sad for us to take it away. He became said. You could say he became pope in 19. And he died he died. So we want to be safe but we also want to have a communion service and we want have a communion service that's a real can mean Service with us we're going to do this we can and I know the Lord's going to bless it and. I want to apologize to my sister I didn't mean to. Call you out in that way that would make you feel bad. And so I said something very clumsy and would you forgive me for then. So communion has begun folks. We just had the washing of the water of the word we seared word with each other and those are cleansing words and we want to have more cleansing words and we want to have a real communion so. Let's pray together. And let's all kneel together. Father in heaven thank you tonight for the opportunity we have to come and confess. Our pairing sinful mortals. And as it says in patriarchs and prophets that people look on sometimes at leaders the human element is painfully distinct. Ouch we see when others make mistakes. And we kind of cringe. And when they see us make mistakes they also say ouch. Then sometimes these things can build up. And then they cause anger bitterness resentments restorations and we don't want that to continue if it's continuing and we want to avoid or prevent it if we can. Thank you for giving us this one flesh service in the body of Christ where we can literally come together. And. Act out that one flesh service of the Communion service this into Mint connection with one another standing as it were in your place if you've done one of the least of these you've done to me. I sensed your presence already as worth thinking about preparing for. But deep in it. Deep in our. Confession to you and to others. And deep in our repentance our changing of mind. And bringing revival in our lives. Not selfishly for our own personal holier than thou attitude. But that we might be connected to the vine and to the other branches. And so we thank you and we ask that you go with us. As we prepare for this total cleansing involvement. This t.c. I this. May just be a high sabbath for us. We pray for those who are not here help us being encouragement to them. That they could be connected next week with the pulse of the body. And it was not to be demeaning in our in treaties. But. Encouraging. And expressing of blessings that. We would have loved to share together with those who were missing. And we thank you for coming Christ's name who taught us to pray Our Father which are and. How low it be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done On earth as it is and. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and Lead Us Not Into Temptation to live for us from. Behind this king power of the glory. Forever and ever. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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