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02 Star Falls

Joakim Hjortland


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe



  • March 6, 2021
    11:15 AM


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They have some of that around. So our last time I preach here some weeks ago the topic was Starforce and how to beset Starforce and how to be safe I was talking about the sad reality that many Christian stars powerful people of God and on women of God After history in the Bible and throughout the history of Christianity unfortunately have eventually maybe fallen away walked us read from from God and not only in the Bible and in history but also more recently in very recent times and also significantly closer to home about so we talked a little bit about that last time and I believe it's an important message and if you didn't get to hear it I'd prefer to listen to the recording of it come from a time of the earth for instance anyway Starforce on how to decide if the good news Eastoe even though many people have fallen and met outside destiny it doesn't attack them by God's grace made of happen with either one of us or any one of our lab once I like how my friend that impel put it reflecting on a recent fallen star if you will grab the sack Every us which was a very famous Christian apologist then and probably put it like this there is an investigation revealing that structure us double life of the public Christian apologist Ravi's like everywhere else has shaken the Christian world one of rabbi's books piece titled hast Christianity failed you. Starts one of these books have a fish that has a fish on to fed and then he says now his own legacy is causing people to feel that Christianity house flooded out. Pit bull confident us display the true christianity rooted I'm grounded in the person just us thus not fed just a slave the most consistent life anyone has ever lived it manifests us but. No other way to a man so even though there are static samples even if there are so many good examples sufficient to have been put on him down but it's most importantly our God never affects us and he always keeps his promises also like our Pastor John Thompson said it a couple weeks ago you know the someone is for a loan that's not a moon but the message they preach is not true right thank you Tom it good to keep that in mind that's what you know one good example of his bed which he used to be a prophet of God But even though he wasn't a prophet of God The Apostle sized doesn't and he was not inspired by God in the past in the shadows and I suppose that doesn't make those mess of us less inspired and they were to come to get to keep in mind anyway today this message is basically a continuation of what I shared the last time a quick start was to or you make what it was and how to help so so last time we had kind of asked a question if all his people it's all these powerful might demand I'm going to God could for how can I be sure that I would be able to stop today we're looking at. How to help what can I do to help maybe a family member a friend a brother or sister in Christ to be said to avoid that sad that's the name of walking astray or falling away from Christ I believe it's a relevant message I believe it's a useful practical with such and an important message and I believe that this principles this lessons we look at are relevant and in a number of ways it's also relevant information to people who already have what it may be or basket and that's how we come in to try to help them back to where used to be deployed over the last stop living in relationship to Jesus Christ but before we get into the message for today I would like to have another the word prayer Sorry can't borrow where you aren't that great there really Father thank You for this opportunity to come together to worship here together and got to ask credit humility is time God this is your message this are your people i put us your spirit Millett I pray that we may be inspired and strengthened and that you may help us to more and more be able to truly apply on and live this this principles in our lives and that you may use us powerful in and that we may become more and more like just us I also pray I pray God. As our soul to this message and the ripple effects of this message I put out there will be people in have and because of it I think it's possible when you through your spirit help us to truly do this things and to be inspired to let you use us you want to thank you God for hearing and answering this prayer we painters has named a mum. Many years ago they cost Poland was pretty strong number of tribes in Central Africa and many people there they responded to the message to accept that a gospel message you know what I wrestle God and God is working on and after they accepted the gospel offer to accept the the message of just as they started naturally to you know worship God together ask groups but also individually they started to to personally spend time with God Just personally I personally spend time at the figure just as I mean these were in prayer and they did not have a church building at this place so what they did was they cleared and open spots kind of in the middle of the jungle where they cleared an open space of all where they could go to worship and there together or individually after a short time there would be many paths going into that open spot kind of in the center of the angle there and people come from different directions walking walking through the high grass here to get into that open spot with it with worship God if there is a group or individual Now what happened with what then happened was if someone if some of this converts of some some of this new Christians if they eventually will be reducing their their 1st love and enthusiasm another beautiful God will come to them and they would encourage them and they would say to the brother or sister. The grass is growing on your path. The grass is growing. On your path it's time to. Sort it all. I don't know it's maybe not so often we do this kind of things that lands that we may think. Something like that may send someone to talk or contrary to our our culture but the question is is this biblical Is this something we can learn from is this something we should do or something similar that's not going to be about the Bible says about that 1st of all the 1st verse I put on the screen here from the wrist through it says the wrist through the 12 on 13 there wherever unless terrible in any of your evil hearts of on live in the parking from the living God but it sort of the day why these court today lest any of you be hard up through that assists fullness of same we're doing our bit while we are with lots of temptations many ways 70 trying to put us down and make just walk away from this is loose stuff for our style and we are hearing the Word of God encourage us to to extort one of them didn't. So our fellow believers will not be hard in the distant from us of saying interesting time with me to Bruce again here but here is chapter town I want to know just another passage here from what I got on this not to risk town and let's not this verse 23 through 25 it's us here let us hold fast the confession of our whole without weather for here promised this faithful. Let us consider one another in order to start up in our good work not forsaking that sending of ourselves together ask the manner of sun but exhorting one another and so much the more us use to be that the approaching powerful passage here we are encouraged here to extort from other God wants us that of the leaders to come together and encourage that each other to help each other in the Christian walk to strengthen each other to help each other to look to just as you know to walk the right path you know there are some things in life that you can't really do on your own or it's pretty hard I don't know if you have tried this I haven't really tried some I've got my one of my teachers and last year passed it on McIntosh he told the story with me he tried to play tennis with himself and if you ever try that you can imagine. Doesn't really work very well you where it's probably not very fun and it's not like you have to play very differently after that very high on there and try to run around the time this is kind of you kind of little bit more often than one person in the battalion 57 thinks a night we can't really do it on our own one of those things is to question a lot of. Individuality division like the Christian life is not the sign to live as a parent to live in isolation just on your own Ok maybe by the miraculous power of God If you come across a vision of a 100 you can't meet any other Christian maybe you know Schori can never give you what we needed but God tells us that we should come together we should minister together now unfortunately that it's a little bit harder in this recent times in our with all of this coverage restrictions drive by car fabulous wallops lose a good attitude at least try to join in there when you count and if you are involved also meet in person with follow up with a verse in different ways it is very important to know this what does it say I want us to know this also important thing for the thing itself and verse what I said verse 25 but it's not that we should do this things so much more that's you see that the approach in other words stick closer we count to the end of time the closer we come to the 2nd coming the more important that he gets that he will us the liberty or strengthen the child that we have a child of we that we explore from other being together that we will help each other on the cruise ship on board and on. Now I like how my favorite author put it she said it like this in science on Daughters of God to some other for it's us one with the arguer and religious zeal of any of our companions growing cool with must help carriage stops our one prayer waits. For him that he may be true with nice. Side because I think that is I like everybody else right here in the Us town and the rest 3 I think very much shock so if your son maybe they are loose enough to find you they're not waiting were spiritually God calls us courts all of us that's an important part of our ministry whatever talents God has given you an important part of your ministry for Christ is to help your fellow brother and sister in Christ maybe a family member maybe or from a big mother Chessman right now maybe different political but fuck I was just a helper trying to come to an encounter which I'm praying for and pray with that person to help him back to help and get back to fight important part of God's calling for us this is a Christian duty and a Christian privilege I swap now. I hear about this that's. I keep are a significant part an essential part of just this ministry and what's personal efforts a very big and central part of just as minister when he was here on earth was personal efforts the good evaluation and put it like this on page 50 dead it says their work of Christ was largely composed of persons of interest interesting does not maybe we should want to think about we think about these big siren sounds of people is great miracles or this one of the most spectacular things drive but I have a large part a central part of just as this ministry was person to. Do once all of this and it goes on the quote says he had a faithful regard for once all of us and that one saw how scary to thousands they intended Yan's riseth when they when we think about it we set up this thread in this troop many of the most well known and impact full truth that just as ever communicated was communicated not in front of thousands of good will in a sermon but to one person or small group of people. Think about John 36 that like the most famous Bible verse who was outspoken to. The good to one person of the most famous things to said was in front of thousands he was to one person and there are many other examples of that as a central part of a big part of this is that ministry was personal interest because gone talk among many other people dissenters case with Paul I believe in many ways yes he was a part of that yes he started charges he wrote letters but the person on interaction and personal matters of personal empowerment to deliver us was also a very big part for his ministry set up for instance in person on the outs Chapter 2 also when you read about the work of a pastor to work a ministry in books like gospel work or some pastoral ministry and so on you find sentences like this very interesting is that most said it was a sense that the work of the pastor big gains when he walks down from the pockets. Sometimes you think Ok I'm a big parties on charities like them all of the men part of the work of the pastors when it's pretty and of course it's important swap but it's an active work of the minister begins when he will come from the Pope and you also find said in effect these 5 words spoken after the sorrow of the past or to minister to someone may need more than the whole sorrow it may make a bigger impact on the whole some fireworks. And this is not only the case for our pastor or minister but for all of us an important part of what God have got us to use us to make a difference to make an impact he's a person on the street to to nonbelievers also about but didn't for believers actually very interesting now but you said a same Also when you look at the minister at a white one of the pioneers of our church ship pretty in front of audiences of thousands of people she wrote books that have been read literally by millions of people around the world a convert of converting thousands of thousands of the book to the Gospel of Jesus Christ yet one of the most important parts of her ministry was personal ministry personal matters she was acting harmless on hundreds of personal matters to people exhorting them to be faithful exhorting him to come back to Jesus and to me when I think about these things that a couple came out I think reaching out to preaching I do something seeing and writing of different things but hey maybe this kind of minister should have a bigger role in my life than it has been now turning me to get a shot it's going to shatter 6 elision Chapter 6 interesting passage here one of the notices a few verses from the point of the possible quote here I got a chance to say it's And let's begin in verse 2. Here it says. Beer one another's burdens. And so fulfill that all this stuff cause us to bear one another's burdens on dance skip down to verse 9 and ask not to grow weary while doing good friend uses a wish our it if with the not loose part and not to start down there for us we have opportunity let us do good to all especially to whom especially to those who are. The saying then the 1st time there especially to those who are of. The house from the front I was going to set up because generally I think we have it we need to the more of our reason than we do and I have passion for advice on but it's very interesting it actually says we are actually told that we should especially help we should especially minister to believes. That is money poured on part of our quality to help to strengthen to support those who already put this in the Gospel of Jesus Christ to help them to exhort them days lest they be hardened in that of the distal because of this it was obscene and important part of what God calls us to Therefore it makes perfect sense to read studies like this in the book a minister living for 99 to Fritz us regardless of us missionaries 1st of all among your phone and all workers is kind of a thought provoking study regardless of us missionaries 1st of all among your fellow workers and I recently sent to examine some nice documentaries produced by stupidly I'm a very productive licensor the president of course and I recently am in this 11 minute testimony one thing to share with an interesting to share how few of you know she had been baptized but she was working in the south and she didn't dare to ask for South those off it was a hard decision because of her situation but at that point of time a Christian friend of hers said to talk to her What are you doing my sister. She encouraged her to stand up for her beliefs and to stop compromising and that is something that that helped her to live according with the Word of God and many times it's really helped her and many times we need that kind of push from a fellow believer to make good decisions on important decisions in our shop or what are you doing my sister what are you doing my brother so I think what about we realize that we are us Christians we are our brother's keeper as Christians it's important to realize that this is an important and powerful part of your calling off your ministry and God's purpose for you whatever parlance yes given me he quotes all of us to to help each other in the Christian walk not the question comes the big question pounce on is about to spend the rest of the time on how can we do this how can we do this how can we expect to be a child to have to support and to influence our brothers and sisters in Christ and maybe backsliding brothers and sisters in Christ a family member or friend someone we know that needs our support and it's our hope I want to share 5 Lessons 5 kids some of them will mention pretty briskly and stuff to help us to influence in our good way the 1st thing I want to separate about is to pray one of the 1st things you come to one of the most important things you come to and sometimes one of the only things you can do is to pray for that person to pay for that person you know Genesis 5 and 6 since us the prayer of our righteous person is powerful and effective. Powerful effect I like how they're nearly a translation of that it's us that are in this prayer of our righteous person has a great power and produces wonderful results I mean it manager that's the kind of thing we're talking about men talking about prayer also I mean if you're getting 5 or 9 says we do not do that in the power of efficacy of prayer as we should pray around fish will do what no power on earth can accomplish so if you want to eat less on if you want to help someone well. Basically the most powerful thing you can do is to pray but isn't that should the only thing on God may work through you to answer your prayers to the right we should pray and we should live our prayers but one of the most powerful things you can do is to pray and listen to this well as i'm 3041 through much prayer you must labor for soaps for is the only method of by which you can reach hearts it is not your work but the work of Christ peace by your side and presence heart the only way come to Charles if when you put forth a prayer for Africa and he to labor to to work with people to work with minds to influence it's not just a thing when God's guidance to to guide to help us to know what to do what not to do well to do those kind of things we need God's help now one story that comes to mind when I think about pray me if you're trying to work with someone or help somebody from someone when I say this year and. That's it if your obvious answer is I can and I work the profit right afterwards it was this young guy I wanted to try to get by just as 15 was a student living in dormitory of this and to school wasn't really. I think you have someone of my interest background but he wasn't really a personal that as we listen interested in Christianity but I tried to get to start to have Bible studies with him I wanted to share what I've gotten I asked him a couple times but he you know that anywhere that I want to study him and I prayed for him back and I pray that I try to like what can I do I want and I thought I'd ask a couple times I want to nagging too much but I think they're asking one more time if it's awesome wonderful time I saw him sitting in the library was doing some homework and I said Let's walk over here I thought and ask him one more time so I walked over to the 6 year and I'm 1st asked ask him how he's doing and recently I have joined some of the guys at his own soccer are joining them one time and then he got this injury and he's now pretty bad had to go to the hospital he was in crush us for some time to get back and he told me I asked him how have you done with your knee and he said I'm in school and he still wanted to tell me very interesting he said like you know I was I went to the hospital we're both conscious will do this and then I will see my baby I have lots of pain and I was laying there in bed trying to sleep by prayed to God God does help me you know with my then you know he prayed to God help me God and He said The next morning when he woke out the pain was gone. The pain will scar the 1st one he said as he prayed I was kind of surprised he wasn't the type of guy but it's like praying for like oh this is interesting what he said enough I prayed this of I came out and I asked came there to asking one more time do you want to store it should be thought of the Bible together and this is what the shares were for I asked him So what do you think you said this time around Finally he said yes right not only that a couple of his friends some of the you know this call guys that are not interested whatever they also Giarrusso like I think 3 of his friends or something every sort of the study bible every week I have tried as I was it didn't work but I prayed and got the a miracle and that opened the way to share the gospel and that's the case in the valley so also to help our fellow believers when we pray earnestly God will do powerful things now how should we pray couple of quick specific pointers I think always to present a person you're trying to reach Also I think a good thing to pray about is to ask God what you can look like how can I help maybe this person what kind of how can you use me to answer my prayers and then also it's always good to take some time to listen to God as you spend time in prayer sometimes we have to walk and talk and talk and give an opportunity for God to talk to us I mean sometimes with Him in prayer and also also a good many people many backslider urse from Christianity or from from the church have been having to turn to the crowds for a sort of earnest perseverance. It may take time sometimes years you know your similar types of story prefaced 5 friends one of them he prayed until his death for like 40 years or something but shortly after he stuffed the last guy or so what comes out of us the 4 are there have been some years there you may take down but God will work possible in your path our 2nd lesson I want to talk about this kind of building on this farm not only credit but the printed wheat someone. Or in other words get involved in unite to the prayer talents or book of Matthew and I want to notice here much of it in verse 9 to the one verse 20 important lessons here from from the fitting of Genesis Matthew to in one thing here it says again I say to you that if you do agree on Earth concerning anything about the us it will be done for them by my father and for you to go or 3 are gathered together in my and then I am dear in the midst of the very interesting to see here just says when to me you are its creator but something God we ask you to predict. But just as what are you talking about it like what's this tired here when he said this wasn't like that immigrants that doesn't got the answer private practice if I prayed to be evil it doesn't like to just make a mistake and have about their work pitching or what was happening why does it say it went to the library if either seem upset when a good president God will do it God will answer the thing is is just as realized it took a took a while I grew up in the church as 15 Russian Adventist but I think it was when I was just like it's in 19 years when I really understood this lesson just as Realize States we can expect more power in answer to United prayers than individual prayers yes God also hears in their prayers we should also pray to God really both God wants us to come together God wants the Christian life to be a life of community in many ways he wants us to support each other that's probably one reason why he designed it this way or why this is how it works but we can expect more power when we have a night that's going to verse and we pray together for people who are not just this this that month hear from from and I want to put it like this commenting on this verse and I think what you saw us here is spot on she says the promise is made on condition that the United prayers of the Cherokee are offered on absolutely this priority absolutely united prayers when believers unite in prayer it's us here in answer to this prayers there may be expected what are power crazed or the dark which can seem pouncer to private prayer. And we sometimes in the Bible when God's people come together to pray that God is doing wonderful things powerful things might be things I think the 1st time around this was actually close to here at this event ambassadors for Christ and Mullah Omar and Jerry Paige was here talking about these and he shared so many powerful testimonies of United prayer how they really were really praying group prayed together in California where he worked and they saw a wonderful conversion it's they saw backsliders coming back to to the faith they saw of God blessing financially and the mission projects starting up and when harvesting sort of this is called not actually sure that learn from this lesson going on and one thing that happened was also when I was at this place to start the school there I had a Bible study sleep with a muscular guy for a couple of years and also a student there he lived also at the dorm and that's going to school and I studied with him for about 2 years and it was kind of hard it is still like you would maybe not listen much I tried to stop isn't all of the things I prayed for a most while and now he was like in his last year he was almost graduating and I thought man if he doesn't make a decision soon he may never make a decision for just us so I backed off that he says wasn't at least it was going on the end of the school year after I came back I came out I shouldn't stop to pray unitedly for him not on the out off so I decided to man my God we started to pray half an hour I think like once a week especially for my friend there months it's Muslim guy and we start to pray also ask the prayer meeting and time to actually to pray for him a while and we pray that he will make a decision before he will do the school there are only a couple of months left now what's very interesting the last day before graduation on before he would live I was with a group of people from the other side of the water here I was sort of the furore we're doing our charity service on the south about preaching and doing the programming at church and prosperity and there. After that we launched air we had a potluck and then we drove back to the store here to the store when we came back in the afternoon we knew it was supposed to be about this and I thought Ok let's go and see if you're still doing about this time might be over but we walked around we came back to the school you know I've walked down to the to the water here at all of the water and I cannot hear people if it were just on the way up by then they actually asked how close in prayer so they are saying and why they were praying because in prayer some people started to walk away ready my asking from the camps and he was there and he came up to me and during the prayer normally much was different respectful to prayer and this kind of things but during the break started to talk with me and I came. You know kind of felt that he maybe should get back to him and whatever and then basically he said he had been there and when he saw this doctor since he thought himself should I get baptized and he prayed God Maybe somebody sent someone to talk with me or something and then we come there one half drive away if we want to be in there like 2 minutes late that's I wouldn't have thought of him there and this would maybe never happen but basically there and then he decides I said let's hey you know I told him I think about it you're you know read something and then I went to his talk with the pastor and I went to talk to his pastor and people are on their way out already but then he was like hey come down again we have one more back to something and then basically he he went out there and he had this like nice suit kind of a light suit he wasn't really like the baptism close ranks but he walked out of his full charge of out in the water the Iraq battles and this was I guess I think apartments a prayer I was working for a long time and somebody with a little anything but then I started to pray unitedly a couple months later God is doing this and I think partly it's about the prayer now. Here's a picture of on the right here on my little brother on his last moments like that one like their stuff is actually one of them but his younger of list couple of years ago you know he has been attending church as you see you know throughout and without one of them he was like part of the song to them in the choir and some things but he wasn't of conversion note of us and he himself later said he was a lover of pleasure out on the love of God as incest as Paul writes and had a form of God in the us but he was denying its power so as a family we thought like a monk he's kind of at any point on the face of his life he soon has to decide what to do after high school and make some big decisions and we decided to start to pray and I did live for him once a week and we matzot physically if you were able to work out west online through the Skype prison time I was out of the program less than a year later I think was about 10 months later Very 5 my memory is correct he got baptized at the age of it and he still you know us kind of needed some more development on this and that but he got baptized at this you know he believed this you know this is true of all of that. About a year after that again he decides to go back to the other side of the world so we go to our mission for which he actually did not want to do it and we actually have other plans if you really look back this will not happen by basically really preyed on really act try to talk with him on a card human quality and I think God really they don't they're all on him he went over there at Australia and he had a very good time got a very powerful Iwas here and he loved it he was he started to you know spend time with God every day I started to you know I had hours of Bible fastest every day and stop playing you know computer games different things he has to do before one of the outreach and he was like he wanted to start preaching and even by those that like the guy was really working out off every day he still has some prayer today he got some of that study have done I think by that but we started to see when we can together nicely and we could share many stories how kind of us working and God was doing something in the life of the people who were praying so I want to encourage you to to do that to pray to find someone maybe one person maybe 2 persons praying meeting to night and we prayed that God would work and people's lives you think is a good thing to do you think it's something we maybe should do more than we do sometimes it's delivered as a truck I really should listen to this this stuff months also from from up there with author goes the work is very interesting and it's inspirational I think God work a 65 it's us here in times past the hour of dose of fast and their minds are on one soul off their own heart are saying Lord help listen to settle the soul that's how it used to be back in the day it's maybe 40 then one of instructions on the Internet Instagram problem go on they use a few minutes you get or an app and they have their god how to send the signal but now it's us such instances are rare. Such instances are rare how many actors if they realize that period of sinners how many take those are they not to be in peril presenting them to God in prayer supplicating him to say. This is what God wants us to do how often do we do that John wants us having to be more earnestly prayed to to really work for each other to to support and to try to to really work for the salvation of souls both outside of the church and the inside of the church I think it's good to become important to realize that usually when people fall away when people walk us Red People are usually lost inside of the church before they are lost outside of the child and God may give us the sorrow and gotten us a son to help us to see and help us to do something before it gets harder and harder to maybe change I think is into this also from testimony 7 page 21 it's us why do not believe it's for love or more honest concern for those who are out of cries why do you not see or through the need to get around plead with God for the salvation of some special love and then proceed after this it's gotten to see whether we can do it by always not it's not happening more. In our churches that companies be form for service of different ones uniting neighbor suspicious of man of them seek to gather souls from the corruption of the world into saving purity of Christ's lives are under curfew to dogs to to to unite with people in prayer so I think current is focus on the most important thing focus on the most important thing is to try to to invest it in a positive way and to try to help people outside of the shelter or believers in Christ focus on the most important thing not student poverty somebody may already have a well known book 7 Habits of Highly successful people so 125000000 copies one for you as enough book is a Following a good good stead and a very sudden there are many thing. It's to keep the main thing the men think it's not some wise words there things are and it's so it's a good while it's that not the main thing the most important thing is to keep the main thing the main thing and I think that's very useful also in ministry and in our efforts for us all vision of souls the most important things to get to many things to many think not what is the most important thing in Christianity. Ice The most important thing for humanity you know in the Christian life you could say I think actually the thing definitely is pointed out in John 70 and verse 3 John something verse 3 it says here and this is life eternal that tame and those are the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you love science but the truth you shall have the essence of the Christian life is not so much about the knowledge as about knowing it's not so much about religious rites and ceremonies and below this kind of things as it is about a real relationship this is kind of the essence of Christianity out of a living dynamic relationship to discuss to a living God. And of course central part about relationship is time in the time in prayer and that's kind of about the African story was a good thing you know when this was the grass growing and but many people are maybe not spending the time with God as they used to they are they're missing the foundation sometimes you know when I think about it can think about it a Son has the tree the tree with roots on branches and lives and all of those things. You know if there are some serious problems with the Roots I'm not so much into the interest on all of this works but if there are big problems with his roots that will impact the branches on the lives right sometimes if there is some sickness fear or something lacking something fishy is not coming as it should if there is a problem with the roots it will impact other things and sometimes being ministry or elsewhere working with family member or whatever it is sometimes we are tempted to maybe work with the branches on the lips you know some minor things are many things we could talk about we could have many shouldn't you shouldn't watch Dr listen to Dr or or where a doctor and I might just have it's place to sometimes say those kind of things but generally if their relationship with God comes he basically spent the time in the water to spend time in prayer many of those other things would come automatically and the main thing we should focus on is to have the mission take time and with the garden in communion with Him Now I am glad growing up 5 siblings burdocks the north present kids not that most of the kids there are all something in return but I remember my parents growing up they tried to really focus on what was most important they tried to make it a focus to really that we spent the time with God they would read by resource for us they would they would help us to have some prayer books and write things down and they would encourage us to read ourselves also Bible stories for some games we wanted to play and therefore to now it's not the worst game stick of the some of it but they want us to spend too much time on it but they said Ok you can play this game the same amount of time as you read this Bible story book so we were there wasn't the best way to inspire us to read his books with all this by the books of this Bible stories and we counted the time and then we could get his games and how do I say she struggled to get us to do it and they tried to focus on some many things also you know what kind of environment we would have like what kind of character would we have to go to advanced environments where they thought we would have a good spiritual. Back to go to the Act This summer camps inspiration weeks and places where I was basically a key part of my conversion was of those kind of closest but in fact about a lot of things that enforce us a lot of things but one time she forced me to go to this creationism seminar I was like 15 years old and like you force me to go and have Ikea just also are like you said just 99 percent I liked it and she would often do it but I was really a blessing to me I went to a secular school in the tyrant and hard really good arguments that I could understand as a 15 year old for to the biblical world view and she set out you know I was usually like kind of a quiet kid and whatever but when I came home I was shocked very excited that I talked a lot and so I really I remembered I think it was helpful in my conversion though and other stories anyway so I'm happy that they tried to really focus on the most and what I think even moving to Norway to this school to the store because they thought that would be better for us to go to that school and some other schools and I know those years for many of us really and it's a significant part of my conversion experience so I'm very very fan Fulford out so focus on the most important things now I was asked to serve on this board an important board in the church a big board I was the youngest board member and I was like and you have accommodated maybe a minority in many issues and so on I like asking people for counsel from how should I you know act in this for you have some other vice for me and I was thinking about this problem statement of God in me and that's the experience of office what's possible because of what number was set most like this a smart person knows what to say I Weist person knows whether to say it or not. A smart person knows what to say a wise person also but if that not another 70 states you can only be a martyr once Sure of course why scream can only be our water once truce or cause why state I but it's also interesting there are other verses in Proverbs and so one on the bottom and you aspire 13 is us therefore are the prudent with their wives as some translations put it the prudent keep silence at the time some of the little time sometimes the wisest thing you can say is nothing and sometimes you could say a lot of things to a person I mean that entire group to organise a show to Robert a sister whatever to a child if you say everything you could say to try to fix everything you could fix people would actually stop listen to you sometimes that it's wiser to be silent and you focus on maybe a few things and you really try to not catalyst in this you have to spend time in the word of his from time in prayer and you will have more success you have great influence for good in that person enough we're going to such and whatever to focus on the most important thing after traveling with a number for. Keep in mind that's how you see importance keep in mind that how you says do something how you share something how you say something is very important you could say this is a Instead contrived smart person knows what to say I wise person knows whether to say it an ops you could also add and if you at least if you're really wise you also know maybe when to say it and how to say it and that's kind of what we're in for and that's also very important in my house in what amount anyone who didn't hear me share this recently if you have it and I want to guess how much this is for the last year how much do you think it cost I have to put them up as an electrician turns Medicare tread in Norway some time ago and I guess what is the price come up with a bit of Islams you would have them in their living room and they saw this and see how much they have been discussed. So doesn't it doesn't cross if I want you to found Yeah its legacy is actually about 75000 pounds this is true that outside of the house and property quite honestly I would much prefer the truck from the park that's or not I also work on a story wasn't this exact sort of the right size like a super big summit in a store in a shopping center in Bergen West Norway and we installed you know we did all the electrical work for them and whatever and I was told we were very interesting they told me how much the total cost of the lot of that store was and you want to guess how much across the top the lighting cost in the regular store it's around stored here in the shopping center and they say their shows. I mean you know that's actually yeah but on your house that's actually exactly right about 1000000 pound that's about 111-0000 euro approximately for the lights you know they have lights lights of the room they have down lights on the products they interesting thing is this is not a coincidence you know Internet he said or a Swedish model National Retail gardening companies around the 2nd because you know local and retailer h. and m. x.. It's in 55 countries with 50500 sources and that's of 2013 employed around 160000 people you can be sure that it's not an accident it was carefully thought through how they were designed their store how they would do the lighting it wasn't it was an accident they carefully $43.00 other is in the States they know that however sun something makes a big difference in other words how people receive something you see largely depend on how it is present up there is this something is lot of and then how it is presented as true I think in many ways in business and it's definitely true also when it comes to ministry in the sharing of the Gospel how we said something how we do something largely impacts how are the stresses so it's important to keep in mind that how are you do it however Sun Power you go about it also makes a big difference not there for the last current point number 5 therefore is it's a crucial point and that is to this study study what I mean without study how to most effectively influence people for study you know principles of personality. Study us all roadside to show they self approved by the collar working on that in the not to be rightly dividing the Word of Truth study how to best influence people and many of those principles are useful in a valley some but also in other type of influence and relationships that's what many of the same principles are very very useful not do you know while. Things like this after 5 push religious minimize maximize principles you know what that sample of you are if this is a case of classes there is you know this conference of the you know how to how they work I think they are very useful in their malice a middling also are the kind of interactions and situations of influence in Iraq it's this kind of principles of personal evangelists and other type of presuppose there are things like you know the science of getting decisions indicators of conviction on the key elements of the system making if you understand those kind of elements it would help you to maybe help people to make the decisions you know how to use diagnostic question Johnson things like this how to make objections of some is kind of they have objections to making as organization to making a move to doing this about and things like Christ method of Amazon I think many of you are from here ever gotten. That's the hope right Highsmith along with your true success and reaching the of the Savior mingle with man it's one of the side they're good he shows sympathy for the minister to their needs and when their confidence that he been for them in powerful powerful blueprint for a valid But I think these principles are also very useful to one who want to help probably a sister in Christ maybe backslider same principles are very useful many times also in Dulce kind of relationship soft Some think recommendations here on this not one grade like 30 minutes are when you can listen to all the words by them to read the preacher from back in the day he has a presentation called 7 Secrets of communication chess some powerful principles that will help you to have a positive influence many different kind of those lives in your family and your church friends and song part of presentation are very good books when it comes to the person on the balance and those kind of principles are books like getting exertions for Christ by the entire us persuasion by Mark Finley and when some witnessing by Gary gives We have yet to learn many of those principles of Animism that are useful in other places to this is a book I know they don't want to read his book yeah I'm reading it's part of their company fire nothing out there carnage How to Win Friends and Influence People the only book you need to lose you to success as far as I know he's not a Christian he's like a secular book it's a bestseller over 75 years in print but it's very good lots of good stuff of course it's not inspired prophetically and it's not like Rabbi where correct everything but lots of useful examples showing you how many of the biblical principles and I think you better want to this book many times you will see what else of Iran if they chose you how many of these principles really have how powerful they are in many different areas of life and how many like the really successful didn't in the world they have Russian access many times because of this count presuppose that we know but maybe they're not always fully practice that we should. So I think is a good book for a run through is pretty easy to read and I think if all of us and this all Christians followed these principles more carefully and maybe more people will become better they would we would have a more positive and powerful influence in a different type of relationship different type of situations in life and thus recommendation is to go to our mission school I think that's that's a good less a great thing for a number of reasons but you learn many principles that are useful in many areas of life that would help you to have a positive influence in ministry personal ministry a different type of ministry Personally I think that's something everyone should do sometime in their life and it's really a great experience I did 2 times that and I wanted to come sort of so anyway and that's a recommendation I think it's really life changing on a nice on the on a blessing not even though it's important how we did links I've been asked not to say this don't wear it to try to make a difference in people's life don't wait until you have studied for 5 years and you learn every single principle of lessons or how to best impacted by all don't do not just Center them up as that's right the way they want to all right the way they were with us right the way they have limited knowledge but got to do so right away that isn't in this shouldn't be done and continue to grow and learn more lessons even though you may have been some mission school in the past and done a lot of things to write it's in the water you don't persuade i Ceasar to do this things you really laugh at them but I'm better now ask you closer to tell your story the story of the song you wrote it's purpose for this is from the Advent moments so they have this big revival of across the domination saying Christianity in the end for peace and they believe it based on their studies of the Book of Daniel right they believe that Jesus will come back on the side of down and forth in this 2300 year prophecy they believe that Jesus will come back in 84 before October 22nd in 4040 villages will come back and we preach that he will come back and you can imagine how disappointed they work when it didn't happen many have the souls their farms they have not planted there you know potatoes so they thought that in their day for the winter whatever that only doesn't happen after the support of mouth but after the disappointment they were very impoverished when they lived on what's really happening. That's a fulfillment of a prophecy when they've done that Jesus have began he's fine of the final part of his ministry as our High Priest in Africa in the heavenly century when they understood that this is what really happened they were very encouraged but their car fleet income so is it to all of them some of them really struggled to get the courage the courage back after the disappointment one of them was some you know Rose. Now this guy. Years before the expected return of just us he had sold his far he had investment in track to materials to share the gospel to spread the gospel you have he had been preaching the gospel you know he was a a a preacher he wasn't an adept The guy was a resourceful guy people referred to him ask Peter hit him got us using him powerful it seems like him and he reject Jesus is coming just is coming he preached only he was counting money didn't count some of the Rolls didn't take it to us he was very disappointed that he did not take it well after that disappointment when he would go to town and people would want it would set and it was election day brotherhoods you are still here you're still here and I say things like I go next time I guess you were good enough or you're still here well have a nice day they will said things like this and and eventually he got so tired by all this mocking and all this time on Sunday or something was too much brain so finally one day brother Samuel road slid he got on his pony his small horse and and he grabbed a few tools on and he hopped up on this podium and he said he said goodbye world I'm living there and he was riding away he went off the left of the old New York where he lived on he rode separately most to Bovey and he will roll down the Indian trail a few miles past this place called Bloomfield on the cross this Black River by the foot of some mountain stair and then clearly propped of land and he built a little cabin and he asked leave the area that on that land like a hermit completely by themselves. And every day I still live there as a hermit out there in the boonies see he felt more objective of God and more aspirants of my own but Brother Hiram had said he wanted to try to help this brother back I'm trying. To so he decided hey I want to go on this it's something cause I want to go and visit him so he went there he said Samuel come on back Samuel comeback kid says last year you don't have to be discovered it's just once you come back. But some of the roads did not want to miss and he didn't want to have anything about it looked very discouraging her meds and he was he was close to giving up he looked really hopeless he didn't look like he was something he should continue doing but one thing Kyra she tracked down go down and so you wrote that you go back there 70 miles to the only one across the Black River and the other guy got to go with him this time Richard Roth and I'm in this what's on the road you're out in the field he was working out there all of the Richard he said to some of those that brother wrote great things last summer Rhodes looked up he looked at them he was not very welcoming he was like Well hello or what do you want like him really want a bit or what do you want the petals a brother just loves you. We're here to predict. He's like well. I dropped off but it wasn't like they didn't give up their act why didn't you come with us why didn't you come with us for other roles we're having something one town and it's Iraq I can't go to there you know I have so many things to do I can't come eventually if someone thinks that there but if you want to go by what they have with us and I know it's fine Island where it's Ok no problem here I have a good sense of maybe tomorrow he said but here you want to go but yeah that's what I said But so anyway highlights I'm going to get out and he said Ok no problem and he decided to stay there all night he just stayed there all night and then stay you want to go to some rules and sit around the roads I'm sure now you're ready to go and hear that it was Ok I guess and reluctantly you know he comes with them and they start walking across the you know the black river or on to the. Bus you're walking there on in line he's walking in the back there some of the roads in the back all are Southerners they're walking down the trail some in-roads just here start running away as soon as they can like granted but of course you know what Joy No he doesn't want mountain to get once and none of that yes runs into the forest is a sassy camera but there are meds on here he doesn't give up so it's a list of so he starts running as well he is out running us and I think as fast as he can the grass after him into the forest but also some roads aerobatics because this was nice to read into this area and he tries it I'd really rather own 3 something over heels and try to like you know move here and there and so he would loose hair had some running after him so he wouldn't be able to follow but he didn't give up easily I mean some was very determined he was really running hard and really following on trying everything he could to follow through running on the trees over here you see on the air and all of these stunts continue to run after some of the roads and eventually he runs around this large bushes when hundreds of towns around. Those Bush just he says some inroads there he says zoom down on he's nervous with his face in his hands and his deer on his knees with a face in his hands crying he's crying his whipping he says he praises Oh just serves one to my predator and. Love me so all over Jesus wanted to my predator and me so why do this is communities and then he says she says is it possible that you love me like this. Is it possible that you love me like this and I simply please don't sneeze. And Brother Hiram and son he has the great privilege to walk up to some of the royalty he puts his hand on his shoulder on or on his brother he says Brother proles Jesus loves you. And after that experience I can imagine he was happy to come about actually and with Tyrone my son the star studded Bible to get to this and he started to realize what really happened. In the top of it in 44 what was really the true forbidden the down and 14 and he starts to see them and discard disappears and he starts to revive his spirit and is forever just as an arrow the next few years he was very active for in the course of crowds and he Christian here Kyra Phillips sort of one of many converts bridges that someone show the people they're open and started to criticize human and target him with their criticism of Genesis whites instead of following a Southern rock and so no man has more freely given to all for our treasure and have a brother of. His come in the world still in the cause and success in convincing people of the truth has caused our enemies to with getting reproaching. He worked it was hard it looked hopeless but eventually some of the girls came back to choose us as we close I have 2 options for you today the 1st of the list is. There is someone listening to my words today I'm going to some of my voice today. You are not where you may be used to be or where you should be in regards to your relationship to Jesus you do not have that living dynamic relationship to Jesus right now God wants to have with us you need to have. A need to revive we need to come back maybe having a little bit Axon girls may not but discard what you have maybe lost some of the fervor used to have that is the case for you someone here online I want to encourage you today. I want to say to you today on behalf of Genesis to last you wherever you are he wants you back you want such relationship. He loves you. Doesn't matter where you are doesn't matter what you have done he wants you to follow him he wants to be your savior he wants to be your dog you see yourself here. You see truly and full of a lot of your life if not why not make the decision today why not say in your heart that God I want you to be my Savior I want you to be mine I. Don't quite to make the decision to make that decision today if that applies to you my 2nd to do list is do you know. His sorrow Rose. He steer is some of the old roads in your life he stares someone maybe a brother maybe a son maybe a child. Maybe a custom maybe our friend maybe a church member is to have someone you know that have lost start fighting they used to have or they're on their way to Mustafa fire that God wants to use you think Carol that God wants to use you to help them back to strengthen them to guide them to Little do you want so left out of use you for the type of ministry to help your brother and sister in Christ to help them stand strong to help them on the Christian walk is that your decider I want I want got to be me but me and. Less pressure better. There is father I want to thank you so much for your great love towards us thank you for your patience you said many times we don't think you should not down we have failed you many times it's pointed out you are a God of 2nd chances thank you that you want us. He wants us to be your followers you want to be our savior on our Lord God uses the desire of our hearts you see the commitments of our hearts today we want to set you today. I want you to be our Savior who wants you to be our Borg and we want to also make ourselves available for you to help us to do maybe even more frequently and honestly don't we have in the past to help us to encourage one another as believers maybe there is someone you want us to call walk to that maybe someone you want us to right today someone you want us to pray more because before in our lives but help us to see who you may want to use us to help and that we can let each other on the walk on this narrow way so that we may be able to stop and that we normal Watson one of our loved ones may be hard on to this this is from the us of sin but that we can be a part of nori a scheme that you soon are going to set up this is our prayer thank you for everything you have done there is to move to be with us just there it is. 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