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The Trouble With Trouble

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 13, 2021
    11:00 AM
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Our scripture reading comes from the Book of John the 16th chapter John's Chapter 16 starting at verse 33 says these things have I spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace in the world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world be of good cheer. I have overcome the world our message this Sabbath is untitled The trouble with trouble the trouble with trouble let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word I pray now Lord that your Holy Spirit would be poured out upon his place in double and triple portion bind the enemy cast out the demons the Father God fill us in this place with the person of the Holy Ghost Father God I ask that you make me just a nail on the wall or rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that nail I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ let me not be seen or heard instead father let us hear word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus's name and men so we're going to start in the book of John the 13th chapter I'll give you a little bit of background this is the Last Supper we're just talking about communion and we this is communion as. It was given to us in a sense at the Last Supper Jesus had just talked to his disciples and warned them of the troubles that were coming he told them that they needed to love each other and told them that he was going to have to go away. John 13 and verse 21 The Bible says that after Jesus told them all of this he was troubled in spirit and testified and said Verily verily I say unto you that one of you shall betray me then the disciples looked one on another doubting of whom you speak now there was one there was a leaning on Jesus bosom one of his disciples whom Jesus loved when Jesus announces to his disciples the 12 of them are there and he says that one of them is going to betray him I would imagine the room broke out in pen to many I'm 3 and a half years they had walked with Jesus worked miracles even the disciples worked miracles they watched 5000 men not including women and children fed from 2 loaves from 2 fishes and 5 loaves and they watched all the miracles the deaf could hear the blind could see they watch Lazarus get out of the tomb and walk how could one of them be chary Christ the scripture says in verse $23.00 that one disciple is leaning on Christ's bosom and I love how this disciple this is described it is the one whom Jesus loved now the only person that kind of rights that is John when he's writing about himself he never says his own name he's too humble for that so he just says the one whom Jesus loved and this is the one who jesus love it is John who is writing this great gospel in fact when people ask me what where they should start reading the Bible my response is always start in the book of John once you understand who Jesus is the rest of the Bible makes a whole lot more sense. And this book does that in fact I want to show you a little bit of the seating we often think that they would have been sitting at tables with chairs like we do but in fact they would have been sitting around a table like this they would lay kind of sideways on the floor or toward sit. With their legs folded under them around the table so it makes sense when you say that one of them would kind of be in his bosom if they were leaning one of them actually could in order for our story to make sense Judas would have been on one side of Jesus Jesus here John here Peter want to just spin away here they would have been sitting having this supper John 1324 says Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him that he should ask who it should be of whom he spake he then lying on Jesus' breast John say it on to him Lord who is it so Peter can't stand it any more Peter is kind of a maybe a little bit of a of a gossip he's got to know what's going on so he whispers over to John ask him who's going to betray him John is right there and just asks the Lord who is it who is going to be the betrayer Jesus answered he it is to whom I shall give a sop when I have dipped it and when he had dipped the Sapi gave it to Judas Iscariot the son of Simon You would think the secret was out of the bag but the disciples don't get it they think you know maybe something else is going on but verse $27.00 says this and after the sob Satan entered into him entered into Judas Then said Jesus unto him that thou do assist do quickly. If you understand prophecy there is a reason there's urgency in this verse of Scripture because there is a 400. $490.00 day or 70 weeks prophecy and in that last week in the middle of the week the Messiah is to be cut off the prophecy is so precise that there is an exact hour and day that Christ is to be sacrificed as the Lamb the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world he is basically telling Judas we are on a clock if you are going to be the one to do it hurry up the scripture says that he then having received the sop went immediately out and it was a night Judas goes into the night on a clock it goes into the night spiritually into darkness Jesus then begins to talk to them again little children yet of a little while and I am with you you shall see me and as I said I'm to the Jews whether I go you cannot come so now I say to you a new commandment I give to you that you love one another as I have loved you that you also love one another by this all men know that you are my disciples if you have love one for another so after Judas gets up and walks out Jesus come as is telling them listen you gotta love one another and let me tell you some I'll just stick this in here one of the reasons churches do not succeed in the modern era is because there is often more fighting in church than loving there's often more jockeying more and receive and be more jealousy more difficulty more strife if we really come to a place where we can move into love and I don't mean us here I mean globally as a church powerful things begin to happen Peter again couldn't take it anymore. So I could Peter said to him Lord willing or whether go is that out Jesus answered him where I go you cannot follow me not now but you shall follow me afterwards Peter said unto him more why I cannot I cannot I cannot I follow the now and here is where our story starts Peter then says I will lay down my life for the high sake clear of Peter understood what happened with Judas but here he wants to make the point to Jesus that he will go the full length for him I will lay down my life for you Jesus said unto him wilt I lay down my life for my sake Verily verily I say unto you the cock shall not crow till Dow has denied me thrice but cock shall not grow to rooster will not crow to you have denied me 3 times am I can only imagine the way Peter felt when he heard these words Peter was a very confident cocky disciple in fact Peter in my opinion spends the entire 3 and a half years before the Cross trying to figure out how he can be vice president when Jesus takes over the kingdom to hear these words it was difficult for Peter and want to see that Judas goes in one direction Peter fails and still fails but goes in a different direction in fact Blue give us a little more color he says and the Lord said Simon Simon behold Satan have to Zire to have you that he may sift you as wheat I want to submit to you church that every day before we get up and go about our business the enemy is plotting our demise do you know what I said in fact the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that if we could see the battle that was going on between the good angels and the evil in joules over our souls we would never leave our houses. In fact the enemy is so slick that even today he is plotting the demise of our children for 10 years from now Jesus says Peter you don't get it Satan isn't just going to allow you to be what you want to be Satan is that's sifting you like wheat in other words he is trying to prepare you not to serve me but to serve Him This is what I've prayed for you to face fail not and here is one of the most scathing rebukes Peter could have received in the last part of verse 32 Jesus then says And when you are converted and strengthen your brethren this is mind blowing here is Peter who follow Jesus gave up everything to follow Jesus follow Jesus again work the miracles I don't amount of Transfiguration if Peter James and John were asked to go with them Peter met most his and Alijah And yet when the time comes when Peter is about to face trouble Jesus says to him when you are converted Don't miss this Peter wasn't converted 3 and a half years when Jesus all the miracles worked just like Judas had had had shielded himself from all of those blessings by constantly focusing on what he could get out of this relationship with Christ rather than how could he serve Christ in the relationship Peter had not been converted every day some through this when I read this this this this this this gives me pause I was raised in this church my mother's grandmother was converted to Adventism on the island of Jamaica of a very long time ago we were raised that the faith 7 Devon his church. And we had I was baptized was probably only about 11 years old when Pastor Saunders was at the church and we studied the Bible you remember when you I mean we went into the word faith in those days every day why service we had we I mean our Sabbath school classes were we're often prophecy classes with Brother Lindo insists the Perry and I can tell you that like Peter when I got to a point in my life when I needed to stand on my own 2 spiritual feet I found out that with all of that exposure to Christ I had not been truly converted it's alright I will be a bit vulnerable for you all today because the danger is that sometimes we Finke that by dressing up and coming to church by believing what we believe that we have fully digested and internalized and expressed That's what conversion is to me it's not just that you believe that but it has become a part of you to the point where you behave completely differently and the shock is that the church is full of converted Peter's use with Jesus all the lessons the Sabbath school the the time in the choir all that we have done and there are many of us who are still not converted and we know this because at the slightest trap the enemy sets we fall in head 1st Peter had not been converted and here is the trouble with Trouble is if you're not converted you all survive trouble by will go says it like this and when he had said unto him Lord I am ready to go and they both into prison and death and to death look at ads that Peter said listen I'll go to prison with you to. There is 34 and he said I tell the Peter the clock shall not crawl this day before the hour shall thrice the night that diagnosed me Jesus says out the proof that you are not converted is that you are going to deny you even know me never mind go to prison or die for me here's what the Spirit of Prophecy says Christ triumphant page 276 where for let him that think of the stand of take heed lest they fall 1st Corinthians 1012 just before Peter's fall Christ said to him Simon behold Satan desired to have you that he may sift through his wheat how true was the Saviors friendship for Peter how compassionate his warning but the warning was resented in self-sufficiency Peter declared constant confidently that he would never do what Christ had warned him against the Lord he said I'm ready to go the both into prison and into death his self-confidence proved his ruin he tempted Satan to tempt him and he fell under the arts of the wily fold when Christ needed him most he stood on the side of the enemy and openly denied his Lord self sufficiency the idea that I have arrived that I can take care of myself spiritually This is literally the most dangerous place the Christian can get to because if you are not used to say it was day by day morning by morning but as I've gotten older I realize it is moment by moment. When I work I've got a pause sometimes and go back and read a passage of Scripture I when I'm at work sometimes after pulling into the closet and call on the name of the Lord I don't let my day go long periods of time when I don't communicate or talk to my God because if I do I become vulnerable you can intermittently fast from your food but do not intimately fast from your God We see the trouble with trouble is me the trouble with Trouble is you it's not the trouble itself I've learned I've learned in fact the reason trouble feel so bad is because we are so incapable of dealing with trouble our faith is often so weak that it when no when begins to blow slightly we're ready to pack up and and leave God a few weeks ago I said you know I'm tired of this I'm tired of being in the house I'm going for a walk I went bundled up put on my clothes are walking down my street I got about maybe a quarter of a mile down the Winstar block hit me in the face material start freezing up as a menace is not California Hong. Well it is they both start with a c. but these are very different states how they're going to go home I walk in circles around the kitchen as of that I'm not doing this. Some of us our faith is like that as soon as the ice cold wind of the trials of this life begin to hit us and the tears begin to freeze on our face we say I give up Lord I'm going back you see the trouble with trouble isn't the trouble the trouble with Trouble is you it's me it's us it's our self-sufficiency and our pride that's the reason Jesus on the ship could sleep when the disciples were worried it was going to sink I use this analogy all the time think about it they're in the middle of a storm the boat is filling up with water and Jesus is fast asleep. The disciple probably Peter runtime is a lord master keris I'm not but we perish just as women are how little face do you have he stands up hold of his hand Peace be still the whole thing comes to an end they marvel at it but here is the secret if Jesus is in the vessel it cannot sink there's no reason no matter how missing this thing no matter how bad your personal story is right now no matter how bad they're treating you at school or at work no matter how much infighting there is in your family or how little money you have in the bank the truth of the matter is if Jesus is in the vessel you can smile at the Stone The trouble with trouble isn't the trouble the trouble is we often do not have Christ in the storm because like Peter the storms reveal that we have not been converted Solomon says it like this proverb $1618.00 pride goeth before destruction and a hearty spirit before a fall out I would read it moderately more in a more modern read say Pride goes before you decide you are destroyed and an arrogant spirit before a fall when we live in a time when everybody wants to speak their truth and it's all about me and it's all about pride and this kind of pride and that kind of prize all about me but let me tell you something that is not the spiritual formula that allows for the kind of humility that stop a lot that allows the individual to stop playing the victim and submit to Christ because the trouble is less what happens to as what it shows is in u.. It is in trouble that often our true character percolates it it comes to the surface it is in trouble it is in trial and difficulty when all things seem lost that we show who we are as we see Peter is about to do it is in the difficulties of life that we begin to know who God is when I was going to one of the darkest trials in my life and I saw how how I began to wither and and my strength begin to faint I started to realize that although I thought I had arrived with enough external pressure I began to fold up like paper trouble shows you who you are and is a few reasons why one of them is when you start to have real trouble people become your enemy the danger what making people your enemy is your focus becomes people and not Christ my Bible tells me that we wrestle not against flesh and blood we wrestle against spiritual powers against in fact spiritual wickedness the scripture says in high places what happens is you start making people your enemy so you get into difficulty and what we start to do is blame the person who we see inflicting the pain and we don't realize that in fact this is the work of the enemy he is trying to sift you like wheat but as long as your focus is on a purpose on the person you think you can deal with a person and you don't realize you're not dealing with a person you're in a you're involved in spiritual warfare all your animosity around that individual is Miss placed that doesn't mean you allow the person to to do you harm but I want you to get that once you understand this you will draw closer to Christ you'll use your energy to draw closer to Christ rather than using your energy to get mad at people have learned it's up it's pointless to get mad at people it just does not make sense my father left my mother when I was 2 years of age I tell you I mean he married my mother's 2nd cousin. And when I had a hold of the family and I and I and my older brother was very angry at him and it took a toll on him he was older so it makes more sense he had more relationship with him but I had to learn not to go there with him not to have that anger because if I make my father my enemy I missed the fact that my father's real problem was is a lack of a relationship with Jesus Christ meaning that if I spend all my energy trying to destroy him or get back at him in fact I might become just like him no let people be your enemy Peter did it John 1810 and Simon Peter having a sword is in the garden to get so many and so after the Last Supper and smote the High Priest serve it cut off his right ear the servants name was Malthus Peter thought people wasn't the enemy he thought he could defend Jesus in his own strength so he pulls out a sword he cuts off this man's ear amazingly Jesus picks up the air and puts it back on people are not your enemy in fact Jesus turns to Peter and says Don't you realize if I needed to I could pray to my father and he would send 10000 angels Jesus at any time could have called for reinforcement from heaven and white the planet out instead he went to the cross so that you and I could be saved how much power is $10000.00 angels church you remember in the story of Hezekiah when the Assyrians were coming and God sent one angel and one angel wiped out 180000 plus of the a Syrian army how much damage could $10000.00 angels do you don't have to be afraid of people church I don't people have done us wrong but I submit to you you can forgive people and move on so that you do not become tangled in that web so that you don't let trouble be your trouble for ever family members that have do you want done you wrong x. is that I've done you wrong. Classmates that have done you wrong coworkers don't allow people to hold you hostage Number 2 the trouble with trouble is that you begin to doubt God and you get into deep trouble a lot of folks say if God really was with me I wouldn't be in this kind of trouble would begin to doubt God I know I did when I went through some terrible things my name was run through the mud and and the whole world seemed like it was against me I remember asking God Lord how could you why would why am I in this position you start to doubt him is not to question him and all the devil needs is that c. of doubt he just needs you to begin to ask that question but my advice is that when you are facing trouble the secret is to take your doubt to Christ do not allow the enemy to have you will have this thing but don't surround in your mind as to why God would allow this Satan will use that to take you out John 925 and Simon Peter stood and warmed himself They said therefore on to him are also one of his disciples he denied it and said I am not one of the servants of the high priest being the his kinsmen whose heir Peter cut off the one of the Melkus this is Relatives of is there any to wait a minute I saw you there and you know he would remember because he probably cut off his cousins there did I not see the in the garden with him Peter denied again and immediately the cock crew you will deny God if you allow trouble to splat the seed of doubt you begin to question him and you cannot allow that especially as we head into the dark time of trouble ahead of us the 3rd one is this one and probably one of the most dangerous things about trouble you begin to allow the enemy to dissolve your own value start thinking you are not worth much. Trouble can do that you start to question yourself I have patients sometimes and and literally this is their disease their disease is that they have been through so much trauma in life that now they do not see their own value I remember having a young lady but back when I was working in California and she would cut her wrists and we would see her from time to time in the urgent care enough to Sodome up or abandon them or whatever it was and finally one day I was able to really have a conversation with her and ask her why is it that you would harm yourself it doesn't make sense what is really going on she said I cut myself so that I know I can feel pain I said What does that mean she's like I don't think I'm worth anything I don't know that I'm even worth feeling good the pain makes me feel like I feel I'm worth so. Let me say Sumter one of things that I want to do is make you believe you are not worth what Christ has done for you and I had to explain to that young lady the price that was paid for her spiritually you are priceless We are all in value of all because God came in the form of human flesh in the Person of Christ Jesus to die for you and here it is church if it was just you who needed to be saved he would have still come the devil wants trouble to make you think you have no value because other people treat you like trash the devil want you to believe you are trash but the devil is a liar church he's the father of lies Mark 1469 says like this and I made saw him again and and I began to say to them that stood by this is one of them and he denied it again this is Peter and a little after they stood by so said to me that stood by said again to Peter surely one of them for the art Galilei and and i Speech agree with their 2. And look at what he starts to do here devalues themselves but he began to curse and swear saying I know not this man of whom you speak they said Your speech is like the Galilei and it's a bit more noble of a speech we know you don't speak like the common of a person who who has no nobility no no more activity and Peter to prove his point the values of himself by cursing and swearing is what I why since Christ object lessons page $154.00 the evil that led to Peter's fall and I'd shut out the fairest sea from from communion with God It is proving the ruin of thousands today there is nothing so offensive to God or so dangerous to human to the human soul as pride and self sufficiency of all sins it is the most hopeless the most incurable God allows us to go into trouble we will see to get us through this but here's a look at how Jesus respond another vantage point on the same story Luke 2260 and Peter said man I know not what thou sayest and immediately while yet he spoke the cock crew over 61 and the Lord turn and look down upon Peter and Peter remembered the word of the Lord how he had said unto him before the cock crow thou shalt deny me thrice look at verse 62 and Peter went out and wept bitterly. In that moment Peter realized he wasn't so strong as he thought he was he wasn't really didn't really have Christ back the way he he said he did he went out any weapon this is what the Spirit of Prophecy says pressure him from preached to 76 but even when Peter was denying Him Christ showed that he still loved him in the judgment hall surrounded by those who were clamoring for his life Jesus thought of his suffering erring disciple and turning he looked at him in that look Peter Read the saviors of love and compassion Don't miss this church and a tide of memories rushed over him he saw that he was doing the very thing that he had declared he would not do once more he looked at his master and saw a sack religious hand raised to smite him in the face on a book longer to endure the scene he rushed heartbroken from the hall he pressed on in solitude and darkness he knew not and cared not whither at last he found himself and get 70 the scene of a few hours before came vividly to his mind he thought of how the Savior during his agony in the garden had come for sympathy and comfort to those who had been so closely connected with him in labor on the very spot where Jesus poured out his soul in agony Peter fell upon his face and wished that he might die Peter been left to himself he would have been overcome but one who could say Father I know that thou hears me always one who is minded to save interceded for him cry saves to the uttermost all who call all who come to him many today stand where Peter stood when in self-confidence he declared that he would not deny his Lord and because of their self-sufficiency they fall an easy prey to Satan's devices. Those who realize their weakness trust in a power higher than self and while they look to God Satan has no power against them there are lessons there are some lessons that will never be learned except through failure Peter was a better man after his fall as fire purifies gold so Christ purifies his people by temptation and trial Peter was a better man after his fall let me submit to you or read a couple of these things it will be finished it is because of your trials that many of us will be saved it is actually the difficulties that keep us on our knees that draw us to God In fact if Peter had not gone through this Peter may not have been saved but I got the Christ warned him and then I'll allow him to go through it Revelation 3 and 1000 says it like this as many as I love Jesus says I rebuke and chasten be zealous therefore and repent so their spirit of prophecy says it is his providence that brings us into varying circumstance senses in each new position we meet a different class of temptations how many times when we are placed in some trying situation we think this is a wonderful mistake how I wish I had stayed where I was before difficulty comes trial comes they're talking bad about you at work or at school or in your family the difficulty things come when you wish you could just be somewhere else that you were there how could people be so cruel you think the spirit of prophecy says but why is it that you are not satisfied it is because your circumstances have served to bring new defects in your character to your notice but nothing is revealed but that which was in you the trouble with trouble is us. Our failure to manage the difficulties we're going through just to stay firm and Christ has less to do with the storm than with us in the ship when trials arise the same unexplainable we should not allow our peace to be spoiled however unjustly we may be treated let my passion arise you know people have treated you terribly spread across and don't allow your passion to arise by indulging a spirit of retaliation we injure ourselves we destroy our own confidence in God and grieve the Holy Spirit there is a virus side a witness a heavenly messenger who will lift up for us a standard against the enemy he was shut us in with the bright beings of the Sun of Righteousness and look at this church beyond this Satan cannot penetrate cannot pass this shield of holy light I don't know what you're going through this Sabbath I don't know what trouble has reached you sometimes we cause our own predicaments and then we question God as to why we're in a mess other times we do nothing and trouble finds us I don't know what your circumstances but I want to submit to you that you have a heavenly witness by your side I want you to understand that right now you are being shut in by lights from heaven and there is a limit a line drawn around each one of us as to how far God will allow the enemy to go just like he did for a job you got to understand he will not give you more than you can bear but he will give you enough that your trials purify your character whatever you're going through no matter how tough it is if it's a child that's going to stray It was a marriage that seems broken if it's if it's if it's a family ties that have been crushed it doesn't matter what I'm what needs to be understood is that at all times ask yourself the question in your trials what is God trying to teach. What is it about my character that is so so dysfunctional so show so fractured so broken What is it about my character that the that the 6 Kalpoe of trial is being used by the surgeon Christ Jesus to remove the cancer of a bad piece of character from off of me what is it that God is trying to remove and then pray and ask God help me Lord to be submissive humble teachable allow me Lord to not be so self-sufficient that I don't allow the work that you're trying to do in this trial to have its full work to finish the story after Jesus resurrected in John Chapter 21 in verse 15 and says so when they had dined Jesus said to Simon Peter Simon son of Jonas loves that me more than these he says and him a lord down knows that I love the you say it on to him feed my lambs Now notice the he says Do you love me more than everybody else Peter all the other disciples notice how different Peter's response is now Lord you know I love you not I'll go all the way I'll fight the armies I'll die for you lord you know I love you very different Peter now he said to him again the 2nd time Simon son of Jonas love is down he said unto him Yea Lord that in the West that I love the he said unto him feed my sheep he said to him and to him the 3rd time Simon son of Jonas love is now me Peter was grieved because he said unto him the 3rd time love is down me jesus asks him 3 times if he loves him so that publicly in front of the other disciples after they all knew Peter denied him he would have 3 chances to state his allegiance and love for Christ and he said unto him Lord I know it all things that I know is that I love that Jesus said unto him feed my sheep. Verse 18 says Verily verily I say unto the when I was young that Gert is that I self and walks whether the I would just but when thou shalt be old Thou shall stretch what Diane hands and another shall gird the and carry the without what is not this spake he signifying by what death he Peter should glorify God and when he had spoken this he said to him Follow me I want you to get this after Jesus tells Peter the 1st I'm going to deny me now he comes back to Peter and he's able to say to Peter listen do you love me 3 times as yes in fact Peter is greed is embarrassed as jesus asks him the 3rd time but Jesus does something else church each time he tells him to feed his sheep feed my lamb and he den says you want to be a leader Peter literally says the Peter you have been so restored that you want to lead and Peter leads after Christ is gone and Peter doesn't say he would die for Christ this time Christ tells Peter you're going to die for me you're going to be led to and fro and they say it speaks to to the death that Peter would have is what John says here and yes we know the tradition states that Peter was then crucified upside down he glorified Christ in his final act after helping to build the church let me tell you this if you have I don't care how far in your life you have traveled from God I don't care how many mistakes you have made I want to submit to you that if Peter after denying him 3 times publicly cursing and swearing his the Idol could be accepted back by Jesus Christ you have not gone so far that Jesus won't accept you back actually Apostles page $467.00 says it like this it is the triumph of the Christian faith. That enables its followers to suffer and be strong to submit and thus to conquer it is the triumph of the Christian faith that and it enables its followers to suffer and be strong to submit and thus to conquer I don't know what trials you are going through today church I don't know what difficulties you have but I want to tell you that in your trial you can find victory it is in the storm that you can find Christ it was in the fire that never you can never set up that the 3 Hebrew boys were able to walk with the pre-incarnate Christ I don't know what trial you go into I don't know how horribly You failed the God of the universe I don't know what it is that's haunting you right now I don't know what your past look like looks like but I can tell you that like Peter if you're willing to say that you love him to be converted and to follow him he has a plan for your life Pride goes before destruction and a hardy spirit before the fall because of this story gobble use even our arrogance to propel us when I was finishing medical school I decided I want to stay in South Florida I want us in Miami I want to stay in South Florida too to do residency we got a different plan I never consulted God. I just like Miami so figured it where I would stay forever. And when I went to do what we call them act which is actually this time of the year in medical school you have to each medical student has to find a hospital to take them to train them right so it's a it's a very stressful thing you take boards and you board scores matter your grades matter you apply to different hospitals and I was applying for family medicine and thought you know there's no real risk I can just apply to one here in South Florida and I did apply to one up in Huntsville just in case I could go back and be comfortable there Oakwood College now open university when Match Day came and everyone else on the announcement announcement who matched the 2 days later you find out where you matched but when they made another match I didn't match I was so secure or I was so I was so sure in my arrogance I was embarrassed it was very embarrassing to not match in the family medicine and I didn't know what I was going to do I was panicked so the next day you have to go and you have to go through what they call the scramble I don't know how to do this now but back then there was a giant book one of my classmates came with me 1st like a motional support I guess is what I make them go with you because it's so stressful and as this giant book you know huge book every hospital in America all the u.s. territories that did not fill all their positions now you can just call them interview over the phone and see if they'll accept you or if they want to fly you out to meet you how it works in the in the last minute you get a chance to find a hospital and so Mike my classmate is with me I remember Felicia she's she was with me and I'm looking through this book and I didn't start looking through the book they handed me the book and I opened a book and it fell open to. The pages that said preventive medicine public health I've never even heard of this specialty never even heard of it. And it fell open and when I fell open the 1st program listed it was Loma Linda University and I know people laugh at me when I say this but a light came from the prison. And I told police as if that's where I'm going and sure enough she said You're crazy how do you know that you haven't called them yet as and this is where God wants to send me I made a call and spoke to the program coordinator I did Foster from South Africa and she said we never take anyone that doesn't had and hasn't gone along and she put me on the phone to program coordinator Dr Linda Ferrie and basically the rest is history you see God will often he's so merciful he will even use our arrogance to direct us in the direction he wants us to go I want to challenge you that when you face a trial I ask him Where are you sending me what do you want me to do and I'm tell you all the things I've done from serving presidents of the United States and the Centers for Disease Control and traveling the globe none of it would have ever been possible had I done what I wanted to do but what does God want you to do what is your trouble what is your difficulty where is it directing you ask God Trust God church like the song was sung before I got this to speak remember that whenever I am afraid I will trust in you let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word and we thank you Lord for the story of Peter Lord what a miserable failure he turned out to be denying you 3 times after he swore he wouldn't he watched the demise of Judas at the table and yet Peter followed suit Father God I pray right now that like Peter we would weep bitterly we would throw ourselves. On the ground of death somebody that we would call your name and that we would each and all be truly completely converted Father God one day you will ask us again do you love me I pray Lord that on the sea of glass or on the streets of gold or wherever it is that we we run into you that anytime you ask us Lord we will have live the life that shall. We loved. This is our prayer in Jesus is precious. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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