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Spiritual Insomnia and Its Treatment

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 13, 2021
    11:00 AM
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So today I am probably giving a talk I say given last week because it's about getting enough sleep and probably all of you cram before your tests and years you just get to have guilt down a record break. But I thought I would call up. My brother in law Dr Sebag and and ask him a couple questions he's actually a. Board certified internal mouth medicines specialist and a pulmonologist sleep specialist as well so every waking hour is thinking about sleep so. I want to ask him oh yeah you can have this you can have this one because I have a microphone on so I just want to ask him a couple questions or we're going to talk about spiritual insomnia today but I want to talk about physical Well you know mental insomnia and this is a big problem in America it's tremendous It's huge 70000000 Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disorder and 30 percent 33 to 50 percent of Americans suffer from insomnia at any given time and what about people in college age do they have any problems with insomnia huge and you know kids that don't get enough sleep they become dysfunctional they can't study they can't retain information that they're trying to learn so it's a huge problem not just in college kids but high school kids in elementary kids so it affects memory it affects memory cognition retention clarity of mind concentration it's just a horrible dysfunctional problem to have so those are you need your sleep so you get to bed that we didn't on this last week right. You know 30 percent will suffer short term memory a short term and Sameer but 10 percent will suffer long term insomnia about 40 percent will have an accidental falling asleep during the day and 5 percent of drivers will fall asleep by. They're driving that's a very bad problem what about the statistics on falling asleep during the sermon. I don't think I want to go there. It's one of the reasons I stand here preaching so I don't fall asleep. So. What are some things we can do actually to. Reverse insomnia for struggling with it. Well you've got to look at the the main problem you know obviously and in this. Environment we don't have to worry about alcohol or tobacco or caffeine. You know caffeine if you drink one cup of coffee. In the morning at 8 o'clock in the morning it has a 16 hour effect so it'll last till 12 midnight you know a lot of people say oh I stopped drinking caffeine at 6 o'clock in the evening they don't realize that it has a 16 hour effect on alcohol you know they think that you know getting a having a nightcap at 6 o'clock will put them right to bed well that's true you know it's called a night cap it's not called and I kept for nothing but alcohol is metabolize. Video it is 0 kinetic disorder order and so alcohol will help you fall asleep but 3 to 4 hours later the metabolites of alcohol will fragment your sleep so them a major sleep period is then shortened so it's not good for you. Ok so no alcohol What about sleep hygiene sleeping in the same place at the same time and what about then it's so important to practice good sleep hygiene and. Bed times and right and rice time should be regular you know as we all know Ellen White talks about going to bed way before midnight approximately 2 hours before midnight because that's when your Delta wave sleep is most robust and so you need to go to sleep about 2 hours the ideal times about 2 hours before midnight. And so he sleep hygiene is very very important again no alcohol tobacco or nicotine or regular bed time and rice times. Especially today we deal with a lot of our electronics digital computers smartphones. So we need to curtail our electronic use about 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed although t.v. in your room no t.v. in your nose smartphone no smartphone or computer no clocks right in front of you because the more you try to fall asleep the more in not going to be able to fall asleep so sleep your bed should be just for sleeping and rested obviously you want to make your bed comfortable. In your room nice and cool and Rush air coming in and so though these are all kinds conducive for a good night's rest of and you want to have exercise you know the Bible says the sleep of a laboring man is one sweet sweet so exercise physical activity you will help us but you don't want to do within 2 to 3 hours before bed time I always tell patients to exercise early in the morning that's really the best time to to exercise because you feel tired you know you feel fatigued you know insomniacs are hyper all around us that are not sleepy they're tired but that but they're not sleepy. So hyper aroused suspect images of insomniacs showed that their brain is hot and so you know you have to cool your brains down it's better like this Oh I'm sorry Ok. Ok good so. What time says you go to bed it says here I'm reading something from from the soil a white from this is white not to sit up after 9 o'clock every light should be extinguished is that a good counselor she just and all old ladies should listen to me like I said if you go to bed if you go to bed within a reasonable time period perfectly about 2 hours before bed time. It's amazing when they put electrodes on your brain you go through different stages of sleep stage 12 and 3 and then rem sleep and it cycles through. Delta wave sleep which is stage 3 where you see these high amplitude low voltage. Type of waves and they are really what you need to give you that deep rest rate of sleep and if you don't go through that it's going to be hard for you to feel rested in the morning Rem on the other hand is most preponderant after midnight and that's where we dream and so the best time to go to bed is way before midnight. I mean. No napping during the sermon that would really mess you up right well you know that nap snap zaps it good if it rests towards you if it energizes you but if it affects your major sleep period during the night then you shouldn't go to sleep during the day but if it really energize you gives you if it gives you more energy to perform your duties during the day then I would advice it. So like yeah there are some places that have siestas and different things yes and studies have shown that if you take a siesta dirty to 60 minute naps your blood pressure goes down you feel better you have more clear you have a clear mind to do your work during that Abraham took nap so to David inside the ship of south I guess as well I'm going to ask her I love to take naps Ok I mean you cannot right now though no no no no all right. All right look thank you very much Dr surveying it and how many are thankful that we have this expert here today and that he has shared and practical tips for sleep. Now I got to just admit that part of the reason I wanted to talk about sleep was because he was here so I could take advantage of his expertise. And I want to talk now based on what he said dealing with spiritual dealing with spiritual insomnia and said Come up there on the screen in a minute if it's working I hope. Course at the end of the Bible Revelation Chapter 14 and talk about them having no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and then you have on the other side you have God's people who are experiencing salvation Rastan Sabbath rest and and purposeful fulfillment in life and they are living a rest filled life so let's pray together and they will look some of the spiritual issues with insomnia father haven't busses today as we talk briefly about this important subject and we think you would come in Christ's name Amen so you know biologists look at the chronology of our life in the body and they tell us when our best coronation fast is reaction time except for is this is all in all driven by having proper circadian rhythms in our life and going to bed. When we really should and getting up when we should but I've found it interesting that. A white speaking of Percy says to get up around 6 o'clock he says make yourself get up I suppose that means you got enough sleep before that because you go to bed at 9 so that would be you know quite a bit of sleep that you would be able to get in. And of course there are circus septum rhythms as well. That are looking at the not just the daily cycle but the weekly cycle and we know that we know that both of these impact immunity and. Surface up the rhythms of directly related t. cell or t. cell and unity which I won't go into right now but sleep then is spiritually speaking a gift from God in our scripture reading today it is vain for you to rise up early in other words get your sleep to sit up late in other words get your sleep. To eat the bread of sorrows in other words don't let bitterness anger or grief overwhelm you in your sleep if possible for he give it his beloved sleep now sleep can also be a time of vulnerability and Delilah cut Sampson's hair while he slept thus destroying his strength and my wife recently cut my hair and I then fill in the weaker but he was a Nazarite and. You know the story so there is times of vulnerability with Sometimes people have a hard time going to sleep if they have post-traumatic stress and different things that are on the line issues with sleep. If I would have been married to Delilah I would have some serious poster banks are as right I mean he tried to kill him like several times and I mean you know I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight I think I'm a stay up. David also had an opportunity to kill Saul why he is sleeping but did not. And. This is you know. Because God sent sleep to those soldiers will come back to that. Job says night drags on I'm tossing till morning light my bones still nod my sinews never rest though the translation I thought was interesting my arteries pull sate So stroke that I cannot sleep maybe some cardiovascular issues there I'm not sure but people are just that in biblical times of saying look I can't believe I can actually hear feel my heart beating I have. Aches and pains and. Maybe neuropathies I'm not sure so back in during that time you know they had various prayers they would say. These is from the city or which is. You know like a tall mood type prayer book of the Jews grant that we lie down in peace a cure and that protecting love and shelter is beneath my wings to keep us safe throughout the night and on the morrow raises up upon perfect peace to life oh god so praying for sleep might be a strategy and claiming God's promises morning prayers buster of the God or of our God King of the universe who remove sleep from our eyes and slumber from our eyelids so not only helping us go to sleep but also helping us wake up prayers both in the evening in the morning and then each prayer service ended in this particular prayer book by saying to him I entrust my spirit when I sleep and when I awake so sleep is big in the Bible and big in the history of scripture and sometimes sleep was used for a very important purpose and Adam went to sleep for the creation of e. how many are thankful that Adam got his sleep. Yes I'm very thankful for that and then of course sleep was sent by God to King Saul as man as we said so David could get away could escape. So it appears a guy can actually intervene when it comes to sleep and we need to remember that now often he doesn't intervene he leaves it up to us to do the things that the doctor ordered this morning sleep hygiene all these various things but he can intervene Now interesting the doctor mentioned several stages of sleep today and he can read these for us probably half of the service if you're interested. These are these were not e.g. he's taken a someone asleep during the sermon. Thankfully. But it's interesting that in the Scriptures themselves there's actually Hebrew words that go with different stages of sleep to Numa drowsiness is one stage of sleep Yosh in sin is conscious thought if you're actually thinking at that stage of sleep in the Scriptures Hebrew Scriptures and then there was a doom heavy or deep sleep stage Jonah sleep it was so deep that there was a huge storm and the captain had to wake him up and he uses that for a very very deep sleep. And then of course there was another Tour de ma the last stage of sleep where the flow of thoughts continue in dreams or in Revelations this is a description of r.e.m. sleep and r.e.m. sleep is the reason there's an abacus Turret's because it's based on dreams and visions right so the Book of Daniel would never have occurred without that and we are thankful that Daniel got to sleep. And also l.o.l. I am a thinker she got her sleep. So stages of sleep actually are directly related to one of the major differences in the Bible from other holy books is prophecy which is based on these to Rames So it just goes to show you that God used people who actually had good sleep cycles and he revealed the very things that give us confidence and hope. During those times. Now normal sleep patterns in the Bible are talked about in some $104.00 and also some $59983.00 which talks about when we go to sleep and when to wake up very interesting he's interesting now I don't know if I can pronounce this guy's name may I'm Andi's. My mana ds was a Jewish philosopher of position in the Middle Ages my mom is I think he lived in. Wa. He lived in Spain. La We have a Spanish speakers reminding me where he lives even though our friend is from Mexico he's telling us about folks in Spain thank you very much Vito is like our resident Jewish philosopher even though he Spanish and he teaches sociology here and. I wish I could sit in that class but I hear from my my daughter all about it she lost a little sleep because of your class you messed up her hygiene her sleep hygiene would you come forward we need to rebuke you know we want to do this so he was a Jewish philosopher and. In the middle ages he said a day and night are 24 hours it is sufficient for you if you sleep one 3rd of that 8 hours you should not sleep face down. Or face up only on your side because you know something about snoring. First part of the night you said line your left side and the letter part of the night on your right side don't sleep immediately after eating wait about 3 or 4 hours before going to sleep and don't sleep in the daytime would you say doctors a band is pretty good what about the sitting on right or left side do you sleep on the left side I want side and then on the other side I guess I should be asking Dr Taylor that but. Normal sleep patterns. Yeah he was a doctor right there ia n. a philosopher. Now sleep disruption. This is a good one maybe you should read this here roommate don't greet one another loudly in the morning my wife pretty much lives by this and you know if you do greet her other people the family loud in the morning you could be in risk of never getting any sleep again if you know what I mean it could be death I lie awake like a lonely bird upon a roof so the Bible talks about how some people are having problems going to sleep and it's interesting that in a like. Word passes when one rises at the voice of the bird that kind of sleep the word for sleep in that particular text in context as you Xan which is one of the words of the stages of sleep and this means also old so if someone is called Old they also use this word for sleep that means they wake up and they have a hard time going to sleep if they get older and so sometimes when we get older even today we know that they struggle with sleep and this is true also about how we think the Bible is actually a pretty interesting book when it comes to sleep. Guilty consciences will keep you awake has awareness you know he was approached by a person from the h.r. Department who said you have not awarded Mordecai a award for saving your life and he thought something was wrong and you woke up and then he took care of it with Mordecai didn't. Darius or Derry is if your high dairy. Darius also had a hard time sleeping why. He threw someone in the Lion's Den Now if you threw someone Ally's then you probably shouldn't sleep well right and so he couldn't sleep while he had a guilty conscience and he got up early in the morning Are you Ok for we freaked out when Daniel said Ok may live forever even though you tried to kill me forever I'm saying live forever to you a very startling answer after that. Sleep reducing action of the king anxiety and stress from overwork like we saw in our text he gives his beloved sleep don't rise a pearly don't go to bed late so anxiety and stress from over work grief also grief can cause problems with sleep and so it can become chronic there is it you know it's fine for a while but if it actually goes on it can become chronic and sometimes the person needs. Help in dealing with a guilty conscience how to confess their sense how to take care of these things how did relieve stress and anxiety be casting all their cares upon God and also need help in how to deal with grief. So if I was running a sleep lab with Dr so bang and let's say let's say he set one up here. Right here because we want to have people sleeping here but he slips up a sleep lab then would there be a spiritual application that we could use with people that are going through these studies could we do a survey and see exactly what was happening and could we as pulmonologists an internist and those that are ordering these studies is it as opportunities to spiritually help people with the spiritual issues of insomnia right abundance of business some people just work too hard 6 days out the labor and work of the some days the sabbath no work on that day so you could actually study the Sabbath the somebody. The abundance of business. Working late hours staying late at the office all of these different things are reasons to study what the Scriptures say about a balanced life one troubled by not completing tasks is another big one so some pulmonologists I talk to I talk to writers well this morning also before this message I talk to 2 I had to Consols this morning and doctors well said that with his patients he has them take a piece of paper and actually write down everything they have to do tomorrow so they have to think about it so they won't ruminate as much on what's going to happen the next day at the academy. Over the filming of classes you know they want want to want people. Dying because of it that. My sleep fled because of the what. Bitterness of my soul so anger that's not been taking care of be angry and do not send Don't let the sun go down on your wrath because not taking care of it becomes. Resentment it becomes bitterness and it saps sleep. And is that a spiritual issue as well. And of course we have many texts on how to break up bitterness and all these different things also when suffering from illness sleep will sometimes go away because of suffering from illness and so we want to start treating that illness. As well but also sleep as extra sleep during illness is actually very good because it actually helps your immune system to be going into overdrive and that's why people when they get sick they sometimes need a little bit more sleep than normal bad dreams and bad visions we've talked about the good ones but there can be bad dreams and visions and there's an abundance of dreams. You know the Bible talks about an abundance of dreams being related to. Unfinished business as well and it's interesting that God breaks into King Nebuchadnezzar this life and he's having insomnia problems he actually had if he if he did a sleep study there would be you know you would see real problems and fact he was so upset and Daniel chapter 2 that he was ready to kill people and they've also shown that if your sleep cycle is eroded this is especially true with people of teenage and college age they came rapidly cycle to suicidal thoughts and there's more suicide attempts by people that have sleep deprivation than those that have proper sleep so maybe let your kid sleep in right a little bit it's best if you're not having the discipline of having them go to sleep it 9 o'clock and then this one I think is big refusing God's comfort. Some $77.00 I cried out of the night I cried on the night and then God answers him and says but I refused to be comforted I complained and I was overwhelmed and then and then it talks about how he complained he was overwhelmed and then there's doubts will God cast off forever Has he forgotten his mercy and all these different things and leads actually down to a sense of isolation and aloneness and really at that point people become suicidal so refusing to be comforted I can see that there are that the Bible actually has a lot say about sleep I'm just tipping the scratch in the surface here. At this 1st Abbot talking about the spiritual dimensions of sleep I'm plan to sophisticate this as I've seen this I'm like whoa this is be like a little book little booklet that we give to each of our academy. Students and have them memorize the book and now what about the treatment for insomnia and the treatment from Sam in I know that Adam has none of these problems because he's on knowledge of. Don't sleep too much during the day Adam. So that's one thing that we actually heard from. Dr Singh So Bangan with the caviar there are times that you can take like a power nap and this can actually be positive if you sleep too long I've found it's not good so you have to have to limit that power nap sleep don't sleep too much during the day obligations to others pay off your debts that actually talks about the head talks about when you have debt. You have problems with sleep so paying off your debts and sometimes you know a debt to God which was our offering appeal today and decrease your. Stress and prove God to see if he's true have the right temperature our doctor talked about this is while Bible talks about it the heat Rob Jacob of sleep and then someone else didn't have enough clothes on at night and says bring my clothes back so I've covered up when I sleep must have been like that chilly time of the year. As well Clichy as these 511 work hard. Hard work exercise we heard I got conflicting reports today. Dr Sabina said don't do it just before you go to sleep Dr 12 said people get so little exercise a day to have them do it before they go to bed as well so I don't know who to believe I'm going to have them arm wrestle afterwards so. So. Work hard exercise hard except in review. Yeah I guess except I meant to put it that way except in review gods comfort so remember in some 77 I refused to be comforted I complained and my spirit was overwhelmed and then it says he blames God for insomnia right in the text you hold my eyelids open he says and then he goes into all his doubts but then in some 77 verse 10 b. 10 a is I refused is I'm all alone but 10 b. says but but one other words is the treatment I will remember the years of the right hand of the most high I will remember the wonders of all I will meditate on your works I will talk of your deeds so there's this idea of sifting the mind to see how God actually has delivered how God has comforted how God has led if not in your life in the life of others because if it goes away oh God is in the sanctuary who is so great a God is our God So thinking about how he saved 1500000 people from slavery and sleep deprivation. And then the sons of Jacob and Joseph both these guys lost sleep in the stories but it turned around because God brought rectification to it had to work rectify the situation for them and they came out of their. Imprisonment they came out of their unfinished business with family members that being the case of Esau. And then it says you know you carried me your footsteps were not known God carries us through these times and then says you lead your people by the hand of Moses and Aaron is not a wonderful salt and it has like a whole 10 verses of treatment for insomnia and all the different things we've been talking about and then finally I would say the Scriptures have this wonderful passage that talks about God who never sleeps or slumbers which means you can because he's taking care of things he takes care of things and so. These are very practical treatments I think for. Insomnia as well so. At the end of time do you think that there's going to be less stress or bore stress probably more stress. And all that will not worst of the beast and his image or receive his mark and his forehead and his hand will be under pressure but interestingly enough it says a Revelation 14 versus 13. Busser of those who die in the Lord in their works will follow them there's this group of people that are resting and gonna some people think that's literal death they're going to go to sleep and they're going to be able to die before they go through the time of trouble it says I'll send her back as well I prayed that that I might die before the overwhelming scourge comes right says I'm back except for 3 but others is that read this text in Revelation Chapter 14 they say no this is a picture of righteousness by faith people have died to their own works and they're they're living by God's power and by His grace through faith they have they died to their own works and his works are actually following them and they're demonstrating his character in those last days and they have salvation rest and they have Sabbath rest and in eventually will have eternal rest in God I kind of like that picture I mean I like that picture of people so committed to God that they actually understand. What he's doing and how he's doing it and they're embracing that and they're living by faith in God and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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