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God's Plan for Building Back Better

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 13, 2021
    11:00 AM
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To have you today a wee more church and. Also wonderful to be able to study God's word today in the political arena over the last few months and years there have been various campaign slogans and. I'm trying to remember the name of the prime minister in the u.k. Who is it climb Boris Johnson I think he was the 1st person I'm not I'm not keeping up as well as I said. He had a camp late slogan build back or build build build and then Joseph Biden Well if they got together on the phone or something but he also said you know we need to build back and we need to build back better which means I think part of this plan is to tear down what's there then build back better and. So this is the idea that we and it's true sometimes we need to tear down things and build back better but I want to talk today about one God build back better and. And I'm a look at a text here with you that was the most searched text during 2020 I was there 41 to. People were looking at their smartphones and they were looking at what the Bible has to say they had lost some trust and politicians. And they had lost some trust in academics and they had lost trust in scientists and even the medical community to some extent and so the search is on the Bible actually skyrocketed last year and people were going direct and trying to find answers in God's word and I think that's probably a good thing. So we're going to talk about this tax today and break it down so let's just pray together Father in Heaven bless us today as we talk about the most searched text of last year and. We'll see probably why it was a text people turn to and hopefully it will minister to our lives today in practical relevant ways in Christ's name Amen so the most searched text fear not for I am with you be not dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you yes I will help you I will uphold you with my right is right in what a wonderful text and it deals with perhaps one of the largest problems and one of the largest problems we face is fear and it might be fear of going back to a complicated family situation it may be fear of going back to a complicated school situation it may be fear related to lifestyle changes we've been asked to make and we don't know if we can maintain it maybe fear disharmony in our family whatever the fear whatever the problem God has a solution and he also has a process that helps us move from problem to solution so in this text we see both the problem the solution and the process and the 1st thing is fear not this happens to be the most repeated command in all of strict all of scripture and even though it's the most repeated command. Many people fear whether or not they have salvation they feel whether or not they've committed the unpardonable sin they fear whether or not. God can be trusted they fear whether or not the church can be trusted and they're kind of like that elephant they're kind of stuck and they just have a self fulfilling prophecy that never seems to go away it's kind of like Oz while the fish the elephant story might evolve as well the fish remember Oswald you don't know as well maybe you know the children's story for you. Oswald's fish it was a small fish a goldfish and he lived in this small fish bowl for years and that's the only place he lived and Oswald was a beautiful fish people like to look at Oswald the fish finally one day I don't know one of the family members thought the fish should be released sounds like something James would do I don't know who James is necessarily but he's looking startled Ok and so. It's going to be Ok James so he left he left the fisc Oh he let the fiscal fish dumped him off the pier. Is in the water he's swimming in a circle just like he's still in the fish bowl and he goes Oz wall of this web away and swim away there's other big fish you might get in trouble and he just gets women and has small circle there was another big fish that came inside I'm a big fish was hungry and. He kept saying you got a swim Oswald when I was women saw Oswald became that big fishes lines and that's what happens to us sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we have to let go of ways of thinking we have to build back better based on God's Word not our problems and our way of looking at things if God says he can deliver us and he has a pathway to do that we need to trust that and move forward with him. Fear not all the way through the Bible I am with you you still have a son to a mother who didn't know whether or not she can have a child your God has given you treasure I will make of you a great nation all of these are preceded by the word fear not and I read through all the text fear not this morning as I was putting this message together a while look at all these promises God has set up the land for you to possess fear not I'm going to do battle against your enemies fear not I will go with you I will not fail you I will not for his sake you have me think these are like good promises fair or not I will be with the I will not fail you I will not for safety fear not for I will fight for you fear not for the Lord will come and save you fear not I will hold your right hand I will help you fear not I have created I have redeemed by have called the by and I named our minds fear not you shall not be put to shame fear not your words were heard and I am come as a response to those by words Fear not the Lord will do great things Fear not I will save you and you shall be a blessing fair or not you have more value than many sparrows desires on the sparrow and I know He watches me all of those sacrifices barrels Exodus or the Leviticus 40 it took one sparrow it died in symbol of Christ dying they squeezed its blood out into a small cup they put another sparrow dipped it in that cup and it went free saved by the blood of the sparrow but point to the blood of the Lamb who is Jesus I fear not I have created to redeem the you shall not be put the same I guess I like these so I put them down twice and you will be a blessing more value than spirals fear not it's your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom and fear not because I'm the alpha and the Omega I am the 1st and the last. This is just a few of the texts that say fear doubt how many want to believe the Lord today and say I choose to fear not because now to what I can do but because what God has done and he's willing to do very powerful command of God You want to keep want to God's commands that's a great one you're not but now let's look at the context of our own text fear not for why I am with you I will be I am your God I will strengthen you I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand so number one I'll be with you Bible says that no matter what you've gone through or moment no matter what you will go through in all their afflictions he was afflicted God promises to not just be with you in the good times but also in the bad times and I'll be with you no matter what you go through you might have to take a stand for something you know is right and guises I'll be with you I had to take a stand for something that was right and I got killed. But God was faithful and resurrected me from the dead I will be with you in any affliction that you go through now this is totally different than any other world view and as if you want to build back your worldview just take a moment and think about the other world views out the ancient Greeks thought that the universe was permanent moving in a circular faster than history would require grow and decay there would be no vision of a progression in history a movement toward a better time or a messianic era there was no messiah to look forward to there was nothing except a circular movement of the Greeks and just going to the various buildings and the various temples was all you got. No future circular movement of history and some Babylonians the same thing past President future were all part of one continuous stream of events and heaven and earth God and man continued ad infinitum so there was no escaping it was a circular world view just like the Greeks as well Hindu is a much input had to as a put the Babylonians but Hinduism sees history as circular Buddhism sees time without beginning and without in the You Can is uniqueness of its movement essential to the notion of history is not clearly expressed expressed in Buddhism In other words you're never going to escape the cycle normally you're just in a circular fashion and in view do you skate to nothingness other than selling something great to escape to. Teo ism basically as the yang in the yang the good in the evil and you never escape the evil it's always good and evil together. Can you see how different then Christianity is one is says that God would come into history native cultures by the way sacred hoops Medicine Wheels circular when you see that prayer wheel turning it's not getting out of anything it's just a circular worldview but then judeo christian culture comes and I I would say to you today I think judeo christian culture is under attack it's being torn down but on a suggestion you that if you want to have a successful life you want to build back with this because it will be better and there's all kinds of evidence that it will be better. Like namely the scientific method would never have originated without monotheistic judeo christian culture so understanding even you know science means to know to even know. What. May be good health practice or not is a result of Judeo Christian culture the Bible takes a different view that all these circular systems the Bible immediately sets God in the context of a time bound history he comes within history and time in all their afflictions he was afflicted he didn't just stand aloof like other gods are pictured he didn't just enter in only at his caprices whim to get them involved in a lover's quarrel or whatever like the Iliad teaches and other ancient texts no he entered in with a purpose in time in history to save you and to save me this is a powerful world view a very fruitful world view God exists outside of a time but he's intimately involved in the creation process he came down and there was day 1234567. You see he's the God of creation the word God actually Elohim is 1st use in the beginning God and he came in Elohim to form relationships the Father God the Son God the Spirit worked together to form things and then to fill things he created light on the 1st day and also darkness there is a relationship he created air and he created water there is a relationship he created land and he created plants on the 3rd day plants use the grow on land they can grow other places they use a use water or are oxygen to grow and they usually need a light dark cycles circadian rhythms so not only did he form things but he also filled things. And he filled the light with the sun of the dark with the moon and stars and he filled the air on day 4 on day 5 with the actually foul and the. Yeah kind of god that mixed up in a way the same back to Oswald the fish story so. He filled the oxygen and the water with fish and fell how many think that God is great he forms things and then he fills them this is Genesis one which is Anatomy just as to which is physiology and then he understands what was going to happen Genesis 3 with path ology and even has an answer for when things go wrong. And then the man in the animals. Came upon the land they ate the plants and this is also when Eve was created from the river of Adam and when he saw her he said. May. Nobody else thinks that's funny except Dr Nelly. Ok that's why we get along so well he sees only why we work together so. So yes everything was formed then it was what I build and if God forms you how many think you also can fill you he can fill your life with meaning and purpose and he likes to do that each day of the week and then celebrate it and each week in on the Sabbath day which is really a word made up of 2 words Ba'ath and Aba the day of the father Sabbath so this is why we come to worship on the 7th day. To worship the God who is the mighty relationship builder and can he actually build back better. Can he convict us of sand and of righteousness and judgement to come canny tear down what needs to be tear torn down and can he build back better and when we allow him to work in our lives we don't need to fear fear not I am your God I'm the one who forms you and I also I'm the one who can fill you. Very powerful picture that is pictured in Genesis one and by the way he enters into history not just the next creation week with that Sabbath day but also 30 percent of the Bible is made up of prophecies where it shows that God stepped in time in history and because judeo christian culture adopted that they had a sense of purpose God is on the move there is not Yang and yang work evil and righteousness will exist coexist forever. But no evil will all similarly be eradicated God is moving through he's answering questions the prophecies as he has given have come true and the remaining prophecies were most surely come true he has a purpose he has a meaning he has a plan and if you adopt his way of thinking you also will have a purpose a meaning and plan and God's will be done not only in heaven but also on earth and that's a prophecy if you eat for 10 days like Daniel 8 you're going to have better lab results and you're going to have better results when you come to the end of the 10 day program and we see it all the time right. Pro means before funny means to speak so to speak before God is on the move there is a plan for so 0 that's the word that's used for 2 things in our English translations for health and for salvation God's on the move however thankful for that worldview by the way it's under attack and it's why we have so much mental illness and confusion complete confusion because a deconstruction of even the basic things. So God's moving to restore all things if we had time someone who's been studying the book of Daniel. In our depressor recovery program but if I just give you an overview of this large prophecy that we won't have time to study but it shows that there were 5 key dates where the Hebrew sanction was rebuilt after captivity and bam Babyland and thus the health center was reestablished then a 483 years later just as the prophecy of Daniel 9 says Jesus entered in the Messiah to restore things he was baptized like some of your going to be baptized today and then he went about doing good and physical acts of healing occurred for 3 and a half years then he died on the cross restoring emotional and mental health because he was a man acquainted with grief's and sorrows and then his disciples went all over the place for 3 and a half years doing the same thing that Jesus did and in one generation everything was built back better with those that oak that accepted the Christ of the Jewish scriptures and this lay the foundation essentially for Western civilization all on the basis of the prophecies and as you can see the sanctuary brought physical healing emotional healing and then also social productivity the disciples went about doing good they were so effective that a great number of the priests believed and this culture spread around the world bringing with it. Not only scientific discoveries. But health and healing course that was attacked during the Dark Ages it was torn down but it was built back and is to be built back at the end of time within time Christians who would restore the sanctuary and a message of hell however thank for that sanctuary and the message of Powell that assails that he won and in his house 32 at his health study 3 massive studies that document the power of actually the sanctuary doctrine although those studies have not maybe made that link but. Massive studies that show long jeopardy better mental health physical health and social meaning and purpose when you graduate from a new start program when you graduate from a depression recovery program you have more information than most people that can document the effectiveness of the Christ of the messianic prophecies the judeo christian culture and your mental health which improves your physical health and proves is that testimony of how God wants to build and did build back better in your life what a powerful picture that we see here of course the ultimate health message his When we get to heaven but I think we can have have a now in our hearts it's not when then it's now as now as God is working fear not for I am with you now as you live be not dismayed now as I'm with you I am your God I will strengthen you I will help you I will uphold you with my rights as right hand. What a powerful picture I will strengthen you you'll be strong you'll be bold I will help you I will run to your rescue I will uphold you I will grasp you I will support you these are the promises of God. I'll do this all with my what rights is right hand what does that mean right here God's right his right hand his arm what does he do with it 1st of all he creates all our God Behold the last made the heaven of the earth by the great power and stressed out arm there's nothing too hard for the another words he creates with his right hand my hand also have laid the foundation of the earth in my right hand spend the haven't spoke and when I called to them they stand up together so when you look out and that night sky you see that with his right hand he created the heavens and when you look at the Earth the heavens the Clare the glory of God and the earth so afar his handiwork So as we walk the trails here we mar as we look up into the night sky we're really seeing the actions of the right hand. And if he holds those stars in place if he helps those trees grow which he does that gives us more confidence that he is working and will work in our lives. Not only does he create he Radames Exodus 15 I will sing into the Lord for his triumph Laureus lead the horse and rider thrown into the sea this was a culture that it had slave God's people never let someone teach you that the Bible is teaching American style slavery he emancipated 1500000 people from slavery because he needed to build back better. And as he took them out they begin to sing I will sing unto the Lord for He is trying to the horse and rider thrown into the sea this was like the all Summit New Star program depression recovery program he put on the program because they cried out It says In Exodus 2 verse $23.00. And he does a blood test right they have to sacrifice a lamb and he sees the people that want to come out he leads them out he takes them through hydro That's the Red Sea and he changes all their nutrition he gives them light therapy we'll look at that in a minute but he does this all with his right hand I the Lord is a man of war the Lord is his name various chariots pharaohs chariots of his hosts are cast into the sea has chosen captains or drowned in the Red Sea the depths of government they sank into the bottom of the stone die what the handle Lord has become glorious in power they arrive handle Lord has Das in pieces the enemy. So this is not something you or I should do but literally God cancelled one culture and helped another Don't try this on your own. But according to His will in his way because his people were being destroyed he stepped in and. Actually emancipated them and begin to build back better. He leads Exodus 15 with his right hand stretched out by right hand the earth swallowed the mercy lead forth the people which you redeemed and guided in my strength to the holy habitation so he starts to redeem his people he's building back better he says the place we need to go is where I took Moses 40 years ago and build him back better. I'm going to take you back and show you how he recovered from his depression and his acting out in anger that led to killing someone and how he actually had his cognitive distortions addressed I want to take you back to that place called the the holy habitation or the sanctuary or the mountain of them inheritance I want to take you back away from the false pyramids the false mountains of Egypt to the true mountain of God how we can this is amazing I want to build back better and by the way this is the foundation of Judeo Christian culture that was so productive of healing a hurting world and I'm doing this with my rights this right on and so I want to just picture in with a couple pictures of God's right hand that led them to the sanctuary here was the Saints were in the middle of the camp and they were being led out of Egypt 1500000 of them one of the participants in our press recovery program Frank Cohen has worked out all the logistics of this actual Exodus he knows all the math I think I should bring him here to present that it's fascinating and he has all the evidence there is abundant evidence that there were Hebrews and see Bruce and that they did in fact leave Egypt and that they did in fact go to Canaan by the way you might be interested let's say for good you know how long it was the distance from Egypt to Canaan. 10 days. It was a 10 day program God had in mind but some people said no I don't like that part of the program I don't like this part of the program so they wandered around for 40 years. But those that adopted every aspect of the program once about to show you they actually could have gotten there in 10 days oh what needless pain we bear. All because we do not carry. Everything to God in prayer so let's look at his right hand in optimal physical health he says don't eat unclean animals in the. Book of Leviticus and actually points out what those unclean animals are don't eat unclean animals rather eat clean animals in other words those are not carnivores but better yet bread and grapes and grains and olive oil it was olive oil that let the lamp there you see the lamp stand and you saw that bread there there was actually grape juice that went along with it so you had complex carbohydrates you had you had riz various are all in the grape juice and then you had the incense and then you had all so many fruits nuts grains and vegetables in the most holy place manna which was complex carbohydrates again it was coriander seed which has been shown to decrease insomnia and anxiety and also all means which is the perfect not and you thought that I was now all men's It's been sown to increase sit tight and also decrease his shoes with blood sugar issues for diabetics. So God himself set up this sanctuary or the sanitarium fruits nuts grains and vegetables he said Your body should be the temple of the Holy Spirit whatever you eat whatever you drink do all to the glory of God So move away from the unclean meats move towards the clean animals actually move toward the grains and grapes find places that know how to fix plant based foods and move back to foods as grown fruits nuts grains and vegetables and we think this is fascinating is that it happened actually here for some in the last week manna means what is it did you ever say that about in the food what is that. What what exactly is that. You are using the word manna I fear God and give Him glory for the hour of his judgment is come so that's physical hell but the right hand also was in that sanctuary an optical op op optimal. And will set an optical illusion. Optimal mental health. All focused on the person of Jesus he would come to the gate and Jesus said I am the door I am the way and then you would go to the altar of sacrifice and Jesus said I am the land that was slain I take away the sins of the world how many think that forgiveness is good for your mental health I mean you think that focusing on someone who said I would be afflicted and I will come in to save you helps you with your mental health. I am the waiver on the Water of Life I will wash you with my word if Eason's 525 I will wash you in baptism this is the ultimate hydro. And we think that you need the washing of the word in the washing of baptism some of your going to be baptized today I am the lamp stand that is I am your light therapy I'm a lot of the world. My word is a lamp and so they feed in a light into the i Pad I am also your nutrition therapy I am the bread of life and I am also your intercede or I pray for you you should pray because in your prayers will mingle with my prayers can you see how all these things would help persons mental health and I am also the ark and I have perfectly kept God's law which is his c b t God's Law is his c.v.t. so emotional health physical health emotional health and spiritual health come into his gates to the altar of sacrifice to the laver to the showbread to the altar of incense in the ark of the Covenant entered his gates with praise another words music therapy I inhabit the praises of my people and so as we start praising it pushes out the mental health problems especially as we're singing hymns which are all based on depression recovery stories and God's presence comes into our lives and that's why we sing in the morning in the evening and we should sing throughout the day actually are getting better because of concentrated corporate worship services. And actually if you had more you might even get better because as you come together in that corporate setting we see it 7 times a year here people literally come out of depression and anxiety because of that focused intention. Altar and confession of sins getting rid of the things between us and God and others at the altar washing through the word like I said already as we learn how to study God's Word it starts to brain wash us in a positive sense can you say amen you say well wait a minute I I'm getting another counseling session from the book of Galatians I'm getting another counseling session for the book of collisions I'm getting another counseling session from the solves. I'm so excited about the things I've been learning and God's word about how to help my own mental health problems and also maybe some ears. And then we feed on the bread of life and we have prayer in a recession and we're entering in Finally we're moving we're on the move you see how God is on the move in the sensory system and he's taking down the walls of Coron seen there's 3 curtains of course you've got to mask was bad this is a 3 mask system. And he's taking away one mask he says don't go to the next station until you confess your sense and the next and then the next he meets you outside wherever you are and he wants to move you closer and closer. To his presence how many be closer and closer his presence with no quarantine nothing between my soul and the Savior face to face l. I behold him all these songs are showing this dismantling of quarantine how my view ready for that to happen. And God is on the move he's on the move in the sanctuary now notice something else as we're closing here I mean I guess I have about 10 minutes but and he said the Lord came from Sinai he rose up in seer and he signed for from the mount and he came with 10000 of his sayings and from his what right hand when a what fire really law for them yea he love the people all the saints in the hand and they sat down it is feet so what did God do remember were saying that he will he fear not be not just a prime my God I will strengthen their will hold a I will uphold it with my rights as what right hand and where we're studying about what the right hand did it lead them to the sanctuary and now we're looking at the right what the right hand did actually in the sanctuary and what did it do it wrote the was the 10 Commandments or we might say God c.v.t. manual it's what we saw in Daniel 5 as we study where we had the flash on one side and we have the spirit on the other side but there was a lamp stand there and then there was handwriting and that handwriting that wrote meaning many tackle you Farson also wrote the 10 Commandments and also wrote in the sand to emancipate that woman who is being accused by the very people who were involved in sin with her so let's look at this just a minute. When you come to God's law many times you're dissatisfied with your life sometimes you're telling yourself lies and other people are telling lies to you sometimes you feel like you've been stealing from other people or life has been stolen from you and your intimacy is messed up physically emotionally mentally and spiritually and because of that you're ready to kill somebody maybe even yourself. Because of that dissatisfaction because of the lies you tell if someone called me actually this morning from another country and said I've got a crisis someone is trying to kill themselves what should I do one of the spiritual answers and I said look this is how you diagnose the spiritual problems ask the person what are you dissatisfied about what lies have people told you or are you telling yourself do you feel as though you've been stolen from or that you're stilling from other people how are things is intimately between you and your spouse on the physical level on the emotional level on the spiritual level and you're going to have your answer as to why they're angry they're upset or they feel like they just need to give up and kill themselves or maybe other people do you see how powerful this is by the way what is this that's the 10 Commandments dissatisfaction thou so not covet 9th commandment thou son not bear false witness a commandment thou shall not steal 7 commandment thou so not commit adultery and 6 commandment Thou shalt not kill Can you see how that's a diagnosis many of you perhaps and depressed recovery program or even in life are at one of these stages and the 10 Commandments diagnose it they help you understand what the reason is. And you might look for mana momentary highs maybe I have illicit sex maybe I'll do drugs maybe I'll drink alcohol I'm going to try and self medicate usually it's traced back to the 5th Commandment were Honor thy father and I mother they days may be long but maybe the father in the mother were not acting as father and mother should be fed many people have come that despicable things were done by their parents or by their grandparents or by their great grandparents and you need to look back in your life to see what's happened because it could be influencing you right now and your ability to have intimacy with others your ability to have satisfaction in life. What you really need is rest and rejuvenation from the Creator Who forms you and also can feel you 4th Commandment and what you need is authenticity not living in vain by teaching the commandments of men and this is the problem many times were living according to the commandments of man which are really the lies of banned and those commandments are in place of God's commandments and so we have no peace great peace that they was loved by law nothing still offended but were offended at everything. So immersed in the thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments Wow How would you like to have authentic true love in your life there it is. In the mercy of God who is also a delivering God I brought you out of bondage out of the House of Egypt the land of Egypt I brought you out maybe we should spend more time thinking about what God has done for us in delivering us and in creating us and showing his mercy how many think that would be. The ultimate thing in this is what's in the sanctuary this is what God wants he wants to move us where all these laws are written in our hearts and minds so we don't have to be killing how many are sick of the killing in the anger in the world how many are sick of the suicidal thoughts how he is sick of not having intimacy as God would have it and the stealing of all those years of lack of closeness that you could have had physically emotionally and mentally and all the lies that built up they have a life of satisfaction you see when we accept got into our lives we don't just have a momentary high we have been ongoing everlasting most high experience. In your presence is fullness It's not like 10 percent of joy your presence will give you little joy now it's fullness of to how many want fullness of joy. Wow no quarantine face to face with Jesus very powerful you know what this is that side of the commandments is depression this side is recovery. Us a depression recovery program right there summarized in God's principles of we might say Judeo Christian behavioral therapy c.v.t. powerful you see he does not want us to live in fear he wants us to live in joy always a problem fear what was the solution. What was the process letting him strengthen you letting him help you letting him up hold you with his righteous right hand letting him lead you letting him guys you have you can see how powerful the text is that's a pretty simple text but it is pretty deep isn't it. So you some of the nuances of it and Jesus you know he says it in the Bible and. The spirit of the Bride say Come come to the sanctuary let me build back better. And let him who hear the say Come let Him That is the thirst come and whosoever will let him take the water of life. Freely. There's a lot there to study isn't there in fact I'm working on a series now that looks at every single one of those commandments and they're they're brilliant each one of them deserves the complete our home we like to hear a whole hour on each one the commandments as it relates to coming out of depression and reconnecting with God That's I'm working on and I'm telling you my excited I'm excited about the fact that the law of the Lord is perfect inverting my soul. And it will also convert your soul I believe. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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