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Logo of Talking Points, 1st Quarter 2021: Isaiah

13 Rebirth of Planet Earth

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • March 18, 2021
    12:15 PM
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I'm Cameron division and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points we have arrived pastor Howard this is what it is and it's an overstatement but I'm God not saying big picture but I think this is a topic we have come to the end of our 1st quarter of 2021 are studying the whole lesson this time has been about Isaiah you watch this soundbite be taken in a context where somebody said you know I think I've yet exactly not talk about salvation learning not just coming to the end of the quarter but also your design of a new well you know let's not have a point made as to it and everything but it does look pretty nice Yes we're trying to up our game in every aspect here talking points and a whole Sabbath school person you know Army game and. Anyway this lesson touches all and one of the best themes in all of the Bible and that is the new heavens and the new earth the culminating highpoint of the end of Isaiah as prophecies and really is the great hope of the Christian and we're looking forward to this and there's a lot to cover here but before we do that why don't we have if you can give us a word of prayer and we'll look over our talking points and break them down one by one that's pretty good heavenly Father again we're so thankful for the privilege of knowing you and your Son Jesus Christ and Lord to have your word that we can learn you better and learn your ways and that the living in powerful words can transform our lives are pretty good lessons in it study we ask him pretty things in Jesus name in men and men. All right this week's lesson focused on 2 chapters in the book of Isaiah and of those 2 it was mostly in Chapter 66 but our memory verse comes from Chapter 65 verse 17 For behold it says I create a new heavens and a new earth and the former shall not be remembered or come to mind there's been a lot of talk throughout this Isaiah thing of all the problems and difficulties and struggles of ancient Israel in the application today but this is pointing forward to the New have and super Which brings us to Talking point number one and that is that the new earth never gets old Amen it is true and it's also a fun catchy title in the sense that we can talk about it a lot and it will never age it will always go on to eternity that's the very nature of those who have watched us talk about lesson prep I said don't ever pick a talking point that is one of those evangelists titles but Cameron you know because a lot of times the title isn't doesn't make a point it's just kind of hangs out there but Cameron has upped the bar it's right and picked an evangelist title that is actually it's accurate it's a practical exactly the new earth never gets old it's true and it's a good thing to talk about Sunday in 3rd that's drawn from Sunday and. Days lessons Ok point number 2 is that judgment is necessary to eternal peace we do all that from Monday and Thursday that's going to be I feel the bulk of where are tensions going to be this week is that 2nd Ok I'll do it both points one and 2 are drawn a little bit from Thursday Yes Well this is the thing you'll notice that there's a piece of Monday on 2 of our talking points in a piece of Thursday on 2 of our talking points and that's because those weeks those days lessons actually have several some points in them and some of the some points correspond with other days of points and so we feen magically put those together to try to give an overview of what we're really talking about as a whole this week so again talk number 2 judgment is necessary to eternal peace finally number 3 while Christ ministers in Heaven which is currently doing we are to minister on earth so while Christ is doing the work we're to be working here as well again a little bit overlap Monday to Wednesday that's right and that's the central theme of this and as ring of the overlap just to reiterate the point we continually made with talking points our goal is not to just walk through the last 2nd month Sunday Monday Tuesday what have you but to draw out points from the lesson that many so you may cover the same day multiple times drawing different points exactly exactly right so let's go to number one the New Earth me rephrase it as you're covering the lesson in Scripture it may correspond with multiple days well again the one teaching is not just to draw out of the quarterly but draw out of the scripture and again the point is that this week's lesson is touches on is a 65 but really digs into 66 so what we're really doing studying Isaiah 66 and the lesson just gives us some ways to do that offish All right let's dive in here to point number one I guess the new earth never gets old now the truth of a new heaven and new earth is inherently inexhaustible and it's hopeful it's a wonderful our eyes can look forward to it will pass the gloom and despair of the sin ridden earth. And look forward to sin less any terminal beautiful place last quarter's if you remember this could be thinking like do we call this just a little and that's true last quarter our topic was remind folks we would hope it was a nation it was education Oh and we talked about eternity at the very end in the New Heavens going to be eternally learning and that's true and it's this comes back Isaiah closes his prophecy with a look at the new heavens and the new earth and there's a reason that's the case as we always want to be looking forward to the great hope of life eternal with Jesus Christ if we were talking about the old evangelists saying you know you heard the saying You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him make him drink evangelist saying as a piece to that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink but you can salt his oats you make him thirsty. While the Lord doesn't for salvation on anybody he does do things to make us thirsty and the study of the new earth is one of those things and that's why it was in the last lesson in this lesson the authors felt important to the contributors because this one of those things that makes you want to be there came in and this is a recurring theme both Old and New Testament for example you could if you could look up 1st Corinthians chapter 2 verse night I'll read ecclesiastics in the Old Testament verse 113 chapter 3 verse 11 yes says he has made this is God He has made everything beautiful in its time and also he has put eternity in their hearts except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end but the idea is that eternity has been placed by God in our hearts as something we look forward to it's a it's a need that we have that he has placed there and similarly in 1st Corinthians Chapter 2 of all kinds of the pages here my boss has been as it is written I has not seen nor heard nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him came in of course this drawn from the book of Isaiah and. There are 64 and also 65 referenced in my reference we are going to try to tell you that Solomon talked about Isaiah prophesied Paul revisits as an encouraging it for us to look forward to and I don't know if you've had this pastor Howard but it's just fun sometimes to sit back and think about heaven will you take that passage that I just read I has not seen or heard nor has it entered in the heart or some translations say the Imagine imagine it in mud I always tell people think big because it hasn't ended in your imagination I can imagine this was going to go on from there I could imagine this was going to better it and yes we are finite people but we're promised an infinite gift so I don't know what travel and learning and relationships and communion with God will be like but whatever gave you kind of like this have you thought no no I think like. It is a taken to trace it all right when I say I was writing about this new heavens a new earth right clearly and we've talked about this before there's dual application to his prophecies so he's looking you know he's writing to a people who are wanting to be in that communion with God here on earth to have a stablished is real but it's got to be bigger than that if we're truly to put our hopes you know in the Lord sure so a little bit of that dual application we've seen in Isaiah where you have the local literal application obviously the Jews coming back to their homeland being reestablished but as you're pointing out. This is bigger than that in fact right if you've ever study where the predator ist and predator is a person who believes that the you know we look at. The prophecies in the Bible reaching into the future beyond us the 2nd coming of Jesus or the printer's believes it's all been done everything is of I'm just a little it's all done and so you say what about those prophecies about the new earth and this is it you know we're at it like you know you may make you want to cry so there is certainly more to it then that then going back to earthly Drew because this is brought out. The lesson quarterly bottom of Sunday in the 4th paragraph the lesson says all the Lord's holy mountain would begin with that Jerusalem it was only a precursor a symbol of what God promises to do alternately in the new world with His redeemed people so yes ancient Israel could if they were biding by God's law have a good life here but even that life pales to what God's promise in all the reading and in the Heavens Above Now one thing that lessened Isaiah does touch on in the lesson draws out is from Isaiah Chapter 66 verse 23 Could you are you there 66233 that please and it should come to pass that from one new moon to another and from one Sabbath to another all flesh come to worship before me says from now these new moons and Sabbaths are some points a point of confusion especially if you are for Sabbath keepers who think aha there's the Sabbath for ever and it's just industry but essentially it panned out a little bit what God is promising to do in the New Heavens is create a new earth well he created the 1st earth with a Sabbath and apparently some monthly. I don't want to say rituals but cycles when you think of the. Of course the weekly Sabbath with the 7 day cycle but then you have the fruit of the Tree of Life which apparently according to Revelation chapter $22.00 is also a new fruit every month and so where Eden is a stablished in Genesis and you see it restored in Revelation you see the Sabbath and you see that monthly perhaps New Moon reminder there and I think the issue here is that this is a reference to the perpetuity of these worship cycles and this eternal nature of the new earth that God's going to have people who worship Him who are faithful who every week and every month come before him throughout all eternity as a perpetual. I don't know process that is going to keep going throughout it all and in a species of perpetual connection with God God is not going to set up a new or thing go off and do something else like he's going to do well with this people and there's going to be this regular eternal interaction with God beautiful and all of that which again which points to the new earth as being the center of the universe it really is so all the universe is going to come to him we're not going to go out to them they're going to come before God he's going to make his dwelling with us so we get all of that is inside of that 1st talking point that the new earth never gets old is an inexhaustible and hopeful theme. Now there might be a temptation in your satisfied class to just go on about that for a long time but you had an opportunity to do that at the end of legs actually should be gotten out of it now what we really want to drill into here is that 2nd talking point and this is not always one that people look forward to but I find it a thrilling topic will see what it is but says judgment is necessary to eternal peace and let me just interject coming off what you said whether or not you find it a thrilling topic like Cameron does it's a biblical topic that too often is overlooked right I think my judgment. You know filming conversation I made the comment about how There's the saying is there's 2 there's 2 things nobody wants to see made laws and sausages they just want to be in product they don't want to see the gross part because it and I think we sometimes have a view of the judgement and the destruction of the Wicked And The New Earth like just getting to the mansion get me to the shiny part the songs in the crowns is going to be great and all that's there but there is no I don't want to sauces exactly I don't want to think about judgement and justice being doled out the execution the destruction just kind of close my eyes you to hear that I'm not sure and I somewhat get that I get that but the Bible Old and New Testament repeatedly comes back to the theme that intertwined with the joy of salvation and just going to know about it we're going to witness it we're going to be right at it with and exactly part of God's great controversy a plan for the redeemed redemption of the universe is our involvement with the destruction of the wicked and that seems almost foreign to us but it's right there in Scripture So let's take a minute and think about how Christ judges and executes the wicked Ok 1st of all. I make this point under the 2nd talking point that Christ Rynders the verdict of everyone claiming his name in the heavenly sanctuary before he returns to separate the say from the last and we've got several passages you want very obviously and you didn't put in the outline I mean added in but you just referenced really quickly in the lesson like on my. Day's lesson in the 1st paragraph in the middle there it says I since I am 41 God will comfort them but he will but he will destroy those rebel against him and then again in the next paragraph it says following the destruction of his enemies God reveals His glory so he can become a magnet to the it inseparably connected in this picture of the new earth is Gaza stretching of the wicket even further on less exactly in in Champ Thursdays it talks about the eternal great things we're going to enjoy but the last paragraph asked the question why does Isaiah end with a negative picture I'm not sure that I mean it it is negative it's not pleasant picture of saved people looking at the corpses of rebels destroyed by God and you would think that they would want to close out of a hopeful note right you know but he ends in verse 20 as a hopeful note exactly but we have this idea that that's bad like that made a focus I should have written better but no he closes his prophecy with this verse 24 Chapter 66 and they shall go forth and look upon the corpses of them into a trance crest against me for the warm does not die and their fire is not quenched and there shall be in there they shall be in importance to all flesh that somehow wrapped up in the peace and joy of the Redeemed is the destruction of the last how does that really work well let me be clear that as 7 seventh's we understand from Bible prophecy that the judgment that takes place before Christ coming does not involve us in any way except that we're alive for Christ before the host of the heavenly angels is determining who is saved and who is lost so that when he comes again he separates the Shia in that all of that is the subject of the judgment sure in that context but we are not involved in the right process and the Christ is doing this work under the fathers of 40 in the heavenly Sanctuary while we're here on Earth right from us in that sense and we read in the great controversy page $486.00 that at the time appointed for the judgment that is the close of the $2300.00 days and $824.00 began the word. Investigation blotting out of sins all who have ever taken upon themselves and then of Christ must pass it searching scrutiny of the living in the better judge to be judged out of the things which are written in the books according to their works so Christ does this judgement and in Revelation chapter 22 we just give you this one real quick verses 11 and 12 I think this is the most concise passage describing this work of what we call the pre admin or before his coming investigative judge where did you say we're going Revelation chapter 22 verses 11 and 12 you want to read those 2 passages please he who is unjust let him be unjust still he who is filthy let him be filthy still he who is righteous let him be righteous till he who is holy let him be holy still and behold I am coming quickly and my reward is with me to give to everyone according to his work so notice that the coming is still not happening is still in the future but is quickly to happen but there is a determination made a recognition if you will of who is righteous and who is not that's the pretty advent or investigative phase of the judgment know what we are weak sometimes to think he's going to investigate then he's going to come again and it's all done. But the reality is that same book of Revelation also outlines a 1000 year period of time before the final destruction is a very good right and is in this phase of judgment if you go to Revelation chapter 20 just 11 page back and incidentally the wiping away of every tear from the eyes it's brought out Revelation 21 not until after after exactly years so when we immediately go to heaven Christ returned it's not like everything is finished and we're just entering there's still a process in place Revelation chapter 20 verse 4 and I saw thrones this is during the 1000 years right and I saw thrones and vase sat on them and judgment was committed to them and it's talking about the redeemed who tell are going to sit with Christ and continue this work of judgment and oftentimes when I present this in class I say no let's use a little process of elimination. Are the redeemed determining who's going to be saved or who's going to be lost and the simple answer is no crisis already made that determination and separated the sheep from the goats these are the redeemed who are now with him in the wicked have been destroyed by the brightness is coming so what's left to do well there's not just the verdict phase of the trial but there's the sentencing phase and what do you do about these wicked people right and it isn't popular as it may be the wicked who are destroyed by the brightness of His coming are not yet destroyed no they have experienced the worst everybody everybody who has died gets resurrected exactly is the resurrection of the just and at the end in this is a theme pastor how I'm just going to say it like this and leave it for the Sabbath school teachers to sort out but too often we we neglect. An appreciation in a study in a solemnity of the fact that Scripture repeatedly tells us that the redeemed will have a part to play a role. In that millennium judgment with Christ for example the Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians he says this therefore this chapter 4 verse 5 says therefore judge nothing before the time and he says what time it is until the Lord comes that means judge not until then then you do and he explains why the Lord comes who will bring both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the counsels of the hearts the idea being that you can judge then because you can have access to information that you don't have before in fact in 2 chapters later he says rhetorically speaking and you will be transformed into a state of mind that will make a right fair and impartial judge you have been glorified now you're sitting with Christ in the heavenly realms and Vesey can write in 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 verse to do you not know that the Saints will what judge the judge of the world so well and it goes on to say we will judge angels Yes very clearly from implication the angels who fell so. Yeah and so what is this judgement all about well it's it's a necessary part of the purification of the universe and making sure it never goes back to sin again because it's tempting as it might be to say I just want to get my salvation and close my eyes like hell of a thing and he says no I need you to open your eyes and you watch I need to be part of this and understand it so that it will never rise again Yes And what's interesting in Revelation 20 you see 2 different occasions when it talks about the millennium judgment how the wicked are are judged quote according to their works yes that means that. Of my many problems for example Pastor Howard with the. With the understanding of an eternal burning hell right that there will be a turtle conscious torment of the wicked right. One of the problems is praise the lord it's not in scripture so it's the biggest issue it's just unbelievable but the reason it's unbiblical is because. We have a sense of fairness inherently put inside of us that if someone even the worst diabolical evil sinner sins for 70 years is really the just fair judgment 70 trillion trillion trillion of an Indian years a conscious or you don't have to be a Christian to recognize that's not fair right also it's a one size fits all where according to Scripture the reward of the wicked is going to be individual it's going to be personal it's going to be proportional to courting to their works what screenwriter says so not only is eternal conscious torment un-Biblical and outside of the character of God It's it's a one size fits all in the same way that an instant destruction would also be one size fits all I think sometimes we talk about the wicked we infer that they're all going to be blotted out instantly they're not and that's not the case they are right we even have a sense of like that there are different cases requiring different sentencing right where you have lived 12 years for to us a lesson where it talks about those who are people of many stripes and those who beat with you is just implicate him by implying right not beatings per se but it's implying that there's going to be a different way of handling and the reason or given you his Exactly look at you know if you look at 1st chapter 12 and we're going to we're going to close down here just a 2nd but look at this here Jesus is speaking to 12 versus 4748 and says here. And that servant who knew his master's will and did not prepare himself or do according to His will shall be beaten with many stripes so the more he knew the more accountable he is right but he who did not know yet committed things are going straight shall be beaten with right to so there's a differentiation of culpability and responsibility that's taken into account when it comes to the destruction of the wicked and thus when as you read 1st the great controversy 616 when she describes this process yeah since during the 1000 years between the 1st and 2nd resurrection the judgment of the we could takes place at this time the righteous reign as kings and priests and to God in union with Christ they judge the wicked comparing their acts with the statute book the Bible and deciding every case according to the deeds done in the body then the portion which the wicked must suffer is meted out according to their works and it is recorded against their names in the book of death so it's little surprise that when we get to the end of Isaiah. That it closes Yes with the eternity that provided for the redeemed and the destruction that's promised for the wicked and they shall go forth and look upon the corpse of the man who tried. The reason we have to look upon this process. Is because Christ needs all the inhabitants of heaven to understand why sin just can't be tolerated or quarantined or shoved in a corner or dealt with and mediated and compromised must be destroyed indeed because everyone understands and I'll throw this out there we don't have in the study notes but it's just a thought that occurs to me Well in fact we put Chapter one Verse 9 you'd mention that why is may have enough Chapter one Verse 9 so important I since it's God's great leveler says I will make an utter end yes an affliction will not rise up the 2nd time since a promise of God and I'm looking on the corpses is the imagery is not that we're going to look an undead that isn't suffering through the idea is that those corpses represent the wicked are destroyed there is no more and then. You put that into that mix afflictions not going to wreck God's going to make an utter end to it there's not going to be some residual where sins going to keep right on going on or happen again are there any sinners left God she's trying to give a very. Clear picture of the final end of sin right and if you read the last chapter of great controversy when she just drives this so richly with the close of time even the wicked will recognize the 3 are in this of God's process and the justice of their sentence in fact I have been saying in flippin step do that every me is going to bow right and confess that the Lord is just yes and in fact in Isaiah that's where that idea also has failed is that every knee will bow it didn't just say every night righteous knee because every every time will confess and it says and those who are incensed against him will be ashamed so everyone's bowing down some in reference and some just out of this your weight of evidence that this is right and just and fair relationship 5 says or 15 I think goes into the same thing in a text come to my. Mind this only don't have time to go to that idea of seeing confessing does fairness it's pivotal to the greening of the sun problem anyway we have to go on so while Christ currently that's what we're looking forward to is the new having a new or the ultimate destruction of the wicked and everything but your point your 2nd point is that new heaven and that new earth would be nothing if the wicked were destroyed we have to go through that process to get to the good stuff on the other side So point number 3 is that right now while Christ ministers in heaven we are to minister here on the earth as I want to close the study with an interesting parallel I noted between Isaiah 66 and Revelation Yes chapters 14. Now I sometimes we're probably were aware of Revelation Chapter 14 being a description of the 1st 5 verses of the character of God's people the messengers and then of course starting with verse 6 the 3 angels message is culminate with the 2nd coming of Jesus in Isaiah Chapter 66 we've talked about the new heavens in the new earth the new moons the Sabbath was out of the destruction the wicked That's the other part that's her culminates But before that it talks about the character of God's people in the last days and the message they are to bear for example can you read 6 verses 2 and 5 yes 2 says for all those things my hand has made and all those things exist as a lord but on this one I will look on him who is poor and the contrary spirit he trembles at my word and again in verse 5 he says hear the word of the Lord you who tremble at his word your brethren who hated you who cast you out for my name sake let the Lord be glorified that we may see your joy but they should be ashamed to talk about God's people who are faithful to His Word and are humble and contrite in their spirit right same thing in Revelation Chapter 14 talks about the character of God's people it says in verse 4 verse 4 for example these are the ones who are not defiled with women for they are virgins these are the ones who follow the lamb wherever he goes These were redeemed from among men being firstfruits to God into the lamb and in their mouth was found no deceit for they have felt fall before the throne of God So both have a description of God's people being humble obedient to His Word and their glory of the Lord is seen in them that's right and they goes on in verses 18 in $1000.00 of Isaiah $66.00 to say for I know their works and their thoughts it shall be that I will gather all nations in tongues and they shall come and see my glory I will set a sign among them and those among them who escape I will send to the nations to Tarshish and pull him to lead and who draw the bow to Baal and Divonne to the coast land. Far off who have not heard my fame nor seen my glory and they shall declare my glory among the Gentiles So no this is not just the people are good people by God's grace but they're doing something in their calling out to the Gentiles to the whole world to the coast lands right he's calling only the. People to come and see the glory of God and then they are to go right and in trouble ation chapter 14 for 6 of course then I saw another angel flying the Mits of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the air to every nation Dr Duncan people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made the heavens the earth the sea and springs of water parallels again to Revelation 14 and Isaac $66.00. Christ not to close and Page 415 now we share this talk about for a full circle we share this quote in our very 1st outline for this quarter and we're coming back to it here at the end says here it is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is untrue out in the world and if you look around friends there is certainly a misunderstanding or mis appreciation up apprehension of God min or losing their knowledge of his character it has been misunderstood in misinterpreted this time a message from God is to be proclaimed a message illuminating in its influence and saving in its power he's character is to be made known into the darkness of the world to be shed the light of his glory the light of His goodness mercy in truth those who wait for the bridegroom is coming are to say to the people behold your god. The last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of His character of love the children of God are to manifest His glory in their own life and character they are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them so there I was supposed to have a connection with Christ that can be seen by others and there's a call to the whole world to come in you know it's for what we believe is describing here in the 66th chapter exactly as we just read so our concluding thought is found it's the summary statement of Friday's lesson talks about how Isaiah presents a vision of staggering scope not only would God perjury store his community of faith but he would also in the largest borders to encompass all nation ultimately the recreate of his community would lead to the recreate a planet earth where his presence would be the ultimate comfort of his people and a bad Pastor our commute his word of prayer other Haven't we are just so thankful again for the testimony of your word we pray that we would be among those Lord who tremble at your word it would be those you could use in these last days to proclaim your glory to the nations that they may see the glory of God and be saved we thank you for the gracious invitation to salvation we thank you for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice and that free gift that keeps giving We thank you for your many blessings we ask that you would be with those who are viewing and empower them Lorna's they attempt to share your truth with others we ask and pray all these things in Jesus name to see.


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