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Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • March 22, 2021
    12:45 PM
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I'm Cameron dovey sure and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points pester Howard we are now beginning a 2nd quarter of 2021 this time we're looking at a quarterly called the promise that's right God's everlasting covenant the whole entire quarter a 4th of this year is going to be devoted to the topic of the covenant so I have to be careful not to sound too excited after I say I have mentioned some of my limitations over the not the book of Isaiah sure back that we were trying to cram 66 chapters into 13 weeks and not easy chapters the bright side is I was pushed to dig deeper in Isaiah than I've done but there's a good life it came out of there for sure but this I'm excited with this lesson just the topic itself on the covenants and I think the layout of the lesson I could be wrong here another contributor to every lesson but they did these did to a contributor of this lesson permanent contributor is the late Gary Hart Hauser Yes which means he wasn't alive to write the lesson right self which means the way I read it and having read a lot of Clifford Goldstein the editor of the adults I was go Bible study guide. There's a lot of Goldstein in here and he and I say that in a positive way he's a good writer and that's a logical thing to go yes the progression of the lessons every lesson in this quarter starts with this week at a glance Have you see there's no new and some good questions to ask and it's going to way I'm excited so the topic is good the layout is good the format is good and of course it's not great the last wasn't good exactly but it's a good topic to this covenant so excited about that so before we dive into our talking points and breaking down the less and less dedicate ourselves Lord in prayer and then we'll dive in. Heavenly Father thank you so much. For a new quarter of this year thank you for the opportunity to study deeper in your word and this time not just a single book of the Bible but this topic of the Covenant help us to understand our relationship with you our covenantal relationship with you and the one you have with us help us to know our part in your plan and help us to be dog closer to Jesus and by your grace become more like him for prayed in Jesus' name amen amen and real quick before we dive in something I feel like I ought to do every corner we highlight a different area of the world for Mission Yes and this quarter is the interim American division and I say that because we take up a special over supposed to take up a special offering in Sabbath school for missionary work yes and it is the only offering that is dedicated to that so I want to encourage our Sabbath school teachers if you're not taking up that often make sure you do and don't just pass around an envelope that nobody knows where it is point to a map play a mission spotlight do something to talk up there because I agree Pastor Howard we're talking about some powerful biblical truth but if all we do is receive it for ourselves that's only half the thing God bless us to be a messenger so we've got to have a mission Amen Anyway let's go 1st of all 10000 feet above just point by point what are 3 talking points for this week Ok I'm going to go 30000 feet Ok you hire the quarterly is about quarterly and the covenants were just basically looking at God's pledge to redeem man from that $30000.00 view and so this whole quarter is kind of walking through that you would naturally expect then. That if if if our study on the covenants is how God is going to redeem man how do we even get into the place for the need of the covenants and so that's the 1st lesson what happened in the summary of the lesson on the 7 afternoon asks. The last paragraph on 7th news is this week's lesson looks at the Creation what God had 1st made and then at what happened to that perfect creation finally it touches on the corner steam what God is doing to make things right again so that's a great summary of it so basically his whole 1st lesson is that introduction to the redemption covered it process that's right Ok Ok so are talking points number one God created everything beautiful numbering from language of Ecclesiastes 3 there but did I could have said God created everything perfectly say that word but it was indeed beautiful We're going to talk about that means. Talking point number 2 with God created man with the power to disobey now we could word that different ways of those yes we are but way Boyce but specifically disobedience it will get it is something important about that and then finally Satan attempted to mar the work of God. Because I don't want to say he did more the work of God. Because it has a sense of finality and fortunately his work was not final it is he that is well that's 1st so Ok well let's get to this 1st was very positive so I think God created everything beautiful this should not be a. New Thought to our viewers that when you read the creation account in the book of Genesis and then in that one of our main chapters is basically Genesis one through 31 of our main chapters of Genesis Chapter one The creation account and in the Creation account throughout the creation account God says it was good it was good it was good and the end of the Creation account is very good yes so we have this testimony of Scripture that when God made everything there was no problem with it it was all very good it was beautiful and. And just as God intended it to be now one of the things a lesson does is it makes a point and other lessons I recall in recent days have made the same point anybody who studies creation the Bible realizes that God doesn't do a lot to prove you disagree he just says he is and so the lessons makes that point that God does not attempt to prove he is a creator He's a creator as are in the beginning God created the heavens the earth he doesn't go into an explanation there and the lesson makes that point in fact it asks the question at the end of Sunday as soon as Nevertheless even if this isn't the color block at the bottom of the page Nevertheless even if God has asked us to believe in his creator. He does not ask us to believe that giving us some good reasons to believe and this is right now what are some of those reasons. And you know we can go to some of the evidence is God gives in there evil evidence is this it is an exhaustive thing we've heard we can take the resume which you could you look at You Tube and there's people who lecture about this and talk about all of the uniquenesses of evidence we see around us scientific evidence that demonstrates that it's not by chance or happenstance that everything is happening so for example I have some listed out the cosmological constant for the idea that there's the the speed of light of the force of gravity electromagnetic force in the small nuclear force all these different things that hold not just our bodies together but for all that is the whole universe of light itself and the molecules throughout the scattered you know cosmos everything else they go by Otherwise you planets would blow each other apart asteroids come in and you'd have to fact thing that they were going together on those and that we talked about this like there are constant rules of nature in the universe like we pride ourselves on science we have service and we observe that but the only reason we can observe it is because there's a constant to observe one of the problems we get into when it comes to creation in the flood in the flood story narrative in all that is that scientists want to assume that the rate of erosion was always the same you know writers like that but constants are what we help us to measure things by and those constants in the universe is just one evidence there was a creator sure and then you get to life specifically on this right there's the end of dropping the principle of the idea that laymen don't fuss man and exactly that humanity require certain minimal circumstances to exist at all and I'm thinking like the distance of the sun to the earth in the heat of the sun and and the moon the distance so that gravity pulls just enough on the waves it doesn't force you know and you could have you know the band of the atmosphere how thick it is and the din. And that the power of gravity like if it's any harder we would smash down part our bodies would you know what was that what I saw if the amount of oxygen in the air we breathe even things we would blow up you know or it burn up. Every down to every atom fraction of a measurement you know on a razor's edge all of these things are balanced and it just happens to be in the and everything exists for the exact person that we are yeah what a coincidence and the funny thing is we are talking about how a popular theory both in science which is reality and in science fiction which is supposed markedly Batalla here is is the idea of the concept of a multiverse where there are not just one universe or multiple you know parallel universes or and and then you know science fiction goes in direction and even science which is really science fiction but some scientists conjecture to there might be entire universe is that have this but the reality is from the observable universe there's only one place in the whole is there is observable universe that we can observe that would support human life and it's here in planet are exactly right so the interrupt principles example the enter key sea of design we can see design in so many things in the earth if you look and you get up a painting over and you can see it begin to be in your office you look at a painting is treason is a sky reflected on up a lake. I look at that painting and I think well that artist did a wonderful job I would never in a in a 1000000 years look at that and say wow somebody spilled that in this horrible accident there and did you get when you see the intricacy of design you know there's a designer that's just another Evan well and when I think about it too I like to present the idea of God because we talk about the cosmological cost as the principle and all these things but then that's just what is needed to keep us alive that's right but God gave us more than just a life he gave us life abundantly right right and so we have the richness of you know. Why are you when you look at that painting Why is there reading chord in you why are you moved Why do I look at a sunset or sunrise Why does the smell of the beach or the walk through the pines do anything to my senses instead of like just oh there's danger I react evolutionarily it I have to be I was guarded dude from a strictly survival standpoint you know most dangerous to have more flavors I mean back to food wasn't so flavor bolo would be tempted over its or him so yeah that makes no sense from a survival in an evolving product and if I was really evolving as soon as you found one thing that worked you'd stick with it for efficiency sake but now we've got $10000.00 if you found something you were tempted to over eat you would just discard that because we're trying to survive but I don't know we're here to thrive in this wonderful so it all speaks to us 1st of all the beautiful creation of perfect creation with intent which leads us to the crown the act of creation and that is mankind you notice that it was the creation was good good but once the Bible records the creation of man it was called very good well interestingly all interject this only thing in the Creation account that's called not good is when man was alone when the creation of mankind was incomplete Yes and so man was created and then after the finish work of day 6 the glory back says everything it made was very good that's right and so the crowning act is seen in humanity yes in humanity and you'll catch me saying man is just old school I mean humanity. But we but even the lesson they have to put our memory verse and take it from the New Revised Standard So where you're to let us make human kind in our image just as we go home or in our outline I use the New King James Ok this is let us make man right which of course humanity mankind. But man as a crowning I got a couple statements here when you read that 1st statement for you sure of June 18th 1905 says man was the crowning act of the creation of God made in the image of God and designed to be a counterpart of God incredible yet. Into heavy responsibility placed on man a counterpart of government to develop that a little bit more the less and does a little bit more but it's highlighting on that passage in Genesis where it says that let us make man in Our image according to our liking there's another paragraph Similarly in prophets page $45.00 says man was to bear God's image both in outward resemblance and in character is there we have the insight as to what that was Christ alone is the express image of the Father but man was formed in the likeness of God So again the crowning act of God's creation in fact what we see in the Creation account is that everything that God made beautiful he made it he was making up the room for his new guest if you will yes when Adam and Eve were created he wanted this to be this complete beautiful place and that's that was what we see in the beginning and I notice too that the lesson here also points out of the end of Monday's part how the author or the contributor editor whoever goes out of the way to make sure that we don't misunderstand the creation of man like you said the correcting of man called humanity that man as a male is somehow superior being that a woman is right that woman was not an afterthought it wasn't a secondary or later at all and that it was part of that both man and woman in their complimentary roles reflect that image of God That's right they're designed as counterparts together to be a witness to his power and glory Well in fact the lesson even at the very bottom of Monday's lesson quotes from pitocin prophets were Ellen White says Eva's created for marimba taken from the side of Adam signifying that she was not to control him as the head nor to be trampled under his feet as an inferior but to stand side to stand by his side as an equal to be loved and protected by him so the lesson emphasizes rightly so that he quality between men and women true but the reason and even needs to is because there are elements in the creation account that may confuse us the fact. Net Adam was made for yes Adam was made out of the ground he was made out of and. Adam named his wife she didn't name him he named the animals and then after that when those who go helpers found God made him her brought him to them and then he made her and so you can look at these things and say what he must to be and some people may be of come away with that and said well he must be superior not equal and that's not true but then what do those things tell us well that there is clearly is a male and a female that they are equal yet not interchangeable his very distinct roles between men and women that were stablished created creationist where this is all creation this is just trying to not try just 3 at a lower price and this is the preferred all Eden and they're still responsibility even in that statement there to stand by a side as an equal to be loved and protected by him so he had a role of protection the male was made to be to protect the pregnant and so he was created 1st he had responsibilities he had role distinctions and she had unique roles that were unique to her own creation in fact he named her a woman I'm sorry Eve in the name Eve actually means life giver you have the mother of all creation and so that was speaking to a role that she has that he didn't have exactly in fact talking about families and l. because a lot of times we try to get back to that even ideal what would that really look like there's this fascinating statement. Here in this statement from his wife who writes the Sabbath and the family were alike instituted in even and in God's purpose they are indissoluble linked together on this day speaking of how we keeps out today on this day more than any other it is possible for us to live the life of even friends this is the preferred all God's ideal right it was God's plan for the members of the family to be associated in work and study in worship and Recreation come a father as priest of his household and both father and mother as teachers and companions of their children so the idea being that even if even God had a plan that there be a minimal women working in complimentary. Roles to each other but still having distinct functions as they reflected the image of God That's right anyway all part of God's perfect plan and in the last thing we're still in point number one God created the beautiful These are all aspects of it but one that leads into our next point and that is that God created human beings as intelligent. And if you look at the quarterly on Tuesday 1st paragraph at the last sentence makes this point God's 1st words to man and woman deal specifically with their interaction relationship with the physical world think about he said you're going to do this you're going to you know multiply he going to subdue the earth. They had they were given a level of responsibility and responsibility is one of those things that as adults all has another job I have to remember when you're a teenager I did you get that or there is responsible he like yeah you know. Mommy and they both have confidence in it instills like they trust you with that level of responsibility and so you see here that God created humanity with a level of ability and intelligence not just to carry responsibility but the implication of the lesson goes in to bring this out that God wanted to relate to them and have an interactive relationship with them and give them that level of intelligence to be able to do that and if you read through the beginning chapters a picture of some prophets sister what talks about how they were God Himself taught them the secrets of science right and they had you know talk about plants of light and all the different elements of the earth and you know I was younger I used to think man if this if the world. Well Frances when cellular technology came out and cell phones became a thing our used to think like well if the world were gone 10000 years from now they would dig back into our day and think we were not advance because we didn't have telephone poles right because I think like but you look back at news time these historical You don't find these contraptions that we think are so essential but we don't have any idea what it's like to have a mind directly from the hand of God and be able to comprehend you know and so we are just not on par with that and God formed him taught him about the world and put him in charge is there going to be seeing the being led to ask ourselves to ask are these things really made any are they in evidence for smarter I don't know it was smart of a lot of it's dumb people I don't know but anyway we've got another lesson Point number 2 God created man with the power to disobey Now I chose that wording because we could say the power of choice but there was a risk in giving man the power of choice and I love the lesson highly you know we can ask the question why did God put a tree in the middle of the garden to tempt and in many lets make this great observation on Wednesday it says in the 1st paragraph. Speaking of the Tree of Knowledge of good evil this test provided Adam and Eve with an opportunity to exercise their free will nothing about for a minute opportune that she wasn't place there in we don't have it in the history Yeah Ok God says you can choose what you want but by the way everything around here is what I want and so you know how is there just the other options so there's an option for them to choose different in the lesson goes on to say this test the tree provided an opportunity to exercise their free will and also challenge them to respond positively or negatively they had to choose they couldn't just float along and choice making choices is a part of growth right they have to choose respond to really have respond positively or negatively to the relationship to create hear it. Also shows that God had made them free moral beings. As I mentioned there's a risk in making them moral beings but also it was necessary to make. Humans free moral beings in order to have the kind of relationship God wanted to have he didn't want them to be just programmed robots but in order for them to have be able to have a loving interactive relationship he had to risk giving them free as well much more so in the context of when they were created the great controversy was already going on in heaven that he wasn't creating a race that he would have done it even if the verse or raging but how much more that test of loyalty was essential when already God's Kingdom His universe was being torn apart by these allegations of Satan anyway we can get a great controversy thing but very active engagement of the power of choice was essential in the creation process that's right the end and it is essential in the redemption process as we go through and as we continue on let's make this point on Monday on the 1st paragraph although the 1st half of the page is questions the 1st paragraph starts down the 2nd half a page but the last sentence says it is the uniqueness of the human mind that makes possible inertia in relationship with God something the rest of God's Creation seems unable to do just power into that the power of choice but the power to disobey is necessary to give man that freedom and that leads us to our 3rd talking point and that is a Satan attempted to mar the work of God You see this beautiful worth of God and part of that work of God was that God wanted to make create a race that could interact with him and he could have that relationship with and Satan did not like that he did not and what's interesting now there is a comment in the teacher's quarterly in the notes they have a reference to a statement from early writings that I've included in our notes here is. Not in the lesson itself but the teacher's notes in our outline Ellen White says on page 145 of early writings when God said to his son let us make man in Our image Satan was jealous of Jesus. And there's so much to this so fasting like you go to Revelation says there there was a war in heaven between Michael and his angels and as I say God the Father there is a controversy that controversy because we tween Satan Emma to Jesus himself and says he was jealous of Jesus he wished Satan wish to be consulted concerning the formation of men and because he was not he was filled with envy jealousy and hatred. You know and I kind of course like let's see why wasn't he consulted because he doesn't have creative power you know and I don't know that he fully understood Christ creative power at the time but there is a reason Christ was there in the creation but it's interesting that he was jealous over the creation of man and so you see that that not only was he he was jealous of Jesus but he saw that the way to get at Jesus was to try to mar the creation that crowning act of creation that Jesus was making the human race that's quick you know I keep thinking of the temptation the wilderness where the last things you just heard is you this is my beloved son and he goes out to be tempted and what's the temptation Satan comes to him as an angel of light and says if you are the Son of God like there's a like there's 2 options either Me and my beauty or you in your degraded state here you know which of the 2 but if you are put to the test and that always seem to be the contention with Satan is like you know I could be in your place let's put this he wants to he wants to snuff out Christ and put himself in the place of Jesus it's incredible Well the lesson takes us to Genesis 3 where we look about look we read about the fall of man this temptation even the tree and how he sought to undermine and I don't have this in our outline but there is a passage in Romans Chapter 14 verse 23 this is whatsoever is not of faith is sin and it really makes me think of Genesis 3 because the devil's the devil knew that in order to get Eve to sin he had to break her trust in God That's where he starts with the subtle insinuations didn't God say you could eat of everything isn't God You sound as though he said as he was trying to get her to doubt whatsoever is not of faith once you lose faith you lose it trusting God you're going to you're going to act out and the lesson says on Thursday 2nd paragraph down as a result of this blatant transgression that the taking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good People as a result of this blatant transgression and disregard of God's commands. Elation ship between God and humankind is now broken and of course is pointing to that act of transgression but I'd put I noted in our outline Actually they still had a relationship with God It was just that it was not a bad one yet because we you know not obviously I know the point here in the lesson but we talk a lot today about having a relationship with Jesus and that's what matters that's not true the devil has a relationship with Jesus the late pastor rich you know Phil said you know that every devil has a relationship with Jesus he hates him that's still a relationship is not a good relationship they lost a good relationship with God but they were still intimate so I'm saying that to emphasize we don't just want any relationship with God We want a good relations well and this also ties into last quarter's lesson or we talk about it as if we know and what was the issue your sins separate your nicotine's you know right and there it is again this as a result of this transgression now we have this brokenness in the relation it's interesting and we didn't come in and Isaiah when I remember reading on it he says that are the Lord's arm is not shortened that it came out and I never thought of it before but they said the language in the Hebrew is cut off your arms cut off and then I can't lend you helping hand I have no here and to do anything with this is that Lord is never very good like I'm not crippled He was fully capable of you're fully capable of helping you but you've got to be willing to powerful thought. Anyway. So Satan tried to mar the creation of God but I used that word tempted tempted because it didn't fully work no Genesis every 15 right and look often like it is right but praise the Lord just as 315 years in the record says and I this is the Lord God speaking will put in Mitzi or hatred discord tension between you the serpent or Satan and the woman and between your seed and her seed she seed singular which in my bible is capital s.. Right he speaking of the coming Jesus shall bruise or some version say crush your head and you shall bruise his heel the imagery conjures up of course like there's a serpent on the ground and this he that's coming is going to be injured in his heel but in the process crush your head that's where there's going to be a destruction so even though Satan had gotten both man and woman the complete image of God to disobeyed God that's right they were not cast aside and God still had a play and even though Jesus went to the cross he wasn't defeated even though we live in a world of sin and we're not it's not the only That's right our head isn't crushed a minute and so yeah that promise in fact the lesson makes the point on Thursday last paragraph in their utter helplessness Adam and he were to gain hope from this messianic promise hope that would transform their existence because this hope was God given in Gaza ported and along the lines of freedom God was going out and seeking and there's a great statement on Friday I rarely have something on Friday that I put right right in the nose because usually summary is a great statement from c.h. Spurgeon on evil and God went out looking for Adam he said Where are they oh we're looking for Adam and Eve He says there was a gospel sermon I think in those 3 divine words as they penetrated the dense parts of the thicket and reached the tingling ears of the fugitive's where art thou the god is not willing to lose the he is coming forth to seek the just as by and by he means to come forth in the person of his son not only to seek but to say that which is now lost beautiful powerful beautiful. And then there's a great paragraph in the book confrontation which is a compilation of you here articles on the Temptation of Christ in the wilderness Yes Fascinating if you've never read that but why don't you read that paragraph and companies are business pages 202021 says Satan flattered himself that he had forever broken the link between heaven and earth but in this he was greatly mistaken and disappointed since he don't mean it means. Then he broke the name of the need to communicate that relationship God wanted and it's but statement continues after the transgression of Adam Satan saw that the room was complete man was cut off from communion with God it was Satan designed that the state of man should be the same as that of the fallen angels in rebellion against God and cheered by a gleam of hope but he was disappointed how do you divide Son of God saw that no arm but his own could save fallen man and he determined to help me that he left the fallen angels to perish in their rebellion but stretch forth his hand to rescue perishing man in testing. Obviously this is going to be a very rich study for the rest of this quarter but this is a fantastic start yes if you want to read the final summary of the Friday's lesson summary says God created us in His own image so that a loving fellowship could exist between him and us although the entrance of sin shattered the original union got seeks to restore this relationship through the plan of redemption life for us as dependent creatures takes on true meaning in clarity only when we enter into union with our Creator so sure who. Has for work Heavenly Father thank you so much for recording for these precious promises Yes The story is painful and how much better have been if we had never disobeyed but praise the Lord for your mercies and your kindness and your redemption play and that even though we have each sinned and come short of the glory of God You have had from eternity in mind. The path of redemption Thank you Lord for not leaving us to our own but sending your side and as we continue to study the covenant that you've established with us your great plan of redemption help us not only be here is but doers and followers of the lamb for praying in Jesus.


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