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  • March 29, 2021
    9:00 AM

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What in the world is a covenant We'll find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation. And temporary. Thought provoking. Post Justin with the. Word covenant is one of those words you find in the Bible and in a lot of religious conversations covenant is another word for contract and on this and in the next 13 episodes we're going to look at the theme of covenants found through out the Bible you're watching in verse one is Justin came in in a studio we have Jonathan Sebastian and Kelly and I want to say hello to them Aloha Hello hello we're in a new. Topic Ark topic section the new We're in a new world a look at how minutes went by when you think of covenants what's automatically what comes out 1st in your mind what pops out marriage and marriage covenant it's a covenant relationship commitment is the word that comes to my momentum and commitment confusion. All right yeah I think a lot of all you know the horror flicks and there's always covenants and weird promises that you make with whatever so we're not going to talk about that we're going to get into what the Bible and you're most likely familiar with Old Covenant and New Covenant and are going to look at this theme that we find throughout Scripture and there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the Old Covenant in New Covenant some people think it's the same as the Old Testament and the New Testament Perhaps you're familiar with that and they think that the Old Testament has been done away with the old part of the Bible and now we have the new part and I don't like the new part we're going to look at how the old and new are not different but they actually are reflections of the same so especially if you can pray for us and then we're going to dive into scripture right after all right let's pray. Heavenly father we are beginning this journey to discuss something that has been decided in. Eternity past it's very close to your heart and yet it is one of the most misunderstood concepts in your word so Lord we dare not approach this subject which is too wonderful for us without 1st inviting your spirit to guide us into our own troops made the one that inspired the Bible inspire us even as we speak now is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen everybody is go to Isaiah Chapter 24 Isaiah Chapter 24 for those of you who are watching out there we want encourage you to go to any verse Bible Dorji and you can download our inverse Bible study guides there and especially for the topic of the covenants you will want to download decoding the covenants which is a 13 week Bible study guide on the topic of the Covenant. For this lesson we're going to go to chapter 242-526-2748 lack of time we're not going to read all 4 chapters are going to read services 5 and 6 in if you can pick up in verse 4 and will go forward. As the 24 verse for the earth mourns and fades away the world languishes and fades away the haughty people of the earth languish the earth is also the filed under its inhabitants because they have transcripts the laws changed the ordinance broken the everlasting covenant therefore the curse has devoured the earth and those who dwell in it are desolate Therefore the end habitants of the earth are burnt and few men are left Ok it's heavy heavy heavy heavy. Yet throughout that chapter you see just this earth earth earth even some from verse one of the Lord's Lords talking to the earth it's very interesting that the Lord enters it is into a what they call 8. Covenant with the entire earth with entire universe and in other words the Lord has a rule. Ship with everything and everyone around him yes and this is a reflection of that but what has happened to that relationship that that everlasting come and something happened to this ideal covenant ideal promise Well what happens when we realize that this covenant as he says in verse 5 the Bible says they've broken they have broken the everlasting covenant so the Earth this morning in verse 4 it fades away the world languages and fades away people are perishing the earth is defiled this is all reflective of the fact this covenant has been broken and it's going to show that even in business you know as a businessman you realize that the transgression of the breaking of a contract or an agreement is a substantial issue the collateral damage is a lot farther than what people think when they're actually committing the violation so they didn't pay on time they didn't do this so it's like well you don't pay your electric company you broke your contract now they're cutting off your power which is affecting the ability of your food to stay cold like you know hot water in the shower and it's it's a lot more input there's a lot more implications than you could perceive in just saying amen to pay a couple days later and it's the same thing that God is really trying to bring this picture here and I say Oh you thought this was small eating this fruit you know using Adam which we're going to get to in a little bit more when you ate their fruit you were transgressing this covenant and that breaking of that covenant has led to an immense amount of problem in wall on the world as a covenant and contract those are the terms of the Bible uses but they can kind of follow dry sometimes yes but these are just the terms of the relationship and just having. The interaction between the 2 parties is what's been broken Yes it's been broken by sin is another word that people throw around in relationship to one thing that I think it's very interesting and he said it that this covenant the everlasting covenant God made this with you know the whole world the whole universe and this teaches us something really crucial about the character of God It means that God has an interest in his. He's not the God who you know as some people say you know he created but he left it alone no no no he is crucially interest he's into the details he wants to be part of our existence and so he has made this commitment it's covenant with creation which shows us that he's a God of love of God who cares who God who wants to be present with us and who is deeply affected when this covenant is broken or if it's you know if there's an issue very intellectual Yeah yeah we were told a lot of people in the 1st world are part of this paradigm as you mentioned there at the state believe that God they believe in God They believe God made everything they believe that God is good exists but that's it and so we're it's just up to us to do whatever we've got to do and there is 0 connection and this this relationship or a covenant is a foreign idea you don't find this in the Old or New Testament. Kelly has gone Ok We're going to try to make sure that Ok Yeah Ok let's let's go forward and now because of sin yes God has entered into a sob that of a relationship called what we call the covenant of grace yes yes sure and little vignettes of this covenant of grace is found throughout the Old Testament throughout the Bible so let's go through some of them. Let's where should we go let's go to Genesis 315315 2nd just give a quick comment as before we get to description in Genesis 3. When you think about it everything that God does is a reflection of his character so the everlasting covenant is this general commitment to creation if God has but as we're going to look at not he's the sub covenant that our throughout the Bible they always give us light shed light on this everlasting covenant they give us more information about it because it reveals it reveals more about his character as a god will not contradict him. He whatever we learn now all goes together and points to the same everlasting cup something to keep in mind yeah it's really cool how the covenants that are given to individuals throughout history they kind of build up on the other and you have this. Little Graham's going to Apex to a certain man I wonder who that man might be but it's going to you. Just go to Genesis 315 and Kelly if you can read it for us just 1st please and I will put in a t. between you and the woman between your seat and her seat he shall bruise your head and you shall prove his heel you what does this what does what promise is this so this is you know the Protel you go on gaily on right the very 1st time and very little you are here just to break it out on you know the sort of spectrum on me. So this is the 1st. Approach So this is the 1st time that the Gospel is preached to a sinner and in this very sense God is essentially showing that the covenant that he had with Adam and Eve he was responding to their covenant and faithfulness by saying I'm going to be even more faithful with my side of the Covenant right so I'm still going to find a way to keep my faithful to my covenant even though you violate it and that's just very odd there is no person in any situation that says you violated our covenant our arrangement and I'm going to respond with greater faithfulness and I will find a way to still keep my side even though you messed it up and of course you know in future episodes we're going to look at exactly what's contained in the which is seeded here in Genesis $315.00 which is God is saying on going to do something for you they cannot do for yourself and I like that where you say seated in there and in some way I do. Ok. All right John if you can just break down the verse you know God is promising here he's actually speaking to Satan and he's saying. I will put enmity between you. And the woman you know Eve and between your seat so everyone who falls in what Satan desires and wants to do and all sin and end her seat so all the. Motions not just the descendants of Eve But it says is a capital s. here this is talking about. You know the Messiah future messianic promise any promise of a seed as in singular Yes singular and he shall bruise your head so there will be a destruction of Satan and you should lose his heel meaning that there will be that dismiss the Anik figure will be affected by this but as you said so eloquently is that God himself now even though we broke the covenant is saying I'm going to do everything I can to restore it so you had a relationship here Party a party be totally in sync but there's been a break in that relationship and rather than one person receiving all the negative repercussions of that contract one person is going to try and the other party is going to try other ways to restore and to and to bring it back to get and this is really the Gospel story isn't it is to bring that rift back together and we see the 1st promise found in Genesis Chapter 3 and look at the thing just in if I may you're looking at the fact that God is promising to put something that is no longer there yes so clearly in God's original covenant with Adam there this promise discovered in of grace that's coming in because the covenant was violated the everlasting covenant was violated this covenant of grace is essentially saying to Adam originally my plan the original covenant we had there was no need for me to put this and Miti it was naturally there and it draws us to reflect on our own condition as sinners the recognition that I cannot produce the hatred I cannot produce or resistance. To the devil the devil and I naturally agree now because of the violation of this covenant and that's a scary idea but that is what's beautiful about this covenant of grace is that God is going to somehow find a way to bring us back around to that original And we see here in just the 15 that God started something now he's just not going to leave it there it's not going to progress and it's going to accelerate and it's going to get bigger and bigger through Noah and neighbor and we're going to go through each of those were says after the break. Been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram the You Tube while do you join us like us. To handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. Welcome back we'll go to Genesis Chapter 9 just after 9 and we're going to continue so we got our 1st. Connect the dots situation going on about the 1st one in Genesis 315 we're going to connect to Genesis 9 and verse 16 and John you can read that sermon it says here the rainbow shall be in the cloud and I will look on it To remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth Ok so we see the 1st mention of calm in a language in the Garden of Eden after the fall but now we have after the flood we have this continuing of this this promise is reminded again what's going on here Yes So he's pointing back to the covenant Again it's already established because of the word everlasting so as we'll continue to continue to unpack this but it is it is one covenant right and just different revealing of the throughout but I love the timing of God right here because you know. Lots of the world was destroyed yes flood and it looks like God gave up on the. Yeah most of the workforce and so it looks as if this if if there was a time that God was like Ok this is my signal that I've given up and I'm out it would be this time but after this this apparent appearance he gives the rainbow and says this is a sign to remember always that I am faithful in this I am pledging my faithfulness no matter what you do etc etc and so to me it's it's a blessing to see that as a person obligation of these times that you know when it looks like I merit really the unfaithfulness of God Anything I merit that's what I merit but in those times like now I'm I'm still faithful and these are the reminders 2nd in any human relationship I can just maybe reflect even on my marriage my wife there are temptations that there are high points in our marriage and there are low points as there are in every marriage and in the low points there are times where like hey let me let me let me do something to merit love because this is a low point let's do some healing and if we need to come to a point where it's a heart to heart like look we have the love as a foundation we don't need marriage but it is a temptation to think that we use gifts to compensate or. You can use gifts as an expression of love as well just like the covenants you know you can you know I'm jumping ahead of myself it's the motive not the gift it's up with the motive behind it that can be a different twinge on the meaning of when you're driving at the very point that how you react to what God is trying to do is critical to this experience so how do Adam and Eve react to this promise and now would know how does know what did this because what we're going to see is that in chapter 10 you get the the Tower be able they're building this tower because they don't believe God is going to keep his side of the company and not destroy all flesh so we need this tower just in case and so you're seeing again the reaction to that and that the same action of giving the. If then giving love and showing affection can come from the wrong direction even though like you said it's like well me getting a good for my wife there's nothing wrong with that that's actually a positive yeah right but if your wife looks it in says well you're just doing this for outward comply and right now because in your heart you want to restore this broken covering or moment in our marriage where things are a little bit rocky So how do I palliate this thing rather than say sorry and then say Ok on the spot to back up and so I appreciate the comment that this is these are weak points in human humanity's history and God intervened with the 2 characters of Adam and yes because her next one to go to Genesis 15 Genesis 15 and go to our next major major Karajan of question now as we go that we haven't really gone that far and just to show how saturated scripture is with the idea of covenant not a picking up 3 verses and basing our entire theology on the 3 random verses but like covenant language it is throughout Scripture even from the beginning yes especially coming from verses one through 6 there yes after these things the word of the Lord came to a broom in a vision saying Do not be afraid Abrams I am your shield your exceedingly great reward but Abrams said Lord gone what will you give me saying I go childless in the air of my houses of Damascus then Abrams said look you have given me no offspring indeed one born in my house is my heir and behold the word of the Lord came to him saying this one shall not be your air but one who will come from your own body shall be your air then he brought him outside and said Look now toward heaven and count the stars if you are able to number them and he said to him so show your descendants be and he believed in the Lord and he accounted it to him for a righteous cancer verse 6 is very very powerful that God gave him a promise there is no. And so then there's no possibility of it there's no human contrivance of it but here Abraham says it all if you said it I believe and the irony of this kind of this kind of what the chicken or the egg here so he believes and God promises him descendants right but not only biological descendants although he does promise but also all whole slew of people who will believe God and they will be counted on to them for righteousness right people who have children who have this this this faith in them and that promise is reiterated go to Sebastian can also read verse 18 Yes Chapter 15 verse 18 it says on the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abraham saying to your descendants I have given this land from the River of Egypt to the great river the river Euphrates and then mention all the ites and then whatever is their soul so connect this so it's kind of a we're not seeing very clearly Jonathan So we have Adam and Eve they just fell in gods I don't worry we're going to create amity and you're going to like me and we're not going to like evil and no and all I want gone to the hate for the everlasting covenant I'm so with you guys running a brand going to be a lot of kids so how why how does it really happen here so God is not establishing through and through out history which is his story he is developing he just out there saying that the foundation and the environment for the Messiah to appear so he needs a lineage that is faithful to God that it's accepted flying you know that what it means to live in covenant with him or that seat that he promised in Genesis to then appear to me and that it's a beauty I mean I so much we could look into but God is promising himself to make this possible in fact in this chapter God makes this very interesting ritual with Abraham where he says you know in a vision Well he talks of innovation but then they make this ritual where they cut up these animals as a sacrifice and then. God himself walked. Through those cut up animals which is signifying that God is pledging his life himself to the keeping of his covenant it when in fact it should have been from a human perspective Abraham but again it's just reiterating what he says On no it's what we saw in Genesis God is making sure his covenant is being kept and this is this is to me the recurring theme yes. Allie. The fact that every single time humanity is struggling to walk in continue in God's covenant He appears to reiterate again here is Abrams you know sitting here struggling my well Lord you know what am I going to get I don't have a child or as my heir what are we going to do in Gaza like go look to the stars is going to come from your own body etc etc And every single time you see your low point God is reiterating something why and the reason why God chooses these low points is because at the heart of his covenant it's not about what you're going to do it's about what I'm going to and your willingness to accept and believe it and that's what we find in Genesis 15 just believe that I'm going to keep faithful to what I said I'm going to do and I'm going to count that to you as you kept your part of the covenant you are now righteous and I mean that is powerful right just from you to say I believe you're going to accomplish in me what you promise that you're going to do and God are you kept a part of the garden right now I'm going to push forward and because we want to connect all the dots here and we want to get to the corruption of the apex sort of Deuteronomy 4 Deuteronomy 4 verse 13 and in the Bible reads Deuteronomy Chapter 4 verse 13 so he declared to use his covenant which he commanded you to perform the 10 Commandments and he wrote them on 2 tables of stone and the Lord commanded me at the time to teach you statutes and judgments that you might observe them in the land which you cross over to possess So we see here that the 10 Commandments themselves are also this this is a linear love that word. Lity is. A covenants. Back a long time ago Cali long long long time ago there was something that these things called credit cards read it put him through a reader you put them over in a little costume thing enters a museum in museums. Or those of you may be on the look at the video but you have something called carbon copy paper of which email c.c. and b.c.c. get that were already had No I don't that's not for a long time it's you know black paper or engine plane crew yellow and you know them over and church and you you do this thing what happens is you have 3 copies from a one time and what happens is God is has the conditions of the relationship spelled out in the 10 commandments and he gives humanity one copy and he gives us one copy or he gives one copy in a sense in a sense and then both have conditions of this relationship now this is why it's powerful Some people understand it's 10 commands be 10 laws and like the house shalt not lie I can't lie I can't lie all i lied i guess i say sorry you know we do that or other people take that aha this is what Jesus will work in me that God has has promised from a long time ago so that you do something in me where I won't be able to lie anymore and that kind of change of thinking is the battle between the old and the new covenant experience and yes. Kelly and the sentiment Oh amen amen amen amen Now let's go keep going keep going to Isaiah 42 and I'm pushing us because I want to get to a particular man in found in the Bible. Chapter 40 s 42 verse 6 and 7 for 6 and 7 and the Bible says I The Lord have called you in right so will hold your hand or keep you and give you as a covenant to the people as a light to the Gentiles to open blind eyes to bring out prisoners from the prison those who sin dark. From the prison house I am the Lord that is my name and my Gloria will not give to another nor my praise to carve images so here God promised to give his covenant and this covenant person really is kind of unclear he's he's a light and he's opening blind eyes in a sense who who is this man that's going to behold the men he hold behold and who is this is Jesus is Jesus because you see this this very statement is quoted in The Gospel of you regarding Christ and His birth and this is Obi hold a light to the Gentiles and. Talk about Christ so here is he's showing that from the very time of Adam and the seed being promised and what God's going to Jesus is the fulfillment of God's promise on his head of the cliff and that is the covenant this is what I promised to do and he is what it's going to look like when he has fulfilled that covenant. So Christ is essentially both aspects of the Covenant He's our ass because he's got bridges and it's all for children it's really beautiful because it shows us that in the Old Testament every covenant expression that we see from God always points to the Messiah and points to the fact that even in New Testament times it's the same covenant covenant does not change and we're going to talk about this later on it's the experience with the covenant that it's going to be different but God's covenant is essentially always the same always pointing to Jesus as the fulfillment and as time progressed God's revealed more and more about this. And then I think the further beauty is in this covenant you have good stuff and you have bad stuff yes and all this good stuff we get to be recipients if we partake and yes 1000 and but then if we break this covenant there's all these. There's the curses and there's the punishments and Jesus takes on those curses on our behalf I mean he died on our behalf and he didn't just kind of sleep temporarily for 3 days and pop back up stairs he actually upstairs packed outside. He actually died the 2nd death on the covenant curses I don't know about you but this is a. Scripture and you should be like what's going on and I don't get this that's great because then you need to watch episodes to get into the Bible study found on in verse Bible Dorothy on the covenants we want to really encourage you stick with this Bible study it'll blow your mind you'll have a brain on the walls to see how good gawd is my natural reaction is I want to be part of this covenant and I want Jesus to work in me all that he has to work in me and praise a lord that he takes on all the curses and all the negative things and praise the Lord this happening from time beginning and will continue on as the everlasting covenant hopefully that's your prayer and that's ours thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week as we continue his powerful study. On this. You've been listening to a Bible based on the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter. Your host. Is brought to you by the time television that changes like this morning ever so there's that. Old. Boy to find us on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't.


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