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02 Growing in Christ

Pavel Goia


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • March 20, 2021
    10:00 AM
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Father again we pray that you. Speak you will transform you will come with your presence please feel us with your spirit that we may understand what you try to say that we may know you more love you more and trust you more we pray in Jesus' name amen I was trying to I had 4 messages in mind and so far you managed to finish one and so I'm trying I'm debating to continue to start the other one but as we said in the beginning in the morning. How do you grow in real growth measurable growth in your relationship with God in your spiritual growth how do you grow to be more like Jesus. Doesn't happen in human power if you would be unchanged in the lower part of change so should we cannot change you may change your external behavior to smile you pretend but you cannot change the human nature you cannot change your heart nobody is good to your scene except they never do anything wrong but we all sin. And so how do people change I'm going to continue the message. Drawing a parallel between Abraham and our lifes how Abraham tried to have children and how he tried to acquire righteousness and salvation and I don't listen carefully I'm going to give an illustration imaginary illustration Ok we said Abraham was in law. And he graduated from whatever it was you know to sing school or she graduated and they got married we said then they moved to Florida Ok and they got the job and they got a house and now they try to have babies as we try to get righteousness and they try really hard no babies. And when you try and fail and when you try and fail after a while you get discouraged and you get in your mind that you cannot do it. It's like people who try to lose weight people who try to get over anger is like people who try to get Vicodin or voted alcohol or drugs or whatever you try and you fail and you get the Scottish to Abraham try to have children and he didn't manage so what he did they start. That maybe you get pregnant before he's got you go to a Thai restaurant and you get. Amazing. But he doesn't make you righteous you follow me. So the h. Dr to get b.b.c. sometimes try to do things to get righteous we should eat healthy because he's the right thing to do not to become righteous or to be saved. And then they went to mark feel they say me not them to die in the sense they mean us how to get pregnant and yet they didn't become pregnant. The more ceremonies you Lisa you have recent to 192030 years of being an Adventist how many ceremonies have you heard of are you still righteous. Sermons are wonderful. But ceremonies don't change the heart only gots presence changes the heart and if you have a personal relationship with God we don't change. The fact that we go to church or listen carefully if you go to church and you don't think counter God There is no benefit in going to church if you study the Bible is it good or bad to study the Bible. You should not hesitate yes is good. But if you study the Bible and you don't encounter God's presence so many people read the Bible and then they fight and cheat and lie and kill you doesn't change you to study the Bible unless you encounter God's presence in the Bible Jesus told the fantasies you study the Scriptures because you think in them you have eternal life but they testify of me in John Chapter 5. Jesus implies you should not study the scripture just to get eternal life or this or that you to start you should study them to give me. Unless you study the Bible to know God doesn't benefit. If you prayed wonderful you should pray the Bible says pray without ceasing But if you don't encounter God in your prayer then he doesn't help you so many people pray and yet there is no growth. Everything should aim to know God that's eternal life. Unless you seek to know God There is no maybe you can only do you follow me. Therefore let me continue Abraham try to listen to more sort of us on how to get pregnant then go to more say not us yet you know pregnancy and then they took the best piece they went to see if you not likely need to get pregnant and know pregnancy is we try to really everything to change and grow and yet go doesn't happen and then Abraham gave up now I want you to imagine a Brownie 75 Saturday 65 the Bible says way beyond the time of being child she was the Bible says her womb both closed Ok and so God still is him you will have so many babies like the status now this is what you dropped last night. I want you to hear what they say next in the Bible about 92 percent of the Prius. The answer is not an event it's a process. In the Bible or more of the Prius then asked what is not an event it's a process takes time he promptly for a child and God took 25 years to give him a child would you be willing to wait 25 years to get an answer Moses 40 years until got to fulfill the promise Josep 17 years then as a slave 7 employees I'm 17 years that's a long time to wait for that evidence isn't it. God promised him. To put him over his family and then got to keep him please and. When God splines start to be fulfilled they always go in the wrong direction got almost as you are going to deliver my people and then he went to his honest. Got or just if you would be over if it were your family and then he was asleep and then in prison. When God's plans start to work they always going the wrong direction you see what's happening in my life since I started to pray everything goes wrong because God cannot make you before he breaks you. Would always mix our deeds with God deeds because that's how we are we need to do something in order to feel good and before we understand that there is nothing you can do to save yourself God cannot work. Doesn't he's by faith to grace it is the gift of God so nobody could take it. Easy for you work we make a mess and we need to learn to work but only what God says and only in his power you cannot have a board meeting make a plan and as God to bless your plan is like Joshua Lake let's have a board meeting and plan how to take Jericho enough to make a good plan we had 3 meetings and they lasted until 11 pm We got a good plan now Lord would you please help us he doesn't want that we you know have to have God's blessing you need to receive got strategy. You don't go to God to your plan to get God's blessing you go to God with an empty brain receive God's plan and then you have his blessing you follow me God used to have us give up not out of bad stuff but also all good stuff and only as useful render all God can give you the plan and the blessing. You follow me. And so God had to live Abraham exhaust all his resources all his plans and get to the point that there was no hope and then God would work. And every time when God starts working we have to finish our resources and we get so scared that we don't need that anymore and then we find a way. When you started going down don't get scared it is God working on you. Eve Joyce if you didn't want to go to prison he would have never been prime minister of Egypt if Daniel you didn't want to be a slave in Babylon who have never been prime minister of Babylon I'm not saying that when you go down you'll be prime minister don't get there but I'm saying that when you pray things are going to go wrong don't be scared it is God teaching you to trust fully in him and as you know yourself you follow me got spunk when they were they seem to go in don't get action don't lose your hope because the Bible says that all things work together you don't need to understand in order to believe you need to know Him and trust Him in order to believe and so back to the story when Abraham had no more hope to have children normal hope to change to acquire righteousness salvation and so on when Abraham had no will God said Now I'm going to give you children so you know that you trust me you cannot take credit for it and so what happened God is that of giving children you cannot 11 years and then Abraham says you know I need to do something about this and he slept with. Hagar or however you say it in English I got he got whatever English. He slept with her and he had each mile and that made the mess for the generations to come when you get involved to help God You may come if God doesn't need your help God is absolutely able to do what he promised Don't try to help God Let God help you and then. After 11 years he realized that he'd a mistake and you took another so long until 25 years later all together from 75 to 100 no children I would get tired of waiting if you pray and you don't get another or God doesn't answer God Angelus price is that to every every means every to every on this prayer an answer will come grandma but it is wrong to assume that God answers in the time we want the way we want God and to us but the way he once and for you day and from the beginning a different paragraph we use the same path and so finally Abraham is 99 God shows the human says next year you have a baby I want you to imagine $99.00. Baby. Sarah is 89 and in that moment Gus is next see a very specific Abraham gets in his chair he then goes to the gas station or he doesn't see well he's on the scene we'll you know driving he gets at the gas station and he said he shaking putting gas in the in the car and on the other side is Jim his next door neighbor a man I heard you changed your name from Abraham to Abraham. Oh you know what that means father of many nations how many kids do you have 0 How old are you 100. You believe that you have give you lost your mind man from a human perspective absolutely impossible. When there is no hope when you have told the impossible and you have knowledge of a broken heart. Hon'ble heart that acknowledge full dependence lord I cannot do it as long as you think and you try you'll never succeed when you see a lot I cannot do it. It is impossible I don't know I don't deserve I cannot is just I'm powerless would you please tell me God doesn't the spice a broken heart you thought only in the moment when you finally hit the bottom and you say I need you every moment and you mean it that's when God finally can walk. God doesn't use our power when I am weak then I am strong you follow me and so our strength is not you who are empowered in human wisdom in human education those are good but our string god Sparwood and therefore you need God and so Abraham is 100 and that's when he gets a child I want you to understand we talked about what God does what about me what is my part do I have to do something because you bastard preach cheap faith Paul do nothing God save you anyway is that what I'm saying is there a place for works to do your big God to do sort of yes or no absolutely Why to be saved or why Well let me give you an illustration imaginary just in my brain let's suppose you are broke Ok you lost your job Ok. You all 40500002 your house and you got the northeast that you'll be foreclosed next month you lose your house you own. If you're in different college I would say 60000 tuition But here let's say 400000. You own 400000 your tuition Ok I don't know how much Ok you all with 35000 to your credit card is maxed out. Your car is broken and you don't have money to fix the car or you don't have food you are broke Ok and you want to dish but when you cannot even go job hunting because you don't have a car to drive and your shoes just broke yesterday when you brings it was Ok and you don't have a job and you don't you are the end of your rope Ok and your neighbor is Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos or whatever let's find a kind one I don't know you choose. And you go to the neighbor and you live in Michigan and each node last night and you say neighbor is I am big in you I mean that 800000 all together or 900 or all together and I don't even have food give me some Warks listen carefully to save myself. Do you understand what I'm trying to say I need to do something in order to grow I need to do something you know to pay my debt I need to do something in order to be saved and give me some works so I could pay my debts and help myself and he says you know you know it's your business you don't know what you talk about. Regardless how much work I give you regardless how much you work you'll never pay your debt and you'll never make it you'll never go ahead you'll never make any progress. You say no no no I need to work to help myself let me shovel the driveway he says Ok lets suppose I pay you $25.00 an hour go ahead shovel the driveway and you were really hard to change yourself and you shovel the driveway 2 hours and he pays you $50.00 that you pay your debt. If you go to Wal-Mart or Kroger or whatever stores you have here I don't get a Sam's Club with 50 bucks you can not even buy a plastic bag you need 300 to do the shopping today my right you do it doesn't help and you want to read it ha. And still you don't pay your debt and you didn't acquire righteousness you go next the neighbors give me more who are by the way was it grace or works $50.00 you were 2 hours 25 an hour it was works you go next day neighbor please give me more work he says don't you get it you work yesterday and you didn't get to solve your problem if you work today you still don't solve the problem no no if you work hard I may grow I need all the problems he says you don't understand business is Ok there is no more snow we didn't know last night. My house is clean I have a lady that I paid. You can does the trick kitchen you go there and in 5 minutes you finish because he's clean already 5 minutes how much should you be paid for 5 minutes 25 an hour do the job offer yourself. How much you pay for 5 minutes. $2.00 Well let's be gracious I'm going to give you $100.00 Ok Is that Ok you want for $3.00 and I'm going to give you $100.00 is that whilst your grace is both he did a lot God did a lot and you did a little you follow me that's what some Christians say God doesn't but I do have my part now you got 100 does he sort of your problem now not even 2 plastic bags of food and next the you go back give him all works he says don't you get it you are not able to save yourself why should I don't know who is going to save me from this body of death. And he says Sit down I don't have time I have to work sit down and you see down and you look to him and he says Tell me your life when you start talking when you talk for 4 hours. And then he says Now let me tell you my life and he talks for 4 hours and after that you say man I never knew that about you you're bankrupt and now you've got here you are a billionaire you know I start to like you before I do them like you want to teach I don't like you but no I thought you were like you and I said I didn't know about that about you either and I always thought to like either and you know what we're friends he says I want to help you because I know you and you know me and because we have a relationship and because you have friends I'm going to help you and he gets his chair book and he writes a check $3000000.00 Now you're not enough for you Ok 20 Are you happy now Ok you're happy $20000000.00 And he's I'm going to give you a gift what do you want for that is it grace or works is Grace you did nothing you just talked you had that ship and you say don't don't play games $20000000.00 Imagine you look at it this is fake and that's what you do with God You do good to be true if the idea of the is fake. And he says no he's real I work for it. And you say. You run to the bank and ask him to check if the check is real and if he has the funds and they say yes Israel please deposit before he changes his mind. And they deposit and then you go online and he can immediately Dorothy my bank account I'm going to pay all my debts and have so much money I can from interest in my children my graduate whatever I never 000 and you call your wife and says you are crazy you lost your mind you're just go online she goes I. Thought skinny she called that you know she was her sister she calls her mom and she tells everybody she's happy here. And then you think about it and you say I tried hard I killed myself working and I didn't make ahead not one step and he gave it to me for free as a gift he changed my life forever and if I was him you know what I would do I would go back to the Richmond and give him a hug for ever squeeze him and kiss him and say Man I love you what can I do for you nothing men I don't do to do to pay for it I know if I leave 10 lifes I can still not pay back because I still have to pay bills and they still have to eat my miserable salary I can still not I am unable to pay you back but I love you so much because you changed my life. Let me do something for you and he says I don't need anything I'm Ok what are you doing here I'm planting a garden let me plant it together with you let's plan the garden together why do you do that because I love you because you saved my life what's come not to be saved but because you understand what God has done for you what else are the result of being saved you don't do apples to deserve to be an apple tree you don't do worse you deserve to be a Christian you become an apple tree and there's a natural result you bear fruit you want to feel Christ you are transformed you want to saved and because Christ leaves you knew you do what is good because he controls your life you are only. Worse are the proof that Jesus is in you not the means to salvation but the result of salvation. Jesus 1st believe of them from Egypt and then gave them the law of the Red Sea Jesus given give them the law in order to deliver them he delivered them and then gave them the law you follow me the prove that you have been saved and that Christ is not a theory but he's real in your life is that you do good does it isn't James says prove your faith to your works prove that you have Jesus the way you live you follow me. What have did place but not to give out of or to be saved now talking about that I want to do to go a little deeper that has a plan for everyone. He says injury matter only 9 I know the plans I have for you it is brutal not singular plans not a plan of salvation but the plans and it's a present tense that the for us to today not to to model that has a plan for you today it is very sad to call yourself or myself a Christian and never to be interested to know God's plan for me always I want got to bless my plans and I am never curious to know his plan got his a plan for you. And God called you not only to say saved but God called you to mission to sort of use and people come to church to be saved to get peace to get blessings to be in heaven that you them call us to salvation or to blessings God called us to sacrifice and to mission and to the degree that you are a few to his presence and become more and more like Jesus and you work and you become a blessing and you save others to that degree you are ready for heaven because you don't match heaven Heaven to be a mess would be miserable if people go to heaven we talked cheating into Christ character the more you serve the more you become a Jesus the more you are ready for heaven Moses says they my name off and save them people that wanted to kill him to stone him. The more you become like Jesus the more you forget your needs you forget your problems you forget your job you forget your family for get your health you forget yourself and you want to be a blessing for others the more you want to sort of otherness the more God can bless you. It is not safe for God to bless us and to give us power as long as you have a self centered we would use that power and those blessings in the wrong way the Bible says you pray or you don't receive because you pray a nice you pray to use it wrong only when we die to self. Into Christ character of self sacrifice of Divine Love only when we die to self God can bless us and give us power because we could use that for good not for selfish purpose this world is full of selfishness self centeredness. Movies do what you like do how you feel you should not do what you like you should do what God likes and what your neighbor or your spouse once our likes not what you like you need to sacrifice what you like for the sake of what she likes you follow only or what he likes the Bible says don't do what you want you are not called to be comfortable you are called to sacrifice and real love sacrifice the self for the benefit of the one that loves you thought only if you really love God you sacrifice all for God If you really love your spouse you sacrifice yourself for your spouse if you really love your neighbor you sacrifice yourself or your neighbors my wife she can arch for our granddaughters trust me. And they grow huge fast and she by so much that there are some closing clothing that they don't even have time to well before the baby is bigger than the clothing and they did it honey by a little because they grow Now if you so beautiful and stop spending and so I talk to my wife you need to love your neighbor more than you love your grand kids. And that's hard. That's not the Bible sense when my wife comes home next day with 2 pair of beautiful shoes from Jane Jane and Jack or some like that I don't remember the name of the kid store whatever she knows them all. And I said why would you buy 2 of the same size why should be for 6 year old and one for 7 so she has next year says Honey I heard about you said I didn't buy 2 for her our neighbor has a girl although 6 years old and they are poor I brought a pair of shoes for our granddaughter and a pair of shoes for the neighbor because you said Love your neighbor just as you love yourself I said Good for you now now I'm not sure yet you spend the money. Sure I gave the shoes myself to the neighbor. I wanted the never to like me more you know. How much do you spend for yourself and how much do you spend for the neighbor just honest analysis how much do you pay for yourself and how much measure I need how much do you pray for your neighbor and we say we are Christians unless you love God more than self and love your neighbor just yourself our Christianity is a theory therefore we need God's presence to change us to become more and more like Jesus less and less sort of course and more and more self sacrificing and so God has a plan for you but it seems I started to speak and it was 55 minutes to preach and I still 55 minutes God has been the miracle of multiplying the time. God has a plan for you every day. It would be a. Everyone in this group or everyone in the church every morning with a lot of I have plans for today let's be practical Lord I stood in there in my plans. Give me your plants say meet here I am use me open my eyes if there is somebody there needs help make me a blessing. Can you imagine how our families our churches would be like. We would be like Jesus less self concerned and more self sacrificing Do you understand Lord use me today lord you have a plan for me that's what the Bible says Show me the plan I told you for instance with the lady on the plane you remember the story. I was driving from from from Tennessee to Wisconsin long ago and there's I was driving I mean on 57 Interstate 2 among very non close what you see a.b.n. is I was driving and you talk about 11 hours drive it's a long people and you lose one hour so you don't follow drive as I was driving people usually listen to bad news or to stupid music you know when they drive. My wife and I we don't we pray and then we talk and then listen to Spirit of Prophecy and then reason to Bible and then we talk again and then I use the time to call people and play with people and then I was driving I started to pray Lord use me today I don't know how because I am driving How could I talk to somebody if I am driving maybe out of the hole but use me today made me a blessing today I'm not asking you to bless me today I am asking you to make me a blessing today it's not as if you need a prayer my telephone started to ring and I look and here is my friend I'm not going to tell you the name and my wife says please don't answer it I tell you why between you and me don't tell anybody. That guy is a good guy he's a good pastor he's a friend I know him for life but he talks more than I do I mean he talks home much he can talk your ears off he can duck for ever he goes on solar power he will never get trained he last time when I received him he taught from 5 pm I think I was sleeping and he was talking and my says don't you answer the telephone back that he's going to die we'll get home or he was to be Doc You just don't ask what I said Ok pushed off you can counsel and then I said Lord name your blessing today and God said I did try and I said a lot of please forgive me and have him call again they started to call or go my wife says Don't times I said I got to answer the Lord honey I prayed that God may me a blessing and maybe this is it you know I asked Would you trust knowing I was driving a Toyota Sienna there or there was it snowed the whole night and then you started to melt and then you'd photos and it was really crazy and there were some kind of here and there in the ditch you know and and the 2 of us you know what going just fine you know and so I answered the phone him and how are you doing good you good why do you call him and how can I help when I was supposed to go in Cuba for a mission trip and the bus didn't come when my car is broken and nobody from the church has the courage to drive me to the airport I'm losing my plane I said why did you leave and well you know where I live I said yeah but we give you the address he says What are you are you home in response in no I didn't finish you know what are you I'm on 57 driving to Milan Mt Vernon I lived there I lived there what next I said I see if the numbers are still got by exit I think if I took right on the exit he says What I don't know take a left I took a left go straight to the 1st I go to the I got to his house why he called me in the moment I was going to that spot exactly before I took off on the exit nothing happens by chance. I took him draw him to your port he got to the plane like about 45 minutes before the plane left he went to Cuba baptized a bunch of people when you say Lord use me today that he's going to do it and to the degree that you fuck me if I self to Daddy God can actually bless you so you can be a blessing. It is sad to call ourselves Christians and never see God's plan but rather God's blessing for our plans got called Israel not to salvation God called Israel to sort of us and to the degree that they would serve they could be saved God doesn't call Israel television Got course everybody to salvation not only Israel that doesn't do to salvation God course everybody to salvation including you God wants everybody to be saved none to perish God loves everybody and God called us and I go to church to be saved I go to church to be blessed God called you to bless and to save and Israel I is all 80 themselves from the world the world of course is in the prophecy to be a light to the world to be a blessing to showed the world God's Love that what he says in the paragraph to show the world God's love so the world the other nations would have a chance to salvation that called Abraham to be a blessing to all nations not only trees around your house would be a house of prayer for all nations but they I've already done so from the nations unclean Gentiles Ok I was 17 we had a Christmas I was the choir director I thought I am the boss and the choir director I was young not much brain you know and so I worked really hard and prepared the best Christmas program in the history of the earth and some of my relatives the people some cards for Christmas that were handmade. And we had choir and we had boy a tree and he had drama and he hit pictures that somebody even from this crowd to draw pictures for the program and we had the best Christmas ever and I went home to my dad and I was like a turkey like this did you enjoy the program and my father said I program the Christmas program he says who prepared it I said we did and who listened we did He says Son if you have a cow and the cow makes milk and the cow these the milk Why do you have a cow I said What do you mean he says if you have a church and the church makes programs and the church Liesl good your own problems and then the upload themselves and then they go home happy why do you have a church you don't do Father mean in the bargain if you do farming in the field and bring the harvest in the bargain you don't do church in the church between 4 wars you are told not to wait you are called to go you follow me. And be a blessing to them not to you. Because is that aisle in extradition after $25.00 what are called to be called a teaching them of priests all of them not only add on to be a king or priest and because they failed to fulfill their mission God aegypti them not to salvation as he needed to or they could be saved godly jerky them to missions and God gave us that mission we have this Peter he's well in 1st Peter chapter one he says. First Peter chapter 2 I'm sorry he says we are a kingdom of peace God called us to mission and to the degree to kill for the other surround us to the degree that we love people to doubt degree we are more and more like Jesus and we can be saved. Imagine. What if everybody in the church would sacrifice self. And every morning we say Lord give me your plans as Jesus says in John I don't do my own works I do the works of the father you say Lord I give all my works I give on my agenda I give up my plans. Use me today opened my eyes there are people in pain people who seek people in divorce people that struggle people depressed there are so many people in pain around us opened my eyes made me a blessing today help me be like Jesus help me love people the way you love people what if what if we do that in the family our churches will be filled there is a quotation in the book of the act of the Apostles when he says that no ceremony would impress the heart before he showed the love of Jesus Christ met thought alone he 1st aid to them or loved them and helped them and built a relationship on trust and then he said follow me. Israel left edge of. Went to the sea got the 10 Commandments at Sinai went to the wilderness but failed to enter Canaan. Why is it because they didn't keep Sabbath. Is it because there are giants and Wallace in Jericho. The Bible says Hebrews Chapter 34 in that area a whole chapter that's about them and says they didn't enter because off on belief Abraham believed you very well give them believe do you believe that God has the power to change you do you believe that God has the power to use you you've got could use a donkey he can use anybody trust me you've got to use to demoniacs he can use anybody the success in our world doesn't depend on ourselves always the most experience our education our power depends on how much of God's presence we have enough so that's the key they're for. If you really want success you need to feel yourself we've got plenty you need a fresh baptism of the spirit every morning you need to make God such a priority that you would rather lose your school or your job then to get out of your bedroom we thought prayer study you need to make prayer such a priority that you love prayer more than Strip more than school more than work more than family more than health more than life that you would rather lose everything then to lose your time with God You need to be so thirsty for God that you pray and say Lord please use cold water do whatever it takes and weigh me earlier so I can spend time with you Lord I don't want to do prayer to do my duty I need to read 3 chapters a day and pray my prayer I don't want to do the routine I want to know you I don't want to study and I don't even understand what I am studying I want to know you give me your speed to understand help me know you how you think how you function how you plan you love you help me understand you more I want you Lord I have needs but I am giving up you can take everything away from you can take my house I don't care give me Jesus you follow me to the degree that you are 1st before God and you make him a priority to that degree God can change you grow you and use you and make your blessing and more and more like Jesus then you will have peace and power and success. You said of seeking power and success and blessings seek Jesus and all the other things come together do you follow me I don't know what I mean is this is the 55 minutes to preach imagine. 1120 you said you have a good watch 1120 so how long do we have fucking Let's talk about Israel and salvation we have time wonderful I can talk so easily left edge of talk. Growing in Jesus we draw a parallel between Abraham and us apparently between Israel and us Paul says. Don't do like your patterns don't be like your parents. That perished in the rebellion they didn't enter because on belief they harden their hearts you follow me don't be like your parents well that's he mean Israel left Egypt I want you to think the leaks the power that God exit assize today leave out of them and then they go to the Red Sea I want you to imagine if you go to the ocean and you see the ocean splitting to vertical or worse off water and you can get your hand into the water and touch fish and yet the water doesn't come over you imagine the powerful unbelievable miracle it's just unbelievable and they go to those plagues and that Deliverance and they go to the sea and yet they get the Sinai and see God's glory on the mountain and yet 40 days later they do what they make a golden calf and they look to a stupid cow made of gold on the sea pretty journey for us. Focusing on earthly things to help you instead of God that has been helping you graciously so far why would you focus on things that we see instead of focusing on God you thought only one deep hope that the car would the gold would help them. I want you to understand something. They went to the sea and you've seen 1st says that they are all they were all baptized into the sea and yet after the baptism they were shipped gold you follow me does it happen that people come to the church they are delivered the they get out of Egypt out of the world they get into the church they get baptized they go to the sea they get a sign Id get the 10 Commandments they say God's power and yet they make a golden calf or does it happen. Why. It is because we have the filthy but you don't have the presence do you understand it is because we think he got baptized praise the Lord that it. Does not mean. Salvation has 3 stages of justification sanctification glorification justification is when you get out of Egypt out of Babylon out of the world and you get baptized into the church it's called You Are Born Again that's justification justification takes a 2nd a day a moment an event we think he was baptised praise the lord that's not the end of the story that's the beginning when a baby is born is not the end of the story the baby needs to burp to poop to eat and to change the diaper is not the end of the story is the beginning Christians get to the church and they think this is it and that's the reason they failed because they failed to grow. You are supposed to grow in Jesus you are supposed to on babies that he mean to go to the start or finish of Christ or speech or much adults that it hot food you are supposed to grow daily a baby that doesn't grow it's a sick baby a sick Christian we have people in the Church baptized 40 years ago they sang a song and nobody applauded and they say I'm not coming back you need to go up this year after 40 years of being Christians wear diapers they stink Critias much your. Questions grow don't go to church to be blessed or to be appreciated Christians go to church to sacrifice or be a blessing to encounter Christ to know Christ and to help others Christians don't go to work to get a salary while salary is necessary Christians go to work because God made them responsible for the coworkers and the coworkers blood is going to be required from there hence the corker to say you knew it and you didn't tell me and I am perishing no Christians don't have a home to have a roof over their heads creations have a home because they are responsible for the neighbors and if you don't care for the neighbors you are not a Christian if you don't go to the neighbor to share some cookies when you do that you can visit me to share some cookies 6 and to say can I pray for you we are more afraid to offer a prayer then they are afraid to be playful Hello do you hear what I said Christians have a home to be responsible for their neighbors Christian have an education not to have a future but to work with classmates Christians whatever they have they use it for God and they do all things for God I'm not saying that you all should be pastors then my son is going to be very small it is more anyway but. Not everybody should be a pastor about whatever God put you whatever gifts God gave you you need to do it all is you do it for God whatever you are you need to be a light you need to be sorry you need to be a blessing you need to fulfill the mission that God gave you Jesus called everybody in his field not only pastors everybody has to work the Great Commission is not to the pastors use to everybody in the Bible all parables that Jesus gave everybody who fulfilled the mission you saved and everybody who failed their mission is lost 40 instances the Figtree that doesn't produce fix is chopped off the 7 that doesn't feed the other servants British is the village and the don't have a light perish you follow me the 7 that doesn't use the talents he bases the talents parishes in the Bible he nor parables you and we are supposed to serve and to the degree that you sort of you show that Christ is real in your life and so going back to you that I had failed to sort of dare for the or rejected they failed to go they got baptized and this is it our call to keep about to go to church to eat clean to not deduct is to return tight Those are good please don't misunderstand or say Pastor guess that we don't have to do those things you cannot really have God and say I don't need to go to church I don't you to obey the command either I can cheat on my spouse no. But he's not enough to do those things unless you want to feel that Christ's presence unless you sacrifice yourself unless you love God and you love your neighbor the other things would count for 0 doesn't when Jesus comes some people say Lord we have been going to church yes you did we've all we did eventually yes you did I don't know you. You follow me and then he says to the other group I was in prison and you visited me I was hungry and you gave me food I was naked and you gave me clothing I was and they say Lord we've never seen you in prison Come on Lord you in prison he says every time you get to them you need to me because those are my children. Christianity shows in the way we love and sort of and that's the best sermon ever. So easily failed to fulfill God's plan they went to that it says they got baptized they came to church but they failed to go. And now you think about it justification when you get up they say you are not saying you are concert Saint Jesus of that he is forgive your sins but you are not transformed Yes you follow Jesus you can follow you just found the song is not I have decided to find this so yes I have decided to follow not to find to follow Jesus and so he was lucky enough to find Jesus you need to follow Jesus it's not enough to be a member you need to be disciple God didn't call you to make members got call you to make disciples it's not enough to come to church you need to grow you follow me. Therefore you have problems in the church because people get baptized and they don't grow it's not enough to be justified you need to be sanctified and that's the wilderness process after you are baptized you get out of Egypt you need to go to the wilderness people don't like that people like to be baptized and they like to go to heaven people like to get out of Egypt and they like to going to Canaan but nobody likes the wilderness no water no food you want to talk with others who are like this trial is this life you follow me. But God is using the wilderness to teach you necessary lessons for character growth and sort of use and sanctification wilderness is necessary you say Lord changed me and then you hit the trial and you say Lord solve the problem please Lord this is my problem and God says Didn't you ask me to grow you now I am growing you you want God to answer your prayer to sanctify you we don't try this when you pray for scientific ation you pray forthrightness because we're done this is the means that God is using to purify gold fire you follow me the fight for nice and therefore when you have a problem instead of saying look toward my problem is better if we say Lord I hate it but I know that all things work together I know that you are onto all I know that if you allow did it means I need it so please grow me so I pass the exam so I don't have to repeat that I look less and so after I grow then please if you want to remove it because we failed to grow every time we hear trial every time we hit a crisis we want to go back to the 1st experience when I got baptized I came to church and it was wonderful and right now after 10 years I don't have that because we failed to understand the wilderness wilderness is a blessing therefore pop Paul says id Joyce even you might try this wilderness is a blessing is the sanctification process justification takes an event sanctification takes a life alone rices a life long time process it's a lifelong process sanctification Now listen carefully and glorification you. Let me explain something justification is out of Egypt sanctification is wilderness do you think Asian is heaven or Canaan justification takes a day sanctification a life. Justification is God giving you listen carefully. God giving you. Power. Let me let me find the expression that I have here and we can keep my computer closed I need to put in the password. I want to to clarify something even more than what we talked so far. I found it finally. I want to clarify something that is a little even more profound. We didn't manage to you manage to address it and you probably heard me heard me before. I found it. Just if you can use salvation from the penalty of sin scientific Asia salvation from the power of sin and glorification salvation from the presence penalty our presence salvation from the penalty salvation from the power of salvation from the presence of sin I want to clarify something. God called Israel out of Egypt for what. Moses you can tell a federal let them go to keen on Mars if you say let them be saved let me go to the to the Promised Land Libya let them go to heaven Moses said to Pharaoh let my people go in the wilderness not to heaven or not again and you know we're going to mess did you hear what they say what was the prayer let my people go where. In the wilderness why. To him to sort of our God Did you catch The towards We do this to warship and to sort of think about it what should peace very sort of easy is horizontal. To the degree that you worship God and you sort of your neighbor to that degree you are ready to enter in the Promised Land. What ship is not Saturday where I go to watch if I go to church what she is every day to worship is to acknowledge God is your lord too or she means that you say I am the servant by the way when they would or should they would remove their shoes that these and got told Moses does these and I don't know told Joshua remove your shoes because it is holy ground when they would end up in the temple they would remove shoes because slaves had no shoes feet people had shoes and in God's presence they acknowledge that they are a set of ones they are slaves and God is the master what should be still not a sheep as your king and you are the servant worship is to say you are in control I do whatever you say I'm the servant I do what you say we go to God and ask him to do what we say we make him the servant was every day when you give up what you want and do what God says When you put God and His plan above self that's what ship and you should or should God we should or should get every day Monday Tuesday when every day you follow me that's really a warship when you live in God's presence continually knowledge in Him as your Lord continually and do what he says continually that will shape and service is when you care for your neighbor continually to the degree that you do that you are ready for the promised land otherwise you never enter and they died in the wilderness they didn't enter and he says to day if you hear his voice do not harder than your heart of as your parents did in the wilderness Why does he say today within 1015 verses 3 times today today today you heard my probably my speech before on the internet when I was a kid you heard the story when I was a kid I was walking to school and that was coming from what I was leaving going to school and sometimes I would go to a place where it was a little market. And there was a guy from Turkey that he lived in Rumania his name was by Adam Hassan and he stored a Jews that he called Braga it was a juice really good and he sort of I scream and I have the picture with him he had the little little cart with you will see and cubes and ice around those stainless steel cubes and he had ice cream in those cubes and you toss Vineet ice cream chocolate ice cream and peace touch ice cream and trust me the pea starch ice cream was to die for it was good. And he would sell juice and ice cream and he would scream that guy crazy loud from morning to night every day all his life until I move from William every day he would scream and by the way his grandson was my classmate and now he took over the grandfather business and he's selling but he doesn't scream the same scene the old men who scream to day you pay tomato he's free you imagine the rest of the story I was more I went I paid for ice cream then I went existed you my free ice cream he said you came today Sunday you paid to Maurice free I said no no no no no no no I came to morrow No you came today No I came yesterday that was today and now I came to be that you 2 more I said no you got you don't today today to morrow is tomorrow you came today today you paid I paid again I came next day I said I'll give you my icecream I came to morrow he said you came today again today you paid you knew to come to morrow to morrow is free I said Come on man when you tomorrow he said to morrow never comes. We have a tendency to believe that to morrow we are going to start praying and studying and sort of you know if you really want to pray if you desire that with all your heart you don't wait until to morrow you start to day. If you really want to sort of you start today if you don't start today and you think that you start to model it means that you don't really want it means you have other priorities you means that you put something else above God and then you lot start to model because tomorrow you have something else again and you'll never start and say the love Christians are to do everything to morrow. Therefore the Bible says today if you had his voice a lot higher than your house because the spittle probably says to the fuzzy Gyptian of the Holy Spirit would follow a 2nd rejection and then easier for rejection and the more you reject She says the more we harden our hearts our has become insensitive to the message and to the impression and we get used to the Holy Spirit and we just don't get impressed anymore we develop crocodile skin nothing can impress us I heard that sentiment you follow me. The more you procrustean a to do what God says the more you become insensitive to the Holy Spirit is voice the more you harden your hearts. We should never play games with the Holy Spirit. You've got in place you to start playing today starting today. Prayer should be a blessing a privilege not a chore if God impress you to start serving to be self serving today trust in him start serving today if God would say go to the neighbor today go to the neighbor today to the degree that you do today what God says today God says I have a plan for you today to the degree that you obey today each prepares you for tomorrow. You follow me in the southeast the last 2 chapters you says that God would never give us big things he would give us more things and to the degree that we believe we are faithful in the small things we grow and get ready for bigger things. God will never give you more light or more things before you are faithful in daily small things got his I Have a plan for you as he had 40 as well he has for each one of us to the degree that you daily should meet your plans and follow God's plan to that degree you grow in the wilderness to that degree much unity happens speech or much the wilderness process is daily in things that are significant and small you are faithful and you are to feel God's presence and you sort of that's the wilderness and that's not one day when you leave Egypt not one day when you enter Canaan that's a lifelong Plus if you squint your growth and listen carefully Are you saved yes or no let me explain what it means I have been saved I've been justified when I left Egypt Ok I am being saved I am in the process of the wilderness God is working on me. Some t.v. cation and I would be saved when Jesus comes. I'll be saved I'm speaking saved and I will be saved and I'm continually saved because I mean the salvation plus a salvation is a process justification if you're going to cation now he said carefully this is the key what I say next to you doesn't matter where you are. In the process of salvation if you are here or here or here or here doesn't matter God doesn't save you because you got there God doesn't save you because of what you do and how perfect you are they got less how perfect you are they got less how much you do they got is how much you pay regardless how much sacrifice and how much you give you still don't deserve heaven you can never do anything to pay for Jesus' blood. And you can never do anything to pay for a day in heaven Moreover for an eternity in Heaven God doesn't save you because of what you do God save you because of Christ in you all when Jesus is in you you can not be lost if Jesus is you you are safe because he is in you Christ in you the hope of glory he who has Christ his life he has no Christ has no life. He will call the name of God all should be saved basically doesn't matter if you are here or here or here even matters if Jesus is you knew. That if you are in the process or whatever you are maybe you are in this step in the wilderness or in these people in this that maybe you are the thief on the cross in the beginning or you are a poor dnd I fight the good fight you follow me doesn't matter where you are maybe your mother that is your right here. Maybe you are just the one of the world you are just here but as long as you are in the process as long as God is in you what can you you are a saved now if you are here perfect and you separate from Christ you lost salvation because salvation is only in one name that's it so you may be perfect if you separate from Christ you are lost and you may be here if you invite Christ and you are feel his presence you are saved as long as Christ is in you he is working on you and he's growing you like children grow and you don't see matter I've been praying and studying for you for 2 weeks and I don't see any difference you don't see the grass growing You don't see Flower do you don't see children growing but they do grow how do you know that you don't grow one pastor that means that you more new to yourself stop looking to self. Keep your eyes on Jesus your business to be in Jesus his business to grow you do your job and trust that he will do his job he's able very important. In the process of salvation. The Holy Spirit was like the wind you don't see the wind but you see the effects don't look for what you see to know that you are saved Oh I don't feel that God has answered my prayer I don't feel that he loves me I don't feel that he and I don't I don't you that I go God's love doesn't depend on your moods chemistry feelings emotions God's love depend on his character that doesn't change when you feel it only when you don't feel it when you understand it when you don't he loves you just the same he knew all your sins before you seen before you were born and he chose to die for you and to love you therefore don't look to save all I'm not changing say the want you to look to self either because you become proud or you become discouraged keep your eyes on Jesus Paul says I forget what is behind and I keep my eyes on the captain of my salvation I do for what is ahead fix your eyes on the captain of your salvation. You follow me and so as long as you are in Jesus and he's in you he's walking on you like the like the wind like the Holy Spirit and you don't see anything as you don't see the wind but you see the effects of duty 5 years later because it's a process if you look back you see that God has been working in you you don't need to be concerned when and how you just need to remain in Christ because separate you from Christ we are nothing if our only salvation is being in Christ allow him to grow you in his power to his spirit to what can you continually and this long as he's in you working in you you are safe. Past What if I don't if you Jesus comes with a tonight and I'm not perfect yet I don't know anybody perfectly so myself. You try you understand what I'm trying to say let me out of time what I mean is it who has a clock again. 1144 brother Luke what I actually finish 5 minutes wonderful I can give a story and we can finish. I'm trying to decide between the 4 stories. Sunshine wonderful bliss and sunshine all praise the Lord so nice now we can stay longer if you have food we can stay forever. Yeah. I'm trying to so. This is a little challenging story. But thank you about sacrifice and growth I was in the university in Romania you probably heard the story you read the story long ago. It was difficult to get in school in that time you would not pay tuition in a register you would have to pass $3.00 days exams it was about 8 hours a day for the day it was 8 hours mathematics 2nd the 8 hours physics and 38 hours which is the 1st day we had 2 hours I was about 2 or 3 going on at the 2 hour journey to our calculus next day 2 hours make any physics to our study physics dollars electro physics 2 hours whatever physics next day. Composition and then writing and then I don't remember but anyway it was languages and it was a bunch of students that would take 1234 years. From famous teachers pay big money and they would try again and again and again every year and they would fail and when I went to construction university there were $97677.00 students competing for 10 seats we called them seats because openings for the top 10 would get in the school the others would fail get the math if you got the 3.99 if there are 10 that got to fall though you had a $3.00 you are the 11th and there are only 10 openings and so. I got you school I got admitted now I want you to understand I was the 4th one among 176 or 77 the Emagine my I had ordered you to heart's beating you left all right I was so proud you know and so I called my dad I said I mean he says well. In school he says. If and I believe bio diesel powered because I got at the meeting and my father said that's what makes you happy yes I said shouldn't you be happy for me or young I am but you never called me to say that I know Jesus I got to be Jesus you never called me so excited as you called me to tell me that you are in school you hear me you never got so excited that you got Jesus and you got so excited that you got that meeting in school I said that you should rejoice for me oh yes I would be judged more when you get to know Jesus. I said that I love Jesus he said yeah you think so no no I love you you know you think so that I am honest yes that's what you think. That I mean if I'm honest I know you are only just you just don't know that my father is a well read Revelation Chapter 3 you think this way and you don't know how you are and my son the problem is not how you are the problem is that you don't know how you are or people don't understand you know the stuff and so I went to school and my father said you really think that you love Jesus Yes Well we'll talk later Ok what if I got to school I didn't we have school on Saturdays I didn't go to school on Saturdays and then after about 3 months of school they call me and they said go or we did some research you missed every Saturday you don't is because you are sick you don't is because you are lazy you don't need because you go camping you don't is because you go home you mean because you go to church I said yes well we don't believe in God I said that your business well in this country we don't allow it Ok next Saturday if you miss school you will be expelled without any right to register again this is it the end of your education Well well well I was the 4th one. You know when you're in that time if you do have to do cation you do have a good salary you worked hard but when you had a college degree or a masters or something you're the boss you had a good salary increase power because you know I want you to have a comfortable life I was not happy I would be expelled you don't earn your right to go back to school so I started to be a good Christian I started to pray. Lord Would you please save my education I really don't want to miss school lot please help me. I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed 2 days and 2 nights I broke my heart praying with no answer why would God not answer Doesn't he care that I'm losing my school so I called my dad I'm leaving school why do you do it just I didn't go it's about to school and and I am praying that God doesn't care he doesn't answer and my father says Son do you love Jesus I said yes when I asked you when you got your school if you love Jesus and you said yes yes well now we talk again now I have proof that you don't love Jesus No Daddy I really love Jesus do you love Jesus Yes Ok then why do you call me about school I'm going to school but if you love Jesus does he not that I said yes it matters he said you don't listen do you love Jesus yes more than anything else in your life yes Ok by he end up I call him back why do you bring up his son you don't listen I do you don't listen no I do you don't he said Ok Do you love Jesus yes more than anything yes more to school yes then why do you have a problem if you do school. Can you be that you love school more than Jesus now then why do you have a problem if you love Jesus more than school you should be ready to say icons there or things a loss for the price of knowing Jesus but can I have both no you cannot why not. Because you cannot serve 2 masters you cannot love both you cannot have both. Whatever you want to keep That's what you lose a lot every only to lose that logic you want to save his life he's going to lose you who need to lose his life will keep it when Abraham was willing to lose his son then he kept it. If you want to keep score is going to be a course for you but if you're going to put God above school then school is going to be a blessing for you because whatever you don't give up for God that's your God that I chose your relationship with God That's what chokes your growth that's what needs God's power in your life whatever you can or should and so my father said to me you prayed on prayer Lord save my school you say Lord. School is not important you are important. I would like to keep my school but help me seek you forest and your kingdom and your service above schools above anything else and Lord help me to honor you and to sort of you and to love you and to make you a priority and to make you 1st to the price of school or job or health or life and so Lord if my school would sort of you'll would honor you let me be a scholar sort of you and be a weakness to these people that don't know God but you my school will not serve you please get me out of the school there is no benefit to be in school at all so if you using the school for you so will get me out of the school if my school tell me start prayer groups and pray for others and be a blessing in my school tell me help them know Jesus in my school make me a servant let me be a school if not keep me out school is the benefit to sort of God not a benefit to get a salary you hear me I pray 2 days and 2 nights before and I got no answer now I hated this prayer it was a tough prayer to pray a lot to keep me out of school really that's a lot I don't want to lose it again and I don't want to be expelled. But I give you permission to expel me and if you think that I lose this education for you let me be in school if not keep me out when I prayed that prayer is stunned. I knew the God answered I didn't hear a voice or thunder if there was no bump but in that moment I had the peace that I could not explain is that you all my stress of school went away like I had no school problem though by you as explained he is the only I forgot all the stress and I had peace and I knew that God answered when I put him 1st Not minute. I didn't know what was going to harbor. I went to school it was Thursday Mrs Rudd was the secretary of the core structure University the whole building the whole you know and she meets me and says Go you are a good student straight please don't be found not if there is no God Have you seen God yes what last night she says you need to go to the doctor. There is no God I say lady I talked to God last night. She shook her head I think you are crazy. Come to school and your mind worship God I said that means compromise you compromise a little today a little tomorrow sure enough you are for. Either God or Satan you cannot be in the me that would compromise I say Lady if God wants to save my school he is able as he saved the 2 young people from the fight for this and if God doesn't I don't want school I finish school and then I thought really bad. I'm going to be selfish when I die in a tornado or you know God accident he doesn't hurt me I want Jesus more difficult and if God wants to my school he's going to save it she says Goa no god can save you from a company's government power no God can work against them they have unlimited power to do whatever they want to your life or school or freedom. As a lady you don't oh my God my God is so big that the government is baby. The commies government is like a newborn baby my God is real She shook her head I should I want to see what God can help you I called my dad I told him he said she's in trouble. I said what she challenged God is like is like like Bleier where he says the Navy said I come to you in God's name glad was already in trouble and my father said Now pray for her lord do what you would do on my school but do something for this lady that she would know that there is a God in heaven or she would have a chance for salvation do something for the teacher do something for the colics doesn't matter my school do something for them or forgive me and I prayed that prayer Friday morning my last day of school I go to school and she comes to me she's like a 1000000 flags yellow red blue you know pale I said Do you have the virus or something you know this I'm kidding I didn't say that are you sick she says. Do you know Joe Sure school that was the place and that he Tater I said yes I see him if you don't t.v. No no no do you know him personally are you friends as a lady are you crazy who can get close to that guy do you know anybody in the Central Committee in the Communist Party. Group the close group in the government or the next next president do you know anybody there know do you know anybody in the government Nope what I know about government when I don't have money to buy flowers for my wife and I go in front of the government building that are thousands of roses I think were for free that's all the government I know. You don't have anybody in the government no you know what happened today no. You know what happened today a 7 30 am know what happened Ceausescu spoke on television and he said we need to save the economy the president and today I'm going to decrease starting today from now on in the whole country I'm going to close all schools on Saturdays from today and there will be no more school open this way we save so much power so much heat so much this and that and that so many medias so many trillions so many whatever in 5 years we save the economy and she said if this law came next week you would be out and she says your God save your state occasion I said No lady when I pay for my education my God didn't your god wants to save you because when I pray for you then he did it you follow me you watch me across the paralyzed guy they brought him to use as they lost him to the roof and Jesus says Your sins are forgiven and they say what is this this is blasphemy and Jesus is for you to believe I see. Just as you go hear him to give him healing Jesus healed so they would believe I have a chance of salvation if you watch Jesus miracles Jesus focused focused on salvation and we focus so much on this life we must learn to put God 1st relationship prayer study service mission we must learn to put God 1st his plans sort of his 1st and forget self forget school forget the here you know for your school for a good job for good health for your family forget 3 Don't forget life and to the degree that you put God relationship with him and service and his plan 1st to that degree God can bless you and grow you and prepare you and use you. The reason we have no power and growth is that we are so focused on our needs that we think of the love of God but we actually love other things. Whatever stress issue that's what you love. Our prayer should be Lord I have many needs but my greatest need is your presence please feel free I give you permission I give you my consent if you are free to take anything from me that leave me smile a ship with you I know you are going to hurt I know you will be with me and comfort me I give you permission to take anything that I want to keep I want to worship you. I give you permission to do whatever surgery that to turn me like crazy. That I need in order to know you and to desire you like a deer desires water when our priority becomes God's relationship with him and love for the neighbor when that's our priority then you have Jesus in your heart you for only That's when God is going to really bless you and make you power in France blessing. When God is in full control of your life our time is up we passed my peace another 5 prophetic minutes instead of 5 minutes. We've got to pray and finish I'm hungry already if you go home we meet again one more time in the afternoon as you go home. Don't go home or we heard the nice message hopefully you say that if you say terrible message of your business I will pray for you don't go and say it was a good message and that it oh I was moved and that's it act only. God doesn't ask you to have the power to change God ask you to give him permission to change you follow me and then I says give him your consent and he will do for you what you cannot do very simple act on it lord I cannot do it but I know you can I don't know how I don't need to know how you don't you to understand you want to believe you need to know him in order to believe I give you permission please. Tell me today tomorrow you see maybe I don't leave until tomorrow when I get there we talk about that we'll cross that bridge then but today I want you 1st and if you pay that prayer every day Sunday Monday Tuesday every morning Lord I give you permission today give me your plan today remain me today point or my life today help me love you more than anything today if you give him permission you'll not see anything that day you may I don't know. But God is going to slow to daily insignificant things that you don't even think about you don't even though they are so small they don't matter to us more things that he's going to grow you more and more to know him to experience him to trust him to learn to love him to understand how he works and he will work in you and there is a long as you prayed that prayer and you are in God you are safe. Let's pray together. Father in heaven what the problem is that you can save the other most what the problem is that you can do everything what the problem is that nothing is impossible for you we so many times look to self we look to impossibilities we look to 2 giants to waltz and we get discouraged because we fail to look to you and to know you and to trust you help us to know you. To love you to desire you more than anything and to remain. To trust. Ranges of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w.w.w.. Org.


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