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03 Incredible Grace

Pavel Goia


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • March 29, 2021
    4:30 PM
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Dear Heavenly Father we praise you for bringing us back safely and with full bellies to this afternoon meeting we ask that your Holy Spirit will be out poured on each heart that is here and specifically Pastor going as he shares his words be straight from you Lord and touch our hearts in the way that each of us needs to be spurred forward we praise you for the sunshine that you've given us in this next little bit with Pastor going and in your heavenly name we pray Amen. The time is yours. Again I'm glad to be with you and I'm glad only finished because then I'm going to go home and be with my wife even better. As we start I'm going to try to talk about one of the most simple subjects in theology that we all know very well and we think that we master the subject but it seems that he is a subject that we all struggle with. And I call it incredible grace we all think that we understand grace and God's grace is beyond human understanding and I'm going to try to you Can you hear in the back because I have a tendency to try to scream I'm not sure that you can hear Ok. I'm going to start with force. And I want you to tell me the difference between the 1st 2 stories and the last 2 stories Ok. Long ago before I was in ministry my wife and I had white the few businesses not only one or 2 not big but one of them we had the. Let them enter the price of making clothing and. Bed sets and powerless and streaming suits and sports suits and all type of clothing and in that time we also had a big garden we love God and if you have a garden you are my friend already before I know you know I love gardening remember when God created Adam and Eve he could have given them a 1000000 gifts he gave them one gift and that was a garden he must have for the reason for that also I love gardening and so we had a big garden and we had about I would say. Maybe one acre or less only strawberry strawberries and then we had. Corn so much that you'll get lost in the corn and we had to Orchard off for tree Sunday had. About 5060. I don't know tomato plants and we had maybe about 4058 plants and we had maybe 100 pepper plants and we had so much you're not beliefs and we went to the garden but they asked me to do some evangelistic meetings with the local church the local pastor. And so we went to the garden to pick up some strawberries. And came home and he had to run to the evangelist but to your so dirty from the garden that he took a shower and had no time to wash the kids and kids when they go to the garden and eat strawberries and they become like little pigs you know dirt you all over. And so man this train. And so we had no time to watch the kids and the church was just like from here to there just a few homes from our place so we talk to the neighbor we have to run id evangelist would you watch our kids and she said Absolutely I'm going to take my kid go over and they would play together good she didn't. She got the phone call and she spent one hour ducky and she left our kids alone but we harvested 7 or buckets of strawberries and he had a few containers that are like this shape and deep fullish to our bodies and our kids knew that we shared with the neighbors but in that kind the company's government used to turn the electricity off 4 hours a day every day to save energy and they would turn the electricity and they would turn the water off so we taught our kids. When you go to the bathroom you flush Ok if he doesn't clean you do it again if he doesn't clean you take the toilet brush and clean it up for yourself and then you flush again and you know what that is off there is a bucket of water here use this one where the kid said that figure 2 should share they invited all the kids from the neighborhood they all ate star but he thought he's Ok and then they found honey and ate honey and then they found some nice boiled corn and they ate corn and then they went back to strawberries and then back to honey and then watch that and then porn and you get the picture what happened in their stomach and then did all the neighborhood decided that they need to go out but then the water was turned off. And the kids left and my 2 kids our 2 kids they look and they said that's it the 2 should flush. But there is no water. But he said that you could use the toilet brush. I don't want to be too disk descriptive in the ceremony but the week before my wife and I painted the whole house. It was fresh and nice and our youngest kids tear a soul to the toilet brush tried to clean he says this is a better color than my mom Spain. Let's paint the house. And the oldest one says it's too dark we need some of it let's put it in the strawberries. Toilet scrubber he swore story with strawberry smallest oil a strawberry source until they painted everything to this level because they could not reach higher. When he came home the smell you could feel it from far away. When he entered the house he was in front of the door with the toilet brush money can you paint from here up. My wife started to cry. I started to laugh. I said I did it too but they passed me they do better than me. My wife says are you laughing instead of punishing them I said Well well well why would I punish them we had to move out of the house and pay a team to scratch the dirt all the way to the brick it was a brick house because there's meadows in the ward and after a week of scratching them to apply you mud and then to paint and then I mean it was a horror you mother in process all over again my wife got sick she was angry she was frustrated She's the calm one she's always I don't know how she could be so Kaun I don't have as much patience as she does but at this point I was laughing you know. And my wife says What do you do so I took the kids and I dumped them and they said listen I get a lot of stupid stuff and my father for he gave me and I forgive you too. Just don't do it again. Now this is the 1st picture Ok I'm going to give you the 2nd picture we had a neighbor before I was a pastor. When I went to the sewing business the clothing business we had the neighbor that he had the clothing business and he was also a 7th Day Adventist in the same church singing the same choir and hear the sewing business we made a lot of profit when I say large a little bigger than people could imagine a large profit everyday a gigantic profit he made nothing for the last 6 months he had no salary he came begging for help I have no money I cannot pay my bills I have no food I have 2 little girls would you please help us I gave him 50000 metres double bluff basically like you said like that so basically 100000 meters of fluff. So he would have enough for for more than 3 months for his business if he had to pay me for that which would have been a treasure and he says I'm not sure if I will be able to pay you I said you don't need to pay me it's a gift what good and from the profit invest so you could have more from now on. Next day I had the economical police searching my house to put me in prison and you remained that time if you came missing in your inventory you would either pay or go to prison and they said to me we know you are stealing cloth. I said. Well you know how do you know we know that you are going to be 50000 meter short. I said no I'm not going to be any meter short they checked everything and everything was in the books in the inventory perfect to the penny to the inch perfect and they said we cannot understand I said How did you get this information or your neighbor said that if you gave him 50000 how much do you still to be able to give him 50000 and you don't even feel it how much do you have that's the reason he doesn't have a job because you took all the market and you still hold the class and you cover the whole city and the whole county and that he went to the police to turn me in after I helped him gave him a free gift you follow me and I said no no no I didn't steal it I paid for my it was grace for him it was free grace cheap salvation for him but he does not support me because this is the receipt yesterday after I gave him the material I paid from my pocket and they got the receipt and they put the money in the inventory for what I gave him 3 Basically I paid one time when I put it you from the factory and now I paid 2nd time to give it to him You follow me. And so I paid for it myself. They said nobody does that I said well yes God does. And I'm trying to somehow do a little too and then I told the police officers I said I want to give you something to. I didn't say that before you cheat me because you think it's a bribe Now after you check me and everything is perfect now I want to give you a gift because I know you are poor and you have children they hear some towels and take some clothing and take some you can give them money for your children so you would be covered some these and that and they said I gave it to you after you very fine need to know that I am not trying to bribe you this is a gift next week the police arrested my neighbor he went he sold instead of working he stored the material and gambled it and lost it he was hoping that he's going to win and double it and he lost everything playing poker. He gambled it all and lost it but he gave a head in the papers that he got 50000 meters or so they expect the government income is based backing him to turn in 40 percent or 50 or 60 whatever it was the law profits to the government and he didn't so they checked him and he was 50000 meter short and he told him I gambled it and I lost it and they put him in prison because he could not pay 40 so his wife came to me and said I'm desperate My husband is in prison I have to go to what am I going to do so I paid full time for my material do follow me for the 50000 meters every day for him and got him out of prison did you hear what I said my wife and I talked to him I said he doesn't deserve it I said he certainly doesn't but we don't do that for him. We do that for God Hello do you hear what I said. God asked me to do that because I need to be like Jesus. We do that for God not for him well because his wife came to enough for help he beat his wife physically about a year or 2 later they divorced because he left the church oh he left her he went to you for a woman. And I tell you or I hate to say what they say but she was better off after I don't want to go in and the details but so this is the 1st story I'm going to give you one more that is an imaginary story never happened Ok I read it on the Internet. So it cannot be true. Ok a parking officer sees a notice come in from the hospital and he says you are 5 minutes late and he gives her a parking ticket this is please please please I have to stay for a patient please please don't fight me now the law is the law parking ticket Oh he later he has a car accident and he goes to hospital when he wakes up he had a hen surgery they had to put his hand back he says The stinks the things that are on the hand and then he sees a bandage on his chest. You may know the story it's it it's funny story anyway he says I don't remember her to my chest Why would I have a bandage on my chest and then he wants to see was there and they didn't shave him before putting in the Band-Aid and that the sticky so when you have to pull your hair is not very pleasant and he pulls it no surgery but then he sees a tenement in marker on the back of the bandage this is a gift from the nurse that you gave a parking ticket. Was the difference between the 1st 2 stories and the last 2 stories the 1st 2 stories the strawberry and the kids and my neighbor and the last 2 stories. You remember. You know the story and then the last 2 stories that the neighbor and the parking officer what was the difference between them how do you how do you how do you separate the stories. You see Grace in some stories and you see it even in the other stories do you follow me paint off did she deserve that Band-Aid Oh yes. Did my neighbor deserve to go to prison oh yes he was a stinker do we deserve to be punished Do we deserve death yes or no how many of us are holy except politicians nobody else politicians never do anything wrong we all deserve to die the Bible says that we all fall short of the girl you know we in the Bible says that all have sinned period except God All have sinned Ok so we all deserve to die Jesus never seen he die for us when we see those have to live because he paid for us Ok and then very simple Jesus says forgive our this is how you should pray forgive our scenes just as we this is a tough one it's easy when nobody has anything against you or they have done small things against you but when people create pain in your life. It's a tough one I don't want to share with you some of my stories but we all have been there more or less Now I want you to understand to forgive doesn't mean to to to enable Hello did you know he beat you one time let him beat you again because that's Christian way no he abused the kid let him do it again no he deserves praise only then go to prison you follow me to forgive is not to hate to be able to help them when they need help to pray for their salvation you follow me but not do you know able not to create the opportunity for them to do it again because Jesus says if your neighbor did something against your. Leave him alone pray for him and let him do it again does Jesus say that go to your doctor him if he doesn't listen listen carefully if he doesn't listen you what do you do you take another one why do you take another one very simple so it's a weakness now. In the Bible is not to win this so here I have a witness that I talk to him it's so he will keep you neutral because every story has 2 sides and you have a tendency to be biased to see all the old part take another one that is neutral that would keep you unbiased you follow me if he doesn't listen back to the church not to criticize but to pray and to try to turn him around if he doesn't listen Jesus said he should be for you like a pig and you know what that means is not to hate that we have a problem you are called to love the neighbor you are called to love the stranger you are not called to hate their neighbor to be like a pagan meant in Jewish culture not to do business with. Their action if he has deceived you one time it's your fault if you deceive you 2nd I need your fault because you leave me that actually if you do deceive another line of business again so you cannot deceive me again I am learning my lesson but that doesn't mean that I hate you or I could you say you or you follow me it means that I forgive you but I'm not going to do business with you if you don't keep a secret I forgive you but I'm not going to tell you something again because you've got to be Weiss So Jesus is leaving your introduction don't enable them don't create the possibility put limits put barriers between you and them but forgive them what if they don't ask forgiveness doesn't matter that's between them and God You forgive them because Jesus asked you to do so now listen carefully My subject is not forgiveness My subject is Grace but I want to take this example to show you how God deals with you and with me to talk about Grace not about forgiveness so Jesus says after you talk to him if they don't change that either Peter wants to be a little smarter or he says Well the funny you say that you should forgive 3 times how many to actually forgive 7. And Jesus says 70 times 7 What is he coming from because in the Bible if you say 7 times 7. Is 49 the 50th year is the year of forgiveness the Jubilee where the slaves were freed the property swim back the debt was forgiven I would understand by Jesus 70 times 7 What you see coming from some people could say well from the prophecy of Daniel the time that was given to the Jewish people 70 times 7 you remember but it was something else if you think about in the Bible in Genesis the great grandchild of Cain. The 1st one that invented polygamy 1st one in the Bible that had 2 wife you remember he killed somebody and he goes to his wife Sproule and he says Cain has kill somebody and he would be revenge 7 times Leymah his kill somebody eventually time saver and in the Jewish culture they have created a tradition that they know and you can find it in it's in the tradition if somebody does something against you you forgive the times but if somebody does more you'll eventually time 7 to teach them a lesson and Jesus says to be there no not 7 times but 70 times 7 and Peter responds very strange he says increase our faith what is the connection between faith and forgiveness you need faith to be forgiven if by faith you need to believe and you need faith to forgive because you need to believe that God will deal with it God will heal you and God will deal with them you follow me now and you to understand. Increase our faith. And Jesus says if you have faith like a mustard seed you say to that he move and he jumps it up roots itself and jumps into the ocean was the connection we thought when you talks about a mustard seed you talked about faith no it talks about grace and forgiveness if you have faith you can forgive and you say to that he move and he jumps I'm not going to go too much there remember got docs in the Bible that God told our scene is at the bottom of the ocean Marianna Trench the deepest place and he put the know if you sing sign above about you know and so Eve got through huge scenes at the bottom of the ocean he wants you to do these scenes at the bottom of the ocean you follow me now let's talk a little about you Grace. Believe it will grace. Jesus says because Peter could not understand 7 you think 7 this is to watch. Jesus's there was a man. Who owed to the king then 1000 gallons what is then 1000 gallons 10000 talents if you do the math if you go back in his story and do the math 10000 talents let me explain a little one beginner he was the sala it was 4 grams of silver not gold silver was the salary for one Roman soldier for one day you work one day you know he is the society for one day now listen carefully one talent was 30 kilograms of gold that was 67 pounds of gold and it was 16 years salary 16 years salary one talent 10000 talents was 300000 kilograms of gold 670000 pounds of gold 160000 years of work salary how much. 160000 years I want you to 2 to process this 160000 years how many lifes if you leave 80 s. but you cannot work until you are some people do work how many lives do you have to leave and not pay bills and not eat in order to pay $10000.00 talents that I don't know if we get the picture but whatever you do you will never be able to pay Jesus sacrifice on the cross whatever you do or you will never be able to pay for Jesus' sacrifice and whatever you do you will never be able to pay for salvation you can never beat 160000 years of gold debt and he goes to the Master and The Master says you got to go to prison please he says forgive me and I will pay you back did you hear what I said or let me repeat please forgive me and I will pay you back what is wrong in the sentence 2 things are wrong number one you cannot pay back but number 2 this good Christian doesn't understand what the grace is he says forgive and they pay back if use for a given this is grace if you pay back it works he mixes the 2 if you are forgiven you are forgiven you don't have to pay back because you are forgiven if you have to pay back there's no forgiveness you are only he says forgive me and they will pay back. He doesn't understand what forgiveness really means he prays for forgiveness but he doesn't believe that he's forgiven and he doesn't know how forgiveness works and because he doesn't understand number one how much he also how much he has no clue of the magnitude of his that he home I got to I'm going to pay back he doesn't understand how much pain he has created he doesn't understand how my Jesus has paid because he doesn't understand the gigantic that the magnitude of his debt he says Oh forgive me and other people and he not only doesn't understand how because he said how he sees that he doesn't understand they cannot pay back but he doesn't understand how you 2 works he says oh I'm going to pay back 40. Because this preacher doesn't understand God he's not able to forgive the other one. Because then his brother also him 100 unity that's do you monster want to keep he almost 160000 years water and you don't owe him 3 months work and he gets him until he did and you got a very pretty is going to give me a note to back this guy also doesn't understand Grace Oh do you back forgive me please you're forgiven he's like that reach under what can I do tween hate you don't do to be long. Forgive me and they pull you back and because he doesn't further give his brother the master puts him in jail he says you know what I'm not going to forgive either and then Jesus ends the parable for the give and you would be forgiven all you have done you know he's like you never do you don't forgive and you will be forgiven with a measure to judge with the same measure to be judged you follow me. They're for. In order to have power to be wise to know how to forgive and how to enable. And how to trust God that God is Just and he will give you another to have the power to do that we in human nature we cannot understand that and we cannot do that we need God's Love We need to be filled it says it about a good that God has put his love you know we need to understand God how He works and the more we understand how much he has forgiven me and the more we believe that actually we are forgiven debt free we don't have to pay back the more we are able to forgive others and to show them grace to the degree that you understand the grace you have received to the same degree you can share the grace to others you follow me therefore good people are good Christians that cannot share the grace is not because they are bad it's just because they don't fully understand the Grays they have received let me explain I was you know the stick somewhere. And then I got there there was a tall all Lady 92 years old Sharp like the best knife in the world. She was smart she was a business woman she owned so many apartments I don't remember 400 that doesn't matter 103000 apartments I don't she owned a musical store she owned a dealer she owned she heads money. And when I got into the district tall slim this back you know she came to me she put her finger in my nose looking down to me I am short young men I am God here I said Hey good to see you good night meet you God how are you doing she said sob jokingly I said why not you Joe Quite why not me she says I'm not joking Whoa he says you do what I say and you'll do well and you'll stay here you don't do what I say I'm going to move you. Well my father taught me. That you should not have fear if you are afraid you don't have a god. From Genesis to Revelation again and again God says Do not be afraid for I am with you now let me explain a little of their it see Don't be afraid when he they started to scream on. A journey called Do not be afraid because they just I am with you again and again until evolution in evolution Chapter 13 he says this People will not go to heaven if their list of people will not go to heaven. And top of the list are people who are afraid of. God's love cast away any fear. If you have God's presence and your god is real. You have no reason to be afraid. Ok And so my father told me if the Communist Party comes to you and says give up God. Don't be a chicken be a liar. He says I would rather die as a lion then leave as a chicken he says Get your shoulders back get your head up and say I'm the son of the king you can do whatever you want I'll follow my God. And my father said the question your day may be to get your back straight Don't be a chicken. And so when the lady said to me I'm going to move you I got my back straight my head up and I said God is my king if you move me I want to move if you keep me here you move. She says young men I've been there for 70 years I moved 17 pastors before you. I'm going to move you to you are nobody. And there she said you just cross me one time and you'll see later I learned that she paid for the Academy dorms that she paid for the camera grounds that she paid in cash for the billing for the local church that she pays the bills that basically everybody was absurd because if not she was stopping and she wanted me to worship her you know I don't worship image images so and so I visited her I loved her and I stuck to her but we had the board meeting and she is usually started to call people names and she told them I want you to send so much money to India and they said well that's Church sent 2000 that church 70000 that you're sent to why would he send 65000 we need to fix the what he thought we need to fix the roof let's send them 23510000 but not 65 as you wish I gave you the money you said you told if not you'll never see money from me again and I said Slow down you don't tell them what to do I want you all to get a piece of paper and write down how much you think we should give between 0 and 65 and then would you know baskets unlimited Who do you think you are to tell them what to do I tell them what to do nobody talks against me. I said I would like you to keep quiet and let them vote now I'm going to move you I said well until then I want you to get out. I'm not going to get out I said then be quiet I cannot be quiet I said Ok I do my telephone 911 somebody says my meeting I'm past where she said Are you crazy I said yes. Come to hang up the phone I'm leaving hold on a 2nd please please leave and then I'm going to tell them that everything is fine she left thank you so much bye she came back open the door are I'm going to tell you mean h.-u. I said you don't like Schwarzenegger you know now I should have been a little more much you're a little more kind. But she says I'm going to donate you I think 92 years old I'm not sure about that. She did e.k.g. of her love and energy and influence to destroy me and my wife and she started to call every church member every day are you on his site or my site and then she started to call the conference and they she started to write letters to the conference and to the division and to the union. He spoke of us about he said that we should keeps about but if we keep Sabbath and don't know Jesus we still don't gain anything because. But he didn't know Jesus and so he that's I guess about and she was. Twisting my words and she was hunting me and she made my life miserable meeting every church meeting every It was just a pain when somebody does that do you say about innocence about out and using the meetings and all the time after a month to 3 months you get tired so my wife and I decided to pray and we pray for the church and we prayed for her and we decided not to fight remember when somebody came to talk to name our name I said I have better things to do I cannot come down because I have a want to do so my wife and I decided that we have a work to do God didn't call me there to fight God called me there to sort of so we could visiting preaching doing evangelism Bible studies visiting the sick and didn't spend my energy fighting her because when they use War doesn't matter who we use everybody. In the church when there is war everybody loses a family's. Doesn't matter who is victorious there will be casualties and so Jesus came to be in unity save them came to be in division and so members would call me Pastor we are on your site I said no no no please don't be on my side in it I said don't be on anybody's ideologies aside she cannot fight to have what you need to have 2 parties and they're not fighting so she is alone so she cannot fight because she doesn't have anybody to fight with so I'm not going to fight please do sort of use visit the Sikh preach don't spend your energy fighting I'm not going to allow it division in my church oh Ok pastor. We kept praying Nevertheless to be honest I hated her from the bottom of my heart because she made my life miserable Ok we kept brain and they fused I did my best not to fight her and I said Lord how can I love her I mean come on I love Donna my wife but I cannot love this lady how can I love or teach me how to love and we kept praying and praying and he kept praying 3 months later she fell on ice she broke her hip her leg her high and she went in the hospital a week later she died I didn't pray for death but then you know my wife says go and visit her I said. Not going to do that myself then get out of ministry. Not going to do that either. And my wife said to me given Jesus you lot see that even pagans love those who love them but you are to love those who hate you those are made to turn the other cheek to to give even the coat that doesn't Jesus say blessed those who got you before those who hate you doesn't doesn't Jesus on the cross he forgive them because they have no clue what they do if they know that they say that he's been doing priest forgive them doesn't Jesus say that how can you be a bastard if you don't and then listen. Maybe God brought you here for her I said you need to laugh and I said she's unlovable. And I says well maybe God brought her here for you you cannot be a pastor before you learn to love her well I didn't I my wife and you know I said if you want you love her I said Jesus loves her and that's enough I don't have to. But then I said Ok Go and visit her in hospital don't you go empty handed buy flowers I said Ok I'm going to buy flowers I went to I put just the cheapest possible flowers to 49 I mean she was Why would I spend my money for her you know and so I got the cheapest flowers I go to hospital I open the door and she sees me and when I go she gets stuck in the left in there like the good hand and she digs the flowers and he's been the head of the flowers in my head I says I hate you get out in my mind I don't like you there by I go home well I says Did you visit her Yes you do her know why she didn't tell she had beautiful hours she said Well it means that you do the mean you go back. I said you go back she says no you go back or get out of ministry she says you just don't get God's grace for you and then my wife said to me you really need to repent I said she needs to repent she hit me with the flowers she's be criticizing me she'll be I refuse to fight and look how I pick this is the payback and I says You really don't understand what you preach. And I said I don't I don't have time to do this we have visitors go in the garden where nobody can see you and pray that God would forgive you and show you who Christ is so you can forgive her and now I said to me today you need to decide if you want to be a battle if you really want to be a pastor go in the garden and pray not for her you have been praying 3 months for her it's time for you to pray for you I went in the garden and I said Lord I really hate this lady I've got to confess would you help me love her because I don't know how to do that I don't have anybody except I mean I can say here I love you but that's a lie because I don't know you and for me I mean if you really need I help you if you need for me I help you but I love my wife that it appeared you follow me. I'm exaggerating to make a point Love is not a feeling and you don't talk about love I know love is not an emotion I don't feel that I love you love is a principle or you care for the neighbor or for the stranger or for the enemy you don't have to agree with them but you have to care for their salvation you follow me so yes I love you in that way I don't have the 50 that I for my wife but I care for her but I said in that moment little lot teach me how to love her because I hate her I don't feel any type of love got put in my heart you don't need to fear it. And yes you struggle with it. But I want you to be able to sacrifice self for her and that was for me new life what and it came in my mind in that 2nd when yes I want you to stone Moses and Moses goes to God and God says let me destroy them and Moses says better things in my name are from the book of life you know what that means not only death eternal death my name from the book of life and save them they want his enemies we don't need Moses to national he might get another year you remember. And Moses says I would rather be lost eternal loss and save them that God love and got put in my heart you cannot be a pastor you cannot be like Jesus you cannot be a Christian period before you are willing to sacrifice self for her and you will never win her or anybody else in fact not even yourself not even your children you will never have any influence upon anybody before you are in To Die For that person you have no right to tell somebody what to do before you are ready to die for them hello so I prayed one of the toughest prayers of my life Lord save this lady and if he takes my life I am willing to give my life when I said those words it was like pulling teeth. I was unable to say to my life I said I really don't want to say this and I'm not sure if I mean it but I give you permission if her salvation takes my life then my life because Jesus would have died for was short and Jesus came to die while we are still not only sinners but in Pixie's enemy is Jesus we'll get into that for enemies so Lord I'm willing to give my life for this lady when I prayed that prayer and I was really into sacrifice self I finally had peace until there I was struggling with it I had finally had peace. And I went in the house and I was dubious as you prayed you don't you yes now you go and visit her I made cookies. I said when I asked you yesterday to make cookies you didn't know you made for her Ok I took the Rumanian beautiful amazing cookies I go to hospital knocking at the door with the cookies behind my back so she's not bored in my head. I came to pray for you I don't you go back yes I hate you I say lady let me make a confession I don't want to hear isolated I need to not you you do too but I need to repent I'm not a good battle she was a shock she expected me to accuse her to go and then to go and visit that she was wrong when I confess my sin instead of judging her she was in shock what got the 1st pastor who says that I said yes 1st person for the future never thought and and I said I'm sorry is my fault she's not yours because what do you mean she was shocked you didn't see that coming and I said you don't like me but to be honest I don't like you. And I hated you. And that I was sorry that you fell but you know I was kind of smiling when I heard that you felt you know sure why after I said I got to an office now so let me confess and I say Lady I didn't know what to do and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I realized that unless I love my enemies. I'm not a Christian and Jesus told me that and then they say forgive you I will not be forgiven and you just told me that how are you going to be in heaven together David with your idea if they don't forgive each other you follow me how are you going to be together I want to go to heaven so I asked for forgiveness God and God forgave me and I want to ask you for forgiveness because I either love you. She Was he shocked you want me to forgive you yes is my fault please forgive me. You are the 1st pastor ever to say that battle I don't care about the others I'm talking about you only you know. She says Why did you come to pray for you and to bring you cookies I don't need your cookies I said that's Ok I'll leave them there are many you have the best cookies in the world she says they do them and I scan I taste them I said yes she tasted all of them she didn't say one for me. And then she says why do you keep coming why do you pray for me why would you be willing in prayer to sacrifice your life I told her there is a lot in my life and say For why would you say that for me no don't you know that I hate you I said Yeah but that's what Christians are supposed to do that's Grace. And she said to me I want you to hear when I was 2 years old my parents died in a car accident. They left me a big fortune everybody wanted my money nobody wanted me I been a civil foster homes beaten abused that are and I don't want to give the story I said nobody loved me I've been abusing you thank you so many families and then she said My husband took the money and left. My other husband to the money left nobody likes me she says I don't know what love means nobody has ever loved need the way you say. And she says I don't know how to. I don't know how to do the church members I just know to do our money. And she said to me Don't pray for my salvation. And I said How do you know you could do it in a box and you refuse I don't the box is empty how do you know well I think I should Don't we all know I seen the big sin I said how big the biggest I said do you think that is bigger than she is of blood Well no then you are safe. Man you don't understand battle 70 years ago I call me the big sin I say Lady 70 years ago did ya gotta give us an every day of my life lady you don't have a scene problem you have a no knowledge of God problem Hello. The reason she was unable to love and to forgive others was because she has never experienced forgiveness and grace and she knew a theory of God but he didn't understand the love of God You cannot give what you don't have you need to receive in order to share how can you help people to understand God's grace if you don't experience God's grace yourself how can you give others peace if you don't have peace how can you give others joy and hope if you don't have hope you need to be filled with God's grace to the point that you Bob You scream and jump and we sell and dance a holy dance and you are happy and then you can give it to others otherwise it's fake has no power no influence no transformation and she says I don't know what love is this is 1st time in my life when somebody prays that prayer for me and she says Do you think there is hope for me I said yes don't you feel the Holy Spirit mean no I say let me put it to you how do you know best let me prove it to do you want to be saved yes then the Holy Spirit has not left I said she said How do you know I said your human nature doesn't want God It is the holy spirit that says go back home to the like the prodigal son go back home your father is going to receive you the human nature and Satan will say stay here don't go home but the whole is pieces go back turn around you receive you go back if you do want to go back does not you does the Holy Spirit you think is not too late I am positive you think I'll be forgiven I am positive What should I do confess I did stall my life you didn't have faith these are all failures taking the Bible as what he says that we don't feel up to 11 is impossible to please him he's out of it he says we believe and because we believe we receive it you follow me and then she says to doubt God's promise is called to make him a liar. Jesus' blood is sufficient to forgive any scenes you have done but I guess how big a god is how many and you say but if I did it again if you go to God back with honest your broken heart to forgive you again and this is what gives my mind if you 7 time 20 times did it and you go back with honest your broken heart he forgives you again I just don't get it if you do that to me out I would just kick you out he forgives you again and does that isn't God's love constrains us because we cannot wrap our mind around it and we say it is too big to be true you follow me and when you start to focus on that cross when you start to reflect that love that type of grace the more you understand the 160000 years that for a given a 2nd the more you understand the more you are overwhelmed and the more you say Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound and the more you understand that the more you are filled with God's love and God's presence the more you understand God's love the more you are filled with it and the more you are filled with God the more your life is transformed because of his love in you wait out your efforts and the more you understand that in your field and you are transformed the more you love others we doubt effort in this beautiful he says at the foot of the cross I put it in my words at the foot of the cross is really affect his character his love his sacrifice. We understand he more and more we are transformed from grace to grace into His image we don't human effort. When you and the Bible says that we look like in the mirror and then we look every deflect on him though we don't see clear we have a change from glory to glory just by looking the more time you spend with him the more you understand him the more you understand him the one who are overwhelmed and you love him the more you love him the while your feel His love the more you are to His love the more you love others he taught effort because he is loving you transforms you and makes you like him do you follow me therefore he cannot forgive we cannot show grace we cannot love before we understand his love and we are filled with His love you follow me the 1st step you salvation is to get that grace to the point that you are filled with it. And so back to the story the lady. 8 seconds left over to preach. The lady says to me Do you think there is hope I said the Bible is very simple if you confess he forgives but the Bible. So I want you to confess and then you are forgiven I said I want you to say a lot please forgive me because I did I just seat past of just see it now he she says you want me to close I do whatever just Sweet Lord please forgive me and then I want you to say now Lord I believe that I am forgiven she would not say to sate I'm not sure I don't feel it you don't need to feel God God's forgiveness is not anything who I'm forgiven I felt it you don't need to feel it you don't you do as many you don't need to see it is not colored You don't need to explain it is not science you don't need to understand it you need to believe God's word you need to take God's word for it if God said that's it. So I said you need to believe it and then I says don't wait to feel it I have the paragraph in my presentation Don't wait to feel it and then I says quote just seat because the way you talk is the theme for this is the way you think just seat I believe. I don't understand I know I don't you surveyed but I believe you were there I said it is a choice I choose to believe. It is by faith so I said really just a lot of I don't understand but I believe that you forgave me and I believe that your blood on the cross is absolutely fusion and that I said Say Thank You Lord I praise you because I am forgiven. She said Thank You Lord I believe I am forgiven and then she says in my forgiven I said Yes I said Now you can jump and scream You're forgiven she says how I see very simple in the moment you believe Jesus took his righteousness and put it on you and took your sinful us all and put you to him and now you are as righteous as Jesus says that it I said that it so simple I said so simple. Come close. You want to hear something which has come close Ok come close battle Ok Coming next to me Ok she took me with a left hand she squeezed me and she started to cry I said nobody has ever showed me love I thought I was lost God sent you here for me I said knowledge God sent you here for me. She died a few days later. Do we understand God's grace to the degree that it transforms us to the degree that we become grace to people around I am not that keen about enabling or tolerating sin I'm not talking about agreeing or allowing sin I'm talking about forgiving and you sort of hating rather praying for them that they will happen to be saved I don't on them to be lost due to the degree the acute effects contemplate think they have time to understand and to assimilate God's love the more you understand to that degree you are transformed and you are able to show share that grace to others around. People who don't show grace because b. have not experienced Grace themselves you know the saying The more you are C'mon flower the more likely use my life flowers the wall you walk among grace the more likely you are going to smell like Grace you follow me and so our time is up my voice is gone I want you to read a few quotations I don't know if we have time. To. Listen carefully if we expect our prayers for forgiveness and grace to be heard we must offer them in a forgiving spirit we must forgive others to the same man and that he expect to be forgiven. We must open our hearts wide to the love of Jesus and then encourage bt affection and love to our brethren gospel workers page 430 we are not forgiven because we forgive but just as we forgive we can go back for forgiveness the ground of all forgiveness and grace is found in the unmarried love of God shown to us and by our Archy cute toward others we show whether we have made that love of God ours by the way we treat others we show if we understood God's love to me. That's Christ object lesson page 251. Our time is up I went 5 minutes in minus in debt. I want us to finish I have a few more paragraphs I giving you a new paragraph for the morning and for the 9 o'clock and for last night because I didn't have time I have them beautiful powerful paragraphs already gave you plenty of stories are not going to give you more stories but I'm going to say this. Human nature. Human pride. Human pain human selfishness. Human mindset keeps us from taking these steps and we are afraid if we take them that we are not secure what's going to happen to me but when you know Jesus you are no longer afraid you know that if you are be him he promised and he will take care of you and he will defend you and he will do justice and he will protect you and he would bless you and because you are afraid to do what he says we miss the blessings you follow me but only decide to trust in him and take the steps that he says we do take a risk but they re step out in faith obeying Him we allow him not only to heal us and to defend us but you allow Him to heal the others and to work in us and then walk through us therefore there is no benefit to go to church listen to the sermon go to the bible study the Bible and not act on it if the Holy Spirit says to you something you need to act on it and if you don't have power as not of us do if you don't have power you say Lord I want to do it but I am unable you know my nature so help me and that is going to help you but you need to be willing to give him permission. Otherwise we lose our time to go home you are better off when I come to church here the message and then tonight you follow me we must be do worse not only listeners. If you act on it and ask God for power God is going to grow you more and more and more and then God can use you that is that we have no power and no results is because you don't trust that God can work in us and to us you need to do what he says and then to trust that he is able to keep his word and he will do the change he promised. He is able. He is going to finish what he started you don't need to understand how. Don't try to understand God you'll never understand God People who wait to understand in order to obey they will never obey if you understand how the SP's is going to split in order to stick in the in Jordan or in the sea will die there. You need to trust that God is able and God loves you enough if God gave you Jesus what would be easier to give you a job or the power to show grace or what is he or to give you his son on the cross if God gave you Jesus does more than the whole universe then he will give you the other things you don't need to understand how you just need to give him permission to ask for his help and you will not see a change pastor I prayed that prayer yesterday and I am not a new member that's a lifelong process you need to do that every day and a huge work on you and God in front of the universe who would prove the door you don't know when or how to save you and when you get to heaven you'll say I don't know when it happens I don't know how you change me I don't know why you did it but I know that I am here and you are going to take your crown with you that he's fit and say it's yours I don't deserve it but you know what I don't care to give you my crown as long as I am with him you follow me he's able. In front of the universe God may seem self responsible for your salvation if you give him permission. He will not fail. If you save the one of the well if you say that if on the cross he can save anybody you follow me stop trying to wonder how do I do that just ask him to do it every day as God would impress you with one message or one prayer or one study or one so more or whatever one story in your life is God impresses you act on it go to pray right away is a lot I give you permission I want to do it I cannot do it I give you permission do whatever you want if you want me in the head do whatever you want. Please what can me and you will see as you look back later in time to 2 years later you see that God has been faithfully working I don't have time to do more stories but when I was for instance in southern or in endless We had a tough time we didn't have money we didn't have food for many days and for me that's the end of the world when I don't have food I die you know when you don't have food we didn't have this and that we cannot pay our bills and we gave him permission to work and nothing happened we didn't receive we didn't reign with money we nothing happened he's God you didn't put out prayer and he kept praying and this I started to pray less for money and food and I started to pray more for my neighbors and I started to focus more on the classmates this one from Europe his wife had cancer this one from Africa his parents died in an accident and he had 7 brothers and sisters younger alone at home this one and as I visit other families that had worse than me not having food I started to realize that you sort of focusing on mean getting depressed I would rather focus on them and bless them and as I started to visit others and pray for them I was no longer depressed and stressed because I don't have food you follow me and because I know I don't have money to pay my bills and then God work 2 miracles I mean somebody knocks on the door I open the door he says Are you a very strange name and I said no my name is going on that you know that family yes they live here they graduated they moved back to South Africa where I'm in trouble why his wife used to fix my clothing and I have these little jacket that he's broken here who's going to fix it I said Praise the lord my wife will fix it how much do you pay for it. Whoop money food you know he said 20 bucks I said Ok give me the jacket I called Donna can you fix this I said Can you give the 20 bucks yes while my wife was fixing I ran to Apple Valley I put just some yogurt and some bread and some potatoes and this and that and then you the way to get home I started to eat on my way back you know when I got home it was fixed I said Praise the Lord I got food for today and the guy said you don't have food I said not a lot he said well my God my farm was blessed we got so much he says I have a trunk of food that I want to share with somebody and I don't know who. My eyes are like group you know and he says can you use it Doc. He did 7 boxes of produce from his garden you know living room and those I grew old like the lid that went out and the Syrian army was gone and all the spoilers there I was like whoa whoa whoa and Maher says don't touch it I say why we v.c. 7 other families that don't have anything let's divide it equally among those families my Viking equal boxes and he could she kept a box for us and then he said yeah the families and we shared and they started to kiss me and to think me that God used me to bless them because they were struggling. And then I got home and 3 days later the guy comes back and says I need your life to fix this or do you still have doubts Vegeta of us know how much do you guys I said we didn't we should lose several other families that don't have you shared it Yes Well let me give you more because I have my trunk against the holy and that he came every week once or twice and he unloaded his trunk and we shared with those families and several families for Federer to enter and you know of them found a job and things that you go easier but the more we focused not on self but the rule we focused on sort of use the more got started to take care of us when you step out in faith and you stop focusing on you and you start showing grace and you start focusing on God's character the more you do that the more God can want to keep new and to you I don't want to give you another story let's bow our heads step out with you faith when God course you to do something asking for help and do it in faith if you die you die anybody anybody that will die eventually but at least you obey God and put your faith in him and you'll see they stay and see how good he is let's pray together Father in heaven we certainly don't understand a drop of your grace in eternity will never fully understand your love Angels don't understand your love please help us. To desire to know you to spend time daily reflecting on your character and your sacrifice and your life and your promises and you will meet our course in what you do for us and in your love and to know you more and to trust you more and to be filled with your love and to share your love with others that don't deserve it as you share it with us. Please what can I ask because we can all do. We believe you can do it we believe you keep your promise. We paint Jesus' name and think you know anticipation of fainting for. A minute this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons later visit w w w audio verse or.


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