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The Rocks That Talk Stone 1

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 28, 2021
    11:00 AM
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This 1st rock god is love why do you suppose we started our trail with God is love I mean that's the bottom line right in the Bible says and 1st John for a god is love. It's not something we define It's not something we get from somewhere else God is the definition of love. And it is ours for all His creatures to live and love and His love and thoughts about humanity are seen it says on the rock in nature and within Scripture and then it gives to text Saul 19 and Psalm 139 So look at Psalm 1000 for a moment why do we put Psalm 19 there let's look at it Psalm 19. Solver 19 a very famous Psalm. The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork the work of his hands day and today utter speech night into the night reveals knowledge there is no speech to a language where their voice is not heard there a lion has gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world in them he has set a tabernacle for the sun which is like a bridegroom going out of his chamber and rejoices like a strong man that to run its race its rising is from one end of Haven't a circuit to the other end and there is nothing hidden from its He so in these 1st 6 verses we have a. Recounting of the physical activity of got in creation handiwork he has his fingerprints are all over it and he is involved in creating. Not only the solar system in the atmosphere but tangibly the things on Earth and this is. This is the whole point it's made now Francis Collins who's the head of the. National Institutes of Health I think it is. He was an atheist turned Christian as a result of looking at d.n.a. coding and as he looked at it he said Man this is got to be this there's no way this could just have happened this is so. Fine Tuned you might say is that Were they talk about a fine tune it is so incredible that there has to be some kind of designer in then he looked at the rest of the song look at the rest of the song so he 1st of all is that this physicality is something I've seen with the d.n.a. Now look at what the rest of it says the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul the Tesla Milord is sure making Why is this simple the statues of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart the command of the Lord is pure in lightning the eyes the fear of the Lord is clean enduring forever and the judge was a lord are true and right is altogether more to be desired are they then gold gave in much fine gold sweeter Also than honey in the honeycomb or by them your Cern is worn in keeping in keeping there is great reward and then you know and ask who can understand his errors Clint's me from secret faults keep back your servant from presumptions since let them not have dominion over me then I should be blameless and so be innocent of great transgression but the words of my mouth meditation my r.b. accept my sight o. Lord my strength and my redeemer So Francis calls looks at that 1st part and he goes wait there is a physical activity of God His handiwork. I see that in the d.n.a. then moving on he goes there is also God's activity in humanity and how he wanted to insert himself and his knowledge into the human system in mind and he does that by writing his law on our hearts and minds that's the fingerprints of God that he wants to put in everyone's heart and mind. And so the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul but not only that it says his his love and his thoughts about humanity are seen in nature and within Scripture and we also put not just Psalm 19 but Psalm 139 and let's look there just briefly at Psalm 139. 0 by the way you could sing part of Psalm 19 you know how many know the song for a psalm so I'm 19 so if I was out on the trail with something I might sing them the song you know me I might call my wife to sing the song with me or something. And not only that Psalm 139 The reason we start the trail of God's love is because people sometimes are not convinced of God's love and when they look into nature they see his handiwork they see his his loving expressions but someone $39.00 is like the ultimate psalm that that shows his love the diverse. 13 through 16 1st for you for my end were parts you cover me in my mother's womb I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well my frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret and skillfully rot in the lowest parts of the earth. In your eyes saw my substance being an informant in your book they all written the days fast and for me when as yet there were none of them so the one they handywork who created the heavens is now saying wait a bit he created you and just as he formed the foundations of the earth the Granites which we're going to talk about on next to ours here in the colloquium just as he formed those he forms you and you're fearfully and wonderfully made so he loves you enough to have forms you Secondly he knows you all about you verse one through 6 well lord you have searched me you know me you know my sitting down you know my rising up you understand my thought of far off you comprehend my path my lying down here acquainted with all my ways and there's not a word on my tongue but the whole world you know it all together you have had me behind before you've laid your hand upon me such knowledge is too wonderful me it is high I can't attain it so not only did he fully form us verse 13 through 16 he fully knows us you knows everything about us he knows our thoughts next he fully follows us verse 7 through 12 where can I go from your Spirit to work and I flee from your presence if I ascend into heaven you're there if I make my bed in hell you're there in other words the grave shield if I take the wings of the morning into on the uttermost parts of the earth even there your hand shall lead me your right hand cell me I could talk forever about that can if I say surely the darkness shall follow me even the night shall be light about me indeed the darkness shall not hide from you but the night shines as the day the darkness and the late are both alike to you he follows as ever He's like the divine stocker but in a good way. He follows you not just on Facebook and Instagram he follows you every night just in the day but also in the night he knows everything about you he fully forms you he fully knows you any fully follows you. And is out of well let's see what happens now how many if someone fully formed you fully knows you and follows you all over the place how many think they would reject you because they know everything you've been doing it or that about them if these people only knew who I was they really won like me they only knew what I was doing they would love me a lot of people think that a lot of people think that I meet people all the time and this is a psalm I give them because even though you may have done all kinds of things wrong God still loves you and he's still seeking for you searching for you and that's what we see here in verse 17 and 18 how precious also are your thoughts to me oh god how great is this some of them if I said count them they'd be more a number than the sand and when I awake I'm still with you think about that for a minute he forms you he fully knows you he fully follows you and with all that information he still has precious thoughts about you you might not have is as precious thoughts about yourself as he does is an anagram incredible and the knows what it says and when I awake. I'm still with you. I mean. He's not trying to get away from you. If you ever had someone try to get way from you like that they might have been in you. And God is not like that at the end of the day it's not going to be the got abandon us going to be that you abandon God If that happens and that's why it's so powerful it's so powerful the storm is God's love and that's why you have the stone he's not out to to get you he's out to keep you. And that's why verse 922 says you know I hate people that hate you. I I want you to slay the wicket of other words I am the you see people defending God here in verse 122 because nobody ever loved like God And when you find some of the laws like that you defend him you don't try and get away from him and then you say like it says verse 23 search meal God know my heart try me and know my anxieties or my thoughts and see if there's any wicked way and lead me in the way everlasting because you know of his love and you say wait a minute it's unquestioned you're my creator you're my redeemer lead me wherever you want to leave me so can you see why he puts all 19 and some 139 in the 1st stone because God loves us and he wants to lead us so. According to the Bible God created the heavens easier than we can even now see him speaking to us when we contemplate and meditate on His creation on this Sabbath trail and Psalm 139 indicates that he fully formed us he fully knows us a fully follows us and yet he still fully loves us and so we respond in saying want to fully lead me in my life. When True love is seen and experienced those receiving a desire to respond in love if you love me keep my commandments they desire to keep God's command because they realize that he has formed and is keeping them so these $36.00 granite stones on the trail remind us that God is love and perhaps one of the biggest things that So the seas love is that he wrote about his love on a granite stone wall actually it was a sapphire stone. And he wrote the 10 Commandments with his own finger and they highlight his love for man in them he's seen as their Creator that is in the 10 Commandments and he's also seen as their Redeemer Deliverer and their sustainer and that's why we celebrate the Sabbath day because we're entering into remembrance of his love that he totally gave everything to save us and to create us and to sustain us. Now on the stone it also has this idea of. Jeremiah 31 and Hebrews 8 and this is the largest statement made from the Old Testament to the New Testament by God he not only says look I'm going to write these things to show you remind you that I brought you out of enslavement being in slavery and I want to bring it out of every binded and I created you He says look. I want you to remember this love I have for you that actually goes to the next level by saying you don't have to come to this Sabbath rail to have my love with you I want to do something just as there's asked in granite along this whole trail concepts about this god of love he wants to add to that on your heart and it says in Jeremiah 31 verse 29 to 34 I listen to these statements I will put my a lot in their minds I will write it on their hearts I will be their God and they will be my people I will forgive their iniquity I will no longer remember their iniquity incident you think about that for a minute your salvation is really not dependent on anything you do. It's dependent on everything you allow him to do how we want to allow him to do what he says he wants to do these I will statements are not human statements we always have these stems I will I will do it I will I will these things always usually in an abject failure. All that the Lord has spoken we will do. Here right in the next 40 years so that didn't work out so well even for Moses himself and there. At the end of the day is what God does enter and through us and he gets all the credit so this trail is not some kind of legal istic journey towards a self-made meritorious Sabbath keeping it's a journey and saying look at what God says he will do out of his great love for us is God's love amazing he asked us to keep his commands and then says oh by the way if you let me I'll keep my commands in you is buildings are is enabling these so remember this as you go towards the next stone on the trail God desires that his love be written not only in stone but in your heart and in your mind and when I ask him to do it as you walk along the trail today. So what do you think that's meant to a Bible study and still number one how many want to come up here and study. But I think you should have a study for each one and I'm going to have them put this is a little clip and we'll put that as one of the still studies there but I would like to see for each one of these stones each one of you develop your own 2 are based on it you know with our technology now we could have your own. Take I need stone and what if you're saying hey look I want to not only give people a tour when they come here but I'm going to put my little Bible study for each stone a little video that then can be part of many videos about that 1st stone in the 2nd stone of the 3rd Sun How about that and you can be giving a Bible study. That will I believe help many people. So these this bible study that we all worked on there now is set up let's now take advantage of it let's deepen it what about for every stone there's like a song like it's all $139.00 him out oh lord you have searched me and know me my kids know that from memory we could sing the whole thing and then Saul 19. And over you put Mr Darwin in there from last night somewhere near this later on All right well let's pray together as we close Father in heaven thank you today for these rocks that talk this book that reminds us of the practical ways that you've led us. And thank you also that we could work together on this awesome project to potentially the stones will be here much longer than we will and they will continue to witness may we. Have your law the very things you put on stone written in our hearts. Maybe these periods of our lives not because of our strength or ability but because of your strength and your ability to rise namely. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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