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02 The Definitions of the Covenant

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Callie Williams



  • April 5, 2021
    9:00 AM

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In every contract you have the fine print on this episode and look at the fine print of the covenants Stay with us. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. The Bible based conversation. Contemporary. Thought provoking. Post Justin within. One of the most unique aspects about the Christian god of the Bible is that he has a contract with his people we call it the old and the new covenants future contracts and with all contracts there is fine print and this as we study the entire subject of the covenants we're going to look at the fine print on him and him you're watching in verse in the studio we have Sebastian Cali and Siku with us and we're looking at the entire Bible and the character of God in the entire Bible is this expansive topic absolute going to require a lot of reading a little a lot of talking and a whole lot of praying and a lot of surrendering and we're so glad you decide to join us so let's go into the by we're going to go to Hebrews he was 8 verse 7 through 12 and before we as we always 2 special Can you pray for us yes let's pray. All fall there we are grateful Lord for your willingness to be faithful to that which you promise but also Lord we realize some of these things can be difficult and challenging and that's why we pray and unwilling to lean on our own understanding so please send your spirit now as we study and as we open scripture is our prayer in Jesus' name and my name and now before you read the actual fine print of the of this covenant that God has made with this people who pick us up what we cover last week and always been 2 weeks now since we started or week now since you started this this war under full topic on the covenants what is a covenant then help us out here. Ok so I was in on last week. Watching and I always like. Coming as we're talking about this agreement that God makes with his people and God has made this commit make commitments to his people even before you know even before you sin came into the world but sometimes you think about Covenant and we think about oh Jesus died on the cross but last week we covered that there's an everlasting covenant you know of a relationship that God has with his people so that the everlasting covenant that is overarching you know from time immemorial that's based on the character of God and then we talked about you talked about a covenant of grace which is an adaptation of the covenant the everlasting covenant a covenant that God made after sin comes into the world and now it's an adaptation for the current situation that we're in which brings us back to you know he's trying to bring us back to our relationship with him initially before sin comes into the world and then throughout history is not Biblical history you see God making covenants with his people you know he makes a covenant with Adam he makes a covenant with no one he makes a covenant with Abraham and goes and makes covenants with with different people throughout history and these covenants are actually just building upon each other on that that covenant that he has made that covenant of grace that God has made with his people so. The Bible talks about different covenants but it's actually the same covenant but understanding there these kind of nuance differences helps us to conceptualize what we're talking about when we approached scripture so it wasn't always a. Story we want to go on. But if you do want to watch there you can go to all of you go or do slash in verse and see last week's episode on the covenant was the beginning introductory episode and also you can go to inverse Bible dot org You can download the online Bible study guide on the covenants now. It comes to the covenant it is a it's a it's a it's a heavy subject yes and a covenant is an agreement a seeker mentioned and it's kind of weird that God has an agreement with humanity you know this is something very unique with all the gods out there that we have this one that says hey I want to have a particular relationship with you and there are find there's some fine print how many when you sign something that you read all the fine print 100 percent you do all of that so you would just like I have a mortgage you know those pages you have for subscribe to and I read all the terms and conditions the eula really all of it I'm going to business like it's just hard for me not to do a bad that's why you're late to all the meetings although. I'm not going to talk yeah I just I can't I don't have I mean some things are standard you know like in I'm a juror in like where you're indemnity and all those clauses are usually you know it I mean sorry I like that different aspects of contracts are kind of standardized components but you look for specific sections All right so it's like what happens if we get into a conflict what happens if I don't pay what happens if you know your service crashes but you'll see like apps will say well if you pay us in working we're not going to refund you Ok And it's in the terms and conditions and then people get shocked when they call and they're like my things not working where is my response on tempted to like write a sort of a contract and have you sign it and. Find out that I'm sure they're going to donate your 1st born child to me. Anyway how do you know you don't need to find print yet you know. Not only you want a normal like the rest of us have just not Subash on that silly thing but when it comes to the covenants we need to read the fine print rather than the nitty gritty and rather than I go legal situation where people are just trying to benefit and correct come out clean and God is revealing more of his character and the fine print is really that much fine print it's just yeah I'll read it Ok All right so keep in mind that the. Fine Print Your it's actually revealing the person's confidence in their ability to keep their part of the agreement and yours so when they put those things in the fine print they're assuming your character in there so it's really critical that you wonder stand it just as you know we're going to do with the cover and so on that note Kelly if you can read this yes but let's go to he was up to 8 or 7 through please Ok for if the 1st covenant had been faultless no place would have been sought for a 2nd because finding fault with them he says Behold the days are coming says the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and what the House of Judah not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt because they did not continue in my covenant and I disregarded them says the Lord for this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those day says the Lord I will put my laws in their mind and write them on their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be my people none of them shall teach his neighbor and none his brother saying no the Lord for all shall know me from the least of them to the greatest of them for I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more wonderful wonderful this is the actual quote from Jeremiah 60 find this out in the Old Testament and the New Testament we just chose this passage because it was you know we just one reason it's the same as. There is a lot there but when I want to look at some of the Old Covenant new covenant stuff and 1st coming 2nd coming it looks like to look at what that what the actual terms are 1st you know so let's go to verse 1st and then 10 through 12 there are 4 points that we see in this covenant that delineate what this contract is about what the 1st thing without actually getting into all 4 Is there anything that is probably just pops out in general from those 4 and we'll get into the. Or but I think the pop side in general that you may see one thing that pops out for me is the emphasis on who is who is the actor in this covenant Yes God is saying I will I will I will and that that really strikes me because when you think about an agreement like you do this I'll do this right but here you see God saying I I am a spot on and what So this is on the this is a contract really of what God doing right and in our role is all the talk of the world literally So let's parse this out you guys what are some points that you see there in 10 through 12 Sebastian Well one of the 1st things you see in verse 10 is he says in this covenant that I'm going to make he says I will put my laws in their mind and write them on their hearts and we know that when it comes to gone this idea of writing his law in the heart and leading to this process of saying to for cation which is a fancy word to say setting you aside right for this holy purpose and holy use so God has the 1st commitment on making to you is that on going to make you holy I'm going to put the law the right doings the right principles in your heart in your mind and this is in this is a constant prayer of any person who's crippled with evil right to think that men why do I love evil why do I love the things that bring me guilt and shame and gotta say my 1st convert it promises I'm going to write it in your heart which is something you can't do this is supernatural and this is going to be my doing on your behalf which makes you look at even though this was the only term of the covenant you know not into Ruby like that's enough to be like what do I sign right 100 of the dotted line what do you want to read the fine print no no no this is just let me sign right be like Calley if I don't read it right that I embrace. This 1st promise that he's going to sink the fires he's going to make us holy and he's going to make it natural from the heart and I think that's a critical component that word to use make it unnatural and that's what the Bible saying from the heart. All these people were trying to do the works of the law with their hands or on the outside or like as a bird in here God is saying in the heart I think today's language be just be real we just tend to be authentic like let me be godly and holy in a real natural way I don't know how it's. And that's something that I think we all you're in for 4 or at least we should. And I think it's awesome that one of the 1st times that we're seeing here is that it has to do with God's law and. We have a whole quarter to a whole season to go into this but you know the perception of what a new cut the new covenant that God wants to do make with us and a lot of times it excludes the law but the 1st term that he's putting here is that it has everything to do with the law but not the law as in so my covenant is that you shall do this and you shall do that right the covenant is that he wants to put his law in our hearts so it's got everything to do with the law but the law is written in our hearts that he writes in our hearts you know that we become like him who is the law giver you are beautiful point and we didn't emphasize that sometimes this is we need to disabuse our minds especially within Christianity we think all these laws are do not do do not do do not do do know that all these are all right well I subscribe to a bunch of rules and that's my religion you're saying it's not that you're saying the Bible doesn't say that. A very good are good so 1st is writing the law in the minds and hearts I love that mind and hearts and you're saying it sanctification in a real natural organic non g.m.o. way Ok that's right Lawrence and you know what other other points in the in the fine print they just see the 2nd comes right after separated by the word and you know verse 10 a says I will be their God and they shall be my people and this is a reconciling of a relationship and even think about just the condition of the world we're in a very vulnerable position. But God like I will I will be your God you'll be my people so it's also indicative of this kind of protection and this care so it's not just like I'll tell you what to do and I'll help you do it and then good luck out there but it's all even like in close you and me being your god. And consider consider the fact that you're his 1st promise being I'm going to sing to follow you right I'm going to set you aside and I'm going to make you my people is also about an identity change in this covenant promise God is like I'm going to help you see yourself differently and sometimes we may feel as if we don't belong right or we're not fitting in but God is saying I'm going to give you a place even on Earth which obviously is going to let you know he's going to have a place in the future for you but I think that's a profound covenant problem and I know so far terms and conditions seem really good one and 2 are very positive Stay with us as we look at 3 and 4. In this been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while do you join us like us. I handle again in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. And welcome back we were actually debating during the break whether Sebastian rule really read those details of every contract that he needs and leave a comment on. It doesn't it but let's read the details of this contract is this one that is very important we establish there are for about for the 1st we see that God makes a real god sanctifies us and he's doing all the work to there's a change of identity he's our personal God and we are his people and there's a plank going again and then some other conditions that you see before those who want to comment on the. Chance. Well at that link. To the new car. In verse 10 that connection between your He's writing his laws on the heights and then we He's our God and we're his people just tells us that you know God's arm is not short that it cannot reach us but the problem is that sin has separated us from God and walk out it's kind of like sin being the transgression of the last and being Breaking the Law God is saying I'm going to transform you so that you are in harmony with my law and you know even when somebody says sorry and they change their ways it doesn't mean that they are back in your good graces that you accept them back into your life you know but what God is saying is not only will I change you so that sin is no longer a barrier between us but I will also receive you back to myself so this reconciliation it's not automatic Just because you know now you know his sanctified us but he says I have sanctified you and I'm also going to see to myself That means all the hurt that you've caused me in the past all of the pain that the forgiveness covers all of that and I'm taking you back to myself and I think that's that's a beautiful thing. For I think while you were talking I was thinking this if you distill all of that in one word it's the word change. It's become a political words being politicized and only human institutions can only do so much yes human corporations can on our human individual as human and we're going to do so much but God is owning up to ramifications of what humanity he's promising change I mean that's it's the Beautiful is the spot on the word for that how can you not want that kind of level of change in your life right that's that's in fact that's what people are looking for you know just from one of the other things that we see here that transitions from this 2nd promise which is that we forget that it's not just we're going to be his people but he's going to be our God So to me God is committing himself to also being the possession. Which leads into the next one where he says in verse 11 none of them sound teaches neighbor none his brother saying no the Lord for all shall know me from the least of them to the greatest So in this sense there's a mission component because it's not just that were owned by God and we're like oh go be my minions in the world but there's also a sense of he is ours right we own him as well and that naturally leads us to want to spread other people to get to know our God So this natural kind of ebbing and flowing that God sees this as a mutual relationship and sense of ownership and a certain jealousy just like he's like You're going to be my people and I'm going to be jealous over you and protects you in the same sins we got to be jealous over God's name we have to be jealous over the fact that people misunderstand who God is and there's a lot of especially in our time a lot of aggressive atheism a lot of aggressive you know movements that are trying to undermine who God the God of the Bible to God of this covenant actually is and the covenant reveals him as something completely different. That this is this is mission and God allows himself to be. By and by and by people I really see a pro progression here in that God promises change you know heart change then there's an identity change and then he grants some purpose and these are things that our generation is really your earning for we want change we want identity we want purpose and this even though it's the old covenant manifested in a new covenant from from a 1000 years ago rather more day needs if I would say even human needs that with that we have you know and just on the. Sharing it with other people I like that this. My relationship with you you know just me and God the 2 of us but it has a communal aspect to it so what I mean by that what I mean is his home. I will be your God they shall be my people so but we think about this I'll put my laws in your hearts if thinking of personal experience with God you know he is doing this with me and then I become his people but when he talks about they none of them shall teach Danny because they shall know all know me from the least the greatest that there is a communal aspect of a knowledge of God a relationship with God That's not just me and God but he wants a community that has this kind of relating them with him so I guess it doesn't make sense I say it is just not an individual thing it's not just me and the Lord on the mountaintop is going to do our own thing but it is there is a call communitarian there's a corporate law on it and think about and think about the fact that we live in a time where it's hard for people to have any piece of information or knowledge that we all agree on right when we talk about fake news and all these types of things people are like well you you have your own facts your own truth your own you know whatever and God is like we're going to get to a place where the reality of God and the Truth Authenticity of who he is will be ubiquitous we will all be at a place where I don't have to tell you Do you know this there will be no need for a new in terms of the character of God in the person of God and that is a powerful idea that to say we can all come down on one level and say Yes I don't have to tell you see you know the Lord seems I already know him I already know him you already and that ability to co-exist in that type of community is powerful because in the Marines that's why the concert the basic training for any military branch is critical because no matter where I mean true or ever made sure I only see you in the field there are some things I know you already know how to do there's some things are you know you understand and therefore it helps us move faster accomplish missions better even if we don't have the you know personal relationship in the scene when. This is this is very exciting this is were getting over this is getting deep. Because not only do you see the terms and conditions but these are the values that were were distilling and these abstract values from God Yeah purpose mission identity and we're saying community is a big value with God's covenant so the awesome awesome anything else that you see there in that and that. Kelly Yeah verse 12 so the 4th the 4th promise they're the 4th term is or is for I'll be merciful to their own righteousness and their sense and their lawless deeds I'll remember no more and he just got it goes above and beyond because it's one thing just to be merciful and like you I will hold it against you like I appreciate that nice of you thank you but I will remember it no more and for someone like God who has an infinite memory for him I will remember it no more that will not be counted against you that will not be my consciousness towards you when I when I see you that is and yes and so again it's just going back to us you said earlier of these are all just it's almost lofty promises upon promises from God because not like I will remove no more as long as you do these 4 to 6 religious activities I will write no war as long as you merit it in this way each week if you just surrender. To me I will remember them no more and I will not count those things against you. I was grass is beautiful. If I may. I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but this reminds me of something we talked about in the previous season in your book of Romans. You know God being merciful to righteousness and you know the justification he's going to get justify it and when he sees us just as if we had never sinned right and I'll remember these things no more and ultimately this points to the sacrifice of Jesus like this promise can be made because of what Christ. Does what Christ has done you know what Christ did on the cross he can tell us that you know I can I can wipe the slate clean because of you know the blood of the Covenant was of Jesus Christ and so I'd say I don't make a lot to do that oh is that the Internet. And think about the profundity of what you just said because when we connected to the cross and the text says in verse 12 the 1st word there is for which is because so why is it that no man is going to say to his brother No the Lord and all shall know me because of how I'm going to get to the place of forgiving your sins so that means through the cross through the sacrifice of Jesus and how he's able to remember our sins no more and be merciful to us is the very means by which he will be known and all will know me right this is how you're going to be you don't have to go to your brother because he wanted to stand what it's like to be forgiven and to know the mercy of God to know that God performs a miracle on his own mind and it's like we're not going to remember how does an infinite mind not remember it doesn't make sense like God is literally limiting his own abilities for the sake of an intense in deep personal relationship with you it's like I'm going to do something to myself so that you and I can co-exist and that's going to be in response to what Christ has done on the cross I mean to me that's just like a meaningless you know get up and jump and shout. At each charming condition and it's not he's not even finished with the contractor like where do I say yes or where do I say Where do I sign but I want to move to a very interesting move on to the next verse which actually parallels verse 7 but let's go to verse 13 chapter 8 verse 13 and the Bible says in that he says a new covenant He has made the 1st obsolete now what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away and compare that with a verse that we read earlier today just kind of it's a similar but verse and the Bible says For if that 1st coming. Had been faultless the no place would have been sought for a 2nd so let me ask you there are 2 covenants here Ok we kind of touched on it last week and we have the Old Covenant in New Covenant and here by was very clear the old one was there's fault with it. It's obsolete and this new one is like so awesome but we actually find elements of this in the fridge so parse this out how what does this 1st one and why it was a bad County Yes so we can actually just follow the word fault into verse 8 so it will go and look at verse 7 for a 2nd so if it had been faultless then we went to get a 2nd so where did the fault come from what was told us the issue Ok and verse 8 because finding fault with that just doesn't say with the covenant or with the contractor with the methodology but with them he says Behold the days are coming says the Lord shall make a new covenant and then going down a verse 9 this is because they did not continue in my covenant and I disregarded them so the issue with the 1st covenant wasn't the covenant itself it wasn't the way God explained it or the methodology it was with their response to it so all of the fall all the wrongness was simply in their response to God and what God So think about the profundity of this difference between the historical covenant and the experience will walk in that covenant when God says they didn't continue Well explain to me what list of activities would they have failed and I would tell you that they failed to allow God to do the things he was covenanting to do you know so that means that if they weren't allowing God to do it then who was the person that they were looking to do it and more than likely we see he found fault with the people which means they were trying to do it in their own ability we're going to make ourselves your people and you're going to be our God in our own ability because we're descendants of Abraham or we're going to you know put the law in our hearts and memorize it and do all these things and no I'm going to do that I'm going to make you my people on the one who's going to help you to know and I'm the one is going to be merciful to your Since there is no. Activity that you can do is going to allow the Old Covenant response was these 4 conditions but they were doing it themselves yes I mean people go in the law in my own mind let me make let me be God's people by myself let me. Was and I'm going to let all the whole world know by myself and I'm going to justify my own Think about how ridiculous that is right you got a contract with a contractor to build your deck but you're going to build the deck but you don't want to build there. I don't know about you but my response naturally is I can't do this by myself I need for you to do it for me I need you to sanctify me I need you to justify me I need you to give me a purpose and a mission and I need to reconcile me to you and be your people and you my God that is mine sincere prayer for looking at the covenants This is our sincere prayer for my group here and hopefully that's yours hopefully it's been a very fruitful study and the covenants join us next week as we look at more elements of the old and the new and the real everlasting covenant God bless you you've been listening to a Bible based cost the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could. Invest is brought to you by the full time television that changes. At this point ever so there's an inverse. Or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5. Next time this is and.


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