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The Certainty and Need of Resurrection Hope

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • April 3, 2021
    10:00 AM
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See which way is thing go today we're going to study the David chapter of the Bible 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 because this is. The weekend that many celebrate the death burial and resurrection of Christ. Of course this is probably several weeks because of the Quatro death and controversy doit's and will explain it to you. But they tried to make sure that. The resurrection we can never came at the same time as pass over. And kind of an anti-Semitic move but that's just trivia still this passage is a powerful passes that we need to consider is to turn in your Bibles to 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 and let's pray Father in Heaven bless us again as we open your word. Yes that you would. Give us understanding bring thoughts to our hearts and minds that could be used to now only bless us bless others and expand your kingdom and bring internal life the Christ's name Amen. Moreover brother and I declare to you the gospel which I preach to you which also receive that in which you stand by which also you are saved you hold fast that word which I preach to you unless you believed in bay. Is coming to church important. Is preaching important. Is it related to eternal life. Then why are so few people becoming preachers. Why are so few people going to church American membership in houses of worship they climbed last year dropping below 50 percent for the 1st time in Gallup's accounting of this over a decade so there is a decrease in attending to God's word on a time when perhaps there needs to be an increase. In God's word and why is it so important because the preaching is not the preaching of a person or a personality it's a preaching of the gospel. It's a preaching of. The good news it's coming under God's spell the Gospel well rather than the devil's bell. And Paul is saying here I'm worried because younger not really listening to what is being preached or you might be tempted Why is it so important it's the gospel but what specifically verse 3. For I delivered to you 1st of all that which I also received how many of you are thankful that he didn't make it up he received it how many of you have heard sermons that are largely made up how do you know whether or not a sermon is made up because if it's manifestly in the text or referring to the text then it was received it's not that it's made up right. And he says what he receives verse 3 For I delivered to you 1st of all that which I also received number one that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures So number one the scriptures are important I received it from the Scriptures I received it from the Scriptures but when I look at the Scriptures What's the most important thing in the scriptures that Christ died for our sins according to the scripture so the number one most important thing is God's word but coming out of God's Word is the doctrine of what salvation. How many of you think that you don't need Christ selp. Today I mean if the world does not need Christ tell how many of you have not ever committed the sin. Well if you join me in the category of having committed a sin. Then this is good news because Christ died for our sins. Then die for his own since he died for our sins didn't have to do it he wanted to do it now if you were to pick a passage that would explain in greater detail the substitutionary atonement what passage in the Bible would you pick what chapter if you had to pick a chapter I think I heard someone say it as if the 3 great chapter Christ died for our transgressions it says and as if the 3 full or our iniquities and he was chastised for our peace so we're going to have any peace any hope any joy if you're able to get rid of guilt and able to go forward if you are able to have. A jubilee experience in life if you're able to repossess what God has for you if you're able to be a person of faith then you need the substitutes to tell men that God provides secondly there in verse 4 we see that the teaching of the Scriptures and also. Of the substitutes or at Tellme it is directly related to our subject today which is in verse 4. Christ died for our sense according to the Scriptures he was buried and that he did would rose again the 3rd day according to the Scriptures. Can you see that the substitute area tellme and would be of no value as a doctrine unless Christ died and rose again do you see that so the resurrection is directly connected to this idea of a tell man and eternal life I like Psalm says according to the Scriptures and as I'm thinking here let's look in the scripture that hints at this will actually directly alludes to it in Psalm 16 Psalm 16. If you're turning their. Give you some time so I'm 16 preserve me oh god for in you I put my trust so this whole idea then shows how they have hastened after other gods and yet. Davida of the lineage of Doug the of the throne of David. He steps in in the song verse 9 Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices my flesh also will rest in hope Why can the center have hope for it for why can this person have hope David Christ in in advance for you will not leave my soul in Seal In other words in the grave nor will you allow your holy one to see corruption so I'm not going to be put in the grave and allowed to rot in the grain. If you will show me the path of life in your presence is fullness of joy and they are right hander pleasures forever. So I won't die and just be in the grave I'll be resurrected I'll be in fullness of joy I'll be in the presence of God and the be pleasures forevermore Can you see how that Saul and there are many others that allude to the idea that Christ would live he would die but also he would do would. Rise again so can another one we could look at many but we won't look at many just a few. So I'm 68. Verse 18 you have ascended on high you have led captivity captive and you have received gifts among men even from the rebellious that the Lord got my 2 while there so Christ came he had that one faith one God one hope one baptism some people misuse the text and say you should only get baptized once is not the meaning of the text. Because there's only one faith the faith of Jesus there's only one true baptism that we enter into it's the baptism of Jesus. Were baptized into Christ yes or no. And this is because he ascended on high that means he died rose again went to heaven and he gives gifts to men and this resurrection doctrine is the foundation not only the doctrine of this of the substitutes or at Tellme and and the doctrine of the Scriptures. But also many other doctrines many other teachings none of them would make any sense without the resurrection so this is so important that he goes on in Chapter 15 and says I want you to be grounded in this faith by giving us that it's verse 5 through a he was seen by Seif as then by the 12 and then he was seen by over 500 rather than once were moving from the Scriptures as evidence now to. Those who were eyewitnesses so Cif is the 12500 brother in the greater part which remain at present but some of fallen asleep and also by James who was one who had doubted and then by the Apostles so see this Luke 24 called Simon he saw him the 12 Luke Chapter 24 verse 36 to 39 they saw him and they 1st of all were afraid he said look touch me and see. And then for 40 days in Acts Chapter one Verse 3 and 4 he went about showing proof and evidence to maybe thousands of others. That he had risen again to the 500 and even more before because it was so important that there be eyewitness accounts that there be evidence of the resurrection. I like x. chapter one. Because it actually adds another group to those that needed to have on mistake of all evidence on the mistake of all evidence acceptor one verse $21.22 Judas was being replaced as an apostle like it says in verse 20 let another take his office. This was from the Book of Psalms that even knew that Judas would betray the Lord but then he would be replaced there are 4 of these men who have accompanied us all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among us beginning from the baptism of John to the day that he was taken up from us one of these must become a witness with us of His Will resurrection so they needed to be people that have been with Jesus they understood him they had seen his resurrection why was it so important for an apostle to know with confidence that Christ had died and risen again because it's the foundation of our faith don't send someone around that does not have confidence in the resurrection it's a cardinal doctrine I mean thing it would be important for a physician to believe in the resurrection and we think are important for a nurse to believe in the resurrection and be able to preach a sermon on it at every bedside I'm many of you think it be important for any Christian to be able to share the doctrine of the resurrection I like 1st John which was probably written by who John. Right it's like one baptism doesn't mean just one baptism. First 2nd 3rd John is me the 3 John one John. Look at he says this was so essential for the apostles to know this that I am interested in how it's covered came to my mind as I was writing this sermon some time ago. And in 1st John chapter one that which was from the beginning which we have heard which we have seen with our eyes which we have a looked upon in our hands of ambled concerning the word of life what's the word of life it's Jesus we saw him we heard him we handled him we know he died we know he was buried we know he rose again and we touched him we talk to him and so the whole point here is do not miss the evidence that there was a man called the Son of Man in the Son of God who came to this earth he lived he died but he rose again a some of you just look at me like that's not important maybe it's because you've heard it all your life but I'm going to search you that most of the people in the world have never heard that. And they don't believe it they have other circular worldviews. Where nothing ever changes because no one came into the earth that could change anything they actually celebrate debt and they talk in glowing terms about how you come back as another sign some kind of creature would of God The Bible does not do that says no no no no no I am in enemy of debt. And once I was picking someone up who had been living with a witch. And I went into the house and on the wall were all pictures of dead people who had died in various ways and in the middle was a picture of Christ on the cross just a part of the collection of dead people and so unwisely not knowing it was a witch I asked I made a comment you have very interesting artwork why did you select this artwork I'm she looked at me almost kind of like a voice of a legion of demons literally and said death is our friend. I had a chill that went through my bones as she said that because I was rescuing someone from her clutches and I felt like they would die if they didn't leave and be another picture on her wall and I said to the wits as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I must tell you that death is our enemy and Christ who's on that cross died but rose again. She began a snarl at me and it's what made the individual I was picking up make the choice to get in the car with me instead of staying with the wits. If there's someone who hates the doctrine of the resurrection of Christ makes us think it's not important it's the double. And there were the evidence needed back there in current thing is to combat the naysayers look at verse 12 if Christ is preached Now if Christ is preached that he has been raised from the dead how do some of you say there is no resurrection of the dead there were people actually saying. Ads they listen to him preach Yes nice but there's no resurrection of the dead which is why he's giving the evidence. Who were these people the Greeks Greeks did not believe in resurrection the Sadducees did not believe in resurrection but to not believe in resurrection was not to believe in the man who said I am the resurrection and the life he who believes in me though he may die he cell live again. John 1125 we die with Christ we believe we also see a live with him Romans 6 For see. Look at verse 13 through 18 what's at stake. If there is no resurrection of the Christ is not risen in of Christ is not risen then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty and yes we are found false witnesses of God because we have testified of God that he raised the price whom he did not raise up if in fact the dead do not write rise and if the dead do not rise then Christ is not risen and of Christ is not risen your faith is few tile and you are still in your sense so if Christ is not risen then preaching is in vain don't come to church don't listen to preaching don't become a preacher but if it is true go to church listen to preaching and become a preacher. And have a faith that's not a few tile. Because. If it's not true then you're dead in sin it's that means to be under God's wrath the wages of sin is death it means to be lost forever verse 18 those who have fallen in asleep in Christ if it's not true have done what perished. Paris is a different word than dead to die it means to eternal the be dead for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him said not perish but have everlasting life. And by the way don't buy into the philosophy in verse 19 if in this life only we have hope in Christ we are above all men to be most pitiful pitied don't buy into the philosophy that you know what if I had to live my whole life as it was. And there was no Christ and no resurrection I'd still do that because that would be the best thing to do now he's saying and I'm gonna know eat drink and be merry if you believe that tomorrow you may die. But it's pitiful It's pitiful to live in belief in Christ without the resurrection why would you do that to yourself he said you're above all men to be most pitied pitied in the sense of there's no sort no resurrection no life after death but pity also because you believe that your whole life but the point of the chapter is he's giving evidence that you can and should believe it. And that's what he says in verse 20 I love verse 20 look at 1st why it's like the great 1st but now Christ is risen but what. Now crisis Risen is that look not in the future not of the past right now Christ is risen from the dead can you say hallelujah not only is he risen what is a next and he has become the what 1st fruits. That's 2 chapters away from Jubilee a cent of it is 23 do you believe he is in chapter 25. Now what is a 1st fruit. It's a 1st fruits. It's the fruit that comes 1st which means that there is going to be wood. More fruits of fall which means one that if Christ is risen that you also can run. Another words Christ resurrection is the 1st of how many resurrections many resurrections I'm one of you want to be involved in the resurrection. How would you know people that have died that you'd like to see again. With Romans to 6. Roman steps to 6 and this is why we have evangelistic meetings goodnews meetings this is why Pastor tours is coming because. People need to know the resurrection hope and all the other assorted doctrines that go with that but notice Romans Chapter 6 What shall we say then so we continue and send that grace may have a bound in other words in 1st Corinthians he has victory over sin that's the Atonement and over death that's the resurrection. Certainly not how shall we who died and said live any longer in it do not know that as many of us were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death which was $0.04. Therefore we are buried with him through baptism into death just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father even so also so we should walk in what newness of life for if we have been united together in the likeness of his death certainly also we shall be in the likeness. Of His resurrection and you see how that text is related to 1st Corinthians 1st printing the saying look. Believe the Scriptures which teach that you are saved from your sense of the a tell me but that doesn't make any sense unless Jesus died for your sins and rose again and if you believe those 2 things and let him come into your life He will give you victory over sin and in this life and resurrect you for a new life. How do you think that as many people as possible in this community should know that. And could it be possible that even some people on this campus might need to know that. Could it be possible that your roommate is not converted. We're talking about life and death we're talking about it turn a life versus eternal death I suppose talking about look at verse 24 through 26 as we continue in our look at 1st Corinthians look at 23 each one in other words as an animal diverse $22.00 even so and price also be made alive but each $1.00 in his own order Christ the 1st fruits afterwards those who are Christ's at his coming how many be ready for that coming how will I be ready to go to the cemetery on that day or come forth from the cemetery that day. Or wherever you are you're going to see a mass of resurrection. Then comes the end when he delivers the kingdom of God the Father and He puts an end to the rule and all of the already in power. And he must reign until he has put his enemies under his feet the last any which is destroyed is dead and you put on offenders feet all things are put under him it's evident that he will put all things under him is accepted So what's it saying here. Jesus won the battle over death when he said it is finished on the cross he's the 1st fruits but what's going to happen he's now even though he just won that war he still has a battle or that battle he still has a war and he's going to win the war against all the principal powers from the highest level to the lowest level so resurrection is important because it tells us that he won the battle as a man but he's going to win the battle for every man. And he's going to win the war for every man and woman who accepts him he said hallelujah to that. So on the crust he said it is finished and in Revelation Chapter 16 which is a picture of the Christ as pictured as plagues the 7 last plagues are a picture of the cross in fact they're actually parallel with the sanctuary service and they show the apos date sanctuary service turning upon not Christ this time but the body of Christ. And they make it through it those who keep their robes and it says there in the place what does it say it is done it is done Jesus said on the cross it is what and he went through all the plagues for you and me coming he say hallelujah and he says I'm going to have a group of people at the end of time to go through all the plagues they'll be attacked but they'll be victorious because they're covered in my rights isn't it. And it says of them when that happens it is done. So we live between the it is finished and the it is done and everybody that we meet lives between it is finished and it is done and unless they accept Christ into their lives. They'll be finished and they'll be done but if they do accept Christ they can accept his finished work and they can be done with sin and death for. How we think this is just wonderful notice how it talks about it in verse 50 now I say this brother in flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God nor does corruption and Herod in corruption the old I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep which is a way of saying die. For ever but we shall be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the Last Trumpet for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised what incorruptible and we shall be changed in this corruptible must put on in corruption and this mortal must put on immortality and so when this corruptible has put on in corruption and this mortal has put on immortality then so be brought to pass the saying that is written Death is swallowed up in victory. And want to talk about healing our hurting world that's it. Everything else is kind of sadly deficit. We might give someone a few more days hours years but we can't give a maternal life but Guy can give a maternal line. The benefits of the victory mortal being immortal corruption being incorruptible death life oh death where is the eye sting some of the guns of the sting of death recently in this congregation in the last hour we had a family here in our own congregation who had lost 2 family members in 10 days in this body today and all the least one person lost their brother. Yesterday. 40 years old. And I recently lost my mother I remember talking to Dr nothing he says you know death has a sting and it does how many of you have ever felt the sting of death you've seen this sting of dead you've seen it you've heard it he felt it I was watching the news or wasn't I don't watch news but I was reading the news this guy went into the stock in the shopping. Center and he came back out and there was a beehive that had taken residence in his car how many of you saw this on the news. I mean his whole are his car was the would be. And they had the pictures of the people getting the bees up for some reason they swarmed this car how do you feel like your life sometimes like that. I'm not saying that to be funny I know I remember my sister my dad might remember this when we lived here in California up north I think this was and why recover Garberville or not she asked I can remember where exactly my sister went out and she saw these nice white boxes she thought well what nice white boxes I think I'll jump on those so she was jumping from box to box to box. And she had a rude awakening. She felt one sting another sting and another staying and thankfully my mother intervened. And took some of the stings. But we're in a battle are we not in a battle of life versus death. And when God says here is I'm going to get victory over death and we get the bees out of your life I'm going to take away the stain I'm going to save you from Hades hallelujah if this is true this is the best place to be and everybody should hear about it I think everybody should hear about it. Sting of death of course is sent it says verse $56.00 the strength of sin is the law. So I think people need to hear about the law and how God can write it in their hearts and how he can live and well in them so they don't have to keep getting stung how many think that might be good if we don't tell people then they're going to keep getting stung What if my mother had said Oh sir you jumped on the box is that. And this is why we preach the law because the law shows us what causes the sting. But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ Hallelujah. That's it what a powerful chapter so in light of this in closing what should we do house and we respond go back verse 29. Otherwise what will they do who are baptized for the dead if the dead did not rise at all why then are they baptized don't get too hung up on trying to explain why they're not used to get baptized for dead people but take the major message which is in light of what was being said here the response was I need to get baptized. And I need other people to get baptized but what was the motive the word for there is interesting baptized for the word for can also be translated because of. And you get baptized because of the other people I start getting baptized because of the people who I sa who died who were faithful remember there were 500 who had seen Jesus raise from the dead but now some of fallen asleep so people were already falling asleep but they had been faithful believers and when people thought of them a said you know what I like that person I see how they exemplified Christ I want to be baptized. So number one get baptized number 2. I have firmed by boasting in you which I have in Christ 1st 31 I die daily why do I stand in jeopardy verse 30 I die Dallas is not the game jeopardy on t.v. that's a joke compared to this Jeopardy Why do I stand in jeopardy every hour another every hour I'm doing something that puts me in harm's way I die daily. Romans 836 because I'm run a time I won't. Take the time to turn there but what it says you know word were killed every day for you what this is saying is not some of self focused. Text it's dying to serve other people so what he's saying is get baptized then be involved in sacrificial service for other people you see how obvious family circles around him and they smile and they hold him and they they watch over him what the Bible is saying is don't just do that with a hobby do that with someone in the community. Don't do that with someone's just your family expand the family of God Don't just say you're going to school for yourselves during school work for someone else. Even fight beast he said I thought the beast in fs is. Always telling people the other day and sometimes on these bible studies and there is a beast I had to fight. They just kind of misbehave who is I tell them it is someone here was it. Who of the elders who it is it is briefly tell the story when I go to these bible studies and even with Pastor tours pastor tours is a great visitor. I'll just tell you no story from him we go there and you know when you go to a place just like I went to that which is House they're out to to to to to knock you out and the person you're studying with I went visiting with Pastor tours one day this guy he was he didn't know it but he was a terminal cancer case he didn't know it. And he was coming to the evangelising means and somehow Louie and I picked up that he needed some visitation so we went to visit I've set up all the business but Lee went with me and we get there and the guy goes he's talking about going to getting us I don't like you I like him that's what he says I come in the door. I said Ok well I mean you've heard more from him the me I can understand it because he's talking every night he goes No I just don't like you even if you talked. I said. What why or why are you having. Those feelings because you want to baptize me well that's true I do and then Louie leaves me he goes he does goes down the hall. He goes to the bathroom I'm like Thankfully we hire you to come and help and you go to the bathroom so he goes the bath I'm sitting in the guy keeps talking about why it is a might be and I'm just. Asking for the 1st fruit to give me the fruits of the Spirit please Jesus you know I'm like so you know maybe we could meet next Tuesday and you could continue telling me what you don't like about me so I'm sitting there and say that and then Louie comes out Louis comes out goes right to towards me but then he turns he lays down on the floor and go what in the world is going on this is the guy's coming to speak Don't be nervous goes he lays down on the floor. Next to the refrigerator that's a fine spot I suppose puts his hand on the refrigerator and taps the refrigerator. And the guy goes would you baptize me. Literally right after he did that I was like who you talk to he goes Louie the why do you want to baptize you because you know didn't you hear that sound that sounds been driving me crazy for years and he fixed my refrigerator and if he fixed my refrigerator I'm sure he can fix me to. Saturn though what happened I was sitting there was I was this bewildered as you are when I was on the storm like I said to Louis to Louis How did you know that the refrigerator in the the touch of healing. He goes oh that model I always know that he goes I would have done I think I said do you think is going to say he goes No that struck me as much as you. But how do you think God used Louis and the Holy Spirit to actually do that that's exactly what the man needed he needed some evidence that would that which he had not been able to ever repair could be fixed and it was fixed by the man of God. And so he said to the man of God If you can fix my refrigerator I believe you can fix me too. He was baptized several weeks after he was baptized he learned that he had terminal cancer I did his funeral we became very close but it still rule was not like it would have been if he didn't know what gospel. Totally diff because he had victory over sand and he had victory over death and he had resurrection hope so get baptized die daily fight the beast. Give thanks to God for his victory we just side there in verse 58 thanks be to God Give thanks have gratitude for the victory of the Lord Jesus how he had victory over sand has been through over death and how he's not just keeping it he wants to be fruitful with both of those things in your life give thanks in advance it doesn't matter if you're still having problems start giving thanks. Have your life changed by Thanksgiving. You know it says that throughout the night as it is if you have voile it foolish. Course jesting so that's funny dirty jokes if you have a problem funny different jokes he says and if he's in to give thanks when Lazarus was there Jesus gave thanks and then he rose when he needed to feed the 5000 he hadn't venom yet but he gave thanks and then the bread multitude all to play give thanks for his victory and his purpose and then. Lives of gratitude and then I like how it ends there for my beloved brother in verse 58 Be steadfast because you know the resurrection you know he he came he lived he died he rose again so be steadfast be immovable Bowl. Always a bounding in the work of the Lord I'll go just a mile go the 2nd Mile I took my dad in this week at a Chinese restaurant and I opened up the fortune cookie and it said something like this there is always less traffic when you go the 2nd Mile. It's not crowded when you're actually going the 2nd Mile when you're turning the other cheek but you know what turning the other cheek going the 2nd Mile is where you find people that are open and it's where your character can be demonstrated to them. In a way that's gripping to them so you don't leave when things get tough because you know that's going to be the most fruitful time in the Bible study. To principle. We're doing in the work of the ward why because you know something what do you know that your labor is not in vain. In the or how I think 1st Corinthians as a chapter we should keep in the Bible. Powerful chapter. We're going to sing. Baptize us a new. Before we sing that I want to tell you a brief story one day. I was living with my grandfather he was 86 years old about my dad's age a little bit younger than my dad and he loved trees he had a tree out in Walla Walla they had 5 different fruits grafted in and he had done and he came to live with me in Michigan and there was a nice little tree he liked it a nominee liked it I didn't know until I went out and I chopped the tree down I chopped it down because it was in the way of my moaning and I heard this kind of scream and I think was the last time I ever saw my grandfather run. He ran out and he fell down actually but he ran on his Why did you chop down my tree I was like because it was in the way of my mommy who's you chuck the tree down because you you know most are crying I said Grandfather very sorry because I had already thrown the tree in the pile because go get the truth if you go get 3 put the tree back up like. How do you do because let's go to the store gets these things you put the tree back which tells me what to do and these other watering nearly all stuff and I was like the tree is dead Ok I mean it's dead and it's like withering and everything but he was out there he was praying for the tree he liked the tree he still like me but not as much. The next year in the spring time I went out there I said it is still dead but then I went closer and I noticed something that alarms me there were some little green shoots coming from little buds on those bows and dead limbs and he had brought the tree back from the brink of death and that taught me a great lesson sometimes the people we give up on some kinds of people that we've damaged Sometimes the people we've top down sometimes the people in top down in life that we think there's no hope God doesn't look at it that way. What's prop him up let's bring him to in a van Zyl istic me let's put some stakes around let's give some different truths I can help them go through life Let's surround them with the family and that's not fall away from them because they fall away let's not backslide with them let's help them slide back in. That's what these meetings are about how many want to be involved in these meetings because they're actually a demonstration of what. Resurrection power. Of tone meant. Scriptural power. Let's get. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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