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  • April 12, 2021
    9:00 AM
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Is there a battle between the Old Testament God and the New Testament Jesus find out more on this episode of In verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. A Bible based conversation a. Temporary. Thought provoking. Post just in within. It's an old heresy but it's still all if I was found today in many circles of the church you have the Old Testament God they think he is the God who is a vindictive and gives you burdens and the yokes of bondage and gives you laws and then you have the libertarian Jesus who makes all things free is that true we're going to do a Bible study on that here on in verse of my name is Justin Kim an industry idea we have my friends Jonathan Sebastian and Siku and we're going to talk about this concept of the car covenants that we find in the Bible so Hello guys. Talk we're going to have some fun we're going to pray and then we're going to be like Lord help us and then we're going to find out. So John of them please. Pray for us yes let's pray their Father in Heaven which is so thankful again that we can study the Word and we really want to understand the covenants better and there are a lot of people watching want to understand it as well so please help us to tap into your word with an open mind send your spirit to give us insights and understanding and we just thank you for that in Jesus name Amen amen and special Can I ask you has there been we've been in this study Pro 2 weeks 3 weeks now and it was something that through this are actual discussion that you previously misunderstood or did not know or were confused about or hazy on but now you're like whoa and you know that's pretty cool and clarify that or just sparkled and polish it up a little bit I think for me it was. Noticing in especially in our 1st study in for. Week Number one that God appears as this covenant faithful God in the moments where we are actually there violating his covenant from the low point like to me interesting I never thought about God entering into a covenant with you when you were actually breaking the covenant saying nope I'm going to maintain covenant faithfulness in response to your covenant and faithfulness and that really just that warms my heart because a lot of times when we get into those low moments we feel as if God doesn't want to see any more God is not interested in us in the morning and that just paints a completely contradictory picture very interesting what are some things that you remember from episode 2 that was I think one of my favorite episodes where. There are 4 points that we found in the New Testament I think those need to be clarified when you point one for this episode so what are those that you remember and then when and smashing in helper and then Jonathan. Well we looked at we looked at them from he would have to 8 also in but we looked at that God says that he will and 1st thing about the foist is what God is going to do yeah you know if that was actually a revelation for me like he's doing everything everything everything and I'm waiting for the but what have I got to do but I got a. Sign here. So that he will sanctify us that he will reconcile us south that he will give us purpose give us mission for what to do and then the 4th one was that he will justify us and I think I thought yeah I'll just park and he salts the problem of sin using us and part as part of that mission whereas he can just snap his fingers and it's done but he still utilizes these broken beings as a part of his of his of his work so John let's go to the chapter 6 chapter 6 and if you can read. Versus 4 through 9 for sure start drama 6 starting in verse 4 it says. Here or Israel the Lord our God The Lord is one you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your strength and these words with which I command you today show be in your heart you should teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way when you lie down and when you rise up you should bind them as a sign on your head and they show b.s. from flights between your eyes you should write them on the doorposts of your house and on your Kate and Jon to your reading that but I want to ask you this question. You know I facetiously ask this question Is there an Old Testament God who is the one who gives you burdens and there is a New Testament Jesus who is frees you from these burdens are they at odds with each other and who is the one giving the covenants here is it Jeremiah or is it Hebrews which is a right very good question and a very important we understand of course there is only one God the God that we know from the Bible is the god same God the oldest missing of the New Testament in fact when some people talk about the burdens of the Old Testament they don't realize maybe don't maybe they don't realize that the New Testament has a lot of commandments too and a lot of burdens if you want to call it that really are you know more like promises and wonderful ways to live but anyway that's the point right now it is the same God And we do see it he has and we do see that. You know what the soft Jesus that we often see in a New Testament or that we perceive the New Testament is in the Old Testament as well you look at the passage just notice and because saying is equal in the place God is pouring his heart out he's like I love my people I want to hear for you that is the same God and we will see from the start of the covenants that that's just come for me let's And let's explore that this verse is exactly would Jesus quotes in the New Testament is right what is the great. It is not you know I have no other gods before me or keep the Sabbath day holy or do not covet no it's. Love the Lord your God with all so there is this complete in total in utter emptying of our hearts into gaunt your heart your mind your soul your strength this is the great commitment so it's letting you know that just like we looked at in the previous episode on those 4 things gossip I want to write this on your heart again there's that covenant language I want you to love the Lord your God with all your heart I didn't say behavior I didn't say this outward compliance I said from an internal motive right that this becomes not the burden of compliance with the rules but a service of Love done to Gaunt Yes you can mention these 4 terms and conditions or 3 or 4. And the 1st one was that I will write the law in your mind and in your heart yes it is this is this sounds just so nice and people say ah this is the new covenant is found in the New Testament only but we just find out from Jonathan that this is found in the Old Testament here and actually the Old Testament opens up even further Yes So in this in this portion we see from verse 4 through for 9 we just read this is what they called it the Shema in one of the very holy readings and in the Jewish faith what are some things that we can mine out from that passes for Johnson you know in verse 5 God is saying here usually love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your strength you know Sebastian kind of alluded to this but loving God and loving others is the fulfillment of the law Paul talks about as love is the fulfillment of the law you love God the 1st 4 commandments are all about your relationship with God you love all those with the other 6 commandments they're left so love is essential to the covenant to the relationship that takes place and so God is saying Love the Lord your God with all your heart of all you so we all your strength this is he's calling for a complete commitment to him he's not demanding as if you have to kind of demand love. He says this is what he's inviting his covenant people to experience you know if you put your affections on me if you make a decision for me you know the covenant the blessings of the covenant will become a reality for you as a natural. You know grow from from that relationship and this is this is a critical shift because when you look in Deuteronomy 6 in verse 6 in these words which I commend you guests today shall be in your heart we can read that as saying oh yeah I need to make sure I get them in my heart or we can read it in new covenant language which is I'm going to promise to put this inside of your heart just like we read in Hebrews 8 so it automatically lets you know that as we saw in the Hebrew last time you know last week that it was the fault with the people right and so it was how did you read how do you read these words you're coming with a certain assumptions already before you even receive the covenant from going you're already coming with I got to do something with that was an assumption you made because everything we've seen from the 1st week with Adam in with no one and with Abraham every time they tried to do something God was just reiterating No I'm going to put enmity I'm not going to destroy all life I'm going to give you a son that you can't produce naturally of your own strength and I'm going to multiply your seed as the force of habit and then we go to Isaiah and I'm going to give you a person who is the covenant which is in the person of Jesus Christ and so here we see that if you come with that framework that old covenant response experience where you're just like well I guess this is what I have to do then you've you've already missed it so much and I think it's so insightful you're saying to boil it down it's just what how I see it is your These glasses these are presuppositions that you can store that you use and I seem as glasses that when people have these glasses on they're like What do I gotta do and that these glasses determine how you read this 1st whether you have an old covenant experience or a new company Springs where. Talk about last week even verse 5 says You shall love the Lord your God with all your with all of you should love the Lord right to want one type of person so. I go. Out alone I don't love our hair and that's an old covenant saw glasses that you have yes the new covenant glasses work you know what I can't do that I can't do that so like God even me trying to even love you help me out here and then you wait for that don't I don't and I don't know how that works but that is the miracle that that god produces in all of them and see I just want to say about about the glasses they're actually not equivalent. You know in that one set of glasses the Old Covenant glasses actually leads to a misreading of the text that's real Ok so you know like when you go to an eye doctor and you need help because you're not seeing. It because if you read in verse 4 how it starts. He says Oh Israel here all Israel Here's the 1st part of the story is that the Lord our God The Lord is one of you when you go to and I think going to go to Exodus when God is given the 10 commandments he starts with I am the Lord your God It always starts with he presents himself and that's the beginning point it's not you it starts with me and then he's saying in the context of who I am you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart rate and so so it's a misreading actually to start with me you know the story because God starts with this is who I am and that's the impetus Yes there may be some and glasses or maybe the wrong wrong. Or strange and actually the New Testament uses a veil right there's something covering where you can you read the same verse but you're just not getting that I guess there. Must be close to saying it's really profound love that is in Exodus 20 and just here as well it starts with the presence of God and what I believe this tells us is that when you behold God in His glory in his beauty. In the truth that we know about him you cannot but fall in love with Him God is a god of law and he's so beautiful when you when you see that it's to picture of who God is for the people of Israel it was the God who saved him out of slavery didn't tell him to Commandments in Egypt he took the most labor of Karuna Red Sea to Sinai much later he told them you know the commandments it was love me because I care for you and then I'll show you the way that is that is good for you and I will help you of course right away so here we see in God 1st and then as a response verse 5 will happen naturally Yes so far around one we see that it is not Old Testament God verse New Testament God that they are the same God we come back and look at points $23.00 and $4.00 to see are they actually separate or are they the same after the break. Has been a blessing to do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to well do you join us like. The handle again is in 1st Bible. Now back to the discussion. We found out the new covenant has 4 points there that one says you will have the law in your mind and in your hearts to that God will be our dog and that we will be his people 3 that he will sanctify us justify us reconciles and give us mission all these things are found in the New Covenant and now we look on the 1st half that God creating our work is law in our minds and hearts was not found only in the New Testament but also in the Old Testament so let's go to live it is Chapter 25 Leviticus or Chapter 26 or 26 and verse 12 I want to see that 2nd promise where God says I will be their God and you will be my people is that a New Testament promise only or is that found also in the old time. Fashion can you read versus 12 Chapter 26 For us yes I will walk among you in be your God and you shall be my people and keep going to verse 13 as well I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt that you should not be their slaves I have broken the bands of your yoke in made you walk upright All right so we see here in this the 2nd promise of the new covenant that God this is we're all we are seeing that this is nothing new What's the context there in Leviticus that that God mentions that 2nd promise Well he's he's kind of in the middle of giving the covenant blessings in the covenant curses so he's kind of like Ok if you keep the covenant this was going to happen if you don't these are the bad things and sandwiched in there are those that same new cut of an untold language is you you're going to be my people I'm going to be your God So that sense of identity and that sense of reconciliation like we are on good terms we are in this together let's continue in this relationship is what God is trying to drive towards and the blessings and curses are all about us falling out of that relationship where as he says in Hebrews 8 or Jeremiah 33 that you did not continue in my covenant which is to stay in this relationship and give me this response to allow me to make you this special. Some people say they all that bad stuff all those curses specially found in Leviticus I mean that's found in the Old Testament that's now found in the New Testament where all these curses are these courses found in the New Testament Oh most definitely I mean you have for example in what person I should say. Well I think when you when you look at Christ that the Bible says that he became a curse for a right and you look even in Revelation where it's talking about you know the end time is dealing with you know judgments and plagues and all this type of stuff that are very similar to the language used in these situations and again you're looking at what is the issue you know this. Unfaithfulness or in the plagues will say well they just refused to give Him glory they refused to just be reconciled to God that was the issue and so would you realizes God is like I'm trying to keep you from these things the result of not being in a proper covenant relationship receive total synchrony between old and new testament 100 percent only that Jesus is the one that's absorbing the curses for us in a New Testament happening actuality or they're merely being promised in the in the Old Testament Yes Very good very good will move on to our 3rd promise yes but through Exodus 19 x. this 19 right before the 10 Commandments are given and Exodus 19 verse 5 and 6 and secretly if you can read that. Says now the if for if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant then you shall be a special treasure to me above all people for all the earth is mine and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation these are the words we shift you shall speak to the children of Israel Ok what parallel Do we see here and the New Testament Well of course in a nation say well in the New Testament time we see Peter talks about this idea of that we are you know kingdom of priests royal prince of royal priesthood right and this is where he taking us from right here on Mount Sinai when God was saying you know this special covenant with his people he was saying my promise for us I'm going to use you as spokespeople as representatives of what it means to be in a relationship. And later on of course he status is more of what I will look like and you are on me you know you will be the head you will be the light to the nations I say and so on so God here shows us in the Old Testament that he always wanted his people to be a mission in that mission driven reflectors of his beautiful character of your answer shared with the whole world this is why he put them geographically where he put them right at the center between the 3 continents of Asia Africa. In Europe so that everyone traveling through will experience a glimpse of who God is and so that of course that promise became part of you know the the covenant that he has with everyone who believes now today we are you know represented as priests of God thank you for the awesome awesome awesome going to order for thousands go to this 34 and that's and it's going to support what John has just said and what's awesome Exodus 34 it's been it's Mount Sinai when the when the 10 commandments given a 2nd time in Chapter 34 verses one through 41 through 4 and I will read that chapter 34 Verse one through 4 of Exodus and the Lord said to Moses cut 2 tables of stone like the 1st ones and I will write on these tablets the words that were on the 1st tablets which you broke so be ready in the morning come up in the morning to Mount Sinai and present yourself to me on top of the mountain but no man come up with you and let no man be seen throughout all the Mountain leader flocks and herds feed before that mountain so he cut 2 tables of stone like the 1st ones the Moses rose early in the morning and went up to Mount Sinai as the Lord had commanded him and took into his hand a 2 tablets of stone now the Lord descended into tech in a cloud and stood with him there and proclaim the name of the Lord and the Lord passed before him proclaim the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious longsuffering abounding and goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands for giving iniquity and transgression and sin by no means clearing the guilty busying iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children's children to the 3rd and 4th generation and what peril do we see in that passage. For giving in the forgiving iniquity you know that that he's the one who justifies us you know it's interesting. Talking about this contrast that we have you know Old Testament you Testament God this this is definitely not a passes that someone would go to if they were thinking about the Old Testament God because merciful. And suffering these are the qualities that you pick. Jesus as having anything this is who the Lord God is keeping mercy for thousands for giving iniquity transgression I said why is it going to iniquity transgressions and he saying no matter what kind of thing it is like that right it may be the kind of sin where you think nobody could ever forgive you the kind of stuff that is in the back of your closet you know those skeletons in your closet that nobody can know about the kind that you'd feel like there is no sacrifice that I could ever give that could amount to you know repaying this kind of whatever it is all the levels you know of sin that we magine no matter what it is God forgives all of it and that's the kind of God that he is and that's the covenant promise I think that it's pointing and this is this is where the cool thing is this is Mount Sinai this is like where you know where we were stereotypically think of is the founder. Of all k. no coming out you will keep My commandments and Charlton Heston comes out and is most unfair and this is not a tender. Message and you're also looking at the fact that when he's the clearing this to Moses in the 2nd commandment of the 10 Commandments he's quoting this very line after he talks about don't make any other gods you know of any likeness of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters under the earth and don't bow down to them nor worship them for I the little John I'm a jealous God and then he goes into this keeping mercy for thousands it's embedded in the commandment of all the ones the most probably agree just in their mind at that time which was following these other religions around them worshiping these other gods and God is saying it's embedded and what even people think is the 10 Commandments the 10 laws right that is like no embedded in the commandment is I will show mercy to those who love me so he's coming back to this again this this is not about what you're doing this is about you from the heart entering into a relationship with me and allowing me to write this on your heart but if you end up in idolatry. It's because you did not allow me to write this on your heart yes if you end up lying it's because you did not allow me to make you an honest and sincere person in your heart it had nothing to do with your failure or your lack of capacity we're going to look at this in the future episode in terms of Moses the same person here preaching the Gospel that's referencing the similar thing you know just to bounce off that this is Pauline salvation right here you know like we just thought it was one of these and of course. In Johannesburg 100 years I'm just going to be really does raffle God and then I'm really cool with everyone else what kind of god is that God is consistent he's the alpha and the Omega the Beginning in the end he does not change and that's a good thing because if God would change we would be in a lot of trouble but God is a God of mercy love and that will always be the case throughout eternity and I love I love that and for those who are watching him we've covered a lot of verses here and we've gone all over but just to really simplify it is this is you have the old covenant found in the Old Testament the New Covenant in the New Testament but we just we just established that these basic principles are exactly the same yes the Old Testament the New Testament God are the same and they're not fighting against each other but the question is this and there are Bible texts and we're going to go through them in the next to some subsequent lessons that they're like hey the old was bad but the new was good the old had problems with it but the new is better but if these 2 covenants are the same what is it about these 2 What is it about the old covenant that was faulty when we cover last week and just to reiterate to all of you it was our responses response to the Old Testament in response to the New Testament So the question is this and just as a quiz where there are people who had a new covenant experience in the Old Testament 100 percent who were they I mean let's look at let's look at Moses for example here is a person who just said God is merciful and longsuffering strikes the rock god says you cannot end. Turn to the promised land that you've been working almost your entire life to lead these people to lead them to the mountain look in every direction see the land but you're not crossing over and then he ends up taking this same person resurrecting him and taking him to heaven. I mean you're looking at them and say how is that not merciful this person clearly disobeyed God is saying no but most is continued in a covenant relationship I was actually going to just point to verse 9 verse 9 in the Exodus that he for you go for you know it then Moses response right to God showing himself he says even now I have found grace in your sight o. Lord let my Lord I pray go among us even though we are a stiff necked people and pardon our iniquity and Alison and take us in you inheritance as as you inheritance his response to God What God just reveal to him isn't a man Ok I guess we've got to go fix ourselves he's like well we're just people but we need your grace like he actually respond so he got it yeah. Yeah Ok 2nd question or drop in there what are some some of the example if you. Think of David famous Psalm 51 you know he understood the new covenant experience in the Old Testament some 51 verse 10 David is saying create in me a clean heart oh god every new stuff a spirit within me don't cast your you know present from me don't take your Holy Spirit from him he understood God you have to do a miracle in my heart covenant language understood Archer Ok 2nd question Why are there people in the New Testament who had an old covenant response so yes there are they fair but your other people that wanted to do it in their own strength was reacting against both we all of you out there are your seeing this from like men I am slowly getting it to have a old common experience all come in response is to say oh these rules are Ok let me just hold my breath and do it myself or have a new company experiences Lord. I can't do it you've got to do it and me and opening yourself up to the powers of heaven and for the Holy Spirit to possess you in a sense to live as he would on as he would want you to live that's my prayer over that's all of you we're going to we're just scratching the surface on this topic of the covenants you don't want to miss next week where you get into case studies of the most difficult parts of scripture so stay with us here on and verse you've been listening to a Bible based on the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton you could ask for your host just to. Invest is brought to you by the full time television that changes like this morning ever so there's an inverse. Or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is n.p.r. so.


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