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How to Give Bible Studies, Part 3

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • November 12, 2005
    3:00 PM
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it will be here with you enter the Serafina on how to give more effective personal Bible studies how many of given Bible studies before someone for many people at highest risk for young people there something intimidating about getting Bible studies but hopefully that about summer finished some of that intimidation factor will have been alleviated and you be more comfortable and absent his as to how to take it to more effectively can you hear me the go-ahead in the NRS for your day we are grateful that you given us the opportunity to study your word and share with others now as we take some time out of her seventh afternoon to hopefully make our witnessing more effective are sharing more effective I decide to pray that you would give us clear minds she will give us good memories helps to be able learn something we can take from this afternoon we make us more effective witnesses for you we thank you for the skids in Jesus name and were talking first of all just a little bit about the history of the Bible studies vaccine began in a camp meeting now in Adventist history there there were these in Venice we call him meetings Iraqi very different from the camp meetings that we have today today most of our understandings our group about the get-together and and we have we have well little with the very thing you are you are what you have the basically weekend or maybe we can in some industry to the comes in those days nearly out of this history can meetings I was convinced in ten meetings were when they invited the community to come in here at teaching you have a theology address so we actually have some very large kit meetings and evidences trees these fifteen thousand people would govern Afghanistan meeting that's bigger than even the machine understanding has about ten thousand so every summer United fifteen thousand people to do so many people that they have to they literally the rail companies would build a new rail line out the captivating sights of the people to become that the skins so in those days that you can imagine that you get a lot of people and maybe even thousands of people together in one tenth or one field with no PACs system and it was a challenge just to be able to hear the very back I suppose that audiences were quiet but I suppose also people learn to use their diaphragm and to speak quite forcefully like Peter Gregory so at any rate one of these candy meetings I believe it was us in Haskell was speaking and there came a terrific storm notice put yourself in intent the middle infield of the terrific thunderstorm and you can imagine that it wasn't very far away from the boat that was impossible to hear anything at all back they were canned meetings where the Kennedys had to be suspended until the storms passed because you couldn't hear anything that degrades no PA system rain hitting the test under a gliding in and you just couldn't have a service was a hassle had this idea he decided he would go ahead and continue his subject anyway only he would have to be little more creative so he had the whole congregation divided into small groups a dozen or so of each circle and then he had he would he would ask a question that is passed along in all throughout the attempt and after the question he would ask a Bible verse and at the point where the people could hear this question in Bible verse and pass it on to the next movement throughout influence spread around the tent and the people would keep the question in new and look at the Bible verse and they would read it and they would spend a few minutes discussing it before he would go on to the next question and Bible verse and he found that it was actually quite an effective way to teach the government a book it was basically a question-and-answer format maybe having actually very interesting they can be very effective what do you remember things very well that the question may be in bold print and then there's a paragraph or two answering the question and so sometime shortly thereafter Ellen White wrote about this experience I don't think she was at that meeting but she heard about is you wrote something along the fact that this was the height of of work she saw would take place in the last days and they began calling these this format of Bible study with a question and the answer from the Bible Bible readings for Bible readings emptied Bible readings were was the term that the early Adventist used for a personal Bible study using a question-and-answer format him with our lights and encouragement this meeting was such a popular way of witnessing and sharing administrate the people became Bible instructors at exit wasn't used until Clinton years later that term but they became Bible instructors sometimes they referred to as canvassers because they would go into the community with Christian literature they would find someone this date with the Lib with while they were there that town and they went they would give Bible readings and whenever you whenever you read the term Bible readings you can substitute in modern language the term Bible studies is that they were doing their human Bible readings in fact they began publishing the Baptist Church began publishing a a a magazine for Bible instructors this magazine would include new Bible readings every so often back every issue had a new Bible reading on a different subject again the same format questionable friends and then the answer is to be found from a text repass the Scripture and if your survival instructor of Bible worker canvasser as you probably called in those days if you are a canvasser you would get this magazine and you would collect those Bible readings because they were useful he also had a question on this topic another topic not Atlanta's believe you had a Bible reading that was already prepared and ready for you and you give it and was very a very convincing way to share the truth in fact finally they had ninety let's take all of these weekly or monthly Bible readings of been published in this periodically periodical and let's collect them and publish them in a book titled readings for the home circle at exactly what they called I will also have an idea was now they can sell that will bring them third of and a good big people who given some Bible studies using an good you could actually sell this book and there is a big book at first there were hundreds of ex- Bible readings on almost every subject imaginable it's a fascinating book ever get a chance find an original Bible reading the home circle it be worth it be worthwhile investment a good books good Bible studies with solid Bible studies today we have been canvassing work in this new MacBook work we haven't a distillation order condensed version of the Bible ringtones are still sold by competent Davis and I recall it God 's answers to your questions and I when you can resist the e-mail where she put it in her hand and he opened up and you say no you notice that the questions are in bold print the answer is simply a text string from one of the power of the Bible readings were the question scheme 's dancers came straight from the Bible now if we look on it I want to look a little bit at a couple of statements from the Bible and from the spirit of prophecy we read they usually witnesses to me to the ends of the earth we continue you need to be Mark sixteen verse fifteen says Billy and all the world and preach the gospel to every creature gospel workers based twenty nine the commission given to the disciples can also last today has been a crucified and risen Savior the neglected before those without God and without hope in the world and so urges so we have a responsibility I added me somehow in the Middle Ages there developed a clear distinction between the clergy and the laity understand that there wasn't really existing in the early Christian church the laity England the elders and the vegans and yes they were they were very active in the work of ministry and then teaching the Bible I read Stephen is just a deacon his concern evangelist right they were preaching they were teaching their sharing today we we seem to have established or adopted the established segregation between clergy and laity so we think that if the pastor 's job to do evangelism the pastor stopped out your Bible studies are really the gospel commission is every believer isn't it it really does involve upon us because how can the great work and that learning is nothing accomplished it must be likely despite persevering what kind of effort individual effort by visiting the people in their homes just legally Ms. Agnes in the media ministry and satellite television and radio and all the wonderful technology that allows us to blanket large populations it once but the work was largely accomplished by individual by visiting people in their homes this house to house labor searching for souls hunting for the loss she is the most essential work that can be done evangelism page four hundred and thirty one preaching is great but one-on-one work occupied most of Christ and and we need to not neglect this work is as well coworkers page four sixty is not preaching that is the most important it is house to house where commanders and eight four thirty three for years I've been showing the house dog labor is the work that will make the preaching of the word a success personal land labor how the health effort is the level make the preaching of the word success and so Christian service -based well where churches establish all the members how many members and members should engage actively in missionary work they should visit every family in the neighborhood and know their spiritual condition and understand the pastor can do that job for you candy the pastor can be friendly and outgoing to all of your neighbors and that the role of the Christian were not just a witness when there's prescribed times or activities for witnessing were to be friendly and affable I wish I had time to have one presentation night witnessing as a way of life the greatest witnesses as it were those who influenced entire nations to a knowledge of the true God didn't do so by prescribed activity like Abraham and Joseph and Daniel and even I include name and little me they didn't witness twice a week in the evenings for two hours understand they didn't witness on Saturday afternoon reversal ministries time or later activities cut time they were witnesses where they went and Abraham was so nice to his neighbors and help them and was friendly they respect and a new something was different about to go through the one-time physical budget understand it is yours you have a circle of influence of surroundings and Associates that your pastor doesn't happen your fellow church members vote and we have that circle button network that we have an opportunity to brush shoulders with and to get to know and understand that salvation is in every family in the neighborhood and know their spiritual condition of the pre- personal work it doesn't mean you knock on the door to take a survey nothing on surveys being millionaires he maybe is not neighbors in this culture it is the people you work with instead maybe it's maybe it's other people that are close to but we need to get to know people on personal weight level so we know what their spiritual condition is now our life spoke of this whole idea are you told the story of how Bible readings were invented as it were and then she says your God workers page one ninety two of you can read that the small print the plan of holding by the readings was a heaven born idea that many both men and women you can engage in this branch of missionary labor workers may thus be developed to become mighty men of God by this means the word of God has been given to thousands and the workers are brought into personal contact with people of all nations and tongues the Bible is brought into families and sacred truths come home to the conscience notice notice some of the descriptive terms he uses about Bible readings in the benefits of Bible readings it says for one the Bible is brought into the fan to see the benefit of having a Bible brought into the family versus the family brought out to meeting it becomes a part of the fall the home itself and it encourages establishment of a home author men are treated you re-examine judgment and salty notice that they are not simply told something like preaching service then treated to read examine and judge for themselves a characteristic of good Bible reading her Bible study energy to really judge examine and judge for themselves and they must live responsibility of receiving or rejecting the divine life right here in this passage we have some important clues as to how Bible studies are to be given a Bible study my friend is not to be a personal service presented right where not to go development and held in everything that we know on the subject of libel reading our Bible study is meant to be where we take the Bible into the home let them read it for themselves examine for themselves and judge what he and and recognize that they have to abide by the consequences of truth that can make a decision in Edwards aft accepted or rejected have to that understand for themselves God will not permit this precious work for him to go unrewarded he will crowned with success every humble effort made in his name that's a promising claims and God will not allow this humble effort to go unrewarded design it is page one ninety five is every true disciples warning to the kingdom of God is a missionary and so I don't believe that it's just the pastors for each of us but I expect personal service from everyone to whom he has entrusted a knowledge of the truth this time that all Kindle 's missionaries of wetlands at all and go can be whole missionaries in their families and neighborhoods testimonies volume four page fifty three to save souls should be the life work the life lifework of how many everyone who professes Christ now I have a burden this I really believe that we as activists need to get over this distinction between clergy and laity I really believe that we need to have every ad this young raised with the concept that no matter what vocational profession occupation they choose to have a calling the supersedes and that is to win souls for Jesus to be a missionary and so every every career that we children at the school should include equipping those students to be effective gospel not just the religion majors of theology every career should include that don't you think so to save souls into the life work of everyone who professes Christ now an investor some of the nuts and bolts of Bible studies and how to find Bible studies I understand that there are about three thousand people four thousand people who have gone through the Messiah 's mansion already in the last obligations they all has been eight days another week ago so they could be six or eight thousand people who've gone through and I believe that there is expected to be several hundred people by the end of this program who looks who requested Bible studies so I'm saying to you right now the next couple minutes may not see me not be very relevant because you may have already more viral studies and you can handle any wonderful job with wonderful job but I wanted just anyway give you a couple ideas of where you can find Bible study interests church visitor records you ever see how many of you seen the church visitor book that you sign in I wonder sometimes what happens to those lifetime or when seminal signs are often visitors not have as this is a combat instructors may never have I will follow up you can look through the church visitor records find people and come on a regular basis and then they could be vital state convict literature evangelism leads outreach ministry databases this is the it is rich in an amazing facts and all the different media ministries they keep a database of the people arriving for information of them your pastor can obtain a copy of these databases and often there will be people in your area who have requested books on the Sabbath who even spoke even completed a voice of prophecy Bible school abuse a personal visit and too often they also are not receiving them personal visit door-to-door surveys we did we could spend some time to that of the day right now how many of you have had after you take surveys door-to-door some of you okay so you're familiar with the concept may be that you could obtain a survey for other like taking a door-to-door survey is a very nonconfrontational way most people don't mind a sort of feel like there thereof their opinion matters you know that they like to share what they think and then I found if you if you call quarter or canvas it's really lot easier to take surveys because you're not trying they'll think try to sell something know you're asking them for a favor and they're usually willing to help the voter surveys you will find people who have interest in taking Bible studies you will you'll find them that way depending on your neighborhood there may be more than you expect by word-of-mouth you know sometimes I really think that the most important way we should find bioassays is simply by talking to people around us simply by talking to people around us we can meet we have so many secular conversations with people who are really would be searching it but they are searching these don't know because we have I love our conversations is amazing for me as I travel a lot to be able to sit next to people and talking and sometimes sometimes by the way I very best to talk to someone and once we start talking about spiritual things efficiently history that throughout this weekend we can't think that because because they shut us out we failed we've done the wrong thing was in developing untreated but a not always right they have freedom of choice and I respect their freedom of choice just recently I sat next to a lady on a flight and she was traveling from London to Accra and I'm going back home are her son lived in London remains of the way around son lived in London she was Canadian and then she said she said what are you doing here and I said well I was involved in organizing the evangelistic missions program for students she said all my son the Seventh-day Adventists could he participate in something like that I have a strange arena with the offense you sit down next to somebody in the second sentence he tells your sons anadromous as Al Jazeera sixteen hundred and nine tribes the next about fifteen minutes to have a conversation with her they would lead to her spiritual condition but as soon as I got to her situation she always threw up a wall and finally she just rolled over and went to sleep and essay while this seems like them I wonder why don't feel like you work as a failure when you're witnessing sharing just because they don't say where can I be baptized in a statistically every person join Seventh-day Adventist church has had seven two nine contacts positive context with Seventh-day Adventists and we always want to be the seventh of the ninth person writing but we should be willing to be the first and second and third and fourth fifth and sixth through right we should be willing to be used by God to plant seeds that can be water and often you remember what happens when people closed their minds they try to avoid using need to get angry some of you are here last night was an indication of conviction of earlier works of failure the Holy Spirit is working and yet the trust that he's going to take the seed to plant and continue to use them continue to want to set up word-of-mouth conversation personal conversation is one of the ways that you can obtain Bible study context by the way in most Adventist churches there are regularly attending non- Adventist people most Adventist churches it may be an adult child in need is spouse in almost every of this church there are some who come regularly to church some make-believe message is not I've seen many many churches with with with multiple people coming and you ask them if they have any one know they don't think of it they happen thought about it very carefully so these are people that we can begin and I would know what's preventing you from joining the abstract what's preventing you would you like to study you like to study and understand better what we believe this idea of milk processing to make a decision many people does have announced the people have no Bible studies were talking little bit today about the sanctuary Bible study I'm not sure exactly what your group is going to do and so I'm trying here to do present at some basic practical tips that will help you no matter what type of Bible study you're getting but as you know are that the sanctuary has its own way of teaching the Adventists message the truth the gospel from this time and so in the sanctuary needs people who comment have seen this visible detection when they request Bible studies it is quite likely they might be interested in a study that's based on the sanctuary system in Sebastopol Macintosh of the range of church in Wichita 's written a set of Bible studies that go along with the sanctuary service any change of the Adventist message is over to look at that for example your little later but I want I want to shoot to share with you a couple others pointers if you're going to use it or any choosing your own set of Bible studies choose a set that includes the complete Seventh-day Adventist message you might choose there may be a nice beautiful well-designed set of Bible studies on what the Bible teaches about conservation or something instant or maybe it's about simply about how to study the Bible and understand it and pray or something like that is amended perfect set of Bible studies but I recommend that if you're going to use a set of Bible studies he is a set that includes the entire message of completeness and why because very often there's something about our human nature we want to press finish what we start we want to get the inlet when a sense of accomplishment is there is what the disrepair some say to understand Sabbath can get to the end of the series their custom in this lesson or custom when they jointly finished easy and the other out of done it they've done their duty they've studied the Bible but if you have a series of lessons that includes the rest of the ominous message and every week they know they know the next one is going to be a part of the same series as the level regarding learn and am more likely in my experience they're more likely to molest to actually study the complete message is preferably preferably want to use a series of Bible study that are intended as personal studies some of them and it intended just as you know something that may allow Roche or something some are intended as correspondence lessons and there's not a lot of difference to correspond with a personal study but there is a difference there are some differences though preferably something that is intended as personal Bible states relative some of the characteristics of a Bible study a little later make sure there is a commitment or plan your own at the end of every Bible study you want to believe the person to make a decision based upon what they've see the work of the Gospels amazing the Holy Spirit works upon a person 's heart and that Jesus Jesus depicted the Holy Spirit is the win I don't know working from a work 's going little control over the Siemens work when the Holy Spirit I believe the Holy Spirit works through the word of God like human words don't work running a you have a person reading the word of God and the Holy Spirit has access to his heart that it doesn't happen I'm just speaking to so voice the king on the heart the person is being moved and convicted right him we have a prime opportunity because whenever the Holy Spirit works upon a human heart whenever truth comes into the mind and the light comes into the understanding the person cannot remain the same they are either going to be drawn closer to God and her heart softened and subdued and more open to truth because except they learn where their heart and become close and hardened because they reject with ignorant religious opinion you cannot understand truth and remain the same know the Bible talks about the Lord hardened Pharaoh 's heart right how did God hardened Pharaoh 's heart he hardened him he hardened his heart by manifesting his power and his abilities to Pharaoh but as Pharaoh 's choice wasn't it Atlanta's Harnack to being hard infusing the sun shines on a ball of clay in a ball of wax what happens the ball of wax and the sun shines upon it it melts it when I was a ball of clay it hardens the same son as opposites opposite things so you and I we do choose what kind of soil we are doubly we choose what kind hearts we have and yes Lord shined his truth upon Pharaoh Pharaoh chose enforcement departments are so that you only serve to close his mind because of his choice so I'm trying to say to you is you cannot hear the word of truth you say a person cannot understand the Bible remain the same and they must learn that if it's truth they see clearly they should be willing to follow following the following one observes I remember my first evangelistic series of type IV stories about my first evangelistic series and a few people who were there you will one of the things that I didn't really know how do I have no idea how to make appeals out second think you are so advanced dynamic appeals even convince a lot of people have good arguments but he just saw that the policing of the home and pray about it you need to bring people to make decisions I learned a lot my first a Bible study is only as good as its commitment there are many sets of personal Bible studies may not have an outright make sure you have commitment is fitting for what you studied he studied about the Bible is the word of God then your commitment should be something like I want to make the Bible the guide and the ruled living my life commission instead a decision based upon what the Bible study topped with a Bible study said now there are some who believe that they would feel more comfortable writing their own Bible studies I acted to that idea I simply say be organized and plan ahead the organizing plan I really do not believe in the philosophy that we should just take your Bible concordance and show up at the Bible study and asked them what you want to study today that I goes very well for a while for some people if I I will so leave a comment name and their era excited about some question the house of the accident until you are teachable moment they want to learn they want to know and so you and you have eaten it good appetite is just voraciously understanding given the Bible after their thrilling the problem with that approach though that approaches a couple of problems that first one is what happens on the day you come in they don't have any questions and understand they've been controlling another problem that approaches how do you how do you present the Bible subjects in such a systematic way to you prepare them for some of the more important subjects there's a couple of challenges if you write your own Bible studies I still believe you should plan ahead we organize the systematic use a logical progression of truth you know share what will prepare the foundation for future lessons don't just don't just go with a random order of subjects be careful not to be side to side tracked into unimportant or untimely topics now I wanted encouraging I would encourage you of encouraging first of all to find a good set of Bible studies to start with instead of writing this there could be some topics that you can't find studies on maybe there's some Unitas difference but a good set of Bible study topics lessons is a good way to start getting Bible studies if you have any Bible studies before definitely going to the time schedule I want to talk with you just a little bit about how and how to arrange your Bible studies out the things I share with you the next few minutes they are not there not Bible truth you understand they're not in this buyer formulas in that time we've been given the violent prophecy they are they are some ideas that I found to be helpful by workers I northbound be helpful festival when you come into the Bible study or you're coming into the person 's home usually right but always sometimes you might have a Bible study your home you can market your home I know I missed professionals weekly basis invite their patients for example to a meal in the Bible to their home or even at a restaurant as possible nothing wrong when I'm home every Monday night 's I have a Bible study with some nonindigenous communities become to my parents house and down is just they have different schedules they don't come every week but there's about six or eight fairly regular basis or half through the years and some you do years ago have a personal Bible study in a person 's home where the ideal place to have a Bible study and home music they hear kitchen table kitchen table or we might say they have a dining room table but avoid the place where the football games going on on on television the full families with you if they are with you and televisions going on than you might need that believe me actually have to have the jungle was not known not only people that they don't even realize of televisions running you may need to you you have to learn so you have to as it were take a little bit of initiative direct the situation and environment suggest where you have the Bible studies that comfortable lazy boy chair and the couch the ideal places by visiting us sitting around a table kitchen table and I don't table conditions got vicious these are the ideal places okay so I knew it is better if you can be as it were sitting across from a person with little awkwardly sitting next to the person yet as I sit on the edge of your seat and turned towards him and him this is even more ideal to have a small table and you're right there across from them you can put your Bible lessons out there who can write it is just a really convenient place to start early to establish good habits in Bible studies and will go a long ways they know soon as you come into an opportunity cleared off the dining room table as he planned ahead and so you avoid those awkward moments when you get there what you do for the first few minutes it's good to chitchat how do you know you don't want to just come in with a with a the attitude that I am a Bible instructor I'm going to be your teacher and let's announce I can teach you leave that's not that you know you want to have them feel like you're interested in them as a person right into that requires you to spend some time with them the ideal time to spend time with them isn't the beginning of the Bible study before you have your Bible study will talk about that a little more later spend ten minutes or so making friends getting to know them asking them questions then moved to your situation where you've gotten the most ideal circumstances for Bible studies and night have to be in the living room but do the best you can and as soon as you get into that situation they like that let's go ahead and get started at open with prayer why do you open with prayer of course you know that the Bible should never be studied without first printing we want them to get into that habit don't you want and understand hey it's not human is not the human intellect the truth is the Holy Spirit believed in open-minded turn right it's our acid with our willingness of our heart our hearts are naturally willing you can teach a lot in your prayer if you want in your prayer when I afraid flight of a Bible study I pray person and this Lord if you don't open our minds and hearts we can't properly apply what we today help us to willing heart Stalinist years of the word that do results are you Italian please I don't think that's wrong to purchaser in a prayer of Arizona I'm really praying that our day not I really want to net I wanted to learn that same habit of saying Lord I'm willing to follow your word and then open your word with a willing heart willing to make make me willing to obey whatever it is that I learned in these pages so begin your vinyl save a prayer and then your city should not last more than thirty five to forty minutes now you some people say don't if they really really really want to study I talked is so many people have had students I've had five workers will be studied for four hours yesterday was the best that you had no slight German lineman hereby for our Bible study is not exactly hallelujah I'm so happy ending I can judge of a neighbor they are I wasn't I don't know what spirit may lead that maybe the person died in her sleep tonight and I will imagine that you understand so these are not as I said these are not inspired rules but what I've seen however there is your final settings are too long you won't have very many of them because right now when it is Christ in their life or whatever the situation is whether just soaking it in their excited and they're happily what I learned just into the Messiah things right they can't get enough if you stay eventually had enough guess what you won't be coming back you want to leave them with that type unsatisfying to leave them wanting more hanging out cliffhangers do it every needed to leave them wanting you to come back to see and the other thing is that you know we live in a world where people are busy the really busy and I have a lot of discretionary time a string that this meeting to have a real high priority new really excited about getting four hours and there in their week to you received by the way recently indigenous literacy what happens next week when they don't have four hours of the essay on time for Bible study once it comes will be here for two hours or four hours consolidated they cancel invariably they start to cancel because they know they'll have four hours to two hours I don't care if they do and have almost any listens to you and God as a general rule you should not have a bioassay lasts more than now people are busy if you keep your Bible studies in our even a little less than innovative thinking it had a busy week the just fear for forty five minutes I can ask is manageable it's doable and believe me the devil will do everything we can to try to make sure you don't keep having a Bible study inconsistencies so I am a firm believer in the Bible say should not be more than about forty five or fifty minutes after you have your Bible study the main passenger remain by your Bible study you should always have a commitment the commitment is a very very important part of their Bible study it's very easy for a person in a especially don't have experience you get to the end of your Bible study as a little awkward to ask them a yes or no question are you willing to be committed see the little awkward you can make a little less awkward by saying I will let you but when I read these Bible verses understand what Jesus done for me when I understand the importance of the work of my life I want to make a decision to do such and such how much you ask them I like the ones where they signed the yes men are needy and then it's on the back of their lesson with all the spirit questions and verses and then at the end of the lesson you give that to them and he can keep a God that they can go back and they can look at the commitment it made me go back and look those versus length of that decision see and if you start on day one vessel happens on week one the next week or the next level study they expect to make a decision-making they intellectually choose yes you don't does make it a habit that I think about it you want them to think about nothing understand make sure you understand what you're going to need read so what happens when you get to the second testing subject such as the sun or the state of the dead are clean and unclean meats or something like this what happens they rather they realize they have to make a decision you're not dispirited are they now know the Bible better in their leave and to act upon the word of God the same principle when we do a public evangelism as a new getting personal Bible studies have to the commitment you shouted for always select that was prayer you can pray or if there comfortable with their accustomed to it they can pray after you have fair probably before you leave what should you do okay so the next time make an agreement next week this time same time same station whatever it is and then what I am even come the conclusion that this was Mrs. probably next to the commitment might be the most important part in the plan study leaving why as soon as you start chitchatting again after your Bible study inevitably is not hard for the conversation go right back to the Alaska in a World Series game or whatever the Congress seen on CNN saying is very easy for your conversational right back to you you finish you finish the Bible study is those very easy to go right back into it a secular conversation as soon as you knew that you've taken the mind off of what they just learned know you want to leave with that impression and that conviction and the truth is they read in the Scriptures still fresh in their minds so that for the next two hours until or their husband or wife gets her kids get home or whatever the situation is that it keeps me playing in the keep thinking about what they've learned the league don't stay in chitchat but there's always those people that really are lonely they won't they'll hardly mentioned on the Dohring on talking about and never talk to him in stasis in Lincoln NE is your you are their social location for the week there are those in for those you might want to find another time during the week to spend time to socialize or maybe make sure you come perhaps a few minutes early they're probably not be among that group that are in it too busy for you to come back to stay over now the deer socializing at the beginning of obscenity that the Bible city if you need to make an appointment make an appointment immediately falling and I will say so that you can honestly say I have to go I have another appointment your appointment and be honest not just make some they not a new appointment is to call a friend or prayer partner after Bible study somehow meant to deprave together for your contact you can make it set a time and appointment and when you're finished with your Bible study you have an appointment to understand you need to go I need believe I have an appointment I better go and see you leave leave them with that fresh in their mind help just it just a little bit other yes I usually don't know there's different thoughts on that someone have some would have summing them to do the reader to study if you're going to do that my mind differently but mice recommendation would be that it should be on the same subject GRE study and had a commitment on I assume by workers who give them the next week left to do while you're gone I personally think that's a very good idea I live I had a situations where you know the date they look it over and they read it over and they may do so with a somewhat prejudiced mind they may get it to a pastor or someone else who sees where it's going you understand and it's really better reviewed to bring the lesson when you come to study with them keep it while you're studying with them then give it to them afterwards for them to review to go back over you can give them additional material on that same topic to study for example you have yet other Bible studies say you're using the ancient very lessons and you study the state of the dead artists out of the law whatever it is understand you could give them the store was amazing faxing on the colorful sparkles study on the same topic and say hey if you want to do this a similar Bible study during the week you can do that are give them a little Jo Cruz seven book or something but I wouldn't give them the next request I don't I don't personally believe that's very effective so now in the first ten minutes some of you are viewing yelling and getting acquainted some of you may be very yes was a saying when people are very outgoing and extroverted easily make friends and talk very well some of you may be more shy introverted introspective and don't make friends is easily that I I grew up of homeschooled lives in the woods of Arkansas and I didn't have a lot of friends and naturally I was really shy canvassing helped me and that even as an early teen I can arrive you want to call my best friend on the phone I was scared to talk to people you know I'm never sure what to say and it doesn't mean God can use you you can overcome those tendencies but out of sight honestly honestly when I meet someone for the first time is just me and them in the room I don't always feel very comfortable it is I don't know how to talk and make conversation understand that not very talkative what he say what he what you do and so this is just a little idea for this acronym for family occupation will nine religion yes in testimony found in Asian religion testimony for things that you can you can talk to them about everyone has a family or family stories some sort right of everyone pretty much I would think had an occupation most people today have an occupation most people have some sort of a story with religion they don't have a religion they only had experiences with religion right and testimony so you can very quickly when you walk into a room suppose you're not an interest home for the first time one of these half around the room pictures were the pictures of their children grandchildren parents grandparents whatever that's family right to ask whose aspersions that was a carefully mighty to remember the advances are but that you can you can ask these questions in and learn something about them just spend some time asking questions what does this do it shows them that you are interested in then doesn't it and so you begin building bridges and bonding in and becoming friends with them show them that you are interested in occupation you're interested once again how they need to learning how they are working to and by the way is a good thing to have a wide expansive knowledge note we'd be interested in other people 's occupations are you notice a little bit about it you know because as soon as you know something little about what they do they feel while in others this extra bond between you and then and then asked them about their religion it doesn't have to be a full-blown questionnaire it says you know how often you pray in how not to ask all those questions that you know you can ask very nonconfrontational questions about their religion for example when were canvassing we selected the persons that person you can sort of tell it your not sure if a religious or not about to say no you don't say no so you have to say something and so they got the book in their hands and you say old needed to go to church very often at the very nonconfrontational question that's asking what denomination he go and if they don't it's unavoidable they don't get to see some of their bad people from serious and alarming that you just nothing of the first times he don't want to be saying you attend church regularly takes me when you get to go to church very often and then I get distracted me talk about their church later down here to mother roses or whatever the Cathedral is and so the conversation is about their religion it shows again showed interest in them they may become more comfortable your interview except them for who they are not accept this earlier in the so finally your testimony after testimony is perhaps the most important part oh how nice and I like to this for thirty meaning I'd like to focus primarily on this part how to share your personal testimony you know that we are told that our trust personal testimony combined with a a a godly life have an inner ear resistible influence irresistible influence on his levels were in the sun becomes a powerful hell was share your testimony it doesn't have to be long everyone should have a testimony given thirty seconds or two minutes and ten seconds of the need to before I knew Chrysler wasn't very happy for you not since I became Christian I found recently so that's all testimony has to be yes yes right right and again these are simply ideas for those of us who find ourselves not on what to say you know some of you don't need any fort or any other ideas or acronyms some of you can talk and show your love for the person just by being the way you are some of us we need a plan may need a plan that we can say hey when it goes silent I might have something to fall back on her day as me I'm sorry I'm on this site I just can't make conversation up top my head if I don't know a person very well I don't know what we have in common okay now the Palestinian cell house in the Bible study goat it should be it is very simple format now I want to hear let me to show you this Bible study that I got it's when the sanctuary Bible said in the format it has easy the title the same sanctuary significance part two men mistaken Earth 's first sanctuary notice going to have a subheading God 's original plan who created man and why you see the format that it has here a question and then I what I Bible text or a passage there to turn to a question of fact God who created man why does one twenty six Isaiah forty three twenty one says several text for each question what kind of relationship you desire to have with men Isaiah forty one agent axis thirty three eleven sup this is a this is a classic personal Bible study format with a question-and-answer remember astronomy and I can't meeting in nineteen hundred that's in Haskell who were they couldn't hear over the rain and so he began asking questions getting a Bible text and letting them discuss it and passing out around the tenth and this is the format of Bible readings in LA said was a heaven born idea and of course it kept growing in the Bible instructors taking the Bible readings long on the findings they published all the Bible readings and the book boundaries this is the format this is a classic friend and administer street is a classic Bible study format and so it's a question and then the text and in the question and the answer now who asked the question do you think you should ask the question you have that you have a Bible study keep it in your hands what happens if you give them upon the Bible say what you doing lesson they are a right-of-way to the first question or two right that's just human nature taken a look ahead to be even Bible students are always honest she so they're going to look add there to try to get ahead and one you're talking to them about something or ask them question their thinking up something to keep in your head in the as soon as I wasn't there would you what would you ask you would simply say who created man and why now you'll find that some of your Bible studies students they're going to do so is the affect question whether you might answer God they know that losing the war you're going to believe it or not they they know the answer and they're very they are very excited to show the no but what you want them to understand this is not important what I think it's important with the live Oaks so soon as they say you that yet the question who created man for what purpose they say God created man he said he paid I can tell you you've Artie thought about the something 's energy policy with the Bible says posted about this always get them to go to the Bible is not important I think I'm important what you think else it that way is not important what I think you can say that it's important to the Bible says and seated and read the question read the text additionally the text they should read the text member what Ellen White said men should read the Bible and examine judge for themselves Siegel in the Bible about the whole of the Bible study using them to read the Bible for themselves and then you ask the question and while yes the question twice regarding acid and you haven't read it gas again okay and that he said that more than one a year that question the more impact it will have it's true it's also this a yeah I often practically speaking often they they just plain forgot they reading the text very latest vested in the history of the Bible here is the Bible and it seems hard to read the first few weeks to live there very and now administer variably mobile we tend to be quite well-educated they'll find many people using live with it don't read very well so then it really focus on reading type needed in the version they are very happy and he asked the question again and they look back over the verse out often when you asked the question again there'd have to look at the verse again to see what how that relates to see I'm serious friends we are living in a world that has almost almost done away with cognitive processes communications and they just sit in front of TV and vegetate and then and I think ask a question find a somewhat abstract answering that question requires and sometimes little child at first running too hard on our society help not trying to be negative breathing that is I'm just saying he sometimes takes a while for people to to read a question and find the answer from the word of Islam the film of blank you know and so repeat the question and then allow them to answer who enters it they answer all his temptation to help them on you can help them as temptation to give him and been given the answer as soon as you get in the habit of giving an answer than a week for every time report so we do nothing for themselves why it is when you finish the Bible study the note is not something you told them is something that you saw in the Bible for themselves and they understood it in a new decision based upon unit of them a disservice when you tell them the answers they need to see it for themselves and understand it for themselves so don't tell an answer to direct them take the time even if it takes a little bit maybe you need to take a a parallel Bible with you that has a modern translation they don't have a modern translation sometimes needed to read the verse in different translation nor do a little bit of the paraphrase of the verse for them help them yes but let them be the answer for themselves avoid the temptation to give them the answer men are entreated to be examined and judge for themselves again we said and gospel workers page one ninety two and finally that last part leave after confirming next study and appropriate farewell 's lead with the thoughts of the lesson still upon the mind I share this view this last statement gospel workers page one ninety two God will not permit this precious work for him to go unrewarded he will crown with success every humble effort made in his name that approaches problems through God 's very willing to work with us it's really simple isn't it is getting Bible studies intimidating not really if you have a plan is indispensable but what was my students always say this when they ask a question I don't know me what should you do admit it that is a you know what the really good question the best in the really good question I don't know but I'm sure the Bible must have an answer let's search this week and come back next week and see if we can find the Bible have you failed event giving that they no longer respect to the Bible instruct you know your human paste the respect you and they know that you're not just give you not just wanting to give them a philosophy or an idea or theory or you are your idea your answer they know you want to have an answer of the Bible very important this may seem very simplistic but you don't allow many Bible studies I've seen that could have been improved with just some basic principles and you know how the people I've met the circle that's all there is even a mouse I can give a Bible study can you imagine that all the above said Alan does anybody here can humans ever don't believe idly I've seen kids get Bible studies and simple plan share the word charitable I is not difficult if not not that intimidating God can use you but have a plan and watch the Holy Spirit worked at a C this afternoon I want to find out how many of you would like to be involved in getting bounced around and talk your were going to put it into action they are people who need to be studied with great and so we prepared a little a little hard for you to contemplate you this afternoon don't worry you're not going to be forced to do anything to your own free will but what is the promise God will not permit this precious work to for him to be indigo unrewarded he will crown of what success every humble effort made in his name right you will be successful you have to do something great what hurts right it could just be studying the Bible one person or two and friends I think that this group would be remiss to allow hundreds of Bible study contacts from the size mentioned to go unfollowed up with personal effort to allow them not to be followed up in person I think that in the state I think you're putting people worked harder to reach them in the future and so we should limit the Bible studies just to this group can have one we should limit the Bible studies just to this group but those of you who are here I would really encourage you to prayerfully consider what times of the week what hours of the week what portion of the week you might be able to commit to helping share the Bible with somebody else would you be willing to do that would you like to see success the document you are giving Bible readings just put your name here your phone number e-mail the best way to contact you and then in the case here on this list and indicate here on this list what days or hours of the week would be best for you that way if their people requesting Bible studies they can match hello people who are willing to give final settings I don't know all the details of hail have to stay posted but I'm quite sure they'll have perhaps the sanctuary study vitamin design go right along with his Mosaic tabernacle prepared and improve life for you they are very good set of Bible studies on my students were involved with it this summer in Wichita Kansas sanctuary was there call quarters were there canvassing going door-to-door Bible as their giving vital studies in the Meehan Emanuel Sixers all in the same summer as the plan the plan yes what a wonderful opportunity doors are open to go on to people 's homes instead of blood with which this passive scanning Genesis opportunity to take this opportunity belonging today card for you to need in any pens or pencils some other way of doing actually collect them she was fastened in a row was a passive than Little he I'll had a chance to fill them out and down I'm just so excited for what's happening right here in Loma Linda Southern California people requesting Bible studies God is going to bless God is going to bless you as you are as you share with them as well as our support of prayer father in heaven I want to trade you take these commitments these indications of the desire to to share your word Bible readings with others on trading up take them to each person and use them a mighty and powerful way for review control that will you said that would be amazed at the humble needs to finish work it may just be a matter of us take your Bibles sharing truth with our neighbors so isolate a prayer to bless us hear our prayer to bless even as we speak the Messiah 's mansion the many people who were right now happened to her and having their hearts open to your truth Lord let these open hearts be filled with the knowledge of your word let there be faithful Adventists in this community who can meet each request for Bible studies that your word might find it entrance into the good hearts that they might come to a saving knowledge of Jesus or to a better knowledge of the more abundant life yes John slightest trace of less than and bless us as we seek to reach them in Jesus name we pray amen


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