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Two Images are Forming

Jonathon Cherne
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Jonathon Cherne

An attorney in Westlake Village, California, United States. 



  • April 12, 2021
    7:04 AM
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Father in heaven thank you Lord so much for the Sabbath hours the Lord that you set aside each week for us to rest and to get to know you Lord and just as a reminder Lord that there is nothing that we can do to earn salvation there but that you have offered it to us as a gift Lord and the Lord we thank you for this precious day Lord thank you for creating us father and we asked Lord now as we open the Sabbath Lord that you bless us please bless this presentation Lord here we realize the times in which we are living father and may we draw ever closer to you we pray we ask he sings in the name human Ok I have a. Special presentation this evening is actually a 2 part series. We're going to be doing one part this evening for vespers and then the other part tomorrow morning at admin hope and I think that will be live as well if you can't attend in person I hear in Loma Linda California so look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow as well so my message. Is called to images are forming and so that as you can tell from the title and. If he hasn't seen my screen. As you can tell from the title we're going to be talking about Bible prophecy and talking about some of the events that will be. Taking place that have taken place and looking at Bible prophecy looking at what's been happening and kind of comparing them so this is a picture of me and my family as you can see this is an image of my family that's me and my wife and my 3 kids and so an image is a reflection of. Something somebody it's also the likeness of something and so we're going to be talking about 2 images that are forming one image we talk about tonight when we talk about the other image tomorrow but people ask me I do religious liberty work and talk about in Time Events about prophecy and people ask me you know why are we talking about prophecies should we be focusing on that and so couple you know comments on that is one crisis the Bible says let us watch and be sober and this is him talking about the signs of the times that we're supposed to be watching and being sober and here is a quote from the book actually Apostles page 260 it says there are in the world today many who close their eyes to the evidences that Christ has given to warn men of his coming they seek to quiet all apprehension while at the same time the signs of the end are rapidly filling and the world is hastening to the time when the Son of Man shill be revealed in the clouds of heaven then she says a very interesting statement she says Paul teaches that it is sinful to be indifferent to the times to be indifferent to the signs which are to precede the 2nd coming of Christ and so here. We're told that I don't know if you can see me still. Era told that we are supposed to be watching the signs that we're supposed to be looking at them and that it's sinful not to people say oh yeah we just to be focusing on God's love and yes we do need to be focusing on God's love but we also need to be watching just as the Savior says and so why do we watch well. Here's another quote see if I can get this one up here. Ok This says. Matthew $2448.00 to says Watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming so Jesus after giving all the signs of His coming tells us to watch and so we obviously won't want to obey his command and so we want to watch but this is another quote from signs of The Times October $1894.00 says God would have us study the events that are taking place around us and compare them with the predictions of his word in order that we may understand that we are living in the last days says the diligent student of prophecy will be rewarded with clear revelations of truth for Jesus said the word is truth and so the purpose of studying the prophecies and comparing them to the last days is so that we may understand that we're living in the last days and so we study the by won't and we study. We look around to see what's happening in the world and we see where are we at and this is supposed to motivate us to go and to share with others and to work a revival in our own lives as we see the signs taking place it also builds our faith in the Bible when we see the predictions of God's Word come true then we know even more that we can trust the Bible and so something that I've been doing recently is studying Revelation 13 so I'd like you all to open your Bibles with meat and go to Revelation Chapter 13 and reading Revelation 13 I noticed it seems like the next big event in Bible prophecy is that an image is to be built. Says year in Revelation 13 verse 14 it says and he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived and so. Now I'm going to be talking about things in Bible prophecy here and I'm going to be assuming that you already have an understanding Ok so this is kind of like a prophecy to a one Bible study I guess you would say so in Revelation 13 there's 3 b.. And. Let me pull up the slide here. Ok so in Revelation Chapter 13 we see 3 beasts Ok the 1st beast that we see at the beginning of Revelation Chapter 13 is the dragon and then the 2nd beast we see that arises is well I guess actually the 1st beast we see is the the beast from the sea that arises and we saw the dragon in chapter 12 but then it says that the dragon gives his authority there in verse 2 of Chapter 13 to the beast from the sea and then we see a 3rd be east come up in verse 11 and so I am assuming that you understand what these beasts mean in Bible prophecy and so tell you what they mean but if you don't have that understanding yet. Please I would ask you to I'd be happy to study with you I'm sure there's other admin Hoke leaders you can contact that would be willing to study that with you as well and so we're going to be still and hearing about the forming of the enage and we'll talk about. I'll get to that a 2nd to Yes Ok So the 1st beast the dragon represents Satan and tells us that they're in Revelation Chapter 12. Verse 9 a Says So the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceived the whole world he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with him again so this represents Satan also represents paganism Pagan Rome at that time if you study Chapter 12 was the one in charge and remember paganism is basically the worship of evil spirits it's a direct communication with Satan and his agents and it's. In opposition to got Ok And so the next beast is the beast from the sea and this is a representative of the Roman Catholic Church the papal system and again if you don't have that understanding I would you know I highly recommend that you please contact me contact somebody to understand how we know that the beast from the sea is the. Papacy the Roman Catholic Church we don't want time to go into that tonight Mark focus tonight is going to be on the end of the beast and then we have the 3rd beast the beast from the earth and the 3rd beast. Is the United States of America and again if you don't have that or saying please please contact me or somebody to have and hope we'd be happy to study that with you Ok so that's kind of the understanding going into this so this is in effect a counterfeit Trinity Ok so you have the 3 parts of Satan's kingdom and so we're going to see that here my show you. This is the counterfeit Trinity. Video All right. It's the 2nd to come up Ok so the 1st you know the 1st part of the trinity is the father there's the truth so there's a true and a counterfeit you'll see it when you study Revelation that Satan counterfeits pretty much everything that God does and so the this is in Revelation 13 talking about the counterfeit of the Trinity so we have the father he is the supreme ruler of light. The Bible calls and the God of lights and Jesus is the light of the world Ok and so he gives his authority to the son. Matthew Jesus says that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me by my father Ok And so the Dragon is the counterfeit of that the dragon is the ruler of darkness as a Satan ultimately and he gives his authority over to the beast from the sea and we saw all that there in Revelation 13 verse 2 it says now the beast which I saw was like a leopard his feet were like the feet of a bear his mouth like the melt of a lie in and the dragon gave him his power his throne and great authority Ok And so the dragon gives his authority to the sea beast just like the father gives his authority to the son. Now the son obviously is Jesus and he receives power a throne and authority from the father 1st Peter $322.00 says that Christ has all power subject to Him If you want 20 says that he is seated at the right hand of the Almighty and so he has a throne and then of course Jesus says that he has been given all of it already so we see that Jesus received those 3 things he would receive power a throne and authority from the father and Satan the dragon gives the same 3 things to the papacy it says there at the end of Revelation 13 to you that I just read the dragon gave him his past hour his throne and great authority now. Jesus his ministry on this earth was for 3 and a half years and. The he was your on earth speaking truth rate to all the people now the papacy this says here that this beast from the sea it also has a ministry that is 3 and a half years if you look there. His says there in verse 5 it is says that he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and was given authority to continue for 42 months which is 3 and a half years so we see this true and this counterfeit and then we know that Jesus died and rose again and all the c.b.s. of the papacy it also says there they he received a deadly wound in his verse 3 I saw one of his heads as it had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was healed so he received a deadly wound and then was healed the son looks like the father and. Just said if you see me you've seen the Father the papacy looks like the dragon it has the same. Number of heads and horns and and when you go back to verse. 13 chapter 13 verse one and so it looks like the dragon so so those are the 1st 2. Parts of the Godhead next is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit just said I must leave so that I can send the Comforter the Holy Spirit comes after the son dies and he guides men into all truth the Bible says He also displays Christ's power and if he gives the seal to God's people he makes Christ's image and gives power to the image there is verses that talk about this work that the Holy Spirit does now the beast from the earth is the counterfeit it does the same thing and this represents the United States of America and the United States of America rose after the papacy died in $1798.00. And just like the Holy Spirit came after Christ. The United States came up after the papacy died and it says it guides man into deception it says here in verse. 13 of Revelation 13 he performs great signs of that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men and he does see those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the side of the beast telling those who dwell in the earth to make an image to the beast who is whom by the sword and lived and so there it says he does see those who go on the earth so he is guiding man into deception now the Holy Spirit we also know will be poured out on us now when the Holy Spirit was poured out the 1st time it was as what fire coming down from heaven. And so here we saw in. Verse 13 it says it this counterfeit Holy Spirit this is a he performs very science of the he even makes fire come down from heaven so will see this faults revival this whole spiritual revival come from the United States of America and so. Then also the. United States of America will be the one that forces the mark just like the Holy Spirit gives the seal the beast from the earth gives the market says that down in verse 16 it says he causes all both small and great rich and poor princely to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads and then no 1 may buy or sell except he who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name so if force is the mark it also makes the c.b.s. image we already read that how it makes the c.b.s. image and it gives power to that image verse 15 it says he was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast at the image of the b. should both speak and cause as many as who would not worship the image of the beast to be killed so he gives power to the image in a voice power and a voice Remember those 2 things power and a voice is what he gives to the image. Ok so now I'm going to be talking about different things related to the United States of America given that we are studying about the beast from the earth and the image that will be formed by the United States of America Now don't get me wrong I'm very blessed and happy to have been born and raised in America so this isn't anything anti-American is just talking about Bible prophecy and what the Bible predicts will happen in America something that we need to be watching and also I will be talking about different events that have taken place different actions that have been taken by different political parties now this isn't a political speech the beast from the earth is not the Republican Party the beast from the earth is not the Democratic Party Ok the beast from the earth is the United States of America that speaks like a dragon and how does a nation speak through its government branches through its legislators to dishes branches executive branch Ok And so when I'm talking about different things that are happening please stick with me Ok All right so the beast from the land the land beast transforms the unfaithful church into the image of the faults Crites s. when it says the image of the beast is talking about the image of the beast from the sea the papacy just as the Holy Spirit transforms God's faithful people into the image of Christ. Let me my screen here again. Ok here we go Ok so there are 2 images that are forming there's the true image which is the image of Christ formed by the Holy Spirit and then there's the counterfeit image the image of the faults Christ and the counterfeit Christ the papacy formed by night and power this image is formed by the might and power of the United States government now this reminds me of a verse and Zachariah 4 Verse 6 Zachariah 4 Verse 6 says Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says The Lord of hosts and Zerubbabel was supposed to build the temple by the Spirit of God Not by might and power and so we also are supposed to be a temple a sings to wary of the Holy Spirit or a sanctuary of God that the Holy Spirit builds in us Ok and so. The one of the signs. That we are living in the last days is seen an image being formed but not just one image being formed 2 images being formed the true image of the image of Christ and the false image which is the image of the papacy now here you see a picture of the story of Daniel Chapter 3 now notice here if you look closely you'll actually see 2 images you'll see a true image and a false image Ok the true image are the 3 Hebrews standing faithfully standing in the image of Christ. And this is why when they went to the fiery furnace that Christ was able to stand there with them and they were not consumed now the false image obviously is the image of gold that never can as are set up that image was formed by man's might and power and so the same is true with the last days the final image will be formed by man by man's might and power and. Then the United States will give power to the image and a voice to the image that it might speak Ok so there's 2 images the true image and the false image here this is from crisis object lessons page $69.00 and it states that Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his own so the true image is God's faithful church is his people that have the character of Christ and that character is formed by the power of the Holy Spirit Ok And so let's look at the counter fit image then the counterfeit image. Ok so the Kelter 5th image we have the true image is the faithful bright the counterfeit image is the unfaithful bride It's the up pos state Protestant churches who instead of continuing to protest and stay faithful solo scriptura solo feed a solo Graziella instead of staying faithful to the message they a pasta sighs and unite with the beast from the earth the land beats the United States government instead of staying united with God Almighty told us in great controversy page 445 the image to the bee this represents that form of apostasy 8 Protestantism which will be developed when the prostin churches shall seek the aid of the civil power for the enforcement of their dogma so here's to give us a clue Here's who tells us that the image of the beast will be developed when Protestant churches she'll still be the aid of the civil powers and so the character fit the counterfeit image trust in man it goes to men for 8 it goes to night and power to get aid instead of going to God and so they're cheating on God how are they cheating on God turd me to Isaiah Chapter 30. Chapter 30. Look in a burst is one through 3 and here is an example of God's people Israel cheating on God a says whoa to the rebellious children says the Lord who take counsel they're getting counsel but not of me and who devise plans but not of my spirit that they may add sin to sin who walk to go down to Egypt and have not asked my advice to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh and to trust in the shadow of Egypt therefore the strength of Pharaoh shall be your shame and trust in the shadow of Egypt shall be your humiliation so God is grieving that Israel his people instead of coming to him he said you get can also but not of me and you get power and strength but not of me they were going to the governments of the world to get strength and to get advice and counsel and the Bible says uneasy cule 1626 God tells Israel you committed the harlotry with the Egyptians and so he is calling Israel out for cheating on him by going back to Egypt back to Egypt for power and for advice and for might and remember not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says The Lord of hosts and so when a church goes to the government for help and for power instead of going on their knees their cheating on God Ok and so. So the faults image is those churches that instead of going to God for a while they go to the government for help. Yet God is the one who hold all power in the palm of his him and so there's no reason why we shouldn't be going to him the true image are the those the true church the rim the church that goes to God for the Holy Spirit This reminds me of the 10 virgins remember 5 of them 5 of them had the Holy Spirit powering their lamp they had the power right but 5 did not and so where did they go they went to the world for power is says that they went to those who buy and sell so that they might have power too and so they were getting power from the wrong source the true church gets it from the Holy Spirit the counterfeit image apostate Protestant churches get it from the United States government so what is this is an image to the Beast now the in order to understand the image of the beach we need to understand what the beast itself looks like and again this is talking about the 1st beast that arises from the seat back in Revelation Chapter 13 and so that 1st beast we know that the papacy What does it look like it is a mixture of church and state the Vatican is both a country has its own currency its own army its own leader. The pope but it's also its own religion and so here we see a church state. Where it's both a. Government entity as well as a religious entity and so that's what the Vatican looks like so the image to the beast will be also a mixture of church and state coming together and you might say John how could that ever happen in America well we will get there and see that our Constitution is being eroded and one day this will happen you know I know because the Bible says it so there in Revelation Chapter 13 and so remember during the Dark Ages the Catholic Church they got their financial support from the European governments and then they also used the European governments to. Further and enforce their beliefs and so the United States of America and the apostolic cross and churches would unite together to where the United States is using government money to support the churches just like the Batek in receives support from the European nations but also then the churches will use the government to enforce their beliefs their dogmas on the people. And so when the Bible says it will be an image of the beast is talking about the image of Rome in America is talking about the Protestant churches in America receiving support from the government to sustain themselves and then using the government to enforce their beliefs now have we seen. Have we seen this start to happen this quote again that I had up there it says that the image of the beast represents that form of apostasy 8 Protestantism So have we seen crossed 10 tism a pasta size have we seen an apostasy. Well what is apostasy apostasy is to remain out or abandon your religious views or your religious beliefs and so apos to a process as our churches that have stopped protesting they've stopped calling the beliefs that they once held that made them cross tent and so we have seen this happen no greater time than the 500 anniversary of the Protestant revolution of the present Reformation start and the time when Protestant should have been remembering the beginnings and what men gave their lives for to protest the errors and the end accuracies in the church at that time instead we were coming in big in the papacy for forgiveness Here's a this is an article right here October 31 2017 so if the 500 anniversary of the present Reformation is this Catholics Lutherans big forgiveness and so do we see them coming back together a couple years before that 2014 I invite you to google this Bishop Tony Palmer look it up on You Tube He led a group of evangelical pastors to the Batek in this group had a fall in combined following a more than 700000000 people worldwide and they all went to the Vatican these Protestant evangelical pastors declaring the protest over. Ok and 20 Palmer he also spoke at a conference with Kant Copeland telling Protestants hey the protest is over it's over you can you can google his video on You Tube amazing video telling us that the protest is over and so just like Ellen White said that at a possible prostitution would a pasta size we have seen that happen and so we've seen the apostasy we see them stop living solo scriptura But what causes the process in church to form an image to the beast what causes it to form an image to the beast we have a quote here from review in Harold June 151897 June 15th 897 it says. Us Here in the wrong thing it says that. It says Protestants will work upon the rules of the land and to make a laws to restock for the last ascendancy So a pasta a process in churches form an image to the be East. Because she's lost what she's lost her ascendancy she's lost her power she's lost the spirit of God because she has left the Truth of His word and not continue growing in it but she has also lost power Protestant churches they see the the strife and immorality in America they see the lack of Christian values and principles they see that their churches are dying their time is dwindling and in order to regain that power that they once had instead of going to God on their knees they run to the United States government to power their lamp just like the 5 versions ran to the world to get power the churches should have ran the God they should have been praying for the Holy Spirit should have been praying that God would use them to reach their neighbor like God would use them to reach their coworker and to change the world that way but instead they go to work on the rules of the land. And so the faithful bride the faithful bride uses the Holy Spirit's power to make an image of Christ's the unfaithful bra and uses the world's power to make an image of Crites but you can't make the image of Christ by using the power of the world here's a quote from desire of the ages page $510.00. It says not by decisions of courts or councils or legislative assemblies is the kingdom of Christ established but by the implanting name of Christ's nature in humanity through the work of the Holy Spirit not by might nor by power but by my spirit you see you can't legislate morality. You can't legislate morality morality is something that comes from the heart it's not an outward compliance it's not through legislation through Supreme Court decisions or or through executive orders that we can make Americans Christian we can't make Christ's image that isn't something external it's something that's internal and we don't know Christ image to be able to make it and this is why we need the power of the Holy Spirit later in Revelation the Bible actually closed this be this and its image the false prophet Now why is it the fault profit because this prophesied that you can be like Christ if you worship on Sunday that would make everything better American would be Christian have Christian morals in and our climate would get better and there would be peace and so there's this false prophecy that will go out that in order to be like Christ we all need to worship on Sunday and they'll be compelled forced worship but remember not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says The Lord only by the Holy Spirit can we make can someone be comments not us doing that is the hoist we're doing can someone become like Christ and so. So before before the image of the beast is formed it needs to lose its power right Protestant churches in America need to lose their power of his own White said that it's their a view or their understand that they've lost their power that causes them to run to the state and to form the image so has Protestant America decline has it lost its power well I want you to look at this blood right here this is from the Pew Research Center October 16th 2019 and this article is entitled decline of Christianity continues at rapid pace I don't know if you can see this on your screen hopefully you can but it says that in 2007 the Pew Research Center did a study and it found that 78 percent of American adults u.s. adults identified as Christian. Now in 2019 you can see how that went down to 65 percent so it lost losing you know almost about a percent a year of people who identify as Christian now at the same time we saw all that in 2716 percent of Americans said we are religiously unaffiliated we're not part of any religion. And since that time now 26 percent say of Americans say they are religiously unaffiliated So over one 4th of all Americans identify as not religious and then another thing is that only 6 percent of Americans have a biblical world view so that means less than 110th of Christians in America hold the Bible as the absolute truth that shapes their view of the world many people doubt the stories and things in the Bible they claim to be Christian but they don't claim the Christian book as the ultimate truth of very small percentage of Americans do and so we have seen the decline in Christianity and the greatest decline has been among young people 40 percent change from 2007 to 21000 a 40 percent drop of those who say between 18 and 29 years old who say they are religious Lee on affiliated or I guess as a 40 percent increase. And so the young people in that 18 to 29 year old 40 percent of them say we're not affiliated with any religion these are tomorrow's leaders so is that a problem yes that is a problem but the question is what do we do a bell the problem what do we do do we run to the government we need to put forth was and bring more reality back beer bring Christianity back is that what we're supposed to do or should we get on our knees and ask God how can I reach more people what can I do for you please give me your holy spirit that I might touch the life of others what is the solution what is the solution the Bible tells us not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord returns we need to be praying for the Holy Spirit not going to our legislators not going to the president to enact executive orders or to the Supreme Court to get power for our church we need to be going to our knees to the ultimate king of the universe and so eventually those states see their congregations dwindling it's either tied or is decreasing and Christian values are fading and the rights of the unborn are being trampled on the same to be a marriage is being desecrated Christian schools and businesses are attacked for following the l g b t agenda of the pendulum has swung too far to the left something has to be done they say and so like the 5 foolish virgins they wake up and they run to the United States government and say we need more power we need more Oriel in our lamps our land some gone out and they go to those who buy or sell to bring about a change in America. And we saw. An amazing thing happen 5 years ago and 5 years ago at the. The election of President Donald Trump now. In Now if you followed it Clinton Hillary Clinton she had a coup indorsing her she had the pub stars she had the rock star she had a fall he would behind her she had you know all the famous people endorsing her for president now Trump didn't have any of these would he have he had the evangelical pastors were his biggest endorsers Pat Robertson Tony Perkins are all created Franklin Graham Jerry Falwell Paul White Kenneth Copeland The list goes on and on all got behind him they would pray over him here they are you know they called him Cyrus as he just like Cyrus came in liberated the the Israelites from Babylon they were calling him Cyrus he was coming to save the country and so Franklin Graham even went on a 50 state to or same bring God back to America and vote for Trump and so they were all kidding the Trump in getting behind Donald Trump and what did Donald Trump promise them what did Don Trump promise and I want you to see this year it's very interesting to see if you can hear this and yet you should be far more powerful. And if you've look what's happened to. Religion if you look at what's happening to Christianity and you look at. The number of people going to churches and the evangelicals know this also it's not on this kind of a climb it's on this kind of a climb slow and steady in the wrong direction and a lot of it has to do with. The fact that you've been silenced. Even silenced like a child has been silent she been silenced strong brilliant great people who want to do the right thing we're not talking about bad people talking about great people. That say don't do that Donald don't do that Donald don't do that. Ok. Great people and I said in the room I said that I'm going to take this into my own hands because I'm good at that this is where Pastor Jeffress is right that's what I'm good at. And I started telling people about it because it really had an impact on where people are silence that are really our finest people and their power has been taken away your power has been totally taken away I mean I don't want to insult anybody but your power has been totally taken away Ok so what did. Promise Now this was a group of pastors over a 1000 pastors there in Florida a meeting before the election and he was trying to get them to win their support so that they would get their congregations their followers to follow them and he said you know Christianity has been on the decline says you're not going up and he promised them 2 things remember what those were want a promise was power and the other promise he said you've been silenced and he says I'm going to give you your voice back you didn't say that right in that part of the clip but. Let me pull up the there is an article on it many ways elsewhere he says. There that he promised to give them their voice back and promised to give them power now what did Revelation 13 say that the beast would give the image let's look at that if you go with me to Revelation 13 or moisten 13 a verse 14 he says and he deceives those who dwell on the earth by the signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived he was granted power to give breath to the image of the bees that it should speak and cause as many as who would not worship the image of the beast to be killed and so the Bible says that the United States of America would offer the Protestant churches power and a voice power that it might cause all to worship it and a voice that it may speak and these are the very 2 things that don't trump promise these pastors if they would vote him into office and he says I can do this for he says this is what I am good at Ok And so it's not by minority power but by my experience as a lord not by the government spirit now the New York Times wrote an article. After Trump gave this promise it says articles entire Christianity will have power and that's a direct quote from Trump you can see there in the highlight that he said to these pastors he said Christianity will have power now what type of power was the promise in Christianity but at the power of the boy's spirit or was it the power of the government of Might and Power it was the power of the government he says I to out tell you Christianity is under a tremendous siege whether you want to talk about it or we don't want to talk about it Mr Trump said Christians make up the overwhelming majority of the country and then he says and yet we don't exert the power that we should have so Trump is saying we need Christian to exert more power and I will give you more power right there at the bottom he says if I'm there you're going to have plenty of power you don't need anybody else you don't need the Holy Spirit you have me you're going to have plenty of power and so Trump promised them if they voted for him they would give him that they he would give them power and a voice and what we see happen what happened in that election years an article from right after the election is there's white evangelicals Catholics and Mormons carry Trump evangelicals came out in droves to support Trump articles were saying that over 80 percent. Of evangelicals voted for Trump as well as the vast majority of Mormons and Catholics all supported him according to exit polls. The more often you went to church the more the more likely it was that you voted for Donald Trump and so religion played a huge part in that election and there were promises made that were a direct fulfillment of Bible prophecy. And now Ellen White gives us a quote in the great controversy page $445.00 and she tells us how we will know that the image is being formed here she says when the leading churches of the United States uniting upon such points of doctrine as are held by them in common Hill influence the state to enforce their decrees and sustain their institutions so to things that the living churches will do 1st though unite on their common points and then they will influence the state to enforce their decrees and says sting their institutions she says when that happens then Protestant America will have formed an image of the Roman hierarchy and the infliction of civil penalties upon dissenters will end evitable the result so how do we know when that image is formed it's when the church is influenced the state to enforce their religious beliefs and sustaining their institutions are we seeing evidence of that happening are we seeing an image being formed Well we are seeing churches unite we're seeing them unite in putting aside their differences and coming together and are they uniting to influence the state. Well we saw that then the election there in 2016 how they all got together to influence the state so that they would get power and of voice but we've also seen that the churches are uniting to get the state to sustain their institutions I want to show you something that happened Ok so this back in June of 2017 we had an amazing thing happen this was the United States Supreme Court decision in Trinity Lutheran Church verse Comber now Conner was a department head for the state of Missouri and so this case was a. Well so Missouri started a program and what they said is. We have all these tires we're going to make tire scraps out of them and we'll pay to convert these tires to recycle them to turn it into a playground flooring to make playgrounds playground material and if anybody wants to apply for it you know the state of Missouri will cover the cost so it sounds like a nice thing right so you know schools and private schools and all applied for this. Government funding program to get their playground resurfaced Well Trinny Lutheran Church they said Well that sounds like a great idea. Our playground you know binder church is kind of falling apart we could use a new playground so they applied for it and Missouri said I'm sorry you're a religious entity and the separation of church and state we cannot give government fines and taxpayer dollars to a religion if you are just a group and so this the Trinity Lutheran Sudan it went all the way up to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court held for the 1st time that government may not discriminate against religion when providing funding for non-religious purpose so for the 1st time ever and this was what Justice sort of Maher said in her dissent there she says the court today profoundly changes that relationship between church and state by holding for the 1st time that the Constitution requires the government to provide public funds directly to a church and so for 200 years our Constitution has held that no will not give government funds to a church and narrow. They flipped the Constitution I said and said it's discriminatory if you don't give funds to the church and so they said it's a non-religious purpose it's just a playground you can't discriminate. And so that's what they ruled there and you know 2017 Now remember this you know the reason they found this was because it was non religious It was a non-religious purpose just a playground Ok I remember that now then in August of that year we had hurricane Harvey and fema when in to help clean up and they were giving out money to businesses to rebuild well. Churches and houses of worship mosques and cathedrals they asked for money to do we want we want to rebuild so we give us some money. Well Fema said Sorry can't do that we can't get funding to a church violation of the 1st minute well the churches got together they put aside their differences band together and filed a lawsuit against beam up were discriminated against and then. Reversed this policy and they dismissed the lawsuit so Fema gave them the phones this happened in August at 2017 Ok then we saw something else amazing happen in June of last year Espinosa Vers Montana Department of Revenue there. The Montana had a program to subsidize private schools. And I said it cost the state less money. Because those students were not going to a public school so they said you know we'll give vouchers you know they're not coming to public school so we'll give vouchers to the private schools so they were giving out ballot years the state of Montana was to private education but it excluded religious schools said Sorry that's a religious purpose we can't give money for religious institutions Well Chief Justice John Roberts writing the majority of the pin of writing the majority opinion. He held that the court he held that one Tenet had discriminated against religion because he refused to provide government funds to promote religious education and so it's a no is discriminatory The only reason you're not providing it is because a religious and so guess what he cited he cited his prior case of Trinity Lutheran verse Comber member or the courts said well it will allow here because it's a non-religious purpose and so he used there's precedent and now all they are providing funding for religious education so you can see how one step in the wrong direction led its way to another and so now the government is saying that you have to provide funding to religion or else it's discriminatory Now that's not all that happened under the trumpet ministration. Regarding. Funding of religion sustaining the institutions I am a 2018 Trump started a what is called The Faith in opportunity initiative it's a new White House office that helps faith based organizations get equal access to what government funding the very purpose of it was to get government funding and he put Paul White the head of. A Florida mega church pastor to be the head of it and so this very purpose was for government funding now something else we saw last year regarding sustaining the institutions we saw. The coronavirus take place and and so Congress and President Trump got together and they signed a 2 trillion dollar corona virus aid relief an economic security act and in it there was a $350000000000.00 paycheck protection program now when they 1st signed it churches were excluded religious institutions were excluded and so a few days afterwards the leading churches in America and the Catholic coalition got together they met with President Trump and heard him to to issue an executive order to to change it so that churches could also apply for this money well their efforts paid off according to the record over $7300000000.00 went to churches and of that about half of it 3 and a half $1000000000.00 wint to the Catholic Church. And the sad thing is the thing that that is. Corruption of the highest order is that many of these dioceses that received these huge payments from the coronavirus paycheck protection program were under bankruptcy or were involved in settlements to settle their clergy sexual abuse scandals it's estimated that the Catholic Church's says has settled their scandals for $4000000000.00 is the combined amount and so they received almost all of that from the government in other words it's almost as if the taxpayers' dollars were paying for the church's misdeeds and so this is why we don't mix church and state there is corruption corruption and so we see the church is growing to the state to get support for its institution now this is the Krone virus. Relief package is the very 1st time that the United States government has ever directly paid for the salaries of pastors and so this is a this is this is a huge constitutional turning point the 1st time the government has paid directly for pastors I think back to the days of James Madison who's probably whirling in his grave right now when he decried public financial support of churches and Pastor Soaries being. Paid for by the state and now 200 years later we've reverted right back to that. And so we see this image being formed we see the churches going to the state to sustain their institutions now Ellen White makes a very interesting statement she says when you see that the churches go to the state to secure for the institutions the usages. The support of the state because in the churches go to the United States to get support she says Protestants are following in the steps of the papers so he says by of presenters going to the state for funding we're following the steps of the papacy said name or they are all but in the door for the papacy to regain in promise in America the supremacy she's lost in the old world and so she says that when we go to get funding from the state we're all pulling in the door to the Papacy did we see the door open to the papacy I saw a swing wide open last year we saw a Catholic historical election where a Catholic was elected President Joe Biden. Was a lectern the president of the United States of America Now Biden. If you remember he is the 2nd Catholic to ever become prison the 1st Catholic Kennedy and he had to deny his faith in order to get Protestants to vote for him. Now Biden on the other hand embraced it he said that he will use his faith to shape his politics and so we have a Catholic president who says he's going to use his Catholic faith to lead America and so are we seeing the c.b.s. and the land beast come together. Here's an article that was published it says under President Biden Vatican u.s. relations are poised to shrink shift dramatically and in fact Pope Francis was one of the 1st world leaders to call in crew graduate Biden even way before Don Trump conceded and so but it's not just this isn't just that you have a Catholic president a presidency that's tied to the papacy this is the 1st time in America that every branch of government is headed by a Catholic here we have United States Supreme Court chief justice drop John Roberts he's a devout Catholic There he is with the art bishop of Washington d.c. we also have a total of 6 Catholics on the Supreme Court and here you have Catholic speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and so we see the every branch of government is headed by a Catholic now I don't have anything against Catholics you know the Bible says you go to Revelation 18 that God's people are in the Catholic Church he says come out of her my people and so this isn't about people this is about a system that is leading people all way from Christ and to a May end state of leading people to Christ and the Bible says that system is a counterfeit Ok And so the United States government is now headed every branch of government is headed by a Catholic for the 1st time in history now what about what about the cabinet what about the different departments of our government here in the United States well here's an article. January 1921 Joe Biden's very Catholic cabinet and so it talks about how Joe Biden's appointing Catholics to head up the different branches of government in fact the article goes on the state there has never been a more catholic administration in United States history and so I'm seeing this all coming together and as I'm studying my Bible and I'm seeing it all the pieces are coming into place and you know I wasn't the only one there was seen it guess who else was seeing it well the Vatican this is a article from the Vatican news website this is their official Web site here and this is from Joe Biden's inauguration and this was the front page of the Vatican website and Joe Biden's are now Gratian What does it say there you see the title it says a time to heal wounds Now what does that remind you of to the Bible student that could set off Revelation 13 bells a Revelation $1312.00 it's just. And he actually has all the authority of the 1st species in his presence and cause the Earth and those who dwell in it to worship the 1st piece whose Deadly Wound was healed and so the Catholic Church is calling for a feeling of the wound in America and in order for the wound to be completely healed what comes it says they're both well it's worship worship of the 1st beast Yes the Vatican was calling for the deadly wound to heal in the United States and that deadly wound it says there in Revelation 13 verse 12 that when that those who dwell on the. Earth to worship the 1st piece of that deadly wound when that's here it's a calling again for worship that brings complete healing you can't have complete healing until the papacy is being worshiped again Ok And so what did the quote say it said something else there at the end it said when the movements now in progress in the United States to secure for the institutions and usages of the church the support of the state says processes are following the steps of the papacy name or they are opening the door for the papacy to regain in process in America the supremacy the she has lost in the whole world but it goes on to say is this and that which gives greater significance to this movement is the fact that the principle object contemplated is the enforcement of Sunday observance Ok so when the Protestant churches go to a the American government to get support he says an opened the door for the papacy but it also lays the groundwork for the enforcement of some the observance which would be the complete healing of the wound the worship on Sunday. The papal Sabbath. And so are we seeing the groundwork being laid for a Sunday worship and we've seen it being laid in America well we saw an amazing thing happen in a 242015 Pope Francis issued and in cyclical entitled lead Dato seat Now typically when a pope is using him sickle call it goes out to the bishop accounts the Council of Bishops but this one the pope addressed to the entire world he said. He urgently appealed for a new dialogue about the future of our planet and pushed along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions and and and carbon. He pushed for a global day of rest and tied it to our concern for nature Here's a direct quote he said that from his sense of course of the day of rest sintered on the Eucharist sheds its light on the whole week and motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor and so the pope. Pope Francis is using climate change to push for a Sunday of up to push for Sunday as a day of rest for the whole world now. What do we see with Biden's agenda Biden Here's an article it says Biden's administration's climate agenda reflects the spirit of luddite to seat and so but it's a starting the policy of low doc to see in the American government's laws on climate change and who to put in charge of that John Kerry a Catholic to head up this climate envoy and his climate agenda he says there that Luddite that Biden. Low Dato see how he referenced it multiple times in his campaign and will follow it then this is very interesting because Ellen White says in last events. Page 129 she says that climate change is what they'll use to bring a bell the sun who up she says they think that the calamities which fill the land are a result of Sunday breaking and so all this climate change these calamities that are happening she says they think the result of climate breaking Sunday thinking to appear is the wrath of God these influential men make laws enforcing sun and Day observance and so l.-y. predicted that this would happen that they would use climate the calamities in the Laden to bring about a Sunday worship and that's exactly what we're seeing them do. And so this is why again America is called the false prophet there in Revelation 16 which is called the false prophet because she is used this prophecy we need to appease God and we need to worship again on Sunday so that we can be honoring God and this is a false prophecy of the false sabot and so wrapping up here we see I hope you can see that 2 images are forming there is the counterfeit image the image of the faults Christ the papacy that is formed by might empower in the United States and we're seeing the groundwork for that image. We're seeing the image being built but we're seeing the groundwork also for the mark of the beast being laid and you can be assured that if the groundwork for the mark of the beast is being laid and if. The image is being built that the true image is also being built right now the image of Christ formed by His Holy Spirit is also happening right now and the groundwork for the sealing to go on the foreheads of God's faithful people is happening and so I invite you to please. Pray to God for His Holy Spirit please ask him to put his image and you and to morrow we are going to talk our 2nd part about how to have the true image the image of Christ so I hope you will join me tomorrow morning thank you for sticking with me when a little long had some technical difficulties but I hope what you got from this message says that you see that we are living in the last days that Jesus is coming soon and he is preparing a people a people that will have his image that will go to him no matter what is happening and will fall on their knees and say Lord please give me your spirit and let me do your work by your Holy Spirit and so that's your pretty day yeah so you value head with me right now Father in Heaven Lord thank you now you have given us these words and your prophecy that you've shown us what the images Lord and that you have shown us the things that are happening in our world right now Father prophecy is Revelation 13 is happening right before our very eyes father may we be prepared Lord we know that in the time of Daniel and his 3 friends when the image was set up that at that moment the test came Lord and so we see this image father being built and we know when it's complete Lord that the great test to test the whole world will come Lord we want to be ready to stand for you we want to be faithful father we want to have your image in our hearts other please make us like in Jesus name and then. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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