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Three Mountains

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • April 10, 2021
    10:00 AM
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Father we just thank you so much again for the Holy Spirit we pray and ask that you would bless us that you would enlighten us and Lord most of all that we would be drawn to Jesus for this we pray your precious name Amen I know how you're feeling this morning but Sabbath mornings can be a variety of motions you know sometimes you don't get good sleep Friday night sometimes there's burdens on your heart sometimes you come in crash landing Friday sundown and you wake up Sabbath morning and you don't feel oftentimes like worshipping God but the Bible tells us these beautiful words it says enter into its gates with was Thanksgiving your heart I heard an old preacher say many many years ago he said look when you enter into the presence of God with praise he enters into your circumstances with power that was in former time when you enter into the presence of God with praise he enters into your circumstances with power Amen and Amen God is worthy to be praise and the Bible tells us sometimes we have to offer the sacrifices of praise so wherever you are at and however you are I want you to know you're in a good place and God wants the Bless you amen amen So I want to tell you guys a story a story you might be familiar with one of the world famous rock climbers mountaineers name is Elaine Horne Messner you might have heard of him he's someone that has climbed multiple now and it's one of the things he's familiar with was in 1906 he went on expedition to climb Mount Everest and he decided to do it without an oxygen tank. He went up to that top of the mountain and there were other people on the expedition who actually died in the attempt to get to the top of Mt Everest but he actually made it to the top and he came back down and when people were interviewing him they were talking to him they asked him this question and they said look man did you not know that you were going to die on top of them out when Didn't you know that there was death waiting for you up there you know what his response was his response was this I didn't go up there to die I went up there to live today we're going to be talking about Matt whims of deaths and mountains of life not winds of death and mountains of life you know when I was coming down from I live in the city of Chowchilla anybody hurt a child killer Yeah I live there and I still haven't heard of that city so I was coming down from Chowchilla passing Fresno making my way through to Larry going through Bakersfield and when you're about to get to the grapevine all of a sudden you see these 2 the looming mountains that look like gigantic hills and you're about to make your way through the Bible tells us that when the children of Israel were at the borders of the promised land in the land to Moab they came across 2 men in tents and gone to a very explicit commands he said I want you to take half the tribe and I want you to take tell them to go up Mount charism I want you take the other half of the tribe and I want you to go to now evil and those on top of the mountain of Mount charism will share the blessings of obedience and those that go on Mount evil they will share the curse things that will fall upon disobedience today we're going to be taking a good look at those melons Now you may be thinking wait a minute I didn't sign up for this Sabbath morning breakfast. But I want you know you're going to be blessed by this so take your baba Let's go to the Book of Deuteronomy Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Deuteronomy Chapter 28 I think I just damage the ones i Pad here. If I did I just want to apologize let you know art is going to pay for this so whoever you are to see art in after this so we're in the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 28 but could you to around me Chapter 28 Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Moses is reviewing the law the Bible says these very interesting words in chapter 20 x. is a start with Chapter 27 and I want you to go all the way to 1st 11 Chapter 27 starting with verse 11 then going to jump to chapter 28 notice what the Bible says right here very interesting words and Moses commanded the people on the same day these shall stand on Mount terrorism to bless the people when you have crossed over the Jordan Simeon Levi 2 to issue a car and Joseph and Benjamin and these shows down on Mount evil to curse Rubin Gad Asher example and Dan and then Tali and the children of Israel were at the base and they could see representatives from both tribes some on the mountain a blessing and others on the mountain of curses Now watch what the particular group of tribe say on now charism notice what it says in chapter 20 starting with verse one the Bible says these words and it shall come to pass if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God to observe carefully all his commandments which I command you today. That the Lord your God will set you on high above all nations of the earth and all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you because you have obeyed the voice of your god bless will you be in the city and bless show you be in the country blood show be the fruit of the ground verse 5 plus shall be your basket in your kneading Bowl verse 6 Blessed should be you when you come in and blush obey you when you go out for 7 the Lord will cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before your face versus mine the Lord will establish you as his holy people to himself just as the foreign to you if he weren't if if you keep the commandments of the Lord your God and walk in his ways so you can imagine that the children is your right there they're hearing the words that come from out here and some blessings after blessings after blessings they were even told the blessings will overtake you they will tackle you they will overcome you to the point where your going to be like will hurt you bless me so much just hold off for a bit you know what's so interesting there was a church member one day who asked me to do an annoying thing at her house and she said she prepared everything even and that all there and she had the Scripture verse she wanted me to read she wanted me to read the 1st part of this passage which I just read to you but I didn't look carefully at the rest of the passage and I started to go into the curse things and I remember I was just reading all the curses and I was like I thought that I was looking at my friend who was with me and I'm like something's not right here anyways it's important for us to hear the curses and if they make you cringe that's the purpose they should make you cringe notice what the Bible says right here in verse 15. But it should come to pass that if you shall not obey the voice of the Lord your God to observe carefully all the commandments and statutes which I command you today that these curses will come upon you and overtake you Kershaw be you in the city and Kershaw be you in the country cursed Can you imagine someone's driving by right now we're just and cursed are you can you imagine that right now just hearing something like this and it will continue Kershaw be your basket and you're needing ball Kershaw be the fruit of the body and produce of your land and the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flock Kershaw be you when you come in and curse show you be when you go out the Lord will send cursing confusion and rebuke and all that you set your hand to do until you are destroyed and tell you perish quickly because of the wickedness of the doings which you have forsaken me now when I read that I thought to myself Oh man that's intense Can you imagine the children of Israel here they are they're hearing the blessings of being obedient to the law of God and then as they're just about to just say oh yeah this is good let's praise God All of a sudden the tribes are on now evil begin to share the curse things of disobedience and you can imagine they're there you can imagine their cringing and maybe their stomach is starting to churn as they're hearing about the curses you know the curses are more than just cause and effect here. There is a divine rush spawns in the blessings and there is a divine response in the curses. And as they're hearing all these things. You can imagine the emotional response and Moses says this will come upon you if you are obedient to the law of God and if you are disobedient to the law of God You know what's really interesting about the law of God. Is that the wall of thought is part of the dynamics that make up all of existence when the walls God is kept when the law of God is followed obediently there is the blessings of life and love the your numbers was created upon these propositional truths that fundamentally make up this universe that when you're obedient and you follow through with the law and when the law is kept there is pressings there is life and you can see how in the world today people who aren't Christians people who don't read the Bible that when there is a violation of the force there are certain consequences and though it may seem sometimes that people can get away with violations of these laws inevitably there is a consequence curses after curses after curses by the way I don't know about you if you ever read the plagues before. That's it's my part of my morning devotional right to read the 7 plagues right yeah so I was setting up the 7 plagues you know with the last plague if that falls upon this world it's hail frozen ice comes ice just come falling down $75.00 pounds and it wrecks the entire earth and you're like man that's intense like missiles that just belt this entire planet and the purpose of the Halo it's very interesting is that it leaves the world in a pre creation state there is disorder the world is desolate and a century when what you are seeing after the 7th plague is what is real had become for a period of time when they rejected the covenant and when they rejected God's grace and so what you see at the very end is a world that has rejected the covenant and it has rejected its creator. The Earth becomes desolate it becomes annihilated because it has rejected the author of Life itself it's very interesting as you're reading this we're told that if you're faithful to the law blessings will come upon you and if you are disobedient there will be curses and then on top of that will be a divine response. But you will know what's so beautiful. Is that Jesus in the New Testament decides to climb up on a mountain and Jesus the deliverer that Moses talked about and Jesus the wall Guevarra himself not a representative of the law giver like Moses but the law keeper himself climbs up on the mountain everybody take your Bible Let's go to the book America I want you to see something incredible Matthew chapter 5. Matthew 5 notice what the Bible says right here so only with verse one and seeing the multitudes he went up on a mountain you know this particular Mallon is the Mount of all it's now and all of it and that's what the Bible says right here and when he seated his disciples they came to him then he opened his mouth and taught them notice bless all the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy Blessed are the pure in heart. For they shall see Gone Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the Sons of God bless it all are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven blessed are you when they Roboto you when persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you now when you're reading that passage like man this is amazing God is pronouncing blessing after blessing after blessing after blessing and you know what happens as you're looking at this sermon you continue to read the rest of the passage and what you don't see you don't see cursings let me say this one more time you don't see cursed things in the rest of the Sermon on the Mount Amen what Jesus begins to pronounce on top of the mountain he begins to say Blessed are you blessed are you blessed are you blessed are you blessed are you and the people are waiting all right now we're ready for the car things the cursing and the cursing and the cursing and there's no cursing friends the reason why is because the car Sis of disobedience fell upon Jesus Amen God pronounces blessings upon you because the curses that came upon disobedience fell upon him Jesus himself takes your curse and he takes my curse and he takes it upon himself and he bears the curse of a broken law he takes out upon himself the law giver himself absorbs the curses he stops the current 50 and then he begins to reverse the cursus you know what's so amazing about. The 2 mountains that were there now carry some the mountain blessings and mount a ball the amount of curses is that they were required to do after the speech of the blessings in the curses when you read the rest of Deuteronomy they were required to build an altar but they were not to build the altar upon now carries on the altar was to be constructed upon now evil in other words where the sacrifice would be sacrificed would be on the mountains of curses in fact when you read collations the Bible teaches us that Jesus became a curse for us the scriptures teach Cursed is every man that hangs on the tree he took your disobedience he took the penalties of your disobedience and he bore them upon him self let me just make this a little bit more clear do you know where the New Jerusalem will went on this planet I know what you're thinking in India right India for sure right now no read Zachariah 14 the New Jerusalem actually comes and lands a pound Mt all of it Jesus sets up the whole of the Redeem upon this mountain of blessings. The redeemed will live in a home that is on the mountains of blessings not on the mountains of curses in fact when you Revelation chapter 21 you know what it says it says in the New Jerusalem there shall be no more curse in it Jesus has borne the curse of our broken nest of our sins of our disobedience upon Calvary 2000 years ago can you say amen to that when you read the story of David when David sins were coming back to haunt him when his son Absalom was trying to kill him and ran him out of his kingdom do you know it was when David went up Mt all event that he in his broken state when he was weeping and crying when he went up Mount all event that God gave him grace and Ellen White Sis never at that moment she says never was the heart of David so dear to God then at that moment when he on his brokenness was going up the Mount of Olives and when he went up the mount of all its God begin to give him a new strategy a new plan a new direction in his life and he was able to really take back the kingdom you might have been someone who's just been weeping and broken on the Mount of cursing you see the disobedience and you wonder to yourself wait a minute have I finally crossed the line with God Has God finally given up on me and my soul walked a certain direction from the Lord that I no longer feel his presence or sense his presence anymore but you want to know something so beautiful. Is out Mt all of it is available to you and to me at all times can you say to him and to that friend you know it's so interesting you know I come from a Hindu and Sikh background as well and you know I just want to say this all the respect in my heart you know it's a very good thing that Zeus king of the Greek gods does not exist. Amen you might be trying to seduce your mom or your sister or you if you did it's a good thing that Bale and Asherah gods these gods do not exist if you want to whine because you might have to sacrifice your children to them if they did it's a good thing that for doesn't exist regardless of any kind of marvel adaptation. It's a good thing he doesn't exist because he'd be hurling lightning bolts at you if you didn't offer some kind of sacrifice when you were sailing the seas it's a good thing that these Gods own exist because the universe would probably be destroyed was my point when people look at the Pantheon of the pantheon of gods out of existence since the beginning of time and by the way the god you believe in probably makes up less than one percent of the entire quantity of gods that people have believed in throughout history when people look at the pantheon of gods that it that people have believed in what they do emotionally and psychologically and that makes a lot of sense if they remove and clear the entire deck you want to whine because to them it's the world is better off with them not existing that is with them existing the world is better off without do thigs this thing Amen you guys should be saying loud Amen so that on the if you could ever read any of the Greek Mythology is out there right why because your life would be full of running from these gods and guilt and fear you'd have to be concerned about every step of your life you would have no peace in your heart you'd live in constant agitation and there would be a sickness of soul if you believe these gods existed but there are many people in the world that look at all the gods that exist and just completely remove them off their table. Because they all have legitimately deal with the to the the guilt and fear and agitation that's in their heart and in the world. Is these are a lot of people today who don't believe in a God of love and many of them with good reason but you see when you look at what the Bible is teaching what you begin to see is something so beautiful you begin to see the story of Jesus and you wonder what the most beautiful part of the gospel with hair samples beautiful part of the gospel you are not the hero of your own story Jesus is a hero of your own story the most beautiful part of the cough boy seeing God and you see the perfect photograph of that caught in Jesus and this Jesus who sacrificed life who came up from so permanently. For you and for me it blows your mind and it touches your heart because God is really that good Amen you know it's really interesting when I 1st became a Christian I remember. Going into church and you know the pastor he was preaching on different things I remember I was seeing my body and I was understanding half the things the preacher was talking about and I remember he made this reference one time he's like Ok Everybody I want you to turn to the Love Chapter in the Bible and I was thinking a lot of chapter in the Bible. There's a love chapter in the Bible. Everyone turned to love kept everyone's just turning their Bibles and I was like I don't know where there is a love chapter in the Bible so I took out my phone and I typed in the word love now I have the King James version at that time you know the Love Chapter of the Bible is right the 1st Corinthians 13 but in the King James Version what the word for love is use their charity so I don't see love in 1st Corinthians 13 but you want to know where I found love I found it in the epistles of John 1st John 2nd John 3rd John and every time he would say Turn to the Love Chapter I would turn to the pixels of John and I might I don't know what verse he thought he must have a different version the me but here's the thing I begin to understand about John the youngest of all disciples the disciple who outlived all the disciples the disciple who became more like Christ and then the other disciples you know what I understood about John every time he mentions the word love he mentions the word God in the same sentence almost every single time he mentions the word love he mentions the word thought every time he mentions the word God He has the word love in the same sentence because to Jawn you cannot talk about God without talking about love and you cannot talk about love without talking about God Jong believed that if you are going to be talking about God's existence then you need to be talking about God's primary attribute and that after Beauty is love and that's why he said emphatically gawd is this law God is law John understood the beauty of God and he understood it through his experience with Jesus you know we're going to get to heaven one day and I promise you there's not going to be a conversation like this if you're like well what kind of conversation can you promise it's not going to take place in heaven yeah you won't get this kind of conversation Hey how did you get to heaven. Like what you mean yeah that won't be a conversation what you mean you're not going to have people in heaven we're going to say hey how do you get to heaven they're going to be like Man I got there because of the law of God That's all I got there what about you I got there because of Grace what about you I kind of got there through a hybrid of long grace there would be one song to sing in heaven that we were all there because of the goodness and grace of God Can you say amen to that we're all there because of what Jesus has done for us we're all there because he took your curse he took my curse he took our broken if by His stripes we all feel it's you want what the biggest secret will be in heaven there's the biggest secret in heaven when Jesus lets you into heaven and he says he's very interesting words he says Well done good and faithful servant and you know what we're going to do when we hear that we're going to take down our crowns and we're going to just roll it at the feet of Jesus you want to know why because the biggest secret in heaven is we aren't there because of our goodness or faithfulness. We are there because of the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus can someone say hallelujah to that we are there because of the goodness of Christ we are there because of the faithfulness of Christ by the way when you're study out the amount of blessings where he said Blessed are you who mourn bless it or you you know who are persecuted Blessed are you you know and he begins to describe these blessings you know who he is pronouncing these blessings upon when you're looking at the characteristics the people who are receiving these blessings they are people who look like they have been cursed they're broken hearted they're mourning they're poor. That's described in the results of the Course it's found in Deuteronomy Chapter $28.00 and what Jesus does on the Mount the blessings he begins to say Blessed all you. Blessed are you were poor in spirit Blessed are you who are mourning over brokenness broken hearts broken relationship broken circumstances we can ask God for blessings because Jesus took our curse upon himself can you say amen to that you can come boldly to the throne of God and you can ask God for a blessing you can ask God for the blessings of obedience even when you yourself are struggling with your sins even when used yourself are struggling with brokenness you can ask gone for blessings because of Jesus obedience and because he took that curse upon himself this should be good news to you today I know there are circumstances that each one of us are dealing with there are burdens on our heart there are situations maybe you are coming here for a perspective answer maybe you're wondering man should I go left should I go right maybe you were hoping that just a maybe at this moment I might hear the voice of God speaking to me but you know what I've begun to realize about all my circumstances and all my burdens and all the situations that I face with that sometimes many times if not all the time the thing I need to pray for more than anything is more love Jesus more of Jesus because Jesus brings with him the train of blessings Jesus brings with him peace he brings with him right justice and quietness and assurance forever Jesus brings with him the wisdom that's needed Jesus brings with him being courage meant that is needed Jesus is the answer to all the problems of life and because of his righteousness and because of his obedience is why we can ask God for blessings even when we all are broken. You know as a 7th Day Adventist if you're not a 7th Day Adventist Christian or whoever you are the sometime a thought that we deal with and you know what that thought is the grace that we received early on in our experience when we 1st believed when we 1st accepted the goodness of God in the graciousness of God the grace that we received in our experience that sometimes we believe that the more we know the more we get experience in God's work the more that we understand in the more we are put in positions of service for his church we sometimes believe that the grace that was there in the beginning begins to diminish and becomes mitigated over time for us friends I want you to understand something the grace that was abundant and plentiful at the very beginning is just as abundant and plentiful for you today Amen amen this is good news Jesus went up the mount of blessings and he went up another now and now Calvary Any took the curses that come upon you and me because of our disobedience and he took it upon him self and he bore that for you so that we might have eternal life Amen let's powerhead forward a prayer and father as we just take a few minutes to be still and meditate and connect with you we just pray in this moment of silence Lord that we will receive the grace that you have for us and Father we just want to thank you for that promise that the effect of righteousness this quietness and assurance for ever lord we want to receive the grace that brings us into relationship with you God we want to thank you for your faithfulness we want to thank you for your obedience we want to thank you for the merits of our Savior Jesus. And Lord thank you this is good news and this is great news for us today and God we pray in mass that Jesus would be our response to the problems and trials and insecurities and burdens of life. Thank you Father for your goodness and kindness and thank you for giving Jesus in His precious name we pray in. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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