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Logo of Talking Points, 2nd Quarter 2021: The Promise, God's Everlasting Covenant

05 Children of the Promise

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • April 8, 2021
    2:45 PM
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Cameron to major and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points we are now in the 5th lesson of our 2nd quarter of 2021 all about the promise God's everlasting covenant and this lesson is titled Children of the promise and essentially Pastor our lives could be looking at is from that what is it God's wanting from his children what is he expecting from these covenants people of God and we've got a lot of good material in this page even less than or any even perhaps what is the result of embracing the covenant Yes I think that God is effect those who take part in it and I think that we're going to see that the scope of what God has in mind is bigger than just an individual salvation or even like a group of people some of it they do there are bigger ideas behind this whole thing you know social implications Yes So there's a lot to cover tonight today but we're going to start with a word of prayer and then we'll go through our talking points Well let me give a little introduction on Saturday afternoons lesson it talks about this really nice story of all of a father and his little girl who are out swimming in the beach one day and there were some currents that were pulling apart and he gave her it to Tauriel real quick said if we get separated out here don't try to fight and swim back you'll wear yourself out and they'll be better what you want to do is flip over just float on your back gently don't exhaust yourself let it carry you will find you but just stay keep breathing and stay floating that's in sure enough the water did separate them and the father was able to swim back and get the rescue crew and everybody had been so long since we've been out there everybody assumed she was going to be gone it was terrible but sure enough there she was just floating gently obeying her father's command the lesson taken away is that her steadfast faithfulness to her father's instruction was a powerful Evan. To the rest of the people watching about the need to obey and so that's what we're going to talk about this week is the impact of God's covenant does not just on the people of God but the people who are watching the people of God So I'm excited about that but King it was a word of prayer and then we'll get into I thought it was great Heavenly Father we are thankful to be able to study your word together to have the Spirit of truth to guide us into an understanding of your truth Lord May that understanding not just be a theoretical understanding but a practical understanding that will draw us closer to you and help us to be those children of the promise that the scripture outlines we pray that you would bless the those same school teachers and students who will be studying this lesson that it would be a rich blessing to them all for me asking pretties things in Jesus' name amen amen. Ok our talking points for this week are talking point number one God is our shield this comes from Sunday's lesson and it talks about that because that's exactly what has been in Genesis Chapter 15 God makes that promise to be the shield for Abraham and what does it mean is God going to protect us from all dangers are going to keep us safe from all harm What does it mean to be a shield We'll look at that and talking point number one talking point number 2 the covenant is ultimately fulfilled in Christ and so praise the Lord for Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the children you say you know talking point like that you honestly do we need even say this but the reality is that there is much of the world there are those in the church and many. Who don't understand that significant when they see the Jewish nation as a biological descendant that's the specialist but really that's the faith in Christ we're looking for so that's an idea never to tell how many Christian will wait like we wanted to have and let's hold off on that and finally talking point number 3 God's people and this includes the Old Testament New Testament in times all of us God's people are to reveal. His character and this comes from wins day and Thursdays studies so there's a lot to dive into we're going to cover the God is our shield and the covenant ultimately filled in Christ but we're going to spend a good amount of time on that last one about the practical implications of what does God want from his people in revealing his character the right of the world to do it so let's start with number one tell us about number one God is there show us reject I would love for you to Regenesis 151 through 3 Genesis 15 says after these things the word of the Lord came to a broom in a vision saying Do not be afraid Abrams I am your shield you are exceedingly great reward but Avram said Lord God what will you give me see if I go childless in the air of my house is a leisurely Damascus and Abrams said look you have given me no offspring indeed one born in my house is my heir so here Abrams wrestling with this promise of God How can this be you've promised all this great stuff and God doesn't come to him and remember last week's lesson the talk about all those names of God being powerful god being eternal God being all those things and of course he is all those things but here he comes to Abraham with the specific And the lesson brings this out in Sunday's lesson the author of the contributor editor whoever was that it. Is the 2nd paragraph on the designation of God as a shield appears here for the 1st time in the Bible and is the only time God uses it to reveal himself even other by even if other passages use the term to talk about God So is the only time God says I am and he says a shield and he doesn't just say a shield or The Shield He says I'm your shield so this to me ties back into what was trying to be made in previous lessons that God is speaking in relational terms specifically to Abraham to give him the confidence he needs to obey the covenant that is outlined. But particularly let's use to lose use just a little bit of logic here why would a shield be a symbol given to Abraham now in his experience I mean as I look back on it you have Abraham as our been called to leave his household right his nation he is not a large household and himself he's going to a place he doesn't know about full of likely option is this yield to him is it going to shield him from harm is it going to shield him from that as significant question as right and what does he mean by this so we could look at the human side and say oh it's going to protect him from enemies he's going to but I think there's a bigger over our king shield idea here in the lesson and in the notes. What I put down is that God being a shield means he has our eternal interest in mind so he has this overarching plan for life and he says I have pledged myself to carry you through my purposes right. Not as we might think oh he's going to protect you from everything never going to have to face a challenge a difficulty no horribly something where he's in essence you could be saying I'm shielding you from anything that would keep you from inheriting my problem exactly but we know that many the promise of God includes a transformation of our characters which includes you know tribulation work of patience yes it does things that make for character are often the things that we wish you would shield us very well and even so as you still in other words in shielding us from that which would rush to take away our part in the promise he has to allow things to happen in our lives that cling so a lot of people look at is that what means I'm going to be protected from financial difficulty or stresses or maybe even death itself of course God's promise but what I see here and we can look at other examples I just a couple of notes for instance last racin joy after 11 God promised to raise money but he does the same God the same shield God was his she things actually and the quintessential example in the New Testament for that for me and this wasn't in the text I'm just thinking about the metal got it pledged himself to keep would be John the Baptist sure his forerunner his prophetic you know messenger and imagine that you're going through John for a loop yes in Matthew Chapter 11 I wrote that down the notes he sends messengers from his prison cell to say Are you sure you're the one yet horse or somebody else this can't possibly but I'm in a dungeon right you know and then commenting on that if you want to read desired me just 224 What does Mrs y. a say she says God never leaves his children otherwise then they would choose to be that if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose which they're fulfilling as coworkers with him now remember a few lessons back we talked about Daniel in the lion's den in the Isaiah quarterly how how the Lord used that event to get the attention of various and. Ultimately Cyrus yes he would make that decree Well Dan you did know that going to a live you know what in life you could be that I thought you were going to keep me from his going to that but he doesn't know in some ways until things are in the Perpignan sometimes like John the Baptist there was a purpose there's there's martyrs to come who could look back and say God loved him and allowed him to go through this as a testimony from our perspective we don't have the insight to know what things are good for God's purposes but he does as he said I promise and I think you might be able to see the end from the beginning like who wouldn't want to story the same man who was in his downline in touch me but who wants to get to that point by going through that in a lie and what's interesting to that got going back to the Abrams story he gives this to him in Genesis Chapter 15 but that doesn't mean oh it's going to be easy from no you still got 16 and 17 and of course 22 and then you have the saving of love there's all kinds of things in his life that are challenges but God still promises to be generous and so anyway so I think that's an important thing to start off on there's got protective in the sense of not just temporal but this eternal purpose and what it present in exact having a clear understanding of that yes all right Talking point number 2 is that the covenant is ultimately fulfilled in Christ in just a moment ago Pastor Howard you kind of almost offhandedly lament to do we even have to make a point out of this because for many of us that seems so self evidently clear that it's not just you know. But the thing for the Old Testament ancient Israel the genetic family of Abraham that this promise was made that it's for everyone who is in Christ by faith even as I was thinking about it is now as you were just a minute ago how many Christians do you mean who say I'm a New Covenant Christian I'm not a no Covenant Christian and they don't understand they think that the promises to ancient Israel were different from the promises to present as in you get in the discontinuation lism this is that that there's coming a time when the Jews are going to restore to their land and this not in fact some think it already happened in 1048 you've got all the futurism prophecy Yes but it's all based on the idea that the covenant. Well essence wasn't ultimately may be the will for people too because we throw around the term Dispensationalism alas but essentially what we're talking about there is that God had a way of dealing with and even saving people in the Old Testament and then there's a way a whole other thing has been covered a new swing in years which appears as a whole nother mote So some people he says by word of the people are saved by grace in the Old Testament $86.00 and now we're doing this and that's why I think this title of the whole thing is fascinating because it doesn't just save the cup and it's it says God's everlasting covenant the coming is going to say you haven't used point talking point the covenant it's singular Yes it is old or new Yes exactly Well let's look at Genesis 28 go ahead finish your thought well I was just going to say we haven't got you know obviously there's aspects of the Old Covenant that were the peoples aspect of it when we call the Old Covenant whatever else we're talking we're going back to the the original covenant made with Abraham before anyway to which the lesson is going to get into as we go further on in the court of law but well let's let's remind ourselves of what God had promised to this family of Abraham of course the covenant passed from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob it is whole household a great nation that would be the nation of Israel and. $28.00 versus $13.14 so the low and behold the Lord stood above it and said I am the Lord God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac the land on which you live I will give to you and your descendants so he ties that Abraham in the 1st covenant receptor recipient here that Isaac his son and now he's talking to Jacob who would become Israel right and he says I will give it to you and your descendants so automatically It sounds like biological lineage the father to the son to the son and God's dealing with them also says worse 14 also your descendants shall be as the dust of the earth you shall spread abroad to the west of the each of the north of the South and in you and in and in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed so yes there was a covenant contract with the genetic family the lineage of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and on down but notice that even back then the purpose of blessing that family was not an end to itself but it was supposed to be as a springboard as a way of getting the blessing to the rest of the world because in you and in your own seed that is your descendants all the face of the earth shall be blessed so what does that mean does that mean that we are blessed pastor Howard because there are Jews in the world yes and yes in a sense but let's look at the New Testament book of Galatians you have that passage Morris I do but I'm looking back in delays in this because Paul when he comes to the you're talking about the seed the descendant but when the Apostle talks about the seed he makes the point that the seed in verse 16 and before verse $29.00 which we have in the lesson in the in the outline glacier is 3 and verse 16 it is now too. Him and his seed were the promises made he does not see into seeds as of many but as of one into your seed who is Christ so even then the Apostle applies it not to the natural born but the seed would be the descendant that would come the Messiah that would exactly well and you even see that we didn't have this in the notes but I just think you know in Genesis chapter 3 the very beginning the 1st covenant promise it's the promise of the seed and this is before there is ever him or Isaac and so this seed has been the promised Yelland for you before that I wasn't thinking as we're talking about this is that we don't have time to go through the Scripture is full of this New Testament authors verse 29 when you were going to have me reduce and if you are Christ and you are Abraham's seed heirs according to the promise yes one text that came to my mind is in Romans 9 where the apostle Paul makes the point in verse 6 because here is after Christ is coming and the Gospel is going to the Gentiles and he says in verse 6 but it is not that the Word of God is taken off ect for they are not all Israel who are of Israel nor are they all children because they are in because they are the seed of Abraham but any quotes from scripture in your seed should be called and people forget that Abraham did not have one son he had 2 sons Ishmael was a descendant of Abraham So if being a descendant of Abraham was the key would have been all these male lights known in Paul's making that point like even then we know and he's talking to a Jewish audience we know that God intended it wasn't every descendant of Abraham It was specific kind of a specific kind of descendant of Abraham those who are of faith in the well as when Jesus arrived in the in the fullness of time as that same book of Galatians talks about right he encountered a religious system that had taken those promises. Abraham Isaac and the sea the special nation right and had applied them so limitedly to the genetic descendants of Abraham Thus we we know we're blessed because we're part of them and it takes a lot of his own teaching the Apostle Paul of the New Testament to say look that seed promise is bigger than just you and it's supposed to be enveloping of the whole world who would come to Christ by faith as it writes the sea that we're looking for well and you bring that point up in the poem makes that point in Romans 4 where he says he talks about how this whole thing the justification was accounted to Abraham and he says in verse 11 and he Abraham received the sign of circumcision a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had while still uncircumcised of course the linking circumcision to the Jewish nation well because you're Jew and you're circumcised you have it that's it Abraham had it before he was circumcised it was a sign of the righteousness he already had through faith and then he makes this application he says that that Abraham might be the father of all those who believe not the father of all those who descended from him though they are uncircumcised that righteousness by be imputed to them also and the father of circumcision to those who are so whether you're circumcised whether you're Jew natural born Jew or not the point is God's promise was always intended to be those who would believe in His Son not those who are just natural born Jews so there was a special even I'm sure it wasn't being able to estimate he changed his mind exactly but all along this is been the whole Him Oh of God's right hand for redemption is that through the family a faith that begin with the biological family they were him all the world could see and become part of that family and be one in Christ why the Lord pick Abraham or pick a broom out of or they kill these there were no Jews because he knew he would have faith yes but I'm going to start with this one and build from there and the lesson brings this out and Monday the middle of the 1st paragraph it says. In one sense this was a promise of the rise of the Jewish nation speaking of the seed of the promise that in Genesis 2814 so in one sense this was a promise of the rise of the Jewish nation through whom the Lord wanted to teach all the families of the earth about the true God and His plan of salvation salvation yet the promise reaches complete fulfillment only in Jesus Christ who came from the seed of Abraham the one who would at the cross pay for the sins of all the families of the earth and so just having a Jewish nation was not into itself like oh I've got a special people that's my goal my goal is to use them for a greater purpose to call the whole world to repentance and have a reflection of the image of God It's fascinating so God's intent was not to just save Israel all right God's intent was to use Israel to save the world which leads us to Arthur ducking exactly so smoothly transition thank you and that talking point is number 3 God's people are to reveal his character and this is the. If I were teaching this lesson I was been most of the time and here but it comes directly from Wednesday and Thursday as. The studies and the passages that could that be ascertained from the fact that your outline takes 3 from almost a 3rd of the way down all of the rest of the 2nd page I think that's a fair assessment and I have no problem with that and rushing to get it all Ok but for instance in Thursday's lesson well let me just a yes on Wednesdays it's titled a great and mighty nation which talks about the grand juror and splendor that Israel was supposed to be as they followed God's law you have a surprise his fame can be wicked or righteous We'll get to that now on Thursdays It's about making your name great and that fain can be wicked righteous comes from Thursday's lesson where in the middle it says compare Genesis $114.00 with Genesis 2 now Pastor Howard. And you look up one of them and I'll look at the other one it will look as if to have 11 will obey our instructor and look up these passages and compare them to Genesis 11 The former says speaking of those who built the tower of Babel and they said Come let us build ourselves a city and a tower whose top is in the heavens let us make a name for ourselves lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth now it be easy to look at that and say ah see the problem within this desire for a great name that is inherently evil but as our point says fame or renown or popularity Have you want to say it can be wicked like we saw there sprang from a selfish ambition for just one chapter one chapter over what do we read here in chapter 12 for. I'm sorry. There was a wrong passage there it will be Chapter 12 versus one through 3 going into Ok so is now the Lord had said get out of your country from your family and from your father's house to a land that I will show you verse 2 I will make you a great nation I will bless you and make your name great and you shall be a blessing so right after the denunciation of the wicked bagel builders for their wanting to make a name for themselves and we look at that fame that self arrogance which is true arrogance is bad and self aggrandizement is wicked but having greatness in the eyes of the world is not inherently evil in fact go back to that original promise of Abraham that's exactly what God promised to do for Abraham but why was it was it to lift up Abraham and make him an idol of course not it was for a greater purpose Ok And let's go to Deuteronomy chapter 4 and now we're going to go back to when his days less and these passages are in response to the question in the middle of the past. Where of the study which says why did the Lord want to make a special nation out of Abraham see why would he want to do that and he read that please Deuteronomy 4 verses $5.00 and $6.00 surely I have taught you statutes and judgments just as the Lord my God commanded me that you should act according to them in the land which you go to possess therefore be careful to observe them for it is this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples who will hear all these statutes and say Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people all right let's break this passage down a little bit 1st of all he says you need to be careful to obey the statutes and laws and the reason was that although you have to have a thing exactly doesn't say because this is my deal you just have to stick to it but he has a functional purpose in mind outside of Israel he says because people are going to be watching you and they need to see what a life of fidelity looks like you are to reveal in your own being in your own lifestyle what faithfulness is because God knows people are watching that we're going to come back to Deuteronomy chapter 4 in just a minute for a fascinating statement will get to it and some of that see. But a further more. We're to see the God that wasn't just an offhanded comment that this is actually a running thread for God's people both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament even to the very end of the world that God expects them to be on full display but before on looking well we don't have this in the nose for one thing that comes to my mind as you remember when they finally came into the promised land and God would not allow them to be circumcised in the promised land in the wonder in the wilderness to remember that any told Joshua I want you in go go I want you to cross I want you to you know now that the people have chosen to be faithful to me and I can take them inland I want you to circumcise them and roll away the reproach from Egypt and if you look in the context it's not there in Joshua 5 but if you go back and look at the claim was Moses was concerned that the Gyptian is with their people would say God wasn't strong enough to bring them into the land and so once again like he was like I'm not going to circumcise you in a corner where you're my people until I've revealed that I'm able to bring you into the land and there are spiritual implications of that too you know what we're talking about the bringing of God's people into the land today's spiritually you know that's what I hear you talking Well if you're studying about because look at generally chapter you're in Deuteronomy go to 7 verse 6 if you would please. Deuteronomy 7 and verse 6 yes. For you are a holy people to the Lord your God the Lord your God has chosen you to be a cease fire himself a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth and notice he calls them special in contrast with the people of the earth and that doesn't mean like he's going to have a special protected people just to dote on and pet but if there's a functionality to those other people and I see this as a chapter 16 which we studied last quarter in verse one it says arise shine for your light has come in the glory of the Lord is risen upon you for behold the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the people but the Lord will arise over you and His glory which we know is his character will be seen upon you yes the Gentile shall come to your light so out of the darkness of heathenism will come to the light of the righteousness of God through your witness that's right so the reason he puts them especial Well this is the passage I was going to say about this is from testimonies for the church by him 6 page 13 quoting here Deuteronomy 7 you're going to be a special nation dude or me for be careful to keep them for all the people who are watching you she then writes and says even these words fail of expressing the greatness and the glory of God's purpose to be accomplished through his people not to this world only but to the universe are we to make manifest the principles of his kingdom this metaphor in up a glory or character of God as revealed in His people is not just for the people themselves nor is it only for those watching among the heathen of this world but even the universe is on full display God has a great controversy. This whole coven it promise and the development of the people the showing for His glory is is wrapped in this great controversy scheme as huge as well this is the point that I was getting to with the bringing them into the land yes. Implications that God hit him bringing them into the land wasn't giving glory to them it was good it was vindicating him and yes it is this is what I promised I was going to do and I'm going to show that it works you know interestingly and you put this in the outline 1st Corinthians 49 and if he should 310 are both scriptures that speak to what you were just saying exactly and I want to show that this is not just an Old Testament thing that that news rest covenant continues and 1st Corinthians 49 says 4 and that Paul writing here says I think that God has displayed us the Apostles last as men condemned to death for we have been made a spectacle to the world and then it will come up both to angels and to men and so when Paul talks about God making people for himself namely at this point a spectacle to the world he doesn't interest me in this world he's talking of the universe and you see that in a fusion chapter 3 in verse 11 of my favorite passages I know are racing the clock over here basically says the church yes the minute to the intent verse 10 to the now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principle of these and powers in the heavenly places so God wants reveals character not just for own personal edification but to demonstrate to those on looking here and the universe. As a whole His plan of redemption is not just Fieri it can work and he wants to show it in the lives of people that's right so many great has a number of your statements here would you want to get well let me just I don't know if we can just race through them at least mention. What you really are a number 12 says the purpose which God seeks to accomplish through his people today is the same that he desired to accomplish through Israel when he brought them forth out of Egypt by the holy the goodness the mercy the just as in the love of God revealed in the church the world is to have a representation of his character so they see it in the church. And when the law of God is thus exemplified in the light. If even the world will recognize the superiority of those who love and fear and serve God above every other people on the earth quoting coding from the fusions 310 Mrs White opens that great book Acts of the Apostles with this language from the beginning it has been got planned that through his church shall be reflected to the world his fullness and his sufficiency the members of the church those whom He has called out of darkness into his marvelous light are to show forth his glory the church is the repository of the riches of the grace of Christ and through the church will eventually be made manifest even to the Prince of powers and powers and heavenly places the final in full display of the love of God Ellen White says desire me to seek $71.00 the very image of God is to be reproduced in humanity the honor of God the honor of Christ is involved in the perfection of the character of his people so it's not to show off the people is to show forth the glory right side it's right and I couldn't pass this one up the same callouses the church page 345 Listen to these in time implications in the great controversy just before us is the closing struggle of the great controversy when with all power and signs and line wonders and with all this evil bliss of our righteousness Satan has to work to misrepresent the character of God that he may seduce if if it were possible even the elect if there was ever a people in need of constantly increasing light from heaven it is the people that in this time of peril God is called to be the depositories of his law his holy law and to vindicate his character before the world those to whom he has committed it's been those to whom has been committed a trust so sacred must be spiritualize elevated vitalized by the truce they profess to believe in powerful so that's exactly what God was calling for the ancient Israelites under Abraham's household and even now to this day he still wants their same thing to happen the lesson on Friday concludes in the 3rd paragraph as the spiritual descendants of Abraham we too must realize that here we do not have an enduring city he's quoting Peter's But we are looking for the city that is to come. The certainty of the future life with Christ keeps us steady in this present world of change in decay the idea being that we shouldn't look to ourselves certainly or even to this temporal life here but if we keep our eyes on Christ in the heavenly city we're going to by his grace be transformed and the citizens of heaven even now today must powerful thought Can you give us a closing prayer house to house rats pray Father in heaven we just thank you for the words of promise in your scripture we thank you for the everlasting promise you've given to the covenant and Lord we pray that we would be per takers of Christ as promised in the covenant Lord increase our face for we ask you this in Jesus' name for his sake.


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