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04 The Gospel According to Moses

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Callie Williams



  • April 19, 2021
    9:00 AM
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You're of the Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John on this episode a look at the Gospel according to Moses. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. The Bible based conversation. And temporary. Thought provoking. Post just until within. Can you believe there are elements of the Gospels found in the Old Testament and in this episode of looking at Psalms one o 3 welcome to in verse you're watching me Justin Kim and my friends Sebastian Cali and Siku on the set in the studio and we're covering the topic of the covenants on this arc this 13 week journey that we've been in the Bible would encourage you to go to in verse Bible Dorji where you can download our inverse Bible study guides and you can also go to hope t.v. dot org where you can see past episodes and catch up to where we are in our 30 journey our study so especially Can you please pray for us and we'll get into scripture Yes let's pray. Heavenly Father thank you so much Lord for the beauty that we see of who you warn through studying the covenants we ask Lord now as we look at the Gospel in the Old Testament according to Moses may we be encouraged me we be inspired and Father me we be humbled by the amazing benefits that come by entering into a covenant relationship with you is our prayer in Jesus name and many a man who wanted to ask you what are some elements that you remember from the last 34 weeks on the covenants and then what are some highlights that you want to just kind of hit it can kind of warm us up into this topic. So we talked about that the 1st week talking about you know that the everlasting covenant and then in the 2nd week we're talking about the I guess the elements that are part. Of the covenant that God makes So the terms and conditions so to speak the fine print and then last week we're talking about how this is not just in the New Testament but we see this in the Old Testament as well so these elements the fine print of the covenant the new covenant that God wants to make with these people you find those elements in the Old Testament as well so this is not something new that he came up with you know when Jesus was born I mean one fundamental understanding that would help help all of that's helped me and maybe help all of you with those you're watching is you have the old covenant details and you have new covenant details then you have the old covenant response and then the new covenant responds and sometimes this can go a kind of mix and match yeah you got Old Testament d.t.r. Old Covenant details and you have a legal istic response and the legal listed response can happen before Jesus can happen after Jesus can even happen now then you have the New Testament and the new covenant details same thing and then the new covenant response which is just like the real experience and just just there are and that earner happened in the Old Testament that happened in the New Testament and hopefully that's happening to all of us right now and so these aren't just because you flip from one page from the Old Testament and a new page doesn't mean this is just the magically change into one of the another mode let's go to Psalms 103 which is found in the Old Testament and we'll find components of the New Covenant in the Old Testament in the Gospel according to to Moses as it's creatively mentioned and Cally Can you read verses 10 through 14 for. First 10 and he has not dealt with us according to our sense nor punished us according to our Nic what he says for as the heavens are high above the earth so great is his mercy toward those who fear him as far as the east is from the West so far as he removed our transgressions from us as a father pities his children so. The Lord police those who fear Him for He knows our frame he remembers that we are Ok that's a beautiful really beautiful part the part there and I want to ask you all we covered 2 weeks ago that the covenants are contracts and we like the terms and conditions and Sebastian you supposedly read all these these the words and. Let me ask you all do you do you know when you read the contracts when you get a new job and what not what's the what's what's the part that you want to read the most when you when you look at energy is the compensation is so she's looking about well I make that I thought in line vacation since I've been more Ok vacation time Sebastian. I think I think I turn to believe what I'm. Going to do your daughter to grow but you know. That is a. I think for me I like to look at the opportunities for growth and collaboration you know so for me I like to see Ok if I'm doing this well where were can we grow and how can I be more creative and more involved in the process Ok Ok and that's found in contracts that absolutely you can you can say like a this is how we do pay increase this is how we do positional continuing education up correcting education I think you read those and so I like the I like the idea of investments and also like to see what are some of the other kind of membership benefits like oh get a discount if you go to this gym or you get a discount at this level where you describing for me it sounds like benefits to me go to h.r. human resources and you want to mob benefits sometimes often in some cases that even though your salary maybe not so much even though the benefits may be so high they often compensate or other cases your salary may be very high in his ear Oh benefits and 0 insurance and as you grow anything in that's kind of like so on this absorbing a look at the benefits of this covenant experience so actually start off in verse one and we'll meet up to that apex that Kalie just. So 1st one seeking if you can meet for us less the Lord all my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name bless the Lord all my soul and forget not all his benefit and there we go gives all you know. Who heals your diseases who he deems your life from destruction who crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies satisfies your mouth with good things so that you use is renewed like the Eagles will stop there and pause and what are some elements that you see either what are some elements of the Covenant maybe some some parallels that you see or some side benefits that you see that spin off of the covenants as well one thing that I see directly parallel to the covenant is who forgives all your iniquity Yes So we talked about just how he remembers them no more yes and so that is a very benefit there yeah I mean think about in this Internet age and with all these records and surveillance system as in that your past than any strace of you has just been completely eliminated from the earthquake and the Lord forgetting your so your iniquities is even a deeper cleanse than that after that's right and so the helps me kind of appreciate more that God is much more powerful than Google is an event. Or another and another thing you see there in verse 3 where he says who heals all your diseases and this is kind of that spin off of being merciful and. In this element that you know we all deal with health and we have that famous saying right that people spend the 1st half of their life trying to achieve happiness and end up killing their health and then they end up spending the last you know 2nd half of their life getting all their wealth and happiness trying to regain their health I think the rhyme is you get all their spend your health to get wealth and then you spend your wealth to get you back correct thank you for it I just wanted to. See that and yeah and that's Ok. So. Put up that trick well. So I'm looking at this idea that a person in this time that God heals as a benefit not just your spiritual infirmities but your physical infirmities and this is a this is a really powerful idea because we see in the Bible that even when God called them out in Exodus he's like you know I won't put upon you the diseases of Egypt and the recognition that a lot of these things we see today as modern issues like cancer were actually present in Egypt and God is saying through this covenant not only I'm going to forgive your sins in your spiritual disease of sin but on the do with these physical ailments that you also do so that even your life now before this covenant comes to fall for a wish and I'm going to give you blessings in peace on this side of. The wonderful health insurance benefit that God is a good leader and Yes And and he goes beyond just healing our physical to see this for who read Life from destruction and I mean that is that is just holistically that you know your spiritual life yes you know when we think about God you know as ministering to us specially your physical life your emotional life you know like we're dealing with. You know. This despair you know feeling distressed. T.. Even your emotional life redeeming that from destruction our relationship so it says life like it's all comprehensive That's the bit of the important it's a comprehensive redemption of our lives from all the types of destruction that we're at risk of that is a huge country had Yeah and there were for destruction concerns that as pair 2 and other translations and other connotations it just means order non existence this is condemnation destruction from eternity so not only on the existential level but on the onto a logical level if you don't know what these words mean then in tough. Times in terms of your experience more in terms of the essence the reality of it that God is on. Every single level of saving us from that I mean it's a very comprehensive I love the word comprehensive and think about that word redeem because I love that because you know my wife always talk about things not being redeemable 20 something is that you can't get this back and my dad used to say that you know experience is the best teacher but a fool learns by no other means because there are certain things that you may learn by experience and you can never get yourself back to where you were before you had the experience and God is like I can redeem any element in your life anything that has been destroyed more corrupted that's been debased God is like when you bring it to me as a part of this covenant I can redeem it it's not redeemable and that's encouraging because people make mistakes we go through epics in valleys in life where we're just like I don't know how I'm going to come back from this and God is like when you align yourself with me in this relationship there is no element in your life that's not really. I like verse 5 it's not one of the big the big ones there but it just shows you the kindness and the goodness of God verse 5 God says who satisfies your mouth with good things on a literal level you know he's feeding. On a on a next essential level it's he's a Enjoy it's Ok to have good taste not just literally good taste in your mouth but just experience the flavor of life Jesus experience Jesus promise that I'll give you a life and life more abundant Yes living life to its fullest So this is our generation's in a fear of only living one sort of fear of missing out and God saying hey I'll give you the fullness of her turn up the volume on every thing asa bull so that you experience life to its best and I think that's just the great you know cherry on top of all of the health insurance and the stench Olin you know condemnation and all that stuff like that says hey he's a good God on top of that infamous 5 I see you know something that appeals to young people. You know satisfying also good things and something that appeals to older people so that your youth is renewed like the eagle and I feel like kind of you know when you're younger it's kind of you know this is a life and you want to have good experiences and that kind of thing and when you get to get old I've heard from you guys that. Tell you where you get it for you know it's nice. To be out there on next episode about some. Stuff but renewing your youth you know it's like you know as you get older and start creaking and you know talking start hurting so you say but $11.00 of the benefits that he says that would have an appeal for the older folks we knew in your youth like me let's move on to verse 6 verse 6 and see if you can read and put on your bifocals. The Lord executes righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed he made known his ways to Moses his acts to the children of Israel the Lord his message full and gracious slow to anger and abounding in may see he will not always strive with us nor will he keep his angle forever he has not dealt with us according to our sins not punished us according to our iniquity All right there are a lot of benefits in this passage and we'll discuss them we come back after the break. In verse been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media or by searching. On Facebook Twitter or Instagram for you to while you join us like us comes up I'll handle again in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. I welcome back there are benefits to having your Bible in front of you and actually reading Psalms one or 3 along with us and so before the commercial break we are looking at Psalms one or 3 verses 6 through 10 of wish to see Cooper actually read what are some benefits of the covenant that you see there or Parallels or other insights that you may want to share Well let's let's look at verse 6 where. He says the Lord executes righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed and the we definitely live in a time where people are very activist in their mindset and we're always looking at some group or some individual or representative category of people who we feel are oppressed by the way that certain the way that things are done right now in the world and the Bible says that one of the benefits of this covenant relationship with God is that he is going to execute righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed so this is not something that we necessarily have to fight for and I think this is where we have to be careful even in our championing for justice to be brought upon individuals there may be a minor element of that on this side of eternity but ultimately God says in this covenant I'm going to execute that ultimately myself and this is one of the benefits for that is that the oppressed do have someone looking out for them so if you are oppressed if you feel you know systematically pushed down God's eyes are upon you and he is looking for that day of vindication I love this this this low chunk that we just read because it's a comp it's kind of a you got to read it together as a fashion what you just said is complimentary verse 10 percent says he has not dealt with us according to our sins and punished us according to our iniquities we often want I think he could you mention in a previous episode or some time where it's my memory but you said it that we often want justice for that person but mercy for me and often we were very emotive about that and we demand it and we in the you know in this world of activism in that you're talking about but we see that we have we place in this in God's hands God has perfect mercy perfect justice for all and that right combination cannot be processed by the human mind we are we are not objective yet we are always bent towards that that we're in the quality to be equal right now on about me said that to me as an odd. But you know we are we and. That's that's the easy way of saying. Let's move on to verse 11 on words and this is what. I just love the phrasing that the Bible has there as the heavens are high above the earth so great is his mercy towards them who fear him as far as the east is from the West so far has removed transgressions from us what are some things that insights from the covenant you see there Kelly I think going back to what I said it about verse 3 about just how much God removes send from us and how he really how far he goes to reconcile himself and it's like the author is just grasping for a special language how do I explain this to you is the heavens are above so far as the east is from the west that's that's the opposite direction it's like exactly but so far and so yeah just again just how God goes so far and there's no mention of what we do here again it's just it's not a covenant is not a contract and the way that we so easily want to default to think about it of God will do this and you do your half and he does his 50 percent and so on and here's the way God as long as you stay on these lines but instead God just lavishing all of these things on the point there is no when you do that if you have to do this and when you do then I will separate Yeah yeah and just just to go with that Kelly was saying in verse 13 as a father pities his children so the Lord pities those if you know him he knows our frame images that we have dust is talking about the character of the one who is making the promises to us and this that's one of the things that sticks out to me in some one of 3 it's is telling us the character of the Covenant maker which is actually foundational to you know knowing that you can trust the promises he's making is that his character he is the God who He sees us like a father sees his children with pity you know and he. Actually knows our frame and I know just in my mind I jump ahead to Jesus coming to this earth and living among us Ok and actually experiencing what we experience and like he has intimate knowledge of our suffering you know he has intimate knowledge of the struggles that we go through but even here in the Old Testament you have God saying you know I understand that you're weak I understand your weakness your weakness and and that's the character of the one who wants to make this covenant with us and I know a lot of times you know when we think about old testament I think you mentioned before you think about Old Testament God and he's like old story and his like do this so you die you know but but here we have this picture a picture of a compassionate God It is like I get Old Testament in the Old Testament you know like I get it you guys the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak that's a God in the Old Testament saying that and I appreciate this this point of Forth to Jesus this is what totally it's alluding to why you were talking I was thinking that you know sometimes people say well Jesus I mean he was he was really God and God came into man and so he doesn't really understand and I'm thinking if he was God who has infinite knowledge. By saying that common you're saying that humanity knows something of which God is not and supreme in a limited God But if this infinite God who knows everything comes into human experience he knows the human experience even more than humanity would right so rather than being a limitation to being God and man together or human together the god is knows the human experience all the more which makes really vilifies verse 14 he knew knows our frame he did it and he created it in the end but he lived in it and he remembers that we are just for he he who made dust became dust for us on the multiple The All right all right Kelly and it's special all I want to bring up just a practical knowledge of the comes to mind to illustrate verse 13141314 that he has a father. Children you know as I frame over the last week I've got exercise and a few times with my dad and my youngest brother and my dad my dad can hike or Rev Run and Walk for many miles but I can go on my 40 mile bike rides and he's fine and on a bike ride with my guest brother and you know I struggle I'm like after 2 miles and it actually requires almost more strength on my dad's part because you know if you go up a hill slowly it's a lot harder than going up faster and so my dad will go slowly to not pass my youngest brother to know that he still with any size like you Ok there but it's yeah is kind of hard like it is hard and I see my dad likes. To because he didn't do it the easier way and also we on a hike a few a few days ago and you know my hands brothers all the way in the back and he's just like this is hard when it's like yeah it is hard but he and he's just he's next with it I might as the man this kid's so slow he's not as fit as I am and but it's just my head and we've even said like dad you want to be with us like my kid is great and that is the heart of a father and of our Father that he he stays with us he doesn't criticize our weakness but he has compassion and pity and his desire just to bring us even closer to even his level of fitness in this analogy you know the the the one of the things that again connects these benefits we're gone keeps expanding them where he says in in verse 10 for he has not dealt with us according to our sins nor punished according to our iniquities more as the heavens are high above the earth so great is his mercy in verse 12 as far as the east is from the west this so God hasn't dealt with us according to our sins which means that he's removed them right far from so he showed us this mercy that is so high right as the heavens are higher than the earth and he's using this spatial thing to try to illustrate the fact that when you when you sit down in a lake because I grew up near Lake Michigan and it's crazy that for me when I. Went to the ocean I didn't I wasn't really able to see the difference because I can't see into the other side of Lake Michigan either so when people I will leave is you know this little small body in for me I'm like a pond but I'm like Lake Michigan is like you can't see the other side of the lake you know I'm in El annoyance your car I can't see Michigan from this side of the lake and you're saying from east to west is like this is how far I've removed so when you go searching for your scent it can't even be seen and we deal with the Mercy of God right the height by which God is Mercy merciful above you with his capacity to do that he's like This is why I haven't dealt with you according to your sin because as the heavens are higher this is where the mercy I've shown this is how far I've removed the thing that was separating us which shows the hatred that God has in his covenant for that separation this is about I want to be with you I'm going to take this thing and I'm going through this thing as far away as possible when you can't even see it and it just tells us stop looking for those issues stop digging up the past stop going back to those mistakes that have created the separation between you and gone. I don't know it doesn't necessarily flow from what he has seen but I was just thinking you know we passed over 7 didn't really discuss it and we're kind of headed to you know moving foot but I thought it's important because he said Gospel According to Moses. In talking about the fact that this is God in the Old Testament and a lot of times you know God in the Old Testament is vilified. But in verse 7 he says he made known his ways to Moses So we're seeing this picture of God that is being explained here that we're that what what's an eloquent on how amazing and how modeless and kind and loving that God is this is the picture he made known to Moses is what it's saying right and then later on when in verse 18 when he signed to such as keep his covenants to those who remember his commandments to do them all of these things that we're talking about is in the context of the commandment good. God who was revealed to Moses So this is the God that we're talking about and I think it's important to remember that especially you know when we think about all to some a New Testament God you know that this old testament god this is actually what he looks like a compassionate spot on I mean this is totally We're direction this is the climax that we're getting at that this is the same old testament and new testament and I love that the point of the benefits the forgiving I mean all we believe in one promise and one god. I want to to. I think it's just natural for us to go to verse 20 at the end of that chapter because he goes into this kind of triple quadruple you know pray session that he goes into so verse 20 says Bless the Lord he angel you his angels who excel in strength who do His word heeding the voice of his word bless the Lord all you host you ministers of his who do his pleasure bless the Lord all his works in all places of his dominions bless the Lord all my soul like you like all the benefits Yeah you go health care. Eternal care you know after life care I mean I'm a mess around you got all this going on this is this chapter is so full of benefits and bus and praise and this is the same God of Moses Yes the gospel of most and look at the Mount Sinai God that's right and look at he's calling upon the angels he's calling on every one and all Dominion right to say that the excitement of what God has covenanted with him the angel should be rejoicing right in it's almost like you know when my son just recently had a birthday and it's crazy that when he's opening his couple gifts that he got my younger 2 daughters right they got excited right when he's pulling out his give Rice was like oh grandma got me a skateboard and so they're like a bit like hugging. Your Dreams good through. A few for skateboard and. You know me or my wife would like cracking up because normally you see kids crying like all I want to skateboard or I didn't get this from our birth but in their experience they're like Yeah let's bless the Lord they're all praising and excited because he also received the gift. I mean how many of you are excited about this gift mentioned in Psalms one over 3 we need to be exposed. And crazy all creation for all the good things that God has promised both in the Old Testament and the New Testament in the 4 Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John but also the gospel of Moses hopefully that you've seen that we believe in One God that is the God of the Old Testament and the Old Covenant and the New Testament and the new covenant and I want to say Praise the lord how many of you is that your prayer actually that's your prayer as well we're going to continue our discussion in our study on the topic of the covenants in the next 10 weeks or so we're going to look at different problem problematic texts seemingly problematic texts in the New Testament so you don't want to miss those episodes so stay with us and we'll see you next week you've been listening to a Bible based cost the same value as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter the secret doctor or your host just to. Invest is brought to you by the full time television that changes. But this morning's ever so there's an inverse. Or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't for some.


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