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The Strength of Allegiance Part 2

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • April 17, 2021
    11:15 AM
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Divide here by your heads with me as we ask him to speak to our hearts let's pray Father in heaven today Lou Or do we have already experienced worse up to our songs of praise through the Scripture reading through the baptism the testimony of your Amazing Grace Lord you are good you're very good and now the word is we open the Word of God We anticipate that you will have a word for us that you will speak to our hearts speak Lord free do want to listen and we pray that the Holy Spirit would give us that discernment to recognize that voice and take to heart what you say today thank you Lord for answering our prayer in Jesus' name amen Samuel Clemens known by his pen name Mark Twain once said we are all like the moon we have a dark side we don't want anyone to see it's true there is a dark side to the human nature but today I I thank the Lord praise be to the Father of Lights who dispels the darkness a God who calls us into his marvelous light to experience the strength of Allegiance it is written you are a chosen generation. A royal priesthood a holy nation his own special people that even may proclaim the praises of him who called you out who called you. You know the Greek word meaning the called out ones the called out Quest. Is where we get the word By the way the Spanish word a glass. They both have the same meaning they're both translated into the same English word church the called out ones. So that is to say that in the truest sense of the word in the truest sense of the word church is made up of men and women of all ages who are coming out a class c. of the called out ones they're coming out of a dark place and they're stepping into. His marvelous light and response to his call or rather the church ought to be made up of such light seekers but the reality is it's not completely it's not it's not for though God calls everyone believe me he does the Bible is is it is true it is when it says that God desires that all be saved and all come to a knowledge of the truth for God so loved the world that whosoever whosoever believes he calls everyone but not everyone answers. It was Jesus who said to Nigga Demas you know the story dear there in John's have 23 Jesus having a conversation when you could Demas and he told him he said Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil for everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the lie it's as though the picture is clear Jesus is simply saying that we who have a have the freedom of choice will make a choice and that choice for many is a love for darkness if only because they know that if they step into the light. They will be truly known but here's the crux of the matter though they do not come to the light they come to the church. And this is where God starts feeling a little nazi a did you know he feels like throwing up that's not even my my words John John received that inspiration when he wrote Revelation and let's get something straight though it's not when we say that God feels Nazia good it feels like throwing up it's not because he's sick of you. Know On the contrary he is sick for you he's sick to his stomach that he's not with you. He sick to a stomach that you don't know him and he doesn't know your surrendered will that makes him sick he's not sick of us he's sick for you yet many stubbornly continue to refuse the transforming work of the Holy Spirit because after all after all we we all many play the godly role very convincingly you know Christians attend church and we'll take on the name we'll take on the label go we go even as far as taking his name Christ's I am a Christian taking his name in vain we considered in part 2 that according to Christianity Today magazine there's 5 types of Christians in the church there's the active Christians and we can say as the common line is they walk the walk and talk the talk there's a professing Christians they'll just talk the talk there's the religious ritualistic Kristen's they these simply go through the motions the rituals and and they do it very well then there's the private Christians oh they're Christians have no idea and then there's the cultural Christians 3rd 4th 5th generation born in radius that's all they know that's all they've known. It's how it's always been. But there's no owner so. Of the faith you know what's interesting is we as we take a look at these 5 terms. There's one that stands out. They walk the walk and talk the talk and. We can say though that the rest of them all but that one could be summarized in in a single term and they could all be summed up with the biblical term of luke warm Christians this is Christianity's today's terminology but God would just simply say Luke warm luke warm Christians not hot not cold it's the revelations faithful and true witness that per announced many of the churches lukewarm. And it's lukewarmness that makes God feel like throwing up with God Why why do I make you feel like throwing love why do I feel make you feel nauseated Why God why have you ever prayed that prayer maybe some will say oh no no I've never prayed that prayer because I don't need to ask him that oh really maybe that's precisely the problem because he continues in relationships 3 percent in team because you say I am rich have become wealthy I have need of nothing. But he continues with the diagnoses he says but you do not know that in fact you are wretched miserable who are beyond it and make it. So as we considered and part of one there's really only 2 kinds of Christians this passage so we just considered it would say Ca hot and cold but many are lukewarm. But then there's the Saints and the hypocrites there's the wise and the foolish the sheep and the goats you get the idea there's really 2 classes of people turn to different ways in the Scriptures but yes there's only 2 classes last and part one we looked at the 2 classes using the terms weed and tares wheat and tares. Wheat and Tares But the thing is. All these individuals of both classes congregate together every week Jesus himself said that they that they would be allowed to grow together remember that in a quote angel of light in quotes otherwise known as Satan has perfected the ad and as we as we consider the last week in part one we discover that as much as the Lord brings into the fellowship those who are truly converted Satan on the other hand will do the same he'll bring Oh yes he'll bring some into the fellowship that are not converted Paul the Apostle Paul encountered this several times in his journey from church to church he wrote about it often the Apostle Paul Ward that men would be lovers of themselves yet her whole church office that the unholy. Will seeing him it's the fear that the unloving will walk the 4 year that blasphemy years will stand behind the pulpit that lovers of money will sit on the church board all acting religious but rejecting the power that would make them godly. And the apparent dilemma is that we're all together. We're all dressed well what decent person wouldn't want to make sure that nothing indecent is exposed and he any reasonable person would would want to look good who would from puta puta from Smile to smile so much is hidden from plain sight but we soon forget into whose house we've stepped in to. Do we soon forget and to whose holy place we come to every time we attend church do you realize whose house this is. It's God's house the author of Hebrews plainly wrote in chapter 4 verse 13 that nothing is hit in from his sunlight Oh we can we can we get we can hide from one another and keep our secrets well but not from him who sits on the throne everything is naked and exposed before his eyes and he is the one to whom we are accountable and did you ever ask yourself why is it why is it bad Nothing particularly in the in his church is hidden from his sight I know that we would say because he is God But but but but what would be an even more precise perspective to come to the conclusion that nothing is hit from his sight I'll tell you why one of the reasons because the church you joined for some a long time ago whether through baptism through profession of faith or maybe just attending on a regular basis. The reason the reason nothing is hidden from his sight is because the church is in fact his body. Let that that that. Sink in a little bit nothing is hidden from his sight particularly in the church because the church is his body and his body possible Paul adds he who is joined to the lured is one spirit with him it's no wonder that nothing is hidden from his sight. I came across a quote by Jim Roan he simply said this take care of your body it's the only place you have to live I remember a time when I learned a lesson and I learned quickly when evening after after having gone on a hike with the grass growing up above my ankles it was it was you know it was in the great outdoors and it was later that I discovered the tech had a tech on me when I was barely visible it was stuck on me a tank you know gross that is. Unfortunately a day or even days had gone by because the reason that I even know it is that I had a tech was because I spotted the classic bullseye rash. Mom you know that's not good. Now do you suppose that when I recognize I realize that there was a tick on me. Do you suppose that I just carried on with no concern or or worry about that which was attached to my body. I don't think so I needed lead took measures to to respond to that thankfully I treated I was treated on time with no complications it was dealt with I did something to address it and make no mistake about it God God takes care of his body too God takes care of his body the author of Hebrews Chapter $1227.00 writes that some in his body will be saken off those removed and others who cannot be shaken will remain. And did you know then the Gospels of Matthew Mark and Luke cheese us alluded to the notion of the shaking and his instruction says Sipos when he sent them off 2 by 2 to go into every city in village to preach the Gospel to preach the good news and in that context he had something to tell them I like for us to open our Bibles go there to look Chapter 9 Luke Chapter 9 whether it's your Bibles or your devices let's go to Luke Chapter 9 to find something that she says themselves that sheds light on this on this subject of the of the say King. Found it interesting when I came across that word particularly in this context that we're are meditating on today Luke Chapter 9 and we're going to reverse this one through 5 Luke Chapter 9 versus one through 5 and the Bible says. Then he called his 12 disciples together and gave them power and authority over all of the demons and to cure diseases he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick and he said to them Take nothing for your journey neither staffs nor bag nor bread nor money and didn't and do not have to tunics a piece 1st for whatever house you enter saying stay there and from there depart and notice 1st 5 and whoever will not to receive you when you go out of that city shake off the very dust from your feet as a testimony against them that phrase shaking off the very dust from your feet it caught my attention what is the meaning of the symbolic act of a deadly it's not just a random isolated thought that Jesus used in his instructions there are there must be something more to it and as I took a closer look I realized that it was actually assess a symbolic act that was very common in that culture in various different types of interactions and relationships you see shaking off the dusts it was a symbolic indication that one had done all that could be done in a situation and therefore carry no further responsibility for it I've done everything I can I've done everything they can and then some but there's nothing more I can do. Shaking off the dust communicated that message I've done everything I can and everything I can. If their message and the disciples then went out and and they obeyed the commission and they began to preach the good news and and if their message was received with Julie they were to stay and keep teaching why because there's a reception to what is being sad there is a teachable spirit carry on give them our keep teaching keep preaching but if the message was rejected there was no further responsibility in other words they were free to walk away with a clear conscience knowing that they had done all that they could do. With that in mind let's let's let's let's apply today you see today the responses of those who gather week after week after week they gather together to hear the good news to hear the same sermons to see the same songs o.e. gather together we all receive the Word and some will receive the message with Sure. But they won't stop there they don't just receive it by hearing it there is some there characterized by making an application what does that mean making application to hear the good word but they pack it in they pack it they they let it settle and when they go back to their daily routines back into the start of a new week. What they received during Worship is not lost and forgotten in the business of everything else we have to do you know they are disciplined disciples disciplined to say I'm going to take the good word and I'm going to apply it in my life and that if I come to you understand into the revelation that by applying it that means I'm going to have to make changes in my life not my will but I will be done God make me willing to be willing that's applying the word of God It's digging deep it's digging deep. Christians why Christians are many women with shovels because they dig deep they dig deep they apply the word of God unlike the foolish that show up and just built their house on sand dunes don't dig deep and when the storms come. Everything comes tumbling down because they were not disciplined to dig deep you see which is which interesting I got to mention this to you Did you know that if you take a look at this parable in the various gospels it's interesting that in one of the Gospels I can't remember which one but then this is homework for you if you want to take a look at this a little closer and one of the Gospels mentions that when the wise man and the foolish man show up once built on the sand the other one built on the rock array but didn't know that in one. Of the gospels when recording that story it mentions that the wise man dug Dean he dug deep until he came to the rock interesting he dug deep to get to the rock. Weiss Christians dig deep they apply the word of God they apply they apply but if the message was rejected as some. Did not apply the word of God in their daily living does they have no roots in them and in the fullness of time and time will tell in the fullness of time the D.-Ma is of their spiritual life will be their own doing or we solve their own choices the exercise of their own will and there is nothing more that even God can do if we have been coming week after week time after time hearing the word hearing another sermon hearing another sermon another week a prayer another so on and so forth we're receiving receiving but yet not applying starving the life of Christ in us to our own to minus when it's all said and done not even God can do much more because we have exercised our will to not answer the call to not be wise disciples it's our choice it's our choice and there's nothing that even God can do for this reason asked at the disciples God will also shake off. The dust of his feet for you see King Solomon wrote We all came from dust we decrease in story of how the Lord God for man of the dust of the ground we are dust and the same creator who spoke to the prophet Isaiah when he wrote in Chapter 66 1st one Heaven is my throne and the earth. It is my food stool of my feet God's feet are upon the earth His throne is high and lifted up and his feet are pumping your earth can listen those who come to church but just talk to talk and and simply go through the motions but have no abiding trusting relationship with jesus us will be as dust shaking off the Lord's feet after all it's his body and the question I have now is what will we all be shaken by what's going to shake us to what are we going to be shaken by what's going to see and strengthen those who abide. What are we going to be shaken off by for those who don't. I'm going to touch on 3 attributes 3 attributes that have shaken our sake in and will continue to shake the church until the very end of time the 1st attribute is the voice or word of God. The Word of God. The scriptures the preaching of the word is going to shake the church David said in Psalms $29.00 verse 8 the voice of the Lord see it's the wilderness Psalms $29.00 and the voice the word the Bible is the voice of God. And the voice of God shakes the Apostle Paul described the Word of God as living and powerful a discerner of the thoughts and intense of the heart. We all have a collection of books. But this book. Is unlike any other book because it shakes us Majesty mostly superficially as a thriller might this book is one that shapes our very being our very Couper and what exactly does that mean it simply means that a revelation from the Word of God Don't miss this this is the revealed will of God right a revelation of. Or from the Word of God will either leave you to harden your heart against it or 3 be transformed by it and guess what there's no 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th in on them those are the 2 we solve its that happen each and every time we receive. A revelation from the Word of God That's why I say a chapter $55.00 or so he leaven tell us is so small my word be that goes forth from my mouth it shall not return to me boy. In other words when you step into a a gathering space such as this one. And those who watching online this applies you to for your stepping place your place your gathering place is forever where you are ever watching this service today from whatever gathering space we all are if the Word of God is being heard if there is a pope and and there's a preacher and Turner at your own risk because one of 2 things will happen you're you either be hardened against it or transformed by it transformed by it or hardened against it. That's why this book is Living and powerful because one of those 2 resold will take place in your life even after this hour which you've heard here today not because it's mean you have nothing to do with this it's because of the Word of God whatever you hear today as a result of this hour your heart will either be hard. Or transformed and this happens every week and you notice I use the word enter at your own risk you know what that means right that means that having a full understanding of what you are doing and what you are doing is dangerous entr'actes your own risk and what you are doing is dangerous in 2 ways and it also means that you are alone you alone are responsible for what will be the outcome based on your response is the will before exercise of the will be outcome is up to you it's up to you not even God can change that God gives you that choice but enter at your own risk each and every time the Word of God is preached a has its effect and both good that's good both good news and bad news you see it will it will be either it will either be dangerous in 2 ways in either you will be dangerous to the old man or carnal nature for the message of God's word has power to bring the old man down on his knees and surrender that's the power of God it could do that in your life it could humble your carnal nature and it could be dangerous to the old man that's what Paul. The poss term and referring to the carnal name to the old man it's dangerous to the old man if the message is received by faith and apply or and the glad of its message will be dangerous to the vitality of your spiritual life. Because in doing so and the Glenn team being in different if not being disciplined to apply and let it make a difference in your life you will in turn be starving the life of Christ in you so enter at your own risk the choice is yours and as we approach the end of time and some will not tolerate the preaching of the word They're not going to tolerate it because they haven't been applied and what happens when you don't apply it it doesn't change you to receive. More It doesn't change you you see the word of God has to change you in order to prepare you to receive for and that preparation includes a reception of what God will reveal and will be more readily prepared to receive what is the more he has in store for us because we've been allowing the word to change us so what happens is if we don't allow the if we don't allow the word to change us but yet we keep gathering together we're going through the motions checklist church attendance chug chug chug we keep coming what happens is we're not allowing the Word of God to prepare our hearts to change us and its strength in our carnal nature which in this context is acting religious. Because we don't receive the power the bad could make is Godly by not receiving that in change in us what happens is the Word of God will give it more and more straight is going to talk to us it's going to it's going to start spose ing soon in our lives and that is going to get us upset we're going to start getting angrier and angrier we're not going to be receptive much longer because it's really really stepping on my toes it's is convicted me of sin for having allowed the Word of God to change me as all the time will come the time will come where we will not tolerate anymore and they will rise up against the Word of God and this will cause a shaking God's people simply put we can yield to the reveal willed of God's word or we can resurface it's convictions and the latter will be shaken out that's why the Scriptures say it's preach the word preach the word because when we preach the word and we receive the word that's when God's power is made manifest to change us and we need to be changed we need to be changed Disciples of Christ are those who spend time publicly meditating on his word making application practicing its principles and they will not be sick. They will not be shaken a 2nd attribute is prayer prayer shakes the church prayer shakes the home prayer shakes your innermost being in Luke chapter Luke recorded in Acts Chapter 4 that Peter and John gather together with other believers they gathered there the early church they gathered in homes and and they they reported it they talked they even sang they spent time together but it's interesting that it's not until they prayed that the Bible specifically says that the place where they were assembled together was shaken and it was shaken prayer shakes things up. And that's both good news and bad news you see for the one for one who is in the word you're grounded in the word because you're choosing to spend time internalizing and applying the word and when that happens and there's others that are interceding for the church in earnest they are pleading with God that He will reveal his will to his people they are pleading with God that the final Holy Spirit will be poured out upon the church you see we're going with this if you're not in the word you're just going through the motions and the Church the Body of Christ is pleading with God to baptize him with the fire of the Holy Spirit and their prayers are ran service on your behalf if you are if you are in the word prayers their prayers will elevate chew closer and get closer to God's holiness. Their prayers will elevate you to God's throne room and the prayers will lift you up to God But if you are not rooted in Christ's if you're not in the word meaning that you don't have a daily connection with him the very prayers there are lifting up the church into God's throne room will cost many in the church as being lifted up towards God. Is going to cause many to cry out and say wallow how you know from the face of him who sits on the throne and they will be shaken out prayer will say people out of the teachers but Disciples of Christ who spend time in communion with God themselves when the church prays they will not be shaken out instead. The prayers of the Saints will lift you up towards God even more as we grow in Him deeper yet into an intimate relationship with him the Word of God sakes the church prayers shake the church and the 3rd attribute is the holiness of God the holiness of God shakes his church Exodus Chapter 20 records a solemn moment when the holiness of God descended upon Mount Sinai I've been to Mount Sinai and it was only in my imagination that I saw that mountain shaking and earthquake and thundering and lightning God manifesting himself literally can you imagine. And this caused the mountain to smoke but it's verse 18 that caught my attention it says that when the people saw it at the end of the verse there it says that they trimmed gold and stood a far off of some translations even say they suck the shock they tremble they were shaking the prophet I say is that saw the Lord sitting on a throne. He saw Serafin which cried out holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty the whole earth is filled with His glory and verse 4 tells us and Isaiah Chapter 6 that the post of the dual or shake it shake no this one thing the church will be immersed in the holiness of God as she prays for the baptism of the Holy Spirit just as the early church was commissioned by Jesus go Terry in Jerusalem and pray pray pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will be repeated the body the church will be a praying church that will pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the church will be immersed in the holiness of God it will be and we can either continue to yield to God's consuming work in us and let it purify us or we can denounce his sanctifying power to be shaken off and then literally be consumed in the last day so the Bible says this but Disciples of Christ take time to be holy they take time to be holy and they will not be shaken out there is a Christian song. Which speaks of Allegiance heart felt allegiance it's Ernest's the song simply says the classic pledge allegiance to the land with dog my strength with all I am I will seek to honor his commands I pledge allegiance to the land this is my declaration this is my prayer you know it God spoke to Joshua about strength when he told them Be strong Joshua be strong and of good courage strength be strong Joshua and what was his response he declared his loyalty is Allegiance and he sat as for me and my house we will serve the Lord you see there is strength in allegiance as we stand in the promises of God just just take a moment here to just truly simply be honest with yourself to your heart desire deeply desire right now to be fully known and truly loved all at once of good news the promise is for us there's a God who loves you and fully knows everything about you and he still truly loves you will you come with me to our last tax in Romans chapter 8 Romans chapter a versus $35.00 to $39.00 Romans chapter a versus 35 to 39 this is a promise that you take to the bank you can. Stand on this promise Romans chapter 8 was $35.00 to $39.00 who saw separate us from the love of Christ so tribulation of distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or sword at is as it is written for your sake we are killed all day long we are counted as sheep for the slaughter there is a tribulation coming we're going to experience it as nothing before verse 37 yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us for study for I am persuaded that either death nor life meaning that even death is not the end of our story there is a final chapter but nothing even in life and that includes your junk that includes here filth nothing nor life nor death nor angels. That includes the one 3rd nor prince of pallet nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height no depth of sin that you fallen into Know any code there creative thing even the devil himself he wants you to forget that he's a created thing that's what he is not of this sub be able to separate us from the lawn of God which is in Christ Jesus our God the love of God embraces us completely and deeply and fully troublous days are coming but Jesus says Do not be afraid do not be afraid. Remember there is Allegiance in strength both individually and as a family and as a church and today whether you have known Christ for a long time or you're stepping out in faith whether you've been in the church for a long time and no one but God knows that you spend that time on your knees you spend that time in the Word or you know you've been in the church a long time but you're going through the motions where there are you're one or the other as if Christ was appealing through me right here right now do you pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ the Lamb of God If that is your choice where they are here today in person or watching online sees a sees you he sees your heart and he waits her response I choose to stand where you stand with me of soul who did you so right now I pledge allegiance to the Lamb priests God priests God Praise God Praise God. Praise God. That's pretty together Father in heaven. Right here right now. We fully. Embrace. The grace. That is pouring down upon us right now. While though you've been so peace in with us. Your forbearance is beyond belief. But yet if we stand. Together with our fellow brother our fellow sister then we know so well but you know us more than we know ourselves. And you've given us the space opera to nitty. To make a choice and we have. To take a stand and we did. I pray Lord Jesus right now that we stand on the promise that nothing can separate us from the love of God I pray. That you would see you our choice our stance with the fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit right here in right now. Thank you. Thank you we pray this in the name of Jesus Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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