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Who Are Your Friends?

Benjamin Ng
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  • March 20, 2021
    11:15 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we have again thank you Lord for your grace and your mercy towards us thank you Lord for your word that speaks so clearly and I pray that you please help us to understand this morning your word Help us Lord to hear your voice speak to our hearts directly help us to learn these important lessons we pray in Jesus' name amen While the title of the sun in this morning is who is your friend and you know we took a few weeks break of studying the a Maya last week reign preached the week before I preached a topic on worship in the time of this pandemic but now we're going back to the book of Nehemiah and Nehemiah he's just dealt with that issue in the previous chapter from within where the Jews were putting their own brethren into bondage there was selling them into slavery but you know they had run out of things to sell so they sold themselves to service and the a Maya dealt with that praise the Lord but now a fresh issue arises Nehemiah chapter 6 and verse one the Bible says this now it came to pass when Sun ballots and so by and get them the Arabian and the rest of our enemies heard that I had build in the wall and that there was no breach left there in the at that time I had not set up the doors upon the gates now the wall had been set up already Ok the whole had been patched up but now a new issue arises send ballots from outside with his friends told by and get them they are coming and what is happening verse 2 that send ballots and get them sent on to me saying Come let us meet together in some one of the villages in the plain of on will but they thought to do me mischief. Sandel and his friend guess from was wanting to meet up with Nehemiah and for what definitely not a friendly meeting to eat share a meal together their purpose was to attack Nehemiah and whether that was to kill him to harm him or to put him in prison we don't know but nonetheless it was a wicked intention let's keep going verse 3 and I sent messengers unto them saying I'm doing a great work so that I cannot come down why should the work cease whilst I leave it and I come down to you you see friends Nehemiah have planets penetrated their designs and their desires and he knew their intentions God had given him wisdom and foresight to know what their plans would be and so knew my replies what I am doing a great work I cannot come down to you why should I leave this great work and come to you it would cease it would stop Nehemias or the work of God Of greater importance than having to meet up with sand ballot and his friends and truly it was there was nothing to be gained with friendship with them there was nothing to be gained with trying to explain his situation to them and why he was building the wall and now he had got how he had gotten permission from the king nothing to be gained with meeting up with them who were clearly his enemies their intentions had not changed over the few weeks that Nehemiah had been there and there is nothing today friends that we can gain by friendship with the world who is your friend you know we are to understand the great work that we are to focus on and not forget that God calls us to be witnesses to the world and not mingle with that with them at the expense of the work of God suffering you know friends there are many destructions and allurements along the way but let us not forget that we have a great work to do for our great God for His coming soon but let's continue shall we Nehemiah chapter 6 and verse 4. Yet they sent me 4 times after the salt and I answered them after the same man in my san ballots is persistent he comes 4 times he sends his imitation 4 times and 4 times Nehemiah rejects it you know friends we got to be persistent to reject evil sometimes we feel that it keeps when it keeps coming back to us that we start thinking maybe this is God's will for us and maybe he wants us to do really go ahead and do this and we give in and we relent but friends I don't want you to think about send ballots as a person here son ballots he represents the devil today he tries to be friend you he invites you and he's persistent in inviting you to come and meet up with him he comes time and again but his desire is only to do you mischief to do you harm he may appear friendly but that's the deceptiveness of sin and the w.c. friends he comes with the guise of friendship like he cares to Eve all God has withheld this fruit from you he doesn't want you to become God he doesn't want you to have all the knowledge in the world he comes across as if he cares personally about you be the end is misery and a world friends that's the device of the devil so in this 1st instance Sunbelt he comes he comes with an invitation but every time Nehemiah rejects him but he's not done yet what happens next Nehemiah Chapter 6 verse 5 then send ballots sent his servant unto me in like manner the 5th time with an open letter in his hand. Sanballat comes together again with the senses his messenger his servants but this time he has an open letter it's obvious that he wants everybody to read it and what is this open letter about verse 6 where in was written it is reported among the heathen and gash move say if it that value and the Jews think to rebel for which cause they'll build us the wall that thou mayst be their king according to these words What is this letter about it's a false accusation Nehemiah you're building this wall to set up Jerusalem again as a city and a kingdom because you want to be their king and you're going to rebel and fight against the king the king on his or seize the very one that gave you permission to come and rebuild the walls and the temples in the city and the town Sanballat comes to Nehemiah looking like he has the good of the kingdom in mind like he really cares for king of his ilk sees but it's a false accusation of open letter with a desire for everyone to read to make them scared and you know the fact that it was an open letter it was clear that the people could read it rather than sending it straight to the king and notifying him of these intentions which of course will fall but he was accusing Nehemiah false accusations and you know friends the devil is like that as well we read in Revelation Chapter 12 versus 9 and then the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called The Devil and Satan which deceive with the whole world he was cast out into the earth and is a danger as well cast out with him and heard a loud voice saying in heaven now is come salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ and look at how it describes Satan for the accuser. Of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God day and night friends Satan is described as the accuser of the brother and he is the one that comes with false accusations false claims saying that God can never forgive your sins they are too deep the things that you've done a too horrible God cannot forgive you or you're not worthy you can never be forgiven or it's hopeless you can never have any victory he comes with all sorts of accusations and accuses us day and night he's persistent just like send ballots here in Nehemiah Chapter 6 but let's continue friends Nehemiah chapter 6 and now verse 7 and there has also appointed prophets to preach of the Jerusalem saying there is a king in Judah and now shall it be reported to the king according to these words come now therefore let us take all together you see he continues you've appointed people to preach as prophets and to say things about you that you are king he's threatening that this would be brought to King. And he's trying to scare me and my He's trying to be a spread calm let's take counsel together let's figure out what's going on here someone has sent this letter and we know in fact it was Sanballat himself that did it let's keep going. Verse 8 and 9 then I sent on to him saying there are no such things done as thou sayest but the famous them out of the I own hearts for they all made us afraid saying their hands shall be weakened from the work that it be not done now therefore or God strengthen my hands Nehemiah knew that it was a false accusation he knew that what was in this open letter was not true and he knew that in his heart he never had such intentions to be a king he just had the people of God and His city in mind to rebuild he stood innocent before God and so he could stand in the suddenly before man and not fear no matter what came his way look friends it may have looked like from the outside right what Nehemiah was doing was really trying to be a king I mean after all he was rebuilding a wall he was not a wall he was rebuilding the walls of the city so no one could come in he was rebuilding the roads on the streets he was rebuilding the houses in the temple he was rebuilding everything it could seem like Nehemiah really was trying to make himself king I mean after all why would you be rebuilding the wall do you want to rebel and shut the gates and so when the king comes you can fight against him on the external purposes had you read the letter and didn't know Nehemiah very well you might have believed this isn't it but you see Sanballat wanted those on the inside to start believing it as well to retard the work of rebuilding the city and friends look this is where we have to be so careful so careful not to judge from outward appearances especially when you hear it from other sources and other people and you don't see it firsthand or experience it firsthand things can be easily misunderstood. Before we formulate conclusions in our minds let's make sure we go and ascertain the clear picture all it can take is one false accusation to be strung up in the wrong light for disunity to take place if we have issues with people let's make sure that we go and talk to them 1st instead of listening to the rumors about them 1st let's make sure we understand the clear picture before we draw conclusions let's be brave enough to go and talk to those that are accused instead of going around spreading false rumors you know in doing this friends we do the devil's work he is the one that likes to accuse not God but the case often is that it's easier to talk to about these people behind their backs and gossip about them because we don't like confrontation you know when you have to go in and ask somebody about an issue your heart starts beating faster we get a bit nervous you know the palms get sweaty we don't like that feeling but friends if we want to do proper work and proper research before we accuse and form conclusions in our minds let's make sure we get a very clear picture instead of assuming isn't it Nehemiah could see that all these were false accusations and he knew where they came from from the hearts of sand ballots he wasn't afraid but yet some ballots still he's not done 1st he comes to with what just inviting firing him to come out and every single time 4 times in a row Nehemiah said no to send ballots and now there's open letter but he's still not done Nehemiah chapter 6 and verse 10. After what I came into the house of the Son of The Lion the Son of man Macbeth Abele who was shut up and he said let us meet together in the house of God within the temple and let us shut the doors of the temple for they will come to slay the yea in the night they will come to slay the this man from within his name is Shem Maya he comes out to the Nehemiah and tells him come into the temple the shut the door behind you why you can be safe here because Word has it that they're going to come at the night and come and kill you he was from within the camp that was building the walls of the gates but where did he come from what was Nehemiah's response in all of this verse 11 and I said this is Nehemiah speaking should such a man as I flee and who is there but being as I am would go into the temple to save his life I will not go in and lo I perceive that God had not sent him but that he pronounced this prophecy against me forto bya and send ballots had hired him therefore he was hired that I should be afraid and do so and sin and that they might have met so for an evil reports that they might reproach me you see friends of Nehemiah he was not afraid such a man as I flee he refused to go in and protect himself he had printed penetrated the designs of he had been hired by son bell and so by it to say that to him you see friends the devil today he people with money he buys them out with wealth promise of gain so many of us are sold into money and gain and riches unfortunate and wanting a more comfortable life many of us will like this mansion my even from within. We love riches and the tinkling of the gold and the glittering of the gold we like the sound that it makes we like the things that it can bias and so we get bought out by the devil we end up selling our souls or him working God's working with in God's church the designs of the devil but yet Nehemiah saw through all of it he said why should I be afraid why why should he go in and it's so interesting when you go back to verse 13 it says therefore Was he high that I should be afraid and do so and what's and sin if he had gone into the temple to hide himself it would not have only shown that he was afraid but it said that he would have sinned I mean look what was wrong with hiding in the temple anyways just to be safe Look it would have had a waterfall effect Number one it would have shown that he did not trust God to keep him safe. For a few months already Nehemiah had been there and there was no war when he arrived and yet God was with them at he had protected them there were no walls and yet God had been there safe God and now the walls are there and now Nehemiah has reason to be afraid didn't make sense right and number 2 it would have affected influenced all those that were working with him or near my eyes afraid he's running in there to protect himself well I'm afraid to let me go into my house and shut the door and guess what the enemy would have been free to come in because the people would have left their post of duty it just goes to show the responsibility of those that are in leadership positions and maybe this morning you're saying that hey I did not want to be a leader in my church they voted me and they had I had no choice I just felt pressured to say yes but you see friend I want you to see beyond the current circumstance but I want you to look into the providence of God God puts people in leadership positions for a reason and how you got there it doesn't matter but friends the fact is you are there as a leader in the church and he wants you to rise up to the occasion and Nehemiah he refused to go into the temple just to protect his own life look the him I was not afraid he chose not to hide in the century. Suggests that you know the disturbing part in all of this though is how son ballot and Tobiah was able to hire him. Sometimes we have more to fear from within than from without. Look friends just because a person who is a leader in the church comes up to you and has a good reputation and they've been baptized for years and they've been serving and even preach it doesn't mean that you need to listen to every single word that comes from their mouth man should not live by any man's word but by only the Word of God Amen we got to take his word as the man of our council the deceptive measures of Satan is not just the world attacking the church we must be on our God even within the church as well you can't just believe everything that a Christian friend says to you even if they're a pastor it doesn't matter you've got to be thinking critically you've got to check the Bible text you've got to ask people what is it where is it in the Bible that that proves what you're saying this is my only question be the teachings of men so often mislead us but what says the Bible to mean we shouldn't be letting our guard down even when you come there and sit there in church or even as you sitting there this morning and I hope you're sitting there not lying down friends but even as you're sitting there listening to the sermon Don't just the don't just walk around the house and think Ok I'm listening to the sermon and just let enter your mind without you thinking about it at all and and trying to digest the information sit up write things down study it out turn to every Bible text that I'm showing you make sure that you examine it carefully don't just turn on the sermon and just listen and that's it you know even when I sit there and listen to sermons it's not because I don't trust the person I don't trust humanity we all make mistakes and you don't want a mistake of a person though done in sincerity. Affect the whole tenor of your life we must be careful to trust nobody not a single person and when we seek for counsel we must make sure that the council is sound people make mistakes friends even I have have given incorrect counsel before as a pastor and the devil he's always on the ground trying to influence the people down the wrong path through ungodly counsel through his wily schemes we must be alert to discern whether God is the one guiding or whether it is the devil don't think that everything will be perfect when you come into church friends and no I'm not I'm not trying to speak bad about my church or anyone in the church but friends as long as we're on this earth the Church of God will always be filled with wheat and tares good people and bad people you just got to be careful you got to be who is your friend let's continue. Me in my chapter 6 verses 14 to 16 my God think Vella Ponto by and send ballots according to these their works and on the prophets are no name no a dire and the rest of the prophets that would have put me in fear so the wall was finished in the 20 and 1st day of the month evil in $50.00 and $2.00 days can you believe it $52.00 days they finished the building of the wall and it came to pass when all our enemies heard their of and all the heathen that were about us saw all these things they were much cast down in their own eyes for they perceived that this work was wrought of our God you know friends Nehemiah did not sway to the left hand nor to the right he stayed his course he remained faithful to the work he did not allow fear to affect him or to change the course on which God has set for him and as a result the wall was completed in $52.00 days and the enemies of God were confounded and overthrown What was the cause of all this trouble sent ballot and told by you but what made it doubly hard look at this Nehemiah Chapter 6 verse 17. Moreover in those days the nobles of Judah sent many letters on Saddam and the letters of Tobiah Caymans of them there they were corresponding they were going back and forth verse 18 for there were many in Judah within the walls of Jerusalem sworn to him because what he was the son in law of 2nd I of the son of Aaron and his son Joel Hanan had taken the daughter of machine I'm the son of barrack are you who are these people should and machine and these were people that were within the walls of Jerusalem also the reports of his good deeds before me and uttered my words to him and told by a sent letters to put me in fear you know what the problem was friends told by it was actually related to some of the Jews that were inside the walls of Jerusalem there through marriage he was related to those that were helping Nehemiah in the work of building the wall and friends this is what made the work doubly hard look at what the pen of inspiration has to say about this prophets and Kings 657 paragraph 2. Here are seen the evil results of intermarriage with idolators a family of Judah had become connected with the enemies of God and the relation had proved a snare many others had done the same these like the mix multitude that came up with Israel from Egypt were a source of constant trouble they were not whole hearted in a service. And when God's work demanded a sacrifice they were ready to violate their solemn oath of cooperation and support friends the pen of inspiration makes it very clear it was intermarriage between the heathen and the people of God the people of different religions and faiths coming together and friends this is what cause the big trouble that allowed to the enemies of God entrance into the work of God and cause so much trouble and heartache for Nehemiah you know friends it's happening still today as well who are your friends this sort of union and relationships and connections its cues our understanding of truth friendship with the world has made us to compromise in certain areas of your our lives and you know the longer we we spend socializing with those of the world we listen to their feedback about the church and House or so bad it is and why they aren't coming to church and we try to adjust everything just to please the people of the world not realizing that you've got to go back to your private room and stop praying for them and for their conversion not to say that the church is not at fault there are things that probably we have to change within the church as well to reach out to those that don't know God at all than to make them acceptable and want to come and worship with us but friends let's not get our advice for the church from the world it's this union between believers and nonbelievers that cause a problem in Nehemiah's day and even today it is causing that same problem prophets and Kings 658 paragraph 2 open opposition may be fierce and cruel. But it is fraught with far less peril to God's cause than is the secret enmity of those who while professing to serve God are at heart the servants of Satan What is she trying to say there we you know when people persecute you from outside the world prosecutor different religions persecute you that's more acceptable and less fearful than those who are within the church with different motives trying to work out their own secret designs she says these have it in their power to place every advantage in the hands of those who will use their knowledge to hinder the work of God and injure his servants friends there is much more to fear from within than from without We must be careful and on God all the time test all things prove all things hold fast to that which is true it's too often and too easy that when we come into church we think that we've gathered with the believers we let our guard down and everybody's a saint everybody must be correct and when any trouble comes up we get discouraged because we think oh how can this happen in God's church not realizing that yes the wheat and the tears are together as well there's not some smoke screen that you come through that only literal saint and of never sin and that a perfect all out in the church would be empty there be no one to preach be no one to lead out in church of that was the case but friends we come with all our problems and you've got to remember you've got to remember trust nobody you've got to depend upon God for your guidance you've got to depend on the Bible for the man of your council you've got to make sure you stay close to God because we have more to fear from within than from without it's easier to deceive people from within then from without. You know there's one gift if there's one gift that I have it's the gift of talking confidently and you know what friends it's easy for me to talk confidently even when I'm wrong because it's just what I am who I am and it's easy that way to deceive people in not mean that I'm always right check up on everything that I say make sure that everything that I've shared with you you've written down that you can go back and check to see if these things are so how do you know they're not deceiving you this morning all I know Ben you would never do that but how do you know that I'm correct even if my intentions are good I preached a sermon recently a few months ago about the best of intentions intentions sometimes really don't matter you still go to test everything you see them and so friends Satan is doing all that he can to frustrate the plans of God There will be repeated calls to pull us from duty and we've got to remember the greatness of our work and like Nehemiah we say in chapter 6 in verse 3 I am doing a great work so that I cannot come down we must refuse to be diverted from our post of duty not to be Lurd away and discouraged by threats all mockery of false good or even the pretended friendship from the world and friends we can't for a moment relax our watchfulness as is written in Nehemiah 49 Nevertheless we made our presence of God and set a watch against them day and night because of them friends Satan's attacks only get stronger as time progresses and that only calls for us to even be more on our God even though the walls of Jerusalem might be rebuilt it doesn't mean that we can stop watching. Each day that we walk with God Each trial we overcome it only calls for more vigilance do you know that the reason why sometimes we lax our efforts in watching is because we make friendships with the world some of us were so weak we're so confused we're struggling with our faith we were forgetful of our duty and our calling because we've connected ourselves with the world and gained their friendship we want there of approval and so we take counsel from them about spiritual matters even and so we stop watching we stop praying and slowly Satan steals a march on us and before we know it it's too late and our lives are far from God where it ought to have been before they gain our sympathy and because of our connection with them and our friendship with them it changes the whole tenor of our lives. Who are your friends what am I trying to say. They are brothers and sisters I want you to listen up today some of us need to stop being friends with some of our friends some of us need to disconnect from some of the people that we call our friends the sort of friendships it's made us easy to forget God even though we we have a desire for truth even though we we want to study the Bible the associations that we have sometimes it just pulls us away from God and and look I'm not saying that they just wicked and outright evil but some of these friends that they are though they care deeply about you it's not a healthy friendship. But it leads you into sin it leads you from your post of duty and faithfulness to God You see when you start to walk with Jesus. The separation begins to happen and it's not intentional but it automatically happens between you and your friends it will be a separation and eventually we have to choose but are friends of the world or friendship with God and with the Saints you know I grew up in admin a stone all my life. I went to church every Sabbath I knew what it meant to play church always bring the food in for my parents my mom you know they always think I'm such a good kid because I'm you know I'm always helping my mom. But my my best friend one of when I was in high school was not in the church his name was Ben as well Benedict and I are on the we would go everywhere we play pool together will we go bowling together we'll go shopping together we'll play basketball together we play tennis together we did all our stuff together he was my very best friend and even part of the uni days we were hanging out all the time. But it was in the Uni time that God got a hold of my life and pulled me closer to him and I saw the separation between me and my best friend the conversations were different the cities that we did and the desire of what I did and why it did it was different and God He you know when he gives you this born again experience he gives you a purposeful life is not just going the rounds of of life in the rat race of this life and just earning money and earning a living but he gives you purpose and I still remember I tried I tried to give him Bible study just one time and I know that he was so bored he was not interested I tried to bring this other girl to church and the minute she stepped into must have a school room she got nervous as the mother dropped off the train station and she left the never came back to church again. And the separation between my good friends in high school it got bigger and bigger and bigger I didn't force it but you see friends when you are in love with Jesus you begin to change the interactions and the friendships that you have with other people and yes one day you will have to choose well my good friend wants me to go out with him on Sabbath afternoon Pretty going to do he's your best friend he just loves you he wants to hang out with you he's not meaning any malice at all you see what I mean many of us we choose wrongly which is friendship with the world but you see friends if you want to be faithful to God you got to start praying for praying friends like Daniel had in Daniel Chapter 2 when the king was angry because no one could tell him the dream in his day that the Gods came to kill Daniel Daniel quickly went to his friends and us and pray pray that God will give us an answer he didn't go looking for anybody else he had friends that would hold up through the difficult times and maybe some of the friendships that you have and the associations that you have today are not bringing you closer to heaven but making you pull down and stuck to this world. You know friends I'm not saying that it's just that. But you know maybe there are some people that come to church and they're looking for friends and they don't find it there as well you know I think that in our churches sometimes it's just too cliquey it's just a little small core group and that's all we want to hang out with. You know and then every new person that comes in is just it's just a person just the number is just somebody that needs Jesus but he's not my friend. Well we say hi and happy Sabbath to them but they leave in not knowing anybody's names we've got to have the heart of Jesus don't we but you see that's part of it as well and yes but this morning what I want to focus on is the associations that we have who we choose to mingle with who we chose choose to to hang out with and eventually you will need to choose because friendship with the world is not in harmony with friendship with God You cannot have both my dear friends it's impossible to have do 2 different friendship circles my drinking buddies during the week and then my church buddies on the weekend it doesn't happen that way one group will ultimately hold sway over you than the other and you will either loved or want love the other love one and despise the other all cling to one and hate the other but there will be a separation either way they'll be a separation there's no such thing as my worldly friends for the week and my godly friends for Sabbath. But too many of us were caught in between but if you take a step back you'll realize that some of you either don't have true friendships in the world or you don't have true friendships in the church and usually it's the latter because it's just too convenient to come to church and leave God I've been there I listen to the sermon and then off we go you see friends God gave us community for a reason he knows that we need the prayers of those we love you know those how important godly friendships are and he knows but sort of Satan and so here tries to lure us with the world. And he tries to confuse us and show us that the friendships in the world are better than in the church so today where does your loyalties lie if you want friends in the church their friends you got to stay back you've got to make an effort to be there to come for lunch to come home church you can't just say yeah I love God but these guys are a bit weird it's not that you got to try it maybe we had a 1st but you've got to persist and we need more than ever friends today praying friends those that will uplift us those that will watch with us those that will pray for us when we're in trouble so today I'm asking you to choose wisely to put yourself in that channel of blessing if you want godly friends you're not going to find them in the movie theaters at least you can go to church yes I said trust nobody right choose wisely even the friends that are in the church look for those and pray for those God give me someone that is walking with you to be my friend today prayed yes he will answer what are you waiting for we need the prayers of those we laugh may we put ourselves today in this circle of friendship that God wants us to have within the churches. That early church was like that they genuinely loved hanging out with each other $120.00 in the upper room for 10 days. That's what you call disaster in our in our modern day situation isn't it 120 people from church in the same place for 10 days nonstop never had a church camp that long I've never heard of a conference that long about the 1st day you get sick of each other but not just that in the Acts chapter 2 they went from house to house every day they couldn't get enough of each other they genuinely loved each other they were friends that's what we need today friends let's not just be something they Adventist and 7 day friends let's have friends throughout the week as well but this make the socal become the joy of our heart as well as we fellowship with them because they fellowship with Christ as well let us choose our friends wisely and it's not just about reading the Bible for us today God wants to be your friend and then he wants to put you in touch with those that are of like mindedness of common faith common friendships and look we don't just all study the Bible nonstop this afternoon we have some Bible trivia tomorrow on sex sites some of these are playing volleyball come join us right we're not we're not that boring but you've got to be willing to try and so today I want to pray for you pray that God will give each and every one of us godly friendships that can encourage each other along the narrow way let's go ahead shall we let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I want to pray for my brothers and sisters this morning and I know that it's so impersonal because we're online your father your Holy Spirit works beyond these walls and beyond this camera and beyond this Internet connection and verily I know that he's going to work upon our hearts as we pray right now. I pray that you give us godly friends Lord help us to be willing to look for it as well and to pray for it that you lead us to got Lee friendships Please Father help us not just to be a blessing but when you bless us with these wonderful insurrections thank you for the fellowship of believers thank you for the church that you give us a lot and help us Father help us not to just isolate ourselves but help us to find true friendship with those around us and especially with you. A lot please draw close to us on the Sabbath. Maybe learns of fellowship more closely with you. And with our brothers and sisters in Christ as. Bless us this day oh Lord we pray in Jesus name we pray not ask. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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