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Jesus’ Encounter with the Five Thousand

Benjamin Ng
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  • March 9, 2021
    7:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you Lord for your grace and your mercy Thank you Lord for these encounters that we've been studying and as we've been going through different encounters you had with people I pray that you would help us to encounter you this evening I pray Lord that you please draw close to us guide us with your spirit and teach us from Day word we pray in Jesus name a. Well let's turn our Bibles to Matthew Chapter 14 and as you go in there I do encourage you as much as possible you know even though I have the slides up please make sure that you fall long in your own Bible too but Jesus in council with the 5000 the feeding of the 5000 is actually found in all gospels and we're going to go to quite a few of them but we're going to start here in Matthew Chapter 14 let's turn our Bibles there shall we Matthew 14 and verse the team the Bible says this When Jesus heard of it he departed thence by ship into a desert place apart and when the people had heard their of they followed him on foot out of the cities when Jesus heard of it what did Jesus hear about Well John the Baptist's had just been killed he had just been beheaded and we read this in the few verses just before Matthew 14 and verse 13 starting in verse 10 and he sent and beheaded John in prison and his head was brought in a charger and given to the damsel and she brought it to her mother and his disciples came and took up the body and buried it and went and told Jesus John the Baptist his cousin the forerunner of the one that would prophesied of his 1st coming was beheaded in prison and Jesus would have to go out into a desert place a place where he could be alone he needed space he needed time a quiet place to mourn for John the Baptist he after all was his cousin and just 6 months his senior John the Baptist ministry had only lasted for 6 months and it was a mighty and powerful ministry and Jesus he needed some time alone why is just what we need when we go through some loss of course is not to be totally alone all the time but Jesus he went out. Seeking for some space you see Jesus at this time was famous already people had heard where he was going and they went out and followed him wherever he went there was hardly a moment that he had to himself doing the waking they would come from everywhere following by foot and look you have to run with that this was a time where there was no Internet no telephones no sort of those quick and instant communications isn't it we didn't have those social media platforms to figure out where Jesus was preaching so we could just follow him no friends Jesus even though in this time he it was so backwards 2000 years ago he attracted large crowds yet Jesus he just wanted to be alone at this time and the only time that he really had to himself was early in the morning when everyone was sound asleep where he could have his communion time with his father but even though he wanted that alone time friends he never turned anyone away he understood his mission he knew the reason for which he had come to this earth we're told in Matthew Chapter 14 in verse 14 and Jesus went forth and saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion toward them and he healed their sick. You know even when Jesus needed some compassion even when he needed some time to be apart to weep and mourn for for his his cousin and John the Baptist the greatest of all prophets even when the people came he turned his attention from self and he put his attention and compassion upon other people the Bible there said he healed the sick now the people had come looking for him and he was famous but why of course we have many indications already but let's go to a parallel passage that we see about the feeding of the 5000 and you'll see why the people came John chapter 6 and verse 2 The Bible says this. And a great multitude followed him because they saw his miracles which he did on them that were diseased so they came because he was the great miracle healer they were expecting a miracle they probably had people lined up that was sick that needed a miracle his healing touch they wanted to be made whole and so many people from all over town all over the cities and wherever they were they came out looking for Jesus Christ was famous not a moment to grieve and Christ's heart he was bound up with these people as well because he knew the mission and the reason for which he came and so we continue to read now in Mark chapter 6 and verse 34 And Jesus when he came out so much people and was moved with compassion toward them because they were as sheep not having a shepherd and he began to teach them many things you know friends Christ's heart it went out in compassion to every single person he was moved with that compassion when he needed it himself but he didn't think of self he went about being busy healing and teaching the people and without realising the day wore on and it was coming to an end the business of Christ just made the day and probably each day just zoom by even faster and so the disciples they finally come to Jesus and we don't even know if he had time for breakfast or lunch but here we read in March up to 6 now in verse 35 and 36 and when the day was now Fost spent his disciples came unto him and said This is a desert place and now the time is far past send them away. Say that they may go into the country roundabout and into the villages and buy for themselves bread for they have nothing to eat this was the evening time it was dinner time already and they came they come the disciples come to Jesus Jesus we know you're busy you can probably go till midnight but now please send these people away so that they can get their own food it was all of us that the disciples were not prepared to feed every single one of these people this whole crowd that had come looking for Jesus but Jesus does not let the disciples off the hook so easily let's keep reading now in John chapter 6 study in verse 5. When Jesus then lifted up his eyes and saw a great company come unto Him He say Athens of Philip whence show we buy bread that these may eat and this he said to prove him for he himself knew what he would do you see Jesus knew that they were going to come into the situation he knew that they were going to run out of time he knew that the people were going to be hungry and if some of them had been let go and to go and find their own food some of them might not have made it to the closest restaurant or the place where they could find food. Some of them might have fainted from hunger and so Jesus knew and he intentionally asked the disciples 1st and here we read who that disciple was it was Philip and he says when I show how can we get bread for everybody how can we feed everybody and Christ he said this intentionally to them to test them to see how they were going to respond and it was not just Philip because the other disciples must have been standing around they were the ones that were always closest to Christ when he was healing and when he was teaching he was really his focus and aim was on the 12 disciples 1st to train them for ministry so they were all close by and he was testing the faith the disciples he wanted to teach them a very important lesson you know friends sometimes God brings us intentionally into straight places into difficult places just to test us just to test our faith to see how we would react to see how we would respond to such a problem or to such a crisis you know it's just like how God tested the Israelites when they came out of the land of Egypt when they were set free from from the Egyptians be by those 10 plagues that God poured out upon them God was leading them with the pillar of cloud in the pillar of fire Moses was there called unquote human visible leader there was a visible leader in the cloud and in the fire but they were in their own minds in some ways following Moses So Moses was following God and you know God was leading them and if you map out how God led them he intentionally brought them down to a dead end the Red Sea to see how they would react it was a do. Then between the water and the Egyptians and of course God opened the way finally for them but he wanted to see how they would react and they blamed Moses This would not be the last time they would be tested when they were dying of thirst one time the border was bitter one time there was no water and every single time they complained you know friends God brings us into certain situations to see the quality of our faith that really we might understand the quality of our faith and so maybe maybe just this evening you're going through some difficult circumstance and it's not because of anything you did wrong it's not because of some oversight maybe it's not even because of any sin but this problem has come into your life and friends maybe God is testing you to see how you are going to react Look I know during this pandemic doing this covert situation time many people are being tested many people are being sifted and the characters of many people are being made known but the question is friends are we aware of our failing us where we come short where we're able to overcome Can we see how God is trying to mold our characters and guide each and every one of our lives Christ was doing that with His disciples and even though he would ask the disciples Where can we get this money from that everyone can eat he already knew the answer but he was waiting to see how the disciples would answer so how does Philip respond John chapter 6 in verse 7 Philip answered him 200 pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them that every one of them may take a little. He obviously did not know that Christ was testing him he just answered with human eyes Christ 200 pennyworth is not enough and maybe that's all they had in their bank account but you know one penny was equivalent to one day's wage or in Malaysia here that's about maybe a 100 ring get and he would be saying Look Christ $20000.00 that's all we got in our our little discipleship disciple bank account it's not enough to feed everybody they obviously did not have enough resources for everybody and that answer was obvious but you see the problem was Philip was only looking with human eyes let's continue verse 8 and 9 of John chapter 6. 1 of his disciples Andrew Simon Peter's brother 7 to him there is a loud here which have 5 Bali Laos and 2 small fishes but what are they among so many you know 1st we've got to credit the boy the little boy this little lad that the disciples had found and we don't know whether he was pressured into sharing with Jesus but let's credit him for actually being willing in the 1st place to share his food obviously for a little boy like that in must have been enough just for maybe his brother or sister come with him or his mother just a few people definitely not enough even just to feed the 12 disciples and Jesus alone never mind the crowd that was there with Christ that time but look it was because of his willingness this little boy's willingness that he and the whole world because it's written down in all 4 gospels that we would all see the amazing miracle that Jesus was about to do yet. Even though the disciples that they're willing to bring this boy they're still doubtful they say what what is this among so many how are we even able to feed everybody they still had doubt but at least they were still willing to bring the boy to Jesus and so what does Christ do next let's continue reading John chapter 6 verses $10.11 and Jesus said Make the men to sit down now there was much grass in the place so the men sat down in number about 5000 so this is how we know that Jesus fed 5000 and in other places really some passages is says 5000 beside women and children so there was probably about closer to 10000 people there that day maybe even 20000 but let's continue and Jesus took the loaves verse 11 and when he had given thanks he distributed to the disciples and the disciples to them that were set down and likewise of the Fishes as many as they would. So Jesus he takes the bread Well he gets her on a sit down right he takes the bread he gives the thanks he blesses it and then he takes from there the bread and gives it to the disciples and from there he expects the disciples to give it to the people that are sitting down this is the order from Jesus to the disciples from the disciples to the people this is what we call friends Gospel order God has a system in a way in which he works and he could have just got never want to line up right and just handed out Ok keep moving keep moving keep moving but no God Jesus had a a reason for everyone to walk around while really it was the for people to sit down and the disciples to walk around and give to other people he continued to show the disciples that they had a part in the feeding of the multitude it will be the disciples that would see this Miracle of Jesus up close firsthand as he put into that little bag and brought out food and the bread and the bread and just never ran out. God you know friends still works in exactly the same way today as well he's not changed in how the order and the system in which he had set up there in feeding the 5000 was to be performed even in our present day look at Revelation chapter one and verse one the Bible says this The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave on to him to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by his angel unto His servant John here we see a few more steps the Revelation of Jesus Christ God the Father gives to Jesus Jesus gives it to the angel and the angel then gives it to John which is John the Revelator not John the Baptist's you so there is order God when He blesses us he wants us to go and give it to other people he wants us to be that blessing it's not that he doesn't want to give it to everybody but there is a role in which we must play in which we must fulfill if we have received the blessing and in the case of the feeding of the 5000 the disciples had received the most blessings they were the ones expected to serve. And friends of you have been blessed by God If you've witnessed miracles in your life if you know that God has moved upon your life and poured out blessings from heaven he wants you to also be the giver not just the receiver all the time but to be a blessing to everyone else can God work through angels he absolutely can but he gives this work to us not to be a responsibility so that or we can go to heaven is not a prerequisite know in the giving to others we become a blessing and it gives health to our souls it helps us to be a blessing and God is still wanting to work through people today look at Amos chapter 3 and verse 7. The Bible says this surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealed his secret until his servants the prophets God still wants to work through humanity today and friends it is absolutely more Bill Lessard to give than to receive you know it is health for the soul in the natural world all lives to gives except humanity do you know that when you look at the tree it takes in carbon dioxide and then it gives out pure beautiful oxygen the streams that go down to the sea it feeds into the sea and then the water gets evaporated and goes back up and we get this constant supply of fresh water you know God blesses us with so many things in nature where we see it all lives gives even the little ants you know they say that if we get rid of all the answer in the world there would be no life they lived to given all the tunnel wings and all the quest for their own food and their needs somehow to leave a trail of blessing behind all except humanity you know friends too many times were caught up with self were ready to do to not help people you know like the disciples say we don't have enough money God we don't have enough money to feed people and we're not willing we're not willing sure feeding 5000 people When's the last time you have a fed 5000 I've never fed 5000 you know even 100 is a tall task or 300 or 1000 people this is 5000 people besides women and children and God is not saying that you have to take this huge leap of faith but yet he still put the disciples in this position. Where we're going to feed all these people he wanted them to be responsible for it he wanted them to be the channel of blessing he wanted it to be something that would be healthy for their souls as well but so often we're caught up with our own lives aren't we caught up with our own selves caught up with our own jobs caught up with our own money caught up with our own health and our own time but Christ he gives us the bread of life the Word of God so that we can be a blessing to of this you know maybe some of us the reason why our devotional life is so dry is because we're not using it to be a blessing we're not sharing it's our devotional life and reading the Bible is not just oh it's made me a better person that was it but better person in what way to share if the Word of God here has blessed you why not use that word and share with someone else so that it might bless them as well you know sometimes when I do my devotion I'm going to be honest it can be dry it's not just about reading the Bible through and reading it and keep reading and studying there must be purpose you can't just write a common story and just keep it to yourself some of us we like to keep that and not share it and because you know I thought of those though those information but friends we got to use that information use there are a time of devotion and anything that we get as a blessing from God to be a blessing to other people and that's where then the truth becomes more relevant it becomes more practical because you see how what you have is really a tremendous blessing to many people. And that's the thing sometimes even as theologians you know we can study one topic for years we can do a Ph d. or masters or and we focus on one text for years and we realize because we haven't been sharing it it becomes impractical but whereas a person who has just a little just like the disciples bread and fish and they were going out and sharing it became a huge blessing eventually feed 5000 just like that man who was a demoniac that we had the demon cast out he went out became a blessing to the whole town just like that woman who who had a 5 husbands but Jesus didn't condemn her she went and brought a whole town to Jesus we have to do the little and we've got to learn to be that blessing you know friends God he he gives us in these situations and I know that he blesses us so that we can be witness these situations and opportunities to be a blessing to someone else and so Friends of you have not shared a praise yet if not times that out there on the Facebook chat please share one praise be a witness share of God's blessings to other people if you're not sharing you're dying you can't just say well while I'm still reading my Bible I'm still keeping an end but that spiritual constipation and if you don't share it you soon lose it you forget just like the human mind if you don't share what you learn it becomes that knowledge isn't it we've got to continue to share Well look we don't know how long it took. To feed the 5000 but it must have been a few hours you know you don't just feed 5000 just like that with the click of a finger I mean this spread out far and wide you know there was no scooter or car or you know anything to drive around in through the brain of no the cycles were walking back and forth they were the ones that the busiest the people were made to sit down in companies of 50 so they could receive it in more orderly manner but the disciples they must have been running around for a few hours but you see friends let's keep reading 1st John chapter 6 verse 12 when they were filled he said unto his disciples gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost Jesus commands to gather up all the fragments and we're not talking about crumbs I don't think the disciples were gathering the fragments the crumbs to you know let's not litter the countryside all this food was biodegradable anyways no but gather up the fragments that nothing be lost there was still left over and would talk about probably even whole pieces of bread and whole pieces of fish there was fragments for the fall for people to gather up and you know there was definitely more than enough to go around that was that was evidence in what we are seeing here not a single person went home hungry but how much was actually left over John chapter 6 and verse 13 therefore they gathered them together and filled how many baskets Chelles baskets with the fragments of the 5 Barlow's which remained over and above and to them that had eaten. There was 12 by ask what's left over and look we can't help but notice just a little bit of significance with this number 1212 baskets 12 disciples each disciple would have gathered one by each and look we don't know whether that's for practicality sick but we can know that the disciples every single one of them had a witness to see their clearly that God would provide more than enough for every single person and even more you know they would be able to see that even though they had $200.00 pennies in their little pouch Jesus did not need their money he could have just fed them at his will but not only did he feed them he fed them so much so that they had even 12 baskets left over more than enough friends why do we warre about our temporal needs as if we're going to go hungry we need not to worry not to say that we shouldn't be going out focusing working to earn a living it's not that but some of us we worry so much that we end up losing our focus on Christ we forget that he's going to provide for us we forget stories like these and especially a story like this where he fed 500-5000 men beside women and children he fed probably close to 10000 people and reminds us again oh ye of little faith look at the sparrow it doesn't so it doesn't you know it doesn't plan it just every day it finds food and God takes care of the bird takes care of the grass he takes care of nature he will take care of us and too many of us with too caught up with the future. And I'm not saying this just for you all as a pastor I don't earn much and I'm constantly thinking about the future got reminding me band stop worrying stop worrying about the future focus on doing my will and not to say that they should've taken the 200 pennies that they had in the bank account and emptied it and just pay the people me but no or I mean fed the people but no they had to go about and do their very best and God would multiply their efforts and in this case he didn't multiply the money he multiplied the food the possessions the need you know too often we wait for God to multiply our overflow God just you know of 1000000 please give me 10000000 now and then I'll serve you you know and we give God conditions like this but no too often more often than not really maybe even 100 percent of the time God does not even do that he doesn't he tells the rich young ruler sell everything that you have I don't need your possessions I need your heart and soul too often we're caught up with the rat race we're caught up with earning and making a living but Jesus here in this feeding of the 5000 he's reminding us again today even when when many people are hard hit with a pandemic and people are struggling to survive in some ongoing hungry he says Stop focusing on making a living Start Stop worrying about it just go to work but make sure you serve me make sure you tell others about me make sure you share with people the Word of God that you've been reading be a witness make sure you're doing my work in this time and if you do. I will take care of you they'll be 12 bus gets left over you'll have more in abundance when you do my work than when you began you see that friends he wanted the folk disciples to be focused on giving the bread of life to people not just worried about earning and making a living but you know friends there was also another reason why these 12 baskets would have been collected look Jesus didn't say gather the fragments so the nothing can be lost so that we can go and make a compost heap out of it so we can be good citizens of nature no friends you know what it would have done they would have done they would've thrown in a way they would have stood there as a people were leaving us a police take some extra home. Take it all eat a whole let it be a blessing to you for the next few days it would have been a witness beyond just the people that were sitting there on the hillside you know that young boy what a come back and said and he would probably heard 10 barley loaves and 5 small fishes and mom said when you get this one did you steal No What happened did you not eat your lunch or your dinner No I did I'm so full mother I can't eat any extra So where did this come from and then the story would have become out you see friends even just providing for this small little blessing the gospel message went out far beyond the 5000 people that were present there when we become that blessing to one to 2 to 50 we don't realize the far reaching results of what God wants to do through every single one of us so the blessings of the families beyond that will be able to taste of the Bread of Life. Friends let us be weary with well doing let us be caught up with being a blessing to the world that day where Jesus fed the 5000 would have lost in the minds of many for a long time but even to those that were not witnesses they had evidence of the bread you want to listen to Jesus and you come back with food how is that the story would have been circulating around for many years and even today it still is Jesus he tells us stop worrying about your food stop worrying about the clothes on your back stop worrying about all of that god I will provide for you he says be worried about distributing the Word of God The bread of life to people be involved in that and you don't need to worry the righteous have never been begging bread or gone hungry or been thirsty God has provided for every single one of them but now friends let's come to the end of the story John chapter 614 and 15 then those men when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did said this is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world when Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force to make him a king he departed again into a mountain himself alone after the miracle people believed Christ even more all he was that prophet that should come he is that Messiah but they took it one step further they want to make him. King they're ready to crown him king and last week we saw how John the Baptist mis understood Christ's mission he himself thought that hey I'm in prison Jesus of you're the messiah you're going to be king why don't you take me out of prison right he had mis understood the mission of Jesus in coming to the world for the 1st time and now we see all these people they misunderstood as well and some of them might have been standing there when Jesus said to John's disciples go back and tell John what you have seen in other words he's misunderstood me I did not come to set up a temporal Kingdom to come and conquer the Romans but now the 5000 they've been fed they're happy they're satisfied they are ready to make Jesus King and maybe they have it in their minds you know Jesus is going to make the perfect King we will for certain conquer the Romans why we'll go at attack them and have anyone get hurt Jesus can heal them he can resurrect them and we got no food it's Ok he just needs one piece of bread and he just keeps multiplying it he would have been the perfect general leader to lead them into battle against the Romans all they had was a temporal view in mind they wanted to make Jesus King and it wasn't for no spiritual reason we are like that friends sometimes there are some people that have gotten rich through ministry and they set up a temporal Kingdom they get much money through their preaching through their churches and so they focus on money after that you know they don't realize that the blessing that God gave was to be scattered even further Oh God you can turn 5 loaves into $10000.00 loaves they think about how much money they could earn. I we just need to solve or we can do it at a discounted rate sell one by one for or not even one penny one shekel and we'll still become millionaires and then we also go and serve God Isn't it a mis understood Christ's mission and friends do you misunderstand Christ's mission today we're focused on money and supporting ourselves and supporting our mission work and we think that we have to go into business as well just to support the work but friends maybe that's not the case maybe God is not telling you you need to now go in fundraisers and get the money no friends you go do the work just go do the work and you will find that the miracles will come these people they miss understood Christ they misunderstood the reason why he came was to save them from sin and to give them the bread of life not physical Brad not a bigger hole not a more luxury a son comfortable life no friends then missed understood they came looking for miracle they found the miracle but they wanted more. Of the physical of the temporal and so they were ready to make him king. And you know it's not just the people but the disciples also all were ready to do it as well in Matthew Chapter 14 verse 22 and straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship and to go before him on to the other side while he sent the multitudes away you know Jesus he goes about to break up the crowd to scatter them to disperse them so it's a thought their plans of making him a king and you know friends it's so easy even the disciples were slow to understand and comprehend the mission of Christ it was only John the Baptist that did and even he misunderstood how much more do we need to day look at the Gospel and we think prosperity some of us look at the riches and the money and all of this and some people they build churches just to have more tie the more offering and we go about in the wrong way Christ says that's not my focus the reason why you should be having bigger churches is so that you can give the message clearly to more people that's what we should be doing but you'll realize that when you read the life of Christ when Jesus gave the bread of life not many people followed some many in fact and John they would leave because Jesus would speak the truth to them and so now it's 2 weeks in a row that we've studied this 1st with John the Baptist but even now with the feeling of the 5000 friends this evening I want to ask you Have you mis understood the blessings of Christ have you mis understood why he multiplies the bread and fish in your life the disciples didn't go home with a whole basket they didn't go in and take that basket and Jesus said so what have you have you can keep it for your pocket money he didn't say that. They were distributed to the people and they would take it home and to be a blessing what were the disciples left with what they had at the very beginning. Enough to eat for that day and $200.00 pennies they want made richer because of that miracle but they understood a bit more God's mission for each of them they were busy serving giving that physical temporal bread which today God's people have to be busy giving the spiritual bread of life to people friends have you mis understood your mission all with so easy sometimes the blessings come and we think that God wants to make us rich he wants to make me rich so I can be the the giver to do the work and not realizing that we have to be involved in the giving friends make sure you don't get caught up thinking that God wants you to set up a temporal Kingdom we have to be like that little boy faith like a little child to be willing to share the little that we have and if we learn when we have little to share the little that we have when God multiplies it we realize that the much that we have is not even our worse as well you don't need to upgrade your living and upgrade our lifestyle just because you earn much more now yes look get a better car maybe a house that's reasonable but there should be a limit a limit as to how far we go in the sort of lifestyle that we live isn't it we got to understand God's will for us and if we are willing to share the little that we have we will see a miracle Look I don't need you to be a preacher. You don't need to go and preach to thousands out there you sing to preach to one just share with one to share one praise just go and click share on the lawn you know for sure the sermon was somebody share it to be a blessing help them to see how how God desires that to be a blessing in their life so much that God cares Yes you know about the temporal but he doesn't want us to focus on me on that only. But yet even sometimes God's people those that have been walking with him and talking with him and have a relationship with him we get caught up with the gold in the glitter just like the disciples they were wanting to make Jesus King as well and so Jesus sent them on a boat and then Christ would send them to the crowds away to help them to realize he did not come to set up a temporal Kingdom and friends when Jesus comes for a 2nd time even then he's not setting up a temporal Kingdom he's bringing us to heaven and he's going to destroy everything that is on this earth everything that we have ever worked for all the wind and desired and the more that we have the more we will cling to our treasures as well so friends day by day God you want to separate us from the love this world too many of us I think we don't like to admit it but we really love this world we love buying stuff we love going shopping we love getting the latest of everything isn't it friends let's just get involved in the work of God. You know some of us we we got things backwards and you know let me talk about this live stream that that's been going on for now pretty much a year March 18 which was yesterday was when Malaysia went into lockdown it's been one year now and it will be this weekend there will be now one year that we have been online and at the beginning you'll see I just used my my wall was just use my phone to come online but as the months progress then I got the camera and then I got a mike you know and these things and you know some of us where we get all these things 1st we we get involved in all these gadgets 1st but we don't have a message we have the good intentions and it's because really we're focused on on these gadgets and all these things that we want people don't realize that my lighting is just a flood like the one about a floodlight and put it behind one of my photography umbrellas that have had for 12 years you know just just start sharing the word Don't worry about the lighting don't worry about a mike just start sharing have something to share have the bread of life have it in possession in your soul and in your heart and in your hands ready to share and then when you're ready God will give you the people he will you don't worry about the mike the Internet the lighting even your clothes don't need to worry about any of this. Let us be worried about who we're going to show it to let us be willing that God would God help us to build to share it with somebody else and if we're willing God will lead us in the right path at the right time to the right people so know who to share it how to share it but too often we just say I want to do online or that's it I don't want to do it at all don't give God those conditions friends. Let us learn to just ask God where do you want me to be and he might just tell you go show it's your family go and tell the people around in your town that you don't need to be a missionary to go on a mission trip overseas to share you can share with your neighbor. But those that you see every day when you're walking down the yes just share it with somebody we've got to start small be willing to bring the little that we have to Christ and other right times you will multiply and he will bless it if we are willing let us pray Father in Heaven Lord thank you for for this story that you've given to us and how you multiplied the blessings through the willingness of that little boy and the willingness of the disciples who brought it to Christ the Lord please help us to bring the little that we have to you help us not to mis understand your mission and it's not for us to have a temporal kingdom here on this earth but help us to be busy about a master's business lot I pray that you please help us all to be witnesses help us to see that you are pouring out your blessings upon us today so that we can be a blessing to everybody else remind us lord any of it we are forgetting that you are prone to forget Lord we are prone to forget in fact police bring situations in our lives that will open our eyes to help us to see that we've fallen away from you so far the police guide us this. Lead us. And help us to be a blessing the state we pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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