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Jesus’ Encounter with the Disciples on the Sea

Benjamin Ng
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  • March 26, 2021
    8:15 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time to come and study your word again thank you Lord for seeing us safely through this past week and Lord I thank you for the many praises that you've given to us in the blessings that we can share even here amongst us amongst each other as were online and I just ask that you would please be with us now as we study that you would guide us with your Holy Spirit that you would lead us all Lord we pray in Jesus name a man. We are going to be continuing our series Jesus encounters as we go through different encounters that Christ has had with people anyways we are going to be continuing actually from last week so if you've not had a chance to listen to last week's sermon please make sure you go back it's on the Facebook page there or your view on youtube you'll definitely see it there in the playlist and you know we look at last week about how Jesus fed the $5000.00 and that was that previous encounter and it was found in all 4 gospels and at the end of the encounter everyone on was so amazed with what Christ did as in he was able to feed 5000 men besides women and children with just 5 by Lilo's and 2 small fishes and there was 12 boss gets full left over and what we see at the end of the encounter Let's pick it up there in John chapter 6 and verse 14 and 15 the Bible says this then those men when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did said this is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world when Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force to make him a king he departed again into a mountain himself alone and so because of this one act because of this miracle that he did in feeding the 5000 they were ready to make him king they were ready to crown him king and go and fight against the Romans and take back their nation so that they could be independent again but what did Jesus do to avoid this act avoid them making him King Well we can reading Pardon me we continue reading in Matthew 1422 and straightway Jesus cons. Strained his disciples to get into a ship and to go before him and to the other side while he sent the multitudes away so 1st he put the disciples in a boat sent them off and you'll notice that the title of our group study this evening is Jesus encounter with the disciples on the sea and you know we've had this sort of encounter before we studied how Jesus was in the boat with the disciples and he was asleep because he was exhausted from the day's work and when they got into the boat there came a big storm and yet we see another encounter that Jesus is going to have this evening with the disciples on the sea well he sent the disciples off and you know they were also involved in trying to make him king It wasn't just the crowd they were probably the principal ones that were involved in trying to make Jesus King because after all they were the 12 disciples and they also had mis understood Jesus' mission as well so you know they push they push the crowd to to try to make him king and Jesus he puts the disciples in a boat sons them off and he turns around to the crowd to the multitudes that already been fed and he sends them away he sends them home breaks up the situation before it can comment into something greater but what happens next Matthew 14 and verse 23. And when he had sent the multitudes away he went up into a mountain of parts of pray and when the evening was come he was there alone so Jesus he goes up into the mountain the loans of pray the disciples have already gone off onto the onto the sea in the boat the multitudes have already left now Jesus has some quiet time alone Finally after a long day's work can you imagine you know sometimes as parents we don't find that time during the day while while the kids are awake and the running around in the busy and they require constant attention isn't it but Jesus finally he finally has the time alone to himself and he doesn't have a nap No he takes time to pray pray for what probably for the people that miss hundreds that is mission probably most likely for the disciples who had misunderstood his mission they had walked so close with him for a while the ready and yet they were still so slow to catch the mission of why Jesus came to this earth but let's keep going shall we Matthew Chapter 14 and verse 24 while Jesus is praying what is happening on the sea but the ship was now in the midst of the sea tossed with waves for the wind was contrary So the disciples they come face to face with another still home face to face with something that would shake their faith but probably it wasn't as bad as a previous one that they had faced with Jesus when he was sleeping in the boat and they cried out to him and said Jesus don't you care that we perish run without one. But this storm had a purpose it was to divert their attention away from one to Jesus to make from one thing to make Jesus King and you know the disciples they were instrumental in doing that and when he broke it all up when he sent the disciples home and he pushed all the multitudes away they weren't very happy they were disappointed they were probably upset they were probably thinking that Jesus he didn't know what he was doing he didn't know politics well enough he miss understood what should happen in this day and age Jesus must have forgotten that they were under Roman rule a ship and so when their plans were broken up by Christ they weren't all too happy at all and Jesus didn't explain anything to them he just sent them packing and before they could continue brooding over their disappointments before they could let their disappointment get the better of them guess what God sent a storm into the sea they came face to face with another storm that would make them concentrate and focus and seemingly fight for their life bless continue reading 1st showing in Mark chapter 6 verse 47 and 48 parallel story look at what it says here Mark 647 and 48 and when even was come the ship was in the midst of the sea and he alone on the land and he saw them toiling in rowing for the wind was contrary to them you've got to run for Jesus he was not in the boat with the disciples He did not leave with the disciples to get into the boat he sent the disciples way he sent the multitudes away he was on the land and he went up into the mountains of prey but he could see all that was happening. To his beloved disciples isn't it a comforting thought friends to know that even when with in the midst of trial and danger that God is watching and he has his perfect timing he has a reason to allow us to go through all these problems to go through all these trials to go through all these storms in life he has a reason and he's watching he's not forgotten he's not slumbering or sleeping he's not taking a vacation while we are in trouble no Jesus has his reason and let's continue shall we. Matthew Chapter 14 and verse $25.00 The Bible says this and in the 4th watch of the night Jesus went on to them walking on the sea finally Christ comes out to them walking out to them he's walking on water he's walking on the sea in the midst of all the billows and the waves in the wind Christ comes walking out at what time did you notice there the tech said the 4th watch of the night that's when Jesus comes walking out of them when is the 4th watch of the night what time is the 4th watch of the night you see the Jews in Jesus days they divided the night into 4 all sections or should I say 4 watches from Sunrise part of me from sunset to sunrise so that typically it was from 6 pm all the way to 6 am So that gives us 12 hours and if there are 4 watches that means each watch would have 3 hour was each the 1st watch would begin from 6 pm all the way to around 9 pm the 2nd watch it would go from 9 pm to midnight the 3rd watch would go from midnight to let's say about 3 am and the 4th watch the one that we're particularly interested in it would go from 3 am So about 6 am And so look you got to understand this Jesus comes walking out of them in the 4th watch of the night and let's say you know at evening time you know when when the disciples were ready to send the 5000 people away before they've fed them that's when Jesus decide to feed them right and so it took a few hours so let's say they got into the boat. It's at about 7 or 8 pm or right so even from 8 pm or even if we say 9 pm right they get into the boat and they encounter this storm they are on the sea from about 8 to 9 pm until at least 3 am the understand for at least 6 to 7 hours they've been toiling in the sea they've been in the boat they've been fighting this storm for about 6 to 7 hours they must have been exhausted just trying to stay alive 6 hours but you know Jesus knew that they wouldn't perish from the storm he knew that they needed this diversion in their mind he knew that they needed this time to get their mind off of one thing to make Jesus King being disappointed not being able to follow through with their own plans Jesus knew that they needed all of this and you know friends God is merciful Sometimes this way he allows troubles of calm in our lives so that we don't keep focusing on the wrong thing you see the disciples they were so upset having their plans to be broken up by Christ that they were brooding over this as they got into the boat. And so God send them a storm so they could focus on something else sometimes our disappointments make us so laser focus that we can't do anything else and we're focused on the wrong thing so guess what God in His mercy He gives us a small trouble just so that we can learn to let go of that disappointment do you see that this is what is happening to the disciples at least for the better part of 6 to 7 hours and after that 3 am at the very least you know the 4th watch was from 3 am to 6 am we really don't know how long but let's just start with the earliest time 83 am Now Jesus sees that they're ready to learn again that they're willing to come to him again the where it ready to humble themselves and ask for help again so now Christ comes out walking to them on the water and he he had to come to try to teach them and to explain to them the right way but you know he didn't come straight away in the boat they probably would not have Liston so he needed to give them time let's continue Matthew 1426 to 29 let's read what the Bible says here and when the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were troubled saying it is a Spirit and they cried out for fear but straight way Jesus spoken to them saying Be of good cheer it is I Be not afraid and Peter answered him and said Lord if it be that I'll bid me to come on the water and he said come and when Peter was come down out of the ship he walked on the water to go to Jesus. You know Christ uses an unusual method to come out to them he simply walks on water towards them 1st they're afraid but Jesus immediately comes to comforts them and says you know what I don't need to be afraid it's me is not a ghost you haven't seen an evil spirit something like that and he replies to them that it's him and this is where Peter steps in and says Jesus if that's really you bid me to come out to you where you are on the water you know Peter he is known to be outspoken in the Bible and more often than not it's not worked in his favor saying things before speaking talking before really having a good thought about it but in this instance. He speaks very quickly and you guess what because of that he is the only human being apart from Christ of course that can lay claim to the fact that he has ever walked on water. This is this is a you know this is a blessing of you know not the blessing of say but this is the benefit that Peter had at least in this instance for being outspoken and speaking quickly now look what is the purpose of Christ allowing it you got to understand right Jesus did not allow anything just fall for fun you know he wasn't going to let Peter walk on water just so that he could boast there was going to be an object lesson that would come out from this why is it that Jesus allowed Peter to walk out of him on the water why did he allow this rumba Jesus had just broken up their little party in wanting to make him king right the disappointed they're not so happy with Christ maybe even to the point of being annoyed or angry at him and not only did he break up their plans but he tells them to get into a little boats and leave and because of him for the past 6 to 7 hours they've been battling this storm all because of Jesus it was his thought his idea for them to get into the boat so if it was be right as time wore on and I'm in the midst of the storm. And not getting victory over it we're not getting out of the storm and the longer I had to fight the storm the more angry and annoyed I would be especially at Christ right. If he was the Messiah Where is he if he was the messiah how did he or did he not know that there was a storm coming why is he not helping us but now Christ walks on the water to them and he didn't come rolling up to them or or come swimming out to them he used a supernatural method walking to them on water something that had never been done before why well 1st before getting to Peter he needed to show the disciples that even though he did not allow them to make him king he was still God he was still more than human he was still divine he wanted to show to the disciples that he had the power from heaven yes the power that he had used to feed the 5000 with 5 Baali logos and 2 small fishes they were not mistaken they did not misunderstand they weren't seeing things yes Jesus had that power that he had used a few hours earlier to feed the 5000 he had still this power even now as he came walking out to them on water they were not mistaken in one thing to make him king in a sense to exult him and to put him in a high pedestal but they have misunderstood his mission for Jesus did not come as a conqueror of the Romans and the Congress of the world to subdue all the kings he came to conquer the world from its sin and so even though they had mis understood he had to show them 1st I still have the power but now how about Peter so not only does Jesus walk out of them on water. But with his own word with his own power he sustains another person to walk on water as well Christ demonstrates to his disciples his power that he is able to give them and they were not mistaken as to him being more than human. They were mistaken that he should have been king while rather should not have made him king right they should have tried to crown him king but yes he was more than human More than a prophet so he comes to the disciples walking on water to instill faith in their hearts again in Him as Lord and Savior and you know friend sometimes it's through our own mis understanding of Christ that we fail or become disheartened or begin to doubt and you know sometimes when we study the story about Peter walking on water we just think it's a really cool act not realising the reason as to why Jesus did it but you know God is so merciful because it wasn't his fault that the disciples misunderstood it was the disciples they were the ones that mis understood his mission but now Peter begins to walk out to Jesus on water and what happens well we know this this is story is one of the more famous stories in the bible isn't it well let's read it anyway Matthew 1430 to 31 and when he saw the wind boisterous he was afraid. And this is Speaking of Peter he cried and beginning to sink he cried saying Lord save me and immediately Jesus stretch forth his hand and caught him and said and to him Oh that of little faith wherefore did the doubt. Step by step Peter begins to walk out to Jesus on the water starts to get a little bit more self-confident maybe and just when he thought he had the hang of it he looks back to the disciples to see they're watching and then instead of setting his eyes firmly fixed on Christ he begins to let go his hold his pride swells up within him and thoughts of self make him focus now on the waves the wind the storm which they have been battling for 6 to 7 hours he sees his troubles and not Christ anymore and so he's probably thinking to himself at this point what was I thinking. To walk out in the middle of the storm and so he begins to sink and in that instant as he begins to sink he cries out to Christ Christ is right there in catches a hold of him and without even to blinks not only does Jesus grab him but then they're in the boat again but you know what when they are in the boat Jesus says to Peter what oh let me show you oh that will at the very end their oaths well of little faith Wherefore do without doubt. He helps Peter to see that it was because of his doubts his littleness in his faith. That he was sinking they do is not enabled to walk on water anymore definitely an important lesson for him and even for all of us that are listening or reading in the challenge for us is not the magnitude of the storm you see friends is not how big the storm is that that kind of being brings in the challenge it is not because some people storms are bigger than others that some leave Christ and some don't it's the size of our faith you see Jesus said to Peter why did out why you so little in faith it's not because the storm was so big that Peter sunk it wasn't so big that the disciples was stuck in it and were almost probably ready to perish it was because of the size of the earth faith that the doubt because the storm the doubt part of me was bigger than their faith the storm was bigger than their faith you know it's not because all this person went through this much and that's why they left church but not you you didn't go through as big as a trouble or big as a problem that's why you're still in the church if you'd gone through what this person went through you would probably left church as well no that's not the reason no one's gone through bigger trials and Christ himself but even when you look at other people in the Bible like Job lost all his money lost his 10 children yet he still clung to Christ even though his wife told him to curse God and die. You know it's not the size of our trouble that makes us leave church it's the size of our faith. Or the lack of the size of it you see Christ has said in 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 and verse that team there has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that ye may be able to bear it you know what's very interesting here is that God says He does not give us temptation or trouble beyond what we can handle and that that seems to contradict what we're studying here and what I'm telling you it doesn't seem to harmonize with what I'm saying than doesn't it if God doesn't give us more than we can handle Why then would he give us storms that a bigger than our faith why it is a scene that he gives us storms that are too big for some people that the end up walking away right well the answer is simple it's because we neglect to cultivate our faith that the storms of life actually catch up to us and sweep us off our feet you see it's because we neglect the secret secret place of prayer is because we neglect our personal walk and devotion with Christ that when we come to the life that God wants us to live we're not able to live up to it it's because we don't get the strength from Christ we don't come and get the power from Christ you see Peter wasn't able to walk out on the water because of the power that God gave him from that single word come Peter had more than enough faith in that word in that instance. But because he had been brooding with the disciples over his disappointments his faith was not strong enough to keep him afloat you see that and so he began to sing it's because of the time that we misuse and we spend foolishly on many other things rather than building and strengthening our faith that we like Peter sink in the storm if the disciples had been praying in the garden of get so many when Jesus was near the end of his life just before he was about to be crucified just before he was about to be taken off his prison or if the disciples had not been sleeping but had been praying they probably all would have been there in the trial they probably will all would have been there when Jesus was at the cross when he needed the comfort of his friends and his family they would have been there but instead they fled the could not handle the storm and so often it is like that with us as well lackadaisical and lazy in our spiritual life and our walk with Christ and all it takes is one wave to sweep us away friends God does not give us more than we are able with his help in our strength we cannot do it but we can do all things we can face all trials through Christ who strengthens us if we never let go of him if we learn to build and strengthen our faith each and every day and so when we look at 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 in verse 13 about Christ not allowing anything to come into our lives that we can't handle then we have a clear indicator as to where we stand in our faith as well and maybe Christ is saying to you this evening why did you doubts where is your faith. Maybe your faith is shaky Maybe you're having trouble and disappointments and you're ready to let go of God and let go of the church and the goal of your whole faith but it's because you've not been giving him a fair chance you've not been building properly and bit by bit the storms that have been blowing against you have been eroding your faith away so Christ he's now in the boat he's speaking to 2 Peter but really in the hearing of all the disciples Mark part of me Matthew Chapter 14 and verse 32 and 33 and when they were come into the ship the wind ceased. Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him saying Of a truth value the Son of God you know this is the 2nd time that Christ has come the storm for the disciples This is the 2nd time once again he gives evidence of his divinity that he was more than human they themselves declare that truly he is the Son of God But this question that Christ spoke to Peter when he was in the boat after saving him from drowning had a greater implication then for just Peter alone friends you see when he said to Peter just before coming the storm where is your faith why did you doubt it was also for the disciples to hear as well because they all had mis understood Christ he did not come to be the ruler of the world to be a king a king of the Jews but it did not mean that he was anything less than that in fact he was more he was God in the flesh he was as they said he was the Son of God but because he had pushed the crowd away because he had put the disciples in a boat and sent them off packing he and foiled all their plans they began to doubt to be answered out Christ The began to doubt that he was the one that was promised in the prophecies and in the Old Testament to begin to doubt that he was God And so he had to prove himself to them again and we know this because of what we read in Mark chapter 6 year marked up to 650 $1.52 look at this and he went up in the ship and the wind ceased so this is that same instance after Peter was brought into the ship and they were sore amaze in themselves beyond measure and wondered for they considered not the miracle of the loaves for their heart was hardened their heart was what. It was hard and you see because they had forgotten of the miracle of the lows and because of what Christ had done at the very end they rejected him to begin to doubt him they allowed those doubts to fester in their hearts and let go of their hold of Christ so not only did they get angry and out Christ they even forgot the miracle that he had just performed in the presence of feeding 5000 people and so what does he have to do again another miracle Christ has to prove himself all over again you know we get the look into the hearts of the disciples they're just like us and not that it's not that we we should be excused from this but friends I just want you to understand that when we have disappointed hopes in Christ and we're ready to let go of our faith we're just being human because the disciples were like this as well and I want you to give God a 2nd chance don't just roll off your faith don't let go of him just because you're disappointed because your prayer was an answer in the way that you were expecting because Christ did not come in though at the time that you needed him to come because God did not help you when you felt that you deserve the needed help no friends don't let go Christ he comes walking up to the disciples on the water a miracle not the ordinary are rowing No he he comes and walks out and calms the storm before their very eyes again. Again how patient Jesus is with us so slow to believe isn't it so easy to let go of our faith so quick to doubt all because we mis understand. God's will for us. Friends Are you tempted to let go of God the evening maybe you don't even click to listen to the sermon someone else and you're sitting there you don't want to be there maybe you're ready to let go already and walk away and give up. But I'm asking you to open your eyes again I want you to see that you're not the 1st to be disappointed but maybe. Just maybe the reason why you're disappointed is because Christ did not say your prayers He's not come through the way that you've expected but how many times does Christ have to prove himself over to us. How many miracles do we have to see you know we write this emotional roller coaster with Christ yes I in love with you Oh God where are you I'm so angry at you are yes thank you Jesus for blessing me and we go up and down and up and down not because Christ is not there one minute and there the next but because the storms in life just blows this way and that way like James says a double minded man is unstable in all as ways and we're unstable enough faith how many stories and sermons that we need to hear and listen to before our faith will anchor itself in Christ and not allow anything to blow us away and you see friends that's the thing it's not a one time experience it's an every day experience it's a lifelong commitment moment by moment hour by hour day by day this is what you call scientific ation when when Christ cleanse us from our sins that's justification that's an instance but to stay clean. Or in this setting or what we're talking about to keep our hold on Christ so moment by moment not allow him to write so high that are you ready to make him caring and then somehow you get disappointed and you get so low that you're ready to throw everything away and you forget the miracle of the loaves and you know this is not the 1st time Jesus has come the storm was just his word. The disciples had seen so many miracles but yet they were so slow to believe because they themselves were not consistently walking with Christ victory it's not assured the next day do you know that victory is a moment by moment we gotta learn to commit our ways to God each day as long as we live we cannot you know we can pardon me we can be preaching the gospel one day and healing people and causing our demons and then the very next day betraying the Son of God It's not about the greatness of the works that we do but the deepness of our relationship with Jesus the depth of our foundation and how we will be hit with Christ in the time of storm friends the situations that happen in our life just reveal the times that we are all that we are not spending with Jesus the most effective time that we have is not about coming to church yes I hope that you can build your sermon by listening to to the some of the build your sermon I hope that you can build your faith by listening to a sermon like this but it is not just those times not just once a week but Moment by moment we got to build our faith on Jesus and so when the storms come they don't move us. They don't make us angry they don't make us disappointed when God does not answer our prayers because we're walking with him and we know Him We know that he will answer at the right time so we're willing to be patient to wait yes it will be we wouldn't be human if we don't want didn't feel a little bit disappointed but not to the extent that we just are ready to throw off everything do you see that. And so this evening I want to encourage you friends to build your faith for Christ as asking you why you doubting. Where is your faith if you had faith in me he say you would never let go yes you might cry some tears you might feel a bit a Hardik But you trust me trust me to carry you through the store and so today if you're facing some disappointments I want encourage you hold on for Jesus he has his perfect timing He has His perfect plan trust him that's what faith this don't trust yourself don't trust human inventions don't trust even to human cultural don't even trust so human experience for God says I will make a new way but you trust me you trust me just as I made a new way by walking to you on the water you trust me that I will hold you and I will carry you through the storms so let's continue to build our faith friends let's not let go let's trust God to the very end let's pray. Father in heaven tole Lord please forgive us because it's so easy that we we let go so often that we let go whenever trials little trials come our way Oh Lord please help us help us to build off 8th help us to strengthen our faith write your words upon a heart so Lord teach us what it means to really pray and to seek you with all our hearts help us not to just be a surface Christian allowing little things to blow us one way and the other help us Father to trust you in the sunshine and even the rain in even when it when when when things don't seem to be going our way help us not to let go of Father strengthen our faith today help us to make that commitment to walk more consistently with you we pray in Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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