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Jesus’ Encounter with the Woman Caught in Adultery

Benjamin Ng
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  • April 2, 2021
    8:15 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for seeing us safely through this past week thank you Lord that we can come and study your word now and I just pray that as we look at this special encounter that you would please guide us with the Holy Spirit lead us all Lord is our earnest plea and prayer for you pray in Jesus name a. Well the encounter that we're looking at this evening is Jesus' encounter with the woman caught in adultery and this encounter is a special one because there's only found in the Gospel of John you know we've been jumping through Matthew Mark Luke and even John and you know one of them was found in all 4 gospels there under which one that was it was the feeding of the $5000.00 but this encounter that we're looking at the ceiling is only found here in John Chapter 8 so let's go there showing John Chapter 8 and was starting in verse one the Bible says this Jesus went on to the Mount of Olives and early in the morning he came again on to the temple and all the people came to him and he sat down and taught them look this was a normal day Christ he had been in the Mount of Olives it was his favorite place to be and he now came down and he came early in the morning to the temple and began to teach people he began to heal people he began to see all the people that were following him but he made sure that he had his early time with God But now people are gathering people are coming to listen people are coming to seek Christ and then what do we find here in John Chapter 8 and now this is 3 and 4 and the scribes and Pharisees brought on to him a woman taken in adultery and when they had set her in the midst they say and to him Master this woman was taken in adultery in the very act and so the scribes and pharisees they bring this woman that's taken in adultery and throw you throw her at the feet of Jesus they had dragged her through the streets half naked they had caught this woman in the very act now where was Jesus though when. There was Christ at this point do you remember we read it in verse one and 2 Jesus came down from the Mount of Olives and he went into the temple and he was there teaching the people you know what was happening it was like a church service Jesus was teaching and preaching it today's equivalent is Jesus would be in the church and the scribes and pharisees they catch this woman that is caught in adultery and throw her their half they get in church right there interrupting Jesus teaching their friends what would you do if a church leader brought a woman caught in adultery half naked right into a church and threw her at the very front of the church not the best place or the best timing for that isn't it but the scribes and Pharisees didn't care they would desecrate in the temple of God they would desecrate in the the church and not to say that you couldn't bring a woman into that place but they had evil intentions they had caught this woman in the very act they were waiting to catch this woman as if they needed some sort of bait to bait bait out Christ and try to attack him they were finding anyone who had just been caught in adultery and just bring them before Christ rather than helping. Rather than trying to restore rather than trying to reconcile this person who obviously had had not good morals and a good upbringing rather than trying to bring this person back to Christ they were trying to condemn they were trying to find fault these people they already had a wrong attitude and they had no love or compassion for this woman they were just out to destroy her because they were out to catch Jesus and you know what's very interesting if you go back to this verse in verse 4 it says this woman was taken in adultery in the very act now friends look you can't commit adultery by yourself you cannot commit adultery on your own Where was the man in all of this had he gotten scott free Did they just let the man go did they know where he was and who he was were they so busy plotting against Christ or was this man even part of the group that came along because he was trying to catch a woman caught in adultry just so that they could called them Christ where was the man in all of this we don't know we don't know but yet only the woman was brought and thrown half naked at the feet of Jesus they had the wrong attitude they had the wrong timing they were in the wrong place to do such a thing well what happens next. John Chapter 8 continuing and verse $5.00 and $6.00 now Moser's in the law commanded us that such should be stoned but what say is that all this they said tempting him that they might have to accuse Him Now what was the reason why they brought this woman Cortlandt adultry they wanted to test Christ they were trying to catch him out they were trying to find fault with him they hated Christ why were they jealous because of all the people that were following him with a jealous because he could do so many miracles and they couldn't what they were probably jealous for so many different things and Jesus even gave sermons that pointed right at them so they had much in a sense to be angry at Christ and they just wanted to get rid of him they could not accept Him as Christ the Savior because they were looking for a king they were looking for someone to conquer the Romans and so this man obviously was not coming to conquer the Romans when they try to made him king on the hillside remember that Jesus sent all of them away send them all packing he sent the disciples off into a boat obviously Jesus intentions did not line up with what they were spectating the Messiah had to be. And so they were always trying to catch up Christ they were trying to make him trip over and fall and they went to the extent to find a woman caught in adultery bait her because obviously they didn't bring the man they want walking along disco or what is this know they were doing this intentionally they were on the hunt for such an act and they did this to try to catch Christ. Now how would they be able to accuse Christ though I mean if Jesus agreed right I mean if you go back to the slide here most was in the law commanded us that such should be stoned so a woman that was caught in adultery there should be stoned Now this was a very difficult question why because if Jesus agrees with them and says yes they should be stoned what was a problem with that he was defined authorities of the Romans he was defying the though those that were in charge that had the power to say yes you can stone to condemn to judge the Jewish nation was subservience to the Romans they couldn't just go hey we're just going to stone anybody that's why when Jesus Christ was crucified not only did they send him to the High Priest a 1st but eventually they had to send him to the Roman governor at that time who was pilots and then it was Herod so you know they could not just condemn a man to die or in this case a woman to die for no good reason and with no authority for the Romans so if geezer's agreed yes yes yes Moses is correct we should stone her. And that was correct Moses really did in the olden days if you were caught in adultery you were stoned in fact when you look back in the Old Testament what Moses wrote and why they stoned people I mean you could be stoned for disk honoring your parents can you believe that you'd be stoned for desecrating the Sabbath you could be stoned for for not I want to say trivial things but something in our day it seems trivial. But really Moses did right they want line they got that right Moses in the law said that if you were caught in adultery you should be stoned so of Jesus agreed with them he's defined the Roman authority Now if Jesus does not agree with her being stoned what is wrong with that well he's going against the law of Moses and they can condemn as I look I thought you're a Jew I thought you were Hebrew I thought you're the Savior and if you're the savior Well you should agree to one of the greatest prophets that we've ever had right why you define the authority of knows us whom God spoke face to face as like a friend. So it seemed like it was a lose lose situation for Christ to go one way will be bad to go the other way you won't win either he was caught between what you call a rock and a hard place from the fire into the frying pan and this was a difficult situation and they thought they had Christ they knew and so that's why they were looking for a woman to capture and in the very act of adultery so the come and throw this question that Jesus to see what his response would be didn't care about the woman they cared about just condemning Jesus. But how does Christ respond. John Chapter 8 verse 6 and 7 we read part of a 6 but I'm going to finish the verse now this they said tempting him that they might have to accuse him but Jesus stooped down and with his finger wrote on the ground as though he heard them not so when they continued asking him asking him he lifted up himself and said unto them he that is without sin among you let him 1st cast a stone at her and again he stooped down and wrote on the ground look what happened at 1st it's a it's as if Jesus did not even hear them he just they asked him the question Moses in law said this woman should be stone because she was committing adultery what do you say Christ and he just begins to write in the ground we don't know how long we don't know what he was writing We'll get to that in a minute but he just did not answer them a single word. And sometimes it's better just to pour it let the whole heat of the situation just come down 1st easy to say hard to do for someone like me I talk too fast without thinking too many times so often I'm not like Christ I'm more like Peter before he's converted speaking without thinking. I would have said something I would have chosen one those options and before I knew it was too late I put myself into a difficult situation with Jesus he just remained silent and he began to write. And then when he looked up what did he say. In verse 7 when they continued asking him he lifted up himself so you know what he didn't respond and he began to agitate the scribes and the fairies sees. Why are you ignoring us why are you ignoring us Jesus can you hear us Moses said she should be stone but what do you say and finally when he kept pressing on him he lifted up and self and sense of them what he that is with sin among you let in 1st class a stone at her right after that he just continues to write if I was a woman. Right there of expecting a stone or my head bowed over I had my hands to cover my head or expect a stone to fly but you know what Guess what nothing happens no one throws a stone Jesus says if you are without sin. Go ahead throw a stone I claim right if you are sinless. If you have never seen before if you without sin part of me never sin but if you are without sin obviously all the scribes and Pharisees could not look who are the scribes and Pharisees. Their religious leaders they are what you call pastors today priests they work in the church they are paid by the time in the offering they are full time in the church they're the teachers of the law they're meant to know their Bibles are meant to be preaching every week or you know at least the person you'd expect to be in church would be these people the scribes in the 1st cities and yet they have sin in their life look friends you don't know my life don't just listen to anybody just because they can talk or just because you seemed blessed by the sermon it doesn't mean that this person is living a holy life yes I'm talking about myself and not saying that I'm a living an outright sin but I'm just saying look it is possible all these religious leaders they were not able to throw one stone. They were living in sin never ever ever make anyone any single person on this earth your role model their human make Jesus your all in all only he will never fail you all me he can cast that stone because he was sinless he could but he didn't want to see throughout the story but Jesus says if you are without sin go ahead throw that 1st stone and none of the scribes and Pharisees none of those religious leaders could throw a stone he wasn't saying yes go against the Romans he wasn't saying yes go against Moses he didn't say either way but he had a wise answer you know friends it doesn't mean that our judicial system has no right to judge us no you don't defy the earth already of the Romans he did not do that and we have a judicial system in our countries today and yes sometimes they're corrupt but you know what is not saying that you should never ever ever judge a person this isn't the instance of what stoning a person killing somebody but Jesus was trying to teach these people a lesson and they they had their lives bare before Christ he could see what they were doing that day no one threw a stone because no one was without sin no one could judge and of course Jesus could because he was sinless but yet he didn't he was full of compassion full of love but after Jesus said that if you without sin go ahead throw the 1st stone what happened next you're a member verse 8 and again he stooped down and wrote on the ground. He just kept writing. And you know before we get to what he was writing Let's have a look at the situation of Jesus writing in the sand Ok look Jesus is God right. We hardly ever see God right in the Bible and I'm not going to go through all the instances but you know even here when Jesus writes is in sand it will be blown away there be no record of it there was no photographs there were no cameras there were no video cameras there was nothing that they could do to preserve this but you see God when he writes It's very important let's just have a look at the finger of God really quickly Ok what is the finger of God connected to when God writes whether that's got the father whether as Jesus you know when he writes when they write what does this mean what is it connected to well let's go to our 1st text Psalms Chapter 8 in verse 3 when I consider the heavens the work of the fingers the moon and the stars which is now past ordained do you see that what I consider a part of me I didn't turn the slides when I consider the heavens the work of the life fingers the moon the stars which now hast ordained what is this talking about this is talking about creation with the finger of God He created the whole world yes look if you go back to Genesis chapter one verse and one and 2 Genesis chapter one and chapter 2 Part of me God did it by speaking right he didn't really use the finger but what is related to we're going to come back to this Ok but somehow we know that the finger of God is connected with creation where else do we see the finger of God. Exodus $31.00 verse 18 and he gave one to Moses when he had made an end of communing with him upon Mount Sinai 2 tables of testimony tables of stone written with the finger of God Now this is the more famous one God wrote the 10 Commandments with his finger Ok so we know that the law of God is connected with the finger of God and what is the law of God will in relation to judgment judging that's what the laws for right and judges us so we know that the finger of God is connected with creation we know the finger of God is connected with judgment the 10 Commandments what else Matthew child 28. Now we're going to Tex here so stay with me but if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God then the kingdom of God is come to you so Jesus cast out devils by the Spirit of God But what is that connected to let's look at a parallel passage in Luke 11 verse 20 but if I with the finger of God cast out devils no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you so in Matthew it calls the Spirit of God cast out demons but in Luke It says the finger of God cast out devils So the finger of God is connected with the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God So look I want you to catch me stay with me the finger of God is connected with creation the finger of God was used to write the 10 Commandments is related to judgment the law the finger of God is the Holy Spirit and that's how we know that is connected with creation because the Holy Spirit was present in creation he was active in creation as well because the finger of God is not his literal finger in that sense it is the Holy Spirit. Now how is this all connected why we're looking at this because Jesus is writing in the sand with his finger the finger of God and what is he doing he's judging his law and the Holy Spirit is there present to convicting convicting people of what they've done wrong and I want you to just look at what happens when Jesus writes Look at this. John Chapter 8 verse 9 look at this when when when Jesus is writing they come close because he's not saying anything and they gather around they want to see what Jesus is ready right and they would heard it being convicted by their own conscience went out one by one beginning at what the eldest even under the last from the all the stood the youngest and Jesus was left alone and the woman standing in the midst what happened while they were impatient they want to Jesus to answer the question he answered the question and he kept writing and there was deafening silence because none of them were without sin but just in case there were tons of the to pick pick up a rock thinking that they were out since they gathered around to see what Jesus was writing they were interested in what he was writing and he was judging them the Holy Spirit was convicting them and it was by no luck or chance that these people left from the oldest to the youngest It wasn't by coincidence you know when Joseph in Genesis. He's fair or not he's Pharaoh he's the prime minister of Egypt and the brothers don't recognize him but he recognizes them any and then they come for a feast and he sits them now from the oldest of the youngest is still coincidence Joseph knew what he was doing and in this instance Jesus knew what he was doing he was dealing with the sins of those that were thinking that they had the right to come and stoned this woman and accusers woman and judge this woman Jesus was writing their sins in the sand and thank God he was doing that because he was being merciful the sand would blow it away feet would tremble over it but maybe just maybe Jesus wrote like the oldest one left. Such And one adultery Oh maybe he was the one that was with that woman they were using him to bait her and he was in the midst he left abuser of your wife the 3rd one after lie your Another one left on maybe you wasn't because maybe they all had different sentence that's why they left one by one but Jesus with his finger was judging them it was judging them just in case they thought they were without sin maybe they were self deceived thinking that one of them could throw a stone at the woman so Jesus silence attracted them to what he was writing and finally they all leave one by one you know Jesus could have looked at every single one of them and say I know your hearts and lives and I can read all the sins in your lives and you could have pointed them out producers was trying to save them he was trying to show them that he was divine that yes he was the Messiah he could read their hearts so he wrote in the sand but they all left. Instead of falling down at the feet of Jesus and saying God give us forgive me you're right you know Jesus was just waiting for them to confess. But they all left you know God does not judge just to condemn and that's it he judges so that your conscience can be quickened and convicted and that you will be brought to the foot of the cross you know sometimes we think that all why did you say that you were too strong you should have said it like that but you know what Christ even sometimes the straight but he was trying to save them and maybe maybe just this evening or maybe one of the sermons that you have heard it really cuts your heart and it's hurt I don't know your life's just looking at the camera right now I don't know who is listening. But Jesus the us and the Holy Spirit to us and maybe it's not my words but it's the holy spirit that's pressing a cup on your conscience this evening and Jesus is saying don't run from me run to me Tell me all about your sin. I love you don't run away come back come back Jesus was waiting but they all left and the one that was caught in the very act. She was still there. Because Jesus did not need to write her her sin in the sand it was obvious the it was public she was humiliated in front of everybody but yet she remained she stayed there at the feet of Jesus because she sensed his compassion and his love what happens there. John Chapter 810 and 11 when Jesus had lifted up himself and saw none but the woman he said and to her Woman Where are those than accuse us as no man condemn the. She said no man Lord and Jesus said. Neither do I condemn. Go and sin no more. She looks up and in Jesus asks Where is everybody no one's condemned you she's like no man no one but before she can run off as well thinking that she was scot free Jesus gives us the most important lesson in all of this encounter he says Neither do I condemn that we go and sin no more. You know this this sentence this phrase is so important. So important 1st Jesus says what neither do I condemn the and it's not because Jesus is not without sin that he's saying I don't condemn the you that or I can't condemn you he wasn't putting himself in the same boat as the scribes in the ferrous he's whom he just wrote are all the sins in the sand No he didn't have sin in their lives he in his life he was sinless he was a spotless Lamb of God who would eventually take away the sin of the world so why does he say neither do I condemn the because he would have the power to forgive this woman he would read the woman's heart that he could read the woman's heart that she wanted to be set free from this life of sin from this life of prostitution of selling her body and Jesus had the authority to say that because he was going to die on the cross and give everybody the opportunity to change the cross. Jesus did not come to condemn he came to set us free from sin he came to give us a 2nd lease on life a 3rd lease a 4th chance of 5th chance 10th Chance of 50th chance friends you might think that you've done something so bad you like this woman you not you know not only have you been publicly humiliated you were caught in the very act people surrounded you and saw what you were doing and you deserve to die but yet Jesus says Neither do I condemn the because he was ready to take her sin upon himself. And that's what he says. But he does not stop there you see if Jesus says Neither do I condemn the he's condoning the woman to go back and live the life that she had lived well you know all look at all these religious leaders they're sitting they can't they can't be set free from their sin they none of them could condemn me thank you Jesus I'm glad you don't condemn me if Jesus had just stopped the neither do I condemn the he would have given that woman license to sin but he doesn't he doesn't stop there he says what Go and sin no more he doesn't gloss over what she has done she really had sinned she really had done wrong and that's why Christ had to say sin no more he called sin exactly what it is sin he says Yes I don't condemn you I'm giving you another chance but sin no more it doesn't mean that you can go back and live the life that you have been living he wasn't excusing her from her sin he wasn't trying to minimize what she had done even though she had been caught in the very act and dragged through those streets publicly humiliated what she had done was sin. She really had sinned in crisis go and sin no more I want you to stop living this life that you've been living right now he didn't say I give you one month he didn't say give you one week he didn't even say I give you one day to get your act together he said when you leave my presence stops and start right this very instance Now did you see the woman turn around go Cheesus comma. That on reasonable you expect me to stop sinning right now yes I don't condemn you. No more that's the same as stop sinning stop doing what you've been doing why because in the very Word of God in the very word just like that one word that Jesus said to Peter come when he wanted to walk on water out to Jesus that one word sustained him and if the woman could believe these words she would be sustained from sinning. The Word of God has that very power this evening friends it has the power to change you you've got to believe it and if you can't believe it you just got to spend more time minutes until you do believe it because when your faith and your belief is able to take hold of the Word of God and make it part of your life and make it integrated and that's why the Word of God is like bread we can eat it it can assimilate into our life it becomes a part of us it becomes of that which sustains us and when the Word of God is that every single one of us guess what friends. We will stop sinning but this evening I got to believe it and you know the problem is so many of us. We judge the validity and the possibility of God's Word with our experience can't stop sinning but look Jesus that the religious leaders they were sinning to one of them could judge this woman are look you know this person that I know that I respect are I saw him since 2 and when we take human examples to justify the reason why we can continue to sin and we make Jesus look illogical irrational Are you serious Christ you wanted this woman to stop sinning how unreasonable are we don't say that we do it because this is Jesus our savior but we don't do it we don't believe it but friends today Jesus wants to set you free he did not die so he could condemn you he's not a High Priest in heaven so he can condemn you know he wants to save you save you from what you are. And this evening he wants you to stop stop horse and focus on his word. In there you'll find Jesus in there you will find grace in there you will find the love of God. And will set you free from your sin for it's the Word of God heard assimilated into your life will give you power like nothing else on this Earth Care. Spend time with it today and then not only that but you got to believe it you gotta let the Word of God sink in and assimilate into your life so that you can live it friends today I want you to come back to the word God has given us everything that is needed to live a holy and a godly life he's given us everything. The tools you could say that can give us victory over said if we make it to heaven at last we will know the reason why we got there it won't be by accident friends because the map is laid out so clearly and so simply you know where to start church in a couple of weeks been so long but I hope that in this past year where you've been locked up. That you have used those Sabbath hours wisely. To gain a deeper relationship with God's Word Oh I see it sometimes you know and I feel that way sometimes to you you look at the computer so long look at all these sermons and you just want to go rest you want to score sleep but friends God in this past year has given us opportunity to grow in faith to structure strengthen our relationship with him. I hope that you have taken that opportunity and if you haven't friends it tells me the fact that you are listening to the some of this evening or this morning or this afternoon whenever you're listening to it the fact the eliciting that tells me. The Holy Spirit working in your heart but I want you to go beyond just sitting there listening I want you to open the Word of God on your come back to his what I want you to dig deep I want you to take time to spend with Jesus again so that before you get used to this new normal you can have a new experience in Christ and become a new creature you can go forth from this place and sin no more may God help us to that end today this evening especially on these holy Sabbath hours let us pray Father in heaven thank you so much for your grace and your mercy and your love. And your high standard and the strength that you offer to attain that high standard law we can't do it on our own all of us have tried it in our own strength and we've been miserable failures Lord please help us help us to be more than victorious to be more than Congress through Christ Jesus today help us to go forth with that resolute determined purpose that we will go fall from this place and sin no more please Lord help us your word is clear this evening it's written there Lord help us to believe. Then strengthen our faith. So that we can have victory over since the day. We pray in Jesus may. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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