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05 The War Zone of the Covenants

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Callie Williams



  • April 26, 2021
    9:00 AM

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Not everything is hunky dory How do you say that kind of thing in today's culture there is a real struggle all real war going on find out more on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation principal contemporary issues provoking. He is your host just until within. You know this idea of sin of bad things of suffering that's one religious idea that we really don't need any proof we see it all around us and everyone experiences it how do we deal with it and some people say let's just remove God and that solves the problem when I talk about this topic on this episode in verse or so glad you decided joining us my name is Justin Kim and in the studio we have Sebastian Cali and c.q. and we're in an arc talking about the covenant topic the covenant the covenants the old the new covenant the Old and New Testament and you know each episode has been quite. Quite juicy if you will like there's just been a we've been mining a lot of jewels in each topic so you can pray for us I'm going to go to Romans after this and we spend a whole quarter a whole 13 week section on the Romans we're going to go back. And look at this theological concept the hunky dory in this you also pray for us so loving father with thankful for the gift of you waited and thankful that the Holy Spirit can be a teacher and this is what we request right now that our minds may be enlightened through a spirit that we me understand the deep things of God not just for intellectual prowess but so that our lives can be transformed and have a chance formative effect in the lives of others thank you for here in the spring in the Amen amen and Kelly what have you experienced in this I want to say not just just a formality. Asking you but you know through these studies we have also been blessed by this as well and sometimes the more difficult the topic is the more blessing that we receive so we want to really encourage you for those who are studying the inverse Bible study guides to keep at it each week I know there's a lot there but keep at it and you will get it the Lord will bless he's blessed so that's proof that he will bless you and if you don't know what I'm talking about go to nurse Bible dot org And you can download inversed Bible study guides and we are studying the topic of the covenant so Calley What have been blessing what blessings have you received this quarter you know I think one of the biggest blessings to me is to see how explicitly there is one eternal covenant and you know it was kind of because sometimes like I believe that we can kind of maybe Titian for it from scripture and rest but it's like no it's really there of the explanation Hebrews like that's directly from Jeremiah and last week we talked about Psalm one of 3 we look but that that's in the Old Testament and that's before Matthew and so all these the scriptural evidence says that God is the same now we have to take his word for it and be like Ok I don't get it but I guess God still loved us I guess God still forgave us but all of those details of the new covenant are found so much earlier in Scripture that I think sometimes we automatically think so that's been a huge blessing just to see how obvious it is yeah no I think that stuff. I resonate with resonate with uplifting I want to say that. Mention in the top of the show that you know human beings we experience a lot of suffering a lot a lot of problems you know we can't say how are you anymore because people with the mental illness that so many young people and old people have you know about if you will and it just so we sometimes even get afraid to ask how people are like Yeah so we just want to maintain our social distance and also our spiritual distance and our social or political terms. But sin is one thing that the Bible is trying to deal with and humanity often says hey if we just remove God If we remove any more reality then send us an exist and my problem goes away and that there's a huge problems there so we're going to go to Romans chapter 8 and see where the real struggle where where that actually exists this lesson is called The War Zone a war zone of the covenants and so we're not you know wanting to meet militant here but there is a war going on let's go to verse one and Sebastian Can you read it for us sure there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according to the flesh but according to The Spirit for the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and for what the law could not do that it was weak through the flesh God did by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh on account of sin he condemned sin in the flesh that the right just requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to The Spirit for those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh but those who live according to the spirit the things of the Spirit for to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is and meting against God for it is not subject to the law of God nor indeed can be so then those who are in the flesh cannot please God Ok let's pause there and was just they open it up and what are some insights you see from from that section there why I think the 1st thing you're introduced from the very beginning of the passage is the fact that there is no condemnation to those which are in Christ Jesus would be a great statement by itself but then he adds. Who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit so he's automatically creating this sort of dichotomy if you will of this tension between walking according to the spirit and walking according to the flesh and so that immediately becomes your bubbling question what exactly does that mean and so by introducing the fact that there is no condemnation if from walking according to the spirit and not according to the flesh the question is how in mind able to differentiate between the 2 how can I discern the difference that I'm actually doing that so that so that I can experience that no condemnation experience. Let's let's let's define our terms here what is the Spirit what is the flesh why are they now it's almost of their grinding against each other the rubbing against each other and they're and they're incompatible oil and water what are what are these things. The verse that comes to my mind in verse 7 the carnal mind is empty against God also verse 6 1st to con to be kind of the mind that is there but to be spiritually minded is life and he puts the he as the to minded mate so this is a mode of thinking the way that you reality it's like like your world view like your frame of reference made and he's saying you know when you're carnally minded your frame of reference your perspective the angle that you're coming at every situation from it's a cardinal perspective where you know your your bodily desires your your your fleshly cravings that is what motivates that's what that is the modus operandi so to speak the language in. A sense as a. Contrast and as contrast to being spiritually minded which you're not coming from you know like a fleshly you know perspective but there is this actually like a supernatural chance to remain in the way that you view reality which is related to in verse one like you are saying the. Walking in she is in Christ Jesus now there is a change in your view of the world is a change in your goals you know desire and those desires and goals are informed by that relations in the Jesus by who he is and by what his desires and what his character is you know that the flesh may not necessarily be evil in itself for example you have the sensual desires you have hunger but once these desires come into the mind and they govern your your modus operandi Yes Mind this and I don't like your letter. But if they if they government or something wrong there we were not created for that kind of mode but yeah Ok there are some is a mindset that we have and the 2 do not mix with each other so action and also notice that he he's dealing with the fact that this carnal mind is may be aware of the law of God You know when you notice that but he says in verse 7 because the carnal mind is and Miti against God for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be so there is an implication there that on one side you have the flesh is representative of those who are just completely irreligious right I'm just fleshly minded my God is my belly right or my desires are my pleasure but on the other side there is people who are trying to be subject to the law of God but being fleshly minded you know that this is going to be filled in my own power so you may have outward compliance outward religious garb but you're not actually spiritually minded which is dealing with that where is this power where is this ability coming from and you're not just depending on the external sort of compliance with religious expert on in us as a sister so beautiful fitting into the covenants here because that God has given the covenant we've established in previous episodes that the old covenant you come in is the same all to us when you as the same God and same as it's ever been the same but the difference is human re is a response reaction to this and what you're saying is there are some people. Just react men totally and then they told the summit to surrender to God and God works is awesome the law there's others who are like yeah I want that. And then they have some really walked out version of that year and then these 2 versions that are struggling against each other not the 2 covenants that are fighting against the right and do often people say Hades is the old covenant God versus new covenant God and Jesus came in he won in the field the old beer to do to now we have to be really the dragon that so that's a really ancient heresy actually and that's still trickles through some Christianity and in our minds. They're going to add on to us Bash with Cena vs $89.00 of so the people who are in the flesh right so the fear religious or the legal stick religious and says those who are in the flesh cannot please God it's not they don't know they don't want to like it's literally impossible because obviously it's kind of more obvious and the rebellious side like yeah irreligious they're like we hate God or we don't believe in events like that it makes sense but the people who are like all God's standards all the laws I can do all of that and I can force myself I can change myself got that doesn't please God either even though it might look the same on the outside so we're like look I don't give you the looks the same he's like it's completely different and then a verse 9 he explains even further but you're not in the flesh when the Spirit if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you and to me that reminds me of of the New Covenant language that the terms and conditions that we talked about of when his laws written your hearts of is done by the power of the Holy Spirit and now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ he's not his so again just how extreme those we've talked about how certain things are somewhere by the said but this is just so different and again I just I really want to harp on the point that it can look the same on the outward side so we can't judge people. And just because we look at it people are firming us like wow you're so godly. You're so spiritual So this or that that is not evidence of a new covenant experience because it actually needs to come from our hearts and the surrender to the sin the scene the similarities here yeah totally makes me think we can't we it's impossible for us to judge Yeah because humanity issue we don't know what I mean they can just mimic that so well who are we to say like. That as a go no not at all we come out back after the break we're to look at how do we differentiate the flesh from the spirit how do we hopefully you're thinking I don't want the flesh I want to be governed by the Spirit how does this all work so stay with us. Has been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while the Join us like us. To handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. Welcome back we are talking about the struggle between the spirit and the flesh and in many ways in my weird imagination I think of these 2 little Maybe you've seen the cartoons you have a little devil version you have a little angel version and they're talking and they're duking it out but the Bible actually talks about is that little devil version with the little horns that's actually an ox that's naturally speaking and then we need a supernatural force supernatural person I should say that's when we need to choose that person every day to override the this war we're going to. Open his mouth so I want to I want to acknowledge him and then we're going to back to the Bible here yes about what I was going to say you know continuing from where we took the break in the New Covenant details in terms and conditions in verse 9. In if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ he is not his. So here we're dealing again with that ownership his people right this sense of identity and community that's present in there and this is where we start seeing this new covenant language promises comment because here we go there presenting our and it's always hinting back to not the not the issue of the historical covenants of the old promises versus the new because there's no one in their right mind that's going to oppose or posit Psalm 103 against Hebrews 8 you're not going to say well these are 2 different experiences and no they're not they're the same promises but the question is if you're carnally minded How are you reacting to that and that's why he's writing to the church in Rome talking to unbelievers and he's talking to believe and saying you in Rome can be carnally money if you're not careful you know at the at the core what I'm getting at is that the problem is with us the problem is not with God and so often in other parts of Christianity sometimes they say you know what God created the Old Covenant he was wrong if only messed up and he was wrong for a very lawless. Or does I am going to resist came it got all solved through praise the Lord Jesus and we were all Jesus focused and terrible for that even before. What we're seeing here than according to Romans 8 that God is awesome God's promises have always been true and God own is up to the problem even though he's not the one creating it but it's us that's messing it up and we have a choice between having an old covenant or a new coming experience let's keep on going Sebastian So you're totally spot on I want to keep on reading Let's go to verse 10 and see can read for us there verse 10 onwards and if Christ is in you the body is dead because of sin but the Spirit is life because of righteousness but if the spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead wells in you he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to you want all bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you the in full brethren we had debt not to the. To live according to the flesh Well if you live according to the flesh you will die but if by the Spirit you put to dead to death the deeds of the body you will live for as many as are led by the Spirit of God These are sons of God Well you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear but you receive the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out Father the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God and have children then in him is of God in joint is with Christ if indeed we suffer with Him that we may also be glorified together Ok also awesome so I asked at the beginning of the 2nd how how does this work right I mean we're talking. Here and just you know we're Where in and if a real spiritual you're floating around but how do we engage and how do we book and press the on button Kelly One thing is in verse 11 try to read it again because it's like a verse of the spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you so this spirit that did all of this these amazing things and you know it varies Jesus that I like that spirit that spirit dwells in you then. Thank you. Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you. To all the new of it if you do also new than the Spirit dwells in you will well do these things him for his life and that is where the power comes from and as a very practically minded person this is kind of hard for me still because like how how does the Holy Spirit do it but at the Best not my business it's if surrendering and asking so literally in the morning Father please empty me of myself fill me with your Holy Spirit please take control of my life today praying prayers like that with sincerity and if I'm ever doing something that. Just having that prayer and that is what a prat here looks like and so sometimes we want to go even further right what over practical eyes there's not a word the gospel is what it is. But here like that that's that's our part is surrendering because otherwise if we try to do we try to do more real like well that's like a level why I want to level 5 Christian and I want to even more we fall into the Old Covenant experience and that we start we start focusing ourselves what we can do you know and then. Just on the extending on the practicality of the Spirit drowning in us in verse 14 we says for as many as are led by the Spirit of God These are signs of God. You know sometimes we can over spiritualize the practical things of the Spirit welling in us I'm just going to. Come in like magically like I do all the right things but he's saying practically you know when the when the spirit we invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in you and then you are led by the spirit that means I still have a choice right so the Holy Spirit is like this is the way walk in it you study the Bible in the Holy Spirit and lightens your mind this is what you ought to do and then I need to obey like I am being led by the spirit I'm choosing not the carnal not to do it my own way the way that I think I should do it but really choosing to be led by the spirit that indwelling spirit so like in my life I choose a life will be DNS that he enables me to do right so there's no merit in it but like I actually now practically on a day to day basis coming to him asking for the Holy Spirit learning of the Holy Spirit what I ought to do and following his leading with. I like just the kind of even out another dimension here because obviously agree with what's been said here I just want to add another layer that he doesn't. See it 1st 13 verse 13 of chapter 8 he says for if you live according to the flesh you will die right so. Here's the condition you live according to the flesh you're going to die but by contrast if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body you will live so he's already given you that proposition by the Spirit so the condition is you have to put to death the deeds of the body you have to put to death the deeds of the flesh This is coming from 2 different levels on one level you have to put to death this temptation to do it in your own ability and that has to be the spirit has to be the means it has to be actuated from the heart which goes back to that new covenant promise which is I'm going to write my law. 36 tells us that God does that by His Spirit and he's going to put his spirit within us and cause us to walk in His ways that to me is the living according to the spirit is what makes it exciting in profound because I'm saying to myself I can't make myself love righteousness I can't make myself love to study the Bible but the crazy thing is I can go to God and ask him for love and interest in the Bible I can go to God and ask him with the you know the seed when we did the Roman series and she was like you know how do I want to do what I don't want to do and I want to do that right because to know how to do that and the answer the question is by the Spirit you put to death but also the deeds of the flesh right the wicked actions as well we do that by the Spirit to put that away so I don't mean I'm not saying there's no role for support were other strategies right but at the end of the day the true power and ability is coming from the Spirit of God as that mechanism and if I could move to another verse the inverse of. The covenant covenant promise again for you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear but you see the spirit of adoption by whom we cry. You know and that as a familial way of talking to a father figure you know so Daddy. You know papa. Would cry out in the in a relationship an intimate relationship with God now as a father this reminds me of what we studied last week in someone'll to be with God sees us like a father that he is his children it's not just God seeing us he's a father in this relationship but we see him as our Father and I and that's that promise that you know I will be their God and they will be my people you know that that reciprocal intimate relationship parent child relationship in this analogy that God wants to have I'm thinking you know I was just going to go to their tablet father I have 2 sons of my own I love them very much and they their tone changes when they need something and they you know there's a lot of you know they're hitting me in wrestling and we know we do that but then when they actually do need help or you know they say Daddy and then they have that tone then you know just something clicks you go into Dagget Hey what's what's going on I like my knee got scraped in and you know they go and right if we as sinful fathers are that tender to our sons how much more God the Father with us but we just need to and it's for us it's not a certain tone it's not a certain formula we just need x. a just have that rawness with God Yeah and then that and I would say that that we don't have that rawness with God like Lord I don't want to read your bible your bible is very boring I rather is watch seasons one through 900 of Netflix and said please help me here Lord this Web site is alluring me in ways beyond my control my flesh is quite strong Lord I don't like you right now Daddy help I think that kind of wrongness is the 1st step even mean Lord I don't even want to pray to you right now I'm going to you right now so you're not already what I do is having that level of of on this is the 1st time in entering into that practicality I think once you actually get into that experience then you know what the. Perience is like but so often we don't know if experience is because we have an experience and other sounds dumb but we want to analyze it we want to study it and you're like that's not practical enough just enter into the experience and then I make sense of what it's so and what you're hitting on is just the fact that you know one thing that we see in business is 80 percent of success is showing up just be present in a lot of times we want to fail and that's where we get into the mindset I got to do my part and so I don't want to fail I don't want to make a mistake and maybe the coven is it working because of me and partially that's true but it's true for the wrong reason right you're it's not true in the sense that you fail to do the right formula or say the right magic words when you want to prayer but you fail to do it with Jesus you fail to let him be the God of the hills and the valleys in your life for him to be able to come in to your experience and like you said in the darkest chapters and say I'm struggling with this I'm talking to God about this as I would to a friend and in that new covenant all response right not so much the covenant promises have changed but my response to that is Lord I'm not going to do it I cannot do it I am weakness and full of weakness and sometimes we wait to talk to God after the temptation when we need to grapple with him in the temptation to recognize that it's me in Jesus that are fighting this battle and that to me is the. The big shift for me in all of my struggles in my own life is that I learned to just do it with the Lord not do it on my own and then going to him when I mess up and it seems like we are aware of the struggle especially where you come in we are where the struggle in our in our in our in our bad points yes our worst times this is when we're aware of it yet it's almost as if we're going to have an indifferent episode but God allows these episodes to happen for us to be aware going yes I just wanted to reflect on what you were saying actually that that really that really struck a chord for me because what what what God does. As in verse 15 is that he gives us a spirit of adoption so even that experience of coming to God with that vulnerability of I don't even want to be here you know that that that already is the covenant. That's the that's what he wants to do yes fulfilling his covenant innocent and we're so afraid to enter the Covenant into relationship with him it's actually really simple but before fear of making a mistake or whatever we don't even try but it's actually. Saying and ter the covenant just trying to get into it and be raw with God Maybe you're watching that in verse t.v. show you're like man I don't want to watch this my grandmother made me watch it I'm just kind of like be honest with God and say Lord I hate this t.v. show but what they're saying makes sense and I kind of want that maybe maybe that's not experience if you're like me I'm like man I go on to get rid of this little demon in my heart and I want the Holy Spirit all you to have to do is pray and ask that's my prayer hopefully it's all of yours thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week here on and verse you've been listening to a Bible based on the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could doctor your host just. Inverses brought to you by the full time television that changes like this and more inspiring ever so there's an inverse old. Order to find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't for some.


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