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How to Give Bible Studies, Part 4

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • November 12, 2005
    4:30 PM
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as far heads of another word of prayer for today we are once again grateful grateful for Jesus and what he means each one of us grateful for the privilege of being called to share them with others Lord we know that the truth it that are found in your Scriptures are destined to change the nations are destined to try out an eternity please pray we might not be ashamed of them unite we might be willing to hold the banner of truth high and to share the more abundant life that Jesus has to offer with our neighbors and friends it says reconsider our personal tests payslip rate to help each one of us that we might be better equipped to be so one is for you in Jesus name we pray in Mark chapter five verse nineteen the paraphrased says this go to your friends and watch for an opportunity to share your testimony out what things God has done for you desire latest page three hundred and forty disciples could tell when they knew when they themselves had seen and heard and felt the power of Christ this is what everyone can do how many people everyone can do whose heart has been touched by the grace of God you see that is what made the disciples a witness it was not that they had heard about it a witness is not sit in the court of law and say well my neighbor told me or I read about it in the paper I witnessed by definition has experienced it him or herself right they had seen me they could tell and they knew what they themselves had seen and hurt and hurt and felt the power Rice this is what everyone can do whose heart is touched by the grace of God Hebrews ten twenty three now we can look forward to the salvation God has promised us there is no longer any room for doubt and we can tell others that salvation is ours but there is no question that he will do what he says in a one reason I'm I'm convinced that some something out it's not sure the testimony is because they don't have the testimony I want to be harder harsh on them but I think I'm many avenues that don't know what God has done for them they're not sure they're not very confident that once you realize were not me is administered rejecting the doctrine of eternal security this idea that once saved always saved right we believe that Christ holds very primary our freedom of choice of power position but that doesn't mean being my friend that we shouldn't know that Christ has saved us from our sins but our sins are forgiven but our names are written in the Lamb 's book of life is the privilege of every Christian to know those things can same we can know that God is faithful who was promised our confidence is in ourselves but being confident of this very thing that Cuba has begun a good work right with performer will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ faithful as he was promised a call to the Thessalonians go to do it and sometimes I'm afraid that we as Christians perhaps suspects the abuse administration 's have really focused so much on a performance religion were not sure we're not sure if were questions are really forgiven when I surely don't have to prove ourselves faithful for the next few months before we can know what our standing is in heaven right with me falling out of take with you taking you with me for just a few message and what the spirit of prophecy has to say about this question teslas ministries page five seventeen it is your privilege to trust in the love of Jesus for salvation in the fullest surest noblest manner to say he will me he receives me I will trust him for he gave his life for me nothing so dispels doubt as come in contact with the character of Christ he declares him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out that is there is no possibility of my casting them out for I pledge my word to receive them take Christ at his word and let your lips declare that you have gained the victory my friend is a wonderful thing to know that your sins are forgiven and we should know we should know that we comply with the conditions in Jesus is faithful he's able to save the uttermost is not dependent upon me except my surrender to write my eye cooperation with them he is able to do work in me that seems impossible even to my own comprehension you know sometimes we go to these testimony meetings and we I I hear it all the time effect date I do it probably to let me know that maybe prayer meeting have opportunity for getting testimonies in other testimonies tend to be one very thankful for the sunshine such a beautiful day outside the that's wonderful dog indisputable days visiting unthankful the Academy I'm thankful for my roommate she is robust reader reviews a robust music that's great obviously relates our testimony really is what God has done personally in our behalf as it regards our salvation at the real testimony and it may be the you can say this we can a lot this week by Leigh confess our faults when another recognition New York this week I was really struggling with doubt and discouragement but the Lord showed me a text and should reveal himself to me and he gave me courage to believe he is faithful that the testimony isn't it you notice what happens at testimony really has three parts of testimony were pending at myself Tesla has what what it was like before what happened to change and what it's like now easy to eliminate a thing I'm really thankful for the Brussels brother had lunch or whatever you are thankful for and so it just was not what you're thankful for your test was a statement of first-hand experiences especially in regard to your souls salvation don't don't get tired of Jesus the Lord Lansdowne to say thank you to the share your testimony is a different story altogether if you have no voice if we have no assurance of my salvation then we will not have an effective testimony Tuesday Wednesday I don't believe in the document once a dollars a family we should go around saying unsaved nothing and happened to me I will just say I'd say because I'm so good but I believe we should have trust which atrocities peace in our hearts knowing that we've made things right he can see us and my friends we don't have a peace in our hearts and we need to spend some quiet time God just us and him alone and we can make our peace God may spend that time that we know we comply with the conditions it given our hearts unreservedly to him we confess the the sens are things that need to be made right and we are standing for God clothed in the righteousness of Jesus is no excuse for us living one moment in the anyway because Jesus wants us to have that assurance I would say that there are three three parts to share your testimony effectively first is love and then there is assurance and then there is test most of the love first but the gift of prophecy understand all mysteries and all knowledge will have all faith so that I could remove mountains and have not charity are nothing we say in English people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care it is a matter to get the best Bible studies with all the protects and you know where I asked the question don't have a good answer for you don't let the people not a stolen and only God didn't love the people can't adventure but he can have anything he can he can give you love for other people and so we we read in such messages volume one peace treaty called legal religion can never lead souls to Christ for it is a loveless priceless religion decided his fate eight hundred and twenty six eleven Jesus will melt and win hearts where Mayor reiteration of doctrines will come was how much nothing doesn't mean they were good preachers they were good projects but simply without love and won't accomplish anything it is a delicate matter to do with lines only human being the heart knows how to bring them to repentance only is visiting in a success in reaching the lost you may stand up stiffly feeling I am holier than thou and it matters not how correct your reasoning row trigger words they will never touch hearts the love of Christ manifested in word and act will win its way to the soul when the reiteration of preceptor argument would accomplish nothing ministry of your bid one sixty three teslas nine two page one thirty five loud everyone I met an authority are powerless it is effusive in his nature and quietness operation yet strong and mighty in its purpose to overcome great evils it is melting and transformative influence and will take home the lives of the Senate will affect their hearts when every other means is proved unsuccessful wherever the power of intellect of authority workforce is employed and love is not manifestly present the affections and will of those we seek to reach us in the defense of repelling position and a strength of resistance is increased so what we need to do reluctant right we need to show them our love and you know that that we love them and we care about them and we want what is the very best for them assurance that start about my personal assurance steps in Christ page seventy two we should not make self the center and and old anxiety and fear as to whether we shall be saved continuing on sign the Times May nineteen nineteen ninety eight the multicenter except Christ by faith that moment his part how long is a event good news or what my friends that moment his pardon the righteousness of Christ is what indicated to him and he is no more to doubt God 's forgiving grace and I do believe my friends if you cannot get it right this is about having imparted Rick Wright is known to be wrong I don't believe that you can you can be you can be closed and the righteousness of Christ without also allowing God to be working your heart changer her life so that you become more like him but I believe we should know for a fact that we comply with conditions in person to forget I don't believe we should doubt that I believe we are no more to doubt God 's forgiving grace we responded to the end of his invitation to me and invest coming we began the life eternal see why thing we haven't also have a very powerful testimony are very strong testimony giving is a tendency for us to think well I'm just not sure I'll make it listen we're not able he is able our confidence is in him not in us take yours take your mind off of self and don't indulge in this anxiety over our own soul salvation trust Jesus we've begun like a child except as our Savior we we have begun the eternal life and we have something to how others about we have an experience that we can share some seem to feel such prices if you do something to feel that they must be on what probation you know I was I was talking to a non- Adventist friend of mine and he said you know what I just don't understand your activists using you believe the sometime way the future the time of probation is going to close no probations were new clothes you withdrawn that no user well you're living you going around living on probation Allison I realized what he meant he associated our document because probation we use that term in Russia where came from the list probation in today's modern vernacular probation is your time when you hear you you know you're you're being watched to see if you really cannot live up to know what your agreement is and if you're caught it's like bad bacchanal I'm not disputing use the term I mean we use it reason correctly and we understand what we mean that other people and they listened with they think all so you come to Christ to become a Christian and he watches to see how you perform the hell of the post probationary visit now I cannot come on the elimination is not the end of our test receiver successful not because probation way we understand it is that they got the last opportunity for grace to be received from Jesus in a sense that's what I believe because provision wasn't it out of the closet in the house understandable information then why do we have people still living off the reservation and stand still the potential of possible if they'll is still on probation after the heavenly sanctuary the working of the sanctuaries is complete against daunting me that's not the added this idea of the preservation week we prove ourselves until he is okay is enough beautifully now when Corporation closes we have no more opportunity so it's very interesting I I just had a real insight into what not happiness here when he hears talking with her the way you know we'd simply talk as add some seem to feel they must be on probation and must prove blue one of their reform before they can claim but that the statement continues they may claim the blessing of God even now they must disgrace the spirit of Christ to help their infirmities and he cannot resist evil Jesus lies to have us come to him how just as we are I tell you I require my students to memorize this passage Jesus allows to have us come to just as we are sinful helpless dependent we may come with all weakness all you send was a bond is being treated when it is in this is the law already to encircle us in the arms of his left to find about movies and to cleanse us from all impurities unit that I that that word glory it is his glory was that me as a person is in their glory is there there there there at the top of the success they're doing with their best apparatus or else they're doing what they enjoy doing the most in their glory it is his glory to encircle us in the arms of his loves and buying the burn wounds to cleanse us from all impurity Jesus loves you don't go down and he accepts us the way we are he's willing and he wants to change us here's where thousands fail they do not believe that Jesus part of them personally individually they do not take God at his word you understand why they have long faces they got the wrong side of that their Christians on probation doesn't make sense but that's what happens in the primitive on comply with the conditions to what to know for themselves that part is freely expended for acne all is good news of what this is incredible news of the gospel and we need to believe it could play the suspicion that God 's promises are not meant for you they are for every repentant transgressors strengthened raisin and provide to Christ we brought by ministering angels every believing so that is the symbol they cannot find strength purity and righteousness and Jesus died for them he is waiting to strip them of their garment stain including the sin and to put on than the white in righteousness he meant them live and not die sometimes we need to have an assurance in what Jesus can do for a second method is one one page three ninety two the passing center may say I'm a lost sinner but Christ came to seek and save out a lot these are likely not to call the righteousness says repentance I am a sinner a guide of uncommon cross to save me I need not remaining moment longer unsaved he died and rose again for my justification and he will save me now I accept the forgiveness he has promised I accept the forgiveness is promised and he can do what he said he will do testimony assurance about love comes across as arrogant boasting that someone like that testimony and assurance about love comes across as arrogant boasting without assurance eleven testimonies fluff nothing to testify about a note promising hope no conditions to comply with no real assurance nothing really to tell what God has done without testimony love and assurance of Malabo last long you can love people and you can have all the assurance that will move you don't tell somebody about your relationship Jesus North and happen he will maintain that relationship with my two people when they get married exhibit twenty three free rough so if you if year if year walking with God there need to tell somebody behind they overcame the Bible says that the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony relationship to twelve and verse eleven now I'm the one him previously three hundred and forty as witnesses for Christ we have to tell what we know what we ourselves have seen and felt if we have been following Jesus step-by-step we shall have something right to the point to tell concerning the way in which he is lettuce this is the witness for which our Lord calls and for want of which will disappear what does God call us to give a witness very simply what we know what we ourselves have seen and felt we should have something to tell according we could have something to tell about how the audit letters right as I made his AK-47 this is that statement I was referring to earlier a confession of his faithless is heavens chosen agency for revealing Christ to the world that which will be the most effectual of the testimony of our own experience these precious acknowledgments when supported by a Christlike life have an have an irresistible power that works for the salvation of souls you resist will what does the testimony are testimony of our own experience combined were supported by Christlike life have been irresistible power is working for the salvation of souls to Christ page one twelve he can testify I needed help and found it in Jesus everyone was applied to hunger my soul is satisfied and now the Bible is to be the revelation of Jesus Christ you ask why believe in Jesus because he is to me Seeger why do I believe the Bible is I found it to be the voice of God to my soul is just simple testimony can be young I used to think will have created to have an effective testimony you first had to live in a very very wicked life do crazy things stupid things gamecock whatever you know soon as you have this knock down drag amount testimony I want to know my friend back not what's necessary in order to have a powerful test yes it is a powerful testimony to know that he sold that is been that steeped in sin has been brought back to hope and life my friends is just as a powerful testimony to know the grace of God ever gave the center kept a sinner from the lubricant ways as well I tell young people listen you don't have to have a wild testimony to have an effective test praise God for the grace of Jesus Christ kept you from going to the best of testimony furthermore every single one of us knows that guilt is we know what happiness is we know what it's like to be missing something I live in the world cannot feel we know what it's like to be lost without hope in this world or in the world to come and if you know what it's like to be lost in that deal of guilt and that it can realize your center New Kent over your past and then you come to Christ you find help you find peace and find forgiveness and happiness and fulfillment you have a testimony yet excessively that every single person in the world can identify with one degree or another all you need to be as I needed help I found that in Jesus Thursday night for must do that help might that are and what does Academy one of the requirements for our students is every year they have to give a speech and the freshman they do start off with my bottom three to five minute speech that's pretty intimidating percent of freshmen in open as part of their curriculum the name they prepare this first father English class homework and make every practice their writing practices and they eventually rated me again it is in chapel or something like this for the Vespers our morning worship some like that well then their sophomore year they have living in eight or ten minute speech is a little longer and then by the engineer they're getting a Friday Wednesday night prayer meeting K which is about twenty minutes in their senior year they get the full sermon Saturday night are sacrificing our Sabbath and it's thirty minutes twenty eight to thirty five minutes someone is so one of the seniors asked me if I'd help her with her speeches getting it last night and then she said can you help me so she came over and she gave it to me you know and then I was missing anyway thought I had a chance to hear and I was listening and it was it was her topic was surrender she was going to make an appeal for her friends to surrender whenever it is there something between them and God and that she is working on appeals of work but I noticed at least twice if not three times throughout her speech she included her personal test she didn't know it and think about she did she said things like this before I remember he said users alike you know what it's like I've done it to ice the door lock myself in my room and the music and marine life fictional books because I was trying to try on out the convictions of the Holy Spirit but then I gave it all Jesus and I found peace that passes all understanding Québec several times and shared testily she endured intense ages is part of images trying to communicate something I told her that is the most powerful part of your whole speech because you test on my friends is the only part that nobody can argue with you in a Bible study about a student that people can argue you can give them all the projects about why you believe the growth and development law is still for our instruction today and why you believe this am only allowed to live across and make an argument but they can't argue with your test is what you've seen and felt and experienced and they can't dispute that they can deny that he can testify I need help and I found that in Jesus hadn't found life to be better in Jesus Christ my friends you should have something to tell Jenna testimony to get it Jesus has impacted your life positively and you should have something to tell right to the point of what God has done for you tell them how you found Jesus and then resume forty six tell them how you found Jesus how blessed you have been since you gain experience in his service tell them of the gladness and joy that there is in the Christian life all I don't know about you but I am glad to be a Christian you know I look back on my life and I'm amazed because God led me down a path I would've never chosen for myself is far better than what I would have chosen myself understand I mean I thought I knew what I wanted the teenager I thought that I knew how to get there I thought I knew it would make me happy and I resisted surrendering to God 's calling on my life for years I wasn't openly rebellious but I had no plasma direction I wanted to do in my life and finally my friends I came to the point where I said Lord I all do what you are calling me to do I'll do a make a decision that I know Disney peace in my heart because I convicted what you want me to do I don't understand that I don't necessarily agree with it but I'll do it and in so doing gotten God has given me have one and understand I think I hasn't kept anything back he gives he supplied the desires of his creatures God is a wonderful God I'm glad to be a Christian I'm so glad that I can tell us other people there is gladness and joy in the Christian life you believe that I did we talked about it more people would believe it more they would instead maybe young people wouldn't feel that Avent is and is just a bunch of of note do you know candidates can do that I believe Jesus came that we might have life and we might have it more abundantly let me tell you it's nice to be healthy I may not be in my time zone money not know what times on this right now and then and three comments last three Sabbath signal the praise God because he's given us out message and understand I will be present now I can't eat what I wanted and all that is not really tell you in my taste good but it's fun to be healthy and is miserably sick so God is so good as we have something to tell all testament we will take time look there but the three parts of the credible testimony are as follows my life before I became Christian how I became a Christian and finally what Jesus now means in my life with regard parts of testimony my light of life the English Christian that doesn't mean you have been glamorized said assembly can say I needed help that a number of things in no sandwich in a bad place I needed help and I found it in Christ and now he is in the living Savior it can be that simple one sentence you understand it can be so simple and yet when we think it has to be very complicated by me share with you a few things not to do and are testament on that glamour I sent I've heard testimonies right felt like it made the likeness and more appealing life after seven and understand the rise life of sin sin is not glamorous it only looks that way there's a real high cost of low living to avoid Agnes leaned on expressions you know it doesn't do us a lot of good to say well you know I was lost in the world of the backslider but then I heard about the three Angels messages and I came in the present truth and now the spear profiteers is my favorite reading material can you imagine whether not I was get out of that probably not much avoid out missing gun expressions use terminology that is understandable in your culture whatever culture that may be only word that you should be able to share your testimony in under three minutes I think you have a test leaving Sharon about twenty seconds everyday be ready to share test we'll have to have a long customer that at least under three minutes if you've not become true fishing on invocation of sharing adjustment of three minutes I think you should spend some time to write out your testimony and to be so familiar with it some test late June get straight to the point of what Jesus means you give me you should have a testimony if there's if you don't have a test plan reference then you need to spend more than three ministers with the Lord until you do have a test winter you can write what God has done for you when you but I now practice and rehearse it and so that you can share it at a moments notice as you as you become more proficient at share your testimony what you'll find is you can adaptive social so seamlessly so that the person you need the needs of the you identify with the situation of your prospect understand perhaps alone you're hurting you have a test we can share about a time when you are lonely or hurting how Jesus gives you personal joy and peace and companionship fulfillment perhaps they are afraid can you share your testimony is what Jesus done to help you overcome your perfect love casts out all the dust of the afraid it might be afraid of flying up the afraid of dying when one time I was in streets of New York City asked handing out literature on the Sabbath afternoon and then we were in an Eastern European part of town I don't remember what it was Yugoslavia and Huntington something like this it was back in the early nineties there late eighties early nineties and then I was I handed out these the owners magazines are great controversies were heading on both our group and then I felt a tap on my shoulder and then I turned around his is great being in no Croatian or something some creepy guy spoke with her thick accent to understand and he said audio handing these out now and then he had a great controversy at about that time I felt another tap on my shoulder and I turned around the other direction and then behind me with another great big guidance it are you afraid to die now yet understand they been born in Southern California but I grew up in Arkansas you know and here I am in Queens serve for the items in Queens I will you say you know I know if I was headed out my last book or what is then and I said that I said what honestly came to my mind I may really wasn't really able to think about I said no I'm not afraid to die but what you getting at you and not let afraid to die and then the guy behind me no as did a worldwide income together that they they they essentially over the next about thirty seconds the immune barrage of questions one after another after another alternating taking turns out these questions about life and death and the afterlife and heaven and hell and gone and purpose of living what to do when you wet when you have no reason to live and what about Eileen I was so flabbergasted I was like way you can manage no finally I said you know what if you read these these books we've shared with you and will answer your questions and they wanted and they wanted each to have a copy of both the book and the magazine 's articles unlike us not be afraid they want to know why was afraid I said you know what his death is just asleep and I know there's going to be resurrection that worried about nine young I respond to your situation your enemy but shall need to be afraid of negative rate we have a testimony to share some suffering yes we know Jesus you understand how your chest like I adapted a very short test with you that what you found in Jesus what he means to you and so never give a lift that is never speak critically of others then I guess I mean don't say something like I heard a person say one time I used to be a Roman Catholic but then I became a Christian most Roman Catholics consider themselves to be Christians my friends don't speak bad about other denominations rather religions if God led you through another denomination another religion that's he led you in your life don't talk bad about other people right across people too many of them and many of us may administer don't know Jesus personally so go crazy critically of others never get a list of sacrifices one had to give up this I gave up this idea that this negative of that and I quit doing this I quit eating this idea is reading this I quit going here adequate but really Christian life is very the the summary convincing doesn't don't get Alyssa sacrifices human sacrifice anything for Jesus because everything has to give up yes something better to place you in the something better is the watchword of alternate education the standard of all to living God has something better you never really sacrificed like a sacrifice sometimes because we love it and it hurts maybe but when we give it away even if it's if it's something that is why best video get it back and find think I is not harvested and we happily sacrificing right we've only done them is best for us it's a wonderful thing because it really is it's amazing it's a win-win situation you always win when you're living for Jesus and be specific tell him exactly what Jesus done for you in maybe those fears and maybe those anxieties and maybe that self-worth that you didn't have before you begin Christian to be specific but not to do once I went to do identify with your spouse but if you can if you can personalize your testimony for the situation for their situation it's much more effective you can share with them as I've mentioned how Jesus answered that problem are not situation for you emphasize the friendliness of God 's family the kind of tactful of emphasize the positive effects that Christianity that Jesus Christ is had in your life and pray for radiant countenance it helps when you season it helps and you tell people you're happy if you put a smile on your face right I know you may be happy that would you please repeat that with yours face that would be a good idea so this is what we can do is is a sample test mounting member where I got this view this to me that an I was brought up in a Christian home but I never really committed my life to Christ later I wanted away from God and the teachings my parents over how is remembered some of the statistics when father used to read when he conducted an worship everywhere in the bed I was in a motorcycle accident had to be hospitalized for three weeks Christian nurses help me to understand God 's love they lived it this gave me desire to study the Bible and find out God 's plan for me when I got home and back in the old routine routine that this desire stated somewhat but it never left me completely sometime later that a friend gave me a Bible as a present I began to read it it seems confusing contradictory to me and I got discouraged about purchase a book about the Bible had structured text together by subject this really helped me to understand the Bible one running morning I heard a man sing over the radio it was a song called I lost hold of God 's hand I was deeply touched and then and there committed my life to Christ but after more studying more hospital jets of vital course taught by the student nurses I was baptized today am happier and healthier than more secure person and of course that isn't any surprise because I know I have a living Savior have his comfort when I needed it is guidance when I needed which is how the time and I know that this is all there is he gives me the assurance of life to come I think my favorite scriptures acts four twelve it says neither is there salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be Satan understand how this person beside them and took the took the occasion to ride in a short format his experience in helping that Christ how he came to Christ specifically they might say I grew up and administered I'll have that specific of a testimony to maybe don't have a specific test again we probably still helps you should have some testimony of your life before Christ relied without the assurance of salvation and what God has done and is doing you can have that personal sugar you should be willing and able and ready to share I have found to be very true what's the Boston Celtics are personal testimony combined with witness of a consistent lobby life has an irresistible power for good I would encourage you if you have shared your testimony lately give careful thought to what your testimony units and then look for an opportunity to share may just be a couple sentences may be into three minutes and look for an opportunity to share what Jesus means to you and you'll find it opens doors are witnessing children in heaven today we we're so grateful for Jesus Lord I remember when when I met you as my personal savior and recommitted my life to you not looking at the nest as a teenager he had that experience of me dedicating my life to you what the peace that passes all understanding flooded my heart my soul and just the knowledge that I could commit my future in my life my plans my goals my dreams to you and that you would in fact take care was not I just want to testify how you have been faithful to pray Lord that we might each have that test what you've done and are doing in our lives that none of us would go to sleep tonight without knowing for sure that our lives are in your hands completely that our sins are forgiven we have the assurance of salvation not meeting Lord help us not to feel that we must be on probation must earn our salvation help us to trust Jesus completely and give him complete permission to work in our lives help us to love others enough to tell them the good news we found ourselves we think in Jesus name


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