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When You Don't Understand

Dee Casper
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Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program


  • March 28, 2021
    6:00 AM
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This morning we're going to be addressing the topic of waiting and not understanding why God has us in these holding patterns and how do we get through it what is God doing when it seems like nothing is happening and what will he do to strengthen us for asking the question why do we wait and we're going to be looking at prophecy this evening and maybe from a different lens the Book of Daniel is a tremendous blessing to us not just because of its prophetic insight but also because of the stories we're talking about story this week there are stories within the Book of Daniel that are instructive to people who are living in times of prophetic significance and I think what we're going to hear this morning is going to be a blessing that this study has absolutely rocked my stripe and socks off and I hope it's half the blessing to you that it's been to me so I need to pray and we need to start. Ok thank you I got permission let's pray Father in heaven thank you for this privilege to pray as we're about to see this is our lifeline in moments like this and as we're seeking to understand why we waits in we find ourselves in situations where we don't understand God I'm asking you to say into that space today in the name of Jesus I'm praying that you would minister to us help us there are hurting hearts in this room today lower there are people who are waiting and we don't understand why and we need you to speak to us today and so I pray that you would do something that exceeds my expectations and I pray as Moses prayed that you would show us your glory and I ask this in Jesus' name amen So this morning's message isn't titled When you don't understand. And Dana Chapter 8 if you'd like to turn they're spending most of our time in chapters 89 in 10 of the Book of Daniel. Chapters 89 and 10 but we're going to look at Daniel Chapter 8 so at this stage Daniel is in Babylon he's a captive he's seen God work for him while he's there which has been an encouragement to him in a discouraging situation but something has happened here in Daniel 8 that really really unsettles him 1st of all the people of God are under attack by the little horn that he sees in the vision for those who aren't aware Daniel 8 is the vision of the ram and the he goat and eventually the 4 horns Eventually the little horn and it warring against the people of God and it doesn't make matters better writes already a troubling vision to see the Saints fret and by this oppressive power but it doesn't make matters better when based upon how bad this seems one of the holy ones in vision asked well how long is that going to go on can you imagine like you're already discouraged as seems terrible and one of the other one of the holy ones he sees in the vision is also stirred and wrestles with how long is this going to go on and the answer that's given isn't 2300 days or evenings and mornings in the sink sure he shall be cleansed a more detailed interpretation is given to him throughout Daniel 8 later on regarding the primary part of the vision of the ram that he go in all of that part and he's told that this is going to apply until the time of the end but he's that the only thing he's told about the $2300.00 days is that it's true. And this troubles him deeply because he's not given much explanation now in Dana's context the people of God are already under attack when Jerusalem was sacked in they're taken captive so he can partially be wondering if all this stuff about what's happening towards the saints is happening right now and is this now or is this later but the angel again later tells him that the vision of the part of the vision with the 2300 days. Is is just true it's all he gets but the stuff about the oppression of the saints is going to happen until the time of the I'm Ok so he's confused he doesn't understand and it's weighing heavily upon him at the end of this chapter is specially this time thing he's really really really wrestling with this and then we get to verses 8 to fit 15 to 18 says that it happened when I Daniel had seen the vision and was seeking the meaning that suddenly there stood before me one having the appearance of a man and I heard a man's voice between the banks of the you lie who called and said Gabriel make this man understand the vision so he came near where I stood it when he came I was afraid and I fell on my face but he said to me again understand Son of man that the vision refers to the time of the in now there's 2 different words used in the original language for vision here one is referring largely to the large chunk of Dana Chapter 8 in the Little Horn of what they're going to do but there's another vision word for vision that we don't see when we read in English into his vision vision vision vision vision but in the original languages the word morrow which is referring specifically to the $2300.00 days in the revelation of what he got there and he is troubling with this was told understand Son of Man the vision refers to the time of the end the 1st portion of the $2300.00 days now as he was speaking with me I was in a deep sleep with my face to the ground but he touched me and I stood upright Daniel is so overwhelmed by what he's seen and by what he doesn't understand that it gets the best of him physically he never been there. The way you're going through stow so stressful in so overwhelming that physically you've got nothing left this is where Daniel is in danger 8 k. just because of the vision that he's given but God is willing to send help to touches and a pick us up when we're overwhelmed payment and I'm so thankful for this and this theme continues throughout the future chapters that we're going to read here but go to David Chapter 9 now so he's given some idea the stuff about the little hoarders for the time of the in but this 2300 day thing is just getting to him guys it's really weighing on him and it's overwhelming and he doesn't get it he does not understand and now we have the context from Daniel a we're going to Daniel 9 now and Dana 9 takes place literally 15 years after the vision of Daniel 8 so imagine he has not understood he has been overwhelmed in crushed out by this for 15 years and it's difficult and we don't want to admit this but there are times when the call of God is going to require us to wait and not just for a little chunk of time Abraham waited 25 years for the child of promise Daniel is now 15 years into waiting not for a promise to be fulfilled but to even understand what stressing him out inside. To even make sense of what is overwhelming and we're not even talking about resolution we're talking about clarity and understanding he's waiting 15 years. Even after God isn't an angel to help him he's still struggling it's a long time to wrestle with this tension of not having certainty in something that you know was clearly important but you don't understand it he misunderstood what was being referred to with the singular being Clinton's And this is what makes it so challenging for him because he and we're going get to this in a moment they he thought that there exile in Babylon was only going to be for 70 years and Daniel ends up living through that entire time period and so when he's thinking we and it's helpful for us like some of us maybe we pace ourselves emotionally I do this if I know like if you're in college or something and you know you just need to make it through finals week and if I can make it to Friday afternoon it's going to be Ok and you pace yourself Daniel has been pacing himself those who are faithful in Babylon have been pacing themselves for 70 years and now he's being told this to me 2300 years and he's thinking to himself like I'm not Ok with that I didn't budget for that 1st of all emotionally and 2nd of all I don't understand what to do with the fact that you made a promise to me but now you're speaking in a way that doesn't seem to harmonize with the original promise that you made and I don't know what to do with that. God I don't understand what you're doing right now and I'm wrestling with it and he's wrestling with that wait for 15 years by the time we get to Dana Chapter 9 we're going to have to wait even longer and this is why he faints so good to Dana Chapter 9 the beginning of verse one in the 1st year of Darius the son of a has you are of the lineage of the Medes who was made king over the realm of the Kal DNS in the 1st year of his reign I Danial understood by the books the number of the years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet that he would accomplish 70 years in the destructions of Jerusalem so he understood he does know this much like he's struggling and so he goes back to where God spoke in the past and there's a lesson for us here guys there's a lesson for us when God seems to be communicating in a way that you don't understand in comparison to what he said before Daniel goes right back to prophecy he goes right back to the revealed Word of God and he is wrestling with the text he's trying to make sense of what is going on in this moment and he's searching the books of Jeremiah and he says I set my face toward the Lord God to make requests by prayer and supplications of fasting sackcloth and ashes this is serious prayer this is very serious prayer fasting sackcloth and ashes and I prayed to the Lord my God and make confession and said Oh Lord great an awesome God and I'll stop there but I want you to notice something here we're going to see this again in the next chapter when Daniel is overwhelmed by the the stresses he's going through and he's wrestling with the God he doesn't understand right now you have been there in a circumstance where you do your wrestling to understand God and what he is about and what he said are temptation Well we're overwhelmed by that feeling of not understanding is to get less spiritual isn't it. Isn't it easy to stop praying because what's the point isn't easy to stop reading and stop studying because it doesn't make any sense to me we have to understand today that Daniel in the face of not understanding got even more spiritual he got even more disciplined and got even more determined in the spiritual disciplines in the height of his anxiety in the height of his loneliness in the height of feeling abandon you promised 70 years but you're going to leave me for 2300 I'm going to be dead and what about your people God you can't do that he because he doesn't know what this vision is about no one has told him and as he is agonizing through this he makes a determination in his heart and in his mind I'm not going to get less spiritual and less discipline I'm going to dig in my heels and I'm not giving you rest until you make this clear to me I'm not going to leave you alone you have to speak to me you have to make sense of this I'm not Ok with what's going on right now this is referred to as importunate prayer that I'm not leaving you alone until I get an answer type of prayer so he's in this situation he's wrestling he's fasting and he's praying and he just keeps searching and agonizing with God To try to make sense of this. And so he knows that he's been through this whole the whole 70 year captivity and the promise of the release is one of those things that kept him going and the fact that it seems to be outside of grass to him now is crippling to him he maintains his daily duties but this really weighs on him and how many people can relate to that right you're like you're your presence at work you're present to the people around you but not as present as you could be if you were dealing with what's going on inside right now anyone can relate to that I'm going through that as we speak there's these moments where we just don't understand some of what God is doing and we're wrestling and we can even struggle to be a president but you just have to be faithful with your daily duties be faithful with what God has revealed to you and he's going to reveal the other stuff you need to give him that time so when the promises of God seem continually just beyond our grasp but the very fact that he didn't give up on seeking understanding and was studying again is an important lesson to us today he's diligently serving the prophecies search in the prophecies and he's wrestling with the text so he's beginning to wonder if they're reaping the curse that was given in Deuteronomy Chapter 28 there were the blessings in the curses given to the nation of Israel as a start to inherit the Promised Land and he's wondering did we disqualify or cells from this whole 70 year thing is the adding more time because we've been unfaithful even in captivity you know it's him in Abednego that seem to be standing for God The rest we don't have much faithfulness to speak of at this stage so he's wondering has more time been tacked on and he's pleading God with God to keep his promise of 70 years and no longer that while God would be just in punishing them for their own faithfulness that he would still prove to be the God of mercy that he has claimed to be and he's also assuming the posture of the guilty party he's praying a corporate prayer of repentance and humility he says oh lord great an awesome God who keeps his covenant verse for. And mercy with those who love them and who and with those who keep His commandments we have sinned we have committed iniquity Now if you're one of the few people who's actually faithful and it's your can you know your cohorts that have been unfaithful and it causes problems it would be really easy in that circumstance to say they've been unfaithful they've been unfaithful they've been jerks they've been losers but God I've still stood for you will you help me but Daniel is so other centered in his agony he's not even focusing on him he's worried about the people that don't even deserve the grace of God The people who haven't been faithful and says God I will identify with them please be faithful to us because we have been unfaithful his way that he deals with this is so different than the way our human flesh would by default respond and as if he's the only guilty party is the way that he's praying and again it says He's studying the prophecies of Jeremiah and where we normally go to see where he talks about this is Jeremiah Chapter $25.00 go there with me will come back to Daniel 9 go to Jeremiah $25.00. Jeremiah Chapter $25.00 and beginning in verse one says the word that came to Jeremiah concerning all the people of Judah in the 4th year of him the son who just psyching of Judah which is the 1st year of never can as your King about Dylan was Jeremiah the prophet spoke to all the people of Judah and all the inhabits a Jerusalem saying from the 13th year just sign of the son of Ammon king of Juda even to this day this is the 23rd year in which the Lord has come to me and I've spoken to you rising early and speaking but you have not listened God is making this statement I'm waking up early I'm sinning my profits but you're not listening to them and he sent you the prophets right rising early singing them but you have not listened nor inclined your ear to hear they said repent now every one of his evil way is evil doings but they don't. You will listen to me I'm calling you to repent for this and it just goes on right don't go after other Gaza serve them verse 6 Don't provoke me to anger the works of your hands and I will not harm you but you cannot listen to me you might provoke me to anger in the works of your hands to your own hurt Ok So God is speaking through Jeremiah I woke up early I sit my prophets don't go after other gods so because you're not listening I'm going to send you into captivity in verse 8 Behold us sin and take all the families in the north says the Lord and never can answer the king of Babylon my servant my servant will bring them against this land against its inhabitants against these nations all around and will utterly destroy them and make them in astonishment a hissing in a perpetual desolation of take away the voice of mirth in the voice of gladness the voice of bride groom and bride no more weddings no more happiness is out of mill still in the light of the way up in this whole land should be a desolation and in astonishment and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon 70 years but this is the only place where Daniel would have gone to study in the writings of Jeremiah to see what God said about their captivity in eventual release turns me to Jeremiah chapter 29 Jeremiah chapter 29. Skip that Jeremiah chapter $29.00 so in $25.00 the captivity is yet to take place now in Jeremiah chapter $29.00 it's a current reality and God reminds them of their faith and how they got there but he doesn't stop there he tells them put down roots you're going to be there awhile plant gardens get married have kids and seek the peace of the land where you're going to be held captive. But look at the very next thing that God says in verse 10 it's a passage from there for most of us and it says. In verse 10 as for this is the Lord after 70 years of completed about one I will visit you and all perform my good work towards you and will cause you to return to this place so put down roots make yourselves at home all bring you out of there at the end of this time and then here's this familiar verse in verse 11 for I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope then you will call upon me and go and pray to me and I will listen to you and you will seek Me and you will find me when you search for Me with all of your heart we claim this promise many times in our lives having no idea what the context is let alone the experience that Daniel would have he's struggling he doesn't understand what's going on as he goes back to are guided previous revealed previously revealed that they would be there for 70 years what he finds in his agonizing search is a promise a promise from God that I still have good plans for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you even though you've been unfaithful I still intend to bless you I still intend to provide for you and if you pray to Me with all of your heart I promise you that I will hear you are you starting to see what fuels the vehement prayer of Dana Chapter 9 the passionate prayer Dana 9 because God told him to Dana's not praying with some of his heart Danas not praying in bitterness he's searching the Word of God Any is holding God to the promises that he made this is what use it. God you have said this and I'm holding you to that so we see the passion again and I know where it comes from for one he really wants to understand what God is doing because it seems like it's going to be way longer than 70 years and he's concerned about that and that's a good enough reason to pray with all your guts but God is giving him an invitation here to swing for the fences go for it with all of your heart Daniel and he says you bet and he praises all of his heart yes you've been unfaithful you've received the rightful judgment I promise to you but I still have plans for you and even plans to prosper somebody here needs to hear that today some of us are living right now with the consequences of terrible decisions we've made and we just wonder did I squander away any chance of blessing in my life and the answer is No no the decisions we've made the mistakes that we've made the blindness that we fell into and we just wonder like man I missed my one chance no you didn't and the invitation God is giving you today is to come boldly into his presence to repent of your sins to confess before him that I have been unfaithful and his response is that's enough let's rewrite this story that you've written let's write a better story some of us are inheriting generational curses some of us are inheriting denominational curses right or abuse curses or religious situations or so forth as we talked about this week and we just wonder like man I don't know how to get through all of this and we just wonder like by default we keep writing bad chapters because that's all we know to write and God is saying put your pen down come sit next to me and let's write a better story together. Let's write a different story let's write a better story I still want to bless you search for Me with all your heart and you're going to finding right. So they're going through a hard patching God is telling them that he's not done with us in a verse 14 I will be found by you says the Lord and I will bring you back from your captivity I'll gather you from all the nations from all the places I've driven you says the Lord and I'll bring him back to the place which I caused you to be carried away captive from which I hurt cause you be carried away captive or bring him back to the promise land you wandered there's consequences of wandering But let's go back home him but that's not the only promise to Daniels claiming good a 2nd Chronicles chapter 6. The study has been enriching to me I hope this is a blessing to you 2nd Chronicles Chapter 6 beginning of verse 36. Saying Chronicles 6 beginning of verse 36. Solomon here is dedicating a temple to God He's built this beautiful temple he's praying a prayer dedication he acknowledges that God keeps covenant with his people he shows the mercy when they walk before him with all their hearts and then he goes into the fact that God kept His promise to his father David any pleads with God to keep the other promises made in keeping David's lineage on the throne Solomon also is claiming God's promises and bringing those promises to him as he dedicates this temple now it says this beginning of verse 36 and when they sin against you meaning these people who are before you for there's no one who does not sin This is 2nd Chronicles 6 verse 36 and you become angry with them and deliver them to the enemy and they take them captive to a land far or near yet when they come to themselves in the land where they are carried captive It's the same language as used for the prodigal son by the way when they come to themselves we all have those moments when we realize what am I doing. What have I done when they come to themselves in the land where they're carried captive and repent and make supplication to you in the land of their captivity saying we have sinned we have done wrong and committed wickedness and when they returned to you with all of their hearts and with all their soul in the land of their captivity seeing all this familiar languages in this promise here where there have been carried away captive and they prayed towards this city which you have chosen and toward the temple that have built for your name then to hear from heaven your dwelling place in their prayer in their supplications and maintain their cause and forgive your people who sinned against you now my God I pray let your eyes be open about your ears be attentive to the prayer made in this place now therefore arise the Lord to your resting place you in the arc of your strength let your pre-sold Lord God be clothed salvation let your saints rejoice in goodness oh Lord God Do not turn away the face of your anointed remember the mercies of your servant David do you think Daniel read 2nd Chronicles Chapter 6 at some point in his life yeah you know what it did it defined the way that he did daily life in captivity and it nearly cost him his life in captivity every day 3 times a day he was claiming this promise by praying with his windows open towards Jerusalem and Dana chapter 5. I think 6 this is terrible preacher should know these things anyway the one of the lines down is 5 or 6 I was getting confused with those as was feast in the Lion's Den So anyway Dana did this daily he went through this process daily he's claiming this promise and a similar promise was given to Solomon in answer to prayer dedication the temple when they're unfaithful remember pray towards his temple Daniel clung to that as well art and he's holding God to His Word so even though Daniel doesn't understand what's going on he's struggling he's wrestling he's holding God to what God has said and he's holding him to his word now go back to Daniel 9 Ok go back to Dana Chapter 9. And you'll realize that this guy knew scripture. This guy is praying some biblical rich prayers go back to verse 4 and I prayed to the Lord my God Dana 9 verse 4 I prayed to the Lord my God I'm a confession said Oh Lord great an awesome God who keeps his covenant and mercy with those who love him and with those who keep His commandments he's quoting 2nd Chronicles 6 right here we have sinned verse 5 and committed iniquity we've done wickedly rebuild even by departing from your judgments from your precepts in your judgments verse 6 neither have we heeded your servants the prophets he's quoting Jeremiah 25 who spoke in your name to our kings and our princes to our fathers and all the people the land overlord a righteous n'est belongs to you but to us shame of Face It is this day to the minute Judah to inhabit Jerusalem and all Israel those near and those far off in all the countries to which you have driven them he's quoting Deuteronomy $28.00 now because of the unfaithfulness which they have committed against you oh Lord to us belongs shame of face to our kings our princes and our fathers because we have sinned against you to the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness though we have rebelled against him so they're pleading with God's Word to be merciful but acknowledging that we don't deserve that mercy are you seeing this he's accepting responsibility but he's also holding God to being who God is a God of mercy and faithfulness verse 10 we have not obeyed the voice Lord our God to walk in His ways which are before us nor by his servants the prophets and skip down to verse 160 lord to you to all your righteousness according to your righteousness I pray let your anger and your fury be turned away from your city Jerusalem and your holy mountain. Skipping back to briefly in verse 13 he says we haven't made our prayer to you and he's realizing we didn't we've not been claiming this promise as I was researching the Scriptures I realize we've not been doing what you told us to do so and doing it now Ok All right go back to the verse 19 Our Fathers drew some of your people or approach to all those around us for 17 now therefore our God here the prayer of your servant and a supplications and for the Lord's sake cause your face to shine on this you're saying sure which is desolate Oh my God incline your ear in here open your eyes and see our desolations and the City which is called by your name for we do not present our supplication before you because of our rights as deeds but because of your great mercies Oh Lord here oh lord for giving these directly quoting Solomon the end of his prayer and saying Chronicles 60 lord listen Act Do not delay for your own sake my God for your city in your people are called by your name this guy is praying his guts out holding God to the promises that God has made and pleading with them to do what you have promised to do Moses did this right when God seemed to say things are out of harmony for he thought he was going to know you can't destroy these people or you can make a people out of me you made a promise to one of the surrounding nations going to think about you if you do this right Moses holding God's feet to the flame of the promises that he has made and I love this love this so much so the beginning of verse 20 all the way through $27.00 we get the story of the remainder of the prophecy the 70 weeks but if something happens that before that in the early part of these verses says this now while I was praying and confessing my sin the sin of my people is real and present in my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my God yes while I was speaking in prayer he said this multiple times the point is guys while I was in prayer while I was agonizing in the wrestling with God I got an immediate answer. Not days down the road the hours and 4 hours later was amazing that is amazing it was even 4 hours in this situation right in this immediate context while he's wrestling with God while I was speaking in prayer the man Gabriel who I've seen in the vision of the beginning being caused to fly swiftly reach me about the time of the evening offering geysers lessons for us here when God promises that when you pray with all your heart I hear it's true and we may not get the physical response that Daniel got of an angel showing up while the words are still in our mouth but that doesn't make it any less true are you hearing me this morning doesn't make it any less true heaven is responding even mediately it will see some pictures of this and Dana Chapter 10 he says he came in the time the evening offering verse 22 and he and for me an even talk to me saying Oh Daniel now come forth to give you skill to understand at the beginning of your supplications is soon as your heart to pray we heard you before you even got words out of your mouth heavens attention was arrested and all eyes were on you and the command went out and I've come to tell you for your greatly beloved. Guys in those moments were agonizing in prayer and we don't seem to get answers we feel that we aren't loved we feel that we're neglected or abandoned were betrayed and left to suffer alone but that is not true a min. That is absolutely not true and you also have a Savior who understands exact feelings and temptations therefore consider the matter and understand the vision and then he goes into the 70 weeks 70 weeks are determined for people that's not what the studies about but here's the point guys God is so eager to answer your prayers and as soon as you start praying I came and when we're wrestling for those answers we doubt that reality but it's no less true and Daniel story reminds us of this he is here an active and he gives them light on the part that he didn't and he's finally 15 plus years later he's finally getting some form of response about what he didn't understand but the answer he's given is another time prophecy the 70 weeks and it's a type it's a picture of what the longer vision is about a time of probation or dealing of judgment for the people of God to be prepared for a period of cutting off. Right the 70 weeks is a type of what the 23 days is really about the process that God is doing to prepare his people for a pending judgment and it closes the verses 25 to 27 of the Messiah being rejected which leads to the destruction desolation and displacement for the nation of Israel which eventually happens in 87 there's actually 3 seventy's surrounding the story there's the 70 weeks prophecy 8070 is the complete consummation of that destruction that comes from them rejecting the Messiah and lastly they were in Babylon for 70 years they were in captivity for 70 years there's 3 seventies that surround this narrative and so it's very similar to the rejection of the Messiah's messengers that leads to destruction desolation displacement that occurs in Babylon you know seeing the parallels and the what led to their destruction displacement for the 70 years in Babylon is very similar to what happens to the 87 destruction in their displacement in dispersion after they reject the Messiah very similar threads so he's trying to help him understand what he doesn't understand with a more digestible vision and he's preaching the gospel guys what's happening in Daniel 9 is not math it's the gospel the story of a messiah who's coming to suffer and die for his people to be reunited with them forever and now we don't have to time to go into this here's the point of the 70 weeks the point of the 70 weeks is that God is going to put his own life on the line to keep covenant with his people Amen. You're the faithful God who keeps covenant and the response he gets is you're right let me tell you about that and it reminds me the vision the Abraham has in Genesis chapter 15 of verse one in Genesis 15 Abraham has God appeared to me as Abraham I am what you've been looking for I'm your exceedingly great reward and it's tempting to believe the Abraham is going to do what the New Testament seems to allude to what he did aim in Jesus you're everything I've been looking for but that's not how he responds in Genesis 15 his responses no you're not you promised me kids and I got no kids maybe you can relate God is speaking into your heart into your pain into that I don't understand a mindset and he's telling you on what you're looking for what you're waiting on is not really what you're looking for it's me who we become and who's we become is more important than what you're waiting on today beloved Abraham wrestled with this Daniel didn't understand that it's the human condition but God doesn't shame him or beat him up you know he tells them let's go for a walk in Genesis 15 and he says look at the stars Abraham if you could number them such will be your descendants my promise to you has not changed you've been unfaithful you've not believe what I've told you but my promise to you is not changed I still have plans to you plans to prosper you and to bless you plans for a future same language of Jeremiah 29 very similar language very similar ideas and then he tells Abraham to cut animals in half and he separates and this is eastern culture covenantal language and what it meant was that parties would walk between these animals and what they're basically saying is so what was done to these animals be done to me if I don't follow through with my covenant to you. And so in this vision Abraham sees the animal severed and a flaming torch walks between them and what God is telling Abraham is so let me be torn if I don't keep my covenant to you you will have a promise seed who will bless the world guys the Godhead was torn asunder Jesus was torn to keep covenant to his people Amen and Daniel 9 alludes to this he will be cut off but not for himself the whole answer that Daniel is given is that God still keeps covenant God is still intending to bless his people and he will take upon himself the curse of disobedience to the covenant Daniel gives the gospel as his answer and it's powerful He's may cut off but not for himself as Messiah coming to truly heal in forgive us and is going to cost him everything so this is somewhat helpful for Daniel but he's still wrestling even in Dana chapter Tim He's still struggling he's still under duress for this time prophecy and the years have gone by he still doesn't have closure and we can have that in our own lives can't we these things that God made a promise made for some of us we got we were children right now and God has promised that I will contend with those who contend with you and I will save your children they will come back to their own border God made a promise to you in Jeremiah 3116 and 17 is a beautiful promise to claim by the way if you haven't read it. But maybe you're wrestling or for health or for healing some of you're waiting on spouses some you're waiting on the ability to have children some you're waiting on an education doors of opportunity for a job whatever it may be in your life and you're just wondering God where do you doing I'm giving myself to you I'm making myself available but why am i still waiting I don't understand. And God says he's going to do something and we just wonder and so again as this deepens as his stress and frustration deepens Danial digs his heels in even deeper spiritually he doesn't lack in his spiritual disciplines he doesn't give up on praying he doesn't give up on those disciplines he goes in even deeper it says in verse chapter 10 of verse one it says. In those days verse 2 I was mourning 34 weeks I know pleasant food no meat or wine came into my mouth nor did I know it myself at all till 3 whole weeks for fulfilled so he says All right we're going to wait for them digging in deeper Jesus now I'm fasting now I'm praying I need answers I can't keep living like this and it says now on the 24th day the 1st month I was by the side of the great river that is the Tigris and I looked in my eyes and behold a certain man clothed linen whose waist was a girdle with the gold of as his body was like Barrel his face like the appearance of lighting his eyes like torches of fire his arms and feet like burnished bronze in color and the sound of the words like the voice of a multitude literally Daniel in that having an encounter with Jesus he ends up having this encounter that encourages him and he's touched and he's somewhat able to get up in verse 10 k. suddenly a hand touch me because this is freaks him out and he falls in a deep sleep on his face with his face to the ground no one else understood was going on but he collapses in verse 8 I had no strength left for my vigor was turned a frail to me and I retain no strength in verse 10 verse 9 he falls on his face and he would've been there today. The stuff you're going through is so overwhelming that you literally can't even get out of bed you're face down you've got nothing left to give and it's and that moment suddenly he says verse Tim a hand touched me which made me tremble on my hands and needs in the palm of my hands never had those situations where you're struggling and you get like a little bit of encouragement but you really can't even stand yet emotionally spiritually right you get some form of assistance but it's not enough to really get you through he's touched but listen to what happens next and he said to me Oh Daniel man greatly be loved. Understand the words I speak to you and stand upright for I have now been sent to you and while he was speaking this word to me I stood trembling you know what it is going to cause the discouraged Saints to stand in the midst of the coming crisis it's to understand that they're left to know that they are greatly beloved that they are the object of Heaven's affection This is what it took for Daniel to be able to stand when the burdens he was wrestling with were too much and it's what you're going to need to stand to be reminded of the fact that you are greatly beloved that all of heaven is interested in the pain that you're going through right now we're here with you we support you and while he was speaking these Words I stood trembling. In verse 13 he's told that from the very moment you prayed Heaven heard and that was sent on your behalf the 2nd time he's been told that but I ran into opposition the king of Persia is clearly being used by satan to hinder the decrees going forth to restore Jerusalem and for it to be rebuilt and multiple decrees happen at the same time that he's wrestling with this during this 3 week period the reason why there's a war with the king of Persia is they've got a decree to make that sets up the the whole trajectory for the coming Messiah and so there's a decree that they can build Jerusalem but now somebody there's a new king David no previous decree was made now stop building because we don't know what's going on the make another decree to build there's this battle happening and here's The Point guys those times never were praying in wrestling and it seems like nothing is happening and the heavens are as brass to our request there is a battle going on right now that you know nothing about are you hearing me today there are spiritual battles happening right now and Jesus is working for us guys Jesus is working for us here we are we're upset we're bitter we're angry at Jesus for not helping us when he's duking it out with the devil himself and you had no idea and we need to learn this lesson today there are practical lessons of the Book of Daniel in the prophecies of Daniel to help us survive those times when we don't understand are you with me today Michael the Archangel Jesus himself comes in pushes things forward and again this gives us some insight into the controversy at large and also in our prayer lives when we pray and pray and pray and we wonder why isn't stuff happening. Is specially when we're praying that God would do the things that he said he would do it's not because heaven isn't interested and it's not because God lied to us there are other forces at play that he needs us to perseverant prayer and they keep claiming his promises and he will prevail Amen that's not the time to quit is the time to begin. Nor McNulty has a commentary as part of the Book of Daniel he has a quote in here that is absolutely dynamite it's page 102 of his book Daniel practical living in the judgment hour he's quoting he's going to giving some commentary also quoting a why in the quote is from the review and Harold I want to read you something from that later review and herald December 5907 is called The Return of the exiles loss through delay anyone else encountered some losses because of their delays it wrecked me back there well Paul is preaching Gabriel told Dana below Michael one of the chief princes came to help me and I remained there with the Kings of Persia the fact that Christ appeared in the struggle shows how much resistance the devil put into this battle the resistance was so strong that even Gabriel could not overcome it only the power of Christ turned the mind of Cyrus once he arrived the battle in did indeed told us that all powers given to be in heaven and on earth Matthew 28 and all the Devil May Although the devil may have power he does not have the power to resist Christ and then who obviously knew how important Cyrus's role was in helping the 70 weeks and 2300 days begin the entire plan of salvation was at stake because of Daniel's faithfulness and unrelenting prayer Christ answered Daniel's prayer and won the battle against the devil so that Cyrus would cooperate with God's plan that means that when you're tempted to stop praying it's actually when God needs you to pray the most. L.-y. continue the previous comments above before the contest ended or closed Christ Himself came to Gabriel's help all that heaven could do in behalf of the people of God was done the victory was finally gained in the forces of the enemy were held in check all the days of Cyrus who reigned for 70 years and all the devas of his those campuses who reigned about 7 years and a half and so after their victories gained then gave real tells them but were so tempted to quit because we think this is another important lesson what is the fact that you haven't seen victory it does not mean that victory has not been achieved or you know standing in this situation the victory was achieved before Daniel saw any evidence of it and again he had to persevered the faith of Jesus he prays through him believes in unrest in the Father's love in spite of what he sees and this is what sees Daniel through his What's going to see you and I through the coming crisis is so important for us so again a verse 14 he's told of the vision of Danial ages for many days to come but the morrow the word associated with the 2300 days is used again a verse 16 and Daniel says that that vision caused him much sorrow and stress and I didn't have any more strength he's still going through the wringer guys still going through this stuff I don't have any more strength in a verse 18 he's touched in strength and again then again the one having a likeness of a man touched me and he strengthen me and they gan he says oh man greatly beloved fear not Peace be to you Be Strong Yes Be strong guys when you're in the midst of circumstances that you don't understand rest in The Father's Love here to forgive him rest in the fact that you were his greatly beloved son and daughter and be strong. He doesn't understand why is prayers are being answered because there's a spiritual war going on in the same for us today beloved to same for us and we're told this is going to happen this is from the great controversy 621 the season of distress and anguish before us will require a faith that can endure weariness delay and hunger are you waiting today are you struggling to way does it hurt to wait there we're told of the season before is going to require a faith that will endure these things of faith that will not faint those severely tried and the period of probation is granted to all to prepare for that time guys if we understood that the trials that we're going through right now are molding and shaping us into the type of person that we're going to need to be then we would be more inclined to do as Daniel did and get even more spiritual be even more rooted and more determined but we don't see that always see is the immediate challenge right in front of us not the bigger challenge that this challenge is preparing us for are you with me today this is that time where God is growing our faith and strengthening us Jacob prevailed she says because he was persevered and determined his victory is an evidence of the importunate prayer that I'm not letting you go until you bless me type of prayer all who lay hold of God's promises as Jacob did and be as earnest and perseverance as he was same as Daniel will be successful as he succeeded him him those who are unwilling to deny self to agonize before God to pray the law in earnestly for his blessing will not obtain it were wrestling with God how few know what it is how few have ever had their souls drawn out after God with intensity of desire intell every power is on stretch as Dana 9 and Daniel 10 isn't it. When ways of despair which no language can express sweep over the suppliant how few cling with a new yielding face to the promises of God and what was given a vision and she asked a question 2 or attending angel why is it that there is no more faith in Israel and the response the angel gave Rex me every time the angel says you let go of the hand of the lower to suit the reason why the people of God don't have more faith is because to have more faith we let go before God provides and he's asking us to hang in not by your strength but by His we're told in Revelation Chapter 14 of verse 12 that God's special people the end of time have the faith of Jesus not their weak human faith in Jesus they have the faith of Jesus a faith that persevered and rests in the Father's love here to forgive in them even though they don't feel it right now that's what kept Jesus nailed to that cross and that's what's going to keep God's people the end of time that's what kept Daniel that's what kept Jacob and that's where the blessings come so when you're overwhelmed and you don't understand that's not the time to let go of God That's the time to start wrestling and to cling to him and I will not let you go until you bless me for some of us all we have is the promise and what we're waiting on isn't happening and we feel stuck but God is saying I've got this I'm fighting for you even now and if I've carried you this far I'm going to take care of these circumstances but I tell you what for some of us reality doesn't look that way for Daniel and in all he sees is the agony of his prayers he doesn't see the fact that God is already prevailed on his behalf. God may tell you to move forward and you get mowed down and wonder why you ever been there I have what God leads you to circumstances and you just think why did I end up here Abraham gets a call from God He goes to Canaan land and when he gets there there's a famine and you can be tempted to wonder was God even leading into all these experiences try our faith believe in and we have to cling to what God has said in those moments this from desire of ages every promise in God's word is ours how many of all of them but every word to precede it out of the mouth of God are we to live when assailed by temptation look not to circumstances or to the weakness of self but to the power of the word Amen all its strength is yours the word this says the Psalmist have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against the by the word of my lips I have kept me from the past of the Destroyer and this is going back to the article that Norm quotes in his book here I read some more of it earlier this morning says the Israelites had no real excuse for leaving their work on the temple the time when the most serious objections were raised was the time for them to perseverance in building but they were actuated by a selfish dislike to encounter danger by arousing the opposition of their enemies are you picking up where she's going here they were tempted to not pray they were tempted enough believe to quit because it was hard they didn't want to persevered building so they focus on building their own houses instead of finishing God's house and in our trials in our waiting in difficulties it's easy to stop focusing on building a house for God and to wait until God finishes building a house for us you will relate. They did not possess the faith it is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen they hesitated to move forward by faith in the opening providence of God because they could not see the in from the beginning and when difficulties arose when difficulties arose they were easily turned from the work Daniel dug his heels in but we can struggle this history will be repeated she says there will be religious failures because men do not have faith and when they look at the things that are seen impossibilities appear but God can lead them step by step in the course that he desires them to take his work will advance only as his servants move forward by faith while they may be called upon to pass through trying times yet they should ever remember that they are contending with a weakened and beaten phobe a man. Daniel did know that he was wrestling with forces that were already defeated and he was struggling but we have the benefit the Danial didn't have we know his story. We have his story and we can understand what God is doing for us God's people will finally triumph over every power of dark same in. Whatever you're contending with whatever is holding you back whatever is crippling you right now God's people will overcome but you've got to hold him to his word guides. To survive the coming crisis we have to take him at his word you 1st of all need to know the promises you need to do is Danial him into the prophecies to get in the promises of God and take him at his word and in those moments we're even more discouraged and more tempted to quit that's when we need to dig in our heels to be even more intentional in our spiritual disciplines because we want even more of him in our life than we've ever needed to before. Now we've heard a lot of powerful and stirring messages over the course of this week and have a way. But as we're thinking through what we've heard. God is speaking to some people in this room this week. And he's asking you to trust him with your story to be willing to go there to acknowledge what has happened and then let him be the great physician in your life today. To send down the pen where we keep rewriting the stories of brokenness and generational curses and other curses and the let him sit beside us and co-author the better story. And if you feel the spirit of Jesus calling you today to believe his promises to do in through the for you what no one else has ever done and what you can't do for yourself and you want things to change today you want to give God permission you want to dig in diva know what he thinks of you and live accordingly. I don't know if I just stand. And for some of us we're waiting on things that we just are grappling tenaciously. And it's it's killing our faith it's not growing our faith it's killing our faith and we're realizing today there are some lessons here that I need to chew on. There are some examples here that God has given me and I want to ignore I want to say yes Jesus. I don't want this to cripple me any more I don't want to keep living on my face God I want to believe that I'm greatly beloved. A need to touch me to day. And I want to cultivate the faith in this current trial. That will prepare me for the greater trials to come. And that is you are by Jews to raise your hand they have the Lord Jesus I don't want to wait anymore I don't want to find myself waiting in a week in faith in an intimidated and defeated faith I want to hold you to the promises that you've made I want to live my life the harm is what you said and hold you to it and then you put your hands down. Got in Haven't you seen us today you've spoken to us and we're realizing that there are seasons in our life some of us right now that we don't understand we've not been able to see what you're doing and we felt that we've been awaiting in an abandoned States. But as you read 89 and 10. We recognize that all of heaven is interested in the current struggle that we're enduring right now. That all of heaven is available to us to succeed in the struggle that we're going through right now. And then as soon as our hearts cry began you heard. And immediately you have sent help you've deployed angels. With digital reach out and touch is today. The messages of I heard this week have reminded me that I'm greatly beloved Lord I want to believe that. I want to live my life as if that was true. Of also shown us this morning. That in these moments where we don't understand what's going on you have already secured a victory on our behalf so we want to claim that by faith. Because of the conquering Messiah and because of the faith of Jesus we too will prevail. That you're going to prove faithful army have. Fulfilled the covenant that you made to us. In that those blessings come in the train of your presence. Some of us are more inclined to want the stuff you promise. Then the one who gives those promises. And we confess today Lord that we want you. More than what you promised us. More than any covenant you've made to us apart from giving your life. And Lord I pray that we would settle in our hearts and in our minds that we want you to be lord of all. In our hearts and our minds. And that with you comes every other blessing that we desire so Lord be that blessing that we need above all in this moment right now and we ask these things in Jesus name. Even. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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