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02 Seeking the Best for Myself

David Guerrero


  • April 26, 2021
    4:30 PM
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Good afternoon it's good to be here again before you before we begin when I spray again we do appreciate the sister's prayer and this afternoon we're going to look at the messes and title seeking the best for myself seeking the best for my. Let's pray. Heavenly Father once again as we said or here before you at this moment in earth's history we need to really experience your presence in our heart give us relief from any stress we may be having give us clarity of mind and thought and Help us Lord to rivet our attention upon the very word you want to stay here this evening the Lord once again hiding behind the cross of Calvary and I pray that your spirit may help me. To lift up Jesus so that is Jesus experienced and as he is lifted up we may be all drawn to you in Jesus name we pray Amen. I going to share with you this morning this afternoon rather I believe a very profound thought the generation that we live in today has become hijacked if I can use that word by technology and media and I want to share with you a story it's a true story of a young lady that I met that I've known for years and the story goes like this one day her parents called her home and they were trying to get a hold of her and they can now. And they tried for about a day or 2 she didn't report to work and they became very concerned and so they made the decision to go to her apartment that would make sense right no one had seen her she had not arrived to work and something supernatural took place and it was this when I saw you say supernatural I don't mean supernature in the sense of with God but with the devil and I used those words because that's what it was they found her lane by her computer open and she was. Laying on her side and she just was repeating the words Facebook face face to face and she had what happened was she had a mental collapse are you hearing what I'm saying and they had to rush to the hospital and she spent some time in the psych ward which is your other side. If you do you hear what technology did her when she came to she said that she was on Facebook and she was posting and she was engaging in conversation with different people and she said something happen and she became you know fixated on the media and she said she posted something and no one liked it and she was waiting and she said something happened became very depressed waiting for someone to at least respond to my post and she said that my mind side is a fade away and she said is which is after that I don't know what happened Facebook Don't get me wrong I believe that media can be used and technology can be used for good I've Right now we're what we're using technology. But we have to be very very careful with the technology that that is used today and how much time we're spending on the Internet and I wish more of us we live in a world of distractions. Recently I read 3 books and I'm going to show them you know in a moment as one by Dr Daniel Amen he writes a book called The End of mental illness there's a book written by Dr Lustig is the end to the analogy is entitled The hacking of the American mind and that's something and then Dr Neil nearly many of you know him he writes the park the lost art of thinking in the book the hacking of the American mind Dr lost it talks about and remember this is a he's a medical doctor and Canal is and he shares how there is an attention attack on the human mind if I were me and he said it is through technology and of the process food that they that they are producing and he said this is intentional and he said it's the intention is to take over the human mind listen to what some of these men say in their book this is in the United States almost half of adults 46.4 percent will experience a mental illness during their lifetime 5 percent of adults will experience a mental illness in any one year commuter 43800000 people today don't we see mental illness on the rise and suicide on the right rise it is because it is a direct result of the abuse and overuse of technology of adults United States with any mental disorder in any one year period 14.4 percent have one disorder 5.8 percent have to the stores and 6 percent have 3 or more half of all men to disorders begin by age 14 and threequarters by the age of $24.00 there's an attack on the human mind but also there's attack in the mind of our youth and our young adults in the United States only 41 percent of the people who had a mental disorder in the past year receive professional health care or the services. Yes the states these statistics are alarming and they should be concerning us here right now and those who are listening to us and they used to be in the Dells as listening there was after your mind is after my cause Never has our mind controls our life Jesus put it this way as a man thinks this in his heart so is he the devil knows that today so he wants to absorb we want to capture our minds but the last he goes on to say in his book of a mind that is attempting to focus on too many things focus is difficult at best too much too much input as the mind sees to discover what is best to pay attention to are you following this when there's too much input in the human mind the mind is trying to figure out now what do I pay attention to what do I focus on and now watch what Dr lost access he says notification from our phones our training our brains to be in a near constant state of stress and fear by establishing a steer a stress fear memory pathway are you following me so every time you know like I have my phone and I'm laying down or you know like I'm somewhere and I'm hearing. It is creating what a stress fear pathway my mind now think about that remember the young lady she was waiting for what a response or response or response response stress fear stress fear and she went to a state of panic and she lost her mind and went to parents arrived all they heard the words being repeated varies by various people face are you following me he was on to say and such a state means that the prefrontal cortex in the prefrontal cortex is responsive to the executive function of our lives you know as goals are prefrontal cortex goes on morality the un the you know there. Our prefrontal cortex determines how we think what we think about how we move how we live and the determines if I will be moral or immoral is that we said the part of our brain the normally do with some of our highest order of come to function goes completely haywire Facebook Facebook place and basically what is the do says he says is that this is a medical doctor talking in the canal is he said basically is shut down the result is people doing things that they would not normally do that get them in a lot of trouble they would try to do this before back in 2009 I was in a car accident and I have you know I socially the car to think of that I had a miss on quest I was driving on the highway and I got distracted for about 5 seconds I was driving and I saw a sort of new building that they had put up in there with how I said wow look at that and I turned and guess what was in front of me a car laid out to find they were driving 5 miles per hour the highway that was slight distress and I'll tell you how the story when I was driving Look I want like this I slow down I put my blinker real quick to get on to the passing lane cars are passing me and they beep the horn like you're not getting on this side of the road and I braced myself for impact and as I did something grabbed ahold of me I listened and said everything's going to be alright my car was totaled the ambulance came I was walking around the van and the e.m.t. said who was in that vehicle who wouldn't be a good as I was he said no there's no way you in that vehicle. As Oh yes I was in a vehicle she said no no no no she said Do you see the windshield someone's hair or arm pit that hit the when she was busted out I said. It was a me and so as she looked at me she said no no no you don't realize you've been injured as a man on fire and I said and so I gave her my social security number where I live she said no no no and so she flipped me over onto the stretcher and her partner said no no you can't do that to him because you know that's it that's doing that against his will and he said no no he's injured he doesn't realize it she strolled me onto the ambulance are you following me put me in the Amazon said we're going to have to contact somebody who knows you so they can look at you and say yes he's Ok And she said you don't realize your head has been injured and so I thought really. So they call my wife I called my wife and I said honey you know just just just so you know I'm Ok but they're telling me that you have to come look at me and tell them that it's me and that I'm fine so she comes she arrives the lady gives her a warning at the door Ok You know what I am because of lessons you know and some of what you do my wife looks at me I stand up and she says look at his head is he Ok and my wife said his head his head always looks like that. She said His head is that big. So you're laughing Is that true I have a big head. She said His head is perfectly fine she actually thought that my head was swollen The thing is this. When I went to the vehicle there was told this still happens. I arrived you know the place that you know the you know the you know the toll records you know the guy who and he says C'mere he says you were in this car and I say Yeah he said sit in the car so I seen the car and him and he says look look over the dash and he goes it's as if nothing had to happen to the vehicle he said I've never seen them like he was how fast you want to sell more 55 maybe 45 he goes let me show you something else he takes me to the car goes the he has the frame is not even bent he said this vehicle looks like the front just crushed but it didn't come in it didn't venerating he said I'm showing you this because this is an impossibility going that fast the angel Lord and camps around those that were fear him and he will. Deliver them I am alive to day by the grace of God God is good yes to distractions have become too much innocent and his paralyzing the minds of men and women you Goodell's and children all because we are desiring and thirsting for something much more than we should be. Desiring and thirsting for God has created us to desire and serve for him so why don't we taste and see that the Lord is indeed God The Bible tells us that likewise as it was also on that likewise as it was also the days of life follow the thought look at the tax they ate what else they do they drank what else they do they brought what else they do what else were they doing they planted they built. But on the day the Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them or even so it will be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed what do you see there in the text what is happening. Again. But the something more they look just to the tax whereas their focus. Was much the eating drinking there by. Their planting in their building the Bible say that they were focusing on God very interesting you see they had an attention deficit disorder for the things of. Their attention was distracted from the things of the Lord now these are the facts if that was written today it would say they were gaming and Face Booking are you following and they were Instagram. And they were linking and they were all that stuff arriving right a contemporary version would be using those words because they will be distracted and do you know that a.d.d. is on the rise a.d.h. the this is this or this attention deficit disorder cause as it was in the days of what law so that is the same today the devil is just using a different medium called the media once again like I said it can be used for in a beneficial manner I usually say but the devil is going in the middle of all this and is grabbing the attention of the human mind and we have become very distracted from the things of God. But look what happened. Listen to the commentary biology work. She says Luck went out to warn his children remember in the book. Of Genesis Chapter 1000 what will win this morning lot was told by the angel to get out of the city right or wrong and then he is told by the angel listen if you have anyone else that you know to get out get them wore out. If you have your Bibles. True with me if you will. To that after Genesis 19 verse 7 Sunni verse 12. Then the men said to live have you one have you anyone else here son in law or your sons your daughters and whoever and whatever you have in the city take them out of this place that is God's mercy for we will destroy this place because the outcry against them has grown great before the face of the Lord and the Lord has sent us to destroy it verse 14 so Lot went out and spoke with his sons in law who had married his daughters and said yet up and get out of this place for the Lord will destroy this city but to his sons in law he seemed to be what joke they said Dad you are a joke that I make that. Is. Really with him when the morning dawned induced urge lust to Harry saying Arise take your wife your 2 daughters who are here these you be destroyed consumed this should be consumed in the punishment the city and while he lingered. What a lot do. He lingered and want to talk about that tomorrow the men took hold of his hand his wife hand and the hands of his daughter the Lord being what mercy lot didn't want to go at 1st did the Lord was what the Lord was merciful merciful to him and they brought him out and said I'm outside of the city and the verse 17 says they said to him escape for your life do not look back. Very far as it was in the days of life so shall it be the coming of the Son of Man the book of Matthew in the book book and the book of Luke make this commentary one will be on the house. Right one will be on the field and I'm going to insert David Guerrero's translation but it doesn't but it doesn't do it to the text and don't look back. That's the Texas does it says don't go back in the house don't don't look back don't look back now watch what happens here is the commentary Lao went out to want to children he repeated the words of the angel up get out of this place of the law will destroy the city but he seemed to them as one that Mark they land what they called his superstitious fears his daughters was influenced by their husbands they were well enough off where they were they could see no evidence of danger everything was just as it had been they had great possessions and they could not believe it possible their beautiful Saturn would be destroyed largely turned sorrowfully to his home he told the story of his failure to his wife and the story so they're not going to come with us in the book The Church of Babylon pays 261261 the author there Dr Litter says this We have too much noise and not enough quietness. Too many videos and e-mails too much television Internet media tractions let us readily turn off the noise to contemplate God in private worship in scriptural meditation and may I say and memorization listen to what this White says she goes on to say then the angels bade him Arise and take his wife and the 2 daughters who are yet in the house and leave the city by lot delayed the daily distress at beholding deeds of violence he had no true conception of the debating in a public iniquity practice in the vile City he did not realize the terrible necessity for God's judgment to put a check on scene some of his children clung to Saddam and his wife refused to depart with them the thought of leaving those whom held he held dearest on earth seemed more than he could bear she goes on to say it was hard to see his look serious home and all the wealth that he acquired by the labors of his old life to go forth a destitute wanderer stupefied with sorrow he lingered loath to depart but for the angels of God they would have all perished in the ruin of Sodom you know is going to be but for the mercy and grace of God his age that you and I heart how can a person this old world the heavenly message just took him and his wife and daughter by the hand and lead them out of the city you see what happened to his children. Living in the wicked city in the midst of unbelief his faith or grow them get out of the city get out of the city get out of the city and yet in our church today many are marking those I want to get out of the city and just like many of our children are going to be lost because we're living too long in the city by beholding We become what changed last faith or grown dim because he lived where 30 and he lost his children. Why because he lingered and he stayed where in the city I'm not mocking anyone they live in the city I'm just saying that the Lord's impression you go you better go too late and tomorrow I'm going to share with you what how God had to work on my heart to move where I both of them are 22 it just because and I'm not proud to say this because Mr Lott was trying to negotiate with God to stay in a small city and when the gentleman offered me what I was asking the asking price of my house and I had it and I looked at another store tomorrow and I said well I just need to keep praying about this my wife actually kicked me from the table too. And she looked at me she said What are you doing I said I need time to pray she said Now now I know you you're trying to stop. Where did this all begin with you know the question oh begin how do you get this way this is happening because he was living in Sodom and Gomorra that it did happen there and that. It had been over a lifetime term with me if you want to test a Chapter 13 the Bible says there that has as you read Genesis you know 11 in 12 and you go to 13 Abraham was called by God to leave his father's house he said I'm going to bring you to a land of promise the Bible says that Abraham brought his family Sumi his herd and his cattle and he also brought with him Sarah and he brought with him his nephew lot. And as they were living together and their families were growing the Bible says that you know both of them what was happening was was that they were both prospering and student the cattle was growing the Bible says this and there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram's cattle and their Earthman of lots of cattle and the Canaanites in the Paris ised well in the land so they can strike between them why because they're there they're both starting to expand in their territory harvested you see that in the text they're all right and so Abraham being a gentleman says you know what you choose what ever property or land that you want and if you go west you go goes south and I'll just go in the opposite direction watch what happens here and lot lives up his eyes and he beheld all the plane of Jordan that it was well watered everywhere before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah even as the God of the Lord like the land of Egypt as thou covers and to Zoar watch what happens then law chose him all the plain of the Jordan and law journey east and they separated themselves one from the other Abraham while the land of Canaan and Ludwell the city the plain and paste is tend towards what where a lot said I'm going to get the best for myself then me right he looked around he said I'm going take the best for me have you ever done have you thought that way have you for over church position I want to be the head elder I want to be there so I want to be that hope now. You know you are for for that position in life. Or Or he could very or you coveted that vehicle or someone else's property if you want to prosper like then. Or did you want to get over on someone and said I'm going to get the best for who me but the men of Sodom were with even sinners before the Lord exceedingly Now watch this this is a look at the commentary in the book page of the prophets although lot old his prosperity to his connection with Abraham he offered no gratitude to his benefactor courtesy would have dictated that he yielded choice to who but instead of this what instead of this he selfishly endeavored to grasp all its advantages I did you see that there he was seeking the best for himself he who seeks to save his life we were. And his selfishness and his selfishness led him to lose his wife and his children listen to what he goes on to say he lifted up his eyes behold all the plain the Jordan that was well water everywhere even as the green God of the Lord like the land of Egypt as our commitment to Zoar the most fertile region in all Palestine was the Jordan Valley we by need to be whole The Last Paradise and equalling the beauty in productiveness of the Nile in which planes they had so lately to live there were cities also wealthy and beautiful inviting to profitable traffic in their crowded markets dazzled with visions of worldly gain lot overlooked the moral and spiritual evils that would be countered there the inhabitant of the plane were sinners before the Lord exceedingly but a vis he was ignorant or knowing gave it a little weight he chose. Him or the plane of Jordan and pitched his tent towards him how little did he ever see the terrible result of what his selfish choice. You see there was a difference between Abraham and. Abraham was very courteous how man and. Was very discouraged us selfish innovator who got different between light and Abraham and he was able to. Remove from thence to him out of the east and pitched him pieces 10 having Best All the wares and high on the east and there you go the north of the Lord and call upon the name of the Lord do you see Abraham's behavior where Abraham when he erected a what and he spent time in prayer with who with the Lord seeking the Lord for what for direction in all things in his life next exit Genesis 34 and 2 unto the place of the altar which he had made there at the 1st and then Abraham called on the name of the Lord to see everywhere Abraham goals what does he do he is calling and calling and calling and calling on the name of the Lord reach you again 1318 then Abraham move removed these 10 and came in the world in the plain of memory which is in Hebrew and and build there what an altar unto the Lord everywhere Abraham goes Iraq salt on through unto the Lord and he's praying is pleading with God is actually God for wisdom understanding and direction listen to what Mrs Weiss says concerning this matter the children of God of the world over are one family and the same spirit of loving conciliation should govern them because only affect an affectionate to one another with brotherly love in honor prefer a one another is the teaching of our Savior. The cultivation of uniform courtesy a willingness to do to others as we would wish them to do to us would annihilate half the ills of life the spirit of self aggrandizement is the spirit of Satan but the heart in which the love of Christ is cherish will possess the cherished was she could not her own such will he the divine injunction look not every man of his own things but every man also on the things of all another. You know I have a daughter and her name is Ha ha I would when a girl or a lot of people say that she looks like he didn't that's true yeah yeah you do that's good I must be pretty. Because I think the history and man it would hurt my heart if my daughter was lost because of my selfish choices it would hurt me early because of the the choices in the cities that I'm making and why my daughter would refuse to have a relationship with Jesus Christ would be the same with you if your children rejected the Lord because your selfish behavior as it was in the days of live the Bible said so shall it be it's a warning to us as in the coming of a son but I was a reactive life I was small has its bearing for good or for evil everything we do every act of life this is some acts of life every act of life has a bearing for what good. Or Evil is the worst Your goes on to say. Faithfulness or neglect. In what are apparently the smallest duties may be open may open the door for life riches blessings or its greatest calamities it is little things that test the character. It is the pretending acts of daily self-denial perform with a cheerful Willie heart that God miles apart we are not to live for self but for others and it is only by self forgetful ness by cherishing and loving helpful spirit that we can make our life up less the little attentions the small simple courtesies go far to make up the sum of lives happiness and the neglect of these constitute no small share of human. Wretchedness. A result of the book of Philippians. Chapter 4 verse 4 and 5 I have the New King James Version and you may have the King James version and I and I will and I will quote from the King James because I have it in my mind with Joyce in the Lord always and again I say with Joyce and then he says let you are if you have a King James Version you say let your moderation be main known to all right all men because what the Lord is at hand this is Texas talking about the last days right the Lord is at hand if you have the New King James Version what it says it says this and the Greek word actually means both Ok the New King James Version says let your gentleness be made known not to men because the law is at hand because a Greek word means you know moderation means to be to restrain the Grammy to restrain years. But to do so in a way that is kind and courteous don't do it because Raja nly because I in the bout it. And the Enter the time in which we living in the last day of the by will say that we should learn by God's grace his power his strained his spirit to be what type of people jammed saw the fruit of the spirit is what love joy peace longsuffering patients just yes. Chi us all share story with you. And I'll close for more the evidence we see we see the light had developed a spirit of self centeredness Danny and self-esteem showing the minute that there was one thing that saved his life and I'll show you the quote from the Spirit of Christ and why I said the thing they say it is life was courtesy. And when angels came to. Love was what was courteous he said Brother had a brother and rather a brother come and stay with with me it's a dislike to your life if you are curious you can do. About 3 years ago. It's been 2 years ago every year our minister we have a mentor tree so we had a mentor a tree whatever which he would I say Ok or by still listening and that afternoon one afternoon doing the men's retreat we all went on a hike and then we were going to go out on to the lake and spend some time on the lake in the water so we all just began to go on some boats in canoes actually follow me and so. It was kind of cold and I decided not to go my son Joshua decided not to go and my friend Dr Tim Crawley decided not to go and so we stayed on shore and were talking while the rest of the men went out with their sons out for an afternoon on the lake 2 young men. Pastors we didn't know them and they began to tell a a raft she's me a in a canoe out on to the lake it was the grace of God that Dr Tim looked over and said hey hey young young men and they said what they said he said all I'm going to lick everybody says can redesign you gotta put on your life jackets and this is all Ok and the 2 young men they put on their life jackets and they go out on their canoe right there on their raft. Their canoe and they're going out. To the water we turn and we begin to talk and we're kind of joking and laughing talking and we hear faintly where out in the water Hello hello hello and we look and it's way out and we see that the whole thing had capsized and now this was in it was late in the fall so was very cold water you falling and that's one thing Timothy Olyphant you got to be careful because you get in there water you're going to freeze very quickly follow the story as they look Dr Tim my son instantly grab their bow and they start going out into the water and I stop and I tell my son Josh Josh he looks mostly listen whatever you do if you get out there and they're panicking don't try to pull anybody up because they will pull you over and he's rowing now it's like Ok dad Ok that and I said Did you hear what I said yeah yeah yeah as they are going out. You can see them kind of surround the young men are trying to go around and tell me to come back out here you've got this call now you got because they have life jackets on. And you can see to talk that when they finally get close enough the book come down they pull 1 April 2. As That's all happening a lady comes out of a cabin and she says you know where my sons are are are those my sons and I said I don't know because I don't know them and her daughter comes out says no that can't be them because we told them to stay out of the water because it's too cold and so no that's not them and so she's looking and she's wondering and finally Dr Tim and my son my son is there look front. Arrive and guess what that herself and she began she begins to cry because she realized what is that things could have turned out differently are you following me and her son grabs his mom i'm Ok I'm Ok what would have happened had we had not seen those young men and told them put on your but I think you missed something in the picture which brings tears to my eyes go back a certain who didn't have a life jacket on my son we get ashore as it. Were you thinking I was going you must attack us what you deal with who. I said What went through your mind as you jumped on to have both and you went after those guys he said that all I thought was this there's just no no way there was just no other way but to get on a boat and save those. As if you were fearful scared as you he said I said I was trained as I was growing. I said Lord give me West Lord help me and Jesus became his life back he who saves is who he who seeks to save his life but he will do what. I say you say hope you get. This to work he says. It is the unpretending acts of daily self-sacrifice there to save the night before with a cheerful willing heart God smiles. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leader visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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