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03 The Gift Came with Wrappings: In His Image

Michael Carducci


Michael Carducci

Co-Director, Coming Out Ministries


  • April 17, 2021
    6:45 PM
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I'm really excited tonight to be able to share this program with you I want to give you a little bit of background and I'm not sure what's on the slide Ok I see what's on the slide so here we go here who am I and I was actually invited to speak at an academy and this academy had k. through 12th grade and so they said we're going to allow you to speak to the children you know every day from 9 o'clock to 1030 or whatever and I said well wait a minute you're going to have the k. through 6th graders listen to what I talked to the you know 7 through 12 graders and they said yes not a problem I go will well yeah it is because I can't share with the with the k. through 6th graders what I want to share with the older group I said but the little kids need something too and they said well we'll just we'll leave out k. through 6th grade and you could just speak to the to the young adults and I said no no wait a minute the world is already trying to educate our children even before they get to school and then once they get to school then they educate them even more I said we need to have something for the younger kids so the Lord really impressed me to kind of make it simple make it plain and how can we educate our children about identity and sexuality without instructing them but how can we do that in a foundational way so that when they're exposed to the darkness when they're exposed to the things that are untrue about God that they would be prepared to be able to handle it right is not what we want is not what we want to as parents raise your hand if you're a parent of a young person. Or raise your hand if your parent of an old person doesn't matter now Ok so again isn't that the challenge today is how can we educate our children so that we're not instructing them but giving them the foundations of God about identity and sexuality to prepare them you know and to arm them for when deception comes so that's what this program is about I want to I'm going to fill it in with some adult things you know so it's not too primary for you but I also want to break it down and show you if you are a parent how you can introduce these concepts to children in a way that is not going to harm their their. Their sensibilities and also instruct them in ways that they shouldn't go but also to prepare them because it's not our responsibilities to prepare them for the world that we're living in So without further ado I'd like to open with the word of prayer Heavenly Father we thank you Lord for this day and it's been an incredible day to be able to connect with old friends and new friends to meet new people to have conversations and also Lord to experience the goodness that you have prepared and set aside by your your very presence Lord being in this day and Lord we appreciate it I love how somebody was saying earlier that we shouldn't rush into our secular world but yet we should savor every moment that we have of the Sabbath hours and so Lord as the Sabbath is approaching and we go into this program Lord we just ask that you would extend that blessing for the time that we're together tonight that Lord that maybe rather then the times when we fly into the Sabbath and and begin our worship with you that Lord that as the Sabbath is ending that we would slide out of the Sabbath as well so Lord be with us I pray send your Holy Spirit in luminous a light muss and equip us Lord for the onslaught that is coming that is already here at the door and I thank you and I praise you in Jesus' name amen All right. So while I was in Europe I just want to tell you this amazing thing amazing thing there were a lot of miracles that happened while I was gone for those 6 months and of course many opportunities opened up for me to speak but I actually went to Bogun health and seminary college anyone ever heard of it that's Ok it's there trust me it's in Austria and I got to stay in a castle so for a homeless guy living in an r.v. that was really a lot of fun to be able to say that I'm staying in that castle so while I was staying at in Bogan hall Phon the 1st time that I was there I actually gave this program to the educating students and also to the to the faculty of the Education Department. When I was done giving this program I said to the director of education department who I've known for about 5 years I said I really want to put together a resource right I want to put together resources that we can educate our children we can use or for parents we can use or for teachers we can use or for Sabbath school teachers when there be great to have a resource where we can be in charge of educating our children about identity and sexuality in the biblical way that's safe for them would not be a good resource to have so it's not interesting it takes an x. gay hairdresser who's never been married or had children to be able to put some of these thoughts together but I think that you'll find it valuable because they did and when I was done with that program the director of the Education Department she said listen I really see that we could use this resource and she said in Austria and in many countries they have this law that even if you're even if you're in an admin a school of Christian school what happens is the sex education workers they come in and they excuse the teachers out of the classroom and the sex educators they actually actually educate your children about sex from kindergarten on up and she said this she said I want a curriculum I want a certification where when my educators graduate from Bogun often seminary that they can actually go out into the world and they are actually sex educators themselves but with this program rather than what the world does is not amazing and then that way it would eliminate having the government step in and bring in their sex educators. Yeah look a little bit stunned Is that Ok right is not a good thing Ok All right good good are you tired if you're tired it's all right you don't have and you're in your popcorn I know so so bear with me. So anyway I was amazed by that but listen the best part comes after this I was walking back to the castle and as it was walking back to the castle this young woman comes up to me and she said listen I was really touched by your program and she said this she said I actually just got a masters a master's degree and she said and while I was in my master's training I actually became a 7th Day Adventist Christian and she said I actually have a Master's get this in gender studies i know i know i know right so she says I've got a master's in gender studies and I would love to help you with this program if you would let me come on you guys that's a big deal there God is amazing isn't it he will allow somebody this the director of education at a seminary college to help work on this project with a hairdresser x. gay person that never had children and also we're going to have a person with a master's in gender studies who believes in Biblical sexuality working on this program thank you thank you Ok there's hope for you there's hope for you guys Ok we got locked out because I took too long Ok we're back so I want to share this with you and there are many opinions that are going around and there are many opinions going around in our schools and I think I made that clear when I was speaking earlier today but I want to read to you this and I think that it's amazing that Ellen White was so clear on what's coming and you know isn't it wonderful or what did I do oh it's still there but I can't see it Ok let me see Ok guys I lost the screen I can't see what's coming. I know they're they're all up in their life waving and stuff to start we'll figure it out so I want to share with you this quote but I can't read it to you so if I come to your house the kind man Ok to be rid of the Cayenne. So I want to share with you this quote Listen to this from Cots from the mount of blessings page 138 it says in the road to death the whole race may go with all their worldliness all their selfishness all their pride dishonesty and moral debasement there's room for every man's opinions and doctrines space to follow his inclinations to do whatever his self-love may dictate in order to go in the path that leads to destruction there is no need of searching for the way for the gate is wide and the ways Brod and our feet naturally turn into the path that ends in death. And that interesting so what is it that holds our moral fiber together it's the Word of God isn't it and so again I want to review some of the things that I that I talked about last night remember Jacobson address isn't it interesting what's this little kid's name what is Jacob mean in the Bible there's Seaver All right all right so it's not interesting that we've got Jacob in a dress but Jacob's name and self even means deceiver and so this is going to be valuable remember last night we talked about the Princess Boy and His dad tells him how pretty he looks in his dress he tell it all done by the hand and tells him to remember that did you know that in England in London England there is a 1000 percent increase on transgenderism among children. And what that means is that these children are being groomed to take these hormones for the rest of their life to be on these hormone blockers so that they can have the sex change that they desire even before they're of the legal age that they can vote in their own country and this is what's going on in the world and so that's why I have this program called Who am I. Now originally it was called in his image which I really like better but remember if we are to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as does then we want this program to appeal to everybody so if it says in His image people automatically will assume that that's a Christian program and that may shut it down from even being able to see it but if we call it who am I isn't that the verbiage that we hear you know in contemporary society so let's use what we can so that we can engage in people and hopefully help to influence them in the ways of God And so what I do is I take the children on is this Do I need this can I move or I can move I think I can move so with children what I do is I started off with them k. through 6th grade and there's all these children there and you know how restless children are so remember parents and teachers when you're dealing with children give them something to get involved with so basically what I do is I put this on the screen to go and my and of course the crowd shouts No and I say am I a giraffe No You know kids get this concept pretty easy am I a dog no Am I a cat No And so what we start to do is we start to do this little game with children will be a gauge them and we start taking them through silly little games with this silly little game is going to lead up to the hypocrisy in the ridiculousness of this new age movement coming in that I can change my gender and change who I am but we're really subtle so we start to engage the kids and they say now I'm not a cat and so then the next lie comes up and say Who are we what we're boys and girls right and then I read from Genesis $127.00 it says so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male in female created He them. So again I just reason with the kids I go God made 2 kinds of people just 2 kinds how many to you guys are better than those little kids and so 2 kinds of people male and female I say so if you're boys stand up and then all of a sudden the boys all stand up and the girls don't dare you know they just sit there and the guys you know they stand up because guys like to move in they just go in they will go in there move it around and say yeah yeah I'm a guy and then all of a sudden I say if your girl stand up so then the boys drop they drop so fast because they don't want to be in that group when the girls stand up am I right right and so the whole idea is to get them engaged let them participate let them be a part of the process and every time that they do these exercises you're imprinting in their mind that yes I'm a boy or yes I'm a girl does that make sense right and then we also want to talk to them about the fact that God created his image in us that we are also the image of God and that's how he gave us boys and girls to kinds and especially with young children you want to review this every day you want to go over these principles with these principles are embedded in their heart and in their soul so again Genesis Chapter one Verse 10 talks about how creation was good and you know it kind of minimizes a little bit not that it's a little thing but there's an emphasis that I want to put on a part and so I say you know what after every day when God was done creating that day up to after the 1st day after the 2nd day 3rd day God stood back and said you have this is good that's good but when he created Adam and Eve Look at this in Genesis chapter one of verse 31 he said when God created man and woman he stood back and he said Whoa. This is very good. Is that right come on come on this is very good why because the image of God was expressly put into the relationship between one man and one woman why because it takes one of each takes one man and one woman sexually coming together because what happens when a man and a woman come together that are in a committed relationship under God and they have a sexual relationship it makes Perry B.'s kids even understand this concept and so the beautiful thing is is that God is a God of creation God is a creative God He speaks and things are created and so God bypassed the angels which created a little higher than than humans and what he did is he gave the gift of creation to man a characteristic of God in the relationship between a man and a woman and that's not a dirty thing brothers and sisters that's a good thing that's a blessing that came directly from God and in that expression of creating life because the very image of our Creator. To see how beautiful and profound that is but you know we have Christianity it's like calm down Mike you know we don't want our kids to learn that that young you know we want to keep their innocence right so how is it that we keep their innocence if we don't let them know that there's a great gift that was given to mommies and daddies and the establishment of the family even in the Garden of Eden it was never a dirty thing until sin came around right and so how many of chi are many kinds of people to God create a sea of my the images come out boys and girls it's not cute and so it's very simple so when God created only 2 kinds and you want to stress this point you only created 2 kinds male and female and then what happened God told Adam that Eve was to be is wife is not beautiful and then marriage was created in the Garden of Eden a very beautiful thing a blessing one of the 2 institutions that God established in the Garden of Eden What was the other one that's right and we are experiencing that today so God then told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply and that what happened they had a sexual relationship and they started to get pregnant and they started to have children and so this is a very elementary lesson and I thank the lady they gave me these chords and so we have 2 kinds God created 2 kinds male and female right and so what happens what happens when these 2 come together it produces powers not right and that power is the creative power of what God is given to each one of us in an exclusive relationship between one man and one woman so what happens when 2 women come together what happens no power thank you no power and then what happens when 2 men come together no power and then what happens if a transgender person who is mutilated their sexual organs comes together. No power again so that this is a very simple element and I think it beautifully explains how the image of God is created in one man and one woman through the marriage through the pregnancy then through the family and then what you're doing is you're letting your children know that a family the family is a blessing from God mothers and fathers brothers and sisters sons and daughters is not beautiful so in a very simple way were establishing this and then we can use an example in the bible take some time and ask your children to show you examples of families in the Bible it's very simple look at this Jesus was even given to Joseph a Mary male and female parents God has given man the gift to create life come on that's worthy of something isn't it that's a huge thing but I think that we minimized the beautiful gift of what God has given to us for fear that our children are going to learn something that they shouldn't learn right. But let's move on so we then talk about Lucifer Lucifer fell from heaven right and you can take it to the chapter 14 this is how you are fallen from have an illusive 1st son of the morning how you are cut down to the ground you who weaken the nations for you a set in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation on the far of the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high boy that some really pompous words a sinner so we want to really show our children that the desire of the enemy is to be in the same place as God right he says yet you shall be brought down to to Sheol to the lowest depths of the pit I didn't really need to read that part but the point being is that we know that there is an enemy of souls and this enemy has souls wants to be in the position that God is in and so imagine how an angel who was created higher than humans was bypassed to have the very gift and the image of God placed in a man where we can create life but he cannot do you imagine how that made him angry Madge and how angry the enemy got so if the enemy is angry because we got this precious gift to create life which is an example of what the life giver gives What do you think is going to want to do to that gift. You guys are really bright All right so Psalms verse 8 are Chapter 8 in verse 5 for that has made mankind a little lower than the angels and his crown him with glory and honor so Satan of course is jealous that we have this gift that is like God. So remember in John Chapter 10 of verse 10 it says a thief comes only to steal to kill and destroy I came that they may have life and have it more abundantly and so we want to make sure that our young people know that the devil is out there and he's going to try to steal kill and to destroy the precious gift that God has given to one man and one woman in a committed relationship under God does that make sense so we've given our children a whole lot end of the 1st day that's it you guys can go home but that's all right we've got 4 more days to cover but isn't that beautiful is that a dirty think that I didn't bring up something dirty No I showed the beauty of God and the blessings that he gave to us the affirmation of 2 kinds male and female and those are principles that with your children you're going to want to review as often as you can with examples so that these principles are in their sweet little mind 2nd day. Everyone is unique each one of us use is unique and yes we recognize again you might want to do a little review all the girls stand up and then all the guys stand up and do this review but then you want to talk about the fact that even though there's 2 kinds each one of us is completely individual if you separated all the guys on the side and all the girls on this side we would look at each other guys and we would know that we're uniquely different from everybody else except for David he kind of looks like me a little bit dontcha think all right so so you want to establish these facts but then we want to take it into a little bit of a different thing we want to talk about the fact that each one of us was created differently than everybody else that each one of us has fingerprints right and you want to show everybody your frank a prince and you want to show your kids your fingerprints and you want to look at their fingerprints and compare baby could do a little study where you put a little in pattern everybody does a little fingerprints and we compare them and say hey this is Johnny's fingerprints and look at Alice's fingerprints they don't match they're completely unique and all of this is again is to let them know that they're special to God that you were created by a loving God who even before the earth was formed he knew who you were so God created each of us individually as totally unique from each other but according to the Bible he only made how many times. 2 kinds male and female so again doing another review that God created male and female but biology now we want to switch a little bit over to biology d.n.a. the d.n.a. that runs in your veins is also your fingerprint did you know that that you might scar your hand and you might change your fingerprint but guess what you d.n.a. inside your blood will always stay the same and there are only 2 kinds of d.n.a. male and female is not cool so God's giving us another affirmation another example that we are unique and separate but yet there's only 2 kinds So while each one of us has different d.n.a. because of the parents that we come from there's only 2 kinds of d.n.a. male and female so now what I want to do is I want to segue into an area that's really difficult for young kids and as somebody who was tortured by bullying in school I want to segue to the way that kids view each other and so the next thing that I want to talk about is there are differences for males you know what there's a lot of different kinds of ways to be a male you know some are macho men and they like sports a lot and I don't know that they do that so convincingly but then there are gentlemen you know there are some guys that like the arts and they like to play piano and they like to play instruments and so there are many ways to be a boy isn't that right and so we need to celebrate those differences and maybe in a classroom setting you can celebrate those differences and you can say oh you know Little Eddie he likes to play the piano and he's really good at that or a little catheter or we're going to talk about God So like maybe to me he likes to play for different instruments or maybe Johnny likes to sing in the choir and then there's other kids that like sports and they like to get out and they like to run around in mud and I was a type a kid my hair was never messed up. It was always perfect when I came home from school but that was just the kind of kid I was but again because I didn't feel like I measured up that I didn't I wasn't like the tough guys in school I wasn't picked for the to the sports like they were I felt inadequate as I was and so what that did is that moved me into thinking that maybe I would be better off to find as a girl so what we want to do is we want to celebrate the differences of boys we want to teach children not to make fun of kids that aren't like us but instead to include them we include you because you are a guy you're a boy doesn't matter what you like to do right and so we want to do the same thing for girls there are many ways to be a boy so there are differences in females you know we have some girls that are girly girls and they like lace some flowers and all kinds of things and then there are sporty girls or girls that like to climb trees and and and and play sports and things it doesn't make you less of a girl me want to talk about those distinctions and again to give the children an opportunity to recognize that just because you're a girl you're included right because again the Bible says that our words have the power of life and death and for the 1st 12 years that I was in early education I went to 10 different schools within those 12 years in 3rd grade and went to 3 different schools and you know what every new year was a crap shoot I had no idea if I was going to be accepted or picked on as a matter of fact in 7th grade I had to be protected by these 2 big black girls in my school because the other kids they would kick my books out from under me or beat me up so these 2 girls would follow me to my classes to keep me from getting beat up it was a really rough year and so again we want to make sure that our children learn early on that our words have power and meaning and that there's a 0 tolerance for bullying but that doesn't mean that we throw out the truth of God Instead we establish the truth of God as it is and that there are many ways to be a boy and girl is that beautiful Ok All right so then then the choice so then my next point is I say hey do you like to dress up what kid do you know that doesn't like to dress up. Let me give you an example I love this example my nephew a cute little 3 year old kid right is running around in the house and his mother got him this this d.v.d. and it was Sampson Ang Sampson Yeah it was that it was a story of Sampson so on the back cover of this d.v.d. it shows Samson with those big muscles and he's holding this huge rock this big square rock and the look on his face you know he's straining so he's got this look on his face that kind of looks like a smile My nephew interpreted that as a smile My sister she went to the store and she found this muscle shirt so it was like flesh colored but it had muscles built into it and my nephew he would wear that every day for several hours and he would take the sofa cushion off the sofa and he would walk around the house holding the sofa cushion above his head with a big smile on his face like this. Because he was imitating Sampson right I mean it's cute isn't it so again kids like to dress up kids like to pretend and God gave each one of us a great imagination and let me put this plug in at this moment that when children don't know the difference between imagination and real then what right do we have to tell children that they can choose their sacks of their identity what they need is reality they need opportunities to play and to act things out but they need reality rather than these ideas of fantasy that I can be anything or whatever that I want to be so again the whole idea of this instruction is select children know that they have many ways to identify themselves but there are 2 kinds male and female and that God has given to us a very specific identity right so again asking the kids you like to play dress up yes of course every kid likes to play dress up and so some kids may imitate Bible characters some children may imitate certain animals you know it's fun to throw a sheet over the kitchen table and pretend that that's a fort or a den or whatever you want and so at the end of the day what happens. We take off arc our costumes and we put them away so at the end of the day you know we may be able to pretend we may be able to act like we're something else but I can't when we're done playing what do we do we take up our costume and we put it away and then I become Johnny again right so this is a very very very important principle that we want to in instill in our children to let them know that yes we can pretend by the way we make our parents but at the end of the day we're still who we are who God made us to be male or female right with unique d.n.a. So it's fun to pretend we want to go through a couple of these things it disguises who we are but does it really change who we are and process with their children and how they go Yes I love to pretend but no it doesn't change who I am it gives us the appearance of something or someone else sometimes our disguise can really fool people but again at the end of the day we take off our costumes and put them away and then we're ourselves again unfortunately many children have a very difficult life and so when they take off that costume and they put it away it's very difficult to be who they are we want to be exceptionally sensitive to this but we also want to let them know the reality is that we it is unchangeable we can change our d.n.a. that's our fingerprint that's who we were made to be all right regardless of what we may be going through Genesis Chapter 27 I think is a very powerful lesson on this using the Bible were never we can and isn't it cool that God is given to us through the stories of the Bible that we can use in our everyday lives with our children I love it you don't have to agree with me but I still love it so anyway with with with Jacob we want to talk about the fact that Jacob's name means deceiver supplant a right was a liar and so what did Jacob do he describes himself didn't he and what did he do we tried to disguise himself as his brother and what did he do when he used that disguise did he use it for a good thing or a bad thing. Very good he used it as a bad thing and he tricked his father into giving him his brother's birthright and so what happened because he disguised himself some bad things happened to Jacob didn't that and we want to process that and some of the bad things that had happened to Jacob is that he was never able to see his mother again and then when he deceased brother his brother wanted to kill him and so there was some really negative things that happened because he disguised who he really was and took something that didn't belong to him powerful story and when we use this we want to let our children know that it's important how we represent ourselves to other people isn't it interesting that in Deuteronomy Chapter 22 in verse 5 it says woman shall not wear that which pertains into a man neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all that do so are an abomination and to the Lord thy God So let's be very clear about this parents sisters when you dress up your little brother as a little girl and you put him in those cute little clothes it's not funny it's not cute you are committing an abomination. Have I made myself clear because I I see this happen all the time I see pictures that are posted of somebody dressing up the little brother as a little girl and you don't understand the power of what that does to a child that may be struggling with an identity issue like I said yesterday when my aunt would tease my hair and style like a woman in the mirror when I was 6 years old it gave me this incredible power this feeling that maybe one day I would be convincing as a little girl when we start implanting those thoughts and those feelings inside little kids whether it's boys dressing up as girls or girls dressing up as boys you're setting something in motion that your children may not be able to stop on their own. It's not funny it's not Q How about the man yesterday while higher who was dressed up as a little girl by his grandmother every weekend she had a Miss you would make these beautiful dresses by the time he was 7 years old their little secret was out she never dressed him up again but already what was set in motion in Walt's mind was that he was valueless as a boy and his only value to his grandmother was as a little girl something was set in motion all right so again according to God it's important it's important that we that we separate ourselves and that we make it very obvious those who are boys and those who are girls let me give you a an adult version of this you know there's a big issue going on about women's ordination and I'm not even going to touch that topic but I want to be very clear from from an ex homosexual x x a Higgs perspective when I came into the church I said who cares you know let the women run the church I probably do a better job you know you give all the men the day off in church and you know the women there they run a lot of things anyway they could probably do a very good job however God was very specific in how he how he laid things out and I'm a beneficiary of that because when I came into my church culture and I went to the 1st foot washing that they had in my church. There was a man that came up to me and asked if he could wash my feet and as he started to wash my feet and because I was so used to to being voided by the men afraid that if I shook their hand that they might get something on them this man was not afraid to wash my feet and as he washed my feet he just said kind words in the Holy Spirit was working and then this room had only 4 other guys in it it was a very small church and as his brother started to pray over me every man in that room was moved by the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit said Get up and touch him and those men came over to me and they put their hand on my shoulder and as my brother prayed for me I realized that I was no longer part of the lady's lunch club that I was now being included by the guys I was being affirmed by the guys and that affirmation was healing to something that had gone terribly wrong for many years of my life it's important to know who the guys are and it's important to know who the girls are because some of us need to know the distinction and the difference. Isn't got amazing he's not the author of confusion He's the author of peace right Ok and of the 2nd day is this fun. Ok good you're with me so again who am I a 3rd date the flood and it's really interesting because as I started to explore this and I just thought well isn't it a cute idea the whole idea of the 2 animals going into the ark but then it really started to open up my eyes that this story has a bigger application to did they than we could ever even imagine and there's a lot of things that are going to open up on this so why did you know I have to build an ark and you start talking to the children about this and what's really great is in Cradle Roll you paint a big rainbow on the room you know you build a makeshift ark and then you put the stuffed animals on there 2 by 2 and you teach children this very important lesson however I think that we as educators owe our children more because what we can do is with our 2 and 3 year olds we can actually teach them the principles of identity very early on through this beautiful illustration so let me demonstrate So again how many to God call into the ark and the children shall they go to of every animal I said that's right and who called the animals Genesis 6 verse 19 and of every living thing of all flesh 2 of every sort shall bring into the ark to keep them alive with you they shall be male and female Again this is another affirmation that God created how many kinds to that's right male and female and I said Ok So they all the animals came in 2 by 2 right I said What if God brought in 2 females is what he did in the kids go. And I said What was it 2 boys now what was it they go up oil in the girl they go why why would God bring in a boy in a girl and the kids in unison in their simple understanding who understand this much better than adults they say because they need to make babies and I go That's right. It's beautiful your children will do the story for you and so what's beautiful is to affirm the fact that God called the animals 2 by 2 into the ark right and you can do a little illustration you could remind them of their stuffed animals you can show them to animals going on to the Ark a boy and a girl and there's some other examples that will do a little bit later but it can that principle is so elementary and you can use this in a powerful way again to affirm God's design so Genesis 7 verse night they're there went into m. 2 and to Noah into the ark the male and the female as God had commanded Noah now now it would be a construct to basically say you know what that was no is decide decision to bring in you know 2 animals one of every kind but on what I love about Ellen why what I love about Spirit of Prophecy is she gives us just a little bit more don't you love that come on come on do you. Let me give an example I was really upset. To a member of the demoniacs write to member them and thank you Ellen it was 2 not one so anyway she says that there were 2 demoniacs in that graveyard and when they were healed when Jesus was sitting in them and they were in their right mind as I read Ellen White's description of them they had lost their manhood and making life a grand carnival guess what that was me and so I relate to those demoniacs and as I was relating to the demoniacs and Jesus was there healing and he wasn't afraid of them and they had lost their mind as he was sitting with them in their right mind and he was getting ready to leave they begged and they said Jesus please take us with you and he said No staying here and you know what to tell your story in the city and I'm telling you for somebody like me I was really upset by that I really question even my faith and I thought these guys wanted to be with you pick those 12 lousy guys and they couldn't even get along together and here's 2 guys begging you to stay with you and you won't let them stay with you can I get a witness. When I read what Ellen White wrote about those demoniacs. And she gave me just enough and I believe that that was written just for me if not for anybody else she said that if they would have been with Jesus they would have been in this company but instead because they obeyed the Lord and they told what they had seen and what got it done in their lives she said this their work that they did in that city they became the 1st foreign missionaries and she said that as they were witnessing about what they had done and experienced in that city that they were as close as if they were in the very presence of Jesus Christ I dropped to my knees right then and I thank God for just that little bit extra because it helped me know that Jesus wasn't casting them away that he was closer to them in their work as if they were in this very presence Wow Wow Isn't that beautiful Ok So again let me come back to the story so patriarchs and prophets gives us just a little bit more and in my in my what 50 some years of living I didn't know this principle maybe many of you did but this is what she said beasts of every description the fiercest as well as the most gentle were seen coming from mountain and fours and quietly making their way toward the are quietly making their way toward the ark animals obey the command of God guided by holy angels not Noah they went into and to and to know into the ark let me ask you brothers and sisters if you are an entity Lluvia and you saw the animals coming on their own lining up in fire all right cows and chickens and tigers and horses and elephants 2 by 2 just coming out of the woodwork and all of a sudden working towards the ark would you not know that something was up. Would God have to write your personal letter to let you know some is going down. And yet isn't it sad that only people got on that art and so again God is very plain and he gives us plenty of evidence to let us know exactly what his intention is for us and we want to make sure that we we show those points to our children at any time that we can so again who did God tell the get on the ark everybody right the invitation was for everyone and so I asked the kids I said so who got on the ark and they say no and his sons and I go Is that all and they go No you know no as wives also came or no his wife also came and I said All right well what about his sons yes their wives came to know this story and I said well why do you think that Noah's sons brought their wives so they could have babies again these kids they know this so again you want to let them know that they're that they're smart you want to reward them you want to say that's great you understand the principle and to use this is opportunities to affirm again the the combination of one male and one female right so what was the purpose of calling the animals onto the Ark Genesis 7 verse 2 of every claim beast I shall take to the by sevens the male in this female and of beasts that are not cleaned by 2 the male and his female another affirmation then again you want to take your kids on a field trip 2 kids like field trips come on now right so you want to make these principles and double into their mine and so we want to take our kids if you're an inner city kid what are the chances that you're going to be able to see life on a farm very small right so you want to take your kids to a farm and if you live in the country then you want to take your kids to a place where you have lots of animals and pigs and goats and all this kind of stuff because nothing says more about the creation and the intention of God than going to a farm if you want to know about sex then take your kids to a farm and we were talking stop a choice we were talking to some younger people or whatever I was saying that kiddingly So we were we were talking to some younger kids or whatever and this one kid said you know what I was a very inquisitive child. And I had lots of questions about things that I was seeing or whatever and unfortunately the kids went to a park and they saw 2 animals engaging in an act and then all of a sudden of course that just burst this kid and what are they doing you know why are they doing that and and all these questions came out and a lot of times parents say how do I know what to say you know to my children how do I guard them and not give them too much but yeah give them enough to understand what's going on and so of course I'm not a parent but I do believe that if your kid asks you a question don't be talking about the stork are we talking about the cabbage patch you know with your kids your children need to know that you're a source of authority Am I right. My parents told me about Santa Claus at Christmas time and so I asked my parents directly I had 2 younger sisters and I said Santa real and my mom and my dad they said oh yes Santa is very real. I asked you directly that's what they told me so Ok I guess Israel for the novice and the next year I found out that he wasn't and so guess what my parents were no longer reliable as a source of information and so if they lied about Santa Claus or they lie about Jesus Christ also would that be fair to say so we have a precious opportunity your children should know that you are the source of information more than anybody else in this world and if your children come to you and they say something that might be dirty or disgusting when you act appalled or offended you've now reduced your ability to relate to your children where they're coming from if you scream and say that's disgusting that's horrible that's filthy You shouldn't think that got you now shut down the opportunity to have real communication with your children. Me tell you a story that I think is just remarkable It brought me to tears there was a woman she came up to us we were presenting to the pastors in the Michigan conference her husband was a pastor and she was organizing this lady's luncheon it was very lovely you know they had nice little finger foods or whatever and they invited coming up ministers to have a q. and a with the pastor's wife so after the q. and a this lady comes up she looks very conservative she had her hair pulled back nicely or whatever she had a big smile on her face Betsy are you here is Betsy here any way she looked like that see so that's you know it's a very lovely lady she came up with this big smile and she said you know what I understand exactly what you were saying and my colleague and I We looked at her and said Come on please you you understand what we've been through and she started to share with us and she said I was raised in a good admin is home I don't know why but 5 years old they came up to my mother and I said Mother I want to see a naked man I know but her mother didn't overreact Instead her mother became clinical and she said well I don't really have a naked man to show you I guess we could ask your father and the girl said No no I don't want to see father and she said Well men have more muscles than we do and men have more hair than we do and what she did is she gave her enough information to satisfy your curiosity and she moved on but she did not do a little her daughter she didn't shame her she didn't make her feel bad Instead she answered a question clinically and moved on you're going to love this part so several years later this little girl had grown up she was probably about 12 or 13 and she had younger brothers and sisters they were cleaning out a house as a missionary effort and as they were cleaning out the house she opened up a cupboard and there was a centerfold of a naked man a lumberjack wearing nothing but a smile she ripped that poster down she hid it and what do you think she did with it. She said Mother look at naked man. If she was shamed and be a little old for her earlier question she never would have a mother maybe she would run to her friend maybe she would run to a boy in the neighborhood do you are you following what I'm saying but because her mother made herself a source of information that she couldn't be shamed by that her mother would tell her the truth and tell her it in an honest way that's what she did she brought it to a mother she said Look mother a naked man and her mother didn't overreact and rip the poster off and say you're shameful and spanker and punish or whatever instead she said well you've always wanted to see a naked man there is. And she said well look at that wasn't I right doesn't he have more muscles than we do Yes mother he does doesn't he have more hair than we do Yes mother he does and after they addressed all of the biological differences between men and women then she did the remarkable thing is she said look at his face what's he doing while he's smiling mother what do you think he's smiling about I don't know do you think he's a Christian I don't know do you think he's married do you think he holds the door open for his wife to think he has children that's when I started to cry because what she did is she affirmed the physical but then she brought it back to the spiritual and what she did is she took this example of something that was hideous and heinous but what she did is she she baptized in the Holy Spirit and she brought her daughter's thoughts towards the spiritual rather than to the physical to affirm the fact that when you pick a husband it's not about the hair in the muscles it's really about what goes on in between their ears and are they a good person are they dedicated to God and that's when the tears came out of my face because as a little boy struggling with my identity thinking that I was a girl my parents weren't safe are you if you're a parent are you safe. Are you no authority to your children will you tell them the truth when you tell them the truth without shaming them or making them feel guilty are you a source where your children run to you 1st instead of the kids in the neighborhood or to their teachers or to their school because when you are the source of all information for your children they will respect you and when things come up in the world they'll be able to come to you and say mommy somebody touched me where I should have been touched opes I'm sorry I talk too much I heard that Ok. Ok so again we want to go to our viewers there are children can too boy dogs have puppies course the kids say no can 2 kid female kittens have 2 female cats have kittens now can 2 male Tigers have baby tigers no what does it take to make babies a male and a female and if you don't have the opportunity to go to a farm and I think that you should you know when you give children you know something in nature that they can really see that's real it's a much better object lesson than to just show them pictures in a book but you still want to do something to show them the differences between male tigers and female Tigers right even God dresses them a little bit different so you want to give them those opportunities and this is the end of the 3rd day we got 2 more days Are you Ok Ok All right so who am I day for so again a little review he made 2 kinds male and female so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female so I am I am given the image of God It's something that he blessed me with that he didn't give to the angels because when I get married to my wife of the opposite sex that we create babies that is a gift from God and the image of God is expressly in us we know that the devil wants to destroy this image so he's going to do anything they can to take this precious gift away and you don't have to be specific about the l.g.b. t. thing children will just understand it when they start to see it does that make sense you put in the principles and let everything else take its course and it will happen. When God created man and woman he stood back and said This isn't just good it's very good differences between males as macho men and gentleman many ways to be a boy differences for females to sporting girls and girly girls many ways to be a girl Jacob disguised himself as his brother Esau What was the purpose of calling the animals onto the yard again male and female taking your kids to the farm the little the little outing so while you've done all of this and you can take weeks and months to do this and you can you can address the topic according to the age group of your children if your children need more information be sure to give it to him but if your children are innocent still you want to make sure that you give them just enough information to satisfy their curiosity but not to instruct them in other things that may cause them to fall so God covered the sky with a rainbow look at my face do you see where we're going with this listen brothers and sisters do not be ashamed of the rainbow do not cower from it to not be afraid of it when it's shoved into your face celebrated and I'm going to show you how so what does the rainbow represent I love this part you guys I love this part Genesis Chapter 9 of verse 13 to 15 I do set my bow in the cloud and this shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth and it shall come to pass when I bring a cloud over the earth the bows shall be seen in the cloud and I will remember my covenant which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh the rainbow is a representation of a covenant it's a covenant. It's not pride it's a covenant and the principle behind this is that God is giving us a rainbow after every storm to let us know that he honors a covenant that he makes and a covenant is an agreement between 2 parties you're not dragged in to kick you're not dragged into this agreement kicking and screaming it's your choice and when I chose to get baptized 20 years ago I was making a decision to follow Jesus Christ and he honored that covenant with me I broke it many times but he still honored his part in it and the rainbow is a reminder to me that my precious Savior honors this covenant that he's made with me and that I can always come into this coming to know that I'm protected is not beautiful Can you let your kids know that principal there's nothing to be ashamed of when you see a rainbow but we're going to teach the children something special 7 is a very important number in the bible isn't it what if 7 represent all you guys a good set of 1st time completion which may lead to perfection isn't that right completion leads to perfection so God says or when it's all said and done that will be perfect and I'm not a perfectionist and if you look too closely you'll see that I'm not however I'm in that process and Mary Magdalene had to be healed 7 times of demons that meant that Jesus kept healing or until it was complete and how many times did the did the General have to dip into that dirty filthy river before he was kinds of leprosy 7 times that means that God does not just work with instantaneous effect sometimes it's a process of cleansing Please can I get an Amen for that because I wish the moment that I walked out of that watery grave when I was baptized I thought that I would come out straight ready to date made and procreate. But recognizing that this was a process I had to not keep dipping literally in that water but I had to constantly come to Jesus as it was broken into file until the process was complete and if somebody would have helped me with that I wouldn't have had to go through all of this agony in my mind thinking that I did something wrong or that I must be unlovable or unsavable the next time you see a baptism I hope that you'll realize that that person is just beginning their journey and rather than think well you've done the 27 fundamentals beyond your way and don't send any more because that's when people are just beginning their journey with Jesus Christ what is it you said to me Joyce within the 1st 6 months that's when the devil attacks are the most after you baptized Isn't that when we really need to support each other and love each other instead of abandoning them because now I've done my work you know I did my Bible studies Simon completed your baptized that's when we really want to start relying on people and engaging them in relationships right Ok so how many colors does the because there's got rainbow have well I gave you the answer I don't know that that was so hard so again it gives a 7 colors one of those colors it's red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet and in that order because God is a God of order Am I right you want to stress that with your children God is very specific and God's rainbow has 7 colors you know unfortunately where was I was in Austria and I was giving this presentation and I went down in the basement to get some water and I looked in the cradle room and they had a 6 colored rainbow i know i know so how does the rainbow talk about God's love it talks about the covenant that he makes with each one of us you know what the Rambo covers the righteous and the unrighteous is not right so again as Christians I hope that you remember that this covenant God wants to make with everybody even if they don't agree with you even if they walk against you even if they persecute you remember that rainbow covers everyone. All right so how is the rainbow used in the Bible in Genesis Chapter 9 verse 11 says I will remember my covenant which is between me and you and every living creature of all flash and the water shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh and while God does create a covenant with those who walk with him that he rainbow also covers the unrighteous and the righteous as well because I believe his desires that one day we would all be in union with Him right so what was the rainbow for to remind us of a promise and what does the rainbow cover everyone and who does the rainbow cover all of us so Revelation Chapter 10 in verse one it says and I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven close with a cloud and a rainbow was upon his head and his face was as it were the sun and his feet as pillars of fire that's how important a rainbow is brothers and sisters it started in Genesis but when Jesus comes again there is there going to be another rainbow over his head something that just hit me when I gave this presentation just a few a few days ago is the thought that we know that the devil is going to imitate the coming of Jesus Christ is not right would it surprise you at that included a rainbow and what if that rainbow didn't have 7 colors I don't know it's just a thought I'm not prophetic So Revelation chapter 4 in verse 3 it says and he this Sat was to look upon like a Jasper in a starting stone and there was a rainbow round about the throat in insight like unto an emerald So even the throne of God is going to be covered by a 7 colored frame but we want to make sure that our children understand the 7 color rainbow let him draw that on paper let him paint with their pains you know take out the crayons make sure that they have all 7 colors and in the proper order teach your children how to identify a rainbow so that when they see a 6 colored 4 color to call the Rainbow your children will know and they'll say wait a minute 123456 that's not God's rainbow. Because a lot of times I find myself being afraid to really talk about the rainbow for fear that I'm going to push children into an identity that's been promoted by a 6 colored rainbow can I get a witness Am I the only one we don't have to be ashamed of the rainbow we had at 1st and it was a blessing and a gift from God And so instead of hiding from it and not talking about it and not sharing it make sure that you teach your children about the 7 colored rainbow so that they can celebrated and know that it was straight from God and it was a covenant that he wants with each one of us to see the beauty in that to see the application today how you can educate your children and fortify them against the enemy and of the day if for the best day is coming hang on and I'll try to be quick I know I'm just really going on how much the guys love me now this was very important for me because as a young child the only image that I got the only example that I got of God as a father was through my own father my dad was gone a lot he wasn't really there when my dad was home he was abusive loud and angry and so I put those characteristics on God up in heaven thinking that well I have a father and I know what he's like so you must be the same way so as a little kid I wanted to do things right I wanted to be a good kid but I learned they got up and have and I had to treat him the same way treated my dad and so I obeyed my dad not because I loved him but because I feared him so I fear God Also there was a man who was so abused by his father physically and emotionally he said this he said it took me 50 years to wipe the image of my father off the image of God up into heaven. Am I the only one I don't think so so again we want to make sure that our children understand the God loves them I think it's the greatest principle and I saved it for the last day because we want to let them know that every principle of the Bible every principle of the rainbow all the way to the creation story giving us the blessing of creation was all done by a loving and creative God who loves and cares for us does that make sense that it wasn't by happenstance and it wasn't by chance that these things came to us it's because he was intentional and he wanted to affirm us and make sure that we would be able to recognise him by looking at each other so instead of chapter one of verse 5 says Before I formed you in the belly I knew you before you came for the out of the womb it's not beautiful so this is a promise this lets me know that even before I was created the God knew who I was and that when I struggled with my identity that I knew that I knew that I wasn't a mistake I knew that I wasn't a joke from God that it was intentional that God knew who I was and who I was meant to be Psalms 139 verse 5 you have protected me in front and behind you have laid your hand upon me some from 39 verse 5 as a matter of fact songs when 39 is the answer to the transgender question you read that chapter in its entirety and that's what converts a lot of people that are struggling with identity issues songs when 39 verse 10 your hand will lead me and your right hand will hold me the 1st part of Psalms 139 talks about the affirmation of how much God loves you how crazy God is about you and that is thoughts towards you as countless of the sands of the seashore pick a handful of sand and count that with your children and say you know what God's thoughts toward you are bigger than even this do you see these precious lessons that we can teach our children about God's love your thoughts towards me are precious Oh God your thought your good thoughts towards me are too many to count but what if I am confused about who I am what if I struggle about my identity and there are real issues and some of you have children that really struggle with this. I had a gentleman call me on the phone and I don't know if I should if I should this last night let me know and I'll stop but there was a gentleman who called me I hear you know I'm near-sighted So anyway there was a gentleman they called me and he said My son is now calling himself a girl and he said is my son gaze my son transgender and I said you know what I don't really know I said you wouldn't really know until later I said but how much time do you spend with your son and he said you know I don't really spend much time with my son and he confessed to me that he really didn't like the personality of his son a 3 year old kid but I thought that that was important because the father admitted that he didn't like the personality of his son so he worked a lot of hours he said many times I come home and my wife is already put into bed you know and sometimes I go to work in my son's not even up in the morning and I said Well sir I said With all due respect I think that your son is identified with the only example he has and I said and if your mother or your wife is the one that's home with them and she's the one that's loving him and interacting with him then it would be very natural that you some would identify with her I said if you want to help your son to develop healthy identity according to his biology which is male I said you going to have to make a commitment to your son and I said in spite of his personality that seems to rub against yours I said he needs you to show him what masculinity is he you need to draw him into a masculine identity not to force him I separate you have to do things that he likes to do that doesn't affirm femininity but rather draws them into masculinity my father took me to shooting guns and and watching dogs do attack training you know he was trying to make me more masculine but you know instead what they did is that made me push him further away masculinity was aggressive and I wanted nothing to do with it my mother gave me my father's pornography magazines when I was 10 thinking that that would help me with masculine development but can you imagine the power if my father would have just gotten down on the living room floor with me and colored in my coloring book to draw me into masculine identity showing me that masculinity is not only something desirable but something that I can attain to. And so I gave these principals to this man and I said you know what get ready to to invest in several years ago because this could take several years to for your sons to to develop you know healthy masculinity we prayed about it he addressed his own limitations about spending time with his family but he called me 6 months later and in that phone call he said You know Mike he said I started taking care of my son in the evening giving him his bath you know helping him with his devotions at night and we would play a little bit in the evening when I come home from work and he said just last night he said we were getting ready for bed and my son came up to me and he said Dad let's play hide and seek from mom because we're boys and she's a girl I know I know you see the power of what we have and if our children are confused there's reasons why they're confused and instead of a beating them or or ostracizing them or encouraging them instead we have a great opportunity as the ones that they trust with the ones that they come to and if they share that they're struggling with identity don't parade them don't abuse them don't hurt them but instead understand them let them talk let them see share with you what they're going through and then be intentional about praying and asking God to show you ways to draw them into the identity that they were born into doesn't make sense I have to rush your eyes saw my form and being in complete all my members are in your book which you made when before there was nothing is not beautiful search inside my heart dear god look inside me and know my thoughts and this is something you can pray with your children because you know sometimes our children don't have good thoughts sometimes us as adults don't have good thoughts this verse is for huge as well lord look inside my heart see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me to life everlasting. Jesus made us either boys or girls and that was a gift he knows how we were long before we were born celebrate their gifts with their children celebrate the things about being a boy celebrate the things about being a girl make sure that your children know that this was a gift from God and that he was intentional about it sampling 3914 I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made your works are marvelous and that my soul knows it very well and so I'm 39 verse 15 my body was not hid from you when I was made in secret unit my tiny inside parts together in my mother's belly for I am fearfully and wonderfully made remove all my sin and lead me to heaven what do you think I guess is their value in the us. Do you see the power of the Holy Spirit to affirm and to share with our children what identity and sexuality is at an early age so that when they're confronted with the enemy and the deception they will at least have a foundation and while they still have choices to make some very difficult choices to make you can be the one that helps to give them the tools to help overcome what the enemy is putting out there in this world let's pray. Thank you Lord for this time that we've had to share tonight and I thank you Lord for these principles that you have shown me through my own personal example my own desperation Lord to really answer these questions that I've had since I was 4 years old but I know Lord that there are many questions that these parents probably have I look forward to the question and answer period that we have tomorrow with David I asked Lord that you would that you would give us good rest and I that you would help these principles to sink in. And for parents out there that have children that are struggling for parents out there who maybe didn't understand these principles and and lost the opportunity to share them with their children Lord it's not over because your power still available for each one of us Help us Lord to know that all power and all of 40 was given to you when you rose from the dead and the Lord that we can hold on to that power and claim that for our children until they come home so until that moment Lord when we can receive you with both arms I pray Lord that you will keep us and that you implant these principles in our heart and that Lord that our children will be safe and that they will be guarded Lord by the information that we give them rather than what the world gives them I thank you and I praise you Jesus. 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