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03 Remember Lot's Wife

David Guerrero


  • April 18, 2021
    8:30 AM
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Well before I pray I just want to set the tone of what we've covered this weekend the 3 messages the 1st message if you remember we talked about as it was so shall it be and we looked at. 2 key words double blindness to remember that and by double blindness what I was trying to communicate is there for so long individual individuals can become blind to God's warning that the heart becomes hardened against God then all of a sudden God tries one more time and that's the world and that's what we read tries one more time with something very very profound in their lives to try to wake them up the hardest so hard to even reject that why isn't that the condition that we're living in today God is science just everywhere and God is trying to impress upon man please give your life over to me and then continue to just reject God's mercy and then we looked at seeking the best for ourselves for myself and we and we came to realize that was very subtle and over time we sometimes oftentimes people do seek the best for themselves the point of of neglecting their relationship with the Lord and although they may not be lost a lot was not lost there was an influence for the lives of others and then their lost but the good always for God's mercy God's love mercy and his compassion trying to reach the heart of God And so today we're going to look at those 3 words Remember Lot's wife let us pray Heavenly Father we ask for the blessing of your spirit now. Communicate to us very clearly which you have us to understand and learn and be Christ be lifted up on like never before in this place. And he draws and those that are listening and the Ewing. Via the satellite they experience a radical change in their lives as well and Jesus name pray. Remember a lot why let's take our Bibles and turn to Genesis 1000 a kind of look at what took place in the life of Lot and his family and then we'll just move on as quick as we we can I'm going to start a verse so 16 to 1000 he says and while he lingered and we read that the last 2 nights the last 2 days that's a lot lingering The man took hold the men took hold his hand his wife's hand the hands of his 2 daughters the Lord be merciful to him and they brought him out and set him outside the city sometimes we passed 2 verses too quickly can you imagine what it was like to have an angel Hold Your Hand Have you thought about that this is an angel of God holding their hands and that beautiful grab hold of your hand and say listen we are going to get out of here one day soon we're going to get out of here right. Into the god was there right by our side so it came to pass when they brought them outside of that side that he said scape for your life do not look behind you most anywhere in the plain escape to the mountain we should be destroyed then law said to them him please no my lord have mercy I thought about the end of the saying is there's no. Don't do this to me indeed now your servant has found favor in your side and you have increased and increased your mercy which you have shown by saving my life but I cannot escape to the mountains least some evil would take me and I die I thought about will last thing here you just saved my so you just saved my life Lord but if you send me over here I am going to die see you now this city is near enough to flee to and it's a little one please let me escape there my so shall live and he said to him See I have favored you concerning this thing also God is merciful and that I will not overthrow this city for which you have spoken her escape therefore I cannot do anything until you arrive there therefore he call the name of the cities or the sun had risen upon the earth when Lot and to the door then what happened the Lord rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah right out of heaven so we overthrew those cities all the plain in all the plain all the inhabitants of the cities and what grew on the ground but his wife looked back behind. And she became a killer so much. That this. Must be very sad for life. As we read this weekend it was because of his influence had he had not lingered How do you approach like differently. If he had not lived so selflessly he would have lost his wife remember gentlemen it's not that I'm excluding the women remember lots why. We're going to look at. The Bible verses text before and after Jesus makes this statement it's very important Jesus just was walking down the street with the disciples and said Remember Lots wife and they said Well Ok why. Jesus actually prefaced that statement with. Some words with some sentences he was communicating with the disciples He was talking to them and he was sharing them things concerning the kingdom of God and then he said those words and so let's look at what Jesus said before he said those words remember why now when he was asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God come he answered them and said to kill God does not come with observation nor will they say here or see there for indeed the kingdom of God is within you here Jesus saying that the Jews of the time were looking for the establishment of the kingdom that would come by visible of 0 before us and Jesus saying is not going to come that way God's kingdom will come Manju to the work of my spirit and God and God's kingdom will be in you also work of my spirit are you following Wednesday and then he said to the Sipos the days will come when you desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man and you will and you won't see it. And they will say to you Look here or look there do not go after them and so this is actually mirroring what or what Matthew said in the book of Matthew that the time will come where people say Lo here is here lo he is there but you said it that's not the way that my return with a place you say do not go after them or follow them for as the lightning flashes out of one part under the heaven shines to the other part under the heaven so also the Son of Man will be in his day so Jesus saying that his coming will what be visible right be orderable you here right the thunder you see the lightning this is just the way they are come and then did the since and as it was in the days of Noah so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man They ate and drank they married wives they were given in marriage until the day that no end of the Ark in the flood came and destroyed them all likewise as it was in the days of Lot they ate they drank they brought they saw they planted they built and yesterday we learned one what is this spirit you may be the right and attention deficit disorder of the things of God I don't want to pay into the things of God and as they were not paying attention on the day their lot when I was Sodom it rained what fire and brimstone we just read the day that he went out of Sodom it rained fire and bloom brimstone and his wife will be back even so will be the day when the Son of Man is revealed and then he said and that day he who is in the house top and his goods are in his house let him not what come down to take them away Remember Lot's wife. She was looking back to her what all good. You she would Jesus is communicating He said The kingdom of God doesn't come through observation but it should be where in you and it is in you you'll be so filled by God's Spirit and so door and have such a direct course of what to do and how to do it you won't look back and that is what Jesus was communicating that day do you see it there is and likewise the one who likewise the one who is in the field let him not what. And then he says remember is a lot why. Because Lots wife did what she went bad because her heart was in right with God. And so Jesus was thrown into the cycles get your heart right because if your heart isn't right with me you too will do what I look back I want my heart to be in the right place don't you and it could happen listen to the commentary written in pages and prophet page 136 some of his children clung to Saddam and his wife when fused to depart without you see what she's struggling with and you know what I believe every person who has a child can understand that struggle I have 3 sons and a daughter and I pray for them daily and all oh how it hurt my heart if any of them rejected the Lord I praise God that right now my daughter my son are both in ministry you know they're there they're in our ministry and they're doing things after my son right now he's like yes and he's a college campus teaching the Word of God or university a secular university campus prays or so I can stand the struggle. Listen to what she was going to say if a lot himself had manifested no has to see to obey the angel's warning but earnestly fled toward the mountains but would he do memory play with the angel no no no his wife was listening she was observing without one word of pleading or Rehman strides or remonstrance me his wife also would have made her scape remember lots Why was the example of men husbands you haven't your wives the influence of example would have saved her from the sin that sealed her Do you remember lots wife a man I was with but is his hesitancy and delay cause her to lightly regard the divine Warney whose hesitancy whose delay. While her body was in the pond the plane her heart clung to her and she perished with she as a person thinks in his heart so is he that's where her white heart that is where our heart was set and she was thrown into a pool or saw she bear the good God because His judgment involved her possessions her children in the ruin all those so greatly favored in being called out from the wicked city she fell that she was severely dealt with because the wealth that it had taken years to accumulate must be left to destruction instead of Thankfully accepting the live rent she presumptuously look back to desire the life of those who had to correct it the divine warning the next hour like the children of Israel as they were left Egypt her since showed her to be unworthy of life for the preservation of which she felt so little gratitude we want to thank God every day of the things that he does and he gives us to me every day we ought to be giving God a word of Thanksgiving. For the love of His mercy his kind that every morning we are going to get up and say Thank You Lord for life every day as we travel in our cars or thank you that I made this his destination Lord thank you that I'm here thank you for my sons and my daughter thank you for Harley thank you for the instructor thank you for the leadership thank you we ought to be given to have a spirit of what things when we have a critical spirit it affects ourselves you know that. That's hard mentality in our mind Jesus said whoever seeks to save his life will lose it whoever loses his life will preserve it he said I Tell You remember this is after he said remember lots wife she didn't stop there he said look if you try to save your life you got to lose it. But if you lose your life for my sake you're going to save it he said I tell you when that night there will be 2 in one bed and then he goes out again I want to be taken the other left behind. 2 women will grind together the want to be taken actually be taken to the Lord and the other left behind those who were taken to destruction the one we left for help 2 men will be in the field the want to be taken the other left in the engine and said to him we're Lord so he said to them where the body is there the eagles will be gathered together so what do you see the one that is taken is taken to our destruction right. Because they say where more and they said where are you where the Eagles are gathered together so there's no sich a rapture there you know how they say taken who did there take it they're taking you so they take it to destruction do you know where I learned this in are you going to laugh at me and say what I learned is that Liberty University I was taking a course in eschatology and the instructor said listen I know that we teach folks to seek a rapture from this text is not there the people are taken and taken to destruction I said Oh thank you. And they told me there they said you can't get seeker after from here so thank you so guess what. When I have my final paper that I need to write I've brought a paper on the literal visible all of the return of Jesus Christ and why I didn't believe it and the teacher said you know what as long as you can prove it from the Bible you can you know you have the proof in the Bible and then he told me for you give this paper and you got approval of my will and he. Will accept it. I gave my discourse on what I believe and eschatology in the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ I said I wonder how he's going to do or say I got an a minus maybe he got a little upset I don't know. But I have before seen it she said thank you very much David Guerrero for giving me all so much to think about I've got a lot to think about thank you and I part of my paper said you quote quote it and then I wrote his name you said it's not. In the Word of God and that's why camp excepted because it's not there but thank you for the emphasis you see we live in a world distraction that way and so our hearts are being turned towards the things of this life we're going to move forward here because we read these last time and I want to move to the statement founded were in the book preaching the prophets then the angels bade him Arise and take his wife and the 2 daughters who are yet in the house his house and leave the city a lot delay though daily distress and beholding deeds of violence are we seeing a lot of violence in the world today. He had no true concession other debating and a Bob Noble iniquity practice that vile City he did not realize the terrible necessity for God's justice to put a check on sin some of his children clung to Saddam and his wife refused to part with them. The thought of leaving those whom he held dearest on earth seem more than he could bear it was hard to for say his look serious home and all the wealth that he acquired by its labor his whole life to go forth as a destitute to wonder but those are his thoughts you know he had everything then he he had the Lord but he just didn't seem to have preached year or real life how good God was being his life stupefy would sorrow he lingered loath to depart before the angels of God they would have all perished in the ruin of. You know some of us are going to be saved at the last minute but thank God for that. I'm not encouraging you to look for some sleep my friend I'm just saying thank God for that heavenly messengers took him in his wife and his daughters by the hand and what they do they led them out of the city and now we have a picture of what was going through their minds no plot was thinking about his children lost his wife was thinking about everything she was losing a lot was thinking about his house and all the fine things that he accumulated and he was watching as he was going out of that city and all that was going on she looked back which was an indication of where our heart was right love not the things of this world about I would say yes if you care how much she had with you a true story. In 2000. And 15 there is where I lived I lived there for almost 10 years several years before 2015 the Lord was tugging my heart it was time to get out of that city I struggled with the thought of leaving that home and the Lord of the work of my heart. David you groaned as a friend of mine from Philadelphia he was in that house once weren't you very find home. To over 3000 square feet one of my neighbors is the one of the wealthiest persons in Wisconsin in his home he has in his basement and a limp dick size skating ring nice man fight the family over very kind in that a doctor on one side and I'd you went to Dr his house member and you're witnessing to him very bold of you and actually he was convicted and convinced and so I sat there saying Ok and I actually like a lot I'm not proud of this Lord you know we can do ministry from right here to find place I said I still have to reach so my neighbors my wife said David it's time and so we had a lot of memories in that house and that's my wife I know my wife was very young some people say that you have 4 kids you have 5 I said no that's my wife and I said and I'm with the real world. And we had a lot of fine fine memories in the house was a jewel and Mike of the 2 tall guys that are with me now this is them back there and it was very difficult for me to think. About leaving that home I had great memories concerning how God had the rock to slee brought us there and said is there and how we're doing God's work there are laws that no I have something else for you and struggle and then and now thinking about my children and that's my daughter there in the You Are we had a lot of fine memory finally That's my son Joshua as our oldest that's in the house. And so. I began to pray and I'm going to show you the story just as it unfolded and I finally concede and I said Ok honey. What are the house on the market that will do it for sell by owner God wants to sing to sell or sell but the Lord had a lot of work to do on me because I'd I was for sale by owner but I put it in the miscellaneous in the newspaper. I told I would put it in the paper is this is true and I said in my heart I said hopefully nobody will see this and I will stay here I started getting many phone calls and one gentleman his wife came to the house they looked around and they said this is the house and I said no this is not your house. He sat down with us at the table and the gentlemen he offers us $15000.00 less and that market then there was a good thing they gave me almost my asking for ice because you know usually put it right on the wire a lot of Bless me because I had gotten the Chows for very cheap because I got how this with a lot of has always been good to me to wealthy people were visiting the house only once a month and he would go to the east coast and she will West Coast just once a month they would meet in this new house find a wife said just sell this get it off our hands lowest price we need this it's makes no sense for us to have this house and we came along as it got good and. Cut the house and cost me $200000.00 in an area where the houses were going to about $500.00 so when I saw the guy God is good right it was that because the value was there so 15000 there what I was asking for was and so I said. I got to pray about this and you know what I said a couple days ago my wife went on the table. Like we've been praying. And he said So what's your hesitancy now that's the same word right and I said well my reluctance is is this. If I am to move because you only give me 45 days to move I said in 45 days I've got to find a place I've got to. Move I said that's going to be hard to find a place to move in $45.00 days and you know I said and if I have to stay so we're going to stay at a hotel or somewhere that's on a course money so he says I'll give you the asking price I say whirling me pray about it and again. Like God is doing what and we have been praying is not like I was there my wife me was going on inside of me so I said Were you forced to leave and he said well you have x. amount of days to make a decision and I said Ok and so after he left my wife said you know what's going to be and I said well how are you going to stand I said if we sell this house now he's going to 45 days we don't find anything we'll go homeless we will have a place to stay I said as a man of this house I have to try to take care my family my wife says you know understand something I have never depended upon you to take care of me. He said I have always depended upon God she says So you're a man hours way but she you she said you need to understand something and it touched me how he said this he goes if we have to live on the street and if we end up in the street it's Ok because we will have one another and God I saw you just go upstairs and I prayed and label in prayer with God That is me and I said Mark. Help me make this decision or those clear what I should do I said Lord you know that have to take care of this family and whatever. That gentlemen are told don't think about the water Think about what is and wrestle with the law and then try the lower left me alone with these words he said but just live by faith and I will say I got up in the morning. But I have figured out what's this that with the money I was making if I was living history it was Ok because I had 3 years worth of money to live so I figured out I was ready so when we moved my son Joe He looked for a camper because we might be living in a camper for a while found one up in northern Minnesota I have so many stories the price I pray for this was the most have to price when I call the insurance company and I gave him the vin number he said Can you give me that again goes what are you paying for this he said there's no way I say yes he goes You got a deal and I have the world was so good there will eventually show this I got what I pay for. It you see how the Lord takes care of people because the value was there and we lived in this camp were for almost 6 months and you know what the Lord did 1st I was looking for a place out in the country I said Ok and I kept looking and we couldn't find any and the Lord was working in my life you know why because if I can find everything what was happening to my money. It will you know we're going to work with this guy he's going to have to spin everything and learn that I am God so I was spending on the campground I was spending on and I was spending and then my wife said you know what the problem is because I was looking she said this is your problem you keep looking but you're not praying as a whole here I said I'm praying while I'm looking he said no no you understand he needed to stop looking and pray so I said Ok ma'am but we got along so for one week I stopped looking I was just praying for him and I found a house what's this I think the Lord Lord had said to human I found a house in Craigslist on Craigslist as is the loss of memory you put it in miscellaneous I had this guy put it on Craigslist. And I looked and I read the descriptions of the house and I just told myself there's just and the My wife and I think I said Look at me look at the descriptions of this house and my wife as you're picking up she has a lot of wisdom she has everybody says the house looks good you got to go see here and when we went together my wife's on the property my wife's name Jacqueline I watched a cat named Jacqueline Ok what was my wife's name Ok And she says this is the place 22 acres out of a lake out of the country she's a flea we asked the men again clarify the asking price tells us this one thing I say. Part of this property we would lie for a ministry could you send it could you sell it in 2 parcels he goes that's easy it is 2 parcels of the 2nd parcel I had just in case something happen in my life I would move there he goes you are still with ministry one Barsel So you empower us in Gaza God knew was out and I said Ok So we the ministry had some money you know and pay for that and I said Ok what a down payment went to the bank Ok and the Lord had one more thing to do. In that process the closing kept beating being put off and I had to spend more and then finally I was out of money and the call came from the bank and he said things have changed you need 80 more $1000.00 I look to my wife she looked at me and at the same time a week prior we said we're going to give it all for the ark because you think this is the Ark that guy wanted the bill and it was in days and. When the bank said no scuse me was $8800000.00 and I said. I don't have anything down. If you mean he said David. Things have changed with the banking unless you have the money really it's over by that time God had grown our faith and that time was it was now for all of the year the campground had Co and I was living in a hotel we got on our knees by listening me we pled with the God of it we have no money nothing in my prayer with different I think God if this is the end of this this journey here and we have to live out in the street you will be time he had grown my faith and trust him here he was good to me and I was willing now to live in the street with the Lord and my children and my wife because he told me I don't hear. It with us on the street alone we have the Lord now we have each other we have everything and God had increased our faith but if he wanted us to have this piece of property it would take place by miraculous to me so I got off of my knees you know will be done the next morning I got a phone call. And I remember I was $15000.00 because there's another part of the story just came across it brought them in a person called me who had not been with me a long time as a pastor grow how are you doing I said Ok this is how your ministry member some time ago you to my behind a piece of property did you ever find anything I said yeah really tell me about and I told about it and she said So are you going to choir I said well the something's going on right now she said tell me in a meeting I said no I can't do that she said was of course the Lord has to take care. I said I'm not going there man step in try to take care of things for God is the one she said Please just just tell me so I know what to pray for and so I say Ok has to do with finances the bank is trying to you know tell me that I need a certain amount and so she said Why don't you tell me the amount so that I can train with you for the amount that you need I said well I can do I want God to be the one and she said please I got impressed because so I said Ok and I'll call her name Ria that's not her name but just so her identity as a Maria I need $15000.00 there's a pause she said Pastor where can i meet you to write you the chair so what if that's why I called you a core of us both. So money a big amount of money and I was wondering what to do with it God impressed me to call you so where do I meet you the right to Jack 4 days later I said before and she wrote. The story doesn't end there as we were nearing the closing and another $800.00. Or. If I won and then the night before the call the owner calls me and says. Did you look at the contract by the title company I said Yeah he goes there's been a mistake he said. You know me 2000 dollars to 2000 hours he said he said go over the contract with me and we got a phony look and I tallied I said Man right so I can make a deal on the House can we do something different. And he said Look David. We started this journey in June. It's now we have you still can't quote is now is the been the layout of the layout of the laser my wife was traded so we said look don't call me. Unless you have $2000.00 and if I don't hear from you I'm not coming to the closing young up and west of my face that was going on I said we need $2000.00 she said. And I said Dan I said we had our needs again have we pray we said God in heaven the same type of prayer Lord of this is the end of the journey it's Ok but was your will for us to have this property and you make a way got up off my need and in my heart I was impressed my mind check your ministry email. You go now I said you don't answer well I open the email we can flame today or you have to cut. A message from paper Congratulations such and such as just donated 2000 dollars to your took my laptop show my wife I said Look what just happened it had just happened. And she smiled and said we're going to the closing Yes we are she said but wait a minute she said turn off your phone unplug the hotel phone shut the computer no one can get in touch with you that he said The next thing we do is we get to that back in cause I mean one more cause of a message in a text legitimacy beat me at the back I've got a 2000. And we close on the whole the loan officer said this and praise God he goes David Other watching this whole ordeal play out you should say you know me realize it but I was rooting for you you know why and I will watch what he says I watched your face I watched how God has worked in your life and I said God is going to do with this guy as a really said or yes he said I I watched had he said congratulations. Story then there we moved on our property that my daughter we live right across from the lake Those are my 2 boys on the lake Carter's guillotine. God was calling us into this ministry and he was providing for everything that we would need. But see God had a plan he he had a purpose he was calling us to to do something for him and we were excited when we arrived on the on the property we started to you know engage in changing some of the physical structures meaning we had a big garden my wife said she wanted some trees planted so we could live on the country and prepare for things. But something have. David Gura who did I say David good you know that is me David Guerrero started to kind of say well we've arrived let's just put some of that oil by my attitude and one morning my wife got up and she said you know we've been talking about planting these trees when we said you know the trees in the garage in their packets nicely and we're kind of to have them preserved but you know you've been talking a long time but we haven't started the trees and I just said you know do we really have to do this how I said you know where we're here God is and she said please so I got up that morning and I started to dig because the way that we might do it a long white way and with the 2 rocks and how can I And as I was digging I came across Iraq. Members early morning on the sand I'm doing now and always and I hear change and I go with that and I have and I go. And I'm still and I get one raga I was I mean it's going to take forever and I would start doing it again as another. And I'm digging for a while and know what's happening and I say Lord. Please help me I said I. Can we make this easier and as I got on my knees I got on my knees I was in the hole I was only that the Lord please Lord began to speak to me he said David listen to my voice I'll show you how to get rid of all those. You don't know what you're doing to you now and I pray that the war began to talk to me he began the last time listen you know that's a country living will do for you university. I'm taking I'm 5 and it becomes easy I'm like and so I started joining it right now this is a pretty as a Thank You Lord and we're hidden and we're just getting rock after rock after rock after rock after rock after rock I am screaming that we are where we are because the Lord I'm not alone that the angels are with me and then I'm done we have like I did like 5 whole years. Lorcet Dave those rocks represent your heart and you need a new one so what he said yeah. That's why I got you out here this morning because you needed to change your stony heart and I need to give your heart off flash he said a new heart will I give you a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away your story heart out of your flesh and I will give you. A new heart God was moving us out of the city and into the country because he loved us so much and he wanted to give Who me a new heart thank God for that you see the trials and the experiences that we go through because God allows me because he loves us you know what that's not you know the story I was weaving then I said Thank You Lord. Thank you for this working in my experience my life thank you for the promise of a new heart thank you for helping to see where I was stubborn and I lacked a and how if I just could continue to hold onto your hand you could see the work in my life in my experience and use me for your glory and this was around the time remember I tell you that it was 2 days ago or it was yesterday where I was in the shower and I said yeah the self-supporting ministry stuff is going to turn All right guys you know what you can support yourself and you are the David I want you members of this god support ministry I said you're a heat seeker as you've done it all he said don't put it off again because he loves me but this is the way this this part of the story ended I got up prayed I thank God and I looked up and guess what I saw and he go it was this soaring around for Africa and the beautiful but the other way to find the Lord to share we knew their strain is our mount up with wings as eagles a shower on a not be weary and they shall walk and not faint do you see what happens when we just wait upon the Lord God is revealing to me that he would be my shield he would be my protection he would be my everything and that if I would just continue to hold on to the hand of God I would soar like an eagle you see the Bible tells us for whoever for whatever is born of God will overcome this world a new heart. And this is the victory that has overcome the world our fate and who is He who overcomes the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God and I said Praise God. We can overcome the world where we don't have to look back. We can keep looking up for redemption draws near in this life and so as I was now walking towards my home. Leaving the area where I would had dug 5 holes huge hole for those trees God give me one more verse it was he was 11 said by faith Noah when warned about those things not yet seen in Holyfield built an ark to save who whom were said See I brought you here and I know that oftentimes you think about this whole world too when he said but I brought you here to say your family your lights what really member light wife so now has new meaning for me that you're right influence to my wife your right influence to my children are you following me don't be selfish don't try to save the best for yourself remember lots Why found me they would avoid double blindness we were last wife will have one. And I don't believe that I'm alone in having that experience I believe that many that are listening watching believe there are some here who go who God trying to work in your life and try to remember why and this whole weekend of giving you a new and different me as God gave me and you interviewed me you see every life act of life I have a small has bearing for Gary. And his young Potente acts of daily self-denial performed with a cheerful willing heart that God will smile upon her not to live for self but to live for others and it's only by so forgetfulness by cherishing a loving helpful spirit that we can that what we can make our lives for blasting remember a lot remember a lot why. Likewise as it was also in the days of light and heat they drank it what they saw they planted they built but on that day the Lord went out of Sodom. But on that day a lot went out of Seattle it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all but God tried to save them all before all was destroyed and God is going to try to save us all we forge all destroyed and there be a new heaven and a new or even saw will be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed Remember Lot's wife let's pray. Heavenly Father it is with a spirit. Of repentance and confession that we come before you this morning. We've come to understand the story of Lot and his family. In such a clear and different way this weekend we pray that you continue to work in our experiences and you move in our lives you will help us by the working of your spirit by the power of your Grace to relinquish that which will keep us from giving ourselves fully and totally to you Father we pray that every step of the way in this life and as we journey that you as true a living God will create in us a clean heart of God And when you are a spirit within us and that the care of Christ will continually be reproduced in each one of us as your children as you work in our lives individual and prepare for us for the soon return of Jesus. And as our lives are transforming changed by a love me those in our household me those in our community see the power of God being demonstrated through every action of our lives and made be a win some appeal to each one of them as they inquire of us the things concerning why we live the way we do it and why we conduct and carry ourselves in such a loving magnanimous way then we will give them the Good News of the everlasting Gospel that we will see many saved before you come again to so see. These things we pray in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service later visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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