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04 Unwrapped:LGBTQ & the Church

Michael Carducci


Michael Carducci

Co-Director, Coming Out Ministries


  • April 18, 2021
    10:30 AM
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Before I open let's have another word of personally thank you Lord for this beautiful Sunday morning thank you Lord for the new week that you've given to each one of us I ask Lord that you would draw close to us as we draw close to you I also ask Lord for your guidance send your holy spirit that I may illuminate our minds to the current situation of what's going on in this world and also Lord how we as Christians can handle this in a way that gives you honor and glory and also compels people to want to know you better I ask for your guidance in Jesus name Amen. All right l g b t and the church take a look at this picture it's frightening isn't it but I was in Holland with Ron will see my colleague and we were being given a tour of the city in Holland and as we came up out of the parking garage this was the 1st thing we saw up and so this is actually the gay flag that's actually flying on the main Protestant Church that's in the city now in Europe all in all of the towns the church is in the center of the town and it's usually the highest steeple that you can see so in this town again this was the highest steeple and the 1st thing that you saw was the gay pride flags flying on it and with the friends that I was with this young couple and they were good admin as missionaries they said Oh they've been doing that for 20 years and so they were so used to it as it was shocking to us to them it was kind of like no big deal so it's kind of like you can sense that there's the frog in the soup kind of scenario going on that that it's been around in Europe for so many years that people are very comfortable with it so I also went to Stockholm Sweden and that's where I was visiting my friend Samuel who's on this this brochure and as we were going through the city it was Gay Pride town and these are just some of the things that we saw in the subway system they had a huge rainbow painted there and also some of the billboards in the city were welcoming the pride and look at even the street light showing same sex couples you know with little hearts and holding hands so this is what we're starting to see it's not just in the United States it's going on around the world and take a look at this the Claudia Lopez the very 1st gay lesbian governor of Bogota in Colombia now South America is known for being very conservative and very Catholic but isn't it interesting that even in a very conservative country called Colombia that they have their very 1st gay lesbian mayor who's open about that so I do this just to let you know that the polls around the world is definitely steaming up. And we know that it's coming and if we know that it's coming I think it's fair to say that we're not going to be able to stop this tide However we're going to have to brace ourselves and we're going to have to prepare ourselves how can we address this in a way that doesn't pushes further away but rather compels people to want to know Jesus Christ isn't that the challenge today because you know would be far easier to just be condemning and just say you're going to burn in hell if you don't repent and I hear that a lot or now what we're hearing the other side is like oh no you know just love them and let them be but that's not really love is it because they're still lost. Because true love upholds the Biblical standard and unfortunately even in Christianity did you know that the pro gay Christian group that's in Adventism they're basically saying that the Bible is hate speech now they say that it's Ok when Jesus says to Mary says Your sins are forgiven you that's a very good thing but when Jesus says now go and sin no more they're saying that that's hate speech I think you get my point so again I want to share with you the trailer to our movie Journey interrupted and it's also free on the Internet in 12 different languages. Apparently we don't have any sowed thank God Wow. Why did you create a boy when I was most. Were. So I prayed and I said I want to live Lord take me now I still want to go through what's coming I felt dirty I felt now I came I thought Ok Well obviously this is something I can't tell anyone about I'm crying in my bed at night because these things are happening and Jesus I can't hear him and more. I said how dare you say that I'm an abomination when you made me this way that's not fair I didn't choose this thing I didn't want this thing why would I join a religion that tells me that I'm just going to die for being who I am is this a different God than I was acquainted with when I was little. I finally decided to just accept who I was and give up I believed that I was gay and that it didn't match up with God's word and was like Oh well I don't know what to do about that I just kind of pushed everybody aside including my mom I just felt I nobody else has been there why would she I was desperate to be secure and I said I did whatever I could I was I was willing tell me lies tell me he's lie to me. I found myself on my knees the end of my bed and I said God how I don't know how you could forgive me you still want me because everybody else rejected me everybody else turned it back on me you want to go to No It's as though the devil was not going to have you. And if he could not entice me he would turn to violence it's time for us to talk about this it's time for us to our for help if he is. You I've been reading is. It all make sense. To show me that when I really started looking at myself and making myself the most vulnerable of everybody my entire life that what I couldn't stand is not rejection except. For you. So that you can create these victories it's. Just you're. Right so that's actually our French trailer and again like I said we have that available in 12 languages for free if you go to journey interrupted dot com Ok it's an overwhelming issue religion doesn't have a prayer when it comes to equal a t. l. g.b.t. activists and their judicial allies have made sure sexual behavior trumps religious liberty every time you start to see that in our world today don't we and so identity is everything what does surprise you to know that it wasn't even an issue over 60 years ago that people didn't understand even what the term was l g b t was started by a man named Alfred Kinsey anyone heard of him Alfred Kinsey was a researcher back in the 1930 s. and he was actually commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation to research about human sexuality Alfred Kinsey was a known homosexual pedophile masochist As a matter of fact Alfred Kinsey even died from his own sexual wounds but this is the man that was intrusted with hundreds of thousands of dollars to do research and Alfred Kinsey actually paid fathers to molest their daughters and to record their data and there's really a lot of information on the Internet if you look up the name Judith Reisman and also Alfred Kinsey you get a lot of information that startling I would definitely not recommend that you let your children watch that. But what it did is it actually catapulted this understanding that I should be identified according to my attractions rather than the 2 kinds of god created so until that point biblically everybody understood that you were either male or female and of course heterosexuality was what was acceptable and normal and so wasn't until Alfred Kinsey did his research that this was now considered normal in Alfred Kinsey research he studied on a lot of children to to basically promote the idea that children are sexual even at birth he molested a 6 month old baby girl for 24 hours and he said it within a 24 hour period of time by oral and digital stimulation this child had a period of 20 orgasms now an orgasm was defined as screaming vomiting and passing out and this is where we get our sex education today period this is where we have the promotion of be acceptance among Christianity because of this man's research this is where we get the identity that you give the non-binary in your your sexuality can be fluid regardless of what your biology in anatomy is I want to share with you remember the young girl that came up to me that had a master's in gender studies right that's pretty impressive impressive right and so as we were just having a normal dialogue and remember the hairdresser but as we were having this dialogue I was asking her to compare you know well you've got a master's in gender studies so what was that like when you started to study the biology about sexuality and she goes well we really didn't study that at all I go why I go you have a master's in gender studies and and the biology in the science of sexuality never even came up she goes Well no because it would go against the social constructs of what they were trying to promote thank you for the affirmation is the best that I can come away with so even some of the information that I have gleaned from my own research on the biology of identity and sexuality here's a person with a master's in gender studies and she didn't even have a clue but again. Draw this is information for yourself to recognize that there's an agenda moving to basically discount biology and science and to make social constructs the political movement and the norm of our society so again kinship kinship is a organization that promote themselves as a 7th Day Adventist group however they've never been acknowledged by the 7th Day Adventist Church even though they're able to keep the name s.t.a. kinship as a matter of fact I remember I was a new Christian and I was with my friend Reuben remember my skinny Puerto Rican friend and we were sitting together one Sabbath afternoon and I found the website for kinship kinship is a gay firming group and they're basically saying that if you're monogamous that God accepts that and that that's healthy identity and it's acceptable in the administration and I said Eureka I finally found that I can have a boyfriend and my Jesus 2 and my friend Rubin he said but Mike wait a minute look at the way that they discern those biblical verses about homosexuality and I said I don't care I don't care you know just tell me I can have a boyfriend in Jesus and he said but my key pled with me and as he pled with me finally I came to my senses and realized that as much as I wanted to be affirmed in my identity and my attractions that I had to accept the Word of God I had to make a very difficult choice and I hope that you don't minimize the decision that I had to make was I going to turn away from the 20 years that I identified myself with and accept Jesus as my entirety but was I going to go back into the life I felt like I only had 2 choices. But now according to these groups that are coming into Christianity and every Christian church has a group of pro l g b t people that are moving we spoke at the Mennonite church a couple of years ago and they have a group called the Pink minnows and that interesting so it's interesting to me that there's an agenda of l.g.b. tea promotion in every group of Christian organization right because they're trying to promote this this this ideology so again by sexuality week kinship with celebrating by sexuality we will wait a minute I thought they said it was Ok if you have a monogamous relationship but bisexuality basically says that I'm attracted to both sexes so there's a little contradiction here isn't there so to institution is established at creation that was marriage and also the Sabbath and so Genesis one verse $27.28 was establishment of the marriage Genesis 2 Verse 3 was the establishment of the Sabbath Elmo it says that these are twin institutions and so when one twin is under attack we know that it's very soon before the other one is also under attack what if God were watching the 7th Day Adventist church to see how we respond to marriage being under attack to know how we're going to handle it when the Sabbath is under attack are we going to compromise according to the world standard and social constructs and give up our sacredness of the Sabbath or will we hold tight to these principles and yet still promote it in a way that's loving and kind that draws people rather than pushes people. So again let's talk about the biology which I think is very basic and I used this illustration last night again talking about the creation of man and God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created He them and God bless them and God said unto them Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth so the most beautiful part and I hope that this principle was maybe for you some of you was brand new maybe others of you already knew this but the most beautiful gift that God has given to one man and one woman in a committed relationship is the gift to create life that makes us like God The image of God is created in us in the ability for one man and one woman to have and create a child so raise your hand if you're a parent out there how about the day when your child was born and you looked into their face and just said wow she has my chin wow she has my ears right right and so God has given us the privilege to be able to look into our own creation and to see those characteristics of the of what God goes through when he creates his image in each one of us Nothing destroys this precious gift more than the l g b t agenda because 2 males together sexually cannot produce life 2 females together cannot produce life and the greatest tragedy to me is that an transgender person who has mutilated their body and destroyed their sexual organs cannot produce life either and so this is a huge In my opinion attack on the very image of God that he's created in each one of us and if you look at it compassionately that way that something has been stolen away from the community I think it would also adjust some of our thinking when we approach people that don't necessarily live like we live so what's next can you take the sound off of this because I just want to go through the video kind of get a thumbs up or something. Thank you Ok so I don't want the video to play on this but I just want to show you this video a little bit so what is next now that we've got promotion of l g b t acceptance we have laws now to protect this group of people now what's happening is we have other groups of people other French's that are coming forward saying hey well if marriage can be defined by 2 people of the same sex I have a different way or a different understanding of what marriage should be and I think that I deserve to have those rights too what you're looking at here is a new definition of family in American culture there are television shows that are promoting it but this is actually what they call a throttle or polyamory it's 2 women in a relationship with one man and each of these women had children and this is what they're saying that they are demanding the right to have marriage for that they deserve to have acknowledged the fact that this is actually a marriage that is defined by 2 or more people in a relationship I'm sorry 3 or more people in a relationship so what else is next now we've got another fringe group I remember 20 years of being in the gay culture I marched in the gay pride parades and there was always this little group of French people in the back they were well known but we knew that their presence was there and this was called Nambla Nambla is a group of men basically saying that they were born to have sexual relationships with underage men not only should the age of consent be lowered but they also believe that they were born this way and that they should be acknowledged to have those rights and that they should be able to have legal marriages to children that are under age I know I know it gets worse so again now we have some people are pedophiles get over it so now we have the promotion again of thanks to Alfred Kinsey that children are sexualized and so pedophile you should be normal and accepted as well you see how crazy this is getting when we compromise from one standard then all of a sudden all of these other groups are coming forward demanding their rights as well. One of the things a commit coming out ministries gets accused of is being repaired of a conversion therapy has anyone heard of that So basically these harmful Moldau these what they do is they basically focus on behavior behaviors so they'll take somebody that's gay and that's usually from a very good Christian background or whatever a Christian parent not knowing what to do they send their children to repaired of therapy and the ideas that they hook them up to electricity and every time they have a same sex thought they sat down and the whole idea is we're just going to zap bagay right out of you so again you know Pavlov did it with a dog but you know to do that with human beings what it did is it brought a lot of anguish and a lot of men and women actually committed suicide because of these harmful modalities coming out ministries let me be very clear is not about conversion or repaired of therapy at all I cannot make somebody straight that was gay as a matter of fact I still have same sex attraction but the Lord has also healed me to the point where I have attraction to the opposite sex imagine going through puberty twice but then as I've been walking with the Lord our ministry is not about making gay people straight that's not my job but it is my responsibility an opportunity to point people to Jesus Christ where he has all the healing that we need he promises to deliver it and so instead of focusing on behavior modification which can be a good thing we're talking about divine intervention isn't that right so change your nodes We're not here to make gay people straight. We're here to connect people to Jesus Christ and allow them to walk in the power in the glory that He provides which is something that the world can't give remember people we're Christians right our identity is in Jesus Christ so we're not offering people what the world can offer them and you can have behavior modification all day long but what we're talking about is the divine connection with Jesus Christ and when you understand that thinking it changes your attitude in the way that you are approached this topic with other people it's not about gay people getting married and having families because that's a lot of questions like people say Well Mike are you married are you dating and unfortunately no I'm not married maybe you're not praying hard enough I don't know but the point being is that whether I marry or not there are still plenty of people that have same sex attraction that are married with children so that's not the litmus test to prove whether somebody is straight or not am I right or redeemed does that make sense or you guys just shock because you like. All right so I want to share with you this little video that we have on our Web site Guys can you can you roll this please. I.q. conversion therapy is defined as quote the pseudo scientific false science practice of trying to change an individual's sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual using psychological or so-called religious interventions. For the record we adamantly disagree with this process. Coming out ministries does not now nor have we ever engaged in or indorsed and for the following reasons Reason number one. It's abuse and. Conversion therapy attempts to force the alteration of behaviors upon others which violates an individual's free will. Reason number 2 it has a bad track record quote In short there is clear evidence that conversion therapy does not work and there is significant evidence that it is also harmful to l g b t Q People and quote h r c or. Recent number 3 it's not biblical. Coming out ministries calls upon to find intervention that goes above and beyond. It's all about love. It's all about the power of Jesus Christ God's work offers to us. The power to go beyond human limits 1st Corinthians 611 and such were some of you. Are washed or sanctified you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of America. And so the pro gay movement they use the whole ideology that coming out Ministries is about conversion and repaired of therapy and you know they've tried to nail that on us for many years because quite frankly they can't argue with our theology So instead what they do is they attack the reputation of coming out ministries and if you accuse them of being conversion or repaired a therapist then what you do is you create this big havoc which is why we were kicked out of England we were actually scheduled to speak in England we were only going to speak at 2 humble little churches but there was a firestorm when they gay community pro gay community called the Community and London England and they said listen you don't want these people to come because they promote conversion therapy they raise 40000 signatures to block coming out ministries from coming into their country. And the law had to listen to that and so they went to the churches and they said listen if you don't shut down these programs we're going to block these people from even coming into the country doesn't this sound a little extreme protrude ministry and so they did they canceled our meetings and so instead we were blocked from going into England we had 10 days and so the door opened up for us to go to Italy we got to stay in a 600 year old villa in the in the Italian Alps and we were able to present in Milan Italy to 6 different churches we had all of our stuff recorded in 2 Italian so God you know when a door closes God opens a garage door is not right. So again now we have this new term this new identity called Gay Christian Well let's talk about that for a little bit because you know one of the comments that was made to me by an attorney at Andrews University is he said well we want to use contemporary language you know in our description of you know l g b t lives in this kind of stuff and so while this this 21 page document that the seminary released from Andrews University they did use the term gay Christian they are allowed coming out ministries to come and we really wanted a discussion about this terminology and we thought desperately to make sure that they understood you cannot put a prefix on your identity in Christ if you heard the presentation yesterday morning it was the most profound thing that I had heard from another person is this young girl came up and she said My identity is in Jesus Christ period right and that is the whole focus whether you come from same sex attraction or you're a raging heterosexual we have to recognize the fact that as a Christian my identity is in Jesus Christ and that alone isn't that correct so when I take a prefix and put it on my identity in Christ remember the prefix is the primary identity really so you're telling me that your prime your prefix is your primary identity before Christ think about of brothers and sisters so that does that even make sense and so if I'm a gay Christian remember homosexuality is a is a sin temptation It's a sinful temptation right. I'm sorry let me be clear on that it's a temptation but it's a sin if you act on it according to the Bible so why would I take a cent temptation and put it on my identity in Christ does that make sense how can 2 want to let together unless they be agreed is not what the Bible says so how can you take us in temptation and say that's at your primary identity and then you're a Christian imagine the confusion that you give to people like me who are searching for truth and trying to find and justify a relationship with Jesus Christ you're telling me that I can put my identity as a homosexual in front of my relationship with Jesus Christ does that make sense well if I can do it then why don't you do it you know why wouldn't you want to be called an adulterating Christian or maybe you'd like to be a lying stealing Christian you know pick whatever soup does your sin does your that you'd like and put it on your identity and Jesus cries do you see the confusion here do you see how this doesn't make sense in this term is a true conflict and a creation of the enemy to use social constructs to give us permission to sin because the Bible says in 1st John 19 if you confess your sins that he is faithful and just not only to forgive you but to cleanse you from all unrighteousness So if I identify as a gay Christian then gay is no longer a scent and so if I don't confess said that how will I ever know the cleansing that Jesus has for me in that deserve an amen something thank Ok All right so I'm with you guys are with me Oh Ok I went too far right so you therefore beloved 2nd Peter 317 seeing that you know these things before be aware less See also being led away with the error of the wicked that you fall from your own steadfastness. Unfortunately what we're going to see again and if you read great controversy if you study the Bible we know that there are issues that are going to be taking place in our church but God needs people who still hold on to the right and yet still have the testimony of Jesus and part of the testimony of Jesus is a kind spirit a loving spirit and so yes it's important to have the truth but you also need to have the spirit of Jesus Christ whenever we approach what sin truly is and so while the church is trying to compromise while some areas are compromising about what the identity of sexuality is those of us that are holding on to it we know we know that as we're living in these days that we have to hold on to these principles because not only are they good and sound but they're loving blessings from God is not right for whatever you think in your heart that's what you are and so now you know that I remember that I was struggling again with pornography addiction and there was no way I was going to go to my pastor and say hey I'm struggling with porn I'm an elder in my church and so the only place that I could go was I went to sex addicts anonymous for a year. Twice a week at 4 o'clock in the morning I get up I'd have to drive for an hour to these meetings where I would sit in a group and every time I had to speak I said Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict become a sex addict I'm a sex addict and I sat in a group of men and you know what for the 1st time in my life I had a place where I felt I could at least be honest and open with what I was struggling with it's not sad that I couldn't feel that way in my own church isn't it sad that I felt judgment condemnation of the church the should have been there to help people like me right so here I am in this group for over a year saying Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict and then after a year I started to realize you know what nobody in this group is getting any victory either and I've been there for a year and I started to get really angry at God and I started to be really open and honest with God and I said you know what this isn't working and you said that the Adventist Church has everything that we need to find victory until Jesus comes and returns and takes us home and I need it. And in my frustration and as I was angry with God and as I shouted out to him The Lord showed me this little ugly red book that probably many of us have on our closet and it has a really disgusting title that says ministry of healing who wants to read that I pulled that book off the shelf and on the very 1st page it says the same Jesus they came 2000 years ago is the same Jesus today that wants to heal men come pleadingly physically spiritually and mentally and in the margin of my book I wrote homosexuality and pornography addiction and I said Lord this is on you you said that you have the power to heal me and I need it and what I started to realize is that it was never something that I was going to be able to get the victory over on my own that I needed to recognize that Jesus had the power and authority to cancel out not only my temptation but also the clear my history and to give me new thoughts a new feelings and new aspirations and so as I started to read that book it didn't necessarily talk about my sin but it did talk about my savior that had all the power and authority when he rose from the dead after he died for my sins on that cross can I get an amen because this is really the capstone of all of it because if you say that l g b t is acceptable by God then you make no law and void what Jesus did on the cross that means he did all of that for nothing that's an enemy straight from our that's a message straight from hell and so as I read that book that ugly little book with that disgusting title to me it started to have profound meaning and started to have power in my life I started to find victory where I had no victory before and now I share that with pastors and young women and young men all around the world and I say that you need power to overcome your saying you need to know who is the power giver and that big ministry of healing in my opinion is what Ellen White has provided for the church to help us understand what sin is and also who it is that takes away our sin and gives us the power and authority over it. And so far as a man thinketh in his heart that so is so every time I said Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict guess what a change myself to the one thing that I wanted to leave every time I said I was a sex addict I'm now putting myself back into that group of of what I was saying that I wanted to leave do you see the contradiction here and so a lot of times people tend to take these 8 principles and apply it to Christianity but that is not a Christian principle it says because in Christ I am a new creature that the old things are passed away behold everything becomes brand new and so I am not a sex addict anymore and while I still may trouble I'm still may struggle with thoughts and feelings because God didn't wipe away my history or my memory and he didn't wipe away years either and so we have to learn how to live with those temptations and those thoughts but he does promise to always give us the victory over our thoughts and feelings I am not a homosexual because I have those thoughts and I remember what I used to do on my life is in Christ and in Christ my identity is and he gives me what I need to be able to have victory over those thoughts and feelings into the davit the enemy is gone and if Jesus struggled with temptation until the very final moments of his life what makes you think that you're going to be exempt from that until we die or see Jesus isn't that reasonable so why would I make my identity my thoughts and my feelings because in Christ my identity is in him. So let me ask you a question with the terminology of gay Christian we've opened the door just a little bit for the snake now I lived in the country for 16 years and there are lots of snakes in East Tennessee and I had this screen door that just wouldn't close all the way you know what I'd be doing hair in my basement in my shop and I'd have a screen door open to just get some ventilation while the sudden one of my friends found a snake skin in between a piece is one of my furniture and I thought. It was a pretty long snake they got in my house just from a crack like that and so if we start to open up and we start to compromise the principles of God's word just an inch how much of the snake can get in the hole snake is not right I want to ask you a question what's wrong with this picture. What's at very good good sometimes people really struggle with this and I saw this image for of couple years and I thought oh isn't that nice look how compassion that is Jesus wants to give him the robe of righteousness not realizing or understanding that he's covering his filthy garment and you know this is the new movement this coming into Christianity is that you know we're going to sin it till Jesus comes and so he he's still going to give you the the robot righteousness but he's just going to cover over your old characteristics in your old behaviors is that with the Word of God says that's right isn't it interesting that the devil is the one that always wants to expose our nakedness but what I love about Jesus He's the one that always wants to cover it let's go to Revelation chapter 3 in verse 18 I think that's this. Morning there we go it says I advise of you to buy from me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed and so right there we have to recognize I have to take off my old identity and I have to drop it what I love about this is while the enemy is always looking to expose our naked this right he not only does he entice us in the temps us but then when you fall is the 1st one to laugh and to say that God hates you and he'll never help you and this is who you're going to be and I've heard that conversation from many men and women over the last 10 years and I've said it many times myself but what I love is that my savior steps in and when I am completely vulnerable and I am completely naked because of my own failed attempts he said Mike let me cover you up this is not beautiful don't deny me the privilege and the opportunity to come before God as I am naked and afraid and alone and cold and he says Mike let me cover you up with my righteousness by allowing the term gay Christian what I'm saying is that you don't have to clean yourself up and I've now denied you the opportunity to wear the very robust righteousness that Christ has to offer you will still be identified in your old clothes does that sound like a Christian principle of course not we need to have our eyes open to how the enemy is infiltrating in through this very very difficult issue to deny him the power of Jesus Christ acceptance of gay Christian or approval of homo sexual practice is to say that the Word of God is Nolan void and that Jesus is all love and no power making Christ impotent is job number one for the devil and he knows that diluting the righteousness the restoration in man is going to be the devil's throw down on the issue to draw men away from the sanctification process that is needful for heaven and communion with God the Father remember how yesterday I was saying my friend said guess what. If Jesus is coming soon then that means sin will be no more than right so if sin is no more then that means whatever is on me is going to be destroyed your member in the Isaiah Chapter 13 it talks about who shall be able to dwell in the presence of an all eternal burning fire remember that one Who do you think it is it's not the unrighteous burning in Hell it's actually the righteous that are in the presence of an all consuming fire and that all consuming fire is God's glory which is his goodness according to Moses remember the burning bush was on fire not because it was holy ground but because God's presence was in it and it was represented as a cleansing fire because that's what glory does the goodness of God destroys anything that is filthy and defiling and sin so if I continue to wear my identity is gay then unfortunately I will not be fit to dwell in the presence of an all consuming fire and when sin is destroyed I'll be destroyed with it is that a loving message is that a loving message to tell people that they can still continue to identify in their sin be very clear on this point because there are people that are offering other individuals like me that struggle with identity and attraction and their thinking that this is acceptable and if I buy into that theology then I have cut myself off from the very power of Jesus Christ to give me that freedom and he already paid for it it's sitting there just waiting to be given to those who ask and the devil cuts off our access to that when we accept these lies remember the story of Marissa do I need to tell you that again yes oh Ok wow I really like this too late i already ruined all right all right so here is Ray. Re lived as a male she wanted to be a male she actually was approved to take the hormones and also have the surgery after living as a man for 2 years there was this voice that she would hear inside her head and she would fantasize about her wedding but instead of being the prize she wanted to be the groom and she would hear the voice of Ray inside of her head and that's how she identified in the voice of Ray would say you know what you should have muscles and facial hair you shouldn't have breasts and smooth skin and so she decided to have these surgeries she was molested on the playground by girls and boys she was living in a violent drug addicted home and so it's 16 years old she moved to Seattle where she decided to have the sex change but then the voice of Ray said you know what you're so pathetic no one will ever want you you should just kill yourself so here she is approved to take the hormones and eventually to have the surgeries and now she can't even get out of bed the depression is so bad the suicide rates among the transgendered population are 30 percent 30 percent off 3rd of transgenders will commit suicide no matter where they are along their journey of change those are the highest rates of suicide among any group of people so recalled the only person that she knew and it was a Christian friend and she said I'm not doing well I'm I'm wanting to take my life and her friends had just come to me and she couldn't afford the tickets or friend paid for the ticket or Christian friend her friend didn't stick her finger in her face and said you're going to go to hell for what you do and you're going to be can down then God doesn't love you and said what she did she prayed for her and as she prayed for her all the sudden one day Ray was there for 3 months and she woke up and she said you know what I've never prayed for before and she said God how do you see me and the next image that she got was of this woman with long hair and a long flowing dress and and she was praising God. And Ray said that's not me and she dismissed that thought but she did continue to read the Word of God and as you open up the word of God She opened up to Psalms 139 Write that down it's the answer to the transgender issue Psalms 139 in its entirety and as she started to read that chapter it started to change her her life she started to realize that God pursued her because he loved her and then his thoughts towards her as countless is the sands of the seashore and then she started to embrace the word of God It started to have an effect on her the power of God was working in Ray's life and she started to let her hair growth now that doesn't sound like a big deal to some of you but you know what some of us that's all we can do so we can just let our hair grow and as she allowed to let her hair grow she started to slowly change her wardrobe and this is who Ray has become is not beautiful remember man judges the outside but God judges the hard while many people will mutilate their bodies and take hormones that will destroy the life expectancy also that they can become what matches in their mind what God wants to transform our minds so that we match the biology of the blessing gave us as a says in Psalms on $39.00 and so if Marissa would have had those those mutilating surgery she never would have known the joy of getting married and then she never would have known the joy of breastfeeding her own 2 children can I get an Amen for that. Do you see that the power of God is something better than what the world can give you the world offers you hormones that are going to increase your rates of cancer and mutilating surgeries to where you going to have scars for the rest of your life and the inability to create life which was a blessing that God gave us as he was giving us the image of himself the devil steals kills and destroys us away from you but God is the God of restoration and if you didn't know that this existed now that you know change your thinking and change your attitude when it comes to the community and those that maybe don't identify as you do and have some compassion because maybe they don't have access to the information that you have. I say a fibrous 21 to them the call evil good and good evil that put dark for darkness for light and life for darkness the put the bitter for the sweet and sweet for the bitter I thought that this was a a warning to the world but this is really a warning for the church what Went to us when we take the word of God and we change it and we dilute the power of Jesus Christ to transform a life and we give them a really prophetic alternative we have these 2 positions in the church when coming up ministry started 10 years ago when I left the church The only thing I heard is that people like me just couldn't change and that we were going to burn in a hotter hell than everybody else and so then I come back into the church and then 10 years later I started ministry with 4 other individuals and now not only are we competing with this attitude that God hates people like us and we get that constantly even in churches like this but now this is no movement going on that they say the same thing they said yeah that's right gays can't change but God loves them because they can't change and so they should be accepted in the church bring your lover bring your family whatever and you'll find love here but here's a problem they're both wrong because they're both based on a lie that gays can't change God either hate some more than love them but their message is the same the gays can't change well Has anybody read 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 for some reason nobody can get to the verse 11 because all I ever heard is a young Adventist growing up is that I was an abomination under God and everybody left out verse 11 and they talked about everything that was in there let's let's go through the list maybe you can find your name in there to know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God Don't be deceived neither shall fornicators idolaters adulterers of feminine or abusers of themselves with mankind North Eves or covetous or drunkards or revile or store sinners shall inherit the kingdom of God So guess what I can find myself in a few of those. And so how dare us as the Christian majority or or what was the word morality to sit there and take homosexuality and paraded as the greatest sin according to God because according to Ellen White it's pride and you can't tell me that now one of us struggle with that one from time to time but according to the Christian church we take homosexuality out we put it up here and we say that this is the crowning sin that God just can't help well the gay community heard you they said well if that's the truth then we want rights and we want to be able to marry and so I believe that the Christian community did more for gay rights and anybody else but here's the here's the here's the answer to that because when you bring in verse 11 it says Such were some of you but you were washed you were sanctified Is that something that I can do absolutely not he said but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the spirit of our God that's talking about divine power that comes in and does something that I can't do. And how dare the Christian community cut people off from the power of Jesus Christ because who are we working for God or for the enemy a liberal church says that you are welcome here and that you do not have to clean up your life a legal list of church says that you are not welcome here until you clean up your life but I love when Jesus says you are all welcome here and I will change your life in the beautiful I say it chapter 4 in verse one has an application today and I'm running out of time so what does what does a woman represent in the Bible say fast thank you all right so 7 women will take hold of one man saying we will eat her own bread and wear our own apparel but let us be called by their name to take away our reproach So this man is the groom who represents the groom Jesus so here's 7 women 7 churches wanting to hate take hold of Jesus they want his name but they want to eat their own bread and wear their own apparel so a woman equals a church so let's go on what does the bread represent bread represents the Word of God right what is apparel represent the righteousness of Christ is that all coming up there. Ok there we go so again here are 7 churches and they recognize that Jesus is the one that they want his name they want to be Christians but they say listen we're not going to take the word of God we're going to change it and we're going to make it suit ourselves we're going to eat our own bread and then you know what you can keep your robe of righteousness because we've got pride and our pride is a 6 colored flag right so do you see the problem here Isaiah Chapter 4 verse one is exactly talking about what we're talking about today 2nd Timothy 3 Verse 5 they have a form of godliness but they deny the power there of what power they deny what power they deny their denying the power of Jesus Christ to transform and change a life and when you deny that from somebody you are not doing the work of God you're doing the work of the devil and we could all be Christians this verse is actually talking to the Christians of their time looking for people that have a form of godliness it's all love it's all about love but when you deny the power of Jesus Christ and say that gays can't change you're promoting a message from the enemy and you've totally destroyed and made Nolan void what Jesus did on the cross I want to end with this story I promise I'll then so the biscuit story so there's a young woman as a matter of fact she's featured on the front of our film this is Anna and as a lesbian and I has a girlfriend she calls her mom and she says Mom I want to bring my girlfriend home for the weekend and Andrew who's a good had been his Christian her mother she said I didn't really know what to say and I said I have to think about it so she called me on the phone and she said Mike what do I do and I said well you have every right to establish some ground rules at your home and if you don't want them to sleep together you know you can say that and if you don't want public affection you can say that too and I said but didn't Jesus die for for and his girlfriend also she goes I know I know but I'm not ready to see all of that I don't know what I'll do but I'll pray about it. As Andrea prayed she was convicted that that that she wanted definitely her daughter to come home she didn't want this girlfriend to come with her but she did see the opportunity that maybe this would be an opportunity to minister to her as well so she agreed and she said you can come home on the grounds that you both sleep in separate bedrooms and that you know public affection in front of me and she said No problem mom and so they came Andrea being a very loving individual and also loving to teach she she accepted this woman into her home they slept in separate bedrooms they live on a farm on Sunday morning they woke up and came into the kitchen and where mom was a she said listen Mom can we have biscuits and gravy. And our mom said Ok well that's a lot of work you going to have to help me immediately and his girlfriend backed up and she goes No no no because I don't cook I don't cook because my mother never took the time to teach me how to cook and so I don't know anything about you know cooking and so Andrea again not realizing what she was doing she just said Well then come over here I'll show you how to make biscuits and so this young girl goes over and rolls out the dough right they make the the biscuits they put it on the tray and then they put it in the oven they bake it and it made the gravy they had a nice breakfast together they were laughing and talking around the table that's all nothing scriptural the Bible wasn't mentioned God was a mention they just had a really good visit and then the 2 girls went outside to look at the farm and we went into the kitchen started cleaning up and all and as they were walking on the farm these 2 girls all of a sudden and his girlfriend turned to her and just broke down and started sobbing and immediately and I said what my mother say to you. And then she was fighting back the tears when she finally gained enough composure she goes it's not that at all she said I know how your mother thinks about us I know what she feels about us and she said My own mother wouldn't even teach me to cook and your mother was nice to me and kind to me and just showed me how to cook and she goes I can't believe how nice your mama's Isn't that what we're supposed to be brothers and sisters. Harmless as dogs and wise as serpents isn't compassion supposed to be the thing that people see 1st and foremost but this story isn't over the story was over until about 16 months ago when all the sudden this young girl that had dated her daughter and they had broken up a long time ago she called Andrea on the phone and she said listen I want to thank you for praying for me I want to thank you for that Christian example that you gave me in your kitchen that day she said because I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and I've walked away from the gay life and I'm no longer doing the drugs and drinking and sleeping with women I've dedicated my life to God and I want to thank you for praying for me for all those years I hope that I really challenge some of you thinking I hope that I've given you some really good tools to use I hope that you can think of individuals that need this kind of compassion and love but also the need to to find the love of Jesus compelling also and I hope that you can be that example for them as we go into the question and answer time please send in your questions I'm sure you have many and would like to answer those if you ask the question if they pertain to this topic I will do anything that I can to make sure that we answer those questions for you as we segue into the next section can I go ahead and close and open in prayer Heavenly Father thank You Lord for this opportunity to again address the issue that is going on in our church today but also Lord we are not 2 we are not the only ones that are are struggling the church struggles Lord with representing you it in a loving and kind way we have the truth Lord but we lack the compassion that is so necessary. And yet there were people that were willing to do that for me but I still came into a church that was very dark on this issue and very much prejudiced against me I believe Lord that we're changing I believe that it has to change because now we no longer have the opportunity to stand by and to be silent on this issue or to be silently judging people on this issue we have to address this issue but we want to come out in a way Lord that we can lift you up and honor you and still that the same time uphold the truth because many people are willing to just throw away the truth and make you impotent but that's not who you are so Lord I pray as we go into the question and answer time the Lord that you will inspire us in lightness and equip bus for the times that are coming soon. As a matter of fact Lord they're already here so I pray that you will prepare us in the time that we have in Jesus name I pray. 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