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Five Keys to Inner Peace

Joakim Hjortland


Be reinvigorated, as we highlight five practical and powerful keys to inner peace, in a world full of problems and worries. 


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe


  • April 17, 2021
    12:00 PM
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I recently came across a quote that I felt was pretty good it said a following happiness is the New Rich kindness is the new cool health is the new well in there too it's the new success based on this values how rich are you something to think about today today I'm going to talk about 5. To in their teens 5 catches to in their peers in our world full of problems and work. But before we get into that that's have another short word of prayer they're a part I think of a separate unity we perhaps you may bless this time and let my words we pray to as we open your word that you may inspire us Drenthe an ass in vigorous ask your credits we may live from here with our sons that you are here your spirit minister trial Thank you God for what you are there we pray this thing in his name Amen in John Chapter 14 verse one has a certain Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God belive also in. A lot of things in this world can trouble and hurts our heart there are a lot of things in this world that come to see here and I'm excited here you know things like this than stress finance or aging there were education loneliness confusion uncertainty concerning the future pay many things that can lead to to anxiety that come trouble are hard I heard a story about a man that was a very very troubled. His heart was beating rapidly he felt terrible all over you had headaches he couldn't sleep at night he knew that something must be wrong so he went to his family doctor and he said Dr Atala terrible and started to describe his symptoms and and the doctor ran a whole bunch of tests on him and he called me into the office this afternoon together and they were looking through the charts they're looking through the results and he says your heart is fine your liver is fine and he went down you know checked by Schecter and I can't find anything wrong with you and Charlotte but the man here shook his head and he's like there must be something that is wrong this can't be right I've seen terrible then the doctor said he got an idea he said I know what you need I know I think you need to relax you need to have I have just the right thing for you you know just around the corner here there is a school and sometimes I go there Saturday night and there's a clown that used to go there and he's history is performing for the children and the kids laugh and you know when I go there I laugh and and when I'm stressed it makes me feel better it makes is better going there sitting and listening looking at that clown you know I know what you need to do you need to go there you need to sit in front of the plow and relax and laugh as he said that's the man the patient in that office who has dropped his glasses and took down his glasses and he looked straight into the eyes of the doctor and he said Doc I am the law that's me I am the canard. I don't know what the doctor said to him but I know that all too often that is reality all too often people laugh out loud. But their hearts. Are crying their hearts are full of trouble I'm poor. Now come with me. The book of Mark Mark chapter for the context of this story is that this is and his disciples they're out on the left there and they're out on the lake but as they're out on the lake things do not go quite as expect them Mark chapter for our beginning verse 37 mark for verse 37 and a great wind storm arrows and the waves spilled into the boat so that it was already feeling but he was in the stern asleep on a pillow and there woke him and said seem to share do you not care that we are perishing So they are out there on the lake and even though God led them into that boat even though God bless them out on that lake they are experiencing this great store they're experiencing something very tough on that journey even though God lost leading them to go after here and they're desperate and they're like do you not care that we are perishing reading on verse 39 then hero son rebuked that when done such a disappearance be still and the winces and there was a great call he said to them Why are you so fearful How is it that you have no faith. And they feared exceedingly or they marveled at it 1st think Matthew's account and said to one another who can this be the one that we're in and this. I think is a powerful story because you know in this story right you see that they are in this they have this great problem they have a serious problem this disgraced or they are in a situation basically which would have made a great deal of people greatly anxious they're in a very tricky situation the situation is so bad at the disciples many of them used to being on the scene as Mr Mann writes The disciples are here they're probably experienced some some crazy storms in the past and also they have seen lots of miracles they have seen this is performed is marvelous miracles but yet when they're out on the play that night they are super friends and they are terrified they are scared to death if you will but even though it's so think we're situation so severe storms so serious situation even though you have all of that and that that's the case this is the year on that same boat and he slipped in fear and he's perfectly calm and peaceful Can you imagine they're active quitting out there scared to death and this is just like. Fully fledged as if you were at the most peaceful place on these plants can you imagine this as have an incredible says anyone recognize this man on the screen here. Here of face of yesteryear one of my heroes I'm sure you've heard of him your Josh Miller a man of prayer a man of the world a man affair with the powerful lives to live in that it's an 101 thing he did that he's well known for his care of thousands and thousands of orphans he started orphanage and had a lot of responsibility did other things too but a lot of responsibility you can imagine waking Afghans in need to care you know maybe for 2000 or fans and you know to see them is to educate them you need to close them and and you know they're with the people that are hired to take care of them and all these things you can imagine so many things waking up every day you have like a lot of things to think about worry about every day probably but one night after Pearson who later wrote the biography about your trailer he was we sitting York Miller and before bedtime or if they were going to go to bed they had a system of pray to get it over praying together and Miller at that point he said to him he said to Piers and he said hey actually we don't have any food for tomorrow and he's like What do you mean like why didn't you go to the store it's already close by like he's like freaking out like now what was even though food wasn't what happens you solve this issue right but you're too late he says you want to really have a matter we don't really have money now anyway they live many times from from hand to mouth they were they had their dinners really you have huge servings so anyway he's like stressed out but you're going to he's like he's call his full and they're just trying to get anything done I said let's pray and you're familiar he's praying a simple prayer and then he goes to bed and had a couple it is like what it seems like he so calmly goes better than whatever and then that's not. The person that experiences he later told a story about basically somewhere else not too far away a man that was pretty wealthy God walking up in the middle of that night and he woke up with this impression you need to take something to the orphan. I woke up with this strong impression he's like now come on this is the middle of the night is there I'm not doing that he said but the impression came back and he says impressed now you need to go you need to take something to the orphan and it's like now now it's me no no no I don't want to do that but eventually you know this impression can kept coming back and he said I can't sleep anyway I better do it and they decide to do something about this and before breakfast next morning before breakfast this guy and or his helpers helping carry all the stuff they come to the orchard meal or with food that would last for about a month before a record can imagine the 1st praying going to bed and then God and thus a miracle and again and again and again he experienced those kind of things George Miller had just like Jesus an incredible person. In the midst of the great problems and challenges but the good news today is this that's not only something you know that just has to have you know your Jamila could have when they were facing problems down challenge for you God also want to give us an incredible beautiful. Regardless of what problems and trials some challenges may may come your way I like how it says it in Philippians for me anxious for nothing or 6 and certainly anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request made known to God and the peace of God which was as it surpasses all understand. Will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus God can give us an incredible principles that it's unbelievable to this world that it's like this world you can't get anywhere else a piece of passes understand he can give that to every one of us regardless of the circumstances we may find ourself in also like I'll just put it in Matthew 1128 through 30 come to me all his heart who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is life so God wants to give us to scare us to give us an incredible plan but the $1000000.00 question is how how can can we have such up is how can we sleep peacefully in the midst of a crazy situation how best to get the rest of this message I'm going to share 5 to 5 pages to in there to and I Frame them under the acronym of the word call for there was a fitting word when you talk about this and that a word called I will share 5 his son the reason there are 5 if I have 2 on the 1st letter so I says that is starting we. Celebrate God's goodness and claim his promises that's the 1st actually to let's talk about celebrate God's goodness 1st as our 1st I want to mention here today some 100 versts for enter his guests with thanksgiving and his courts with presence is thanks to him and praise his name when you enter into the press and so when God with prayer. And there's into your circumstances with power. When you enter into the presence of God with praise he enters into your circumstances with power prayers is a powerful thing and the good news is that we have a gab that is worded to refresh not just something you are in it to be forced to present but it is a wonderful guy worthy to be pressed now Daniel was a powerful map of God He was a powerful manifest a powerful man of prayer and one significant part of his prayer life with it when we started the book of Daniel Chapter 6 for instance one significant part of his prayer life must Thanksgiving and Fred is is this before you know the last hours miracle before that's impossible think the engine was turned around what it is. He sent gather in advance for what he was going to do basically and God wants us to do the same he wants us to to celebrate his goodness and thanksgiving and praise should be are an important part also of our prayer lives I would say are some brief words about this 1st and also more about that after their kind of closely connected in a song but everything else so at this point here number 2 is claim his promise or claim in his promises this is I believe an important key apostle so in there. You know this is said in that if for verse for man do not live by bread alone but by every word of priests out of the mouth of God It was what food is to the Bobby the Word of God is to do so we live by the word and an important part of living by the word an important part of what that means is to leave by God's promise that's an important part of what it means to leave by every word to leave by the Word of God to lead by God's promises and the cool thing is you know God's. Right it's really powerful right God's Word if it has creative power gathered can apply when God says something it happens I heard a story imagine. That entices for instance right the one verse to that got kind of like but imagine someone calls home you know your child you go up and I come across home and I can talk with your dad and maybe the dad is here I'd like to have. Met Alan I hope clear that up but I meant it as I say I'm not home and my that is not home to some people made the things like this right not perfectly honest question and set up but imagine if exists or like imagine someone called home to his home and and just after the phone and just assess it and say I'm not I'm not at home if this is actually what I said that's. Just I want to do it or anyone. When gabs the excess happens his creative power in the Word of God and I like how it's us and in science the reverse 9 for his spoken to us than he commands and the faster us and I will put it he spoke and it tends to be when gab spoke it happened it's creative power in God's word and therefore I think about that it's like the promises of God It's kind of like a sect is kind of like a winning lottery lottery ticket we're going to go on cash it in and then we can we can claim you know the money right we can claim the blessing you know God. Gave Israel the promised land even before they took it it had already been given to them it was the promised land it was they basically had to go and colostomy it was already given to them and that's kind of how it is with God's promises it's given to us it's here it's power it's blessing but we need to claim we need to cash it in. And when we do that we will be greatly blessed claiming the promises is truly a powerful thing and I read the last thing I'd like to put it like this God's promise there. Are the 33rd of his superhero Gav promises are the staple food of his superhero the want to be a hero of the wants of the powerful man or woman for God well make God's promises your staples to God with the fire for things now how many promises. Are there in the Bible any one now and guess. How many promises do we have in the Bible 700 it's more any other guess or how many promises we have in the Bible I. Look back on half my them along. How many 1005. It's a good some pretty good guess depends on who you ask but some people say it's about 7000 some put 7 and a half 1000 something. 100-9000 get the depends a little how you count but I'd say at least 7000 it seems to be very conservative at the least 7000 promiser totaling the Bible I read there are 31000 $101.00 verse of the Latin in roughly say about maybe every 4th the verse in the Bible find a promise lots of promises thousands of promises in the Bible that are basically the year wasting to be claimed instead. And so many promises for any type of situations you know you have you can find a list of promises on amazing fact website for instance a list of promises on there on the topic of addiction. And deliverance from the moniker Asner the pression family fear feeling of the Holy Spirit find bunch of promises regards to death right finances job forgiven guide them hell marriage slash companionship salvation and guards allowed strength to do God's will so many promises are. Ridiculed or promises your promises for for guidance you know you have silenced 32 verse a hour instruction and I will teach you the way you should go I will guide you with my eyes gens 15 but if any of you lack we still ask of God and he would give liberally and you have a promise of strength and power if you want to contend with me to assiah verse 40 psi or 40 and verse 29 through 31 past the promises he gives power to the will and to those who have no mighty increases strand even the use shall spend some be weary and the young men shall after only 4 but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles they shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not send the guard with good power and strength to Samson he can give power and strength also to use to overcome even insurmountable obstacles in your life and also really like Romans 828. For window all things work together for good but also love God you know the bad things happen sometimes God allow trials and suffering to happen right but whatever happened in our lives whether it was our fault a bad decision we made or whatever it is God is powerful enough to turn those situations he used them in for good powerful promise to live by powerful promise to cleanse wanting to go through challenging situations I like 100 $47.00 verse 3 it says he feels the broken hearted and binds up their womb we have I got a carrot for every aspect of the human being cared for the physical but also here with me for the mental aspect of the human being for emotional aspect of the human being and he also cares he can heal the broken heart he can he can he and he also cares for the social alike found $64.00 through 6 is a thing to gab thing praises to his name Xtandi him who arrives on the clouds by his name yeah and rejoice before him a father of the fatherless of the sender of widows is guarding his holy habitation gabfests the solitary in families he brings out those who are bound into prosperity but their bellies dwell in a dry land God the solitary the the lonely those who are alone in family he had a 3rd it is not good for man to be alone in Genesis 2 right he has many ways to meet people's social. Come to a fire 43 I love this chapter on this promise 43 talking in verse 6 soon does us the Lord who makes our way in the sea. And a path through the mighty waters. Of course makes you think of the Exodus right of the language that is used here damping down to earth as sin does not remember the former things nor consider things of all behold I would do a new thing now it just bring forth Shall you not know it I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the death or the God made our way through the Red Sea He can make a way in your situation through your child son and challenges and problems he can make a way he can he can make a new thing he can he has a solution to your problem I love the following quote from my all time favorite books that Osiris has treated 348330 worry is blind and cannot discern the future but just assume that and from the beginning in every difficulty how many difficulties every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring the real in our heavenly Father has a 1000 well to prove provides Brust of which we know nothing in addition to the solutions we can think of he has a 1000 more those who accept the one principle of making the service an honor of God to print will find perplexities vanish and a plane passed before their fate. Beautiful powerful promise to live by so how practically always good to try to make things practical how practically can will follow these tips to claim the promises Well one thing you can do is to underline the promises from the find them in your bible or highlight them or mark them in some way right now the thing you can do is to write them down in a book maybe or in some small nice papers and put them in a nice box or something you collect it is nice promises or got a bible promise app on your phone another way where you can you can hang Babbitts promises on there were also your home or somewhere you know where you will see them from time to time you can memorize God's promises as something else I would encourage you to do if I would have been a fan of tattoos while God Some says what I mean I could just like they are with a kind of encouraged with. A claim down from a sense of course that some practical things become the claiming of promises is a powerful thing not only for inner peace but in general for the spiritual life God promises are the staple food of his superhero This leads us to number 3 to in their appearance and that is a ask God for help ask God for help many times within and have because within our prayer many times we do not receive because we do not pray 1st John 320 two's puts it like this and whatever we ask we receive. From him because we keep His commandments under those things that are seen in his sight 1st John 5 verse 4 children and 5th and now this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to His will He hears out and if we know that he hears our. Whatever we ask we know that we have that petition that we have asked of Him So in other words what this verse what it is telling us he tells us that when we pray in accordance with God's will he will hear our prayers but more than that he will answer our prayers that's a really powerful promise and one of the really powerful ways to know that you are praying in accordance with God's will is when you are claiming up from because that's God's revealed will and that can give you confidence in prayer and faith in prayer and you will see God do powerful things but sometimes you know James wrote chapter 4 verse 3 you ask I'm going to receive because you're after me but you may spend it on your pet or sometimes we're asking the wrong way we are married the wrong motive now the fruit of the Spirit elisions 5 the fruit of the Spirit while it's the 3rd after that it's listed here among those wonderful at with. The for the prettiest love joy peace all these wonderful things one of those beautiful attributes that is the fruit of the spirit is what we're talking about here today come with me to Matthew 7 and we'll begin in verse 7 matches 7 will reverse 7 through 11 some 11 is that remember Matthew 77 alarm call Ok So Matthew 7 it says here ask. And it will be given to you soon and you will find not. And it will be open to you for everyone who asks Reese's and his 6 front answer him her knocks it will be open or what man is there among you who if his son ask for bread they will give him a stone or if you ask for a fish we'll give him a serpent if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to dolls who ask. And we ask God will answer now I think it's so important to us to realize that in verse 7 the right asking will be given seek and they will find knock and will be given unto you when you look at the Greek the original Greek there basically a better translation would be asked and on asking knock and keep on knocking the and keep on thinking well sumpin So when I was in him a reason the 1st on your ask but many times you need more than one there is a process and in the process can brought us closer to him which he can honestly in prayer but the promise is asked and it will be given not can it will be open see and you will find Now one thing one wonderful gift that God will surely give up one wonderful gift does God longs to give us when we ask is the Holy Spirit an important gift a wonderful gift look alive uncertain put it like this if you than being evil know how to give good gifts to children how much more will your heavenly Father heed the Holy Spirit. To dose. One gift of God really longs to give us is the Holy Spirit and when we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit as we saw one of the 1st attributes of the further the spirit is peace when we receive the Holy Spirit with the Holy Spirit comes to us but actually not only that we are also told that with the Holy Spirit when that promise blessing is can buy said we are told in a spirit of prophecy that brings all other blessings in Trent powerful statement Angus had asked and he longed to give this good gift to us and that's a promise one of those promises that we can cleanse to let us ask Let us ask daily for for the Holy Spirit let us ask daily for for a baptism of the Holy Spirit son in feeling of the Holy Spirit and cleanse us promises and governs the wonderful things he number 4 so to do is to live your concern with him live your concerns with him 1st bitter 5 or 7 wonderful well known promised us casting all your care upon him for he cares for you now the Greek word here could be translated to cast cast upon to place upon or to throw up on and say something you basically if you you live it within your act here it so at the him take place take care of this right you cast it upon him throw it upon him that's what God wants us to he wants us to give our concerns to to live our our concerns with him to give these things to him and let him carry and there isn't we can do that and we should at least at the care around his care for us. But yet it seems like sometimes right yeah kind of weak we can't believe intellectually maybe they're in our car scarce for our son and knew we could come with our concerns to him most are right we know this we've heard it 1st probably before but yet somehow somehow in in real life we we still can have to keep our worries on our concerns and our burdens and carry them ourselves is not right isn't that sometimes what happens is sometimes we carry our burdens for they or 2 days or a week or 2 weeks or maybe longer I'll not along you carry your burden but sometimes that's kind of what we do we cannot don't really let go it's not really cast upon God right but God says here in His Word I want you to cast it that way I want you to throw it on the moon give it to me let me carry it let me carry it is not a wonderful prompt wonderful promise now I love how when I was writing stuff to cross that wonderful wonderful book there pitch a district that the following God cares for everything and suspense everything that he has created. He who upholds the are numbered worlds through out in Man City at the same time cares what it wants of the little brown sparrow that sing its humble song without fear of kind of reminds us of the words of Jesus right talking about how God cares for a sparrow he says he that created immense universe he cares also put a small power then it goes on when men go forth so there is a little it as when they engage in prayer when the rich man of sin is in his palace or when the poor man gathers his children about the scanty bored interest tenderly watch by The Heavenly Father and it in 3 no tears are shed the god does not know there is no smile that. Does not. Marge she says all the pen is all see it all smile and then it goes on if we would but fully believe. All and science. Would do this to me we should then enjoy our rest of soul to which many have long been stranger if we asked full ability that if we really could trust our promise that God God cares for everything that he says everything and if you truly believe that one of this anxiety some worries and carries with that. We could have this incredible piece in the midst of those storms of life right that's what God wants now turned into some 55 some 3 to 5 this is another not as well known but also very powerful and beautiful promise some $55.00 on the same out here and we'll read verse $22.00 in the in some language as it is in verse $23.00 and in our But Swedish but probably less in our read and I think that's the case some 55 and here in the English Verse one will read verse 22 Peter probably had this promise in mind when he wrote about Iraq and verse that the 57 with a similar very similar versa has cast your burden on the Lord again similar thing right throw out the armor away cast the Hebrew on him we talked about here cast your burden on the Lord and He shall sustain you and he shall never permit the righteous to be. I don't know what parents you may be be bearing today as you may be carrying today but I know that when you cast upon God he will sustain his strong enough and he will sustain you he will not allow you to be murdered Gav wants to carry about you on your birthday. And he is strong enough and powerful enough to carry both you and your brother whatever the burden. Today now this and that we are to live our concerns with him this does not mean of course that there is never anything we should do you know to solve our problems on the ridge of the earth like the nothing on earth you know. Sometimes empowered by the Spirit we may have a role to play around to to deal with situations in our life but sometimes the only thing we can and should do is to stand still and that Assad regime of the Lord sometimes the only thing we can and should do is to stand still and see gabs sized for ourselves it talks about in Exodus what in verse 13 and fortune I had an interesting story about back in the day about a man walking along a dry unbuffed year old with a very hot day the man he's walking near he's carrying this heavy burden on his back and and he's here and he's you know he's tired I mean it's half done he's he's sweaty and he's walking in there and that's the t. Rowe and then suddenly an old farmer comes along with our wagon on a horse and he's very happy to hear that old farmer come up and say he stops by this man and says hey come on in I will give you a route and there was a very good news that Manny last hired had his heavy burden they were so hot all the things right sweating so he jumped into the wagon. And he sits there and they're riding along they're riding along Astro you know how nice he comes to town finally you know he's riding in that wagon on that strolled but after a while Larry the farmer in knots is like this guy sitting in the wagon there you know he can rest doesn't have to walk anymore but yet he still has that heavy burden on his back and his 1000 like Man Hey like Buddy Why don't you just put down the bag like in the wagon Yes Enjoy the ride why don't you just put it down that heavy burden of yours why don't you put it down but the man is a response I said Oh oh he said I'm you know I'm so grateful that you gave me this ride I'm so grateful I can sit here in this wagon instead of walking by myself I'm so grateful the least I can do is to carry my own burden. He could have let go but he kept it on but isn't that sometimes what we do in life spiritually we who we say hey we accept Jesus we want to follow Jesus and we jump into the Gospel we're going to if you will and we want to come one day with home to the kingdom and God is wanting to lead us there right. But we are sitting in that wagon we're kind of trying to cover that road and we still teach the bottom of my back and we don't take it off we don't cast it up on gardens give it a gap of garden write us today got invited today to cast your burden or burdens whatever they may be today to your concerns with him to let him carry it and let him carry you he's strong enough imagine what a blessing it is to imagine living a life full of problems and child and worries all around you challenging things may happen all around you but what if when we do that we can't the last a life. We can be surrounded with problems as many problems as there are billions around the house. But if we let gab carry our burden we can be we can have an incredible peace we can like Paul and Silas in prison that we can think in the midst of grace is crazy as it isn't selected insisted George Miller we can sleep peacefully we can do at peace trusting doesn't God is able to handle whatever situation when they find ourself in them God has a perfect solution to all those booms and their sting Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing let's live our concerns which seem so by his to in their pills celebrates God's goodness number one claim his promise and ask God for help number 4 live your concerns with him on the 5th we'll talk about that before we wrap up here today is Matt it's a. Good thing to meditate on good things we read is powerful promise from Philippians or the anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests been made known to God and the peace of God which that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus wonderful promise now right after his promise the next verse. Points out an important so having that incredible what does it say probably familiar with some of you finally brethren goes on in verses finally brother and whatever things are true whatever things are noble whatever things are just whatever things are pure whatever things are lovely whatever things are a good report if there is any version if there is anything praiseworthy meditate. On. Things many things and good things powerful to. 2 in their pills aside our pursuit like this in chapter 26 birth 3 and 4 you will keep him gob cooking and God God will keep him in perfect in who's not he's. On you because he trusts in you trust in the Lord forever for in India where the Lord is everlasting strength our mind should be turned to heavenly things to positive things to good things Richard Mattick on good things now how practically do we meditate on good things or one important ways to spend time in the what to go to day and spend time in the Word of God That's one of the best things we come to meditate on good things here you have all good and no terracing there and so then time there in the what I've got a good one also another one is to look to Jesus meditate on the life of Jesus especially the closing and the end of his life as Jonathan talked about some weeks ago a very good way also to merit a good thing and then it reflect on the life of our server and especially the closing soon and other practical way is to cast out bad input from your life. To guard the avenues of your soul to be very careful with what you watch with what you listen to so that all the inputs you get into your brain and to try to eliminate those bad influences those negative things from your life that's a very useful thing as well to help us to meditate on what is good on to focus on what is good and one thing that can be good to avoid is of course in fact not conspiracy theories which tend to focus on very negative thing or also like an argument in prophecy arise the Bible Prophecy talks about some things that will happen that are not like very positive and has it's place to study that and we should start it up and definitely useful to be aware of how developments in the world are moving in their action of of the fulfillment of those prophecies but sometimes even though that's good then that has its place we can sometimes spend too much time looking at all this bad development and focusing too much on those bad things like the read more about Pope done about this is right even though things yeah they have their place but not so much especially the sad news the bad news they will press you down you would be more negative than beneficial sometimes a laugh whether that can help us to meditate on good things is gratitude or you know the word Preston thank him for kind of ending a little bit where we started off before we wrap up Gratitude is a powerful way now Blanken powerful preacher of yesteryear it tells the story he was preaching in Orlando Florida you have the revival serious here and someone told him about this lady that was severely depressed like really seriously the press and that for weeks you know shipping getting worse and worse the depression I'm going to more and more serious and eventually she had to quit working and her life was now totally dysfunctional she couldn't function normally so Pastor couldn't he went to see this lady and when he can see his lady he asked this lady he said Is there anything. That you are thankful for but she said nothing nothing can matter then your inability nothing every day she said there was get closer and closer and they're closing in on me every day but Pastor coon looked at her and said Well are you thankful for your to rush and he said. Well I guess I can be thankful for that so then he said Ok so here's what I wanted to get a paper make a list and on the top of that list you rock. Tooth brush. And I wanted to say 10 times that they know what I'm thankful for my toothbrush Lord I'm thankful for my tears pressed and then for they lord I'm thankful for I to trust and if you come to think of something else that you may be thankful for added to the place at least so that's what I tell her 2 weeks later he misled her again the woman who now me. Was hopefully the front woman among other things this lady was now back to work so much better washes that she could now were why the power of gratitude the wise man said a merry heart thus good like a matter in but a broken spirit drive the bones a minister of hearing such a powerful statement on a similar note this insidious page $61.00 nothing tends more to promote health of body and of soul than the spirit of gratitude and. Nothing has a more powerful impact on our physical and spiritual mental health than a spirit of gratitude and praise you have a spirit of gratitude which is something maybe you need to strengthen your life it's a positive duty to resist melancholic discontented thoughts on Stillings ass much our duty as it is. To pray now if we had more time we could have gone into a lot of scientific research I wrote last year I wrote a 30 page long research paper about the paragraph or 2 very interesting so many scientific studies showing the power of a gratitude journal for instance how it has like a really powerful effect physically and mentally in many ways really blessing our lives it's truly power in gratitude is truly power in Thanksgiving what if you woke up today with only a thing that you thank God for yesterday I thought of that kind of thought provoking one what if you woke up tomorrow with anger thing you thank God for today how would how you're like look like now if you want talking of storms Here's a some story you may want to study on your own the storm on the 4th watch on the story when Jesus came in the 4th watch answered them from another storm you read it Matthew Fortan mark 6 John 6 powerful story one lesson we can wonder if the this is when he was walking on the water and he went Well as long as he was having his eyes on his but when he started to look at the way instead of Jesus he started to sing and sometimes that is what happens in life we need to look not so much on the on the way as not so much on the problem not so much on the giants of our lives but when to look on the powerful and Grace government how big the giant is how big the waves are but how big our God is how big is how powerful these promises are and what we did up we will not sing God can give us a pill that passes understanding now. I heard a story about a pastor that was traveling somewhere on an airplane this was before her with time there but is there to travel by plane about time so the plane was flying along and suddenly on that journey the captain came over the loudspeaker and he said fasten this is. Fasten your seat belt turbulence I had so you know people it's hard to put on their seats belts on and moments later the voice comes on again through the speaker cabin crew please take your seats turbulence ahead take your seat turbulence ahead I'm sure enough moments later bang they come into this air pocket and the plane start to push back and forth it's moving a lot and some of you are probably experienced something but this was really really a bad one like people started to get really actually scared really afraid and people started crying and freaking out screaming and and I'm praying I don't know if you had any atheist left on the plane that day since like everyone you know factor like to cry out to gather in the coming just kind of situations and and the pastor he's also kind of getting. A little bit stressed you know a little bit nervous now this is kind of scary like you're sitting there and it's like why why what is going on what is going to happen with this plane right he's moving a lot but he looks down in this plane and then probably he says something very interesting and surprising on the other side of the eyes he says this little girl This little girl she's sitting here on her seat and she has like her legs folded she's sitting there on the girl in the legs fold and she sits there she read this book and she just sits the air on it just freaking out there screaming or crying or praying and but she just sitting here reading. That perfectly peaceful is like living in as if he was like an Austin for flight ever and he's like no one in the world what is going on and it's like this is it's a missing Thankfully the terrible and didn't last too long and there everyone you know the bridge that our fire listen and finally eventually the plane landed them as another doors open people were quickly getting out of the plan and I like like nice to be on land again and the pastor he goes out what he thinks there is of mom I would like to talk with that little girl so he waits outside a plant and eventually this girl she comes our stocks around he says Excuse me excuse me young lady can I ask you a question and she looks very much like yeah. And he's like hey at I have couldn't but help to notice that when you were on that flight when everyone were scared when everyone were freaking out you were perfectly calm you were not a friend are oh do you mind me asking why weren't you scared little girl she looked up this past she said because my dad is the Pi and he's taking. Because my back is the pilot and he's taking home when the storms of life beat against and there are storms for all or when the storms of life built against you whether it's a physical storm whether it's a financial store whether it's a health related storm or relational song whatever storm of life the made this you it is good to remember the that our heavenly Father is the pilot and he's taking on a man. Basically what we're going to do is that we need to put our trust in Him we need to surrender ourselves to Him We need to let him be our pile let him be our shepherd our Lord we need to let him be here our burden let him carry them and carry you he is strong enough to carry bow and he will lead us through whatever shall issue whatever tryouts that may come our way can without the last verse John Fortune all read where we started after John Fortune beginning in verse 11 of the promise here then of to this life is for us John 14 verse one through 3 Let not your heart be troubled yes there are many things in this world can trouble or a comic of action but with come we don't have to be troubled you believe in God believe also in In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to myself that we are I am there you may do also this is the only and also met solution to the world of problems some trouble and anxiety some words of prayer just as the 2nd coming this is soon coming back let us put our trust in Him Let our help for what a prayer as we are getting ready to pray we want to give an opportunity to respond to the masses for her to day on account to the police today and 1st up hill so there is this I want to give me opportunity to invite God here to say to go out there guard I want you to be my pilot. I want you to be my Shepherd I want you to be my Lord I want you to sit on the throne of my heart instead of navigating through life yourself through storms of life by yourself with so much better to let him do the navigating for you so much better to go through a storm some trials with God as God is with your Creator in control behind the steering wheel Why not let him be the Lord and Savior why not give him the hearing with your are invited to make that decision in your heart today not only give him not make him more prayer spare tire but those things with that in will of your making your pile put your trust in him but my 1st my 2nd appellate do you have a burden on your heart today or maybe several burden do you have something that you are carrying so that but you need to give. That that you need to listen to him that you need to cast upon God as you need to let God carry for you something that God is calling you he is calling us to cast our cares upon him so he can carry our bar and sort of he can also carry us if you have a burden or 2 or don't lose today don't leave the service today without removing the burden from your back don't keep walking with it don't sit in the wagon with a backpack on your back. Give the burden to God live your concern with him let him fight for you let him live that simply care of the situation he is strong and is much he wants the way. Let's let's pray silently in our hearts I would give all of you an opportunity to pray right now with me and that's how we got in our hearts what we are that efficient we want to make today and then I will finish up with a prayer right there your father we want you to be our Savior we want you to be our Lord we want you to be our pilot we navigate guide us through our lives God you haven't promised you have not promised a smooth sailing but you have promised the landing and you have promised that even in the storms of life we can have an incredible. And also want to thank you got it as it says this crisis is Sam yesterday today and forever that Jesus Christ home Storm 2000 years ago he can still call storms today God you set up some of us we have. Tough experience that in the recent past we have experienced some pencil thing some troubling thing by God we want to thank you that you are I gather you see every Here you see every child you see every pain in their heart and you you gently guide us and help us and lift us up and hold us up and strengthen our ground take our burdens carry our burdens we want to give them to you help us always do that whenever we were faced with a shall issue with a burden how about this really give it to you and I want to pray specially for those Lord who have had some tough experiences recently and want to just claim again the promise of Psalm 55 and verse 22 which just cast your burden on the Lord and He shall sustain you he shall of hope you he shall never permit the righteous to be in god we want to claim a promise that. Thank you you will. There were probably and I was shocked they were threatened but in. The wake that I have agreed to. 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