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Logo of Talking Points, 2nd Quarter 2021: The Promise, God's Everlasting Covenant

06 The Promise: Abraham’s Seed

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • April 14, 2021
    2:30 PM
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I'm Cameron division and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points we pastor Howard Park on the 6th lesson of our 2nd quarter can you believe it all about the everlasting covenant and this week's title is Abraham's seed and looking at the descendants of Abraham and the lineage that would come from that great nation and even down to our day how it applies to us still to exactly right so a lot of good material to cover here and we're going to do is going to get started with the word prayer and the maybe you can give us an overview of the lesson and then dive into where we're headed in specific fan test less barriers for prayer Heavenly Father thank You for this opportunity to study thank you for these lessons have been crafted and thank you for course for the Word of God that they lead us to help us to understand to your word today help to be clear in our minds and help us to not merely just be here is but doers of that word as we seek to be your faithful remnant even now today for prayed in Jesus name a minute Amen All right walk us through what we're looking at this week past our well as you said now this week is called Abraham's seed and just a little bit of a. Spoiler games you see that is not just the natural lineage the Jewish nation but Abraham's seed refers to all who believe in Christ like ever him did Ok And so obviously it's covering all the way to the end of time the significance of being Abraham says more than biology it spirituality that's exactly right Ok more than genealogy Ok So point number one talking point number one this week perfect to B.D.'s is still the requirement of heaven Ok Now remember I'm starting to use these loaded exactly just trying to stir the pot and everyone however will see the significance of that you know. The lesson does bring that out this week that state of mistaken perfect obedience is not even a phrase you made up it's it is wired cause that what you're talking about you don't read too much and it will see what it means it's just come straight out of inspiration yes and. That's drawn from Monday in Tuesday's lessons Ok. Talking point number 2 let hypocrites encourage you in your purpose. And like now and I do like that yes you're on from Sunday and Wednesday he's very good at putting Anyways I gather they vary and then number 3 Abraham is the father of those who believe that is not from Thursday in Friday's lessons Ok well there's going to be a lot of good discussion available for this week now and let's just dive right into that 1st one perfect obedience is still the requirement of a heaven that still implies it has has been and continues to be so are you getting this from Ok so we're jumping past the beginning of the lesson into Monday and Tuesday and Monday deals with the fact that God promised the land to his people on condition of obedience and then it takes us into Deuteronomy and that's really the heart of a lot of what we're looking at is dinner I mean Chapter 28 now the lesson on Monday takes us to Deuteronomy 28 verses one in 15 I'm going to have us read a little bit more than that I would encourage you to read through the whole chapter of your enemy 28 but why don't you read it or on a beach so even if even in the Sabbath school class if can't read through a whole Oh yes at least have them open to this passage and say let's look at a couple of these key verses and here clearly sets the new courage of class to read Deuteronomy 28 but into class we're going to highlight verses one in 2 verses 131545 those are not lies so why don't you reverse wanted to they're sure you don't mean one and 2 now shall come to pass if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God to observe carefully all his commandments which I command you today that the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the earth and all these blessings shall come. Upon you and overtake you because you obey the voice of the Lord your God All right jump to the verse 13 when you 13 then says And the Lord will make you head the head and not the tail you shall be above only and not be beneath if you he'd be commandments of the Lord your God which I command you today and are careful to observe them now there's a lot of things we're going to bring out from that in a minute but I just want you to notice now this 1st section deals with the blessings that God promises to people on condition right you know if that's a conditional if you obey my commands Now when you come to verse 15 you start with a curses and it says but it shall come to pass if you do not obey the voice of the Lord your God to observe carefully all his commandments and His statutes which I command you today that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you cetera et cetera just ahead verse $45.00 after listing a lot of the curses it says more over all these curses shall come upon you and pursue and overtake you until you are destroyed because you did not obey the voice of Lord you're gonna keep His commandments and statutes which he commanded you so you've got a very clear. By was very clear that the promises of God the blessings and cursings alike are. Predicated on the obedience or disobedience of God's people and it's interesting it's not just a kind of a passive obedience or generic like you know general trend towards But over and over again to observe carefully you know it's right that you diligently obey there's always these ads just like super obey really obey. I always kind of thought of obedience by an heir you're the not but the Lord is making an underscoring this is highlighting the fact that I really this is truly important when you think about being careful to do something. I mean with the difference in doing something and being careful to do it you're much you're very deliberate about it you're very cognizant of it you don't want it out of your mind like this you know if you if you is take your anniversary wedding anniversary and if you. Don't want to forget it you know you might put a post a note on the bathroom mirror right over here on the calendar a bit you know that that's those are things you're doing to taking care being careful to not miss out on that and so the word careful because the phrase careful to observe just implies that this is a real it's not out of sight out of mind think. About what you're going to tell the legislature like let it happen as it goes by and it's interesting to me that this phrase careful to observe at least the New King James version appears 15 times in the Bible 13 of them in the book of Deuteronomy and the King James translates it instead of be careful to observe his keep therefore in doing due to running for 6 or observed to do and did so it's not just like this distant Oh I'm going to it's with an intention of doing the follow through it that's the careful to observe idea Ok So anyway this is very clearly the covenant promises were conditional to God's people on their willingness to obey no I know that creates a lot of you know say oh sorry we saved by our obedience well. Might say no then I could personally say yes and no this is what I mean by that. In fact now the lesson the talking point is perfect obedience is still the requirement of Heaven why don't you read what it says their faith and works page 52 you sure God requires at this time just what he required of the holy pair and even perfect obedience to his requirements that's where the phrase is taken from fact I didn't come up with his laws remains the same in all ages the great standard of righteousness presented in the Old Testament is not lowered in the new let's pause there the great great sound of righteousness she's talking about is out of the law of God It's a very low cut in the standard is not lowered in the New Testaments powerful statement. It is not the work of the gospel to weaken the claims of God's Holy Law but to bring men up where they can keep its precepts so the law hasn't changed the coverage has to change unless this lesson is the the the everlasting covenant right so the requirement of perfect obedience hasn't changed the Gospel doesn't change it it changes us a bit and so that's a powerful point now. When we go into Tuesday as lesson it talks about Israel in the covenant and the top of the page gives the text of your my 11 verse 8 as yet they obeyed not nor incline their ear but walked everyone in the imagination imagination of their evil heart therefore I will bring upon them all the words of this covenant that doesn't mean the good promises that means the curses Yes Ok which I commanded them to do because they are but they did them not again pointing to the disobedience of his people you can kind of hear the broken hardness of God in this like that because I want to do so much for them because of their disobedience you know the covenant said that you do you don't obey and you get to curses verses the blessings now that quarterly brings out a. Point on. Sundays lesson as a Monday as Mondays lesson paragraph 2 says the 1st part of Deuteronomy 20 it outlines a blessings Israel would receive if they followed God's will. Ok Ok the other section of the chapter deals with the curses that would be Fall them if they did not now the point I would make there is. We seem to have a hard time talking about obedience and that's why even when I say perfect will be is a requirement Who are you going to use a talking point like have we have a hard time like we can talk relationship and in fact the lesson does this this is interesting on Tuesday bottom of Tuesdays page knows what it says. There are talks of the will of God which is simply obeying God's law right dialogue I delight to do that I will. Oh my God yes law is within my heart that's the expressed will of God If you come to today's lesson the bottom the page it says at the very bottom last sentence or last couple senses there the point is that Israel's apostasy did not have its root in disobedience but in a broken personal relationship with the Lord a break that resulted in disobedience that finally brought punishment upon them now this is discussion it happens often it's like what came 1st the disobedience or the broken relationship and we love to say that broken relationship will lead to disobedience because it seems to give an explanation to something that is inexplicable right like how did sin happen how did Lucifer there must have been something wrong before that that led to now what I found interesting about this is very clearly it says that the broken relationship resulted in disobedience but are very same quarterly way back in Lesson one which in the standard paging is page 11 of the teacher's edition of page 10 I think you're going to hear if you didn't have the. Yeah you have it there hasn't read it it is I'm still turn to Thursday April 1 that's what you're looking for but it says in their utter hopelessness I think is that the minute I'm sorry in the middle of 2nd paragraph has as a result of this blatant transgression which is sin and disregard of God's command Kumba the relationship between God and humankind is now broken so clearly in this statement it was the blatant transgression and disregard of God's command that resulted in a broken relationship that's right that when we come to this lesson it's a broken relationship the results in the sin and the only point I'd make is we there's been this tendency to try to divorce. Our act our actions or our behavior from the relationship like there's a relationship over here oh no it's not it's not about our disobedience received a lot of especially like you see that more and more none of us churches stuff it's like even advertising for churches we're we're not about the rules are about relationships Yeah there's this like there's rules on one hand and bad is bad right but then there's the relationship that's good what does that mean in the in the point is this knife and I put in the notes here the lesson emphasize the importance of obedience but seems to have a hard time saying obedience is a causative factor in the quality of our relationships so so true there's no relationship if you step outside of Christianity because we get into these cliches we get oh yeah oh yeah well there's a broken relationship and lead to but there's no other part of life where we would dare separate the 2 if I'm if my wife and I have a bad marriage and I want to work on the marriage what am I going to do you know him marry him so you're going to tell me to do if he tells me to do something nice and Ahmed do that you need my relation you need my behavior out of the just as it were the relationship there is no it in this is what Jeremiah saying what God is saying here is because my people did not obey when they walked in the Imagine if that what they did their behavior is what broke the relationship. It's like me saying I had an affair with my wife because you know well 1st we had a broken relationship and that led me into the sin what broke the really you know I'm going to save really somewhere but even before the I say well it was already strained Why was it strained inevitably you're going to come to some behavior with Adam and Eve It was the transgression of the behavior of well you know if your problem before the transgression same thing Lucifer there wasn't a broken relationship strain between him and God and then he sinned and I think you. My concern with this is it seeks to come up with an explanation for sin that makes sense to us so I can't make sense that there's a burglar Oh now I can see why this would happen and my mind is drawn to this state in fact when you read it says our great controversy for 92 it is impossible to explain the origin of sin so as to give a reason for its existence. Nothing is more plainly taught in Scripture than that God was in no wise responsible for the entrance of sin there was no arbitrary withdrawal of divine grace no deficiency in the Divine government that gave occasion for the uprising of rebellion Let's pause there and look at that there are no arbitrary withdrawal of divine In other words god did withdraw Divine Grace arbitrary What does that mean it was at random for no arbitrary means for no reason and what is saying is there was no arbitrary withdraw all the reason for the withdrawal of divine grace was transgression and it goes on to say that sin is an intruder for whose presence no reason can be given it is mysterious unaccountable to excuse it is to defend it could excuse for it be found or cause be shown for its existence it would cease to be sin. You know think about that from it if you could if you could draw a line and say like I know sin is bad everything but the real reason behind sin was starting with this and this is that also in sin is not bad anymore it's only the logical extension of a natural process that started going to go back to God and make God the fault. In the original sin problem of course the term original set up the 1st sin recorded in scripture Adam and Eve right the immediate thing they do is start transferring it to something before that's what I mean yeah but the woman and the woman that we have in the circuit which you know that's right it's passing the buck right she goes on to say still in great countries for $92.00 our only definition of sin is that given in the Word of God It is the transgression of the law it is the outworking for principle at war with the Great Law of Love which is the foundation of the Divine government and there are a good discussion to be made on that but the idea of the only definition being a transgression she's just pointing the fact that the cause was transgression the current was that man broke God's law that is what fraction the relationship between God and man sin separated between us and our God So clearly there is a broken relationship millon still has a if and how to go and their relationship aspect is an important one absolutely can't divorce it from Rand Let's stop. Trying to divorce our behavior and our actions from our relationship with Christ amid. Perfect obedience is still really a requirement of heaven because it has everything to do with our relationship with Christ Yes Well and then but we should it is not covered it is less and when you say perfect because the still that means that then m.l. if God expects something we with that famous statement all of his buildings are enabling That's right that God is not asking you something you can't do and say well I guess you're hopeless you just have to fit in that lesson doesn't dive into it but if the Lord for instance in Deuteronomy was saying if you do this good things that you do right that implies that doing this is possible that's right you want to hold him so I know that the orderly is going to get as we delve further into the covenant or heaven it made a sign it will get into God's empowering We've heard talk about God These are in Grace we'll get into more but that's not again that's not to divorce. The potential of success by these high standards God can set the standard high and strengthen us to meet it hard Well that leads us into our 2nd talking point let hypocrites encourage you in your purpose not you this from Wednesday the bottom is less he gives this little story if this is in the shaded part of the bottom of Wednesday's page says a few years ago a young woman gave up her Christian faith entirely mostly because she was discouraged by sin the sin of pasta and hypocrisy she saw in her local church those people weren't really Christian she said using that as an excuse to give up everything why is your excuse not valid these are in turn the principles in today's lesson so we're going to come back around to that that's where the idea out the lesson on. The lesson on Sunday that I put with this or drawing this from Sunday and Wednesday is above all people takes me to run to me Chapter 67 verse 6 and then also ours are scripture reading in 1st Peter too which is really a reflection on you know our members. But they don't want to be tested adaptation of your only 7 so that's right Deuteronomy $76.00 for though art and holy people under the Lord thy God the Lord thy God have chosen deed to be a special people unto himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth now the lesson is drawing on this idea above all people in fact the bottom of the page says he. In what ways were they to be above all people and so the implication is looming and I certainly know if you. Do this in our little preview to I've lived and I've grown up in this church and reading the Bible you are in the stories and I never once thought of the idea of being like oh you're going to be above the fact that other people below and there's a great hierarchy of like you're the enemy and you know as if you know well they're special in the sense of that special task that God was going to need them for to do some work for him but not like just think of it you're called out to be distinct from not to be lorded over you know that's right exactly in fact it's interesting the word you know above all people above comes from the Hebrew word min which means from all people or of all people not superior to 2 but that in other words we can go back to know why did Noah find grace in the eyes of the Lord that was in a previous lesson because God saw him know a willingness to follow him so he called him out Why did he call Abraham because he saw a willing this it wasn't like Abraham you're so much better there Beltre it was he was looking for that willingness and in the same way this is what it's talking about here when he says above all people I took these people and I brought them out from among the others because I saw a potential willingness to obey in a bang and following him was also for a purpose of proclaiming God to the world around so for example this passage in Deuteronomy 7 I'm going to have you read our. First Peter to verse 9 our members which goes against my grain to have us read it but we did jump on these lessons alertly are and don't always have the time to get into the full memory of the you know that's one of those it's not a bible so to you do this and you know you're going to think that you know it's too late and I want you to compare it with Deuteronomy 764 there are no holy people into the are they God the Lord thy God has chosen the to be a special people unto himself above all people that are on the face of the earth and you hear the very similar idea 1st Peter tonight which says but you. You are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation his own special people that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light so you have the holy people you have his own special people but a couple things are added there in. Added there inherent in Deuteronomy but that clarifies a royal priesthood and that you may proclaim so those ideas convey that the reason God called his people out was not to kind of be heir you don't look down their nose at other people but to take them and say I'm going to use you to give the invitation to everybody else to be a priest to to draw them to me to your God and to proclaim the praises of me to the world that was the purpose that God called them in this purpose he called us that's the purpose for his church. Yeah I was just thinking of the time because even the priesthood to be a priest you had to come from the people like it was a taking out of people for the purpose of being an agent of salvation to those people right as much as a period like isolationist arrogant excuse of thing it's for the purpose of doing the work to bless the others That's right and so this whole idea of calling people out this is one that in fact the word church in the New Testament question a Greek word ecclesia which means called out right and the idea of the remnant is that God reserved for himself called out the special people and we're seeing these concepts in what we're looking at here now that the lesson on Wednesday brings up a few different passages and I would go I have them all read in class as a $43.00 Micah 46 and 7 but we're going to look at Zephaniah $312.13 if you want to look at that for us. On the spot real quick clip is f. And yeah I got it I knew you were good 31213 yes I got it I thought you had it memorized well. I will leave it in your midst a meek and humble people and they shall trust in the name of the Lord 1st 13 the remnant of Israel shall do no unrighteousness and speak no lies nor shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth for they shall feed their flocks and lie down and no one shall make them afraid now there's a lot of want to say and I see our time ticking down here but this this passage. The 1st thing I thought of when I heard this there's no they'll do no righteousness speak no lies are deceitful so the tongue of John Noel is righteousness Thank you. It takes my mind right to Revelation Chapter 14 exactly you have 144000 you looking it up I am looking that up because it is striking the similar This is in verse 4 these are the ones who are not defiled by what they are virgins they're the ones who follow the lamb wherever they go their redeemed from all men being 1st 1st to God lamb and. Their mouth was no deceit for they are without fault before the throne of God So it's strikingly similar these parallels here so it's interesting on Wednesday's lesson in the 1st paragraph it starts out by saying although God's plan for ancient Israel was spoiled by disobedience which we've seen they weren't thankful they disobeyed you Center Tara He was never completely frustrated God's plan was never completely frustrating why because there were always he says among the weeds if you think a flower still grew right there is a faithful remnant goes on to say in the 3rd paragraph no matter how bad the situation became God always had some faithful people who despite apostasy within the ranks of God's chosen people kept their own calling election so the whole point here with the let hypocrites not discourage you is God's called us to be a special people God's promise to do great things for us are there hypocrites in the church I was like to say where else would you not find a hypocrite and if you're trying to fake it and pretend you're a Christian the best place to do that is in church so they go their separate from the church of course they're in the church where else would they be don't let that discourage you and get you down let that inspiring as they say look that in you know the question at the bottom the page says Why was this woman's excuse not valid she left a Christian face well there were there were 3 answers I had 2 answers and you had or want to do one is we don't know for sure what's going on I can see somebody else and say they're acting a hypocrite but was not done with them yet it's hard for me to determine every dollar that it intends on their hearts yet and then you added Well yeah I mean the irony is like if I'm treated so you could be a Christian but I go to church and there's a bunch of 1000000 Christians then you like about well you're just going to join you're going to be a 1000000 Christians I don't like them so I'm going to become one of the exactly as I will if your issue is them not being Christian you even Christianity doesn't help anything you need that's all the more reason to stay and be a crowd I've always thought you know there are people one of the phrases we have is where young people can spot have ocracy right of where these people can spot a pocket and I'm thinking if you can spot it and you're like hey that's about then why don't you show us all what his look was about yeah you know you got to be that know I'm going to go be that and then finally I. Put that there the 3rd reason that this woman's excuse from God lesson calls it an excuse is not valid is there will always be hypocrites in the church for the express purpose of discouraging people out of the church mercy I think puts hypocrites in the church the devil lie to discourage me from going through like I'm not going because they're covered Well guess who just won Well you know this is why does it we don't have those statements here for We've talked about this when he was about baptizing people and just say that it put the name of Jesus on their lips as best she cautions because Satan has a plan to put people who are not competitive in the church for the purpose of discouraging a saint so it's exactly right so be careful Ok so let hypocrites encourage you in your purpose. Finally Abraham is the father of those who believe the lesson this week is called Abraham's seed and the lesson brings out Chapter 3 I'm not going to go there in our talking points for sake of time but the point I made and I hand out is from the very outset God intended the lineage of Abraham to be reckoned according to faith not according to genealogy you'll never find that in fact a couple examples from the New Testament when Daniel comes to Jesus Philip brings them to Jesus Jesus on Israel light indeed in whom there is no guile which harkens back to Zechariah and Revelation 14 a true Israel light Well that would imply there are false is realize well and perhaps the most striking you've got it here now is just after 8 starts in verse $37.00 of course this is the counter which uses the religious leaders who are always trying to kill him and he says I know that you are Abraham's descendants right biologically genetically you are Abraham's descendants but you seek to kill me because my word has no place in you many says in the next verse I speak what I have seen with my father and you do what you've seen with your father so it's like in a human Genia logical way yes you were descendants of Abraham but let me tell you spiritually you got a different father so he makes a stark contrast between the genealogy of Abraham and the genuine faith of Abraham Absolutely. We looked at this passage I think last week and a week before Romans Chapter 9 verse 7 the Apostle Paul makes this one fact verse 6 is it but it is not that the Word of God has not taken no effect for they are not all Israel who are of Israel speaking about the. Physical to sense of Abraham. Nor are they all children because they are the seed of Abraham but in Isaac your seed shall be called and so his point is Abraham had more kids than just Isaac he had Ishmael Why didn't you get counted as a child. He was a literal biological child if you have a pulse trying to make the point there that God had always intended for it to be the child of promise Isaac was through the one who through me very soon Christ would come. The lesson brings out glaciers 326 b. if you go back to glaciers 315 and 16 he says the promise was not to your seed. As you see this as a many but seeds as one which is what I described and so again the point being in fact the lesson says on the bottom of Thursday all that God promised Abraham is found in Christ and the promise is become ours not because of nationality race or gender but through grace which God bestows on us through faith. And then quotes from patriarchs and prophets where Ellen White says on page $170.00 to give to Abraham and his seed included not merely the land merely the land of Canaan but the whole earth so says the Apostle the promise that he should be heir of the world was not to Abraham or to his seed through the law but through the righteousness of faith in the Bible plainly teaches that the promises made to Abraham are to be fulfilled through Christ so it was always for those Abraham was the father it says in Romans Chapter 4 not just of those who are children of Abraham but those who believe like Abraham is so interesting we've talked about Abraham and we know we've got a close but you know a neighborhood and Abraham struggle of you know launching this great nation right yes he was like well why can't I mean I'll use or I don't even have any sort of all right after 1516 years the historian being he's like has Israel and all that Israel might be is that over that I've already got one biological let that would be the wife and God had to make the distinction even now how much easier would be like oh but just to genetically it's yours like no I want one that comes from that they again just that's just so powerful God didn't change play ends there he put it is like oh this dispensational you know God is going to save people through the you know keeping right on the old and then he changes my god never it is always in my back that it was always from fate. And the man well we've covered a lot in this lesson we conclusion it Friday you want to touch on that Macwhich Yeah I'm just going to read from what it says there in the summary on Friday is God's true Israel whether before or after the cross is the Israel of faith persons who live in a spiritual covenant relationship with him such people function as in just to clarify spiritual covenant we were they have a willingness to obey God right Ok and they don't seek to do so in their own strength but there's a willingness to trust in God strength to do such people function as his representatives holding out to the world the gospel of his saving great there you raise their priesthood and their cause sounding for the praises of him who call them out of darkness will focus a lot of good material for a dynamic Sabbath school lesson study this week and so we pray that the Lord will bless you as you have. Not only try to understand it yourself but share it with your local church family the visitors who come so let's pray to that in today Heavenly Father thank you so much for this wonderful study thank you for being a God who calls us into a relationship and you clarify the the conditions and the rules all the pieces of the covenant that you are the instigator and you have been our you have in mind for us more than we have for ourselves Lord help us to never short change what you offer us but help us to truly interchange of the covenant with you by faith and find our hope and Jesus Christ for prayer to his name.


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