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Escape From New Age and the Paranormal: Samuel’s Journey

Samuel Jacobsen
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Having achieved success in Los Angeles, former Muslim Samuel was searching for an inner peace that his atheism was not providing. Turning to spiritualism, transcendental meditation, yoga, hypnosis, reiki and ayahuasca, he began having extrasensory experiences until things took a sinister turn. Would he be able to break free from the downward spiral of depression and addiction?


  • May 3, 2021
    6:00 AM


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This spirit had given me to amazing success and I was living the life in Hollywood I thought I had reached the higher around the 1st rally until it all crashing down and I reached the bottom it was a dam that I made the most surprising discovery of my life. My name is Samuel Jacobson but I was born as some Me At last month mode in the city of Erbil in northern Iraq during my early days the country was ravaged by war with Iran. I remember how joining a raid I was hiding under an olive tree and I saw bombs falling and exploding around our area was badly hit our neighbors and friends were dying eventually in 1000000000 families decided to move to Sweden and where. I grew up Muslim reading the Koran going to the mosque and fasting during Ramadan but as I became a teenager in a new country I felt lost. I did not fit in school and the memories of the war haunted me. There was so much evil and injustice in the world I decided that there was no God and stop practicing Islam altogether in 2001 I moved to the United States I felt there were more opportunities for me there. After arriving in Los Angeles I made a list of all I wanted to achieve on the top of the list was becoming rich and successful so I became a real estate agent and I did quite well I had a comfortable life in Hollywood but I had no peace and people around me they had no peace either. I thought I need to focus more on the inner. I met a spiritual coach and we started having sessions together she told me about spiritual energies and karma and it's very it's one that would help me to get rich. Within 2 weeks I got a commission to sell a $5000000.00 house. Next I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation they gave me a mantra. A war doesn't really mean anything and I was to repeat that word. 20 minutes a day twice a day. And it's and after that I started doing yoga hypnosis and the more I went into new h. practices it seemed that I was being more and more rewarded I had designer clothes my social life was busy I was flying by private jet selling multimillion dollar homes for and 2 celebrities and in 2016 I was named the 24th top real estate agent in the nation. And my colleagues at work were wondering what is the key to your success and I would tell them I do meditation and I get help from spirits. And then my mother got seriously sick with cancer I flew Sweden to be with her my mother and I were incredibly close. The youngest of 7 children and I was her favorite. I could not imagine my life without her so when she took her last breath in my arms I was there. I flew to Thailand and train in rate I became a level 3 Reiki Master which is the highest level. They teach you how to do certain symbols in the air with your hands and you repeat words that don't really mean anything. But all of a sudden I start having supernatural insights. Around this time I discovered I had new abilities up till then I had not been musically gifted but suddenly I could compose music I wrote a piece of music for the u.s. Olympic team for synchronized swimming that was performed during a live event in Times Square New York. Next came. This is promoted as something that cleanse you from all childhood trauma from hatred and fill you in with positive energy I thought this is great. I have an adult niece. Always been very close to she lived in Sweden and she struggled with depression drug addiction also a lot of childhood trauma she was in and out of rehab. So I said Fly to l.a. and we'll do this I want to get together so she came. For that I was a weekend we were told to dress completely in white there were about 13 to 14 people we were all sitting in a big circle. And the showman was there he had feathers. Crystal balls and terrorist cards. And each one was asked to speak their intention why you here what would you like the spirits to help you with so people to alter some things I want to get pregnant I want to marry the right person I want have a successful company for me I said I want to get in touch with my mother and I want to know what happens after death and my niece she said she wants to know the truth. The ceremony started there were singing. Burning grains to send a smoke to have been bowing down to spirits. They invoked what they called Mother I wasa people sort of going into a trance and after about 30 minutes I start having my 1st clear communication with the spirit though I did not hear anything this spirit says welcome you Samuel are a child of life. What we have planned for you is above and beyond where you can imagine where we have a problem your niece she's a child of darkness so in order for us to help you you need to separate from her and you cannot question us even though you may not understand why we ask you to do certain things you just have to follow our directions. Then my mother appeared to me she said that when we die we become spirits on the other side it's all peace and happiness I understood that she was my guardian angel she was pulling strings for me. I've always been a logical person I believe in science but I couldn't deny what I was experiencing. I practice in about. 12 I lost a ceremonies and in some of them I talked to what it looked like my dead mother. Fast forward to the I was a ceremony we did in Manchester with a small group including my niece. The ceremony starts and my niece started making some distressing noises the showman goes over to her to help her and the shaman is using a musical instrument to call on the spirits so my niece tells him stop that he will not stop so she grabs the instrument from him breaks it into she runs to the bathroom turns all the lights on and I am in a state of shock I look at all this. And the spirits are speaking to me and they said look what did we tell you she's a child of darkness she causes problems so after the ceremony we flew back to Los Angeles my niece flew back to Sweden and I broke off all contact with her a little while after the Act Something changed the spirit did not communicate with me in the same way anymore the piece that I thought I had found was gone I fell into a severe depression the anti depressant that I was taking were not helping anymore. I wanted to rehab for a month I paid $14000.00 I came out did not help me. I felt I had to be on drugs all the time to be able to cope. I then ran into some serious health problems which I was later hospitalized for. My life was spiraling out of control I was battling addiction to drugs to prolong graphy all the spiritual practices that I had learned world no effect I felt utterly hopeless I called my niece in Sweden to ask how she was to my great surprise she was happy and got over her depression and addiction and she was like a new person it was hard to believe I asked her what happened she said at Mt Shasta in the midst of this barren darkness she cried out is this someone who can help me and immediately she felt she was surrounded by this deep love that is beyond human words she knew that there was a god. Back in Sweden she got a job with a mosque but didn't feel right she kept reading the Koran praying. Nothing. One day she went down on her knees and she cried out Who are you who are you I know you have revealed yourself to me. She goes to sleep and Jesus comes to her is dressed in white he stands at the door with open arms and he says I am the way and the truth on the line I have already defeated darkness and evil and she jumps into his arms and hugged him from that moment and life changed lately. And I remember in the 1st I was concerned Moni she asked for the truth and God heard her earnest desire for the truth and sort of her and a clear way my niece said she had been praying for me I realized that was the time when the communication with the spirits went silent. I was in a dark place now where life turned around in the recklessly. I wanted to have which. I started watching Christian videos on You Tube and learning about Jesus I was attracted to his teachings and I noticed little by little a piece came over me that I had not experienced before and as God was working in my life I started weaning off antidepressants that I was taking for 15 years and eventually I was able to stop completely. I had some friends who had become Christians and they took me to church with them. I went on long hikes and listen to the Bible while walking my life was being healed and cleansed from the inside. Soon it was time for another kind of the talks I packed all my but the statues my crystals and my stones all the other New Age paraphernalia packed them in big trash bags and got rid of everything I wanted nothing to do with the demons of my past I learned the hard way that Satan and his demons are real today I know that in those I was harmonise I had not met my dead mother but a demon impersonating her to gain my trust. The Bible teaches that the dead are not conscious they're just resting in the grave. Through new age and the paranormal the devil spreading his lies about life about death in order to deceive people and lead them to a turn of destruction. The spirits are his demons they have taken me to unexpected heights only to drop me into the abyss of despair. In 2017 I accepted she says into my heart and was later baptized the last 3 years of my life have been the most rewarding. As God opens up my eyes to the truth of the scripture all the material things which were just idols they lost their appeal I was finally able to experience true freedom and joy that surpasses all and. I learned that God is real and more powerful than the devil. He has turned my life around and brought me out of spiritual darkness into the light that it's good greatest miracle of all.


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