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Reuben and the Birthright

Benjamin Ng


  • December 2, 2020
    8:19 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for this time that you have to come and study and read about your word once more I pray that you please speak to us with your Holy Spirit I pray that you please guide us I pray that you please draw close to us and the inspire us that as we read these words would prick our heart and help us to see another aspect of your great love and how you work in the hands of men and women today so lead us we pray in Jesus name we pray and ask Amen Reuben was the 1st born son of Jacob whose name would later be changed to Israel he being the oldest son the firstborn had the right to the father's inheritance that is what we call the birthright he was the one that was supposed to lead the family in its spiritual inheritance and also its physical blessings as well simply because he was the 1st born he received all the advantages that a 1st born son usually go from being in that position. Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob it wasn't any secret that Jacob loved this son the most out of his 12 sons after all he was the son of his favorite wife Rachel he despised Leah because he was tricked into marrying her and so she was barren for many years Rachel was and Leah had many sons before Joseph came along but it was not any secret that he gave all the affection that a father could give to this son Joseph he was the one that receive the Coat of Many Colors he was one that received the most prominent position probably at the seat of the father's table he was the one that was most loved above all the children that Jacob had and yet Reuben was from Leah the wife that he was tricked into marrying and look what the Bible says in 1st Chronicles chapter 5 if you're watching along please turn with me in your Bibles the 1st Chronicles chapter 5 and verse one this is what the Bible says 1st about Reuben and then about Joseph 1st Chronicles chapter 5 and verse one the Bible says now the sons of Reuben. Now the sons of Reuben the 1st born in Israel he was indeed the 1st born but because he defiled his father's bed his birthright was given to the sons of of Joseph the son of Israel so that the genealogy is not listed according to the birthright so look even though Reuben was the 1st born and by rights the 1st born received the birthright the physical and spiritual in Everton's of the Father but yet the Bible says here that because Reuben defiled his father's bed the birthright went from him to Joseph sons so it was ultimately Joseph of who inherited the birthright because of the evil actions of his oldest brother so this blessing that is usually bestowed on the oldest fell to Joseph of who was then the firstborn of Rachel However the narrative does not stop there let's continue in 1st Chronicles chapter 5 of hope you fall in with me in your bible 1st Chronicles chapter 5 and now verse 2 for Judah prevailed above his brother in and of him came the chief ruler but the birthright was Josef's yet Judah prevailed over his brothers. From him came the ruler even though what the birth right belong to Joseph very interesting isn't it even though Joseph inherited the birthright he was meant to inherit the spiritual blessings but yet it would be through Judah that Jesus Christ the Savior would come the one who would be a blessing to the whole earth even though Reuben was the 1st born of all the sons of Jacob and Joseph was the 1st born of Jacob's favorite wife and hence becoming his favorite son and receiving the birthright yet the Bible says it would be Judah that prevailed over all his brothers it would be through Judah and his descendants that Jesus would come it would be through Judah that God's covenant to Abraham would be fulfilled it would be through Judah that all the nations of the Earth would be blessed we look at that as a spiritual blessing but you know what friends we look at spiritual blessings in the wrong way who was Judah he was the 4th son of Lia it didn't seem like he was outstanding in anything there were still 3 brothers ahead of him Do you know who they are they are Reuben Simeon and Levi. So Ruman Simeon Levi and then came Judah so he was the 4th of all the brothers there didn't seem to be anything outstanding about him what was it that entitle him to receive the spiritual blessing seemingly birthright above his 3 brothers and you know even from there already we can notice and we can learn that things aren't always what they seem even when it came to Jacob's wives look at this Rachel wasn't even very. Jacob's favorite wife Rachel she was not even buried in the caves that housed Abraham and Sarah and Isaac and Rebecca Lille was the one that was buried there you go to Genesis 49 and 31 The Bible says there they buried Abraham and Sarah his wife there they buried Isaac and Rebecca his wife and there I buried Leah Rachel was not buried in the cave that Abraham and Isaac were buried in and their wives even Rachel was not Leah was well looked at let's look at the 3 brothers but I want you to notice this and remember this things aren't always what they seem Ok let's look at the 3 brothers why did Reuben Simeon and Levi not inherit the spiritual blessing and the birthright Well we already know about Reuben he defiled his father's bed if you go to Genesis 35 and verse 22 look at this Genesis 35 and verse $22.00 The Bible says and it came to pass when Israel dwelt in that land that Reuben went and lay with Bill Ha his father's concubine and Israel heard it now the sons of Jacob which well so he went and slept with his father's concubine built her he did something that no son should have ever done and as a result for Reuben the birthright was taken away from him but how about Simeon and Levi why did not the birthright fall upon Simeon and Levi Well why do we put them together we don't separate these 2 because do you remember that the 12 brothers they had a sister. Her name was Dina Dinah whatever you want to call her Dina that's what I say and in Genesis $34.00 we read about Dina and we also read about Simeon and Levi what happened a man his name was shall come and he lights dinner and eventually he slept with her the Bible is not clear whether he forced her on not but he ended up sleeping with her and he was madly in love with her so you goes as father and says Please I love this woman get her to be my wife and the father went and talk to the father of the you know which is Jacob and they both said yes and then after that the conversation really didn't involve the father's any more this is where Simeon and Levi stepped in they were actually quite angry at what check him had done that they had defiled the system and hiding their hatred didn't show it openly but they went up to shut them and said look if you want to marry our sister your whole city where you live your whole town your tribe whatever you call it they have to get circumcised and because Sharon was so in love with Dina he quickly ran back here in the next father and managed to convince convince the whole city to get circumcised and while they were all in pain Simeon and Levi came in and killed the whole. And so they came in and did this huge slaughter that at the end in Genesis 49 verse 5 wild Jacob is about to pass away this is what he says about his sons Simeon and Levi Genesis 49 and verse 5 the Bible says Simeon and Levi are brother and instruments of cruelty are in their habitations and so they would be scattered among the other 12 tribes but of course Levi it turned around for good and a blessing they became the priests of Israel eventually but Judah wine was Judah chosen above his other brothers even above Joseph the favorite son of Jacob the one that would the liver his brothers from starvation and allow the children of Israel to grow into a great nation why would it be that Judah would be chosen it's not like he was a good man when you look at Genesis Chapter 38 in Genesis 38 we see Judah and he is quite a bad man what happens you see he has 2 sons and they both died what happened while you see his 1st son was married to this woman named a man came and his 1st son died and so they had no children so it was tradition that the 2nd son should go and take up the 1st son and raise up seed unto his brother and for the family and when that 2nd son married Paymah Well he died as well and so of course as a father what are you thinking this woman is bad luck. So he said to her deceptively just wait for my 3rd son when he is grown up you can marry him and you'll be all right well by and by he grew up and he Judah did not give his 3rd son to tame a so what happened tame are heard about it she went and dressed up like a harlot sat along the roadside and Judah not knowing that it was her he went in to her and he committed fornication with the same one eventually had a son and she he found out and she wanted to stone him but she said Are you the man that gave gave made me conceived to have the son he was an adulterer he was a fornicator Judah was not a good man so why is it that somehow the Bible and Jesus and God and Judah. Jacob still chose him to be the one that would receive the spiritual inheritance strange isn't what happened while it's in Genesis $43.00 and verse $8.00 and $9.00 that we begin to understand the change that would take place in Judah Genesis 43 and we're reading verses 8 and 9 the Bible says this and Judah said unto Israel his father Send the lad with me and we will arise and go that we may live and not die both we and they all and also our little ones What's the background of this the famine had already taken place Joseph had been sold into slavery he'd already become prime minister but all these years the father thought that Joseph was killed by a lion and so he was reluctant for Benjamin the youngest son to go down into Egypt only the 10 sons went the 10 that were the oldest. And because Joseph wanted to test them to see if they had changed he kept one of the brothers back and says he is not allowed to go back and you're not going to see my face until you bring Benjamin down to prove that you're not lying or that you're not spies Well Jacob was unwilling he was unwilling to lose and risk the chance of losing his youngest son but Judah steps in and says look we've got to go if not we're all going to die we're all going to stop the death and then he says this in verse 9 of Genesis 43 I will be sure to see for him of my hand shalt thou require him if I bring not him on to the and set him before the again then let me bear the blame for as he was willing to be surety for his brother who is willing to stand in place and say look if anything happens to him I will bear the blame I will be the one that will bear the blame this was in comparison to what is all the brother said Reuben you see Reuben was quite an emotional fellow look what he said in Genesis 4237 he was desperate to go back because they were getting hungry they were running out of food but look at what Reuben says to his that Reuben speak to his father saying slay my 2 sons if I bring him not to the the liver him in my hand and I will bring him to the again Ruben's response was rash and unreasonable he was quite an emotional fellow and so you can understand the reason why at least the birthright was taken from him in the 1st place but he was really small speaking more out of passion and rather than trying to reason with his father and so. When the situation really took place not only was he willing to take the blame for ever this is Judah but he was willing to take the place of his brother Benjamin why you see they go back finally to Egypt 10 brothers Joseph already in Egypt with the other brother Jacob finally allows Benjamin to go with them so the 10 brothers go and of course Joseph he gives them the past we know the story he places the golden cup in the sack of Benjamin Joseph comes running out and says you stole from me and not not all of you have to come back just the one that took my cub he is the one that is going to be my servant forever by and by they find the cup in Benjamin's sack and they're ready to take Benjamin back to Egypt all the brothers are going but this is what Judah says in Genesis Chapter 44 and verse 30 Genesis 44 Verse 30 the Bible says this now therefore when I come to the servant my father and the lad be not with us peaking of Benjamin seeing that his life is bound up in the lad's life it shall come to pass when he see of that the lad is not with us and I servants shall bring down the gray hairs of the servant our father with sorrow to the grave he is explaining to him this is the reason why Benjamin has to go back verse 432 for the servants became surety for the lad and so my father saying if I bring not one to him and to the then I shall bear the blame to my father for ever and so what does he do now therefore I pray thee let the servants abide instead of the lad a bond manned to my Lord and let the lad go up with his brother and for how shall I go up to my father and the lad be not with me less per divesture I see the evil that shall come on my father Joseph finally saw the response. That was Representative really of all the brothers they had changed but Judah above all of them was willing to bear the blame for whether he was willing to be surety for Benjamin he was willing to stand in place of his brother and be the one that would go to prison on his behalf above all Juda his character stood out to Joseph and really to God What character was that the character of self sacrifice friends more than anything else God treasures character he was willing Judah was willing to be responsible for what ever happened to his youngest brother and sure enough when the test came his love for Benjamin stood out amongst everything else above any of his brothers Judah he was not the oldest. He did not receive the birthright yet he became the greatest blessing to all the world it would be through Judah the Savior would come Rachel she was treasured above leader yet leader was the one that was buried in the cave that how was the Abraham and his wife and Isaac and his wife it was it would be through Leah and not through Rachel that the Messiah would come Jacob stole the brother's birthright yet Esau kept all the father's inheritance and Jacob had to wrestle with Jesus himself to actually receive the blessing that he so desired that his father blessed him with what am I trying to show you here friends things are not always what they seem things are not always what they seem it doesn't always turn out the way that we desired even though we receive the birthright even though it seems like we receive the spiritual blessing things don't always turn out the way we expect or maybe today you feel like there. Maybe you're not a person of any significance you're not the favorite child in your family maybe you're not even the most loved and it's obvious maybe it seems like lives advantages have been given to someone else you don't hold any prominent position you're not from a prominent family you've never been asked to serve in any position position in church you never been asked to preach you never held any high honors and it seems like God What can you do with me I want to tell you friends that if you remain faithful to God for allow him to work the character change in your life that he will work wonderfully and mightily through you to be a blessing to the whole world God He doesn't look at rank he doesn't look at position he doesn't look ability he doesn't look at the numbers in your bank account he doesn't look at how many degrees you get he doesn't care about how many straight A's you've got in your s.p.n. or how well you did in your high school or in your college years he doesn't care how many masters or doctorate degrees you have he doesn't care how much you're earning on a monthly basis my friends what matters to God is character. Let's not study so hard just to get a top grade but still have the worst character in the whole class Proverbs 23 verse 4 tells us let us not labor to be rich some of you you're working so hard just to earn money just to get a few pennies that will burn away in the 2nd coming and you neglecting the most important training of all and that is our character training and friends this is where the effort needs to be let's be sure to put God 1st today let's be sure to put character above wealth above head knowledge for that is the true treasure that will we will bring with us one day to heaven things don't always seem to be what they are we strive for so much and yet we could possibly lose out on much more my dear friends may the story of Judah be one of encouragement to you today let's not strive to be like Reuben let's not even strive to be like a Joseph just to get these inheritance and these seeming blessings and yet we neglect the most important training and that is in our character that is not to say that Joseph was a bad man Genesis it talks the most about Joseph he was a man of God a man of integrity but yet the spiritual blessing would still go to Judah it would be through Judah that the whole world would be blessed he was not the oldest he was not the most favorite he was not the most loved but yet God saw in him something that he could say I can and trust him to be the man that would carry the spiritual blessing to the whole world. Friends in this week let's not neglect the training of our character it's got to begin in the morning as we commit our ways to God and it's got to continue throughout the day as we keep our eyes fixed on Christ and the prize that must be set before us laying aside every weight let us press forward to that one prize and that mark of that high calling in Jesus Christ our Savior Let us pray Father in heaven lot I want to thank you you are a god that does not look on the outward you look in the heart. And so Father help us to look there this evening help us to look at our own heart help us to realize and assess where our shortcomings are and where our failures are and help us lot to be repentant help us to come back to your throne of grace and mercy because it is there that you can change us it is there that you can transform and it is there that you can chip away or are those pieces that we've picked up from the world and it's made our jam grow dim and we've failed to be a light to the world Lord police help us to be restored back into your image today and so in this coming week Lord help us to focus on character help us remember to remember that that is the only thing that we are taking with us to heaven let that be our priority in this new week help us lot to remember that and to remember that you are coming very soon to take us home a lot for you help us to be faithful in this new week help us to keep our eyes steadfastly fixed upon you will you pray in Jesus name. In. 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