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  • May 9, 2021
    9:00 AM

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Some people just don't get it what is a brain fog it's a barrier What is it let's talk about it on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. The Bible based compensation. Temporary. Provoking. Post just in time within a very. Welcomed investment of Justin Kim in the studio with me are my friends the universe and we have Sebastian Jonathan Siku and Cali and Israel are off this episode we're going to look at the topic of the Covenant and we've been looking at it for the last couple of episodes and those of you who are studying with us along with us in our Bible study guides I just want to encourage you stick with this topic of the covenants is all expansive throughout Scripture you find it everywhere and the more you stay with it the more you'll be blessed to understand the God behind the covenants I mention the Bible study guys you want to go to inverse Bible dot org You can download the online guides there and you can go to hope t.v. dot org slash in verse and there you can catch up on the previous episodes and then later something is don't understand maybe that was a little too hard just go back and you can just put it on 2 x. or 1.5 x. and you speed through the episode and you can get as much juice as you can from those past episodes so I want to say hello you all of those you know want to a lot of money yeah it's been some some past just kind of tough. But some good stuff and very kind and generous God that we serve in the and I want to be engaged into everything that he has to offer after the studies on the cover and it's going to add a 2nd Corinthian 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 and I want to ask can pray for us because this is a very it's a pretty difficult difficult passage but I don't know about you but every time we've attacked a difficult passage I could a corporate be. Yes I mean I'm studying and I'm like I got to host this show I don't know what's going on and I'm like hey that was pretty cool and those are the moments where I know God is leading and it's clear in my mind hope it's clear in your guy's mind if it's not then Lord forgive us but it's been a blessing every episode so special Can you. Can you pray for us we need prayer right now. Me loving father with thankful for the blessing that it has been to study this topic to see the beauty of your character all pervasive through Scripture and will humbled at your willingness to enter into a covenantal relationship with us help us to understand the difficult passages in your way. Not so that we can boast that we understand these things so that we can draw closer to you and that we can be a witness to others as well in excess to help to explain to them the beauty of your character these things in Jesus Name them and I thank you for that beautiful prayer so you can us that is true we don't want to boast of how much we know if anything we've just scratched the surface and we just kind of know what we don't know and so we're constantly studying scripture and deeper deeper question why why are there difficult Bible passages out there why doesn't God just say this is a day that's you got a good job but then we go up stairs why are the hard parts why I think there are difficult passages for 2 different reasons the 1st one is that a lot of the times it's the lenses or the glasses that we're approaching this passages with we're coming with certain presuppositions that oh you know everything that was associated with the Old Covenant was bad but we've already separated from episode 2 that God includes the response of the covenant as a part of that covenant Yeah that's a profound insight that it took a little bit of time to get to but exactly does see it as all inclusive the response and the promise together exactly so then that's why when he says I found fault with the RISP. Not the actual problem is that and so that to me is one of the critical lenses by which people struggle the other reason is that Paul was dealing with this old covenant experience with a new covenant historical reality even in his own day and so a lot of these letters that he's writing to people if you're coming with that same lens the problem number one you're still falling in the same category as the people that Paul is writing to the Galatians are here of the Corinthians where it's like your your your mind is so saturated with this old covenant experience language and approach you can't even understand what I'm trying to present to you right now and so all a lot of these passages strike us because we have a hard time separating the historical covenant from the experience the response and also that this was a persistent problem even in Paul's day and it's sometimes hard for us to even get his clarification for then because we're still struggling with it in our own time Ok so. Describe for us and then Sebastian that is so wonderfully eloquently but maybe someone's watching for the 1st time in ages her with Sebastian Sarah like. So kind of give us just simplify and regular terms what is God promising us so there are 4 basic elements to the promises that God is giving one that he is going to write his law in our hearts that he's going to send to fly essentially that we've become we obey his law and not out of you know obligation but it actually comes out of the heart. Another one that he's going to reconcile us to himself which is something that the union with God in the fellowship was broken because of sin that he's going to reconcile us and then also that he is going to use us give us purpose give us a mission give us a work to do with him to tell and spread the good news of this news with others and then the 4th one being that he's going to justify a so that he's going to see. Yes as if we had never stand right before him and these are the 4 basic elements I guess you know the essential elements that you see repeated over and over again when you see this coming into language and we derived those from he was have to 8 they also have to they think you see So describe for also for us like maybe there is a student out there and their relationship with God is like I've got a test coming up tomorrow and I just need your help and you're telling me God's going to give me is going to figure out my sins is going to sanctify me is going to give me a mission and are going to be his people well. How do I connect that what I would do is someone who's out there and they don't have a job out there and they're just you know how do we connect this covenant language and all these you know none of us and they're just like I'm just watching this because my mom told me to watch in verse like connect the dots a little bit for us because these are wonderful themes Don't get me wrong but let's just connect at some point come back to Earth John Yeah really that what the covenant with God is trying to tell us in the covenant is like I will be there I am here I am with you so to student struggling with a test to the person looking for a job God is saying I'm with you destined covered them promise that he has made I'm not going to let you go you know I'm not going to let you down if you want me to I will be there with you all through all the challenges of life through every experience and I will not only be with you I have or uplift you I will transform you I will make you give you a life of purpose as you mentioned and of richness So it's really a promise of making things better through a relationship with God and that he will be there and I want to say to you think about all the different areas in our lives the Bible is full of promises and instructions dealing with every single aspect of allies you know relations you know your employer you know let's just think about the area of what you're going to eat what you can dress like think of the area. If your life in the Bible has promises and instructions on all those things the covenants that thinking about the covenant that God wants to make with these people these promises cover all of that stuff so everything that God says you need to do or you need to be what the covenant says is I will do this in you and the experience is learning how to rest in God working that out in my life that's right and that's that's what the covenant is about so in my education you know you he wants you to be the head and not the tail you know and you need to you know be diligent in all of your labors but how do I do that you know I just want to watch Netflix God is saying that I can I can actually do this in you I can make you a diligent student it's required of me a certain heart a different of a different desire where previously I didn't like Netflix but or I didn't want to binge on that flicks but now I know I know now I don't binge on The Fix for som strange reason and for some strange reason I can study that study my textbook and I can get a good grade of the trades that takes place and you can consider the you know what we don't with last week with Abraham and Hagar Sera which is the fact that the same act with Sarah all the sudden produces a different result because God is in it you know you're actually being intimate he was being intimate with his wife which was something he could do but it was the covenant with God that made that supernatural and produced a child when they were old and well past the childbearing age she was already barren on top of that so in the same sins you go and study the books even though you struggle with organic chemistry even though you struggled with English writing the papers even though you struggle to lose the weight in exercise you still go to the gym as a woman to do Milo 5 minutes and all the sudden this similar act of just showing up being present cocked is that people it's a kind of come in there and do something supernatural through this. You know almost supernormal that was nothing unique but because you're in a covenant relationship does something above I'm glad we kind of kind of came down in Kenya to Camden and got some gas and I got to take off and go on and let's go to 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 verse 7 chapter 3 verse 7 Jonathan if you can read it for us I think it's my section there it says here but if the ministry of death written an inquiry of them stones was glorious sort of the children of Israel could not look steadily at the face of most of this because of the glory of his countenance which glory was passing away how will the Ministry of the Spirit not be more glorious for of the ministry of condemnation have the glory the ministry of righteousness exceeds much more in glory in his stop there Ok let's kind of take it slow and what does that mean what's what's going on there what he's referencing back in earlier in the chapter in 2nd Corinthians Chapter 3 beginning in verse 6 he's talking about this ministry of the spirit versus the letter referring to the new covenant so you see in verse 6 he says who also made a sufficient as ministers of the new covenant not of the letter but of the Spirit for the letter kills but the Spirit gives Life Ok so now we're dealing with the letter versus the spirit of this new covenant right and so poll Paul is now saying now but if the ministry of death written in engraved on stones was glorious So he's dealing with what people may think on the surface Oh he's talking about the Old Covenant right he's referring to the historical old covenant and that is the problem here right this was this ministry of death but Paul is actually referencing going back to the previous the spirit versus the letter and again bringing out this historical verses this experience will response so he starting in saying well this was glorious so that the children of Israel could not look steadfastly on the face of Moses because of the glory of his countenance which glory was passed. And we so this was Moses receiving that covenant from God and that are that original experience on Mount Sinai and so the the I know this is getting super quick but try to break it down it crystallize it essentially he's trying to start us down this path of making sure we're separating the historical covenant in the old one as well as the old response and what was happening at that time but there was a certain glory that was present there Ok this point Ok. Ok well I was going to say square similar here Paul is trying to differentiate there is a way to looking at the covenant at the walls and all these things in a certain way the letter Ok I'll do all these things and there's a way to look at it through the spirit that the Holy Spirit can perform all these things and you know and so this is the distinction and he's trying to make here as he sets us up for the remainder of this chapter Ok Ok so we still have yet to go up to Mount Sinai and Moses going to glow so stay with us after the break. Has been a blessing to do you have questions comments and feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media or by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram. While the Join us like this comes on the handle again in verse Bible. Now back to the discussion. Welcome back we are in 2nd chapter 3 and we're looking at the ministry of death that Paul talks about in verse 7 that's kind of sounds kind of scary or 7 but in verse 7 if the ministry of death written and graven on stones What is this this is what what what covenant are we talking about here this is the historically the historically and Old Covenant yet written on stones This is fundamental to living by what Paul is talking about here is if the old 10 Old Covenant the 10 commandments came down and know and you could see the glory on Moses. Face if the old covenant can do that how much more the new covenant which is supposed to be the fulfillment of which the Old Covenant points to that's what he's talking to as I read this so verse 8 How will the minister of the Spirit not be more glorious for if the ministry of condemnation had glory right if this is Old Covenant that pointed to. Die dying in the curses and the Old Covenant if this produces this much glory how much more the coming of the monks for it brings life that's the 1st run for even what was made glorious had no glory in this respect because of the glory that excels for what is passing was glorious What remains much more is what what remains is much more glorious Therefore since we have such hope we used great boldness of speech unlike Moses who put a veil over us face that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the end of what was passing away but their minds were blinded so you look here that that he's using this veil as an illustration that back in Sinai the children of Israel couldn't get it so that they couldn't see the glory of what God was trying to convey the veil was in the way right what is this veil What is this barrier I think we have to establish here that they could have gotten that we was in previous episodes that this covenant was was the new covenant was always the covenant that God wanted to have with this people but their response was was off right and so the veil here really comes down to if you can go to for verse 4 you know I think Paul gives us the answer here he talks verse 3 actually but even if our Gospel is veiled it is veiled to those who are perishing whose minds the god of this each say has blinded who do. Not believe so it comes down to the problem between old and new common experience is believing is trusting who to trust self or God And so it is this this believe it's trust and self that veils it and. You can't get it you can't get it without believing. In verse 4 back to chapter 3 verse 14. Talking about their minds being blinded you know that same language for until this day the same veil remains are lifted in the reading of the Old Testament because the veil is taken away in Christ so it will say that in the Old Testament they could have come to an understanding that the veil could have been lifted would have been lifted the exact same way. So that an understanding of what God was promising to do in the covenant could only clearly be seen in the face of Jesus Christ in the earth in the light of what God promised all the way from Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 so Jesus as the ultimate solution to you know to bring in this reconciliation to bring a justification else into the case and you know all these that Jesus is central to all of that and without and without accepting that I cannot do it in my own strength I cannot told from my own sins I cannot pay for all the wrong that I have done that I need a savior without acknowledging that then I'm stuck in thinking that I need to do something I can possibly do something but in Jesus Christ in recognizing that I need a Savior that something external to me has to come in and make this all possible that's how the veil is left with us this happens through us every single day reading really any part of the Bible verse right rather than just more to Old Testament and we've talked about this many times in previous previous episodes were the Bible simply be good be good or you show you will be good right you will be good and then so some of us have this very well in front of us we like our you will be good are going to be. Like man all right and then he's like and you just try to be good and you're reading the same Bible verses you're going to the same church you're praying to the same God you're doing the same spiritual exercises but you have a veil and you're trying to do this and what Paul is saying this leads to this ministry of death is just you're getting your career condemning yourself in this illegal istic framework. Christ Jesus that veil is taken away and then we start seeing you show be good is you don't see that as a command where you now have to do like wow that's actually a promise that all I have to do is just be in Jesus and Jesus just works and then me all of a sudden I stop the line I stop to cheat and I stop to adultery or stop the dinner to go to about and I start this and I start this and start this like hey this is that and then chant transformation and change takes place in notice that right there in the Bible when he's talking about removing of the veil and 2nd Corinthian story 16 he says Never the less when one turns to the Lord the veil is taken away right so it's about turning away from myself turning away from the actual terms of the Covenant and just being like well because I read the letters and it's the letter that's going to do this is like no we need to turn to the Lord the one who is making the coveted he's the one who's going to fulfill it and then that veil is taken away and what is that veil What is that veil it's caused by Satan it's it prevents us from seeing it what is that. Self that it's totally self we start saying like hey I can do this this sounds pretty reason I can do this but this Vince is Vale needs to be taken away taken away from our eyes and I think that's that's the danger of you know the in some ways the human mind and intelligence right that's the danger of knowledge that puff up that's the danger of grasping understanding albeit even theological that we start thinking because we can parse and understand and explain that we know when we start falling into this idea that information is transformation so because. I know this no better I am better and he's like no you have to turn to the Lord to be better and I believe that even you know the other apostles and other individuals in the Old Testament struggle with this was like well we know this we have the oracles of God we have the revelation we have so therefore we are better no until you allow him to do what he promised and comforted himself you have not achieved a right you have not a roof anything sometimes some of those bazaars advantages and all that knowledge and it makes that veil thicker it is just like I've read more I know. My heritage is this and my culture is this so you got this thick like blanket over your head and male in the glory just gets darker and darker and darker and you can't really see the glory of what God is trying to do Ok so yeah this is kiss is a very difficult passage were on veiling it slowly a little bit here let's keep on reading in verse 17 now the Lord is the spirit where the spirit of Lord is there is liberty again that liberty phrase we saw in the last episode again we see it here 1st 18 a very very famous verse Yes verse 18 but we all with unveiled a face be holding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord our being transformed into the same image from glory it to glory just as by the spirit of the morning all right so let's break this down and we can spend a whole hour just on this phrase for sure what's going on John I want to give our 17 I want to establish other verse I don't know if you just read this Ok yeah I just want to make sure that we that we understand what Paul is not saying he's saying here you know Laura Spirit is spirit of Lloris there is liberty for a lot of Christians this is like Oh I'm free to do whatever and Grace God going to give me all the time you know the law doesn't matter I'm free from the law and we have established at this point that this is not liberty from all the beautiful things that God is real to us this is Liberty from. Having to perform this in my own strength but we haven't read a rating here understand this episode but it is very important because liberty in the trigger word for a certain concept and we are on learning that concept from Scripture to see this is Liberty from having to perform it in my strength it is freeing me from the burden Jesus will perform this covenant promises and the last all the things in my life yes. Zane has a power over us the same amount of strength is hey I can take care of my sin by myself is just as much of a trap as sin is in that we're going to liberty from that us that's what you're saying yes. And then of course it continues through the Holy Spirit this work is now explained in verse 18 we all with unveiled face now that we believe now that we have turned to Jesus not if we trust in Him beholding as in the mirror of the glory of the Lord so we're seeing. A promise what do you see in Jesus what we see in him he wants to do in us He wants to make us more like Jesus like in the mirror and what happens when we look at Jesus the glory of the Lord we are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory and justice by the spirit of the Lord I mean that is this is amazing you know you look to Jesus you trust in Him for salvation you trust in him for 4 for faithfulness it is his faithfulness you know him him for righteousness you look at his life and he will transform your life you will become more and more like him in character and in actions and in words it's just you become you know a reflection of Jesus to this world I mean is there anything better than a minute and I just think that it really causes us to see that in that new covenant Yes what he was promising with those 4 things of yeah I'm going to write my law in your heart and you're going to be my people and you're going to help other people in teacher a neighbor you don't have to say that to know the Lord all of these things he's saying this was all about tending towards the glory of God This was all about. Restoring the character of God in your life giving you back to that same image that Adam had once born and so God is essentially almost harkening us back to the very beginning time with Adam when he violated that covenant and this covenant of grace is trying to take us back to the overarching the everlasting covenant to say this is what I was always trying to do if you would just respond and allow me to do this and notice the passive nature of it are being transformed. So there is a process not that you transform yourself. Or that it's momentary till you're there we just think you know. You're going to be holy you're going to be patient and it's like no you're being transformed from Image from glory to glory by what be holding that image not looking at your faults not focusing on your weaknesses not looking at your past so just be holding the glory of the Lord. The verse 18 makes me think of a 7 Ok in chapter 3. Verse 7 was talking about this ministry of death right like and this is the 10 Commandments Moses received them and then saying if this mystery of death was glorious how much more right but but what it's saying is that just being in the presence of this transcript of the character of God as it is the in the law of God was so glorious it was so glorious that it actually affected Moses physical appearance so it's thing I mean it's saying that you cannot be in the presence of God and His character and not be changed this was even physically manifest in the life of Moses and now we with a proper understanding of what of the covenant you know and of that experience with God when we are in God's presence we don't have to worry about you know like really that concern of I must do this and I must it's really because we're not basking in the presence of the glory of God because if we're basking in his presence it will transform the problems in raising. That's powerful powerful even when you're not even is just it's just that's the greater rewind and watch that again this the operative verb in verse 18 is be a whole we need to take the veil off the veil of self away that barriers from our eyes and to be told the glory of God directly and by time by spirit by the power of God by grace we are transformed change is possible there is hope for all of you out there for all of us here for especially me as a wonderful wonderful promise we find in scripture has been a wonderful study in the covenants in 2nd Quintus chapter 3 Hopefully this been a blessing to you for the next 4 weeks we'll look at case studies throughout Scripture looking at the topic of the covenant so you don't want to miss it thanks so much for being part of our conversation we want to see you here next week here on in verse God bless you guys. You've been listening to a Bible based on the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could ask for your host just to. Invest is brought to you by the full time television that changes life but this morning's episode is that in 1st. Of all I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is n.p.r. so.


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