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  • May 31, 2021
    9:00 AM
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Congratulations you graduated to G.'s a we'll talk about it on this up as open verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to in the Bible based conversation. Contemporary. Thought provoking. He is your host just until within. Is a 2 year degree is a 4 year degree how does this education work on this we're looking at the covenants especially found in Galatians How does this work and where is the role of the law if you're wondering how does this what are we talking about and how does this work we're looking at the concept of the covenants found throughout Scripture you're watching in verse My name's Justin Kim in a studio we have Jonathan Siku in Cali with us and we're going to talk about the lay sions and get into it excited as excited we are we're excited and a little tempered but the good tempered with it because this is a hard topic and if you're if you've been tracking with us and you're getting a little discouraged don't get discouraged keep going keep going till the end and in less than 13 episode 13 it's going to be awesome I did mention lessons you want to go to inverse Bible Dorji there you'll find our inverse Bible study guides and lessons online and you can download them and study them at your own pace and you can interact with the Scripture on your own level we're going to go to after 3 verse 2225 and before we read Paul before you read the Bible we really need prayer and so see crew please help us understand all by interceding to the Lord prayer. Let's pray a loving Father we come before you now in humility recognizing that without your help we can understand scripture and then misapply lives to our own detriment and so we ask that the Holy Spirit to be our teacher now that as we read the Bible that we can clearly understand what. You are trying to communicate to us and that it would have a transformative effect in our lives you play these things in your name Amen. Jonathan if you can reach up to 3 verse 2225 chapter 3 verse 2225 says but the Scripture has confined all under sin that the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe but before faith came we were kept under guard by the law kept for the faith which would be revealed Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ that we might be justified by faith but after faith has come we are no longer under a tutor and very good thank you Jonathan Kelly let me ask you let's say you go home and I don't know some some random person you know Tony or David's like hey what do you what do you guys talk about. On this quarter and what would you say kind of give. An encapsulation of this not a random person named Tony Ok. So I talked about actually quote it and I got the covenants. Like no no it's really actually really great and it's because there is the eternal covenant and God doesn't change but the only thing that does change is our response and so we see like all these bad things about the covenant is actually just bad our response and how humanity is responding human also our response you know because we're human and we're all the good things and all the promises it's not also all the injunctions of like do this or do this all those aren't things like do them finish your homework and then come back to me and I'll help you out and Sam pure approval God and said God says surrender to me come to me agree to this covenant and I will accomplish all of these things and so I was like oh that's going to go away like it's crazy because there's no clue what it's like Ok and then drop me off and I know I've always appreciated how you just take these really calm play. Systems and it's really like you boil then and then the water goes out and you put them into little Q rater and up comes nice little sugar cube you know and it's just like you pop it in and they're just like you get it all you know if you hydrated into this one package you know. It's it is it is just it's a simple little calibration and so to me doing it it's God doing it you have and that has implications all to really do it and that's what the Bible is trying to you know work all that stuff. That is so important what caliber you're describing this is how we respond to God's covenant promise and God's covenant but a lot of times we mix it up because the same words being used to also describe something else saw sometimes the Bible talks about the Old Covenant meaning historically the time before Jesus but that does not mean that everyone before Jesus did not have a faith experience you look at Abraham had a faith experience you look at David he had a lot of people have faith experiences and he was 11 you know the whole of the whole fame whole faithful you know. Confirms the Old Testament people had to have the same kind of faith experience that the New Testament will have so historically sometimes we call that old covenant and then some and then we call the New Testament time a new covenant time so that's the time line that sometimes use the same words but what really matters is how do we respond to the covenant that in Old and New Testament has always been the same and we've been emphasizing that the details or the conditions of the New Testament all trust the new covenant and the old covenant it are the same but we want to encourage you to watch next week's episode where you actually look at the minute details and there are details that are different historical he speaking of the Old Covenant and the new covenant but the old covenant points to Jesus the new covenant is now on the other side of Jesus but for this up a so we're looking at the responses that. Calley says that human response to these 2 covenants that are different and on different attitudes and different to paradigms has had a very small detail throughout a little of the sugar content a little Here's a pleasure q. and a that is we're talking a lot about what is going on in the context and maybe it's just me but sometimes I feel like people say that what they mean is you have to misconstrue something and read into it too far too much in like it's confusing but context is something that brings clarity and actually brings more awareness and even in our conversations of I'm talking to just and say let's do it on Thursday but you don't know that the last 5 sins as I've said is talking about this Thursday in January are families going to get together so when someone like a 3rd is That's this Thursday next Thursday now we're talking on January and so all of that's like but you just said Thursday but Thursday can mean a lot of things it just depends on the context of our conversation and that's the great sugar. We call that a hermeneutical could be yeah that was. A lot of people do that to the Bible Yeah so use context to help you and don't think that because it's not on one verse means it's not there it is it's a this whole book is a whole book Republic so the hope to hope it gives you courage for those of you who are reading Scripture and studying scripture sometimes we were just one like Lord give me that one verse that one verse that gives me my by demands for that day and that's all I'm going to read but there are some level of truth in Scripture that it takes a little bit of. The entire Old and New New Testament Testament and you get a lot of juice out of it and you can put in a case your cube afterwards well let's go to chapter 3 and. 3 So what's going on here we did read Paul we prayed Paul what is going on in these verses what are some insights that you see especially when you see in verse 22 a very let's put in verse 21 we don't read recently one so is the law then against the promises of God certainly not for. If there had been a law given which could have truly given life I misread the given given we could have given life truly righteousness would have been by the law we have talked about the role of the law and we have established that this is not the law that's been abolished the law is not dying the law is not going away but our attitude to the law our desire to keep the law by our own strength that is the carnal nature that's gone away so what is Paul talking about here in relations that we need to iron out so one thing not. The inoculations but. First 21st $23.24 just before faith King we were kept under guard by the law kept for the faith which would afterward be revealed their followers our tutor to bring us to Christ that we might be justified by faith so 2 things of here the function of the law in verse 2324 and 23 as we were kept under guard by it so as keep us safe in some way and verse 20 forced to it or it was teaching us something and so sometimes they were like Ok this is part one of the Gospel and part 2 of the gospel and I know it's hard to find our terms but it bears repeating there is one Gospel this Jesus fulfills it and even if we want to go back to chapter one so we know in verses Center one of Gleason Yeah Galatians 16 through 10 Paul blasts out of the water any idea that there is some other gospel some part want to part 2 that is completely against what Paul's already said so we can see that that's obviously not what he's saying so we need to look at what's actually going on here and I think you're speaking to there are some people who believe in the Old Testament there is one type of god right all and then the New Testament and Jesus introduces a new cost bowl yet you're saying corn to Paul also not interesting that there is no new gospel this is the same gospel that's always existed and we are on the Sabbath you're Ok And because again I'm going to open the context again because you can't say all 57 disclaimers. You say something right so you have to like establish something then move on and build from it so if you forget the foundation you're going to be confused so you need to have the foundation to learn new things which is why Paul sometimes blasts like I want to tell you all stuff but you can only handle like milk as you just can't track with me you know we need to be able to to build true in order to understand more true awesome Kelly Yeah so the tutoring here I think it's I'm confused I watch Lost around right now but I think we talked about it past about Romans 7 and yeah so we need we need this to do something to bring us to Christ and so the law we've talked about the law isn't isn't evil but the law also can't do anything for us it's almost just like this person who stands apart like this is bad what about it you know it's just bad in many ways it's kind of like oh resume. Yes it is not Jesus it's not the person actually is it's not the relationship with Jesus it's just kind of on a very you know steroids level this issue Jesus's and people think just by taking his resume you interact with a god it yourself Jesus that you're now. Now this very interesting that in verse 24 this is where we get our lessons top lessons title here no longer under a tutor there are some people who believe that word is transit as schoolmaster and this this is the law is in the visual who is you know whipping their children in the students and saying the law was a bully for about you know 4000 years in the Old Testament just pointing out every time you failed and now Jesus has come and he's done away with this evil tutor schoolmaster and he's nice he's the kindergarten teacher. You know 22 years old and just a fresh out of education school super nice is this what's going on in this passage I think it's important talking about context in verse 1000 of chapter 3 Paul asked the question why. Purpose then does the law this tells you that this question arises from things that he has been saying previously And of note in verse 10 of the same chapter of chapter 3 he says for as many as all of the works of the law are under the curse he's been it's kind of it is a negative association it seems with the law in the way that has been discussing it but in the 1st 10 it will note the terms that he used he uses the terminology. As many as are the works of the law right so he's talking about a certain relationship that you have with the law and that relationship is a negative right and so when he when it comes to what purpose does the loss of cause the way he's been talking about it makes it seem like it's a negative experience but in reality it is the experience with the law that has been negative and by contrast in verse 23 by the you know when we get to the street 3 but after faith has come we are no longer under tutors so there's a difference between the works of the law and the faith experience now in terms of how we're related to the law to secure hold of thought and we come back after the break we'll look at continuing the works of the law and how that works out in our experience so stay with us. Has been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media or by searching or influenced by or on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to learn while there join us like us contest comes up on the handle again is in 1st 5 no spaces now back to the discussion. Welcome back we're English and chapter 3 and c crew What were you saying before the break was there's this contrast in chapter 3 that Paul is drawing between the works of the law and the faint experience and and those 2 experiences they're both experiences with the law but but the quality of the experience is different right and so what he's what he's saying here in the section that we're looking at the. Purpose of the law isn't it's not to bring us to salvation were not justified by the law he said the law cannot save you but it does serve a purpose it's still necessary and the only way we can positively interact with the law actually is through a faith experience Ok so let me let me ask you how do we positively positively interact with the law what are some of these positive experiences they had with the law before Jesus came well you know really when it comes to the law it's like where you stand with Jesus determines how the law affects you so if we are in a relationship with Christ the law is is guiding us and this is leading us and directing us in our life and Jesus is keeping the law through us as we sort of to him but if Jesus is not part of our Or if we have not surrendered this desire to take control to Jesus then the law has this morning you know condemning. Effect on us you were asking what experiences had happened before Jesus came in you know what were the positive experiences of the law before it began as Jesus thought I think I mentioned this in an earlier episode or maybe it was in the season on Romans but we. Always have to think of David King David Ok this man was a sinner you know he he killed he he committed adultery he lie with all the things and he was confronted with the law the prophet Nathan came to him and says the man you have you have committed these sins and David realised this in the light of the law I'm a sinner and he had a choice he could to defend his actions and I'm the queen I can do whatever I want and I define what's right for me but what he did do he had a positive experience where the law pointed out that he had an issue but also pointed to Christ and Psalm 51 if you haven't read it read it it's a powerful powerful prayer of Jesus to cleanse our hearts and our minds to make us need to give us. That new experience where we want to keep the law and where he does that in us that's one example that I've really personally very much resonate with because it shows that the Gospel is in the Old Testament and this shows us that God is willing to do that miracle and we look at David's life you know got turned around and it was it was beautiful and he said Milledge of the Messiah and things your comment makes me think that before the actual person Jesus came there was no standard of good there was no standard people created their laws but how do we know what true long suffering and mercy and patiences And so this this this this law was given temporarily in many ways to condemn us to feel the need for Christ to drive us to man I can't do this I need something outside of myself so that feeling of like Man I can't is negative like a shrugging of my shoulders and this is a comfort that should occur at the law but what happens is sometimes they don't feel this way they're like oh is that what I have to do and then me just for them a bucket. Pull pull myself by my I mean just try harder and then then they do and that's kind of a weird kinked out response to the law like you're supposed to feel helpless before the law to feel condemned by the law so that it drives you to the cross and right to kind of work together another example of 6 periods can be found in the Book of Jonah Ok And at the end of John chapter 3 things go to Jonah Jones going to take a little time because one of those talk although once. Before after a Jonah. You know if. They go. After will go to Jonah 3 Jonah 3 and I want to start verse 10 and then go to chapter 4 Ok so but before I read it just so Jonah got like hey Joe not going to target or none of us are he's like no and then that's all that well then he goes then here preaches repentance to this nation. Very we could make another sure he was Ok As it happens and so he preaches he preaches and then verse 10 happens just then God saw their work so they turned from their evil way and God relented from the disaster that he had said he would bring upon them and he did not do it so notice here though so he said he saw their works with my works they're doing of his good things like what was it but they turned from their evil way Ok The next do a lot of good they just they don't even have time it's not even like and then God checked on them 3 years later and saw that they had reform themselves and he said you did your homework I now accept you that is not what I said they turned their like Ok gotta turn this way like I turn I choose to go a different direction God like Aso were good now and then he is continuing and there and Jonah gets so upset about this verse one of the next chapter Chapter 4 it says but it God be merciful basically displeased Jonah exceedingly and he became angry 1st too so we prayed to the Lord and said Lord was not this what I said when I was still in my country therefore I fled previously to target for I knew the you are a gracious and merciful God slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness one who relents from doing harm he is blasting God because He is as some people would if they bifurcate it in a bad way he's blasting God for having the quote unquote characteristic characteristics of the New Testament Jesus like you are merciful you're forgiven I hate this it is about you it's like but we so this kind of experience they had faith and they turn and this is what this is a New Testament experience new covenant experience and that's happening and very much the Old Testament this was so and this is this is this is this is this god like. So these Ninevites are experiencing a new covenant experience they are whereas this prof of us actually preaching new cover in his words is reaching a new covenant message with what he. Experiencing old cover news yeah. Yeah I missed some students to be silent that's crazy yeah and I think that's that's even even that's it's a pretty easy application right how much more for us we can say all the right things because our experience and I even say when we've been recording this quarter I've been so convicted but like convict it sounds kind of harsh but I've I've been deeply encouraged that this is the God that we serve and I just my concern is to be like Jonah right we can say all the nice things we can count the time down to 0 and say things really nicely here but like my and my living that's when I see God extending his mercy to people and I rejoice and God and you know it's like I was given words I can't stand it. Is his old covenant response is the new covenant God Yeah he's aiding the mercy exasperating he wants to he wants exaction he wants to. I want you to come down on them because at the end of the day it's only because Jonah forgot what he just did so it's not like Joe has been righteous his whole life and he's like I want justice he literally ran away from God in the most overt way possible and he's like yeah yeah like you know bring me back and also I'll serve you but he doesn't want the same exact mercy the same as I want the new covenant experienced towards me but I want you to exclude everybody else they deserve your wrath and he wants control and that is what happened the Old Covenant attitude is I want to control my situation I want to control my life I want to control how I'm saved I want to control how I deal with my issues and so we were by all the self-help books we watch the whole you know out of all the shows that give us some insight and while there's some merit in some cool tricks and hacks and whatever in those things at the end of the day it does not change the heart and so we cannot control the change of the heart that is something only a creator can do and that's why they would create in. A clean heart who can create only Cod And that's a beautiful love that you brought up Jonah and shows us the the God of New Testament the gospel of the New Testament often people say is also the Gospel during the end of the same God So you said you know what was the experience of people before Jesus came yes it's true Jesus exemplified you know the beauty of God's character in a powerful way but God's character was revealed in the Old Testament everywhere enough for people to have the new covenant experience. In terms of the experience in the Old Testament there was a slight difference between what we experience now and it's a historical difference in the Old Testament they had the law and it did the same thing that it does to us today shows that you're evil and I can't do this and you fall helpless in the face of the law just but then it was pointing you forward to a Messiah who was going to come to rituals and starker Feiss in a system that ruined it for that just forward to Jesus Christ and so it it in as much as it showed the wickedness of your life they also have other things in there that would point to Ok when you see this what you need is a sacrifice in your place because you cannot do it on your own and so they would have to look forward by thing to Jesus Christ whereas now Jesus came historically and I mean it's huge that Jesus actually came you know it's it makes bifurcates. History. Jesus Jesus actually came and now we can look back in faith at what Christ accomplished for us and parties to accomplish for us in our salvation now and I mean it's it was it is a slight difference ultimately the law always pointed to our need of our Savior. Back then he pointed to in need of a Savior who was yet to come and now we know that he already came and he sacrificed and he died on the cross and His blood is still if occasions for us. Your relationship with large changes as you accept Christ into your life. So the law has a multidimensional purpose really for for our experience you know before enough to Jesus but the beautiful thing in Jesus the law also come becomes a promise and this is actually found in the original Hebrew going to look at 10 Commandments it can also be understood not just as imperatives but also with as a promise as a promise that you know you will not kill you will not lie and you know we know that it's not just about killing and lying This goes way deeper you know Jesus the heart talks with the heart and all everything is connected so that's the power the law. As your relationship with Jesus changes positively you know you connect with him the power of the law or the power of Jesus through the law becomes you know changed as well so it has a different effect on your life and it's just it's amazing God is so good providing us with all these things throughout the entire history from Genesis to Revelation the gospel is the same the way people are saved is the same and Jesus is the same in the beginning and I'm just so thankful for practically speaking let me ask you how this law is a tutor go from one stage to another how how do we cross that. We go to the tutor right he's pointing us to our need you can kind of about this is this is revealed to be you're not there I'm just letting you know and so the way we cross over is something we've we've we have talked about we get to talk about is you acknowledge that and you say Jesus please do for me what I cannot do for myself I choose to surrender my life so the last still it's like the law 1st it's just point in you it's not promises enough itself it's just there to tell you what you can do if you're like Ok I'm pointing your pointy way to go that direction actually that direction then you go to Jesus just like Ok now the law is promises it's a promise of what I am doing and will continue to do in your life so the law kind of stays the same but because our relationship and with him. With Christ changes that how it how we interact with the change. The Book of Jonah ends with a question and rightfully with our episode it could end with a question how many of you are part of a new old covenant experience experience wanting to do the law and what an ass to say but with your own strength and maybe you may be preaching a new covenant message and everyone around you is a having a new Come experience but you are still in under a plant and your med that everyone is having their 6 periods and maybe you're a Jonah I don't know about you but I just like Cally this has been a very convicting. Section in a committed convicting episode for me as well I don't want to just to be a host of a t.v. show that's just saying the right things I want to be someone who's a part of the New Covenant experience and graduating from the law into Jesus who helps me fulfill the law all by is strength that's my prayer hopefully that's yours thanks for joining us here in verse last year next week here as we continue the topic. You've been listening to a Bible based cost the same value as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter. Your host. In Business brought to you by the full time television that changes. But this morning ever so there's an inverse. Or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is n.p.r. so.


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